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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 1 (FF,anal,f-dom)
by LL

The only sign of the evening's earlier happenings was the steady, rhythmic blue flash from the police car parked down the road, near enough to give some comfort, far enough away that looking from the window you couldn't see whether the bored officer was asleep or awake. Only a few hours ago the street had been filled with activity, dogs barking, helicopters chattering overhead, detectives barking orders as APB went out for the mysterious masked intruder that had been in Ashley Marin's kitchen. The Milf shuddered at the memory; to think people had been coming to believe that Alison hadn't really been kidnapped. Though if truth had been told she'd been starting to have one or two (small) doubts herself - the teen had always been tough, uncannily so, but to have got through her ordeal so mentally unharmed...

There wouldn't be any murmuring of that now, not when the kidnapper had broken into to Ashley's house. It was lucky Ashley had been around, the maniac had taken Alison once before, it was probably only because he feared taking on them both that he'd fled. Which was lucky because Ashley had been shaking so much at the time she didn't think she could have tackled a determined mouse let alone a knife wielding psychotic with an obsession with Ali.

She looked at the blonde sitting at the table, drinking some hot chocolate, she looked nervous and anxious, but much less than she should be after they'd almost confronted a lunatic with a kitchen knife. Not for the first time Ashley marvelled at the iron self control Alison possessed, for an eighteen year old she was so cool it was frightening. The teen saw her looking at her and forced a small smile, "I'm okay Mrs Marin."

"I'm sure you are," Ashley tried to smile confidently back, thought she was worried it was as brittle as a paper thin wafer. "The police will get him."

"Perhaps," Alison didn't sound convinced. "They haven't managed to do a great job so far," she added pointedly.

Ashley couldn't disagree, it had taken two years for the police to even realise that the teen hadn't been murdered (despite there being no body), but had been kidnapped. And if she hadn't escaped they'd probably still be working to the assumption she was dead. But concentrating on the police's shortcomings wasn't going to help Alison, so she changed the subject, "Did you manage to get hold off your Mom and Dad?"

The teen nodded, "They wanted to come home straight away and pick me up from here. But I told them it was a five hour drive so they were best to stick to plans, let me stay here, have their relaxing night away and come collect me in the morning."

There was that cool self-control again. It was like the teen didn't know fear. And also like her parents didn't understand that their daughter had been in real danger. Ashley knew that if it had been Hanna and the roles had been reversed she'd have driven all night and through the next day with no sleep at all to get home. It was, perhaps, the evenings only small mercy that Hanna was out at Caleb's. Ashley had been sure the two were in the process of breaking up, but it was almost like Hanna was desperate to not spend the night with Alison - she wondered if something had changed between her daughter and her friend. Hanna had for years hero-worshipped Alison, but since Alison had come back that seemed to have cooled. Ashley mentally shrugged, teenage girls could be fickle, especially Hanna, friends one day, enemies the next - whatever the problem between the girls it would blow over she was sure.

The teen drained the last of her chocolate, "I better go to bed now, it's late." For a moment her mask slipped and she looked scared and tired, but it was only for a second and then she was Alison, self-assured, poised, the Queen of Rosewood. "Are you going to wait for Hanna?"

"No, I don't think so. I don't think she'll be in until late and she's got a key. I'm just going to put away the dishes and then I'm going to bed as well, after tonight's excitement I need my sleep."

"The policeman will be out all night?" Alison said in a tone that could have been either to reassure Ashley, herself or as a question.

Ashley chose to interpret it as the latter, "Yes, don't worry."

"I'm not," Alison said, "but you know... it's good we're not alone, that we've got each other as well."

Ashley nodded, "I'll double-check all the locks on the windows, we'll be fine. Good night."

"Night," Alison said and went upstairs to the spare room.

Ashley was as good as her word, checking the windows once and then a second time - just in case. Even with a third check and washing the cups left by the cops on the sideboard she was upstairs only five minutes after Alison. The teen's light was still on and her door ajar as Ashley passed, the Milf pushed it gently open and looked in. The eighteen year old blonde was half-sitting in her bed, wearing her pyjamas texting, it seemed all the teen girls did all the time nowadays. She looked up from the cell as Ashley looked in, "I'll only be a few minutes then I'll switch off."

"You turn it off when you want," Ashley said, Alison was probably more scared than she dared let on, "You know where I am if anything happens... not that it will," she added quickly.

Alison nodded, "I do, goodnight." She smiled as Ashley closed the door behind her.

Going into her room she changed into her nightdress and got under the covers; seconds after her head hit the pillow she was asleep.

Until she woke with a start... she wasn't sure what she'd heard, but it was something. She glanced at the alarm clock beside her bed; it had only been thirty minutes since she'd gone to sleep, but the pounding of her and the adrenaline running round her body left her as awake as she ever been. She stayed still in bed, desperately trying to hear something, anything, a clue to what had woken her. The house was silent... but that meant nothing. She got up, feeling the quiver of her legs and felt around in the dark for a weapon, the best she could find was a hand mirror - which wasn't much defence against an armed lunatic.

She stepped out into the landing, one of the boards creaked and she froze, wondering if the intruder had heard her. If he hadn't Alison had as her voice came from the room, "Mrs Marin," followed by the switch of the light.

"Yes," Ashley felt her mouth go dry, "I heard something, pass me your cell I'm going to call the police."

Alison stepped out into the landing, she didn't look nervous, more surprised, "I was awake I didn't hear anything. What was it?"

"I just woke," Ashley admitted, "I'm not sure."

"It was probably just a delayed reaction or some wind," Alison seemed confident. "I'll take a look."

"No... I..." Ashley suddenly felt embarrassed, she hadn't heard anything - just suddenly awoke and whilst Alison didn't seem worried the way to reassure her wasn't to stand here quaking in a night-dress holding a mirror like it was a club. "We'll look together."

"Okay," said Alison. She walked confidently down the stairs, Ashley following less confidently. But it turned out the teen was right, they were alone, with no signs of anyone breaking in.

Ashley blushed, "Sorry for getting you out of bed."

Alison nodded and smiled, before giving a small frown, "I'm fine, but you, Mrs Marin, you're shaking."

"It's been quite a night," said Ashley.

"Are you alright?" Alison laid her hand on Ashley's arm. When she'd been younger Ashley had never thought Alison knew what empathy and concern for others were, but she looked genuinely worried at Ashley now. If her years being kept in a dark cellar hadn't broken her mentally they had matured the teen and given her a softer edge under her hard as nails exterior.

"I'm alright," Ashley said.

"You're not," Alison shook her head, "You're shaking like a leaf."

"No, no honestly Alison, it's nothing, as you say just a nightmare and some delayed shock. I'll be okay in the morning."

Concern showed in Alison's eyes, "It's not the morning I'm thinking about. It's the night. Look, Mrs Marin, I know you're not eight, but would it help if I shared a bed with you, that way you're not alone."

"You don't need to."

"It would make me feel better," said Alison.

"Okay," Ashley felt a little dumb and embarrassed about agreeing, telling herself that it was for Alison's benefit, though she knew that wasn't true.

Ali switched of the light in the kitchen and followed Ashley up the stairs. As Ashley went to her room for a moment she thought that the teen had already changed her mind as Alison turned into the spare room. But she emerged seconds later, the room's light off and her cell in her hand. "I can't sleep without it close to me," she smiled in explanation as she joined Ashley in the main bedroom.

Ashley got into the bed, wondering when was the last time anyone apart from her had been in it; a long time ago, she decided. The mattress trembled slightly as Alison got in the opposite side. Ashley drew up the covers and turned away from Alison to out into the darkness, "Good night," she said.

"Night," replied Alison. The teen seemed slightly uncomfortable, turning and twisting as she sought to find a spot on the bed she could sleep in. Ashley closed her eyes and waited for the young blonde to find a position she was satisfied. After a few moments Alison relaxed and stopped fidgeting; the position was close behind Ashley, so near that the Milf could feel the teen's warm breath. It was strangely comforting. She closed her eyes...

But sleep wouldn't come. No matter how much she tried to relax or count sheep or let her mind wander sleep eluded her like a laughing princess teasing her chasing price. Behind her she knew Alison was in the same state, awake and still, just waiting for sleep to come upon her and hoping it was before dawn. The Milf stretched and moved backwards slightly, she was so close to Alison that her back ended brushing against the teen's front. Alison's arm draped itself so casually over Ashley that it took the older woman a few seconds to realise it was there and certainly moments to late to complain; anyway like the teen's breath on her neck it was comforting after the night so far. She closed her eyes.

Suddenly her eyes opened in shock. Alison's hand was caressing her arm - gently, hardly at all in the darkness the movement would have been imperceptible, but Ashley could feel it all the same. The teen stroking at her through the material of the night dress, her hand sliding just enough so that it was covering the boob and the fingers slowly moving over the lace encased mound. Ashley knew she should say something, or even better, not say anything and just move half a foot out of Alison's reach, but for some reason she couldn't, the teen's touch felt so good, making the Milf's nipples stiffen in erect excitement. It was probably nothing, Ashley lied to herself, a half-asleep Alison acting automatically without realising what she was doing.

She was still thinking that as Alison's hand went lower, pulling up the hem of Ashley's night dress and moving between her legs. Ashley failed to stifle a squeak as Alison started to stroke the Milf's pussy, her fingers moving over the shaven skin round the hole and the small tuft of neatly trimmed hair above it. The movements might be slow and slight, but it was impossible to believe they were accidental. Ashley lay there, unsure what to do or what to say; as a night it had moved from the horrifying to the surprising and she wasn't sure that being fondled by her daughter's friend was a scary as an armed intruder. But whatever else it was it was exhilarating, Alison's touch was teasing at her clit and making her quiver in excitement. She gave another small squeak and shiver as the teen's tip slipped between her lips, not far in, but enough that she ran over the wet pink insides.

"Are you enjoying?" Alison said confirming Ashley's fears, "Masturbation is such a stress reliever."

"It is," agreed Ashley, blushing.

"And you've had some night," the teen's mouth was inches from Ashley's neck as he finger continued to stroke. Even the slightest stretch from the Milf was pushing her back into Alison, the older woman could feel the softness of Alison's breasts through the teen's pyjama top. The teen wiggled her nymph like body at the older woman, squishing the titties harder into her; "We both have..." she purred.

"Yes," Ashley said and then gave a moan as the teen's finger slid and slithered over her cunt lips, brushing aside the flaps.

Behind her she could feel the move of Alison's other hand. The teen tugged at the string cord of her pyjama bottoms and then pulled them down one-handed, all the time continuing to play with Ashley's pussy. The Milf didn't react, or at rather she did, but her reaction was a whimpery moan of lust. She knew she should stop it, she wasn't even someone who liked other women for God's sake, but at that moment she seemed unable to do anything but quiver, her desire taking over.

"I want you," growled Alison, "I want your face between my legs..."

"I...I...I'm not..." she wasn't a lesbian but Ashley didn't know how to resist as the teen rolled away from her and onto her back. Oh God she so wanted to eat Alison's sweet little cunt as the teen demanded, it was like a compulsion she couldn't stop even though she knew it was wrong, the girl was only eighteen and Hanna's friend.

"I want you eating my pussy," Alison repeated as if her first instruction hadn't been clear enough.

"Oh no... yes," the lust was too strong to ignore. Ashley turned and went under the covers, a sixth sense leading her in the darkness to exactly where Alison's pussy was. She'd never eaten cunt before, never even fantasised it; sure she'd had it done to her by past boyfriends and her ex-husband before the spark had gone from their marriage, so she knew what she liked to happen to her... but to do it to another? For a moment she paused, unsure where to start. Alison's hand slid beneath the covers and onto to Ashley's head, "Eat it. I want you to eat me out." She pressed her palm on the Milf's scalp.

Ashley went down onto the teen's twat. It was smooth and shaven with just a bare hint of fresh stubble at the top. The Milf opened her mouth and began to lick, her tongue running over the lips and hood and down into the gap. Within seconds she could taste Alison's juice, the teen wettening as Ashley's tongue pressed in and over her. Ashley hadn't known what cunt cum would taste like; it was a strange taste, both sweet and bland, like warm sugared water. But the taste didn't matter, Alison's reaction did. The teen gave a little cry of excitement and brought her hips up at the same time as her hand pushed down sandwiching Ashley's head and forcing the Milf's mouth deeper into the teen's twat. "Ohhhh, mmmnnn eat my pussy, eat it up."

Ashley lapped harder and quicker, sliding her tongue at the hole. Alison quivered and groaned, grinding herself into the Mom's face. Her moans were loud and passionate and demanding, "Eat my cunt, lick it harder, make me cum." Not sure what else she could do but obey Ashley's tongue flickered out and in, slurping and lapping at the wet hole, licking away the juice as it formed and replacing it with her saliva. Alison's hand was still on the back of her skull pressing her down and her cries were getting more excited, her words more dominating and controlling, "That's it. Lick it like a whore. Eat it harder you slut. I want you to make me cum. I want you to make me coat your pretty face in girl juice."

Despite herself Ashley was excited, the though of Alison squirting over her was a turn-on, even if she wondered if it was depraved to be eating the pussy of a girl your daughter used to swap barbies with. She went deeper and harder, her tongue moving as quick as it ever did. The teen quivered and squealed in excitement, her cries getting even louder as without asking or being asked Ashley brought her hand up and penetrated the blonde's cunt with a finger. "Ohhh fuuuckk yes, oh fuck you fucking slut, that's so good, more, oh yes, more," Alison shuddered in excited pleasure.

Ashley went faster, her tongue slathering over the outside of the wet teenie cunt whilst her middle digit pounded in. With her other hand she was massaging her own pussy, rubbing the hot wet hole and pressing her palm over the clit hood and bud beneath. It felt good, but she knew her own excitement should be secondary to Alison's and so when her body couldn't cope with doing all the actions at once she withdrew from her pussy and concentrated on the teenage blonde.

Alison was rocking and quaking, "Ooooohhh, urrrrhhh, that's it you slutty bitch, eat my cunt, eat it like a whore. You're a pussy licking slut." Ashley was surprised how turned on Alison's brutal demeaning taunts were turning her on; if anyone had told her she was a whore before or a bitch - well she wasn't one for violence, but her response wouldn't be to lick harder. But there was something about the cheap nastiness of it that made Ashley want to slurp Alison more and to demean herself to the teen; she was being dominated and to her horror and surprise, loving it. She was a pussy loving slut.

"Oh my God you slut, you're making me cum, oh my God.... aaarrrgghhh," Alison's body bucked and for the first time ever in her life Ashley's face was sprayed with girl juice. Ashley lifted her head from the teen and wiping away the juice as she did so, pushed it out from under the covers.

Alison lay below her and even in the darkness Ashley could see her smirk and the flush that suffused the teen's cheeks. And then, because she couldn't think of anything else to say, Ashley asked, "So how was that..."

"Okay, for a beginner," Alison said. She shrugged, "You'll improve with practice I guess."

"Practice..." Ashley repeated the word wondering if it meant what she thought it did, that she and Alison were going to be doing this regularly. She wasn't sure what to think, the sensible part of her wanted nothing more to do with the teen dominator, to get her out of the house as soon as possible and hope she and Hanna were friends no longer. But the larger and hornier part of her brain was already anticipating going down on the teen again; and her wet, tingly pussy was agreeing with it. "Practice..." she said again hoping Alison would say what the word meant.

The teen didn't elaborate instead she rolled out of the bed and walked over to the light switch, turning it on. For a few seconds the sudden brightness made Ashley blink, but when she focussed she could see Alison standing bottomless, her sexy teen pussy on display. The teen picked up her cell, "I'm just going to collect something from my room, don't go anywhere."

"Okay," said Ashley as she sat up in bed, wondering as what choice she had or where she was supposed to go.

She sat in silence for a few minutes, still wondering about the night's turn of events. She glanced at the alarm clock, Hanna should be home soon, she needed to finish with Alison for the night before she did and get the teen back into her own room, she'd risk the nightmares and later decide what licking Alison's pussy meant. But first she had to wait for the teen to return. Just as she was thinking that the door opened again and in stepped a nearly naked Alison. Nearly because whilst she'd removed her top letting her bare breasts bounce free she had added a large strap-on dick over her pussy. Ashley stared at it and Alison grinned.

"Oh my God..." Ashley's mouth gaped open as she looked at the dick, it was at least nine inches and thick with a bulbous end, in real life Ashley had never seen a prick that huge.

"You're asking if I'm going to fuck you with this, the answer's yes," Alison said.

That was what Ashley had been thinking, but not the only thing, "Yes. I was also thinking why you've got it." After all most girls didn't bring a massive strap-on dildo to a friendly sleepover, even if Alison wasn't most girls.

The teen grinned wider, "I'm always prepared for anything." She gave a small wink, "I'll let you into a secret though. I just knew I was going to fuck you tonight that's why I brought it."

Neither answer was very good. Yes, teen girls came prepared for sleepovers, tampons, lip-gloss, even breath mints - but not with huge sex toys. And as for her claim that she knew she was going to fuck Ashley, she'd need to be a clairvoyant to see all the circumstances that would bring them together in Ashley's bedroom. Still it didn't matter they were here. Ashley girded herself, her pussy was tingling and wet, her heart pounding and most of her brain was screaming for her to go for it. But a small part was holding out and that was the bit she listened to. "You can't, not tonight, not now. We can talk tomorrow in private, you can't stay here in this room, not now. Hanna will be home soon."

"Does she come in to give you a good night kiss?" Alison asked.

"No, why?" Ashley shook her head confused, "She's eighteen and anyway she'd think I was asleep."

"In that case I'll close the door behind me and hope you're quiet," Alison said, shutting it as she did so.

"Oh..." what else could Ashley say?

The teen moved in front of her, a smug grin on her pretty face. Ashley looked up awaiting instructions she knew would be coming; and in truth she was looking forward to them, to giving herself to the young blonde temptress in front of her.

"Take off your night dress," Alison said. Ashley did as she was told, again, pulling off the dress and dropping it to the floor. She was standing naked in front of the teen, her pussy and tits exposed to the younger woman's lascivious gaze; it was embarrassing and demeaning and it made Ashley's cunt hot with excitement and lust. Alison stepped forward and slid her hand down to Ashley cunt, smiling almost wickedly as she said, "That's nice and juicy; you're so wet, like a whore."

"Yes," murmured Ashley blushing, she couldn't really deny it.

Alison smirked louder. "Get down on your knees and suck my dildo you'll need it soaked."

Ashley nodded and got down on her knees, "Sure Alison, though as you said my twat is wet enough?"

The Milf's lips were round the plastic dong before Alison replied, "It's not going in your pussy. I want to fuck your ass."

If Ashley's mouth hadn't been full she'd have whimpered. Not that she was an anal virgin, but it was something she'd deliberately left as a birthday or valentine's day treat for her ex-husband in happier days of their marriage. Now she was going to get fucked up there by a teen girl on their first date (not even that - their first hook-up). She should stop it she knew, that would be the right thing to do, but her mouth seemed to have a mind of its own, remaining locked round the dildo and sliding up and down it taking more in and keeping it soaked. She went up and down, her raven hair flapping as she bobbed up and down.

Her eyes went up to Alison's face, the teen had a satisfied smirk on her face, as well she might with Ashley blowing her strap-on toy like she was a two-bit hooker. The Milf was so glad Hanna wasn't here or likely to put her head round the door when she returned; that would have been embarrassing, though she had a feeling Alison wouldn't care - it would be an extra turn on for the blonde teen. To Ashley's shame the thought that Hanna seeing them would make Alison wet made the Milf hornier as well, as she imagined what a turned on Alison would do to her; my God she fuck her stupid. Ashley's fingers slid down to her pussy and she began to rub it as she swallowed at the rubber dick.

Alison laughed, "You're such a slut, playing with yourself while you suck my dildo. I'm going to love fucking your ass."

Ashley didn't reply, she couldn't, but she hoped the enthusiasm with which she went up and down the toy showed how much she agreed. It was soaked with her spit, gleaming with saliva as she took in as much as she could, swallowing it as deep as she dared, almost risking gagging as it tickled at her throat.

Alison grinned happily, like a cat with a mouse, her hands were on her hips, as she looked down at the cock-sucking Milf, "You know Ashley... I can call you Ashley? Mrs Marin seems so formal when you're prepping my dick for an ass ramming. Anyway Ashley if you fuck as good as you suck I can see this being a regular thing, you'd like that wouldn't you?"

Ashley head nodded back and forth as she sucked the toy. Alison grinned deeper and pulled the toy back and out. Ashley remained on her knees, sitting like she was a dog begging for a bone and looking up at Alison's face. The teen looked down at her with a lustful look, "It's ass fucking time."

"Yes, Alison," Ashley nodded, agreeing that her most intimate hole was for Alison.

"Get on your hands and knees on the bed," ordered the teen.

Ashley did as she was told, pushing her ass up and outwards sexily; she couldn't believe what she was doing, but now she was she wanted Alison to know she wanted it bad. The teen grinned and swatted the Milf's rump playfully, "God, you're a whore, offering up your ass like that. I'm going to enjoy ramming it deep; do you want that?"

"Yes, I want you to fuck it hard, I want you to nail it so deep that you're hammering the whole dildo down my chute. I am a whore, an anal whore," Ashley blushed as she spoke, but it was the truth, she wanted it so bad, like only a complete slut or hooker would want it. Oh God, her desire for Alison's dick in her ass was so bad, it was almost painful. She needed the teen to fuck her ass, to control her, to dominate her by butt-fucking.

Alison seemed content with Ashley's answer. Ashley could feel the mattress shudder as the teen got on the bed behind her, the young blonde's hands reaching out for the Milf's round ass cheeks. Ashley gave a sound somewhere between a moan and a giggle as Alison pried them apart, she could imagine the look of lust on the teen's face as she stared down at the tight puckered hole normally hidden between them. For a few moments Alison just looked at it, before she said with a grin, "That's so tight and fuckable."

Ashley nodded, blushing red, "Thank you, I'm glad you like it."

"A polite Milf," grinned Alison and swatted Ashley's ass again, "I'm am so going to enjoy ramming your backhole."

"You will," agreed Ashley as Alison's hand pulled at her cheeks again, moving the cheeks aside. Then keeping one hand on a buttock Alison gripped her toy with the other and guided to the saliva stained dildo to the sphincter. "Mmmnnn," Ashley moaned in anticipation as the teen brushed the tip at her pucker. "Mmmnnn, oh God is it going to go in?"

"Oh it will be going in," Alison replied, but she didn't follow her words with any immediate action, being content to tease Ashley's asshole with the tip, pressing the toy against the puckered skin and lightly pushing it so the ass opened the barest amount.

Ashley moaned again, gripping the quilt below her and shaking her hair free as it fell across her face. Now she'd given into her desire for Alison she wanted it to begin, to have the dildo in her. "Please..." she murmured quietly, "Oh please..."

"What?" giggled Alison, "You want my big toy in your tight anal fuckhole?"

"Yes, I want you to bang my butt," Ashley nodded, her cheeks red.

"Ask me for it," ordered Alison, "Make me know you want it..." She continued to brush the tip at Ashley.

The Milf flushed even brighter, her skin so red she could have been mistaken for a stop sign, but as she wanted Alison's strap-on in her she did as she was told, "Please fuck me. I want you to please fuck my asshole. I want you to pound it as hard and deep as you like. I want you to own it. Please, please fuck it, it's my gift to you."

"A present? For moi?" Alison laughed and slammed forward.

Ashley's ass was too tight for the dildo to go down its full nine inches, but such was the power behind it that it still slammed down almost half it's length in one brutal thrust. Ashley's eyes opened so wide the sockets ached and her entire body shuddered as the asshole was stretched painfully open, "AAarrrghh," she squeaked, "Owwwww."

Alison ignored her, pulling swiftly back and pounding down as hard as before, sending the dildo even further in. Ashley's fingers clawed at the bedding and her face contorted in pain as the teen's toy opened her. She gave another squawk and then another as Alison thrust down again, making the Milf's anal walls stretch out. It was sore and uncomfortable, like red hot concrete was being placed in their, the anal invader feeling as out of place as a guitar solo in a Beethoven piece. But something strange was also happening as well, intense pleasure as Alison's toy penetrated deep and stimulated nerve endings mixing with a feeling of satisfaction that she was the teen's. "Oooohhh," the sound that came from her lips as young blonde whacked down again was pleasure.

"You slut," laughed Alison, "You're loving this, you're loving my dick in you."

"Oooohhh, yes, yes," it was impossible to deny. The discomfort Ashley had felt was receding as the dildo pounded down deep and her ass elasticated to fit it. It was more like a key in a lock than an unwelcome intruder, even the pain she had been feeling was slipping away like night to be replaced by a sparkling dawn. With one hand the Milf began to rub at her pussy, groaning in pleasure as Alison hit her deep, "Ooohhh, yes, ooooohh this is good."

Alison slammed hard, each thrust now sending the full length of the toy into the Milf's asshole. Her hands were gripping the Milf's waist keeping her in place as her own ass rocked back and forth as she drove the dildo into Ashley. The raven haired older woman squeaked and gasped in pleasure, shuddering and shaking, her naked titties bouncing and bobbing below her. Alison moved faster, slamming the toy hard, "You're a slut, Ashley, an anal slut and you're mine. I own you. You gave yourself to me as a gift and I'm going to use you like a cheap rag."

"Oh god, yes, wreck my ass, it's yours, Alison, I'm yours, use me, abuse me, fuck me as you want," squeaked Ashley. It was demeaning, she knew, to be saying those things to a girl much less than half her age, but it was true, she was Alison's and the teen could have her however she liked and Ashley would take it and love it. "Fuck it, fuck it. Oooooohhh, God, fuuuckkk iiitt..." As long as Alison pleasured her like she was pleasuring her now Ashley would be the blonde's fuck slave however and whenever she was wanted. "Aaaarrrghh, aaaaargghh, fuuucckkk!"

Alison laughed and slammed harder, thrusting her toy as far as it would go into Ashley's taboo hole, the sounds of her thighs smacking at the Milf's behind like a pistol on automatic. "Oh God, you whore, you dirty slut, you're loving it."

"Aaaarrghh," squeaked Ashley in agreement, "ooooohhh, aaaarrrghhh." Soon the Mom was lost in maelstrom of ecstasy, her entire being suffused with an orgasmic glow, making her shriek and shake and cum again and again.

From downstairs there was the slam of the front door as Hanna, as inconsiderate as ever of anyone asleep, returned home. It was enough to wake Ashley from her sexual stupor. "Oh my.... Alison, that's Hanna, you need to stop, what will she think?"

Alison carried on ramming Ashley's backdoor, "You're mine," she smirked evilly, "We stop when I say. Best bet is to be quiet... if you can."

Ashley closed her mouth and tried to ignore the pleasure pounding through her as her asshole was vigorously banged. It was so hard; it made it virtually impossible to be silent for long and as the full, solid nine inches slammed down her hole Ashley let out a moan and then another one. Alison went faster, almost as if she wanted to make the Milf shriek out loud. Ashley slammed her mouth down on the quilt, sucking it into her mouth and gripping it between her teeth, using the thick material to stifle her moans. She could hear Hanna's footsteps outside, coming nearer, pausing for just a second and then receding quickly as Hanna went to her own room. It was with relief Ashley heard the door close, thanking her daughter for not being so quiet about it that the Milf wouldn't have been sure if it was ajar. She lifted her head, and confident there were two thick bedroom doors and a full landing between her and Hanna gave a loud moan, "Fuuuckkk, yessss Alison, fuck my ass, fuck it hard...."

Alison continued to do so, pounding Ashley into another orgasm and sending the older woman into a paroxysm of delectable delight. The Milf's cunt was soaking with cum, the juice covering her finger whenever she reached and rubbed at the hole. She had never known pleasure like it, she couldn't imagine how she had ever lived without it. She was an anal loving lesbian slut, to be more accurate, she was Alison DiLaurentis's anal loving lesbian slut. The teen owned her, they both knew that...

"OOohhh, fuck, you slut," Alison pulled the dildo out of Ashley's butt, "That was something."

Ashley started to move, "I liked it as well."

"Liar," said Alison, "You loved it." She put her hand on Ashley's ass, "Stay there I want a memento." She picked up her cell and held it inches from Ashley's gaping hole. There was an electronic click as she snapped a photo.

Ashley stayed patiently in position, if Alison wanted a souvenir of her well-used ass, Ashley knew she shouldn't question it. Not if she wanted Alison again and she did... The teen pulled the camera back a few feet and snapped again,.

"Nice," she grinned and lay back against the headboard, "Look see," she held up the camera screen for Ashley's inspection and the Milf got a good look at her ass for the first time ever. It was more shapely than she would have thought, though her eyes were more drawn to the gaping hole in the middle; she grimaced Alison really had stretched her. It felt good, however, even if a little sore.

"What now?" Ashley said quietly, nervous about the answer. Did Alison want her still or was she a gift played with on Christmas Day only to be discarded by Boxing Day.

Alison ignored her, playing with her phone. Ashley waited, not wanting to push it, until after a few moments Alison put her phone on the sideboard. She looked at Ashley with a smile, "What now? Now I'm going to sleep." She pulled back the covers and slipped under them, lying her head on the pillow and closing her eyes. Soon she was breathing deep in sleep, looking like a golden angel. Ashley sat watching her for a few minutes, before she too went under the covers, lying her head down next to - what she hoped was - her girlfriend.

* * *

Hanna Marin lay awake in her bed; her mind going overtime. Not because tonight she'd finally broken it off with Caleb; with his drinking and 'fuck you' attitude that had been on the cards for weeks. But, no what was jamming her minds with all sorts of thoughts, none of which she wanted there, was what her Mom was doing.

She'd gone upstairs ready for bed, but as she approached her Mom's room she'd heard some strange noises. It was only as she briefly stopped outside her Mom's room, about to go in and see if she was having a bad dream she recognised them as stifled orgasmic cries. Blushing she rushed to her own room, closing the door loudly behind her to let her cumming Mom know she wasn't alone. The teen let out a sigh of relief; she knew she sometimes was as subtle as a brick through a window, but bursting into her Mom banging some guy would have been a major faux pas, even for her. It was only as she got undressed that she remembered why she'd been out in the evening, her ex-friend Alison was here. She frowned, it wasn't like her Mom to go out and find a guy for casual sex, and certainly not when they had a guest.

A hollow feeling grew in her gut and she opened her bedroom door. As quiet as she could, and when she wanted she could be very silent, Hanna sneaked across to her Mom's room. As she got nearer she could hear the cries, they were louder now as if her Mom had been keeping them in when Hanna had walked past previously. There was no disguising the lust in them either, "AAAArrrghh, uuuurhhh, yessss."

Hanna paused unsure what to do or how to find out whether her suspicions were correct and her Mom was having lesbian sex with that bitch Ali. There was a squeal from inside, "Fuuuckkk, yessss Alison, fuck my ass, fuck it hard...." Hanna nearly fell backwards; it was worse than she thought - not only had the bitch seduced her Mom, she was taking her in that hole; the one no self-respecting girl ever gave up. Hanna blushed red and rushed to her room, she shouldn't have tried to find out, as now she had she had no idea what to do or how to break up the teen and her Mom; God, she hadn't even know her Mom was a lesbian...

* * *

Despite the late hour Mona Vanderwaal was still up and at her computer, not that she was doing anything more challenging than playing solitaire. Hanging in the wardrobe, tucked away was the black trousers and baggy jacket she'd been wearing earlier, the equally black pullover neatly folded in the drawer wrapped round the white mask she'd been wearing. The plan had gone exactly how it should, a window left unlocked by Alison had allowed the other teen easy entry and a kitchen knife, some shadows and heavy breathing had been enough to make Ashley scream to heaven and run for the cops.

Not that they'd have found Mona; by the time they arrived she had already been nearly home, making sure she didn't alert her parents by slipping in the backdoor. And speaking of slipping in the backdoor, she glanced at her cell, sitting beside her on the desk. She had played her part in the plan, weakening Ashley's resolve and giving a chance for Alison to get into the Milf's bed and if it worked, and Mona was sure it would, into something much hotter as well. Still, Ali was taking her time...

She wasn't the only one who thought so. The cell chirped and the name A4 flashed up, her messaging appearing below her name, "Have you heard yet?"

"No," Mona thumbed back, her message being followed seconds later by a the flashing name of A1 giving the same answer.

The answers didn't keep their A-team colleague quiet, as moments later the name A4 reappeared, "Do you think it worked? What if Ali couldn't do it."

"It's Ali," typed Mona, she had faith in the blonde.

"She'll do it," the text from A1, the team leader, agreed with Mona.

"I hope so," there was a last message under A3, but neither Mona nor the head of the A-team answered. Not that Mona really blamed her friend for being nervous, she had been sitting here filled with anxious excitement for hours, unable to do anything but click on the cards on her computer. Not that she doubted Ali, she was sure her fellow team member would be able to seduce and then analise her target, but there was always the fluke - Hanna returning home, the police not leaving, perhaps it was even possible they'd make a mistake and Ashley wasn't a lesbian fuckhole... Mona suddenly felt as nervous as her colleague.

The cell chirped again. A2 the name read - that was Alison. Mona snatched it up like it was the last piece of pie at a picnic and thumbed the message open. A picture filled the screen, two red cheeks and a gaping cavernous hole between them. Seconds later a second picture came through, this one taken from a little further away, so that the open hole was still visible, but you could just see the top of Ashley's head. There was a two word message at the bottom, "Butt fucked."

Mona grinned, it seemed the A-team was in business.

* * *

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