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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team 15 (FFFF,inc,anal,dp,double-anal)
by LL

"It seems ages since we had a sleepover Aria," Emily said as she and her friend entered Emily's bedroom.

"It does," agreed Aria. She smiled to show both agreement and that she thought the sleepover was a great idea. "Things have been busy at home," she explained. What she didn't say was why they'd been busy. She loved Emily like a sister; even more in fact as sometimes sisters argue and fight, but she didn't think her friend would understand or approve of Aria firstly becoming her Mom's sex-toy and then being shared out with Alison, Mona and Melissa. At the very least she'd tell their other friends and set up a gossip chain. At worst, the authorities, who would be very interested in a teen girl who was being regularly fucked by her Mom - even if said teen girl was blissfully happy at being a lesbian sex slave.

"Busy for me as well," said Emily putting down her friend's bag on the floor next to the bed. "Majorly so. Which is why it was such a great idea for us to have some time together. I'm glad you were able to come."

"It's a shame about Hanna and Spencer," said Aria. They'd been invited, but were unable to come - both being busy that weekend, though they were a little mysterious about what. Still it was great that her Mom had given her the night off, much as she loved having her butthole stretched by her Mom and her Mom's friends, it was also great to be catching up with Emily.

"It is," agreed Emily, "but I'm looking forward to us having fun tonight."

"Yes, a real girlie night," giggled Aria.

"Shall we get changed into our night clothes," Emily said, already unzipping Aria's bag.

It was a little early, Aria thought - she'd left her house just after she'd finished clearing away the dinner dishes and it was hardly dark outside (and if it had been earlier in the year it wouldn't have been). But if Emily thought they ought to get changed she wasn't going to argue - even if she was sure Emily was a bottom like her you could never be sure and she didn't want to accidentally disobey a top. The brunette teen nodded, "Yeah, okay."

Her friend opened the bag and reached in, looking surprised at the night-dress Aria had brought over. Aria fought to keep from blushing; her Mom had packed it, telling her that no slut of hers was going to wear PJs or a drab nightie. And the one she had chosen was far from that; translucent and barely covering the top of the teen's thighs - it was great for being fucked in, not so much designed for sleepovers with friends. She could see her friend looking at it, obviously unsure what to say or do. Aria tried to proffer an explanation, "Everything else is in the wash," she lied, "That's why I got this one. I didn't realise it was so short, I've never worn it."

"You know the surprising thing," Emily said, "I have one really similar."

* * *

"That's enough," Ella Montgomery held up a hand to Pam Fields.

Her friend slowly eased the bottle of wine up, letting a few sips more trickle from it into the glass before filling her own to a similar amount and placing the bottle on the table. She glanced at the kitchen door to make sure it was securely closed, not that it would have mattered - she had ordered Emily to take Aria to her room and leave the older woman in peace. Her teen daughter probably thought it was to allow them some space to gossip and drink some wine without being interrupted - she had no idea that Ella was part of the A-Team. "I told Emily to suggest to Aria they get changed into their night things."

Her friend smiled, "And Aria's so suggestive she'll do it." She sipped the wine and nodded appreciatively, "I packed her a sexy little nightdress, see through and short. It shows off her sexy little body well."

"I am so looking forward to her, the others rave about her," Pam said.

Aria's Mom nodded agreeing with her fellow team members assessment, "She's turned out to be a total hole on legs, whatever you want she'll do, so submissive I'm surprised she manages to breath without permission."

"You must be so proud," Pam said.

Again Ella nodded in agreement, "I am. We have a great group of tops and its fantastic to know that how well we gel to train and dominate slut fuck-holes. Breaking in Aria was a team effort, I might have been the one who banged her first, but I couldn't have done it if Alison, Mona and Melissa hadn't helped me in preparing the plan and identifying the buttons to open up Aria."

"They did a great job with Emily as well. She's a total fuck-slut as well," Pam said.

Ella smiled and nodded, "I'm looking forward to her as well. But it was you who put in the final touches and turned her into a literal mother-fucker; that's always a challenge - but one I'm really glad you managed."

"I am amazed neither Aria or Emily have noticed there's anything suspicious. We keep them sequestered for weeks, only allowed out to go to school and then suddenly out of the blue we're suggesting sleepovers with friends."

"Self-delusion is just one of the many things which marks a bottom out from a top," explained Ella. "It's not so much stupidity as a complete blindness to what they are. I swear sometimes that Aria thinks we're in some sort of taboo romance instead of her just being my whore fuckhole."

"Emily can be the same," her Mom explained, "She's currently mooning about what's going to happen to us when she goes to college, as if I'm going to waste money on educating a hole. She'll stay at home and waitress during the day and whore at night."

"I've been thinking the same about Aria, I was wondering about setting her up as a lesbian cam-girl, I certainly want to be able to earn some money from her. It's something we might want to discuss as a team in a few weeks, I'm sure Mona and Alison would want to top up their college funds with earnings from their sluts."

"They might want to set them up with Melissa's fuckholes, two Moms and daughters making out on a cam would be a popular channel," Pam smiled, "Though we might have to pretend their fake Moms and daughters pretending to be real Moms and daughters," she added laughing.

Ella laughed as well, "If only people knew, they'd freak. It's why we need to keep under the radar, until the Amazons are ready to rise again."

"Speaking of Moms and daughters, would you like another glass before we go up for some fun and games with ours," Pam indicated the bottle.

"Just a small refill," Ella smiled, "I don't want to be tipsy when I'm butt-ramming a hole."

* * *

The two teens had changed into their nighties; Aria was surprised that the Emily's was as short as hers, she didn't think Pam would allow - her friend's Mom must have become more liberal since Aria had last spoken to her. Even so she'd still have probably been shocked that Em was wearing it with no underwear - she'd run out, she'd explained with a blush. As her own Mom hadn't packed any Aria was also pantyless and as the two of them sat on the bed, their legs curled up beneath them, Aria was sure that Em was trying to get little glimpses of the brunette's slit. Which was only fair as Aria was glancing down in the hope of the peek of her friends. Her Mom had opened her lesbian side and Aria knew now she was a submissive dyke and if Em had stood up and demanded Aria spread her butt cheeks, the teen would have done without complaint.

They giggled as they gossip, though Aria felt that both were a little forced. She'd always shared with her friends, but now her biggest secret was one she'd got to keep to herself. Emily seemed guarded as well, like she too had something she wasn't saying - though Aria suspected that my be her own guilt creating a mirror image to make her feel better. But more than the secret what made it forced was the knowledge her Mom was downstairs and Aria ass was metaphorically aching to be filled. What had seemed a good idea, a sleepover with a friend, was less good now she realised how much she needed her Mom to fuck her every night. Still as that wasn't going to happen, (she could hardly pack up and head off without making Em total suspicious) the brunette had to make the best of things and laugh at Em's quips, shake her head despairingly at her disappointments and nod for her triumphs.

"I've got a chance for the state team," Emily explained as Aria decided this was a nodding moment and did so with perhaps a little too much vigour.

She was just thinking what to say when there was a light tap on the door. For a second Emily looked surprised before looking at Aria as if the teen was a solution to a puzzle. "Um, come in," she didn't sound overly confident, as if her Mom never knocked and she never asked her in. Aria, of course, never invited her Mom in - if the door was closed Ella would just open it, reminding Aria that a bottom had no privacy from her mistress.

The door opened and Pam stood framed in it, Aria's Mom just behind her. Both were smiling and for the first time Aria noticed how sexy a smile Pam had, not as pussy-dampening as her Mom's, but hot nonetheless. "We were just wanting to check you were okay," Pam's smile got wider as she stepped enough into the room to enable Ella to follow her. "That you're ready for the night."

"Yes, we've changed into our night things," Emily stood up.

Ella and Pam exchanged glances, both grinning broadly, "So I see," purred Pam.

She padded further into the room, her eyes sweeping up and down her daughter before moving to eyeball Aria, staring at the teen's sexy form like she was appraising an expensive antique. Though she was used to being gang-fucked she wasn't expecting her friend's Mom to look so lustfully at her when she was there for a sleepover. She looked at her own Mom, Ella coming further into the room and eyeing Emily like a piece of very hot meat. "Very nice," Ella said and Aria began to wonder if there was more going on. She didn't think Pam was part of the A-Team however, and her Mom wouldn't just share her with anybody - would she?

She wasn't long in getting an answer.

"Stand up, Aria," her Mom ordered, "Show Pam your nightie."

Aria did as she was told, standing next to her friend and twirling round. The dress was so short that as she went round the hem lifted and exposed her - not that you couldn't see the outlines already through the sheer material. Pam smiled, her eyes following Aria as she swung round, her expression lecherous and lustful. "Emily," she said, her gaze not moving from Aria, "Give Ella of show of your nightdress as well."

"Yes Mom," said Emily dutifully and spun round next to Aria as the brunette stopped facing Pam. Like Aria her twirl exposed her shaven slit and Aria could see her Mom's desire writ on her face as obviously as if it had been scrawled with marker pen.

Emily came to a stop, blushing slightly, but not so much that Aria didn't believe that Emily had submitted to her Mom beforehand. The two older woman grinned as the teens stood there, exposed to their lascivious gaze. It was Pam who broke the silence, "Emily lift your nightie, show Ella that hot little front fuckhole of yours."

Without a word, even if she blushed, Emily lifted the hem and pulled it up. Ella smiled and stepped forward, reaching out to stroke the cunt. Emily didn't resist, her skin reddened more, but she remained still. Ella smiled, taking a step back and turning to Pam, "Very smooth. Do you want to see Aria's?" She didn't wait for an answer before turning back to her daughter, "Show Pam your cunt."

Aria didn't pause before lifting her nightie. Unlike Emily she didn't blush, as a well trained fuckhole, regularly used by her Mom's fellow A-Team members Aria was accustomed to obeying without question. Her role was to satisfy the sexual whims of tops and Pam was certainly one - that much she now knew. If she hadn't known Pam's next move would have confirmed it as she reached down and grabbed the mons, squeezing it and rubbing her middle finger at the slit. "The whorey fuckhole is wet already," she said with a smile.

"That's because she's a slut skank," her Mom confirmed. The two Moms circled round the teen's to sit on the bed. As she hadn't been told to turn Aria remained looking at the door, her friend the same. She could almost feel the two women's gaze burning into her and Em, admiring their sexy butts barely covered by the thin material. It made Aria even wetter with excitement; it looked like she needn't worry about it being a fuck-free night after all.

"What about a little show?" grinned Pam, "Twerk those butts."

"You heard her Aria, bounce that hot little ass," said Ella, confirming to the brunette she should follow Pam's instructions.

Aria bent forward, wiggling and bouncing her cheeks at the two older women. Beside her Em was bending as well, a slight blush on her cheeks as she too bounced her butt. The two Moms laughed and whooped. "That's it sluts, show us what your made off," called Pam.

"Wiggle them, jiggle them, I want to see those hot little cheeks bouncing," added Ella.

"Youch," squeaked Emily.

Even as Aria was wondering why her friend had yelped one of the Mom's (the teen wasn't sure which) reached out and slapped her ass hard. "Oww!" Aria squealed. She didn't stop bouncing her ass though and was rewarded or punished (it was sometimes hard to tell which was which) with a series of follow up swats.

"Go for it," grinned Pam, "Work those bangable butts."

"You heard her, we want to see those cheeks dance," Ella added.

A couple more swats landed on Aria's ass and she could hear the crack of a palm on flesh as others spanked across Em's. The two teens gave little squeaks, more for show that because of pain. They continued to dance and jiggle, their asses going up and down, the cheeks swaying like flotsam bobbing on a wavy sea.

"Those asses are hot," said Pam.

"They are," giggled Ella. "Now get those nightdresses off."

Aria kept herself bent forward and twerking as she removed the nightie. Em started to straighten and then saw her friend wasn't bent down again. The two nighties landed in front of the open bedroom door and the two teens carried on bouncing their asses at their Moms. The older women whooped and spanked, their palms smacking down on the teen tushies, leaving red prints on the skin.

"Give us a dance sluts," said Ella and Aria bounced her ass harder, hoping it pleased her Mom and Pam. Beside her Emily was blushing, but dancing, her ass going up and down in time with her friends.

"Let's have these whores give us a real lesbian show," giggled Pam.

"Oh yes," laughed Ella. "Aria, Emily turn and face each other."

Straightening Aria did as she was bid, standing naked opposite her friend. In her peripheral vision she could see her Mom and Pam, sitting excited, but relaxed on the bed, their eyes gazing at the two naked teen's lustfully.

"The two of you, make out, hot and heavy," instructed Ella and Pam nodded in agreement.

Aria moved in, her mouth opening for Emily. Her friend was doing the same, her hands moving to Aria's waist. "Go for it you sluts," clapped Pam as the two teens connected, their lips trembling as they moved around each other.

Aria's hand slid down and round her friend, finding Emily's butt and gently caressing and squeezing it. Her friend gripped back, her firm fingers playing with Aria's round rump, grasping the cheeks and digging in. Their tongues moved faster against each other as they gave their Moms a passionate display. Even as she was kissing Emily Aria was thinking how strange it was - she'd never thought she and Em would ever be making out as lovers - but more than that it was a long time since she'd kissed anyone, her Mom was not big on affection to her bottom. As her tongue rolled round Emily's the teen brunette remembered she rather liked it and hoped her Mom would encourage to make out with her other friends as well...

"Finger that sweet pussy, Emily, stick your finger in my daughter's slit," laughed Ella.

Aria gave a moan, her head falling back as her friend's digit slipped between her slot lips and into the hole. Emily continued to kiss, moving to the neck as Aria's mouth was out of reach, all the time her elbow going back and forth powering the finger into Aria. The brunette moaned again, shuddering as her friend slammed in faster and faster, driving deep into the soaked hole. She could see her Mom and Pam sitting in rapt attention, their expressions concentrated lust. "Ooohhh," she gave another pleasured moan.

"Fuck, this is hot," giggled Pam and undid a couple of buttons on her blouse. "Lick that finger clean of pussy juice."

Emily did as she was told, slipping the cum covered digit into her mouth and sucking it like a lollipop.

Aria decided to take the initiative, not too much, she didn't want to appear rebellious to the tops control, but enough to show how much she enjoyed giving them the best performance she could. As Emily licked her finger, Aria leant down and grabbed a tit, pressing it against her mouth and starting to suckle it. It was her friend's turn to groan in sexual bliss, shaking gently as Aria's tongue and teeth found her nub.

"That's it Aria, show us what you can do," laughed her Mom, clapping appreciation.

Aria continued to slurp greedily at the tit before switching to its partner. She sucked it, swallowing as much as she could, pleasuring the teat with mouth, her teeth nibbling down. Her friend moaned again, her eyes fluttering as the waves of sensual joy washed through her. Aria smiled as she switched back, her eyes flicking to the audience - if em was enjoying her mouth her Mom and Pam were enjoying her enjoying it. And Aria hadn't finished.

Even as her lips were latching back on the lovely firm swimmer's titty, one of her hands was moving from the back of her friend to the front. Her fingers caressed Em's smooth cunt, running up and down over the slit. With practised ease she pry it apart and slipped her middle digit in, fingering her friend's twat.

"Uuurrhh," the groan from Emily was heartfelt and true, "Uuurhhh, ooohh," it got louder as Aria's finger thrust harder and faster, driving into the hole, pressing down deep.

"Stick that finger deep into that dyke-hole," giggled Ella, "Seal it and stop it leaking." She grinned and pulled off her jumper, undoing her bra. Aria continued to masturbate her friend as from the corner of her eye she watched her Mom stand and undo her jeans, following them down with her panties, before sitting back on the bed naked. One of the Milf's hands crawled between her legs, the other began to cradle and massage her own boob. "Finger fuck her Aria, show us what sluts you are."

"Oh Emily, you're enjoying this you dirty whore, you're loving being a porno star in front of your Mom and Ella. You're such a skank" Pam laughed, following her friend in undressing. Soon she was nude on the bed as well, her hand gently stroking her pussy as she watched the two teens.

Aria switched from tit to tit, suckling and lapping at them, making the teats tender as she lashed them with her tongue. All the time she continued to work her finger into Emily, making her friend quiver and quake with the pleasure of it all. "Mmmnn, ooohhh, Aria, oooohhh, that's so good, ooooohh fuck, that feels so, so nice."

"Okay you sluts, that's enough," said Ella clapping her hands.

Obedient to her commands the two teens split, though Em had a slightly wistful look on her face as if she wanted it to go longer. Aria was proud that she didn't have the same expression, even if she had been enjoying it, it was the mark of how well trained she'd become that she jumped at a tops command and never showed any trace of reluctance. The two Milfs turned and smiled at each other as their daughters stood naked in front of them, before turning back. It was Ella who spoke first "I've been telling Pam what a whore you are Aria, how you loved getting fucked by everyone in the A-Team like a cheap prostitute."

"And we know you're the same Emily, that you can't help but spread those cheeks for hard anal fuckings," Pam said, smiling as she said it.

The two teens nodded in agreement. Aria suspected she knew what was coming next and was looking forward to it; if what Pam was saying about Em was true (and with their naked make-out session it almost certainly was) her friend was waiting in equal anticipation.

"So we've decided that as you two sluts are here together that it would be the perfect opportunity to show what you can do," Ella smiled, "and I think we've just seen a taster."

Aria nodded, waiting for the word like a sprinter waiting for the gunshot. Her Mom seemed to sense it as she leaned back on her hands looking relaxed and in no hurry. Pam smiled as well, eyeing the two teens like a connoisseur of cunt. "Emily, get on your knees in front of Ella and show her what you can do with your lithe tongue."

"Yes Mom," said Emily dropping to her knees. She quickly scooted forward between Ella's open legs and dropped her face down to the sexy slit. Aria forced herself to remain impassive as her friend's face descended to her Mom's cunt and began to lap, the noise of her slurping filling Aria's ears. She waited and waited, as Emily's tongue pounded her Mom, the back of her friend's head visible between the older woman's legs, bobbing and shaking as she lapped at speed. It made Aria's cunt quiver and she wished she too was licking twat - it was where she belonged, what she was born to do.

Pam was also a natural at mentally torturing bottoms and she made no move to call Aria over. The younger brunette forced herself to remain still, at the same time trying to stop herself thinking. What if it was another test of her initiative? But was she to join Em in pleasuring her Mom or go to Pam? It was too big a decision to make without instruction. Oh God, what if it was worse, if after licking out her Mom, Em would be switched back to Pam - perhaps Aria was only here to watch and not taste any of the delicious pussy juice? That would be terrible, but it'd be worse if she missed it because she didn't take the lead? But if she took the initiative without being told, that was against all her recent training - it would almost make her a top and that would be disaster of volcanic scale.

Just as her mind threatened to become such a turmoil that she'd end up catatonic Pam brought an end to her torture. "Aria, come here, show me that your slut tongue is as good as your Mom says."

"Yes Mrs Fields," Aria scuttled forward in relief.

The older woman's legs opened for her and Aria dropped between them. For a brief second she stared lustfully at the pussy, a thin sliver of hair, the lips gently spread apart, framing the slit, open enough for the teen to get a brief glimpse of the wet pink walls between. It looked delectable and so tasty and something Aria knew she would enjoy pleasuring. She didn't waste any further time examining it, reckoning the best way to explore top twat was with tongue. She pressed her face down and began to lick enthusiastically, her tongue sweeping up and around the slot, slipping down at the crack and up to clitoris. Pam gave a brief moan, which got louder as Aria brought her hand up, her thumb playing eagerly at the clit whilst her fingers eased open the hole. Her tongue drove down.

"Mmmm, that's it Aria, you slut, taste my cunt."

"Make her go for it Pam," moaned Ella, "Get her slut tongue working you...ooooohhh, yes."

"You heard your Mom, ram my cunt, ooohh yes, I want it hard," Pam placed her hand on the back of Aria's head pressing it forward. Not that Aria needed much encouragement, she was a pussy hound she knew and much as she loved lapping at her Mom's cunt she could deny that variety added spice; especially as her Mom was beside her enjoying her friend. The teen shoved her tongue deeper and drove it harder, slamming at the hole, probing and exploring, delving into the grotto of delights. Beside her she could hear her Mom's moans and groans. It made Aria pound even more enthusiastically as if she was in a competition with Em on who could make their Mom cum louder.

It was certainly close if it was, both women were shrieking and squealing in ecstasy as the two teens tongued the tasty twats. Aria lapped and licked, loving the luscious lady fluid that Pam was dripping out like a leaky pipe. The older woman gripped the teen's head and pushed it further forward, forcing her face into the flesh around the cunt and her tongue down deep into the delicious hole. "Aaarrrghh, yessss, eat me you whore," Pam screamed.

Aria continued to do so.

Beside them Ella gave another cry of pleasure, rocking back on the bed. It made Aria tongue more vigorously, determined to give Pam the same pleasure Em was giving her Mom. It seemed to work as Pam shuddered and shook, her hands pushing and gripping at the back of Aria's skull. "Eat me you cunt-lapping skank, I want your tongue so far into my hole your face will be in it. Oooohh, yesss, that's it you dirty bitch, pleasure my twat, suffocate yourself in my pussy."

"You as well Emily, slurp my cunt. OOoooohh, your Mom was right you're a hot little whore."

Aria ate with an enthusiastic eagerness and from the continued squeals and cries from her Mom, Em wasn't stinting on the cunt lapping either. The teen's tongue pounded and probed, twisted and lapped, exploring and finding all of Pam's spots. Even as she was licking her friend's Mom's cunt, driving her tongue deep between the lips and into the tunnel, her fingers were rubbing at the clit, adding to Pam's enjoyment and making the older woman gasp and shudder. "Yesss, you slut, keep going, yessssss!"

"Aaarrgghh, yes, you little whore, you're a real professional at this... aaaaarrghhh your Mom has trained you so well," Ella screamed, "Tongue my twat, aaaarrghhh, yesss, go for it you dyke skank."

The two older women gasped and shudder as their two teenage daughters lapped and licked like the experts they were. Their tongues slipped down and in, their fingers pressurising and stimulating the clits as they did, pressing and rubbing at the older women's buds. Screams of ecstasy reverberated round the room "Aaaarrghhh, yessss, aaaarrrghhh."

Aria swallowed down more of Pam's lovely tasty cunt cum, keen to make sure she did all she could to pleasure the older woman; she knew that would make her own Mom proud. Her tongue sped in and out, hammering the hole with a hot intensity, making Pam squeal some more and shudder as if a bomb had gone off within her. "Yesssss. yesssss, aarrrghhhh."

Aria lifted her head to gasp in a quick burst of air, but before she could go down Pam was pushing her up and away, turning to Ella, "Time to butt-fuck these sluts?"

"Oh yes," agreed her friend.

Aria sat on her knees as Pam and her Mom stood up. She glanced at Emily, her friend was smiling with a dazed but happy expression, the cum glistening on her lips. Aria continued to turn round to follow the two naked Moms as they walked across the bedroom to Emily's cupboard. Pam opened it, reaching down to pull out a cardboard box. She and Ella reached in, rummaging for a moment before coming out with two strap-ons. They were massive and Aria almost salivated with lust as she watched the two dominant Moms slide them up their legs and tighten the belts; Em's expression wasn't dissimilar.

The two Milfs made the final adjustments to their strap-ons and grinned broadly at the bottoms. "Turn round and lean over the bed," ordered Ella, "Pam and I want easy access to those slutty butt holes."

Immediately Aria did what she was told, noticing that there was no pause from Em either, her friend joining her in lying her top over the bed and lifting her ass up ready for its probing.

"You're right," said Pam from behind, "Aria does have the sweetest ass."

"You'll enjoy fucking it," laughed Ella "and I've heard so many great things about Em's I know I'm going to enjoy it as well." There was a slight squeak from the floor as the two older women advanced in the up-raised asses, before they paused behind them and Ella said, "Pam, remember one thing."

"What?" her friend asked.

"Aria's just a hole, pound her as hard and brutally as you like."

"I will, you do the same to Emily," giggled Pam. She raised her hand and struck it across Aria's ass, making the cheek quiver. "Reach round and spread that hole, open it for dick."

"Yes Mrs Fields," said Aria doing as she was told.

"So polite, you've trained this whore well," said Pam, gazing lustfully down at the hole.

"A good fuckhole knows her place," said Ella and Aria could hear the pride in her Mom's words and that made her proud as well, that she was pleasing her Mom and knowing her place in the hierarchy - if other bitches and holes rebelled from tops, she wouldn't.

"Spread you ass as well Emily, I want to see that hole open before I fuck it," Ella said.

"Yes, Mrs Montgomery," the teen replied, though whether she was automatically this well trained or just following Aria's sensible lead it was impossible for the brunette to know.

The two teens remained in situ, their hands on their buttocks, pulling them apart as far as they could manage, stretching the holes open. Above them the two women stared lustfully, slapping on a coating of anal lube on their cocks. "They look so tight don't they?" said Pam.

"For the moment," Ella grinned, "Let's make them gape."

Aria turned her head to the side so she could see Em; her friend's expression was as much excited anticipation as Aria was sure hers was. Even as Aria was looking it changed and turned, the teen's mouth opening in an O as Ella's cock was introduced to her butthole. The brunette had barely time to take it in before she felt the tip of Pam's toy pressing at her sphincter, pushing it in. Aria's mouth replicated her friend's, her ass wiggling as she encouraged Pam in, "Fuck me," she breathed, "Pound my asshole."

"I'm going to ruin this butt," boasted Pam and thrust the dick in deep and violently.

Aria gasped as she was shoved hard against the bed, her mouth opening in stunned surprise at how far Pam had got with one push. It shouldn't have surprised her, she knew, as it was obvious the older woman was no milquetoast, but an experienced top with a practised butt-fucking technique. The teen still squealed in shock, the cry rapidly turning to pleasure as Pam pounded in deeper, thrusting the cock further into the chute, busting the passage's resistance.

"Oh, yes, fuck my ass," squealed Emily, beside her. The swimmer was bouncing at the bed as Ella pounded her hard, the look on her face on of intense pleasure. The older woman thrust down deep, pushing the cock all the way into Emily's hole, the slap thighs on cheeks loud in Aria's ears. Her friends hands were off her butt and stretched out over the bedding, like it was a raft she was trying to climb onto. And like she was a castaway in a stormy sea she was rolling and swaying as she was slammed from behind.

Aria didn't have much time to take this all in before Pam was slamming at her as well, within a few moments the cock ramming all the way in as the older woman gave the teen her all. Aria could feel the thighs slapping at her knuckles as she kept her hands on her cheeks, spreading them. It was obvious that she didn't need to, the dildo was now impaled all the way in her ass and Pam was pounding it so deep it didn't look like she needed any help. Aria released her cheeks and swiftly placed her hands out in front of her, one grasping the quilt, the other searching crab-like for Emily's hand and once she'd found it gripping it like they were Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods.

Behind her Pam was grabbing her waist and using it as a balance, allowing her to go faster and harder, the dick pounding all the way in. Ella was doing the same, her hands gripping Emily as she'd had held Aria so many times and thrusting in with a brutal vigour. Aria squeezed her friend's hand in delight, the two of them rocking and thudding over the bed, their tits squashed against the bedding, burning with friction as they were slammed forward. Aria squeaked "Ooohh, ooohhh, yes, fill my ass, fuck it hard, it's yours."

"Take it slut, take my big strap-on dildo up your whore's hole," grunted Pam in response and drove the dick in with such power that Aria could only yelp in reply.

"These butts are so fuckable," grunted Ella, "We need to gape them open."

Pam's hand flicked across Aria's ass, "Hear that sluts, we're going to ruin these assholes of yours so you won't be able to sit for a week."

"Yes, please, yes," squeaked Aria in happiness. She was born to be fucked, her whole life was just breathing and eating to support being an anal fuck toy; she loved it, she needed it, she was it.

"AAaarrrghh, yes, fuck me good, Mrs Montgomery," Emily cried beside her, "Leave my asshole throbbing, please fuck me as hard as you can."

"You sluts" laughed Pam and pounded in.

"They are, aren't they. Lucky for us, as these asses are to die for," grinned Ella back.

The room was soon filled with the sounds of anal fucking, the slap of the older woman against the younger, the slurping punch of dildos pushing deep down formerly tight tunnels, the bang of the bed against the wall. Interspersed and overlaying them were the pants of Ella and Pam and the squeals and shrieks of their daughters. To Aria it was the best sleepover ever, her ass stretching and aching as the dick pounded in. She raised her head and screamed in pleasure, the orgasms tearing her. Emily was the same, howling and whooping as if she'd just scored a goal.

The two older women pounded harder, grunting with the effort of butt-filling the teens, leaving the assholes sore and pleasured, loose and gaping, making the stuffing even easier. Aria came again, shrieking loudly and gripping Em's hand as she came, the orgasm burning her brain and popping her eyes.

"That's it whore, take my big cock all into your slutty ass," Pam grunted, her hand spanking at Aria's butt like she was racing her.

And perhaps she was as even as she was slapping her hand over the cheeks Aria could hear the crack of her Mom's palm on Em's as her Mom grunted, "All the way bitch, take my dildo in that dyke butt."

The two teens caterwauled in unison, bouncing and shuddering, their bodies burning with ecstasy so hot there was almost steam coming from their pores. More orgasmic waves hit them and Aria's brain went into overdrive, "AAarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaarrghhh, more, aaaaaarghhhh!" Her cunt was so wet it was dripping even though it was untouched. "AAaaarrrghhh fuck my ass, aaaarrghhh."

There was no warning before Pam pulled out. One moment she was deep in Aria's ass, the fake plastic balls pressing at the teen and the next the hole was empty and cold and Pam was grabbing her by the shoulder and turning her round, "Suck it bitch."

Emily was still getting her ass fucked vigorously and obviously enjoying every second, but Aria didn't complain. If Pam was finished with her ass and wanted her to clean the cock that was her prerogative as a top and at least she'd been fucked so good her ass was still aching and tingling. She twisted fully round and onto her knees, opening her mouth and taking the dick between her lips. It tasted rancid, a mixture of lube and a flavour Aria didn't want to think about. However, she'd tasted her own ass often enough not to worry, it was foul but it wasn't poisonous and as a good bottom she'd cope.

"Suck it bitch, all the way in, I want this cock deep-throated," Pam instructed, her hands reaching round to grab Aria's skull as if the teen needed pressurising.

Aria didn't, she opened her mouth wider and forced herself forward, ignoring the taste and the discomfort, pushing herself past the gag reflex and managing her choke, bile surging up her throat and over the dick. Still she pushed forward, her eyes watering and mouth bulging.

"Let's get some cock in your mouth Emily," Ella was saying and from the corner of her eye Aria saw her friend swivelling round to take her Mom's dick. She pushed down herself, she knew her Mom enjoyed having her dildo cleaned after fucking and knew how deep Emily would be taking it. She would do the same for Pam and make sure her Mom's friend realised that Aria was a good a cock-sucker as she was a cunt-lapper and butt-dyke.

"Mmmnn, yes, swallow it all," Pam ordered, her hand resting on Aria's head ready to press forward at the first sign of slackening. It didn't come, Aria pushing herself down the dick, gasping and snorting, choking and blinking, but still taking it.

Then Pam started to move her hips, thrusting at the teen's mouth as if it was her asshole. Aria gurgled and choked, her eyes watering, as next to her Em's head bounced as Ella started to follow her friend in face-fucking their daughters. Aria reached up and round to clasp Pam's buttocks for balance and to help keep her straight as the cock pushed in. Aria didn't find being throat-banged nearly as much fun as anal, there were no hidden nerve endings on her tonsils that would zing as pounded. However she realised that her pleasure was secondary to the tops and if Pam was anything like her Mom (and she undoubtedly was) she got as much out of the feelings of domination as any from any physical orgasm.

The two older women pumped and heaved, slamming their dicks into the teenage mouths. The younger women took them willingly, their role to serve and satisfy the dominant tops desires - whether that was lapping them to orgasm or meekly allowing themselves to be controlled and used. Even her erogenous zones weren't being stimulated Aria was finding her pussy was as tingly and wet, turned on by her submission. She gulped the cock, resisting the urge to reach down and pleasure herself without permission, instead gripping Pam's naked buttocks firmly, so that she could balance herself as she bounced her head up and down the dildo.

"Take it whore, I love fucking that slutty mouth," Pam grinned. "I want this cock nice and clean."

"Mmmnn, yes, you as well Emily, this dick should be shining by the time you've finished - there shouldn't be a sign it's been up your ass."

The sounds of choking, slurping gagging competed with the Mom's words as the two teens went for it as hard as they could, taking the toys deep into their throats. Aria's vision was blurred, her cheeks soaked with tears as with each thrust her eyes watered as if they were going to flood. Her drool leaked from her mouth and down her chin and chest, the white liquid spooling down between her tits like she'd had a particularly messy cumshot.

"I think these toys are well lubed up now, want to whore share?" Ella grinned.

"I thought you'd never ask," laughed Pam, back her head hitting Aria's forehead and pushing the teen off, leaving her gasping. "Emily?"

"Mmmnn, yes, I love to share her," grinned Ella, "I can tell the dirty slut is just begging for a dyke DP."

Aria remained in a begging position as Pam walked away from her and over to Emily, who even as she was being talked about hadn't been given permission to stop giving Ella head and was still head-banging the dick like she was at metal gig. "You hear that Emily, Mommy and her friend are going to share you, front and back, we're going to pound you like the lesbo skank you are."

The teen nodded, her mouth taking Ella's dick deeper. Ella grinned and pushed her away, Em falling back and sucking in oxygen with the same enthusiasm she been sucking in rubber dick. Pam moved over to the bed and sat on the edge holding her dripping cock upwards, "Get that hot little pussy onto this. I want to see your face as Ella fucks that whore butt."

Emily did as she was told, smiling happily. Meanwhile Ella turned to her daughter, "You've had your fun for tonight, we're just going to fuck Emily." Aria tried not to let her disappointment show, but she wasn't sure she was that good an actress. Her Mom smiled domineeringly, "I want you to sit on the seat and watch; it'll be good training for you in obedience." Aria nodded and stood, her Mom watching her as she walked over to the comfy seat and sat on it, her legs automatically spreading and her hand moving to her cunt as she watched Emily lowering herself down Pam's strap-on. Ella smiled wider, "And no touching yourself, when I said that was the end of your fun tonight I meant it. If you're good I might make you cum tomorrow, but for tonight I want you to sit there like a prim and proper lady and just watch."

Aria was aghast and no matter how well trained she felt she was she was unable to stop it showing. Her Mom's smile got wider, "Put your hands on your thighs and keep them their, I don't want them to move an inch."

"Yes Mom," said Aria unhappily if obediently. She watched jealously as her friend slid down Pam's pole, moaning in pleasure and reaching out to hold her Mom's shoulders as behind her Aria's own Mom waited expectantly.

"Mmmnn, that's it Emily, get that sweet pussy down Mommy's big dick. You're so wet and wanton, I can feel you dripping," Pam grinned her hands reaching round behind her daughter to grasp her ass and pull it apart.

The hole was still far from closed and Aria could see the darkness of the bowels before her Mom moved closer, blocking the teen's view. Somehow or other Aria found the strength to remain still, even though her pussy was almost vibrating in excitement as she watched, her Mom get closer and closer, the toy gripped in her hand. She stopped as she got right behind the teen as Pam grinned and said, "Emily, Ella's behind you, invite her in, tell her you want to be shared."

"Come fuck my ass Mrs Montgomery, I want to be shared between you and Mom," moaned Emily.

"Say please," scolded her Mom.

"Please," Emily said, a note of desperation in her voice.

"Oh yes, I am going to enjoy this," said Ella.

"Me too," grinned Pam and spread her daughter's cheeks wider.

"OOoohhh," Emily moaned as the dildo was pushed into her ass, her back stretching up straight as she was filled at both ends.

Aria gulped and kept her eyes straight ahead, watching as her friend shuddered in pleasure and wishing it was her. Her Mom was gripping the teen swimmer, grasping her titties from behind and working the cock in deeper, her buttocks trembling as she shoved back and forth. Aria remembered the times her Mom had shared her with the others in her Mom's A-Team; her pussy almost burnt with lust. Emily groaned against, her crying out in pleasure as the second cock pushed down. Ella grunted something and Aria could see her Mom's ass rising out and then falling back in as she butt-fucked her friend. Aria's fingers stretched automatically and it was so hard to keep her hand from moving to her cunt. Her Mom wasn't making it easy, "Yes, Emily," she groaned as she went in again, "Take my big fucking strap-on, feel it shove down that tushie, let it stretch your tunnel."

"OOoohh, Mrs Montgomery fill me up," Emily cried, "Ooohhh, yesss, give it me in my cunt, Mom. I want them both."

Pam was starting to move, her thrusts timed with Ella. She smiled, casting a small glance at Aria as she did, "Take it slut, take both dicks at once."

"Oooohhh, fill me, I want to be stretched so wide open I'll faint," squealed Emily in reply. Aria wished that she was allowed to cross her legs, but to do so would mean taking her hands of her thighs and breaking her instruction. Her Mom and Pam were pounding hard and fast and she could see her friend bouncing and arching between them, her back straightening and then bending as if she was a willow in the wind. "Yesss, oooohhh, fuck yes."

Aria gritted her teeth, grinding them so hard together that little shoots of pain thrashed through her jaw. It did nothing to stop the horny ache in her cunt so she stopped. She had never realised how hard obedience could be - ever since her Mom had seduced her following a tops commands had been as natural as walking and as easy. But watching Emily's body shuddering and shaking as she got pounded, watching the dildos ram in and see her Mom and Pam's naked bodies bouncing and thrusting... it was hell not to be able to even touch herself.

"That's it slut, take both our dicks deep," Pam grinned, "You look so hot when you're being double stuffed. MMmnnn, let me squeeze these hot titties, they're bouncing."

"Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss," screamed Emily and Aria wished she was able to block her ears from the orgasmic cries, "Aaaaarrrghhh, fuuucckkk, yessssss!"

She shrieked louder as Ella thrust faster and deeper from behind, pounding her toy in the teen tushie. Aria could only imagine what it was like and how much her friend's hole must be gaping. Her fingers trembled on her knee as she watched her Mom's ass slamming back and forth, jiggling as she sodomised Emily with the same passion as she'd often rammed Aria's. Her friend was sobbing in pleasure, enjoying the dping as much as Aria did. The brunette tried to hold her jealousy in check, if her Mom and Pam wanted to double-fuck Emily and make her watch she should be thankful for the privilege when they could have sent her outside. Still, her pussy was burning so hard with desire that she wouldn't have been surprised to see flames spurting from it.

"Yes, yes, this ass is so good," Ella hit the hole repeatedly and vigorously.

"It is fuckable," Pam agreed with her friend, thrusting her strap-on up into her daughter's cunt.

"Everyone told me it was so fine," Ella panted, "and it really is." Her cock pounded in and out rapidly, making Emily squeal. Pam rammed up to meet her sandwiching the teen. Ella gripped the teen's shoulders so she could use her as a lever, ramming faster and harder. "Has this hot like whore had double-anal yet?"

"Not yet," grinned Pam, "But let's change that."

Aria almost exploded in jealousy as her Mom popped the dick out of Emily's ass. Pam pushed the panting teen up, "Stand up," she ordered. Emily stood, sweat running down her naked body, red-hot from the friction of being the slut in the sandwich. She turned towards Aria briefly and teen could see the redness around her ass and the blackness of the open hole. Pam gripped her daughter's shoulder, "Now down on your knees, lay your face on floor, that's it, stick up that ass."

Aria watched as her friend was moved into position and her own Mom moved behind her. The cock entered Em's butt for the third-time, driving in and out. But this time Pam was standing over Emily, her legs either side of the teen's waist, as she knelt down and guided her cock to the hole. Ella stopped her pounding and gripped her own dick like a lever, jamming it back to open the asshole wider. There wasn't much of a gap, but it was all Pam needed to get her toy's tip in. She reached to grab Ella round the waist as she thrust harder, pushing the toy past Ella's and into the hole.

Emily squealed, "Fuck! Aaarrrghhh my ass!" Everyone ignored her. Even if it hurt it didn't matter - she'd recover and the top's pleasure was paramount.

Aria watched in fascination as they worked together, easing their cocks in one at a time, inch by inch getting deeper and deeper, stretching Em's hole like it was an elastic band. Aria's cunt felt so hot it was burning, the temptation to touch it and sate the desire, at least a little, almost overwhelming - especially as she watched her Mom going down, a look of concentration on her face as she further opened the wanton asshole. It was a matter of pride to Aria that she didn't touch herself, being obedient to tops could be difficult at times. However it was the mark of her as a good little bottom she'd do what she was told, whether that was not touching herself or opening her tushie for two dicks at once.

"Aaaaarrgghhh,, aaaarrrghhh," Emily cried out as the two Mom's came down. The women grinned and ignored the teen's yelps, instead wrapping themselves around each other for balance. Their tits pushed and pressed between them, squashed between their bodies and they reached and gripped each other's lower back and ass, working up and down. Slowly, gradually they were going deeper, stretching Emily's butt wider than it had ever been before. The teen squeaked again, this time with more pleasure in the cry. Her Mom pushed harder, following Ella and then leading her, as the two older women worked up and down. "AAAArrrghhh, yesssss, my ass," screamed Emily.

"I couldn't believe we'd get two dicks all the way in," said Pam as she pushed the last inch, the fake plastic balls crushing between her friend's strap-on and her daughter's ass cheeks.

"Anal whore holes always spread easily," grinned Ella back. "I should know I've doubled-banged Aria enough times with the team."

"MMmnn, she looks so sweet and innocent sitting there," Pam cast a quick glance over at Aria as she pushed herself up.

Ella rose with her, "She is doing well," she conceded, "But I'm glad we're doing Emily."

"Me as well," grinned Pam, "though I'm sure we'll do Aria another time."

The two women drove down together and Emily bounced and squeaked, "AAAarrrgghh." They rose again and then down, moving quicker and firmer as they got into a rhythm. Their tits pressed together, warm sweat sliding down their skin as they heated each other, the flesh turning a gentle red. Up and down, faster and harder, Emily shuddering and shaking under the joint assault, her hands clawing the floor and her face contorted in pure ecstasy. Aria was seething with jealousy, wishing it was her taking the two dicks like a submissive slut bottom. "Aaaarrrggghh, yesssss," her friend cried out again, again pain totally subsumed beneath the pleasure, "AAaarrrrghh, yessss."

"That's it, that's a good little anal whore, keep that ass agape for Mommy and teacher. Mmmnnn, this dyke ass is so fuckable we need to share it," giggled Pam. She went in, the cock scraping at Ella's toy making a squeaking noise and Em's ass, making it gurgle. "MMMnnn take it hard you slut dyke."

"Yessss, please fuck my ass, ooohhh, I love it having two cocks in it, fuck me, I'm your anal slut," Emily called out.

The two older women did, their haunches straining as they pounded up and down, giving their all to the butt. Emily squealed and shrieked, obviously enjoying orgasm after orgasm. Aria sat still, jealous but controlled, proud of herself for her obedience, whilst desperately wishing she was the one getting double-poked.

"Aaaarrrghh," her friend cried out once more.

"Uh, uh, it takes it out of you, doesn't it," grinned Pam, "It's worth it though."

"It's great exercise, my body has never been as firm, not even when I was cheerleading at school," Ella agreed, reaching up to wipe some sweat from her forehead, "What say we go for a sprint to finish?"

"Yes, good idea," Pam paused the cock half-way up her daughter's butt and Ella rose to meet her. They grinned at each other, "On three?" asked Pam.

"Yes," said Ella, "One..."

"Two..." grinned Pam.

"Three," grunted Ella as she and Pam pounded down.

They'd being go fast and hard before, but they were almost like a blur, the two dicks shattering down the asshole, slamming deep into the hole and making Emily scream in ecstasy. The teen's body shook and shuddered so much Aria was half-convinced she was having a fit. It was hell not to touch herself, but she resisted. The strap-ons pounded in, ramming down and the older women panted in exertion as they gave it to the teen. Faster and harder, so Emily's back was bent and her mouth open in one continuos cry of sexual bliss, "AAAarrrrghhhh!"

But at that speed it couldn't last and first Pam and then, a moment later, Ella popped the cocks out of the hole, leaving it gaped and open. Ella got down on her knees beside the teen, hooking a finger in the ass to pull it even more open, so that Aria could see the blackness within. "It's gaping," grinned the teacher.

"It is, we really have opened the butt-slut's butt," laughed Pam and knelt on the other side, her own fingers looping in and yanking the chute wider.

Ella looked up at Aria, "Get my phone from my pocket and take a picture of us, this is one for the wall."

* * *

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