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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 11 (FF,anal)
by LL

Clustered around the kitchen table in a average apartment in an average part of town were four women. Two of them were teenage - one of them a stereotypical blonde complete with the obligatory mean streak, the second darker with tanned skin and lips to kill for, but as just as sexual dominating. The two teens sat happily beside each other, only their friends round the table knew the public pretence of mutual hate was an act. The third woman was a few years older, in her professional life making a reputation as a lawyer. It was only the fact that working for big city firm would mean no free time to seduce lesbian bottoms kept her in the small town legal practice she was employed by. The final member was the eldest, the wrong side of forty if not yet too far into it; to most people in Rosewood she was a teacher, popular with both students and parents. Few apart from those round the table knew her as she really was, a serial fucker of bottom.

They were the A-Team and they fucked lesbian ass.

* * *

"So we've talked it through, but any decision needs to be unanimous," said Ella. She was the leader of the group, in as far as they had one, and for the few things they needed to do formally she acted as the chair. She glanced round the others, glad they were nodding, the conversation hadn't been long and they all seemed in agreement, but the rules were the rules as they'd been for thousands of years and across dozen of groups and she wasn't going to go against them. "Now we vote." Once they'd finished she was planning to go home and have something to eat, before marking the schoolwork in her bag and as she did that her daughter Aria would lick her pussy and afterwards would spread her cheeks for her Mom to ass fuck her hard. She turned to Alison Dilaurentis and said the name of the women they'd been discussing, "Pam Fields."

"Yes," said Alison, nodding to emphasise her agreement. She and Mona were after planning to go round to Alison's older fuck-puppet, Ashley Marin and DP her.

Ella turned next to Mona. The teen looked a little impatient, keen to start fucking Ashley. The two A-team teens were also planning to make Mona's fuck-puppet, who was also Ashley's daughter, watch and afterwards serve them chips and dip as they recovered. Mona wasn't planning to bang Hanna that evening, reckoning that it was best to keep the blonde Marin on continual tender. It seemed to work, Hanna was so scared that Mona was going to leave her she do anything - as the DVD of her and her Mom sixty-nining, that was playing in the background, showed. Mona nodded, "Yes."

Next Ella turned to Melissa Hastings; unlike the others Melissa wasn't going to be fucking anyone that night - she'd be working late on a case. Luckily her Mom was leaving early the next morning and Melissa planned on having her sister for breakfast - she'd already told Ella that Spencer would be late for school the next day. She smiled, "Yes."

It was only Ella, she had the casting vote, she could say no and leave Pam out in the cold, never knowing how close the lesbian fuckfests of her literal dreams had been. Ella paused for a second, savouring the power, but then because she only enjoyed demonstrating power over bottoms and not her friends she smiled widely and let them all out of their misery, "Yes."

The others grinned and the tension that in that in the few seconds of voting had suddenly built up evaporated as quickly as it had appeared. Alison grinned, "So you want me to start the plan rolling?"

"Yes," said Mona, "I'll tell Hanna what we want from her.

"What you want from her," Melissa corrected, "Remember she's never heard of the A-team, she just thinks you and Ali bonded over fucking her and her Mom."

Mona nodded, "I know that," she said a little testily. "When do we start?"

"As soon as we can," said Ella, "There's no point waiting."

* * *

Pam Fields was sitting at the desk in Rosewood Police Department, a pile of files beside her. It never seemed to get smaller, mainly because as soon as she removed one file a detective would come over a dump another with her. Pam didn't mind, she enjoyed her job, after her divorce it gave her independence and got her out of the house as well as allowing her to feel she was giving something back to the community. 'They also serve who sit and type,' she thought as she took the sheet of hand-written notes from the nearest folder and began to input them into the PC, pausing only to squint when it hard to tell whether a letter was an f, an l or even a t.

Her phone beeped with a message, she ignored it as she continued to decipher a particularly tricky bit of police handwriting. Only when she was sure she'd got it right and typed it into the PC did she pick up her cell. It wasn't a number she recognised, probably someone trying to sell her a condo or inquire about whether had car insurance. But she opened it anyway, just to be sure. On the screen appeared a woman's butt enclosed in a very tight pair of jeans that accentuated the curves of the rump. Underneath was a message 'Do you like? - The A-Team'.

Pam did. She was an ass-woman, even if no-one knew that. She lusted after hot female butt, tight and virginal or well-used and slutty, round and wobbly or firm and athletic Pam loved them all ever since she could remember. She might have moved into a conventional heterosexual marriage in her twenties, but it had never been where her heart lay. Whilst she'd tried to be a good wife and then a good mother, she couldn't always resist the lute of fuckable ass and more than once she'd secretly butt-banged some hot lesbian prostitute when her husband was away and Em at school. Pam looked at the picture, hoping she wasn't salivating. It was probably a marketing campaign for jeans, mixing her up with her more fashion conscious daughter, still that ass was hot. Reluctantly she put down the phone and returned to her typing, making a mental note that she needed to put some of her alimony aside to hire a hot anal hooker.

The phone beeped again. This time Pam reached for it straight away. It was the same picture, but the message had another line 'Reply Y/N'. It was a campaign for jeans, Pam knew that, but she still couldn't stop herself, with trembling fingers, typing 'Y' and pressing send.

The return message came moments later as if the marketing campaigners had been waiting for her reply (or more likely it was automated). Pam opened it up and looked down at the picture, she was sure it was the same pair of jeans, except now they were half-pulled down over the rounded cheeks, showing a naked hillock of sexy female flesh, the only covering the tiny strap of a thong. Underneath was the message 'Do you like? Reply Y/N. The A-Team'. Pam's finger hit Y immediately and she waited for the reply.

The phone remained silent.

* * *

Pam knew she shouldn't find her daughter so attractive. But if Em persisted in wearing tiny pair of denim shorts which hugged her butt Pam couldn't help it. Watching Emily wander round the house in them with her short-cropped top that didn't cover her belly was both heaven and hell, Pam wanting nothing more than twisting her daughter round over the table and slamming a dildo in her (she assumed) virgin asshole. It was wrong, but it was a recurring fantasy, even if it was one Pam knew she'd never fulfil. But, damn the teen was hot, her ass even sexier than the one in the photo she'd been sent earlier today.

Emily didn't realise the effect she was having on her Mom as she moved round the kitchen putting the dinner dishes away, stretching to place them high in cupboards or bending for the bottom shelf, either move accentuating her sexy body. The Milf was glad when her Mom beeped in the next room and she had an excuse to leave from secretly ogling her daughter.

She recognised the number from before and in excitement opened the message. She was far from disappointed, indeed the photo was even better than the previous one as the young woman was now standing with her back to the camera, her hands on her naked cheeks spreading them apart. Pam gazed lustfully at the naked ass, the owner had the same look of Spencer and if she didn't know better she'd have said it was her daughter's friend if she hadn't been too staid. Underneath was a familiar message 'Do you like? Reply Y/N. The A-Team'. Without hesitation Pam pressed Y and waited hoping for she didn't know what. In the meantime the ass on display in her phone was hot and she gazed lustfully at it.

The phone beeped again, vibrating in her hand. Excitedly Pam flicked to the new message. It was a new ass, the young woman owner standing with her back to the camera, half her head out of shot as the photographer concentrated on the sexy butt. Pam licked her lips in lust, this time the young woman reminded her of Aria, who like all of Spencer's friends the older woman had lusted over - her imagination was turning the anonymous models into mirror images of teens she'd like to fuck, she knew. She replied in the affirmative. Last time there been two photos and then silence, was it going to be the same or would there be more? She was quickly put out of her misery as the phone buzzed.

This time the picture looked like it was of an older woman, bending over with her skirt over her back and almost covering her auburn hair as she exposed her butt to the camera. Not that Pam minded, she certainly enjoyed fresh young teenage butt, but older cougar ass was equally hot. She just wished she was fucking it right now,

'Do you like? Reply Y/N. The A-Team'

Pam thumbed Y.

There was a short pause before the next message came through. This time it was a blond, lying face down on a bed, like the others her face hidden, but her naked ass wantonly displayed with her legs spread open and anal chute exposed to Pam's lascivious gaze. Without even bothering to read the message Pam hit Y.

The next message came through almost instantly. Pam's mouth opened in shock as for the first time a face was visible, the blond turning her head to smile at the camera. It was Hanna Marin. Pam looked at the message below the naked pic of her daughter's friend. It was different from before 'Are you sure? Reply Y/N. The A-Team'. Pam hesitated, she did like the picture that was true, she'd always thought Hanna had the most bangable butt and seeing it in the flesh didn't in any way spoil the fantasy. But by saying yes she'd was going over some threshold into a room she didn't know, The pause was only seconds.


The cell vibrated in her hand and she opened the new message. This time there was no picture just the address of a motel. She stood up and slipped her phone into her jacket pocket and putting that on, walking into the kitchen where Emily had got out her work and was about to start an evening's study. Pam smiled, so studious, so sexy, though she hoped this evening would put her daughter's hot body out of her mind and replace it with memories of Hanna's. "I've got to go to work," she lied.

Her teen daughter glanced down at her own phone and then up at her Mom, "Okay, I might go out later and see Hanna."

Not Hanna, her Mom thought, but smiled, "Let me know if you're going to be really late, at least send me a text."

Her daughter nodded and returned to her work. Pam turned away, blushing both at the lie and what her daughter would think if she knew her Mom was going out in the hope of butt-banging her friend.

* * *

The journey to the motel took fifteen minutes, which with the excitement between Pam's legs, was fifteen minutes too long. She parked her car in the lot and waited. The text hadn't given her a room, but she didn't think the A-Team would bring her here and leave her knocking on every door in the hope of finding Hanna. She was right, within half a minute the phone buzzed again and this time with just a room number. Pam got out of her car, she was nervous and excited as she walked, pausing as she got to the door. She closed her eyes and took a few deep calming breath, she was going to be in charge, she was going to fuck Hanna, she was the top, the teen the bottom.

She opened the door.

Hanna was lying on the bed, naked as in the photos, her head turning towards her as Pam came in. She smiled, "Hi, Mrs Fields."

"You don't seem surprised," Pam closed the door behind her and looked down at the naked hottie in front of her.

"I've been waiting for you, " the teen gave a smile.

"So I see," said Pam dryly. She took off her jacket and dropped it over the seat, her phone was still in it, but she didn't expect anything further from the A-Team, whoever they were she was on her own.

"Oh, yes," Hanna twisted so that she was sitting on the bed, her tits and pussy unashamedly uncovered. She smiled wantonly, "There's a strap-on in the top drawer, my girlfriend says you can have any hole."

Pam reached into the drawer; there was a toy in it as Hanna had said. The Milf pulled it out, it was ten inches, bigger than the one she had secreted at home that she sometimes used to fuck lesbian hookers. She dangled it from her fingers, the strap looped round the middle one. Hanna's eyes were on it like it was a hypnotists watch. She was a slut alright, Pam thought, she wondered why she'd never noticed. "Who's your girlfriend?" she asked.

The teen shook her head, "I can't tell you," she said with a smile, "I'm here as your fucktoy not to answers questions."

"My fucktoy? Any hole?" Pam mused, her eyes looked Hanna up and down, her pussy already soaked with lust.

The teen nodded, "Yes, any hole, any how, I'm yours to do with as you want, treat me anyway you want."

"Like a cheap whore?" asked Pam. Hanna nodded and she seemed excited at the thought. Pam smiled, "You are a cheap whore though aren't you, hanging around in motels waiting for a hard fucking."

"I am," Hanna nodded, her eyes followed the swinging toy and it was effort she pulled her gaze upwards to look at the older woman. "My girlfriend has put a camera in the second drawer to filming us. You can unplug it easily or cover it up with something."

Pam wondered why the teen told her this, was it a warning or a test? It couldn't be a warning, in the few moments they'd be alone Pam had realised Hanna was a total submissive who'd never go against her girlfriend's instructions, she was as owned as thoroughly as well-worn coat. It must be a test and it was one Pam was determined to pass. She started to unbutton her blouse, "Well let's give her a show. I want you to stick a couple of fingers in that sweet snatch of yours and work that cunt hole."

Without demure the young teen did as she was instructed, sliding two fingers into her hole and starting to masturbate herself in front of Pam. The older woman stepped to one side so that the hidden camera could get a good view of the teenager playing with her twat. Meanwhile she finished undoing her blouse and her bra, dropping them both to the floor. The teen on the bed moaned in pleasure, looking at the topless Milf as she fucked herself. Pam smiled, "Finger that hot little hole Hanna, as just so you know that's the only fucking it's getting tonight, if I get to fuck anywhere I want I'm not going to bother with your pussy, there's other holes I want."

The teen nodded and fingered herself more vigorously, her wrist jerking as she drove her fingers deep into the sopping slit, staining the bedding beneath with her girl juice. Pam licked her lips in lust and undid her pants, sliding them down her legs as she continued to watch Hanna. Last of all were her panties, joining the rest of clothes on the floor. She stood looking at the teen for a moment, her own pussy purring in anticipation as she watched Hanna penetrate her own. "Stand up," Pam ordered.

The teen slid her fingers from her twat and did as she was told, Pam taking her place on the bed, opening her legs so the hidden camera could see her own smooth slot. She looked at Hanna, "I want you to slurp it out. Lick it good, no half-measures, I want your tongue to be going like lightspeed."

"Yes Mrs Fields," said Hanna, dutifully she got onto her knees and began to lick.

Almost straightaway Pam was orgasming, Hanna didn't do any lead up, just going straight in as Pam wanted, her tongue driving up and down the slit, forcing its way into the slick slot. The Milf shuddered in excitement, her hands spreading out behind her as she leant back and let the teen's tongue do it's work. Hanna's face went deeper between Pam's legs, her tongue flickering out all the time, up and down the Mom's slit, pressing at the lips and forcing itself between them so that she was cleaning up Pam's cummy juice. The Milf groaned in pleasure as Hanna worked harder and faster, pushing her tongue down. She put her hands on top of the teen's head, forcing her further forward and controlling her. "Yes, you little slut. Slurp my cunt, tongue it hard. I want you to lick my twat like the whore you are."

Hanna's lithe tongue continued to do its work, slamming in and down, licking deep and hard. All the time she was being pushed so her face was jammed at the older woman's cunt, her nose sticking at the slit, sniffing in the wet aroma, her mouth open and her tongue shooting. Pam gasped again, the orgasmic pleasure coming thick and fast, whoever Hanna's girlfriend was she was a lucky woman, the teen's licking as enthusiastic as if her life depended on it. Pam wondered if the girlfriend was the teen's first and she'd been trained or whether she'd been secretly slutting it up around Rosewood and its neighbours for years, tonguing every woman she could. Certainly the teen was either gifted or had been well educated in cunt-lapping as she slammed the tongue hard and deep, driving Pam into paroxysms of pleasure. The Milf shook, "Oooohhh, yesssss, uurrrhhh. Oh God, tongue it you whore, stick your pretty little face right into my twat and slurp it. Oooohhh, cunt lick me, lick my hot pussy clean with that dirty, skanky tongue of yours."

She didn't let Hanna pull back, pressing the blonde's teen head between her leg. But there was no sign that Hanna was wanting to retreat, her tongue slapping forward and in, driving down Pam's slick slot as if she been born for it. The teen knew how to please a woman, her tongue finding the sensitive spots and stimulating them with wet, sexy licks, her fingers up there to widen in and make sure she could get her mouth in. Pam gasped again as another orgasmic wave rushed over her, making her brain spark and flash stars in front of her eyes. She squealed in pleasure, "Harder, you bitch, tongue it. I want you to eat my cunt all up so I can soak your slut face."

It was hard to believe that Hanna could lick harder and more enthusiastically than she was already doing. But she managed it. Her tongue rammed down and in, running up and down the twat walls and the hidden nerves beneath. The teen's fingers spread the hole open and her thumb was pushing at the clit, another zone of pleasure to be stimulated and excited. Pam closed her eyes and squealed in pleasure, she still didn't know who the A-Team was and whether it was just Hanna's with her girlfriend or a group of others, but whoever they were she was thankful. The full trained Hanna's tongue slammed in, licking up the cum as quickly as Pam's cunt could produce it and that was fast. The Milf was far beyond the seventh heaven, at least in fourteenth or fifteenth, the orgasmic excitement racing through her body like stunt planes looping the loop. The blonde teenager's tongue continued to do it's work...

"Oooohhh fuuucckkk, fuuuckkk, fuuucckkk, " Pam wasn't usually a big swearer, but it seemed somehow appropriate now, "Fuuuckkk, fuuuckk, yessssss. Ohhhhh, you slut, use your tongue to make me cum. Fuuuccckk, yessss, fuck, fuck, fuck, ooohhhh, yesssss."

The pleasure built up like it water in a blocked hose. Pam screamed in ecstasy and just like an unblocked hose blasted her liquid forward. It surged into Hanna's mouth and sprayed her face, matting her hair and dripping from her chin and cheeks. As Pam slumped back on the bed she was impressed that Hanna paused to swallow and then was back on cunt lapping. Pam was almost tempted to leave her down their licking and lapping at her absolutely soaking pussy and driving her to another orgasm. But the teen had such a nice ass it would be a crime not to fuck it. She let the teen continue for another minute, shuddering in pleasure and letting out satisfied moans as she tried to gain her strength back after the super-orgasm.

"That's enough Hanna, sit on your knees, in a begging position," Pam pushed the teen away from her cunt. The younger blonde did as she was told, looking appealingly at the Milf, her cum soaked face tilted upwards.

Pam got up and walked over to the drawers and picked up the strap-on lying on the bed. She slowly put it on, keeping her eyes on Hanna who was staring at the toy lustfully. The Milf grinned, she wanted the toy nice and lubricated for Hanna's ass, there had been some lubricant in the drawer as well, but she had a better way to make the toy slick - and it would give Hanna's watching girlfriend a show as well. "Lie on your back on the bed and let your head down over the side," she ordered.

Unsurprisingly Hanna immediately did as she was told, Pam watching as the teen got on the bed and dropped her head down, so that her blonde hair hung down. Pam smiled, "Do you know what I'm going to do now?"

"Whatever you like," answered Hanna.

Pam nodded, Hanna's comment was true if not the actual answer. She took a step forward, holding the cock, "I'm going to face-fuck you. I'm going to slide this cock in your mouth like it's a cunt and fuck you good, until you're gagging and this toy is so slippery it'll slide into your hot little tush like a hot knife through butter."

The teen nodded and opened her mouth in readiness. Pam moved forward and she said she'd do slid her dildo into the mouth like it was a pussy. Hanna's jaw stretched as she accommodated it and Pam could feel her shudder and struggle as it went deeper in and began to fill the teen's mouth. Not wanting to suffocate her Pam pulled back an inch and then moved forward, driving the dildo further into Hanna's mouth. The teen shook again and her hands moved to Pam's ass to hold it. The teen was trained, Pam was sure, it would give the Milf balance, but also tell her if she was choking the blonde so much she was in breathing trouble, rather than just the normal gagging and shuddering which came with a hard throat-fucking. "I'm going to enjoy this," Pam purred pulling back and going forward, the dick slipping further into the teen mouth, "I'm going to love fucking your pretty slut face."

"GGggffff," Hanna gargled in reply.

The older Mom pushed in, lying herself over the teen and resting her hands on the beds either side of Hanna's waist as she went in and out. Below her Hanna spluttered and choked, gagging on the dick being forced deep into her mouth and throat. Bile and saliva spewed up between her lips, her eyes watering and blinking. But it was only her mouth that was leaking, her pussy was soaked, the cum visible over the lips. Pam could have bent down and licked it, but she didn't bother - one didn't worry about pleasuring fuckholes, they just existed to be banged and used and Hanna was a total fuckhole. The older woman forced the cock in, feeling the shudder of the teen below her, the young blonde grabbing the Milf's ass, kneading the round rump, squeezing and pulling it, massaging the cheeks with her palms and fingers.

"You're such a slut Hanna. What would your Mom think if she could see you now? She'd disown you, she'd think you're a whore and not even an expensive hooker you hire on the internet, but a cheap corner street skank who fucks for five dollars," Pam grinned as she slammed down. She loved being in control and face fucking the hot blonde. Even if she wasn't cumming it was still sexually fun, the domination of the teen and that this was a girl she'd known, who'd come round for dinner, given lifts to, even babysat when she was younger - that was such a turn on. "Swallow my cock fuck-face, let me ram your throat and make you gag. God, you submissive slut, fancy allowing yourself to be mouth-banged."

Hanna's tits were pressed under Pam's stomach as she went in and out, her own titties were bouncing at the teen's toned tum, squashing down as Pam's body hammered down. The Milf went faster and harder, forcing the cock in as far as she could manage making the teen's jaw stretch like she was a python. With each thrust Hanna was shaking and shuddering, her body twisting like she was on an electric wire. She was gagging so much the clear, white liquid was spilling out of her mouth and covering her upturned face. It was streaking down her cheeks and into her eyes, ruining her make-up and soaking into her hair; which was so awry she looked like a drunken pixie after crashing into a hedge. Pam didn't care, she was in control, face fucking the hot blonde and making her hers. "Yeah you whore, gag on this fucking big dick. Only sluts get throat-banged like this, especially by another woman. You're a cock swallowing dyke fuck-face, aren't you? A fucking fuckhole who's only role in life is to satisfy your betters..."

She was sure if Hanna hadn't her mouth full she'd have agreed, and it was as least possible that the rocking of her head was because she was nodding and not because her mouth was being hard pounded.

Still, enjoyable though face fucking the hot little slut was Pam didn't want to concentrate on the mouth when there was still another hole to enjoy. She dragged the cock out of the teen's mouth, Hanna gagging and coughing as it was withdrawn and she could breath in air that wasn't polluted by the dildo down her throat. She blinked her eyes, washing away the liquid that had formed in them messing her eyeliner. She looked upside at Pam, waiting for instructions like the well-trained hole on legs she was.

"Get on the bed, opposite the camera on your knees face down on the bed. Use your hands to peel apart those cheeks so I can easily get into that dyke asshole of yours," Pam quickly gave the orders, she didn't want her dick to dry after all the effort she'd put into face-fucking Hanna so it was as slippery as black ice. The blonde almost jumped so quickly did she react to the older woman's commands, spreading her asshole for Pam's inspection.

The Milf smiled as she looked down, that was no virgin rosebud or she was a Dutch Clown, in fact it even looked like it had been used earlier today and not fully closed - Hanna's girlfriend looked like she was a big an ass fan as Pam. The older woman glanced at the drawers, within which the camera was 'hidden'. She hoped whoever was filming them was enjoying it - probably not as much as Pam, the Milf was having such fun fucking the submissive whore in front of her she couldn't imagining just watching matching up.

She turned back to Hanna clambering onto the bed behind the senior student. The younger woman pulled harder at her cheeks, showing the Mom she was listening about Pam wanting to get the dick in with as little effort as possible. Pam was impressed, she wondered what it'd be like to have her own slut as well trained as that. Perhaps even Emily, she mused, before quickly dismissing the thought. She didn't need to think about others, she just needed to enjoy Hanna here and now. She paused for a second, savouring the butt in front of her, "I'm going to enjoy fucking this," she said to herself.

"Oh yes, fuck my slutty ass, you own it for tonight, so do what you want with it," Hanna called.

Pam smiled, "I'm going to," she said, positioning the dildo. "I'm going bang it so hard you'll be screaming for mercy and more dick at the same time." She slammed forward.

Hanna squealed as the full ten inches of plastic drove all the way in. The thrust might have slowed as it went deeper, facing resistance from the anal walls, but it didn't stop until Pam's thighs smacked at the teen's tushie cheeks. The Milf grinned happily, as far as she was concerned happiness could be defined as butt-fucking a hot bottom; and Hanna was a hot bottom and as a submissive as a well trained puppy. The Mom pushed herself back, the toy making a slurping sound as it drew through the teen's anal chute, stuck round it like plaster in mould. Hanna gave another cry of pleasure, shuddering as the bulbous head slid back, sending vibrations up and down her chute stimulating hidden nerves. Pam slammed in, driving the dildo down the hole, following it down until she smashed into Hanna's cheeks again.

"Aaaarrrghhhh," the blonde screamed orgasmically, "AAAArrrghh, yesssss, aaaargggh. Fuck my ass, fuck it hard, ram it."

"You dirty slut whore," laughed Pam as she pulled back and hammered down again. "You love big strap-ons up your dyke butt." She paused as she dragged the toy down and pounded it in, "You're a lesbo ass whore aren't you?"

"Yes, yes," shrieked Hanna as the Milf's toy retreated and advanced down her butt-hole, getting faster and faster, "Yes, yes! I'm a dyke slut, an anal loving lesbo bitch. I love big toys ramming my butt-hole, I adore them, I live for them!"

"You're just a fuckhole to me," Pam didn't care how much Hanna enjoyed being fucked, the teen was there for the dominant woman's pleasure, not her own. "I was telling you you're a fucking hole who's only role in life is to get her hot little whore ass rammed and opened."

"I am, I am fucking fuckhole, an anal slut on legs, a cheap dyke whore, who's just made for butt-banging," Hanna squealed happily.

"You are," agreed Pam, "You're a whore, a fuck slut, a dumb blonde butt-banged bitch."

Hanna squealed again, rocking in ecstasy as the dildo smashed down her back passage. Pam gritted her teeth and rammed even harder, slamming the toy in as hard as she could, forcing it deep and fast; she could almost smell the smoke from the friction. And despite Hanna's pleasure not mattering it was, Pam thought to herself, still a turn on to hear the blonde shrieking and screaming, cumming loudly and repeatedly and all due to the hammering Pam was giving her. She might be just a cheap slut, but she was a loud and enthusiastic cheap slut, who's orgasms were filling the motel room with sound. "AAarrrrghhh, fuuuckkk meeeee pleeeeaase, yesssssss, aaaaargggghhh, myyyy assssss, fuuuckkk, oooohhhh Goddddddd, fuuuckkk, aaaaarrrgggh, pleeeease fuuucckkk meeee haaaardeeer! " The screams and wails were both endless and attractive, a sign of who was in control and who was getting her butt vigorously sodomised. "AAArrrghhh, yeessss, fuuuckkk, pleeeeasse, ram my ass, oh God ram it harder!"

Pam thudded forward, sending the toy all the way into the teen's well used asshole. Hanna shuddered and shook, screaming some more, her gorgeous tits wiggling and bouncing, her hands gripping the bedding. Pam smiled to herself, enjoying every second off the butt-banging, she'd been with some hot whores, young women who were energetic and experienced, who were the most gorgeous fucks available. All of them had been professionals, who took it in the ass from other women for a living. And none could match to Hanna Marin - if the girl wasn't a pro, she should have been. Pam pounded her even more violently, not giving the teen's butthole even a second's respite from its hard pounding. The teen squealed and squawked, her hands gripping and pulling at the bedding as she raised her ass back to the older woman, the fucked hole welcoming Pam in.

"You slut, whore, dirty cock sucking, ass fucked dyke fuckhole," Pam said without rancour, perfectly describing the blonde, "You anal loving skank hooker, pussy slurping bitch lesbo."

"Aaaarrrghh," Hanna screamed in reply, "Fuck me harder, please butt-bang me more, hammer my asshole open."

Pam continued to do so, the dildo going deep into the asshole, with every thrust seeming to make Hanna almost double in ecstatic pleasure. Pam could feel the perspiration on the teen's skin as she bumped and ground, her hands sliding on the teen's waist as Hanna proved that like a Bon Jovi album she was slippery when wet, the sheen of the sweat making the teen glow under light.

"Take my plastic prick in that slut asshole, scream like a whore, act like the dirty skank hooker you are," Pam instructed the squealing blonde.

"Aaarrrrghh, fuuuuckkk," Hanna was vigorously rubbing her cunt, adding to the pleasure she was getting from the older woman. She shuddered so hard the bed rocked, her back arching as she came, the spine stretching so hard the vertebra were displayed against her skin. The older woman smashed into her, the toy ramming down the open butt hole, scraping the insides and pounding at the cervix wall. Hanna screamed even higher and worked her fingers over her slick slot so hard that a burst of girl juice shot out and over the bed. "Fuuuuckkkk, aaaaarggggh, yessssss!"

Pam pounded harder, panting with exertion as she gave the teen her all. She was sweating as well, trickles of damp perspiration running down her. It wasn't the only dampness, her cunt was soaking with lust as well, the haft rubbing against it every time she hammered home. The teen was such a bangable fuckhole that Pam was going even harder than she normally went, slamming forward speedily and with force, putting all her strength in ploughing the dick down the anal furrow. Hanna screamed again, a real turn on to the Milf fucking her, and squirted, another turn on to Pam. The older woman girded herself and went forward in a fucking frenzy, slamming the cock as fast and hard as was possible without totally wrecking the younger lesbian's asshole. Hanna seemed to appreciate it screaming orgamsically, "AAAArrrrghhh, fuuuuckkk, yeesssss, aaaaarrgghhh."

"Take it slut, take it," Pam panted as she used all her energy in the pounding.

Soon she was reduced to grunting and panting, unable to speak, as her lungs went into a pumping overtime. It was worth it for the screams and squeals and rocking of Hanna and the vibrating waves of pleasure that shot up the strap-on and ran through Ashley's clit and cunt. She continued at speed as long as she could, until she was aching and barely able to breath. And all through it Hanna was orgasming, shrieking as loud as banshee on the moors, "AAaarrrrghhh, fuuuckkk, aaaaaghhh. Oh God, yesssssss!"

Finally, exhausted, Pam pulled out and collapsed on the bed. She hoped she'd given the mysterious A-Team a show. At the very least she'd enjoyed fucking the hot blonde slut, so she counted the night as a success even if no more messages came through; she could have asked Hanna again, but the teen wouldn't talk, she was too well trained. Anyway she looked as exhausted and incapable of speech as the Milf, collapsed forward on the bed, panting softly in a post-orgasmic climb down. Forcing herself to sit up Pam said, "I'm going to have a shower." She didn't invite Hanna to join her or even to sit down and watch some TV whilst she was waiting, the blonde was an anal fuck slut, there to be banged and nothing else (though for Emily's sake next time Pam saw her she'd be polite and not mention tonight).

She returned from the shower refreshed. Hanna had dressed and left, avoiding the need for any goodbye just as a good whore should. smiling at the memory of the teen's bangable butt Pam began to get dressed. She was just reaching for her jacket, about to leave when her cell beeped. She immediately opened it and read. It was an address of an apartment on the other side of Rosewood.

* * *

It wasn't the seediest part of town, but it was nearer that end than the affluent upmarket suburbs. Pam parked the car and checked her phone in case there was another message - there wasn't. She slid the cell back into her jacket pocket and headed inside, taking the elevator to the floor indicated.

It was quiet and eerily normal, no signs of sex parties or naked woman cavorting in the corridor, just a few potted plants and neatly painted doors. Pam walked to the one indicated and knocked. There was no answer from inside.

She raised her hand to knock again.

Her phone beeped.

She opened it. There were just two words on the message, 'Come in'.

She reached for the door handle and pulled it down, stepping into the apartment. It was neatly, if sparsely furnished, the only decoration being a series of pictures on the far wall. Even across the room Pam could see they were all of the naked butts of women, posing to the cameras. But that wasn't what drew her attention. On the wall was a wide screen television playing a DVD on her ass-pumping Hanna. But that wasn't what drew her attention either.

Standing in the middle of the room Alison Dilaurentis, Ella Montgomery, Mona Vanderwaal and Melissa Hastings, all of them obviously waiting for her, wine glasses in their hands. Ella took a step forward passing a glass to her, smiling as she did, "Welcome to the A-Team..."

* * *

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