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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 12 (FFF,anal,DP)
by LL

"Hello," it was the only thing Pam Fields could think to say as she was handed a glass full of wine. She hadn't been sure what she had been expecting when she'd followed the instructions to come to this address, but her instinct had told her to come. Same as it had told her to go to the motel earlier and to reply to the mysterious texts from the equally mysterious A. If she'd thought about it she'd half hoped another naked hottie like Hanna ready to be banged, whilst expecting it would be a blackmailer threatening to divulge her lust for lesbian ass to the world. But if waiting women were planning to blackmail her they'd done a terrible job of concealing their identities and she also thought that criminals might look a little less welcoming, greeting her with guns and snarls rather than wine and smiles.

"We're the A-Team and we want you to become our newest member" Ella Montgomery gestured with her hands to the other younger women standing around. Pam instantly recognised Alison DiLaurentis, even if the blonde hadn't been all over the news both for her kidnapping and subsequent escape, she had been her daughter's friend. Beside her was another teen of the same age, Pam vaguely recognised her from going to school with Emily. She struggled with the name for a moment, sipping her drink as she thought - it quickly came to her, Mona... Mona Vanderwaal. The final woman was in her early twenties, she was smiling as openly and friendly as the rest. Pam knew her straight away, it was Veronica Hastings eldest daughter, Melissa. Ella smiled, seeming to recognise Pam's confusion, "You'll have questions, I'm sure."

"Yes," Pam was nodding, there were thousands of them crowding in her mind like shoppers jostling through the shop doors on Black Friday.

Ella nodded, "That's natural. But why don't you have a quick look at our photo collection. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, there's a few, um 'faces' you'll recognise." She slid her arm through Pam's friendly and led the other woman over to the set of pictures on the wall, the other A-team members following.

Pam could see that all of the photos were of women, naked or semi-naked, their butts on display. As she got nearer she could see more, both that all the women's asses were gaped and opened as if they'd just been vigorously butt-banged and that among the booties on display was her daughter's Emily. The discovery didn't shock or horrify Pam (which was a little shocking and horrifying in itself). She'd known that Emily was a lesbian and looking at the teen's butt she found herself secretly admiring it, wondering what it had been like to fuck, and whether Emily was a good a bang as her friend. She half-turned to Ella, "Have you butt-banged her?"

Pam knew who she was talking about, she shook her head with a smile, "Not yet."

"I have," said Melissa.

"And Ali and I fucked her as well," Mona pointed out another picture of Emily, this time with her ex-girlfriend Paige also displaying a well-used asshole.

Pam felt a touch of jealousy and a flush of heat between her legs. She nodded to show she'd heard the words and turned back to the photos, there were several of Hanna there, unsurprisingly, but her Mom, Ashley as well. And of Spencer and Aria, neither Melissa or Ella seemed put-off by the fact their sister and daughter were on the wall as well, their butts opened and raw. Pam's gaze went from one picture to another, each time wishing it was her who had strap-oned the sexy ass and left it gaping. "You've fucked all these girls," it was a statement.

"Yes, between us," smiled Ella.

"There's Aria there," Pam said.

"Are you asking if the others fucked her or me?" grinned Ella. She pointed to a photo of Aria bent over on her hands and knees whilst around her clustered Mona, Ali and Melissa, all with their fingers hooked into the younger Montgomery's open asshole and pulling it wider. "Everyone enjoyed her, she's a total slut." She moved to point to another picture of Aria, her face reflected in a mirror, her ass open. "I took that moments after I'd taken her anal virginity."

Pam breathed in sharply, both because of what the other Mom had just said and because Aria's ass looked so fuckable. A world of possibilities swum in front of Pam, depraved and disturbing fantasies she shouldn't even consider. "If I join would I get to butt-fuck Emily like you did Aria?"

"Do you want to?" asked Ella.

For a moment Pam paused, then she nodded, "Yes."

"In that case you will and lots of other hot butt as well," Ella said, "We never go short."

"And we share as well," said Alison, "Anyone on this wall is yours, whenever you want. They'll all such fucksluts they'll bend over and spread pretty much just for asking."

"Shall we sit down?" Ella took Pam's arm again and led her to the sofa. A large TV sat in front of it, a scene paused Hanna Marin's mouth open above her Mom's cunt.

Alison saw that Pam was staring. She grinned, "They were easily trained."

"And it was fun doing so," added Mona. She took a seat beside Pam as Ella took one on the other side. Melissa and Alison slipped down onto a sofa to the side.

Pam looked at them all, " what?" the questions were exploding so fast she couldn't answer them.

"Let me start," said Ella, "Have you heard of the Amazons?"

Pam struggled to remember her school days and the Classics, "They're warrior women from Greek legend."

"Yes, except they aren't a legend," Ella said, "Thousands of years ago the Amazon's ruled over a large part of ancient Greece, taking more and more by conquest. The Amazon's themselves were dominant lesbians, male slaves would be used for pregnancy and then discarded, sent to the mines or to work the fields. Male children would be abandoned or if they were lucky sold to a passing slave trader. I'm not defending this, it was different time and more brutal. As for girls, at puberty they'd be taken to the temple, ten at a time. They'd be locked in a room, without food or weapons, dressed just in a simple robe.

"They'd only be let out when nine had submitted to the other and she would become the Amazon. The others would become bitches, just above the female slaves in the pecking order, but still just fuckholes to be used as the Amazons wanted. Do you know how the one who became dominant would win?"

Pam shook her head, "She was stronger I guess, beat the others up until they gave in."

Ella shook her head, "No. Forcing a woman was a sign of weakness, an Amazon who did that would be exiled or worse... No, the Amazons had discovered the power of the mind. You see, not only are women secret lesbians, the majority of them are secretly submissive, there's only a few - perhaps one in ten - who are dommes, who can control the subs and own them. But most women it's buried so deep they never realise. The Amazon's discovered the secrets of unlocking the inner submissive. All the way through puberty the girls were trained to take control, to use words and touch to bend others to their sexual will. Only the best, the most strongest of them would be able to bend nine others and one by one make them her sexual playthings."

"So Hanna was a sub?" that much was obvious, but Pam asked anyway.

"Oh yes," grinned Mona, "One of the most submissive sluts in Rosewood."

"And the Amazons?" Pam had a feeling she knew where it was going.

Ella nodded, "You know the tale of Troy?"

"Ten year siege and Brad Pitt," Pam replied.

"Both the legend and the movie take certain liberties with the truth. Troy was the capital of the Amazon's land, but Paris wasn't a man but an Amazon princess who seduced Helen with the power of her persuasion and took her back to join her harem of sluts. It was an insult to far to the Greeks, that the most beautiful woman in the world was now a lesbian fuckhole. They went to war and destroyed Troy utterly, killing the majority of the Amazons and taking most the remainder, children mainly, into slavery...

"Oh," Pam had been expecting a happier ending.

Ella grinned, as if she was reading the other woman's mind. "Not all the Amazons were killed or enslaved. A few escaped. They realised that whilst the cities and lands of the Amazons had been conquered, they still had their gift for opening submissive's minds, and bottoms, to their persuasions and that there were an awful lot of sexy hotties out there for the taking. They couldn't act openly or else they'd be destroyed, but covertly they could act, seducing any young bottom they wanted and anally dominating her dyke butt. A secret society was born and slowly it has spread, inducing new members - putting them together in Amazon Teams, or A-Teams."

"You're Amazons," said Pam.

"Yes and if you join us so will you be," said Ella, the others nodding in agreement.

"So how did you become Amazons?" asked Pam, "If Em's a total bottom and so's Aria it's not genetic."

"No one knows who the Gods bestow with their gifts," Melissa said, "Some have it and some don't."

"You can soon learn who has the potential to use it," added Alison, "that's why we approached you, the butt-fucking Hanna was the final test."

"If you're asking how this team formed...?" Ella let the question slide into silence.

Pam nodded.

"There's two more test to perform..." Ella said, "If you are interested?"

"Yes," said Pam eagerly, the thought of all that submissive bottom was making her throat tighten and her heart beat; she'd jumped through fire to join the A-Team and have it made available.

"We saw how you did when presented with Hanna, a very impressive domination," said Ella, "However how do you fare when presented with an unused sub, one who doesn't even know she's an anal loving slut dyke? That's what we need to know, we need to see how you work your way into her panties."

"Okay," said Pam nervously, not knowing how you seduced a woman who thought she was straight - the team had said there was a way, they hadn't bothered to tell her that. "Do I choose or have you got someone in mind?"

In response Melissa opened a folder and took out a glossy photo. She passed it to Pam. The older woman's eyebrows rose in surprise as she looked at the photograph; it was a shot of a professional woman standing for office, her mouth straight and her face expressionless - all giving an impression of command and purpose, not like what Pam imagined a slut looked like at all. However what surprised Pam was that it was Melissa's Mom, Veronica Hastings. She looked up from the photograph, "Is this right?"

Melissa nodded, "To Amazons family ties are nothing, the team is all and my Mom is a lesbian bottom secretly begging to be broken."

"Are you sure she's a bottom, I always had Veronica down as very Alpha," asked Pam.

"Oh yes, you can tell, there's little signs which give it away. Once you're a member we can teach you them," Alison said.

"But don't worry, for this first time you won't have to go alone," Ella smiled, "You and I are going to dyke DP her."

* * *

It wasn't often Veronica Hastings went for a morning social someone's house, as a working Mom she didn't have time, especially as she was recently single and also running for Rosewood Mayor. But also she didn't really have friends, as a high powered lawyer she had contacts, clients and acquaintances. So it was nice on one of her rare days off to be invited over by Pam Fields, the Mom of one her daughter's friends for a cup of tea, a cookie and conversation, and even better that it was also Ella Montgomery's non-working day and she had joined them.

Veronica sipped delicately at her tea. It was scalding hot and she carefully put it down on the coffee table in front of her, making sure it was balanced on the saucer that, in turn, balanced on a coaster to make sure none dripped out and stained the table's veneer. Compared to her own lounge Pam's was much smaller with a small couch and just one other comfy chair, in which Ella was sitting.

Pam reappeared from the kitchen, a large plate piled high with sugary cookies in her hand. She offered one to Ella, who raised her hand to decline, before going over to Veronica. "Please take one, they're delicious," she said holding the plate inches from Veronica's nose. Veronica was about to decline, whist she was sure the cookies were every bit as mouth-watering as Pam said she was also sure they were equally fattening. Pam seemed to know what she was thinking as she moved the plate even closer, "I won't take no for an answer."

"Okay," Veronica's willpower collapsed and she took a cookie, with only a twinge of guilt.

Pam put the plate down on the table - not taking one herself, Veronica noticed -and sat down next to her. The other Mom was wearing a perfume that Veronica didn't recognise, but whatever it was the smelt was alluring and attractive, like roses in a garden. She was also wearing a shorter skirt than veronica had seen her wear before, one which only went part way up her thighs. It was good Pam was obviously recovering from her husband's death and thinking about being attractive again, if only with friends in a safe place.

Strangely enough Ella was also dressed more daringly than usual, though most times that Veronica saw her the other woman was just about to go to school or just returning and as a teacher she had to uphold certain standards. She was also wearing a short, if baggy skirt, and a tight top that didn't seem to have a bra underneath. Wearing her own knee length skirt and smart blouse, Veronica felt a little overdressed.

"So, we're three singletons together now," said Pam, kicking out a leg and crossing it over the other.

"That's true," smiled Veronica.

"Any hints?" Pam grinned as well, her leg seemed longer when bare, elongated and smooth, the calve muscles in the lower leg toned as the Mom strained them as she stretched it enticingly.

"I'm not sure I have any," admitted Veronica.

"I'm sure you must," Ella was grinning wickedly.

"Mmnn, yes, spill," said Pam.

"We're alone, no kids around," agreed Ella.

"So, we're going to talk about men?" Veronica said. That could be fun, most of her conversations tended to be on a higher plane; law, politics, economics and with other lawyers and politicians as well as Melissa and Spencer; talking about sex would be a welcome change. And even if she wasn't getting any perhaps it would reboot her confidence and get her back out looking for a new man again. "I got to say though my guy stories are pretty tame."

"Mine too," said Pam, "but I've got some racy stories about girls."

Veronica was a practised lawyer, who'd been at the bar long enough that she was able to conceal her surprise behind a poker face. Even so she had to reach down and take a sip of the tea to give herself a moment to recover from that revelation - which, unless she'd totally misinterpreted, was Pam coming out. It was lucky the cup was at her lips because even her ice-cool demeanour might have quivered a little as Ella said, "Most my good ones are about other women as well."

"So what about you, Veronica, do you have any girl stories?" Pam asked.

Veronica felt so flustered that she thought the other woman had inched up on her so that they were sitting closer together. That was absurd of course, and Veronica made a non-committal comment, "All my stories are really tame, I'm sure."

"Can I tell you a secret?" Pam leant forward conspiratorially, it was hard not to notice that her top was loose fitting and her boobs wiggled under it.

"Of course," said Ella and Veronica nodded her agreement.

Pam grinned, "Last night I fucked a real hot blonde and she was only eighteen."

Veronica did react this time, her mouth opening briefly in surprise, though she quickly closed it. Ella didn't seem to be as surprised though, "You go girl... what was she like, tell us more."

Pam moved closer to Ella, sliding further along the couch; co-incidentally this made her much closer to Veronica as well, so near space the width of a matchstick separated them. Pam grinned widely, "She was this hot blonde senior that I met through adverts on my cell. She was so up for it, so we went to a motel and soon she was totally naked. I equipped myself with a strap-on and fucked her, she was insatiable, a real dirty slut."

Adding to the morning's surprises Veronica felt herself being turned on. It wasn't often that she thought about having lesbian sex, she was, without a doubt straight, but every now and then a little bi-curious imagining would slip into her mind and she'd briefly spend a night fantasising about going down on some hot woman. She wondered if tonight her sexy dreamings would be about Pam. Even now she could find herself thinking about it being her going to a hotel with Pam and dropping to her knees as she licked the other Mom's cunt. She forced herself to sound interested, but just politely so, "Oh, that sounds like you had a good time."

"Oh my... that's great. I'm jealous," Ella sounded much more enthusiastic, "There are so many hot teens around, I tell you as a teacher it can be hell. What do you think Veronica?"

"Yes, there are," Veronica was seldom lost for words, but equally she didn't always want to say too much. Especially as she hadn't thought about it before and now she was she was thinking there were a number of hot teens and come to that older women in Rosewood, and she'd put Ella and Pam in that category as well..

"Too many, I think," said Ella. Veronica thought the other Mom might have briefly winked, but she wasn't sure.

"You haven't heard the best bit," smiled Pam, "Where I fucked her."

"I thought you went to a motel?" Veronica turned, blushing slightly that she was showing so much interest in Pam's lesbian conquest. She decided she'd quickly try and steer the conversation onto safer ground as soon as the opportunity came up.

Pam smiled, shaking her head, "I don't mean where. I mean which hole."

Veronica's eyes widened for a second as the words sunk in, before she lawyer's expression reinserted itself. Still even with her face neutral she couldn't help the patter in her heart or the sexual itch in her pussy.

"Go on, tell," laughed Ella, "You hound Pam..."

"I banged the hottie in the ass, she was a total slut, couldn't get enough of my big dildo in her sweet teen butt," Pam grinned and despite herself Veronica's eyes flickered briefly as the scene of her fellow Mom and a nameless young blonde swam into her mind.

"Mmnnn, that sounds fun," Ella said. Veronica turned to the brunette as she spoke. It must have been an accident or perhaps Ella had moved too quickly in her excitement, but her skirt slipped further up the teacher's thighs than was prudent, especially as her legs were open rather than crossed. A few more inches and there might be a gash flash, something, even with the conversation turning hot and steamy, Veronica was sure Ella didn't intend that. Ella smiled, not innocently "If we're talking about fuckable blonde teens what about Hanna Marin?"

"What about her?" Veronica asked innocently.

Ella answered her own question, "I'd bang her I really would. Every time she comes round I swear she wiggles her ass to tease me and seeing her walking down the corridor at school, I could just so bend her over a desk and butt-fuck her to eternity."

Veronica reddened slightly, not because they were talking about anally banging one of her daughter's best, non-lesbian, friends, but because even as Ella was talking about taking Hanna over the desk a dirty vision appeared in Veronica's head of Ella with a big strap-on. The only difference was that it was Veronica not Hanna who was naked and wiggling her ass at the teacher. Her pussy was steaming and horny as hell. "Anyone for some more cookies?"

She reached forward, grabbing the plate like it was gold. The others made no move to go for the cookies and so after a few seconds hovering it over the table Veronica put it down and leant back, her attempt to change the subject failed. Before she could move again, perhaps to take the teacups into the kitchen Pam's hand was her thigh, resting lightly. Veronica looked down, as if she was imagining the touch and sight would confirm she was going mad. But she wasn't. Pam's hand was resting lightly on her thigh, only the skirt separating it from naked skin. The other Mom wasn't making any movement, it could be accidental or to persuade her that she was a guest and didn't need to tidy up. Veronica wasn't sure, but she couldn't move without pushing the hand off and for some reason she seemed unable to do that. She leant back against the couch and tried a relaxed smile.

She wasn't sure she pulled it off.

"A fantasy about fucking Hanna, she has a sweet butt," Pam grinned widely.

"Oh my God," Ella's mouth opened in surprise and then she laughed, "That blonde teen you butt-fucked, it was Hanna Marin."

"My mouth is sealed," said Pam with false piety, "As was the blonde slut's as I face-fucked her." She squeezed Veronica's thigh.

"You're so lucky," grinned Ella, "though now I discovered Hanna is an anal loving dyke I may see if I can arrange a sleepover when Aria's not home."

"You won't get much sleep," said Pam. Her hand moved slowly up and down Veronica's leg, "though I don't think you'd want much with that hot little lesbian ass spreading in front of you."

"That's true, I'd gape that cute little hole all night, so it'd be no longer so little or so cute," smiled Ella.

"The blonde I fucked, who's name I'm not going to say, would love that, she's a total slut, the biggest anal fucktoy it's been my pleasure to meet," confirmed Pam. Her hand slid up Veronica's thigh, slowly and sensually, surely accidentally... even if Pam was interested, Veronica thought, she wouldn't be trying to seduce her when Ella was just feet away.

"I do love ass," grinned Ella. She got up and walked over, bending over the cookie plate so that her titties strained so much at her top they threatened to bust out. She picked up a small cookie and popped it in her mouth, quickly eating it, as all the time Pam's hand rubbed at Veronica's thigh. Ella didn't return to her seat, sitting down on the other side of Veronica, as close as Pam was, facing towards the other woman so her knees were pressing at the lawyer's thigh.

"You've been quiet Veronica," Pam said, "What about you? Do you love fucking dyke butt?"

Veronica's mind went into a whirl. She was a highly intelligent, professional woman in a high powered and stressful job, but for once she wasn't sure what to say or do. It was Ella who supplied the answer, though it wasn't one Veronica could have said she expected, "Mmmnnn, I don't think Veronica is a top when it comes to lesbian fucking. I think she's a horny Milf bottom."

"Is that true Veronica? Are you a dirty slut dyke?" Pam's mouth was close to the other woman's ear and the movement of her hand on the thigh could no longer be written off as innocent.

" I'm not," Veronica forced the words out, though at this moment she wasn't sure it was a big a lie as she'd ever done to get a client off, "I'm not gay, I... I... I'm straight."

"Really?" Ella smiled wickedly. One of her hands reached down to Veronica's other thigh and began to massage it through the skirt. The second hand slid up Veronica's chest and popped open the top bottom of her blouse. Veronica was unable to resist, not that she was literally frozen, but because her mind and body were telling her so many different things, she was straight, she was a lesbian, she was a hard-assed go-getter, she want her ass taken hard. She sat there in a paralysis of indecision. A second button was popped.

"If you were straight you'd be stopping us," purred Pam. She took Veronica's chin in her hand and forcefully turned the other woman's face to hers. Without warning she leant in and kissed her, her tongue driving forward and opening up Veronica's mouth. The lawyer thought about resisting, but the thoughts seemed far away and inconsequential, as if they belonged to someone else. She let Pam's tongue slide over hers and the other woman's mouth move hard and fast against her lips, all the time Pam hand's working over her thigh and Ella fingers unbuttoning her blouse.

She would likely have continued on kissing if Ella's hand hadn't moved from her blouse to her face, gripping her jaw and twisting the head towards hers. The teacher grinned lecherously, "If you were a lesbian domme you'd be taking control, not letting us."

"I..." Veronica wasn't sure what she was going to say, but got no chance anyway as Ella's mouth closed on hers, the other woman's tongue pounding forwards as her lips pressed hard.

Even as Ella was kissing her Pam's hands were reaching up to Veronica's chest, brushing the open blouse aside and pulling down the Mom's bra so her titties popped out. Her fingers slid round one of the nipples, teasing it into hardness. "My turn..." she sniggered and she left the tit and twisted Veronica's face towards her breaking the kiss with Ella.

"Wh...I..." Veronica started again, but Pam was already kissing her, her mouth hard against the lawyers, one hand squeezing a titty and the other back down on the thigh pushing up the skirt. Ella meanwhile had brought her mouth down to the nearest titty and was suckling it enthusiastically, her teeth nipping at the nipple as her lips closed round the flesh surrounding it. Veronica vaguely thought she should do something to stop it, but she was too turned on, enjoying both invasion of her mouth and eating of her tits. Her pussy became even wetter as Pam's hand pushed her skirt up her thighs, so that her panties were exposed. Em's Mom kissed even harder, squeezing the spare tit.

"Mmnnnn, nice and wet," Ella murmured, her hand was up at Veronica's pussy, her thumb and middle finger squeezing the mons through the material. It was damp, Veronica couldn't help it. The other Milf pulled the cloth away from the hole and slid a finger in. Veronica bucked her, body shuddering. Pam's mouth remained clamped to hers, moving violently and vigorously, their lips pressed together like they were glued. Pam's hand went down to the pussy and suddenly Veronica had two fingers in her cunt, her friend's digits speeding down her twat. Juice bubbled.

"I think Veronica's definitely a lesbian bottom," Pam pulled her mouth away and slid the finger that had just been down her friend's hole into it.

"No doubt about it," grinned Ella. She too sucked her cummy finger clean.

Veronica looked between them blushing as they gazed back at her like lioness regarding a gazelle. Her skirt was half way up her stomachs, her blouse open and like loose on her shoulders, as her tits dangled over her bra and her pussy lips were left exposed, the underwear meant to cover them pushed to one side. It was hard to deny she was a lesbian and a submissive one at that. It felt good, as if this was what she'd always wanted to be.

"You a dirty lesbian slut Veronica? A submissive dyke bitch?" Pam purred, her hand gripping hold of Veronica's titty.

"Are you pussy licking, butt spreading, muff lover?" Ella was on the other side of her, stroking and playing with the second tit. Her other hand was on Veronica's thigh stroking it sensually, just stopping short of the soaked and ready pussy.

"Yes," said Veronica. It seemed the only thing to say. From the smiles her two friends gave each other she suspected they'd known for a long time, even before she did, that she was a woman who liked women and for them to be dominant.

"Fingering that wet pussy of yours has made me horny," smiled Pam. She stood up and undid her skirt, dropping it to the floor. She wasn't wearing panties, the only thing over her pussy was a tiny landing strip of well kept dark hair. "I'd like my cunt licked."

"By me? I've... I've not done that before. I've never been with a woman," Veronica blushed; it was embarrassing being a fortysomething lesbian virgin when you were as slutty as she was.

"Yes, by you. You're a pussy hound, so here's some pussy for you to eat." Pam grinned and Veronica found herself swapping places with her friend so Pam was sitting on the middle of the couch and Veronica was standing beside it.

Pam's legs spread and she grinned as she ran a finger over her slit. Beside her Ella was also looking expectantly at Veronica, as if she expected the lawyer to drop all her self-control and go down on her knees to duck her head between Pam's legs. She paused for a moment and then let her instincts take over. Kneeling down on the carpet Veronica shuffled over to Pam, the other Mom opening her legs even wider as she approached, inviting her in. "Slurp my pussy, you dirty dyke."

"Yes," said Veronica, blushing red. Her head dipped. Her eyes were inches from the naked flesh, her mouth nearer. She opened her lips and slowly moved forward, her tongue sliding out. For the first time ever she touched another woman's twat with her mouth. And she loved it. The soft velvety feel, the warmth, the touch of wetness on her lips, she knowledge that she could make Pam cum with just her mouth - it all felt overpowering. Within seconds she was accelerating from a gentle exploratory lick to a full-on muff munching.

"Oooohhh, urrrrrhhhh," Pam moaned. Her hands were on the back of Veronica's head, pushing her further forward. Veronica complied, her mouth moving over the pussy lips and her tongue pressing between them, sliding over the wet flesh. It tasted good and she tongued quicker and harder, trying to find the spots which Pam would enjoy. "OOohhhh, urrrrrhhh, yesssss," Pam gasped as Veronica found them.

"Oh that's good you dyke slut, eat out Pam's cunt," Ella said, though Veronica didn't need to be told. Even as she was speaking the teacher was pulling up her skirt and rubbing at her pussy. She too was pantyless, her cunt as bald and smooth as a pool ball. Her palm went round in quick circles, rubbing at the twat and juicing it up. "Mmmnnn, yes, you're a naughty girl Veronica, slurp out that pussy."

"Ooohhh, yesssss," Pam added, "Eat my wet twat, stick your slutty tongue in it and lap my hole. OOoohhhh, ooohhhh, yesssss, urrrrhhhh."

Veronica's tongue sped up and down, slurping and licking at the soaking cunt. She was in heaven, she knew she shouldn't be, but she was. Eating pussy was what she had been made for, sticking her head between the thighs of a more dominant woman and pleasuring her. It made her feel good and when she felt good she felt even hornier, her hand stole down to her pussy, going under her skirt and sliding under her panties to find her snatch to rub and finger.

"Oooohh, that's it, you slutty whore, eat my cunt," moaned Pam, shuddering in pleasure as Veronica's tongue did it's work.

"You're playing with yourself you dirty skank, that such a whoreish thing to do whilst others are watching" said Ella, who failed to point out her own hand was rubbing vigorously at her own slit. "Mmmnnn, it is hot watching a cuntlicker at work."

"Fuuuckk," gasped Pam, "It's even better to experience. That's it you slut, bury your face between my thighs and lick me harder."

Veronica lapped as hard as she could, her tongue moving hard and fast, vigorously pounding over the slit and diving within in. She could taste the other woman's cum, it was heavenly. Her own cunt was dripping, the panties damp with her cum. She rammed her finger down the hole, working it in and out in time with her cunt gobbling. She could feel the trembles and shudders of Pam as she took the other woman to orgasm.

"Ooooohhh, fuuuckkk, Goddddd, shit," squealed Pam, her hands pressing on the couch cushions. "Fuuucckkk, ooooohhh myyyyyy ... fuuuucckkk, aaaaarrrghh!"

The gush of warm liquid splashed all over Veronica's face as it exploded out of her friend's pussy. It splattered over her cheeks and chin, stinging her eyes and making her snort and cough as she sniffed it up her nostrils and swallowed it down. The explosion of woman cum seemed to last for ever, though it could have only been a second or at most two. Such was the pressure and amount, veronica was left gasping, her face dripping with juice. Pam let go off the back of Veronica's head and dropped back onto the couch, sated.

The lawyer didn't have time to recover.

"Get your slut face here and eat my cunt," ordered Ella.

Veronica had always thought she was a leader not a follower, however she quickly obeyed, turning round and shuffling between Ella's legs. Her head went down and she began to lick, fast and forcefully. Her hand went down under her own panties again and she began to rub vigorously.

"Don't play with yourself, use those fingers on me," said Ella.

Immediately Veronica pulled her hand out of her own underwear and transferred the digits to Ella, sliding the middle finger into the hole as a prelude to the tongue. It meant she could go deeper, into a wetter and warmer part of the cunt, and her tongue fizzed with excitement as the cum bubbled and broke over it. The Milf teacher, meanwhile, rocked in pleasure as she was lapped to within an inch of her life, "OOoohhh, yessss, go on, eat my cunt. Ohhhh, fuck, you dirty whore, slurp my pussy. Uuurrrhhh, fuuuckkk, yesssss, oooohhh..."

"She's so good, isn't she? Pam grinned as she looked down at the scene beside her. She was recovered from her own orgasm and was rubbing her slit, swirling the lips round in time with Veronica's slurps.

"OOoohhh, Goddddd, fuuuckk yessss," squealed Ella in reply. Veronica's tongue drove deeper, partnered with the finger. The teacher shrieked even louder, "Fuuuckkk, fuuuckkk."

Veronica continued to lap her pussy, flicking her tongue up and down and speeding her finger up and down. She could see from the corner of her eye Pam get up and leave the room. She briefly wondered where the other woman was going, before pushing it to the back of her mind and concentrating on pleasuring Ella. The teacher squeaked and bucked, her entire body shuddering in ecstasy as her pussy was plundered. "OOoohhh, yesssss, ohhhhh. fuuuckkk meeeee."

The cunt juice tasted so good, like some sort of nectar for the Gods. Veronica slurped at it enthusiastically, lapping up the juice like she was an extremely thirsty puppy after a long walk. Her middle finger shoved down, driving apart Ella's tunnel, the nail scraping over flesh. The other Milf squeaked and shuddered her back bending.

"I'm going to fuck your ass now."

Veronica lifted her head from Ella's pussy to look at Pam. The other Mom was almost naked, just wearing a suspender belt and a strap-on, the dildo gleaming with lube. She was holding another strap-on in her hand, at nine inches it was a touch smaller than one she was wearing, but it bulbous head made it look thicker. Casually Pam dropped the second toy on the couch beside Ella.

"You want her to fuck you in the butt?" Ella grinned, looking down at the cum-stained lawyer.

"Yes," Veronica nodded eagerly. Her asshole felt tight and it would be a tough fit and even though she wasn't an anal virgin, it had been six months since she'd last done it with her now ex-husband on his birthday, but she was ready.

"Get back to tonguing my cunt slut," grinned Ella and Veronica obeyed.

Even as she was lapping Ella's hole Pam dominating hands were on her buttocks prying them apart. "I am so going to enjoy fucking this skank asshole," Pam said. She spat down and Veronica could feel the warm liquid trickling between the crevasse and over her rosebud. A finger was pushed in the sphincter and twisted round making Veronica's eyes water, though she knew it was nothing compared to the huge rubber dick that would soon be entering there.

She still continued to lick away at Ella's twat, however in a slight concession to the soon to be pounding, she withdrew her finger and placed both her hands on the floor for balance. Ella didn't say anything, at least not directly; she continued to moan and gasp loudly which Veronica took as a sign the more dominant woman was content.

Behind her Pam pulled out her finger. Whilst Veronica wasn't an expert she guessed this meant that the other Mom thought her ass was ready for dick; if she'd been asked Veronica would have agreed with that assessment - her butt was so ready for dick that it was quivering.

"I'm going to fuck your slut ass from here to infinity and beyond," said Pam.

"Mmnnnn, mmmnnn, sllllrrrp," Veronica tried to show her agreement by licking Ella's pussy extra enthusiastically, her head bobbing up and down as the ran the tongue from top to bottom.

"I think that's a yes, fuck my dyke asshole," said Ella. Veronica's tongue pounding harder at the teacher's cunt, "Oooohhh, uurrrrrhhh."

"Let's fuck some slut butt," grinned Pam and guided the toy to the ass.

For a moment the tip paused, gently pushing at the sphincter as if Pam was unwilling to go in. But the delay was only for seconds and Veronica started in pained shock as the cock entered her hard and deep, stretching the walls further than they'd ever been stretched before. She let out a quick, "Aaaahhh." Before she could make any more sounds Ella had grabbed the back of her head and was dragging it back down to where it belonged. Veronica's mouth opened and she resumed her pussy licking duties. Behind her Pam pulled back and then shoved again. The push was eye-watering, even if not as big a shock as the first thrust. In fact Veronica was almost getting used to it, her ass walls expanding to cope with the intruder. She wiggled her butt and lapped her tongue, showing that both ends were for the others pleasure.

"You're such a whore Veronica," said Pam slamming more of the dick deeper, "An anal fuck slut."

Unable to talk Veronica lifted her ass, raising it to meet the next thrust - actions speaking louder than words. Pam gripped her waist and hammered harder, sending the cock deep into the hole. Veronica's ass was getting used to the intruder, the walls knowing to fall back to let the toy pass, slithering round it as it withdrew so that her hole clamped round the dildo, stimulating the nerves beneath as it passed. Pam was going faster as well, slamming the dildo as deep and hard as she could so that with each thrust her legs cracked against Veronica's cheeks, leaving the skin of both red and blotchy. Veronica continued to raise her butt, meeting every ram forward with her own slide back.

"Oooohhh, ooohhhh, uuurrhhhh," Ella gasped. However much Veronica was working her ass with Pam she was still not forgetting Ella, slurping the teacher's shaven slit as quick and hard as she could. It was strange how no matter how much she licked at the cummy twat the juice never seemed to vanish, more and more oozing out between the lips. It sparkled on Veronica's tongue, swallowed back like ice-cream as she lapped. Ella hands remained on her head, dragging her forward, "Ooohhh, Goddddd, yessss. Eat me you slut, eat my cunt like a fucking whore. OOooohhh you're such a great cunt-licker, mmmmnnnn only a total skank can eat pussy like you are."

"Yes, yes, yes," panted Pam behind her, "This is such a fucking hot ass. I always knew that beneath that cool, clever exterior you were just a fucking cheap whore. No, not even a whore, if you were that I'd have to pay you. You're free, you're a free fucking asshole on legs, who just wants to be anally slammed."

What the others were saying was so true, that Veronica wondered why she hadn't realised before. Why had she spent years trying to combine work, motherhood and being the perfect wife when all she really wanted was to be lesbian dominated. She pushed her ass back and then as Pam pounded her forward, tongued her way into Ella.

The teacher squealed in pleasure, shaking in excitement. "Oh my God, I'm going to cum."

Pam paused, not taking the dick out of Veronica's ass, but not hammering it in either. Veronica took this as a sign to concentrate on pleasuring Ella. Her tongue slammed forward. her hand reaching up to join it, as she pressed her advantage. Ella squeaked some more, her entire body shuddering like there was an artillery bombardment taking place within it. "FFffuuuckk," she screamed and gushed.

Veronica swallowed more of the cum than with Pam. But even so most of it still exploded over her face as she tried to drink it in, splattering over her features and leaving her dripping. "Mmmnnn, nice," murmured Ella, letting go off veronica's head and falling back on the sofa. A relaxed hand reached out for the strap-on, "Time for this."

Pam pulled her cock out of veronica's ass and taking hold of the other Milf's side twirled her round so that she was facing her, rather than Ella. Pam looked down, "I know how much dirty slut skanks like to suck and lick, so whilst Ella's getting ready you can suck my strap-on."

"Oh yes," Veronica said happily. It didn't matter the toy had just been pounding her ass, Pam was right, she was a slut, a dirty, kinky one and she wanted to suck the dick.

Getting onto her knees and opening her mouth Veronica slid her lips along the dick. She was more experienced in giving blow jobs than in anal, even if the cock's she had sucked before been her husband and college boyfriend's. She quickly got into a rhythm, her head bobbing back and forth, as she took as much of the dick into her mouth as she was able to. It tasted bitter, but Veronica didn't mind, it was submissively hot and her pussy was as wet as it could be. even as she sucked her hands were down between her legs stroking at her slit. Cum leaked out and onto her tips.

"Suck it properly, you slut. Get it all in," said Pam. She grabbed the back of Veronica's head and brought her forward.

"Gorrrroorr," grunted Veronica as the cock went deeper into her mouth, pressing first against her cheek and then going further in. Her eyes widened, water clouding them. But she didn't need Pam's hands to drive her forward, now she realised the more dominant woman wanted the cock totally cleaned she pushed herself; ignoring the gagging and the tears in her eyes and the ache in her jaw. "Gorroorr, goorrrooorr," she choked.

"That's it slut," called Ella from behind.

"Suck my toy, slut. Swallow that dick that been in your ass, wash your butt juices from it with your mouth," Pam ordered. She let go off Veronica and put her hands on her hip, content to let the lawyer find her own pace.

Veronica went as fast as she could. Her head moving up and down the cock, each time taking as much as she could in her mouth. She gagged, but she didn't stop, letting the bile run out of her mouth like the aftermath of a college blow job. Her eyes were cloudy and misty from the water in them, but even with her vision blurred she could see Pam's smile as the other woman looked down on her. Veronica tried not to feel pride that she was satisfying someone who must have fucked as many hot lesbians as Pam, but she couldn't help it. Beside her she could hear the flutter of falling clothes as Ella stripped.

"You want to spit-roast the dyke slut?" asked Ella. She wasn't addressing Veronica.

"Yes. Slut, I'm going to sit down. I want your head down my dildo and your ass raised for Ella," Pam gave Veronica her instructions.

The other Mom swiftly moved to obey, popping the cock out of her mouth to crawl over to the sofa and, as Pam sat down open-legged, to position herself between the woman's thighs and bring her head down to the cock. Her lips opened and she took it in, bobbing her head up and down the plastic phallus.

"You've gaped this ass," Ella said as she took hold off her dildo and fed it into the waiting hole.

It slid in a lot easier than Pam's, the walls ready and easily giving way to the bulbous headed dildo. It took only a few thrusts and the plastic dick was all the way in. Ella began to pound harder and harder, rocking Veronica forward. The Mom swallowed and sucked at the cock, dragging her head back up as Ella pulled back and jerking down it as the other Mom rammed forward. Her tits bounced and shook, swinging wildly as she was pounded and slammed.

"Ride the bitch," Pam called out, her hands reached out for the back of Veronica's head pushing her down the dildo so she gagged, soaking the toy in her spit.

"She's such a slut, a real whore," grinned Ella and rammed harder.

Veronica rocked between them, loving every second. It was what she was made for, to be anally fucked by one strap-on as she deep-throated another, both wielded by dommes who knew what they wanted from a lesbian bottom.

And they wanted more. "Let's DP her properly," called out Pam, "You can keep her ass, but let me ram her cunt."

"Good idea," said Ella. She slid her cock out of Veronica's butt and the Milf lifted her mouth from Pam's plastic dong. She turned her round looking for instructions from either of the dominant tops.

Ella moved over to a spare seat, "Come plant that hot little dyke ass on this strap-on,2 she ordered as she waggled the toy.

Doing as she was told Veronica walked over and then turning round lowered herself onto the dildo, slipping all the way down and drooping her legs over Ella's thighs. The teacher was grabbing her waist, balancing her and making sure she was in position as Pam came over, her dildo still dripping from the deep-throating it had just received. "Mmmnnn, this will be hot," Pam paused in front of the others gazing appreciatively down on the hole on offer.

"Yes, fuck me, double bang me," Veronica nodded enthusiastically. She had never imagined when she'd left the house this morning that by the end of it she'd be being dyke-dp'd by her friends. She was glad she hadn't, she'd have probably never left home and not discovered that she was a lesbian submissive, continuing to deny her true self even to herself.

"That's it slut, take my dildo dick," grinned Pam. She went forward, guiding the toy into Veronica's waiting twat. The lawyer gasped in excitement, as for the first time ever she was double penetrated. She'd never even imagined or thought what it would be like, it was too perverse, too kinky, too wrong for her to even consider. But like so much of her old life she was finding she was wrong. The toy slid down her soaked cunt, slowly moving forward, then faster as Pam began to pump. "Take it, bitch, take it all."

"Oooohhh, uuurrhhh, yessss," Veronica moaned. Below her Ella began to push up and down, lifting her thighs to drill the toy into Veronica's asshole, The Milf gasped as her friend's squashed her between them, the clothes she was still wearing hardly an impediment to their naked bodies. She gasped and shuddered as the pleasure flowed through her like lava escaping from a volcano. The ecstasy tore through her and her limbs flailed like windmill sails in a gale until she managed to latch her arms round the pounding Pam. She dragged her friend in, not that Pam needed any encouragement as she slammed hard.

"You dirty whore, taking two dyke dicks at once. You're a slutty lesbo bitch," grunted Pam.

"Ooohhh, yes, yessss. I am a dyke skank. I'm an anal loving whore. I love having big strap-on dicks in both my holes at once," screamed Veronica in agreement.

"Take them both deep, you're just a fuckhole for our dildos, a bitch to be butt-banged whenever we want," gasped Ella. Her hands were on Veronica's tits, squeezing them, kneading them, gripping them hard so the nipples were as erect as concrete bollards beneath her fingers.

Even as she was playing with the tits her hips were working, thrusting the toy deep into the other Milf's anal cavern. It smacked, through the thin wall, at the dildo coming the other way - their connections vibrating through Veronica and making her explode in pleasure. "Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaarrghhh." Her legs spread out, kicking in the air as her hands gripped at Pam's back. The other woman grinned as she slammed in, her dildo razoring its way down the soaken slit to bang it partner. Veronica's body trembled and shook, her face contorting like she was looking a misshapen mirror. "AAaarrrrghhh, fuuuucckkk, yesssssss."

"You skanky, slutty, lesbo whore."

"Dirty dp'd dyke."

Both Pam and Ella grunted as they pounded her, telling the lawyer what she was. Veronica didn't mind - it was true, she was a slut, a bottom, an anal bitch designed to be fucked by more dominant women. Her life was a facade, all that mattered, all that was really true, was that she was that she needed to be fucked and rammed and treated like the submissive slut she was. "Oooohhhh God, yessssss, yessssss, aaaaarrrghhh!"

The other two women redoubled their speed and velocity, hammering into her like she was just a piece of meat - which, to the dommes, she was. There cocks slammed deep and hard into her holes, expanding the two tunnels and leaving them both aching and excited. It was heaven. Veronica's head fell back, banging against Ella's shoulder. She opened her mouth and screamed out, "Fuuucckk meeee, fuck me harder."

"You heard the slut," laughed Ella, "Ram the fuckhole until it tears."

Pam's efforts redoubled, the dick speeding in so fast that it, if Veronica hadn't had her eyes tightly closed, would have been a blur. It ploughed down, sending juice spurting out, hammering hard, scraping over hidden and secret spots, pressing at the other toy through the membrane wall. Its journey only ending when Pam's body crashed against her, the dick sending Veronica in paroxysms of pleasure. "Aaarrrghhh yesss, aaaarrghh."

"Take it you slut, take our big dildo dicks," panted Pam, driving hard.

"Ooohhh, yeah, fuck you bitch, your holes are ours," moaned Pam behind her.

"Aaaarrrghhh," screamed Veronica in reply, her holes burning like they were on ablaze, even if the fire was a heavenly one. Her body jerked and shuddered, orgasms tearing through it, "Aaaarrrghhh, fuuuckkk, yesssssss."

Sweating Pam pulled out and took a step back, her dildo, erect in front of her, was dripping with Veronica's cum - the lawyer's pussy wetter than she could ever remember. She wiped a bead of perspiration from her forehead, "Get on your knees and suck Ella's toy, I want to take a souvenir picture."

Veronica didn't object, it wasn't her place. Instead she pulled herself off the cock and got down to her knees and slid her mouth over it, bobbing up and down the toy, sucking at the strap-on that had just been reaming her ass. She knew it was humiliating, but it wasn't that she didn't care, it was more she positively revelled in the it, she was a slut and sucking dick that had been in her butt just confirmed it.

As did have photos taken off her well used ass. She could hear the click of Pam's cell as she snapped away, taking picture after picture of the semi-naked lawyer, her skirt up over her waist and her ass gaping as she sucked a dildo.

"Some nice shots," Pam walked over to show Ella the pictures she'd just taken. She didn't show Veronica, thought he Milf imagined they were filthily depraved, an example of the camera not lying.

Ella nodded, "They're good, they'll more than do."

Pam nodded and slapped Veronica's butt, "Thanks for letting us DP you. It was fun."

Veronica pulled her head up off Ella's dildo and looked at the two tops, "Oh yes. We can do it again?"

"We've got your number if we want another butt-fuck," Pam said, slightly dismissively as if she was unlikely to call it. "Ella and I are going to take a shower to wash ourselves down. Let yourself out..."

She reached to Ella, taking the other woman's hand and leading her up the stairs.

For a moment Veronica watched them retreat, then she stood up and began to readjust her bra.

* * *

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