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Author's note: This story takes place during season 3 episode 7 and contains spoilers.

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Pretty Little Liars: Pumping For Information In Reverse
by MTL ([email protected])

"Are you sure about this?" Aria asked yet again.

"I'm sure." Hanna said firmly, "I'm way more likely to get some info out of Mona on my own, so please, just stay in here. If I need you I'll call, I promise."

For a moment the two friends just stared at each other, then Hanna slowly closed the door, leaving Aria alone in the dark room and turning her attention to the door to her right. The door leading to the room where her former friend Mona Vanderwall had been staying ever since she was committed into Radley Sanitarium, the dark and scary place she and Aria had snuck into.

After what she had done as A Mona deserve to be in this dark, creepy place. Hanna had to tell herself that repeatedly sometimes. Other times... well, Hanna was still very confused what exactly she was supposed to feel. All the time she'd had to think about it hadn't helped, and now here she was sneaking into this 'madhouse' for some answers. And perhaps more importantly something else.

Taking a deep breath Hanna slowly and quietly opened the door and called out, "Mona?"

She couldn't see the former A, something which immediately had Hanna on edge as she slowly entered the room.

Then a soft voice murmured, "Hanna?"

Hanna's heart skipped a beat as she quickly turned her head to the right, relief flooding her body as she saw Mona sitting on a chair and looking at her almost innocently. That feeling of relief was probably a ridiculous feeling to have under the circumstances, but at least Hanna knew where Mona was.

As Hanna shut the door and walked round so she was standing in front of the other girl Mona was cheerily whispering, "It's so nice to see you again. I've missed you."

Before Mona could say anything else Hanna pulled a large strap on dildo out of the purple handbag she had brought with her and dangled it by the straps in front of the brunette's face. Mona's eyes briefly seemed to light up, but the expression she looked at Hanna with was almost the exact same expression she had used on every other visit, the one that Hanna couldn't read. It always made the blonde's insides hurt, because she used to think she was so good at reading Mona. In reality Hanna probably never really knew Mona at all.

Pushing those type of thoughts out of her head Hanna softly said, "I need answers Mona. No more silence, no more cryptic bull shit, just answers. And I'm willing to do anything to get them."

"I bet you are." Mona murmured dryly, taking the toy which was clearly being offered to her and then watching as Hanna quickly stripped off her clothes and got onto the brunette's bed. Particularly the position Hanna chose made Mona's heart race, although she did a good job of hiding it as she casually put the strap on down on the bed and took her clothes off, leaving them forgotten alongside Hanna's. Then she softly ordered, "Flip over."

Hanna seemed hesitant to do so but slowly the blonde got onto her back. Mona mounted her almost immediately, her crotch hovering over Hanna's face as the little brunette softly murmured, "Me first. Then you."

With that Mona lowered herself down onto Hanna's face, the brunette biting her lip almost hard enough to draw blood as the blonde immediately began lapping away at her cunt.

This wasn't their first time together. It wasn't even their first time having a quickie. It was however the first time they hadn't even kissed first, and part of Mona regretted that. Hanna was a great kisser who knew just what to do with her lips and tongue... which was actually a contributing factor in Mona's decision to skip the foreplay, but still.

Not that Mona had needed the foreplay. Her fingers rarely if ever satisfied her and she would often find herself unable to sleep as she was so deliriously horny. This had been one of those nights, Mona wishing Hanna would finally sneak in to come see her as she had been expecting ever since the blonde got banned from doing so. Although Mona hadn't predicted Hanna would pull out a strap on and strip, or at least hadn't predicted she would be so eager to do so, so this was a welcome surprise, especially as Mona's lust went into overdrive just from seeing Hanna's beautiful naked body presented to her.

So Mona was already soaking wet when she lowered herself down on Hanna's face, her wetness rapidly increasing as Hanna's tongue worked its magic.

The lack of foreplay certainly didn't seem to bother Hanna who after a few minutes of gentle licking started sliding her tongue all over Mona's pussy lips, gently teasing the brunette's entrance and her clit to the point where it almost felt torturously good. Then Hanna pushed her tongue all the way inside Mona in one thrust, the brunette covering her hand over her mouth and gritting her teeth to try and silence the loud moan trying to escape. There were a lot more moans for Mona to try and hide as Hanna began tongue fucking her, the slightly smaller girl soon grinding her cunt down on Hanna's face to try and increase the pleasure she was feeling.

Hearing those moans made Hanna grin. She should have been probably more concerned with security hearing Mona, or worse Aria hearing Mona, but all she could think was how much she missed this. And the taste. OMG, the taste.

For most of her life Hanna had thought she might be bi. Seeing those photos of Emily and Maya kissing kind of confirmed it, but the blonde wasn't sure she'd ever actually try experimenting with another girl. Then during one random sleepover at her house Mona suggested they should try practice kissing, after they had finished off a bottle of wine Mona had stolen of course, which Mona had insisted would be this silly one-time thing that they would laugh about when they were sober. The next day Hanna couldn't stop thinking about how hard she had cum in Mona's mouth and how yummy the other girl's pussy had tasted. Suddenly they were having this affair which Hanna couldn't bring herself to tell anyone about but couldn't stop either, then Mona had turned out to be A and Hanna had been devastated, confused, and... and even when she hated Mona she had missed her, missed the way she made her feel, because fuck, this was soooooo good.

In her whole entire life Hanna had never tasted anything like Mona's pussy. It was the sweetest, yummiest thing Hanna's taste buds had ever been treated too. Well, maybe the second sweetest, yummiest thing she'd ever tasted. But still when she finally got to taste Mona's pussy juice again after all this time Hanna acted like a starving woman. In fact Hanna spent way more time greedily swallowing Mona's pussy juices than tongue fucking the other girl, not that her former friend seem to mind given the way she was reacting.

"Yessssssss, lick me!" Mona moaned softly as she could, "Lick my fucking pussy! Lick it! Oh my God, fuck, ooooooooooh fuck lick me! Lick me you fucking dyke! Mmmmmmmm fuck yeah, eat that pussy queer girl! Ohhhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmm, lick my cunt you little lezzie whore! Fuck, have you told Caleb yet what a cunt craving little dyke whore you are? Mmmmmmm, didn't think so. How about your friends? Have you told them yet that when you're not sucking Caleb's cock you like to eat pussy? Mmmmmm fuckkkkk, oh God, mmmmmmm! I'm guessing that's a no. Well don't worry, mmmmmmm, I still promise not to tell them. I still promised not to tell them all what kind of a rug munching lesbo slut you really are!"

Of course Hanna was too preoccupied sucking the sweet girl cream from Mona's cunt to really pay attention to what the other girl was saying. Hell, Aria and everyone else in this godforsaken place could have stumbled in right then and Hanna would be too lost in eating Mona's pussy to notice. Although after a while Hanna was somewhat broken from this trance when something even more delicious than Mona's pussy hit her taste buds. Hanna immediately recognise that as Mona's cum, the blonde redoubling her efforts to swallow every drop of liquid which flowed into her mouth before using her tongue to fuck another couple of orgasms out of the other girl.

Hanna would have been content to keep going for quite a while but slowly after the blonde was done swallowing her fourth batch of girl cum Mona suddenly got up and then collapsed down on top of her, their naked bodies pressing together. It was only then Hanna realised her jaw was kind of tired and she could do with the rest, especially as it was her turn next. That required giving Mona a few moments to rest but the other girl was like the energy bunny... or however that phrase was supposed to go. Hanna wasn't sure, but the point was after less than a minute of rest Mona lifted her head up, smiled and kissed her.

The blonde happily kissed back, more than kind of liking the fact that Mona was tasting herself on her lips.

Seemingly mindful of that when Mona broke the kiss she gently stroked Hanna's lips with her fingertips and murmured, "I've missed this."

"Cumming in my mouth, or fucking me?" Hanna teased dryly.

"Both." Mona murmured, slowly getting up, "Speaking of which... bend over."

Quickly complying Hanna flipped back over so she had her face pressed down against the bed sheets again with her ass lifted up invitingly at her former friend. She even managed to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, giving Mona an easier target and making it extra clear what she wanted. Like there was any doubt.

Out of the corner of her eye Hanna could see Mona pulling the strap on up her thighs, the blonde waiting until it seemed firmly around the brunette's waist before murmuring, "There's lube in my bag."

Looking directly at her Mona paused for a few worrying seconds. Then she smirked, retrieved the lubricant and spread a generous amount all over the dildo. It made for a uniquely encouraging sign that the friend Hanna had loved so dearly were still in there somewhere underneath who knows how many layers of anger and bitterness.

Hanna was interrupted from that thought when Mona moved forwards and suddenly shoved a finger up her ass, the blonde gasping in pleasure as the wet digit sliding easily through her ass hole and as deep as it could go into her back passage.

"You pre-lubed..." Mona murmured more as a statement than a question.

"I, ohhhhhhh, I didn't know if you would-" Hanna moaned as Mona began easily pumping her finger in and out of her butt.

"I'm not a monster you know." Mona said indignantly as she finger fucked Hanna's ass, her tone softening as she added, "I'd never hurt you."

Sadly that was a lie and both girls knew it. Or at least Hanna was pretty sure they did. Sometimes she wondered just how much Mona could remember, or allowed herself to remember, but luckily Hanna was too preoccupied with the pleasure she was feeling to worry about such things.

Hanna continued to feel only pleasure as Mona added a second, third and eventually a fourth finger into her slutty ass, the brunette twirling, curling and thrusting those fingers in and out of her butt at varying degrees of speed and strength, every moment causing the blonde to moan joyfully into the bed sheets.

The looseness of her ass was no accident. Hanna had spent over an hour before coming to Radley Sanitarium using every anal toy she had to stretch out her butt in preparation for what she feared, and kind of hoped, would be a merciless pooper pounding. Her plugs, beads, balls, dildos and that weird blow up device had all been up her butt, each and every one of them leaving Hanna aching with anticipation without coming close to satisfying her. Because that's all Hanna could seemed to do on her own, make herself all hot and bothered but the orgasms she received from playing with herself could never give her the satisfaction she craved, that only Mona seem to be able to give her.

As if able to read her thoughts Mona smirked, "Just how badly have you missed this?"

"I can't even..." Hanna moaned, searching for the words but quickly giving up in favour of begging, "Oh God Mona, just fuck me already! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh please, I need it so bad. Fuck me. Fuck my slutty little ass. Butt fuck me. Pound my pooper. Slam my butt. Ohhhhhh Gawwwwwd!"

Hanna let out a soft cry when Mona finally shoved the strap on up her butt. Mona gave no warning, quickly pulling her fingers from Hanna's ass and taking aim before attacking her target. Luckily Hanna's earlier dildoing had done its job and she felt virtually no pain whatsoever as her ass was stretched open and filled by the big cock, and she continued feeling very little pain as Mona mercilessly hammered every inch of the strap on into her butt.

Once Mona's hips smacked into Hanna's butt cheeks the blonde cried out again as her hair was yanked back, Mona growling in her ear, "Don't worry sweetie, I remember just how you like it."

With that Mona let go of her hair and grabbed onto her hips, Hanna quickly burying her face in the bed sheets as her former friend began butt fucking her just the way she liked it, hard and rough. Well, not super hard and rough, at least not to begin with. But definitely not gentle, Hanna feeling more grateful than ever that she took the time to loosen her back hole before coming to see the butt busting brunette as it meant from the moment Mona established a firm but steady pace all Hanna felt was pleasure.

As Mona slowly but firmly increased the pace Hanna did notice a little pain, although it quickly faded to just discomfort and then nothing, and even at its worst it was nothing compared to the pleasure she was feeling. Then, shortly after the pain was completely forgotten, Mona really started slamming her ass, leading Hanna to press her face deeper into the bed sheets and claw them desperately to try and control her screams of pleasure.

There were no words to do justice to just how much Hanna had missed this. Because fuck, nothing felt quite like getting ass fucked by Mona Vanderwall.

She had tried satisfying herself with toys but that hadn't worked. Caleb hadn't been able to satisfy this need either, as no matter how hard he tried he couldn't make her cum before he blew his load deep in her butt, and while Hanna had liked the nastiness of that it was frustrating not to cum, even when he fucked her ass as hard as he could. How he couldn't match the speed and strength of someone smaller than him was weird, and kind of scary given exactly who Mona had turned out to be, but God help her Hanna was addicted to this, and now she was finally getting this again after so many months of being deprived of it Hanna could barely concentrate on keeping her face down to muffle her screams of pleasure.

If Hanna had lifted her head up just once she might have noticed that Mona's door was slightly ajar and that someone was staring at them with disbelief.

Aria had never been a super patient person, but she had tried. Really she had. After all she kind of got it. Mona hadn't been exactly talkative to her, so maybe Hanna really did have a better chance on her own. Then again this was A they were talking about. Or at least the original A. Not that Mona still couldn't be A, but the point was she was dangerous and Aria hated leaving her friend alone with her.

So after pacing back and forth for what seemed like hours Aria snuck out of the room she'd been hiding in, quietly walked across to Mona's room and gently opened the door just to crack. What she saw made her eyes nearly fall out of their sockets.

Hanna was naked, on all fours on Mona's bed, with... a naked Mona pumping into her from behind!

For a few seconds Aria was so shocked she didn't even realise what she was seeing. Then Hanna helped her out by softly moaning into the bed sheets, "Oh fuck, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me Mona! Fuck my ass! Mmmmmm fuck my dyke ass! Ass fuck me you bitch! Fuck me up the butt! Make my back door loose and gaping! Ohhhhhhh shit, pound my pooper so hard I won't be able to sit right for a week! Oooooooh Mona, fuck me Mona! Fuck me hard! Do it, mmmmmmm, slam my shit hole! Oh fuck, fucking fuck me, fuck my slutty little dyke ass!"

Her eyes darting to the straps around Mona's waist Aria gulps, realisation finally hitting her about exactly what was going on. Once that had happened Aria just couldn't think anymore, she just stood there dumbstruck as one of her best friends in the whole world got fucked in the ass by someone who made both their lives a living hell.

It might have been seconds or it might have been hours later Aria wasn't sure, but she was sure she heard footsteps.

Panicking she opened the door in front of her, quickly slipped inside, shut the door behind her and turned just in time to see Hanna lifting her head up to look at her. The two friends just stared at each other in horror and embarrassment, Aria only briefly looking away to see Mona had a wicked smile on her face. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, listening as footsteps passed them, whoever it was not even bothering to peer through the window and thus missing out on quite a sight.

A few seconds after the sound of those footsteps had faded away Aria whisper yelled, "Wha, what's going on?"

"Relax Aria, Hanna was just pumping me for information in reverse." Mona explained with a wicked grin on her face, "Isn't that right Han?"

Blushing red Hanna softly whispered, "It's ok Aria. Just... just give us like 10, 15 minutes and I'll explain later, ok?"

"No, not ok." Aria huffed, her eyes darting to Mona and then leaning forward and frowning, "Did, did she force you into this?"

"I told you, Hanna is pumping me for information in reverse." Mona repeated with annoyance, adding for clarification, "She lets me fuck her however I want, and in return I'll give you guys the information you came here for."

Aria frowned, "So you are forcing her-"

"Oh no, Hanna loves it up the butt." Mona grinned, "Don't you Han? Don't you?"

The last two words were said in a much deeper, less playful tone which was just as if not more noteworthy than the slap Mona gave Hanna's butt. Those two things, and the fact that Aria and Hanna was still pretty much in shock, kept the two friends silent for several long seconds.

"What, she never told you how much she likes anal?" Mona asked, breaking the silence, "Or that the two of us were fucking on and off for months before I ended up in this place? She didn't did she? Figures, you girls are nothing but liers."

There was another couple of seconds of silence and then Aria murmured, "Is... is that..."

Hanna nodded softly, "I, I was going to tell you guys, but... it just never seem to be the right time. The Mona thing, not the anal thing, cause I figured that would be too much info."

"Well now the cat's out of the bag lets help Aria get to know you a little better Han." Mona said, suddenly pulling her dildo from Hanna's ass hole and grinning, "You know what else Hanna loves Aria? Being a little ATM slut. And by that I mean... well, I think Hanna should show you what I mean. Or at least, if she wants me to help you guys out she will."

Hanna looked back and forth between Aria and Mona, then with another blush she lowered her head and turned around so that her lips were inches away from Mona's strap on dildo.

Mona grinned wickedly as she watched Aria frown in confusion again for a few seconds, and then her eyes bugged out of their sockets as realisation set in. Then what she clearly was thinking was confirmed when Hanna slowly took the dildo which had just been deep inside her ass into her mouth and began sucking on it.

Wanting to rub it in Mona began softly encouraging her former best friend, "Yeahhhhh, that's it Hanna, suck that cock. Suck that butt flavoured cock! Suck it nice and clean of all your ass juices! Mmmmmm, you like that don't you Han? You like the taste of your own ass? Yes you do. You love to taste your own ass. Being a little ass to mouth slut. Sucking on my cock right after it's been deep inside the hole you shit from! Fuck yeahhhhhh, suck it you nasty little ATM slut! Suck that fucking cock!"

Even as Mona verbally humiliated Hanna the blonde slowly bobbed her head on the fake dick and cleaned it of all her own ass juices. This made Mona very happy. She had always known deep down Hanna was a nasty slut, and while Mona had 'selflessly' done all she could to help her bestie realise that having an audience was a new perversion which would help Hanna embrace her true self even more.

That was why when Aria turned to try to leave Mona said shortly, "No, stay."

"I, I really shouldn't-" Aria began.

"Stay or I won't tell you anything." Mona said softly but firmly, making it very clear she wasn't joking.

So, albeit after a minute of standing there looking apprehensive, Aria turned back to where Mona was feeding their mutual friend the taste of ass, Mona grinning again as Aria tried and failed to look anywhere other than where Hanna was sucking on that butt flavoured dildo. That look of horror mixed in with a little lust on Aria's face, and the similar one on Hanna's face, was an incredible turn on for Mona, although there was more to it than that. After all most girls wouldn't be so seemingly satisfied by watching a female friend sucking a ass flavoured strap on cock, just as most girls wouldn't be so happy to not just suck a ass flavoured strap on cock in front of their female friend but to even show off her incredible deep throating skills, Hanna allowing every inch of that toy to slide down her throat before she then began bobbing on every inch of it.

Several minutes after it was clear Hanna had got every drop of her own ass juices Mona forcefully pulled her off the cock by her blonde hair and growled, "Ok, that's clean enough. Bend over bitch! I'm not done with your ass hole yet."

Clearly eager for more butt pounding Hanna quickly turned around and lifted her ass up into perfect position to be fucked.

Only too happy to oblige Mona lined up her dildo with its target and slammed forwards, easily shoving every inch of her toy back up Hanna's shit pipe. Then she began butt fucking her bestie, Mona using a slightly harder pace than before so that the sound of her thighs smacking off Hanna's ass cheeks echoed throughout the mostly silent room. This was partly to show off to Aria, and partly because Mona was just in the mood to do so out of harder anal pounding. Not that Hanna seem to mind given the way she was moaning happily at the extra force behind each thrust.

Hanna even began moaning, "Yes, yes, oh Mona, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Ass fuck me harder, ooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, fuck my ass! Oh fuck!"

Aria couldn't believe how much Hanna seemed to be enjoying something so gross and disgusting as anal sex. The way her friend was begging for more, the look of pleasure on her face, and God, Hanna was even slamming herself backwards against the butt invading dildo, all three things just seeming so bizarre, and wrong, and... hot.

That last thought had Aria blushing, something that didn't go unnoticed by Mona, "Enjoying the show sweetie?"

"I, I-" Aria stammered.

"Well don't just stand there, come have a closer look." Mona offered, although the tiny grin on her face suggested it wasn't an offer at all.

Deciding if Hanna could take a strap on dildo up her butt for information then moving closer wasn't much to ask Aria slowly inched forwards. Initially she was unsure where she should go, or more accurately where Mona would want her to go, but for some reason she felt drawn to where Mona's hips where smacking into Hanna's ass cheeks.

Perhaps she just needed to see for herself that the dildo really was pumping in and out of Hanna's ass hole. That was an insane thought, but it was what was going through Aria's head when she found herself moving so close that she was only a few inches away, the tiny brunette finding herself staring in disbelief at the sight of her blonde friend's butt hole stretched widely around Mona's strap on.

"Closer, closer, good. Now why don't you help us both get even better look at what's going on by spreading Hanna's cheeks for us?" Mona offered cheerily, slipping into a noticeably less cheery tone when she added, "Do it! Spread your friend's ass cheeks so you can see my cock pounding her little ass hole!"

Aria wasn't sure if it was because she found those words or the entire situation intimidating but very quickly she reached around, grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread them as wide as she could. Once that task was completed a little gasp escaped her mouth as the sight of Hanna's dildo filled ass hole became even clearer than before, for some perverted reason Aria finding herself becoming lost in just watching that strap on pumping in and out of her friend's pooper. And, perhaps... maybe there was a part of her which kind of liked watching it. As in... liked it way more than she should have.

Hanna was also liking this way more than she should have. Like Aria she felt embarrassed about that, but the embarrassment was only turning her on more, so much so Hanna was beginning to think she'd honestly cum just from the gentle thrusting Mona was giving.

Of course it wasn't like she'd planned this or anything. Really. Aria had been supposed to get useful information out of Mona and go home, or more likely fail and go home, but no, Aria had insisted on coming along. Hanna had wanted to have sex with Mona again so badly that she had convinced herself Aria wouldn't check in on them, and even though she should have known better the idea of getting away with this had been so enthralling the blonde hadn't been able to resist doing it.

Getting ass fucked by Mona Vanderwall was Hanna's favourite sex act ever, but just like with every other form of sex it was so much hotter when there was the chance they might get caught doing it. That's why Hanna had 'done it' in just about every possible way throughout Rosewood, often with her friends and/or family not that far away when she was doing it. As such it was inevitable she'd get caught, and while for some reason she hadn't thought it would be tonight it was almost a relief it was as while Aria would probably judge her and think she was a total slut at least she could trust Aria not to say anything. Besides, having Aria look at her in shock like that, no doubt thinking what a slut she was, had made Hanna so hot. But then Mona had made Aria get a closer look and now her forbidden hole was on such lewd display, the two other girls staring straight at her butt hole stretching around that massive dildo pumping in and out of it, was like nothing Hanna had ever experienced before.

It made the blonde want to cum so bad that she started softly begging again, "Fuck me! Oh Gawwwwwwd Mona fuck me! Fuck my ass hole hard! Slam that little shit hole you love staring at so much! Mmmmmm fuckkkkk, come on, fuck it! Oooooooh, pound my poop hole! Pound it hard and deep! Wreck my fucking rectum! Please? I need it soooooooo bad!"

"Oh I know you do sweetie." Mona grinned, her eyes still locked to where Aria was spreading Hanna's ass cheeks, "That's why you're here, isn't it? Mmmmm yeah, as badly as you want some answers you want to get your slutty ass pounded more, don't you? Huh? You been missing getting ass fucked by me? You miss me pounding this slutty ass, making it all nice and loose, stretching and slamming the little hole you shit from until you cum like the perverted little slut you are? Is that what you want me to do bitch?"

Under normal circumstances Hanna would have found the change in Mona's tone from playful to downright vicious disturbing. However the truth was Hanna was way too horny to care.

"Yessssssss!" Hanna moaned as quietly as she could in response, "Ohhhhhhh Gawwwwwd Mona, that's what I want! That's what I need! Mmmmmmm oooooooh Mona, I've missed this soooooooo much! I've missed you fucking me. Ooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk, I've missed you fucking me up the butt. Butt fuck me Mona, fuck me in the butt like the anal slut I am! Ooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwd, oh fuck, that's why I'm here. I want answers, but I need you to fuck my slutty ass. Mmmmmmm I need you to pound my slutty ass, make it all nice and loose, stretch and slam the little hole I shit from until I cum for you like the perverted little slut I am! Oh fuckkkkkkkk, please Mona, ass fuck me and make me cum for you!"

"Well, I guess I could do that... just one thing first." Mona grinned.

"Name it." Hanna groaned.

"Tell Aria." Mona said before elaborating, "Lift yourself up and look back at us. Make sure you're looking her in the eye. Then tell her what a perverted little slut you really are. How much you love taking it up the ass. How the real reason you came here was just so that I would fuck you just the way you like it."

Hanna hesitated twice, once when she was originally given the order, and once after she had lifted herself up and locked eyes with Aria. Of course despite her embarrassment, and the guilt she was feeling for dragging Aria into this, Hanna was too desperate to cum to do anything but softly start whimpering, "I'm... I'm a perverted little slut Aria. Ohhhhhh fuck, I'm a perverted little slut. I love it up the butt sooooooo much. Ooooooooh fuck, I'm a total anal whore who can't get enough of taking it in the ass. I need it! Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, I need to get ass fucked hard! Caleb always came before I could when he butt fucked me, mmmmmmm fuck, and all the toys I've got just don't satisfy me. I... I need Mona. FUCK, oh fuck, I need someone to ass fuck me hard, ooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, oh fuck, fuck me Mona, mmmmmmm, that's why I'm here! I'm here because I wanted Mona to fuck me the way I love most! I didn't even care if I got any info, I just wanted to get my ass fucked!"

Mona chuckled as she looked up at Aria, "So Aria, what do you think of the real Hanna Maron? Now you've seen the total anal slut she really is, you still want to be friends with her?"

Aria blushed but quickly said, "I love Hanna, no matter what she's into."

"Awww, how sweet." Mona chuckled, "Let's see if you think the same after you've seen just how hard this bitch cums from being fucked in the hole she poops from..."

"I will." Aria said flatly.

"Good for you." Mona said with a frown, before adding in a cheery tone, "Take your hands off Hanna's butt. We wouldn't want your dainty little hands getting bruised, now would we?"

Aria bit her lip, looked between her friend and the former A, then did as she was told.

As soon as Aria's hands were off Hanna's butt cheeks Mona began quickly increasing the pace, the ass fucking becoming almost literally violent as the brunette slammed her strap on deep into Hanna's ass. In response Hanna buried her face in the bed sheets and desperately tried to keep her screams of pleasure down.

Luckily Hanna had a lot of experience muffling her screams of pleasure. Unluckily her current position wasn't exactly very dignified, although that of course just added to her enjoyment, the humiliation and embarrassment she was feeling combining with the hard butt pounding to make her cum in what seemed like less than a minute of rough anal sex. Not that Mona had ever been satisfied with simply squeezing one orgasm from her, Hanna struggling to remember that she was supposed to be muffling her screams as the other girl sodomised her through climax after climax.

Mona had adored the horrified looks on Aria's face as she forced her to watch her fuck Hanna up the ass. It only got better when she had made Aria spread Hanna's ass cheeks for her, although Mona had been so transfixed on watching her dildo sliding in and out of Hanna's shit hole that she had barely taken the time to look at Aria's cute little face. Of course those wonderful sights made Mona crave the pure heaven that was brutally slam fucking Hanna Marin's perfect little bubble butt.

As such when Hanna begged for a hard poop pipe pounding it wasn't long before Mona happily obliged, and once she was in the swing of things to the point where the sound of her thighs smacking into Hanna's butt was echoing round the room so loudly it was surprising that didn't happen Mona began softly murmuring, "Yeah, take it bitch! Take it! Take it in your stupid blonde butt you fucking anal slut! Take every inch of this big cock up your fucking slut ass! Yeah, take it you dumb slut! Fucking take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! TAKE IT!"

It was hard to tell whether Aria minded the words or not, or if she even heard them, given how she was staring at what was going on with a cute little glazed look in her eye. Hanna was definitely too far gone to notice, especially when she started cumming. Not that Mona cared. In fact in that moment she didn't care about anything really.

Being A and giving Alison a taste of her own medicine, teaching Hanna and her other friends a lesson and of course fucking Hanna in many different ways had all given Mona an incredible rush and made her blissfully happy but nothing quite compared to sodomising Hanna Marin. Hanna's ass was just so perfect. Round and full, but not fat. Just the right amount of jiggle when Mona's hips slapped into them. And that hole... that tiny little hole which wasn't meant to be fucked was so wonderfully tight. Sure, Mona couldn't feel the same way a boy could, but still the pressure it gave her strap on, and the sheer mental bliss she got from fucking it was almost indescribable.

Fucking Hanna's perfect little bubble butt was Mona's idea of heaven, and as always when she was in that heaven Mona tried to stay there for as long as she could, carrying herself through several climaxes courtesy of the stimulator on her clit and the mental pleasure she was experiencing. In doing so she made Hanna cum countless times, but that was more a by-product. It kind of always had been, but making Hanna cum so much had always encouraged the blonde to come back for more anal pounding which was definitely a good thing. Of course that would not be the case this time, Mona momentarily feeling very depressed with the knowledge that this might be the last time she got to know the joy of butt fucking Hanna Marin. At best it would be a long time before she got to do this again, which encouraged Mona to make this time count.

With that in mind Mona used almost every ounce of strength she had to butt fuck her bestie. Then, just as she was about to reach the point where continuing to push herself would hurt the thought occurred to her. While normally she would push herself to her limits there was something else she could do, something that would definitely make this night extra memorable.

So after a while Mona made the decision to gradually slow down, bringing both herself and Hanna down from their respective highs. When she came to a complete stop Mona made sure that every inch of her dildo was firmly buried within Hanna's butt, then she turned to Aria and smiled, "Wanna see something gross and disgusting, but also kind of hot?"

What Mona found gross, disgusting and kind of hot was worrying but Aria found herself nodding her head and murmuring, "Sure."

Mona smiled and curled her finger in the come-hither motion, and then when Aria had reluctantly moved closer Mona pointed at Hanna's ass. The second Aria was looking at it Mona called out, "Spread your cheeks Han."

The knowledge of what was about to happen made Hanna blush, but she was still really getting off on being exposed as such a perverted slut so she barely even hesitated to reach back and pull apart her ass cheeks as wide as possible. Almost instantly Mona pulled the strap on out of the blonde's butt, Hanna again blushing with perverted delight as she heard Aria gasp softly.

Hanna's butt hole remain stretched obscenely wide even when the dildo was removed allowing both Aria and Mona to stare deep into the blonde's bowels. Aria tried not to but she just couldn't help it. It was like a car wreck, she just couldn't look away.

"Weirdly hot, isn't it?" Mona murmured proudly, "I always love seeing Hanna's butt gape for me. It's like... a testament to just how well I ass fucked her. Mmmmm, so nasty, wrong and hot. And you know what else I love which is nasty, wrong and hot? Watching Hanna suck my cock clean. I just love watching her sucking the cock I just used to ass fuck her to orgasm, and she loves it too, don't you Hanna?"

"Yes." Hanna whispered softly, beginning to let go of her ass cheeks in turn around, "I love the taste of my own ass-"

"No, stay where you are! Keep that ass spread!" Mona ordered firmly, adding in a sweeter tone when Hanna had done as she was told, "Aria already knows how much you love the taste of your own ass, but it's not fair that you get all the fun. So, let's see if Aria loves the taste of your ass as much as you do."

During her last sentence Mona looked from Hanna to Aria and smiled at the look of horror she saw on the other brunette's face.

"I, I couldn't-" Aria began.

"Do you want some info, or not?" Mona asked with a smirk.

Aria stare dumbfounded at the bitch who had terrorised her and her friends for a few long seconds. Then her eyes drifted down to the strap on dildo. Then over to Hanna's still widely gaping butt hole. Then back up at the bitch. Rinse, lather, repeat. Over and over again as she debated what to do.

She still wasn't sure how she ended up in this position. It all seemed like a dream. Or at least she'd been in a dreamlike state since walking in on her friend and her enemy having anal sex. Now she felt wide-awake and like she really wanted to tell Mona were she could stick that toy... or something along those lines which the bitch definitely wouldn't enjoy. The point was the idea of doing... this, was gross and Aria didn't want to do it. But after all this did she really want to leave empty-handed?

The clear answer to that was no so after a lot of debating Aria asked, "After this you'll give us what we came for and let us leave?"

"Well, I think Hanna already got what she really came here for." Mona grinned, her eyes lingering on Hanna's gaping ass hole before looking back at Aria, "But, if you do this for me... and you ask for my help really nicely... maybe."

Aria scowled at Mona and then trying not to think about what she was doing quickly knelt down in front of the other brunette, closed her eyes and took the head of the strap on into her mouth.

The flavour which hit her taste buds took Aria by surprise. It was... not bad. Like, the opposite of bad.

That thought made Aria blush with shame and she quickly tried to ignore it and any other thought which popped into her head as she began sucking on the toy. The problem was while she was busy trying not to think about anything her mouth kind of got carried away and before she knew it she was bobbing her head up and down on the cock with something which could be easily mistaken for enthusiasm.

Which was exactly what it was mistaken for by Mona, "Oh yesssss, that's it Aria! Suck it. Suck that dildo which has been in the deepest part of Hanna's butt. Mmmmm, you like that don't you? You like the taste of Hanna's butt? You're a little ass to mouth whore just like your bestist buddy? I think you are. I think you're a little ATM slut just like Hanna is! Both of you are just nasty little ass whores, mmmmmm, I like that. I like that a lot."

Particularly the last comment was worrying, and Aria wanted to pull her mouth away from the toy cock to protest that Mona was wrong. That she didn't like this, that she thought this was disgusting and she was just doing it for information. The problem was apart from thinking this was disgusting the rest of it would have been lies because for whatever sick reason Aria found herself loving this. Loving the taste of another girl's butt on a dildo. And the only silver lining was she became so focused on sucking the cock clean that thoughts of what she was doing and Mona's words didn't even register, Aria becoming completely lost in sucking cock.

Mona hadn't seen anyone love the taste of ass so much since, well, Hanna. Not that Mona had fucked a lot of girls, but Hanna and now Aria put every porn star she'd ever seen to shame when it came to sucking an ass flavoured cock. At least when it came to how much passion they showed for it.

Not that it was a perfect blow job, Aria wasn't able to match Hanna's ability for deep throating. True, Hanna hadn't been able to take all the strap on down her throat on her first try, but she had taken about two thirds of the dildo into her mouth and down her throat before her gag reflex prevented her from going any further. Meanwhile Aria barely got half of the fake cock in her mouth when she started choking violently.

It was still pretty impressive but Mona couldn't resist taunting the other girl, "Awww, what's the matter Aria? Is my cock too big for you? Are you used to a much smaller model? Or are you a lousy cock sucker for Mr Fitz too?"

Aria didn't even glare up at her, the other girl completely ignoring her in favour of removing her mouth from the cock and then sliding her tongue all the way down the shaft so she could lick the lower half clean.

As this was happening Mona briefly looked over at Hanna and grinned at the look of disbelief mixed with lust on the blonde's face. However before Mona could really enjoy it Aria pulled away and said, "Ok finished. Now tell us what we want to know."

Turning her attention back to the other brunette Mona smiled and said, "Sure... just one more thing."

"No way, we've done enough for you." Aria said, "Besides, you promised all I had to do was suck... that, and you give us what we came for.

"I did no such thing." Mona pointed out, "I said maybe. As in maybe if you do that, and everything else I ask, I'll give you the information you need. Until I do, you two are pretty much my bitches."

Aria glared at the other brunette, but as much as she had to admit it she was kind of screwed. If Aria was willing to suck on a dildo which had just been up another girl's butt it was a safe bet she'd do anything Mona wanted. Mona obviously realise that and was fully prepared to do all sorts of degrading things to her to make sure Aria would leave and break the agreement. Well, Aria wasn't going to let that happen, especially when she was sure there was nothing worse that could happen to her than ATM. She was quickly proven wrong.

"What do you want?" Aria reluctantly asked.

Mona glanced back to where Hanna was still presenting her gaping butt hole, "To make your butt hole look like that."

The moment those words left Mona's lips Aria realised she should have seen this coming, but somehow she didn't and the revelation of what Mona wanted to do to her stunned her into silence for several long seconds.

"No." Hanna said firmly shortly after Mona was done talking, the blonde letting go of her cheeks, quickly turning around and after briefly pausing to flinch as she rested her sore butt down on the bed told Aria, "You don't have to do this."

"It's ok." Aria said softly.

Ignoring her friend Hanna turned to Mona, "She shouldn't have to do this. I'll do whatever you want, just..."

"Hanna. It's fine." Aria interrupted her friend before turning to Mona and stammering, "If... if I do it... you promised to be gentle, at least at first?"

"Oh, I swear." Mona smiled in a tone which didn't inspire confidence.

Deciding it was probably the best she was going to get Aria nodded, "Ok."

With that Aria slowly got up, stripped off her clothes and knelt down in the same position Hanna had just been with her butt facing the former A. Throughout this Aria was blissfully unaware that the other two girls were staring at her lustfully, the blonde kind of feeling a little guilty about it but not enough to look away while the brunette somewhat regretted not arranging this sooner. Not that this really had been arranged at all, but Mona had suspected Hanna would sneak in to see her sooner or later and thus finally giving them the chance to relive their glory days as best friends with benefits. Little had she known that it was going to end up so much better than that.

After admiring the sight of Aria bent over in front of her for a few long moments Mona grabbed hold of the lubricant and squirted a large amount of the slippery liquid on her toy dick. The dildo was extremely wet already of course, but Mona was feeling generous. So much so in fact when she moved closer to her target in preparation to lubricate Aria's ass hole Mona stopped and smiled, a wicked thought crossing her mind.

"Here, loosen her butt hole for me." Mona said, offering the lube to Hanna, "It'll be like we're taking her anal cherry together."

Hanna blushed, "I, I couldn't. She's a friend-"

"Who had no problem spreading your cheeks, or tasting your butt on my cock." Mona pointed out with a wicked smile.

"Yeah, but..." Hanna trailed off as the look in Mona's eyes reminded her she had no choice in the matter.

Of course if Aria had protested Hanna would have happily left, but the little brunette remain silent even as the blonde knelt behind her, spread one of her cheeks and pressed a now lubricated finger to her previously untouched rosebud. After letting her finger rest there for a few long seconds Hanna slowly pushed forwards, biting her lip as she watched and felt her finger slowly easing into Aria's butt hole, the blonde surprised at her sudden urge to moan.

Aria's butt was just so... tight. Like, it might crush her finger at any moment tight, but somehow it was kind of a turn on and Hanna wasn't sure why. It wasn't like she was going to reap the benefits of this tightness, a fact she suddenly felt disappointed about.

Ignoring that last thought Hanna concentrated on sliding her finger in and out of her friend's back door, twirling and curling it this way and that, using every trick she remembered Mona using to loosen her butt. After all while Hanna had slid a finger up Mona's butt on occasion that was just for additional stimulation during a pussy eating and the blonde didn't even really think about it. This was different. This was preparing her friend's virgin ass to be stretched by a big strap on cock, and Hanna was determined to do a good job and not get distracted about how much she liked the feeling of Aria's tight little butt squeezing her finger.

To Aria it felt like Hanna was doing a good job. Or at least it seemed that way given Aria was having to bite her lip to prevent an embarrassing moan escaping her mouth.

Aria had occasionally wondered what this would be like and so far anal was far exceeding her low expectations. However she didn't want to moan too soon and give the impression she was some kind of an anal slut. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but she didn't want to give Mona an excuse to be rough with her or anything.

Of course on some level Aria was embarrassed just how much she was loving this. Even when Hanna pushed a second finger into her butt there was a surprising lack of pain, and an even more surprising abundance of pleasure, the additional stretching finally forcing that moan from Aria's lips which she had been trying so hard to keep in. It was quickly followed by another moan, and another, and another, and another.

This didn't go unnoticed by Mona, "You like that Aria? You like the feeling of Hanna's fingers in your tight little virgin butt? Sliding in and out, in and out, in and out. Does it feel good? Do you like having one of your best friends butt fuck you? You like having one of your best friends fucking your virgin butt? Do you? Answer me!"

"It's... it's kind of nice." Aria blushed.

"Kind of nice, huh?" Mona smirked, turning to Hanna, "Well you better ass fuck her harder, hadn't you? Make sure it really feels good."

For a moment Mona wondered if Hanna was going to protest again but to her delight the blonde simply did as she was told, one of these pretty little liars increasing the pace so that she was fingering the other's butt nice and hard.

Mona just watched this for a few moments, then she slowly walked round so she was standing in front of Aria, stroking the lube into her strap on as if it was a real cock.

"Your ass is virgin, isn't it Aria?" Mona asked after a while, "Or has Mr Fitz stuck his big cock up your tight little ass? I mean, he doesn't seem the type to insist on back door action, but you never know."

"We've never..." Aria blushed, briefly being interrupted by another moan escaping her lips before she firmly said, "He's not like that. We... I, well, I'm... I'm an anal virgin."

Mona just love the way Aria was blushing right now, "Well, considering there is a couple of fingers pumping in and out of your butt right now that's kind of debatable, but don't worry, one way or another you're losing your anal virginity tonight. In fact... why wait? Scoot over Hanna, it's time to really take your little friend's anal cherry."

Again Hanna was hesitant but did as she was told, Mona quickly taking the blonde's place, licking her lips and pressing the head of her dildo against Aria's tiny puckered rosebud.

After pausing to savour the moment Mona softly ordered, "Spread your little cheeks Aria. Show me the tight little hole you shit from. Give it up to me to use as a fuck hole in exchange for information you dirty little whore."

There was a surprisingly brief hesitation then Aria did as she was told, Mona licking her lips and pausing to savour the moment again before increasing the pressure on Aria's virgin ass hole so that tight ring of flesh slowly began opening for her cock.

The other girl let out a soft cry when her back hole began to stretch and then let out another loud cry when the strap on slipped past that tight ring of flesh, Mona grinning widely as she stared at the proof that she'd just taken Aria's anal cherry.

As captivating as that sight was Mona was extremely tempted to slam the rest of the large dick into Aria's back pipe in one hard thrust and start brutally sodomising her so hard the bitch would weep. Of course Hanna would stop her. Hanna always cared about Aria, Emily and Spencer more than anything, even vital information. Even Mona. Maybe if things had been different...

Mona quickly snapped herself out of that train of thought and concentrated on slowly filling Aria's rectum with hard fake dick. Which honestly was probably more fun than trying to force the large toy into Aria's butt as it gave Mona a chance to savour violating this girl's ass for the first and probably only time. Just like she had taken her time and savoured it when she had taken Hanna's anal virginity.

Thinking of the blonde had Mona briefly looking over to Hanna. The look of concern mixed in with more than a little lust that was on Hanna's face had Mona smirking wickedly, the temptation to taunt her bestist friend in the whole world suddenly overwhelming.

"Wow Aria, you're soooooooo tight." Mona moaned softly, still looking at her bestie as she continued, "I don't think Hanna's slutty little ass was ever this tight."

Mona really liked the way Hanna's attention was suddenly on her. She didn't like the fact that the blonde was glaring at her, but soon all was forgotten as Hanna turned her attention back to Aria. Mona did the same shortly afterwards, an incredible thrill rushing through her as her hips came to rest against the other girl's still spread ass cheeks, the entire length of the strap on now firmly up Aria's definitely no longer virgin butt.

"That's it Aria, take every inch." Mona said gleefully, "Take every inch of my cock up your ass just like Hanna does. Soon you'll be loving it no time, just like Hanna."

Ignoring these words Hanna softly said, "Just relax Aria. It will stop hurting soon I promise."

Aria didn't respond to either of the other girls, partly because it seemed like they weren't looking for a response, and partly because she wasn't sure she could given them one if she tried.

It felt like Mona had been hiding a baseball bat somewhere and had shoved it up Aria's ass, all the way through her body and now it was resting somewhere within her throat, choking her voice box and threatening to pop out of her mouth at any second. On some level Aria knew it wasn't quite that bad but the monster dildo still felt as twice as big as it looked now it was brutally stretching her back passage, Aria only able to make soft grunts and gurgling noises as she desperately tried to relax.

For a while it seemed like an impossibility. As if her rectum was more likely to tear apart than relax, Aria swearing that would have been any moment given the pain she was feeling. And if Mona so much as moved she would have to rush to a hospital for ass reconstruction surgery, probably dying of embarrassment long before the procedure could take place. But then Mona did move, and Aria's fears proved unfounded. Not that it was necessarily pleasant, but having the dildo halfway removed turned out to be a relief. It's reinsertion wasn't so enjoyable, but as insane as it seemed this gentle thrusting seemed to help her relax. Then all of a sudden Aria moaned.

That didn't go unnoticed by Mona, "That's it bitch, moan for me! Moan for me as I fuck your tight little virgin ass!"

Aria blushed, not because of the words, but because of the sound that just came out of her mouth. And she continued moaning as that sound escaped again and again and again, Aria's mind becoming fuzzy and confused as the pain abruptly faded, or at least it seemed that way, thanks to a new sudden feeling of pleasure. Wonderful, unmistakable pleasure. Which of course Aria felt more than a little embarrassed about, but it felt so good it wasn't long before she didn't really care.

Hanna was greatly relieved that Aria was now moaning pretty consistently. It made her feel less bad about getting her friend into this mess, and about perving on her. And sure, Hanna thought Aria might have been perving on her when the roles were reversed but she wasn't sure so she felt kind of guilty. Not that seemed to stop her, Hanna unable to look away from the sight of her former friend ass fucking one of her best friends.

The look of gradually increasing pleasure on Aria's face, the kind of sadistic grin on Mona's face, and most of all just the sight of one girl thrusting into another made Hanna incredibly horny, the blonde having to clench her fists to avoid sliding her hands down to her dripping pussy. Unfortunately that urge was about to become much, much stronger. On the bright side Hanna wouldn't be able to do it.

"Hanna, sweetie, why don't you come closer and get a better look?" Mona questioned, something about the look in her eye and the tone of her voice making it clear that this was not a request. So Hanna did as she was told, much to Mona's delight, "Good, now why don't you spread Aria's ass cheeks for me? You know, like she spread yours? That way we both get great look at her cute little butt hole stretching for my cock."

Again doing as she was told Hanna reached down, grabbed two handfuls of Aria's little bubble butt and spread those cheeks wide apart. Exactly what she was doing kind of didn't even register with her until she had done it, and by then Hanna was lost in one of the most beautiful sights she'd ever seen, that of Aria's ass hole stretching wide around a strap on cock. That she found that sight so appealing was sick and wrong, but considering that she was the kind of slut that loved it up the butt so much that she'd take it in the ass from an enemy just for a little information it didn't exactly surprise Hanna that she would be into this. It also didn't surprise her that she was too horny to care whether she was appropriately ashamed of herself.

Time passed. It could have been minutes, it could have been hours, Hanna wasn't sure. All she knew was that one moment Mona's strap on was hypnotically pumping in and out of Aria's butt hole, the next that toy cock was pressing against her lips.

Hanna wasn't sure if Mona had ordered her to suck it or not. She'd been so engrossed in the butt fucking it wouldn't surprise her if she'd missed it, and a brief glance upwards suggested that was the case given the way Mona was looking at her. Either way the message seemed pretty clear so Hanna quickly opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around the fake dick and began sucking on it.

The second Hanna's taste buds were hit with the deepest part of Aria's bowels the blonde moaned and then began to suck with ever increasing eagerness. Being a total slut Hanna had loved the taste of her own ass from the moment Mona had strongly suggested that she try it. Hanna didn't think she'd ever tasted anything so good, and while Mona's pussy juice was a close second there was part of Hanna which was very proud that her favourite flavour in the world was that of her own ass. Now finally she'd found something just as tasty if not more so, Hanna hungrily slurping the head of the cock clean before taking inch after inch of it down her throat.

"Mmmmmm, you like that, huh?" Mona grinned, "You like tasting Aria's ass on my big cock? You do, don't you Han? Yeahhhhh, you love the taste of Aria's butt hole just like you love the taste of your own, don't you? Yeah, you're a filthy little ATM whore who's addicted to the taste of butt hole. It doesn't matter how deep the cock has gone up someone's shit hole, or who's shit hole it's gone up, you fucking love it because you're a shameless anal slut! Aren't you Hanna? Tell Aria you love the taste of her ass right now! DO IT!"

Pulling away from the cock Hanna obediently, and truthfully, said, "I love the taste of your ass Aria! Your butt hole tastes yummy. I love being a filthy little ATM whore and sucking the taste of girl butt right off your cock Mona."

Mona briefly scowled at the smirk on Hanna's face, but then smiled, "Yeah you do. Now deep throat that yummy ass flavoured cock! Take every inch! We wouldn't want you missing any yummy ass juice, now would we?"

Hanna didn't answer her, probably because half of the dildo was already in the blonde's mouth at that point, the rest of the shaft quickly following as Hanna took the entire length down her throat. Of course Mona didn't really seem to mind given she was far more worried about continuing to insult the blonde. Not that Hanna really paid much attention, she was far too busy deep throating Mona's strap on for a few long glorious moments. Then without warning Mona pulled the dildo out of Hanna's mouth and shoved it back up Aria's butt.

Initially Hanna was disappointed by this. Then about a minute later Mona shoved the dick back down her throat, giving Hanna just enough time to greedily suck the toy clean before going back to butt fucking Aria.

Over and over this process was repeated, Mona continuously 'flavouring' the dildo with Aria's ass juices before feeding them to Hanna. The only thing which varied was how long and hard Mona fucked Aria's ass, at first the former A only giving the other girl a few quick thrusts but after a while Mona started cruelly pounding Aria's pooper to near climax only too pull the toy cock from her rectum at the last possible second.

Just as Hanna was about to complain about this Mona questioned, "So Aria, now you see just how much of a perverted butt slut Hanna really is, do you still think the world of your friend?"

Aria blushed, and after a few seconds replied, "I'm... I'm not really in a position to judge her for being a butt slut."

"I guess you can't." Mona grinned, "But... I bet you want to cum, don't you?"

Blushing a little less Aria replied, "Ye, yes."

"Then beg." Mona said coldly, "Beg me to make you cum bitch!"

Under different circumstances Aria might have refused, but she needed to cum so bad that she didn't even really think about it. She barely even paused to blush before she began to beg, "Fuck me! Please fuck me! Fuck my ass. Ass fuck me. Please Mona, mmmmmm, fuck my ass hard. Fuck my ass hard and make me cum! I... I need to cum soooooooo bad! Please! Fuckkkkkkk, oh Gawwwwwwd, oh Mona, please butt fuck me Mona! Fuck me in the butt. Turn me into a total butt slut. Turn me into a slut who loves it up the butt. Ooooooooh mmmmmm, turn me into a total slut who loves bending over and taking big hard cock right up her slutty little butt! Just like Hanna. Mmmmmm fuck, that's what you want to hear right? That both me and Hanna are dirty little butt sluts who love taking your big hard strap on cock in our slutty little bottoms? Because it looks like we do, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhh God, fuck, and you know what that makes us? Do you know what we are right now? We're your butt sluts! Your anal whores! Your bitches! That's what you want to hear, isn't it? Oooooooohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddd yeeeeeeessssssss, FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWD MOOOOONNNNNNNAAAAAA!"

Aria did her best to keep begging as quietly as she could, for as long as she could, however that didn't seem very long at all. In fact only a few moments after Mona started increasing the pace of the pooper pumping Aria was burying her face in the bed sheets, desperately trying to quieten her screams of pleasure as the butt fucking got harder, and harder, and harder.

It seemed impossible that anything could feel this good but Aria was so glad that it did, the little brunette quietly swearing that she would do this again. That she would embrace her new life as a anal slut. She would beg Ezra to fuck her back there all the time... and she would definitely have to find another girl who was a top who loved pounding ass and beg that girl to take her ass and make it hers, promising to always bend over whenever that girl wanted, to always make sure her ass was available for fucking, to make sure she got her made for fucking ass pounded at least once a day. Because fuck this felt so amazing.

Places inside of Aria that she had no idea existed were suddenly being stimulated, her entire back passage feeling like it was on fire with pleasure and that fire was bringing her closer by the second to a powerful explosion. That explosion would of course be her orgasm, although Aria could already tell it was going to be more powerful than any orgasm she ever experienced before.

She wasn't disappointed, Aria screaming hysterically into the bed sheets when she finally went over the edge of climax and experience the most mind numbing orgasm of her life. And yet somehow it only got better, Mona relentlessly slamming her shit hole for what seemed like hours, making Aria cum over and over again, each orgasm seemingly more powerful than the last. Aria had never even cum more than once a night before so her first experience of multiple climaxes was almost unbearable, the tiny girl barely remaining conscious as she became completely lost to the pleasure she was feeling.

Mona was going through something similar. The stimulator on her clit was ensuring she came plenty of times, and that incredible pleasure mixed with the joy of sodomising Aria Montgomery combined to the point where Mona was certainly in no state of mind to sort out complicated maths problems or anything. However she didn't become completely lost in the anal sex, at least not at first.

For a while Mona was distracted by two things. One was the look on Hanna's face as she brutalised Aria's butt. The other was her door.

There was just something so incredibly satisfying about seeing just how horny Hanna looked. Sure, there was more than a little concern for her friend in there, as there should be considering at this point Mona was trying her hardest to make sure Aria would never be able to sit or shit right again, however mostly Hanna just looked horny. Like the blonde wished it was her getting her butt so brutally violated. And maybe, just maybe she was also wishing she was the one sodomising Aria. That Mona found kind of hard to believe given what a total bottom Hanna was, but hey, maybe the blonde wanted to try something different? Or maybe she just wanted to eat Aria's pussy until she was cumming for her this much. Either way it was a beautiful sight.

However despite all the fun she was having Mona was just waiting for someone to burst through the door, look horrified and then call security. And Mona wasn't worried about this happening. No, she wanted it to happen. After all it would only make her seem more crazy, and she would just love for it to get out that Aria Montgomery and Hanna Marin snuck in to see her because they're both total anal sluts who wanted their asses fucked by her. She'd like to see them trying to show their faces after that. Yet for whatever reason no one came.

Maybe they mistook the screams for the night terrors Mona sometimes pretended to have. Or her real night terrors. Or the night terrors her fellow patients legitimately had, the night 'care' workers just ignoring those cries as usual as they concentrated on stuffing their ugly faces and watching TV. That was a little annoying, but that was ok. Mona had a backup plan. Of course for her to perform that backup plan she couldn't just pass out from exhaustion, which was easier said than done because Aria's ass hole really was addictive, so much so that the only way Mona could convince herself to stop fucking it was by promising that someday, somehow little Aria would be bent over in front of her again.

With that thought in mind Mona pushed them both to one more simultaneous orgasm and then promptly pulled her strap on out of Aria's butt hole. That once tiny hole remaining widely stretched open with no sign of closing, a fact which had Mona grinning sadistically. Being able to study the inside of Hanna's bowels was always a treat, being able to stare deep into Aria's rectum on the same night brought her almost indescribable twisted joy. The lewd sight reinvigorated Mona, especially when she spread Aria's ass cheeks so she could get a better look at that gaping ass hole.

After staring at Aria's gaping butt hole like that for a while Mona moved backwards and softly ordered, "Turn around and taste your own ass on my cock!"

Having no doubt who Mona was talking to Aria did as she was told, albeit very slowly. She was so tired it seemed like a miracle she could move at all, and she certainly didn't really think about what she was doing, not until her lips were around the shaft. Then the sudden taste in her mouth awoke her from her daze, Aria blushing furiously as she slowly realised what she was doing.

She was tasting her own butt. She was tasting it on a dildo that a girl that used to be A had just used to give her a butt fucking with. Her very first butt fucking. She'd lost her anal cherry to A, and she'd liked it. And worse, now she was actually liking the flavour of her own ass.

Aria was disgusted and ashamed with herself, but pretty much of it's own accord her mouth began bobbing up and down on the toy and greedily sucking on the thing which had only just been pulled out of her butt. On the bright side that flavour which she shouldn't like but did help Aria become lost in the cock sucking, the little brunette's mind shutting off entirely as she seemingly became devoted to giving Mona's cock a blow job.

Of course Mona loved this, "Mmmmm, that's it Aria, suck that cock! Suck it like you did when it was flavoured with Hanna's butt. Mmmmm, but it isn't now, is it? No, it's flavoured with your butt. My cock has just been up your butt, and you love it don't you? You love the taste of your own ass as much as you love the taste of Hanna's ass! Mmmmm, maybe you even like it more. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that's it isn't it Aria? You're such a nasty slut you love the taste of your own ass more than you love the taste of your friend's ass! Mmmmm, you're such a dirty little ass to mouth whore!"

Mona continued softly talking dirty as she watched Aria prove those words right, the other girl frantically sucking that ass flavoured cock like the ATM whore she was. Of course Mona didn't forget to look over at Hanna and see the same mixture of disbelief and lust on the blonde's face which she never grew tired of, Mona switching her gaze between Aria and Hanna throughout the ass to mouth fun.

It was almost enough to give her the strength to continue. Maybe even more than almost, but sadly Mona just couldn't take that chance.

That didn't mean she didn't give Aria ample time to finish cleaning the dildo, but once the other brunette's tongue had finished sliding over the base of the cock, after Aria had sadly once again failed to deep throat it, Mona was quick to move away, unstrap the fake dick and start slowly moving to where her clothes were.

"Kiss." Mona said firmly, "I want to see the two of you kiss. Come on, share the taste of each other's butts with your mouths and tongues you nasty sluts."

The second Mona said 'kiss' Aria and Hanna turned to look at each other, suddenly feeling very awkward and unsure of themselves. Which was very weird considering everything they'd just done with Mona, but the whole situation had been just so bizarre they'd become lost in it. The thought of kissing each other somehow made all this more real, and like they were crossing a line. Like everything else didn't count, but this was because it was them doing something to each other.

Of course considering what they'd just done it would be crazy to refuse such a simple thing, so ever so slowly they move towards each other until their lips were centimetres apart. Then they gently pressed their lips together and it was... nice. There were no fireworks, no butterflies, no other clichés which suggested that they were in love with each other and didn't know it or something like that. But it didn't suck. In fact it felt really good, and while there were no romantic sparks there were these little sparks of lust which slowly rekindled their desire.

One moment their lips were lightly pressed against each other, then Aria and Hanna were passionately kissing. Hanna's right hand came up to rest on the back of Aria's head, while Aria's right hand came to rest against Hanna's side, both girls leaning forward as they deepened the kiss. First it was Hanna's tongue entering Aria's mouth, then in the course of an increasingly fearsome battle Hanna's tongue was forced to retreat, then after a little 'fighting' in Hanna's mouth things moved back to Aria's mouth. Over and over again this happened, the two friends only starting to pull away for breath for a few brief seconds before resuming the passionate lip lock.

Neither Aria or Hanna knew how long the kissing lasted. All they knew was when they finally pulled away to check if Mona approved the former A was nowhere to be seen.

* * *

Much later Hanna found herself staring at Aria as she was on the phone to her mother. She had no idea what they were talking about, not because she was just getting half of the conversation, but because she was barely paying attention to what Aria was saying. All she could think was, why had she never noticed how beautiful Aria was before? Which was incredibly inappropriate under the circumstances, but Hanna just couldn't help it. Especially when Aria suddenly jumped off the desk she'd been sitting on, turned around and bent down to turn off the light, sticking her cute little bubble butt in Hanna's face, reminding the blonde of what she had done earlier.

Luckily Aria didn't seem to notice where Hanna had been staring when she turned around and crawled over the blonde to get into bed with her. Then finally Aria hung up the phone, even in the dark Hanna able to see this weird look on her friends face which compelled her to ask, "What's up with your Mom?"

"She's a slut." Aria replied dismissively, tossing the phone aside, sliding into the covers to join the blonde and discouraging any further talk by adding, "Let's just go to sleep."

Whenever they'd had sleepovers in the past where it was just the two of them they'd sleep together, as in literally, in Aria's big bed. It had never seemed like a big deal, but after what happened between them how could it not be?

After rushing to get their clothes back on Aria and Hanna had desperately searched for Mona. They had found her, cradling a creepy doll and muttering what originally they had thought was random jargon. After Mona had been found by the care staff and taking back to her room Aria and Hanna snuck out of Radley Sanitarium, and shortly after Hanna realised Mona had given them the information they had needed after all. It wasn't as clear as Hanna would have liked but at least it had been given in the form of a code which Hanna knew how to crack, which was a vast improvement over anything else she'd previously got from Mona information wise.

Although it wasn't that information which filled Hanna's mind as she went home with Aria, because of course her friend insisted that the blonde stay over as originally planned despite the fact they had kissed and Hanna had fingered Aria's butt. That fact had become the giant pink elephant in the room as both girls were obviously thinking about it but neither had the guts to bring it up. At least not at first, but it was consuming Hanna so much she couldn't sleep, and she knew Aria was still awake because she could hear her tossing and turning.

"Are you ok?" Hanna asked after several long minutes of just trying to get to sleep.

"I'm fine." Aria said unconvincingly, silence falling between them for a few long seconds before she added, "It's just... are you always this sore? You know, after..."

"Depends." Hanna said, turning over so she could look directly at her friend, giving her a little grin as she added, "Is it just sore, or is there a little tingle which reminds you just how hard you came?"

Even in the darkness Aria could see the grin on Hanna's face, just as she was sure the other girl could see the blush on hers, "It.. it's mostly just sore."

"Huh..." Hanna murmured, trying to convince herself to leave it at that for several seconds before adding, "I... I could probably help with that?"

"How?" Aria asked.

Hanna paused for a brief second, then lent in closer and whispered, "Do you trust me?"

Aria nodded and then Hanna got up, reached into her bag and pulled out her tube of anal lubricant. The blonde was pretty sure she could see the brunette's nervousness in the dark, or at least sense it, so she did her best to comfort her friend, "I... I find this is kind of soothing..."

With that Hanna pushed her right hand down the back of her pyjama bottoms and slid her lubricated fingers into her still gaping and sore butt hole. She had intended to exaggerate her reaction somewhat, but ultimately she found herself actually trying to quieten it is the soothing effect had her moaning quite loudly. She even became lost in finger fucking her own ass hole for a few seconds before she realised what she was doing and stopped.

"It, it feels kind of weird, but also kind of... well, it helps." Hanna said once she had pulled her fingers from her butt and resisted the urge to suck on them, "It's kind of awkward though, so... I could... you know... help?"

Aria just stared her for a few moments and then softly asked, "How?"

"Well... I... could, you know, do it for you." Hanna mumbled last part and the next part pretty quick, "I mean, it really is awkward to reach back there if you don't know what you're doing, and there are certain tricks-"

"Ok." Aria interrupted.

There was a brief silence between the two girls and then Hanna questioned, "Ok?"

"Ok." Aria confirmed, slowly pushing the covers off of her, turning over and pushing herself up onto all fours. She then reached behind herself to slowly pull down her pyjama bottoms, not even realising just how erotic Hanna was finding that simple act.

Licking her lips at the sight before her Hanna quickly re-lubed her fingers and knelt behind her friend. Then her stupid mouth murmured, "This is just a favour though. Nothing weird or anything."

"Uh-huh." Aria murmured, not really seeing how having one of her best friend's teasing her sore, well fucked ass hole with their finger wasn't weird.

Because that's exactly how it felt. Weird. But it also felt...

Aria was interrupted from this thought as she was overwhelmed by this weird soothing sensation which caused her to moan loudly.

"Shhhhh." Hanna grinned, "Your Dad and brother are still sleeping, remember?"

That was probably the last thing Aria wanted to be reminded of at that point, but in a very bizarre way she was kind of glad Hanna did as the last thing she wanted was to be discovered like this. After all while a similar threat had been arousing back at Radley Sanitarium the thought of getting caught being anally fingered by one of her best friends by one of her family members was different. Or at least it should have been. No, it was because there was no part of Aria that wanted it to happen. But... for some really, really perverted reason the idea of getting caught was something of a turn on. Although it was nothing compared to what Hanna's fingers were doing to her.

At first the feeling of Hanna stroking her well stretched anal ring had been pleasantly soothing. Then, the feeling of Hanna's fingers sliding down her stretched anal walls... caressing her back passage... it... it had been a little more than just soothing. It had felt good. Really, really good.

The painful ache which had been only seeming to get more noticeable as the seconds ticked by had suddenly vanished, and now Aria was having trouble thinking, the little brunette burying her face into the bed sheets and just trying to keep her moans as quiet as possible.

Over what felt like a very long period of time Hanna added finger after finger into Aria's gaping ass hole, finally hitting all the sides at once when she had all four fingers pumping in and out of the other girl's pooper. From there it was very tempting to try and add her thumb and then the rest of her hand into her friend's ass, but Hanna wasn't so sure she could pass off an anal fisting as a meaningless favour. Not that she was entirely sure she could pass anal fingering off as a meaningless favour, or that she even wanted too.

Hanna had used to wonder what sex with her closest female friends would be like. After her passionate affair with Mona had started Hanna had thought about it at least once a day, but had always dismissed the idea as mere fantasy. After all Aria and Spencer were straight, and Emily didn't deserve to have some bi girl who was pretty sure she preferred boys toying with her heart. But now... now Hanna wondered if she'd found a kindred spirit in Aria. Another bi girl who was pretty sure she preferred boys, but secretly liked getting down and dirty with another girl from time to time.

Sure, it wasn't a perfect arrangement as Hanna was pretty sure they were both bottoms. But they could still fool around with each other, and they could always go back to see Mona, or find another top who would fuck them together. First though Hanna needed to 'talk' Aria into the idea, and while there were probably subtler ways of doing it this seemed to be working pretty well.

Pushing things further Hanna softly asked, "How does that feel? Better?"

"Uh-huh." Aria moaned in response.

After biting her lip for a few seconds Hanna then said, "Because if you're still feeling a little sore... I could do something to help take your mind off it..."

Truthfully Aria had been feeling pretty much pure pleasure since shortly after Hanna began fingering her ass, but she was curious to see what the blonde would do so she softly answered, "Ok."

It wasn't a clear invitation but Hanna decided to take advantage of it, after making sure Aria knew she could stop her of course, "If you don't like it, just tell me to stop, ok?"

"Ok OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!" Aria moaned loudly into the bed sheets.

It took a few seconds for Aria to realise exactly what caused the sudden rush of pleasure she felt. Then it hit her... it was a tongue. Hanna's tongue. Sliding against her pussy. As in one of her best friends had just licked her pussy. No, one of her best friends was licking her pussy, Hanna's tongue gently beginning to lap at her cunt in a way which made Aria feel overwhelmed with pleasure.

There was a part of Aria which felt like she should tell Hanna to stop for two reasons. The first was that this wasn't something straight best friends did. Sure, neither was playing with each other's asses, but they'd only done all that because they were forced to by Mona. Of course straight best friends didn't finger each other's asses either, but Aria had been so sore she didn't care, and this somehow felt more... gay.

On some level the idea that she was suddenly crossing the line into lesbian territory was pretty ridiculous, but that's just how Aria felt. And Aria wasn't sure exactly how she felt about having an experience she couldn't tell herself wasn't gay, which was the main reason for wanting to tell Hanna to stop. Which were pretty good reasons. She was straight and she wasn't sure she should be having sex with one of her straight best friends. But... it felt so good. Like, so good Aria's mind couldn't even seem to form words, the poor girl just moaning into her pillow as she shook from Hanna's talented tongue.

Meanwhile Hanna was listening very carefully for the sound of protest, the fact that Aria was doing absolutely nothing but moaning into her pillow a source of great comfort for the blonde's guilty conscience. After all she had tricked Aria, a girl who she considered to be one of her best friends ever, into this position under false pretences and was now pretty much sexually assaulting her. These weren't the actions of a good friend, but in Hanna's mind she was doing this for Aria's long-term benefit. And her own. After all if she and Aria could become fuck buddies like she and Mona used to be they would get to have so much fun together, and Aria would no doubt find all sorts of fun ways to thank her for helping her embrace her inner rug munching dyke.

Of course Hanna could have probably done more to talk Aria into this, and that had been the plan, but... Aria's pussy had just been so close... so dripping with juice, which smelt so good, Hanna just hadn't been able to resist. And it wasn't her fault that Aria tasted even better then she smelt, the heavenly flavour preventing Hanna from pulling away to ask if she could continue as she probably should have done in favour of hungrily licking the full length of Aria's pussy lips, deliberately teasing the other girl's clit and entrance so that more sweet girl honey dripped onto her tongue. Continuing to gently finger fuck Aria's butt was also an effective way of making more girl cream for her to swallow.

There were however some noticeable drawbacks. For one Hanna's neck ached from being bent in an awkward position as she was currently on all fours behind her friend who was in the same position, the blonde's head tilted back so she could lick Aria's pussy. Hanna could turn over onto her back and guide Aria down so that she was sitting on her face, but that wouldn't solve her other problem, namely that her pussy was aching for attention. And sure, Hanna should have probably just concentrated on pleasuring Aria, but she was kind of a selfish lover who needed to know her needs would also be met.

So Hanna finally pulled back and asked, "Do you think you could do me a favour?"

"Uh-huh." Aria moaned in response.

"Roll over onto your side for me." Hanna ordered, the blonde waiting until Aria had replied with her request, which seemed to take forever, before she pulled down her own pyjama bottoms and turned her body so that she was lying in a 69 position with her friend.

Suddenly having Hanna's pussy shoved in her face left Aria speechless. Or that might have been the feeling of Hanna's tongue moving back to slide over her pussy lips while the blonde's fingers began pumping in and out of her butt again. Or maybe it was a combination of both. Regardless Aria lay there moaning for several long minutes, her eyelids fluttering but never quite closing as she became hypnotised by her first look at another girl's pussy up close.

Eventually Hanna pulled away from Aria's pussy again to murmur softly, "Do you reckon that was a threesome?"

"Wha, what?" Aria moaned, struggling to form words as Hanna's fingers continued playing with her butt.

"Back there with Mona." Hanna clarified, "Because in a way it was kind of two twosomes, what with Mona fucking me, then you. But I fingered your ass. And we tasted each other's asses on Mona's cock. And we kissed. So... I guess it kind of counts, right?"

When a few long seconds had passed and it was clear Hanna wouldn't return her tongue to the brunette's love box until her question had been answered Aria softly groaned, "Why does it matter?"

"Well, I always wanted to have a threesome, and I'd like to know if you think that counts or not." Hanna said, unable to stop herself from grinning slightly as she added, "Also, it kind of effects whether this is our first or second time."

After she finished speaking Hanna gave Aria's pussy a long, slow lick which made the brunette forget what the blonde had just said for a few seconds before then forcing out, "I, mmmmmm, I guess it counts, ohhhhh!"

"Which would make this our second time, right?" Hanna questioned, twisting her fingers extra hard in Aria's butt, "Because you know that's what we're doing now right? Fucking? Having lesbo sex? Because we are, and your wet little pussy tells me you love it. And you do, don't you Aria? You love my tongue making your wet little pussy my plaything. Me licking you. Another girl licking your wet little dyke pussy! Don't you? Don't you?"

"Yessssssss!" Aria whimpered, so desperate to cum now that she was willing to say anything, "I love it! I love your tongue. Mmmmmm, lick me! Lick my pussy! Oh Hanna, fuck me! Fuck me like a dyke slut! Mmmmm ohhhhhhh, fuck me with your tongue! Butt fuck me with your fingers! It feels soooooo gooooooddddd!"

"Then lick me!" Hanna demanded, before quickly adding, "Or finger me. Please? I'm soooooooo fucking horny! Mona made me cum so hard, but seeing her fuck you in the ass... God, it made me so hot. I've been fucking dripping ever since I saw you take it up the ass for the first time, and fingering your little butt and eating your sweet little pussy have been driving me crazy. Please Aria, just stick your fingers inside me! Do something. Anything! Please? I promise I'll make you cum so hard, just please fuck me too. Fuck my little lezzie pussy while I'm fucking yours. Please? I OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH fuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk!"

In her horny state the request seemed very reasonable to Aria, but she was so nervous she could barely move. It took her what felt like an eternity to open her mouth and extent her tongue, and even then she left it hovering less than an inch away from Hanna's pussy. Meanwhile Hanna was so busy begging for her to do something she doubted the blonde even noticed. However Hanna certainly noticed when Aria finally pushed herself to slowly slide her tongue over her friend's pussy lips, the blonde crying out so loud it made the brunette's heart pounding her chest, Aria nervously listening out for the sound of movement that would signify they'd been heard during the few seconds that followed of absolute silence.

Then Hanna seemed to go crazy, her tongue lashing so relentlessly quick against Aria's cunt that for several long moments the brunette wasn't able to listen out for movement, or really do anything except try and keep her moans of pleasure as quiet as possible. Then Hanna slowed down to a more even pace, her gentle licks seemingly encouraging Aria to do what she'd just done again. Getting the message Aria slid her tongue over her friend's pussy lips again, and then again, and then again, establishing a slow and steady rhythm.

At first Aria was feeling so overwhelmed she wasn't sure how she felt about eating pussy for the first time in her life. Then her taste buds seem to get used to the flavour and with every passing moment she seemed to like the taste of pussy more until finally she didn't just sort of like it, or even like it, she loved it. She loved the taste of her friend's pussy, and as kinky as that thought seemed to be it was nothing compared to the one that followed, that being that she wanted to taste her friend's cum.

It didn't take much for Aria to get her wish. One moment she was licking Hanna's pussy, then her tongue accidentally discovered the blonde's clit, then after a few gentle strokes to that little bundle of nerves Hanna screamed into the brunette's pussy and then squirted her cum directly into Aria's face. There was so much of it Aria couldn't possibly swallow it all but the second the sweet flavour hit her taste buds she found herself desperately trying to do so, and then when the cum ran out Aria redoubled her efforts to get more yummy girl cum by fucking Hanna as hard as she could.

Shortly after this Aria was treated to the heavenly sensation of cumming in another girl's mouth while Hanna was the one who got to greedily swallow another girl's cum. The difference was Hanna sensed it coming, and was already 100% sure that as sweet as Aria's pussy juice was her cum would be even more delicious. So when Aria came Hanna's mouth was already firmly glued to the brunette's entrance, most of Aria's cum flowing directly down the blonde's throat and into her stomach. That heavenly taste in turn pushed Hanna to work even harder on Aria, both girls becoming more lost in fucking each other every time they made the other cum.

Of course being the experienced muff diver Hanna had a few tricks up her sleeves which she'd been saving, tricks she was hoping Aria would quickly pick up on. Luckily for them both Aria did.

The first trick was to slide her tongue into Aria's welcoming cunt and begin to pound that tight fuck hole. Aria followed suit pretty quickly, both girls using that trick to fuck each other to orgasm several times over before Hanna switched to attacking her friend's clit with her mouth and tongue. It was a while before Aria did that, the brunette obviously too overwhelmed with the sensations Hanna was giving her to do anything but scream with pleasure into the blonde's pussy. That fact made Hanna simultaneously proud of herself and annoyed that she was no longer receiving much pleasure. However once that was rectified Hanna didn't wait for Aria to make her cum before she used her free hand to start fingering Aria's tight little twat, this time the other girl quickly following suit again, Aria sliding a couple of fingers of one hand into Hanna's cunt while she pushed a couple of fingers of the other into Hanna's still gaping butt hole.

For what felt like an eternity the two girls stayed like that, two fingers in their cunts, four fingers in their butt holes once Aria had caught up, and their mouths and tongues working relentlessly on each other's clits. The only time they broke from their relentless rhythm was to glue their mouths to the other's pussy so they could swallow a fresh batch of girl cum. Of course as much as they both wished they had endless stamina they didn't and inevitably the two girls rolled onto their backs desperately gasping for breath.

With every part of her body feeling as if it was aching Hanna somehow managed to lift herself up, turn herself around, grab hold of the covers and pull them over herself and Aria as she collapsed down with her head resting against the pillows.

Feeling just as tired Aria rolled over so she was just looking at Hanna.

Both girls' faces were covered in the other's cum and pussy juice and yet their eyes never wandered from the other's, both of them extremely nervous how the other would react.

Finally Aria murmured, "That was... fun."

Hanna immediately smiled, "Really?"

"Well, yeah." Aria said, suddenly feeling nervous, "I mean, I thought it was fun, but..."

"Oh, I thought it was fun too. A lot of fun." Hanna interrupted, trying to put Aria at ease.

"Oh... good." Aria smiled softly.

There was a pause and then Hanna softly said, "Maybe we could do it again sometime."

Again Aria smiled softly, "That sounds good."

Grinning widely and wickedly Hanna lent forward and whispered, "And maybe next time we could try using some of my toys."

Aria blushed, but there was a noticeable tingle that ran through her tired body which had her smiling softly and opening her mouth to tell Hanna that sounded like a good idea. Before she could Hanna kissed her, the blonde's tongue invading her open mouth and bullying her tongue into submission for a few long moments, then Hanna broke away to shamelessly lick her own cum and pussy juice from Aria's face. Once she got over the initial shock Aria kissed back and return the favour, the two girls cleaning each other's faces like a pair of lion cubs or something before snuggling together and quickly slipping into a peaceful sleep free of concerns about A, Alison, etc, and instead dreaming about the fun they would soon be having with each other.

The End.


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