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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 13 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

Emily Field's room made the teen look so innocent, thought her Mom, as she took a look round. There were school books parked tidily on the dresser, a half-finished assignment on the desk ready to be completed, a bed neatly made with a couple of old and admired soft-toys. Even the pictures of Emily's friends which sat on the book shelf and on the nightstand were of them smiling happily at the camera and not exposing their well-gaped asses as photos of dyke bottoms should be. She glanced at her watch; 7:01 - Emily was late, but she hadn't called so the delay must only be a small one. Soon she'd be home and ready to be fucked.

Pam smiled in anticipation and left the room, going downstairs to wait for her errant daughter.

* * *

"You enjoyed dping my Mom?" Melissa Hastings asked Pam whilst handing her a glass of wine.

Pam glanced at the new photo that was adorning the wall of the A-team's headquarters, an apartment in a middling part of town. In it Veronica's Hastings' naked ass was on display, the cratered hole between her cheeks leaving no doubt about the violence of the ass reaming she'd received. Pam turned back to Melissa, she too was admiring the photo, one of the thing Pam had quickly realised about the team of lesbian dominatrixes she was being inducted into was that family ties were much less important than the bonds which held the A-team together. She smiled, "I enjoyed it a lot."

"I must try that ass myself sometime soon," said Melissa, her eyes sweeping over the hole.

"You should," Ella had walked over to join them, sipping her own wine, "Your Mom is a dp slut, she's a dirty a fuckhole as I've banged, she's totally gagging for it - easy to seduce. Which isn't to say that for Pam's first time she was excellent, all the right moves, absolutely controlling her, fencing her in like a sheep until Veronica had no choice but to give into her desires and fuck us."

"It was easier than I thought," Pam said.

"You're either a natural or you're not, and if you're not a natural you're a bottom made for fucking," Ella distilled the Amazon philosophy into a sentence.

"I guess I am a natural then," Pam smiled.

"The omens are good, what with the way you fucked Hanna's asshole as well. However there's one more task."

"What is it?" asked Pam.

"Let's just wait for Mona and Ali to arrive, they should be here soon," Ella replied.

"I was wondering how you got together?" asked Pam, "I mean you're old enough to be their Mom."

Ella smiled, "You know I was telling you about the Amazon's?"

"Yes," Pam nodded.

Continuing Ella said, "By the time I went to University I was a total lesbian slut top, I'd fuck anything that moved, teen's, Milfs, Gilfs and anything in between - no butt was safe from me. Education wise, in my first year I did the Classics and that interested me in the Amazons. At the time I thought they were just a myth, but to a horny top the idea of a bunch of ball-busting female warriors who'd fuck anything that moved appealed...

"It seems my two interests attracted one of my female professors. She inducted me into her own A-Team, letting me learn the ropes and fuck lots of hot student ass. It was important that we kept it secret, whilst I don't think the Greeks remain a threat, their remain lots of others who wouldn't be supportive of a horde of dominant lesbians seducing their women."

"I think we've seen the news," Pam said with a smile.

"Yes. So I hid my lesbian side and married Byron - who I knew was unable to keep it in his pants, but it didn't matter because even as I was married to him I was banging other hotties. Did you know on the wedding night my old A-Team gangbanged his Mom?" she smiled, remembering, "she doesn't come to visit very much anymore."

"How to get rid of pesky in-laws," smiled Melissa, "I must remember that."

"It was fun as well, she was a prim slut until she was gagging on one strap on, whilst another two were hammering her holes," Ella smiled in memory. "I left college, but still remained a member of my old A-team, fucking women whenever I could. After a few years I moved to another one, nearer home, in Philadelphia. I was in my early thirties when my team leader took me aside and suggested I open a new chapter in Rosewood. It meant leaving some good friends and some well-trained fuckholes, but it was my duty; we need to grow to survive or else we risk melting away like summer snow. "

"So I started to look out for potential recruits and what better place to start than my school, Melissa was an obvious recruit and Alison too, both were so obviously dominant and smart and a few hints and comments soon led me to confirm that both were secretly lesbian. Mona was a bit harder, at first she seemed very meek and mild, a bottom. But just as I was thinking that I might have a go at seducing her I began to notice it was all an act, a way that girls wouldn't see her as a threat and so she could worm her way into their pants. Do you know at the age of fifteen she'd had a six year plan for seducing Hanna and taking her anal virginity on the night of Hanna's college graduation? - I think it would have worked as well."

"It would have, no doubt about it," Melissa grinned, "though by joining the A-Team she was able to bring it forward."

"All A-teams need a member who is super-manipulative, who can work all the plays and know which buttons to press for each bottom to make them become a fuckslut."

"Ali was yours?" Pam asked with a smile.

Ella nodded, "She's just so good at it. But even someone so good needs training. The Amazons have a secret base, a chateau in the South of France, where girls are trained in the art of seduction. We faked Ali's kidnap for the two years she was there. We all went for regular visits; Melissa when everyone thought she was working in London, Mona when her Mom thought she was on vacation with her Dad and her Dad thought she was with her Mom and me when everyone thought I was having an affair with that pastry cook - an actor I'd hired and a boring one at that.

"It was good for team bonding to see Ali and how she was getting on and there was plenty of ass around, the locals think it's a female only spa, so aren't surprised when hot women turn up for several weeks at a time and then leave. In reality they're fucksluts donated by A-Teams all over the world, each one prepped for butt-fucking."

"It sounds delicious," Pam said, disappointed she hadn't been in when the team was getting formed.

"I'm sure you'll get a chance to go over, assuming you pass the last test," Ella said.

She turned to the table. Alison and Mona were just settling in, after arriving moments before. They looked up as the three older women approached, slight smiles on their faces as if they knew what was coming up. Ella sat at the head, waiting for everyone to take their seats and sit comfortably, or as comfortably as Pam could as excitement and anxiety combined as she waited for the last test. Eventually after what seemed like hours but was only seconds Pam put a closed paper folder on the desk, resting her hand on it. "You've done well Pam, repaid our belief that you'll be a valuable addition to the A-Team."

Pam blushed, especially as the other three gave a polite round of applause. Ella smiled at them all, waiting a few seconds for them to stop clapping. "There's just one more task... this girl."

She pushed the folder over to Pam, who opened it, "That's Emily."

"That's right Pam, you need to seduce and butt-fuck your daughter."

* * *

Pam remembered the excitement she'd felt as she'd looked down at Emily's picture and heard Ella confirm the task. She could picture the teen slut's face between her legs and see the sight of the dildo sliding into Emily's asshole, vanishing from view down that well-used fuck tunnel. But there had been a night of planning to be had first, Emily was definitely a dyke fuckhole; Melissa, Ali and Mona all attested to that. But they needed a plan to move her from being a lesbian slut to being a lesbian incestuous slut. Luckily Ali's training paid off and she was able to instruct Pam in exactly which buttons to take to push her teenage daughter over the edge.

Pam went downstairs to wait and try to relax, crossing her legs and sitting on the couch trying to read a magazine. It was virtually impossible to concentrate, though. She found herself reading the same lines over and over again, unable to take the words in and looking at the same pictures until they blurred and shook. Luckily Emily wasn't long, the door opened and in her came her daughter, smiling like she was an innocent, not an anal whore. "Sorry I'm late Mom, there's road-works."

Pam put down her magazine and put on her best sympathetic face, "I saw Paige today..."

"Oh..." Emily's face dropped a smidgen. Pam inwardly smiled, Ali had been right about her daughter and the girlfriend.

"She said you'd broken up," if there were Oscars for seducing your daughter Pam would have been right there up with them. She'd never actually liked Paige, she wasn't good enough for Em, a view confirmed when she discovered that the other swimmer was an anal whore as well and even at this moment was getting DP'd by Alison and Mona in the parking lot across town. No Emily needed a real woman, a dominant woman - not a slutty bottom like Paige. Pam kept her sad looking face, though, as if it was the worse news in the world, "She didn't say why."

Emily put on a fake strong face, which would have fooled Pam, if she didn't know what her daughter really was. "These things happen Mom. It's only a few days ago."

"Why didn't you tell me?" sympathy oozed from Pam's tone.

Emily blushed, a little red tinge to her flawless skin. "I wasn't sure you approved of me and Paige, because, you know, we were... we weren't straight."

"Oh Em," Pam said looking hurt, "You can tell me anything, I just want you to be happy." And the only way you can be happy is by becoming an anal slut, she mentally added. "Come sit down here and let's talk about it."

Ali was right, thought Pam, as Emily put down her bag and moved to sit next to her Mom, taking a space on the sofa. Pam waited until her daughter was sat down before reaching over to brush a strand of hair back and then put her hand on her daughter's leg, neither were overtly sexual, but the female touch would start to put Emily into the zone. Pam smiled, not too motherly, not too sexually - not yet, "Breaking up is hard," she said, "especially at eighteen."

Emily nodded "But it's one of those things we need to get through.

The reply reminded Pam that in some ways her daughter was wise beyond her years. If she'd just broken down and sobbed it would have been easier, luckily Ali had thought that was unlikely (as had Pam). Pam stroked gently at her daughter's leg, down the denim and towards bottom of the shorts, half way down the thigh "I always found that the best way to get over someone was to get up and ride straight away." She gave a wicked smile, like she was just about to tell the most delicious secret, "And when I say ride I mean literally ride, ass up."

"Mom!" Emily looked shocked, as Pam had expected.

Pam just grinned more conspiratorially, "What Emily? Did you think I was a Sunday school teacher, I've ridden my share of bikes." She gave a small sensual lick of her lips like she was remembering them and squeezed lightly at the teen's thigh. She could feel the teen quiver, as she too imagined, her face changing as she began to wonder what her Mom had meant by bikes and was she really using a slang term for lesbians. Pam paused for a moment, letting her wonder, before moving on the conversation without answering her daughter's question - at least yet. "Unless it was sex that was the reason for the break-up. Was it sex? Was she not giving you enough? Or was it you? Please Emily, I'm sure it wasn't you - you'd give your girlfriend what she wants, it'd be embarrassing if it was that you didn't go down enough on Paige's sweet pussy." She emphasised the word sweet, enjoying the red blush that went to Emily's cheeks.

"The sex was fine," Emily said.

"Are you sure? Paige didn't strike me as much of a top."

"She wasn't a top," Emily blushed, unable to stop herself talking or to move, already - though she didn't know it - under control.

"So are you the top? I love you Emily, but I don't think you're really top-like material," Pam said in a loving tone.

Emily blushed her cheeks getting redder, as if she didn't believe she was having this intimate conversation with her own Mom, "I'm not a top either. Neither of us were, we were just us."

"Just us...I see," smiled Pam, "That's where you were going wrong. One of you needed to be the top, the dominant one and the other the dirty little slut, spreading her holes for the other." Pam paused as Emily gasped in shock, her mouth falling literally open. Pam allowed a second or two for the teen to recover before throwing in the right hook, "At least that's my experience."

There was silence for about ten seconds whilst Emily's brain zigged and zagged trying to regain a straight course to allow her to speak, "Your experience?" the teen finally managed to blurt out.

"Yes, Emily. Did you think you were the only lesbian in this house? Before I married your Dad I'd banged loads of women and since his death I've nailed plenty more," Pam smiled, letting the words sink in and squeezing her daughter's thigh harder, before relaxing her grip and starting to stroke it. "In fact just yesterday I was with a couple of friends in a dp threesome, I was one of the tops before you ask."

"Wwhuhhuhw," Emily made some sort of choking, gargling, snorty sound and her eyes seemed to be straining in her eye sockets as her upper and lower jaw struggled to connect.

Pam inwardly smiled at the teen's stunned reaction to her Mom coming out, especially as Emily had struggled so long with her own sexuality and people's reaction to it. She patted and stroked her daughter's thigh, letting her thumb run sensually over the fabric of the jeans and then down over the flesh. Her daughter was still to stunned to react, which was how it should be. Pam continued to gently rub the smooth skin as she said, "But we're not talking about my sex life, Emily, we're talking about yours and the impossibility of one bottom dating another bottom."

Emily nodded, still looking so shocked she'd have agreed with her Mom if the older woman had said they were going to talk about how to disprove the Earth was round. "So how was the pussy eating? Did you enjoy dropping your slutty head between Paige's thighs and licking her slick slot."

"Mom!" gasped Emily.

"Answer the question," smiled Pam, "Or else I can't help." Her hand moved over Emily's naked thigh, rubbing the flesh. Pam wondered whether her daughter realised what was meant by 'help' yet or was she still struggling to comprehend what was happening, that she was being turned into her Mom's personal sex toy.

Emily blushed red. "Yes," she said in a tiny voice.

"Pardon?" Pam said, smiling wickedly.

"Yes," said Emily, louder but still far from a shout, "I enjoyed oral sex with her."

"That wasn't the question," her Mom teased, "It was did you enjoy eating her?"

Emily nodded, her face crimson.

Pam patted the teen's naked thigh, smiling broadly like a Mom who'd just got the cream, "There that wasn't so bad. So we know that lapping pussy wasn't the problem. Now what about dirty talk - did she know what to call you during sex?"

"Em?" asked Emily, "She called me my name."

"Not slut or dyke or dirty whore? Just your name," Pam did her best to sound aggrieved on her daughter's behalf, "She at least must have made reference to you as a fuckhole or a skank bitch?"

Emily's face went red and Pam knew she was remembering, not Paige, but other members of the A-Team who knew what she was and had no problem saying that. After a few moments Emily shook her head, "No, those are so derogatory, a girlfriend wouldn't call you that."

"A girlfriend wouldn't, a fuck-slut's owner would," said Pam in the same tone she'd use for telling Emily that milk was good for her. To her satisfaction her daughter gave a very brief and very small, but still noticeable, nod of agreement, even if her cheeks remained as red as a beetroot. Pam gave her daughter's leg another squeeze and was reward with a slight opening of the thighs as if already the teen was realising that her holes were her Mom's and they needed to be ready for access. The Milf gently let go off the teen's leg and began to brush her knuckle on the flesh, her eyes moving up and down Emily's body, the denim shorts which clung to her legs and over her pussy, the vest which hugged her firm teenage boobs. She metaphorically licked her lips knowing that the teen, like a fly was being enmeshed in a web. It was all for Emily's own good, of course, she was a natural bottom and she wouldn't be happy if she wasn't being regularly butt-pounded. "So what about dildos? Did you use them?"

"With Paige," Emily blushed, "We didn't do that. Only fingers and tongues."

"What about with others?" Pam pushed.

"With others... I've only dated Paige..." Emily's face was so red that even if Pam hadn't known that her daughter had been passed round three-quarters of the A-Team she would have realised that she was lying.

"If we're to get to the bottom of why you split with Paige you need to tell me the truth. I'm not asking about dating, I'm asking if others have toyed your dirty, dyke holes," Pam smiled not just to take the sting of the words, but also to coincide with her hands moving up her daughter's thigh to rest just inches from her denim covered pussy.

The teen shivered, looking down at her Mom's hand and then up into her face. She must know what was happening now, but she wasn't resisting. "Yes," she said in a quavery voice, "I've been dildoed."

"Mmnnn, I knew you were a dirty slut," Pam's fingers played over her daughter's cunt, only separated from the wet flesh by the denim shorts and the panties underneath. She moved up and down over where she thought the clit was, virtually all pretence gone. "Where? Which holes? Up your ass? Did you do it up the butt?"

"Yes," whimpered Emily, "I've had a toy up my anus."

"Just one or more?" Pam stroked at Emily and as she did so she brought her face closer.

"More..." confirmed the teen, shaking.

"Were they big massive ones? Did they spread your tight, teen tushie and jam down your fuckhole?"

"Yes, Mom, yes."

"Were you filled up with plastic cock like a whore? Were they thrust all the way in? Did they gape that whore butt?" her Mom purred and stroked the teen. Emily's legs widen and she slid down against the couch, looking up at her Mom.

"They did, yes. I was filled with dildo, they spread my asshole."

"Mmmnnnn, so hot. Did you enjoy it? Did you cum and cum again, like a dirty, cheap hooker."

"Yes, I came. The dildo up my ass made me orgasm," Emily blushed.

Her Mom smiled sympathetically, pulling back and leaving her daughter quivering with lust. She put a touch of happy pride into her voice and said, "So we've found out why you split from Paige. You need a more dominant owner, who can ride your ass and treat you like the dirty slut you are."

Emily breathed heavily, looking up at her Mom, "Yes, yes I do," she said in wonderment as if it had just become clear to her.

Pam stood up, her hand moving from Emily as she did so. The teen shuddered and looked at her Mom with appealing eyes. Pam knew then she could take her and fuck her daughter's tight little holes.

She reached down and began to undo her pants. Emily looked down, her expression bewildered as if her brain hadn't yet told her what was going on. She'd find out soon enough. Pam stood and removed her pants. She hadn't bothered wearing underwear, knowing that it would be another thing to take off. "Get on your knees dyke whore."

Emily immediately did as she was told, accepting the name without protest. She looked up and Pam met her gaze, like a Babylonian Queen to a Christian Slave. The older woman savoured the moment, once she spoke again their relationship would change forever, in her case for the better. "Tongue my pussy whore and lick it good, I don't want to be short changed, I'm not Paige."

"Yes, Mom," said Emily. She blushed red as her head moved down, obviously embarrassed by the turn of events. But she still opened her mouth as she got to her Mom's cunt, like the sluttish bottom she was and began to lick. Emily had been tongued before, and she'd had it done well, but there was something special about having your daughter down there. It wasn't that Emily was particularly good, she wasn't bad, but she definitely could do with more practice. It was more that there was something so overwhelmingly powerful about making Emily do something so taboo and to do it without force. "Mmnnnn, lick it cunt lapper, eat my sweet cunt," Pam moaned in pleasure standing over the teen.

Emily licked harder and faster, her tongue slapping over the pussy, tearing down the slit to slap at the wet hole. Pam quivered and giggled in pleasure, how had she not done this before, this was such fun. She mentally thanked Ella and the rest of the A-Team for opening a new world to her, a world in which her daughter was her submissive bottom, as were many other cute and sexy women. "Oh, that's it slut, lick harder, I want my pussy soaking," she called down.

She was gratified that Em sped up. If the teen had an ounce of self-respective, she have stopped and ran out, pausing only to alert the police. but then if she'd had any self-respect she wouldn't have been a submissive bottom and she'd be the one having her pussy licked by some dumb dyke fuckslut. "Eat my cunt, stick that dyke tongue in my hole, taste my Mommy juice."

She pulled off her top and unclipped the bra, making sure to drop them both beside Emily so her daughter, despite being face forward in twat, would know her Mom was naked. The teen slurped harder, desperate to please the older woman, her tongue shooting out and digging deep at the cunt. The teen's fingers had crept up and were rubbing at Pam's clit at the same time. Pam hadn't told her to do that, but she was pleased the little whore was showing some initiative, she grunted and gasped in pleasure as the teen tongue shot in... "MMmnnn, urrrrhhhh, that's good, lick Mom's cunt, do it hard you disgusting little dyke whore..."

The teen lapped even harder, going so fast her tongue must ache. Pam gave another squeal of pleasure, gripping Emily's head and pushing it forward, thrusting her mouth at the pussy lips. The teen didn't even slow down, continuing to lick with the enthusiasm of a born bottom, like she was almost designed to give pleasure to tops. Pam gasped again, shrieking and shuddering in excitement as the teen's tongue dipped deep into her. She could have stayed here all day, but there was more to do if she was to fully break in Emily and prove herself worthy to the join the A-Team.

She yanked Emily's head back and tugged at the hair, forcing the teen to look at her. Her make-up was smeared and her face contorted in part lust , part horror, all embarrassment. Pam smiled, put every muscle to work so that it was a smile of control and dominance, just as Alison had showed her, "You're a slut whore, what are you Emily?"

The teen tried to downcast her eyes, but Pam kept tugging at her hair, jacking her head back and making sure the teen kept her eyes on her Mom as she said it, "I'm a slut whore."

"Yes, you are," Pam grinned, "And do you know what happens to slut whores?"

The teen didn't reply though she must have known the answer, so Pam spoke for her, "They get their skank ass fucked by their owners."

"Yes," whimpered Emily in agreement.

"Do you know who your owner is?" Pam used her spare hand to tap the end of Emily's nose as she spoke.

"Yes, yes," Emily would have nodded if her Mom hadn't been holding her hair so tight.


"You are, you own me," the teen whimpered again.

"And I'm going to fuck you," Pam smiled. "Once you ask for it. I want this to be consensual."

"Please fuck me, Mom, I want you to fuck me. Please bang me, in the ass, as hard as you like and for as long as you can. I'm your ass whore and I want you to fuck me," the words sounded like magic in Pam's ears.

She let go off Emily and was pleased to see her slut bottom daughter remained on her knees looking up at her new owner as she waited for instructions. Pam nodded sternly, "Go upstairs and get undressed. You'll find a strap-on dildo in my top drawer. Once you're naked bring it down and give it to me."

"Yes Mom," Emily stood and went upstairs.

Pam sat down and pretended to read, trying to appear nonchalant as she waited for the most momentous event in her life. It wasn't long before Emily returned, she hadn't wasted time, which was a good sign. As instructed she was totally nude and holding the strap-on which she handed to Pam. Pam put it on and then gestured for her daughter to move to the rug in the centre of the room. "Turn round, I want to see what I own," she said.

Emily turned so that her back was to her Mom. Her ass cheeks were lovely and firm, just round enough to fuckable without moving into fat. "I think I might get you a tramp stamp, what about 'Anal whore - insert here', we could add a little arrow?"

Emily gulped but replied, "Whatever you like Mom."

"We could tattoo 'I'm a dyke whore across' your stomach as well so that every time you undressed the rest of the swim team would know what type of skank you were. I might even rent you out to them, do you think they'd like that? Gangbanging your dyke ass with their dildos."

"I'm sure they would."

"Would you?"

"Yes, I love hard dildo in my ass," Emily said, this time she did look at the floor as if hoping that it would swallow her up and erase the words of shame.

It didn't.

"Spread those cheeks let see the hole I'm going to fuck," Pam said.

Emily pulled apart her buttocks, revealing the rosebud. Pam almost salivated looking at it, it was a shame it wasn't virgin, but that seemed a small consideration compared to the fact that she'd soon be fucking it and would able to do so whenever she wanted, wherever she wanted, however she wanted. "Turn around," she ordered again, "On your knees." Her daughter did as she was told, her cheeks blushing red. Pam bounced the cock she was wearing with her fingers, "Suck it, make it nice and wet for your ass."

The teen opened her mouth and slid it up the dildo, like she was born to suck plastic cock. Pam looked down smiling, it was so hot seeing her only child on her knees slurping up her dick, the teen moving higher and higher up it, giving it a proper spit shining. "Mmmnnn, that's right. Suck it deep. I want it balls deep in your mouth, all the way, whore."

Emily pushed herself, forcing her mouth further and further upwards. She gagged and choked falling back, but even before Pam could say something she was trying again, ignoring the watering of her eyes and the saliva dripping from between her lips. "Eat it whore, suck my plastic dick, suck it all the way in like the dirty skanky slut you are." Pam licked her lips in excitement, unable to believe how far her daughter was taking it. At first Pam had thought she'd need to help Emily take the final inches and that she'd need to grab her head and force it forward. But it turned out Emily was doing it all on her own, Pam wasn't sure whether it was A-Team training or underwater swimming, but in either case Em had lungs which seemed to be able to cope with anything.

The final bit of the dick pushed in and Emily looked up desperately. "Stay there," Pam reached down and pinched her daughter's nose. She would see how well trained she was when she was getting no oxygen at all. Emily went white, then puce and then red. But she remained in place, a perfectly obedient slut. Pam let go and gave a gentle pus, "Breath," she said. Emily fell back off the dildo, a long train of saliva between it and her, she gasped desperately, dragging air into her lungs. "Keep sucking, whore," Pam said and Emily drove her face back down, pushing herself onto the cock. The teen did as she was told leaving the cock soaking in her spit and her make-up as messed as an impressionist painting.

"Okay on your knees, bend over, lift that ass up and spread it like a anal whore should," Pam said.

Once the teen was down, Pam took hold off the dildo, soaked with her daughter's spit and pushed it at the hole. "Pull those cheeks apart further," she instructed, "Open that hole for Mommy."

Emily tugged harder at her butt cheeks, pulling them apart so hard that the rosebud opened. Pam pressed her advantage, thrusting the toy at the ring muscle and breaking through. She didn't stop, but pressed her advantage forcing the dick in further. The walls fought back, but not hard, they knew what was coming and didn't see the point of resisting. Pam gripped Emily's waist, grasping her hard and thrusting. The teen moaned and shuddered, enjoying the feel of dyke dick in her ass, as Pam had known she would. "Oooohhh," she moaned like a whore, "Oooohhhh, ooooohhh."

"Tell me to fuck you harder, whore, tell me how much you love dick in your ass," Pam grunted as she continued to pound, thrusting more and more of the toy into her daughter's butthole.

"Fuck me harder Mom," the teen squeaked obligingly, "Ram that dildo deep into my whore ass. Fuck me so good.... oooohhhh, that's right, that's good. I am an anal whore, I love having dildo deep in my ass. Ooooohhh fill me up with your big plastic cock Mom, I love it, I love for dyke dick... ooooohhh."

"You dirty, dirty, whore," Pam grinned as she spoke, "After I ass fuck you to oblivion I may just have to wash your mouth out with soap and water." She slammed harder and harder, almost knocking Emily over so that the teen had to let go of the cheeks and balance her hands on the floor. It no longer mattered as Pam was so deeply impaled in the teen tush that she no longer needed the buttocks to be held open. In fact she was all the way in, her thighs hammering at the firm round globes with every thrust. She lifted her hand and slapped them hard, making them wobble and the teen squealed. She smacked them again, she was really riding Emily like the teen was an untamed bronco. "Take it ass whore, take my dick in your ass. I own this hole and I'm going to ruin it."

"Yesss, yessss, fuck your bitch's ass. I'm your anal slut, a fucktoy for your pleasure, pound my asshole and make it yours," the teen squealed in pleasure.

Pam went even faster and harder, fucking Emily as hard as she ever fucked anyone. The teen squeaked and squealed, bucking and bending as she was hammered. Emily's finger clawed at the rug as Pam's dug into her, the Milf using her nails like claws to grip the teen and keep her in position. "Yes, yes, yes, this ass is so hot. And it's mine. I'm going to fuck it again and again, until I've ruined it and all your fit for is to be a street whore making money for Mommy."

"Yessss, aaaarrrrghhh, fuck my ass harder, aaaaaarrghhh fuck it, good," the teen shrieked again, cumming so hard her juices were splattering from her cunt onto to the rug, which in the circumstances was probably forgivable though Pam resolved to make her daughter hand wash it later, it hadn't been cheap. She slammed in, ramming the dildo fast down the hole. Emily's head lifted again and her back bent, "AAAAArrggghh, yesssss, aaaaargghhh."

Pam didn't care whether Emily orgasmed or not and continued to fuck her hard, ramming the dildo in so it rub at her own clit and made her feel the pleasure. "Oooohhh," she moaned, "Uuurrhhhh, fuck this ass, it's so hot. OOOOhhh, this is so good." Harder and harder she pounded, faster and faster, filling Emily with thick dick, hammering the hole open. "Uuurrhhh, oooohhh, this is making me cum." She went even quicker, giving her all to the slut in front of her. Emily trembled and squealed, Pam thrust and thrust, only caring about her own pleasure and driving it on, making the toy stimulate her clit harder and more intensely, "Aaarrrghh," she gasped, "aaaarrrghhh."

Panting she pulled out. She was covered in sweat. She smiled at her daughter, "Stay there slut, I want to take a picture."

* * *

The champagne was expensive, but worth every cent. Ella was standing by the wall of anal shame, where the A-Team's conquests were proudly displayed. There was a new picture up, 'Emily Fields - buttfucked!' and with it a new member of the A-Team. Pam Fields was standing there with the others, dressed simply but elegantly. "Welcome Pam, a worthy ass fucker for our team," Ella raised her hand in a toast.

Pam blushed and raised her glass as Melissa, Alison and Mona all repeated the toasting, smiling in a real welcome. Ella felt a rush of both pride and love for the team, there were so many challenges still to face, but she really felt with this team they might do it and bring the Amazons into the light. She raised her glass again, "The A-Team."

* * *

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