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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 3 (FF, anal)
by LL

Despite no-one living in it, the apartment was neat and well-furnished, with a wide-screen TV affixed to the wall opposite a comfy couch. Next to the window was a desk, from which you could look out into the street below and in the bedroom was made-up bed. It had seen plenty of use as the members of the A-team had practiced their anal technique on a succession of hired girl on girl escorts and later on, as they quickly grew in confidence, a series of one-night stands from lesbian clubs. Melissa smiled as she looked at the bed reminiscing, glancing up at the hidden cameras. It had been an important part of their team bonding, the four of them watching the videos and critiquing each other's positions and tips for improvement.

Now it was for real the practice was paying off. Melissa Hastings took a step back into the main room and to the wall to the side. There were two photos up there, on each with a carved a into the little wooden plaque, embedded into the gold-coloured frames; the first reading Ashley Marin butt fucked' and the second 'Hanna Marin butt fucked'. Melissa smiled as she looked at the photos, Ashley was on her hands and knees and Hanna bent over, and in positions that concealed their faces so you would need to know it was them to recognise either. But what both had in common were their wide gaping assholes, the results of a hard lesbian anal pounding.

The thought of it made Melissa hot; that was what the A-team had been formed to do, to bang and dominate the assholes of cute fuckholes and made them dyke sluts. Even the name was a play on that, A for Anal.

"Admiring our work?"

Melissa turned at the words. Behind stood Alison Dilaurentis, the blonde teen grinning, perhaps smugly. Melissa nodded, "You really banged Ashley open. That's a Mom who's been dyke-banged."

Alison grinned wider, "What can I say? I just let my natural passions come into play and talked her onto to my toy."

Melissa smiled back and nodded. To think a couple of years ago, before the team was formed, she had hated Alison, thinking the younger girl was a manipulative, selfish control freak. She still thought that, of course, but these were skills that were needed to dominate the buttholes of the sexy Rosewood women the A-team were planning to anally nail. And there was more to Alison than that, she was smart and funny and with a deep sense of loyalty to her friends in the team. "I'll have to enjoy her sometime."

"Just say the word and she's yours," Alison replied; the A-team were a team that shared and worked together as friends.

"I'm going to take you up on that and with Hanna as well."

"What about Hanna?" Mona came in from the kitchen with a tray with three coffees and a plate of cookie.

"Melissa was just talking about getting a piece of her ass," Alison explained, taking a coffee, but declining a cookie.

"Oh do," grinned Mona, "From my experience yesterday I can tell you it was worth it, Han is a complete anal loving dyke, with an asshole to die for and as a bonus her cunt-licking is also first rate."

"I can see from the pictures that you had a good time." The A-Team were like the musketeers - all for one and one for all. The four analisers, Melissa smiled at the analogy, even if tonight there were only three of them - the team leader couldn't make it, though she had told Melissa she had every confidence in her and the plan when they'd spoken earlier.

"And it's your turn tonight," grinned Mona. She led the three of them over to the table where her laptop was sitting open and running. "I'll run tech support from here with Ali."

"You want to go over the plan again?" asked Alison. She took a seat at the table, Melissa joining her and Mona sitting opposite them and beside her laptop. Alison took a sip of her coffee, "Emily's coming back from swimming practice. As she passes Miller's Peak Mona uses her techie whizzie skills to disable the car's electronics and block her cell."

"I'll kill the car at one point one kilometres from Miller's Peak exactly," Mona took up the narrative, "I estimate, based on the normal time the meet finishes, that will be at ten past seven; you don't want to be too late in case another good Samaritan comes along..."

"I'll pull over and act surprised," Melissa confirmed...

The three of them continued to go through the plan for Melissa to butt fuck Emily Fields.

* * *

"What?" Emily started in confusion as with no warning all the electronics in her car - lights, radio, everything, shut down. It was lucky she wasn't going fast as she coasted into the side of the road. Once the car was halted she turned the ignition off and then on again, hoping to hear the satisfying thrum of the engine restarting. There was silence, not even the click-click of an indicator or the blink-blink of her hazard warning lights. She tried again, still no result. That was great, she thought, at least the breakdown had happened after the meet rather than before, though why couldn't it have happened on a more widely used road. She pulled out her cell. Things were getting worse, she decided as she looked at the screen displaying the no signal sign. She looked out of the car and up at the sky, the clouds were starting to darken, but she hoped that was night coming on rather than rain. But she couldn't stay here all evening, with luck it was only a small dead zone and a short walk to somewhere her cell would work.

She grabbed her rucksack with her swimming things and purse, slinging it over her shoulder and closed the car door behind her. From force of habit after a couple of steps she turned and pressed her key-stub, momentarily being surprised not to hear the familiar chirp-chirp of the car locking. "Well if anyone tries to steal you they're not going to get far," she said to the broken down car and turned and walked down the road.

She'd gone less than a hundred yards when she heard the sound of a car behind her; she half turned wondering whether she should flag it down or whether it was better and safer to carry on walking. The car passed her and then came gently to a stop about forty yards in front. Emily slowed down, not quiet walking backwards, but certainly not moving forward at pace. Then she recognised the car almost at the same time as the door opened and a familiar voice said, "Emily? Is that you?"

"Hi Melissa," Emily walked quickly towards her friend's sister, "My car broke down and my cell's not working. I was just trying to find somewhere with better reception."

"It's terrible along this road," agreed Melissa. "I thought I saw a car back there; what's the problem? Can I help?"

"I think it's a garage thing, all the electrics just went," said the teen.

"Yes, that sounds like a call-out," Melissa said. She looked up at the sky, which was rapidly darkening, "Look, I was just going to stay at my parent's cabin by the lake for the evening and do some work in the peace and quiet; there's a landline in there we can use to call the local garage."

"You don't mind?" asked Emily.

"No, I'd be worried about leaving you out here anyway and what if it rains?" Melissa smiled and pointed to the passenger side, "Get in and we'll give the garage a call when we get to the cabin."

* * *

In the A-team lair the phone rang. Alison paused for a second before answering, waiting for Mona's nod. "Hello, Team A Motors, can I help?" her voice sounded the same to her, but she knew that Mona was putting a slight disruption on the line, an echo which would distort it enough to make it unrecognisable.

"Hi my name's Emily Fields," Alison had heard the voice on the other end of the phone so often that even if she hadn't been expecting her to call the name would still have been superfluous. "My car's broken down just outside Miller's Peak, I was hoping for a mechanic to come out."

"Sorry, dearie," Alison said, smiling at Mona, sitting by the laptop, "both our tow trucks are on out of state jobs at the moment. The earliest we can get someone there is tomorrow morning."

There was a very uncharacteristic oath from Emily, admittedly so quietly under her breath it was barely audible. "You sure they can't come earlier?"

"Yes dearie," Alison smiled as she said it, Melissa would be in for a treat tonight she was sure. "Six alright for you, we can make it seven."

"Six will be fine," said Emily in resignation.

* * *

Melissa was sitting on the couch, her legs drawn up under her, reading a thick sheaf of documents as Emily came back in. She looked up at the teen, "Are they coming out?"

"Do you have a number for a cab?" asked Emily, she put down the card with garage number that Melissa had given and then stared down at it as if magically it would turn into the number for a taxi.

Melissa put down her papers on the little table next to her, "Problem?"

"They can't come until tomorrow. I'll have to get a cab home and sweet talk my Mom to driving me to my car in the morning..."

"That's silly; it'll take at least an hour for a cab to get here and it'll cost you a fortune to get back to Rosewood. It's at least a forty minute drive."

"I can't stay here..."

"Of course you can," Melissa smiled, "There's a spare bedroom, towels in the cupboard, plenty of milk in the fridge, even a choice of cereals."

"I thought you wanted a bit of peace and quiet?" asked Emily, secretly grateful she didn't have to spend most of her month's pay on a taxi ride home.

"It doesn't matter, none of its so urgent that I can't do it tomorrow," said Melissa and then she added, "So that's settled, do you want a soda or even a glass of wine. I've got a bottle in the fridge."

"A soda would be fine," said Emily. She took a seat on the couch and curled her legs up under herself as Melissa disappeared into the kitchen. The room was warm, the gas fire in the grate was both startlingly realistic and up high. Emily wondered whether she should turn it down or whether that would be rude; it was Melissa's cabin and she might be cold. Instead she decided to pull off her sweater. She reached down and dragged it up, the world momentarily vanishing from view as it went over her head.

"Are you stripping?" asked Melissa with a smile as she returned into the main room holding two sodas.

Emily blushed and smoothed down her T-shirt which had ridden up to expose her belly, "I was just hot."

"You should have just turned down the fire," said Melissa handing the teen a drink before proceeding to do just that. She turned round and smiled as she walked over to the couch, "Not that I was complaining..."

"What?" Emily was confused.

Her confusion increased as Melissa sat down on the couch, not just next to her, but so close that they were almost touching - the faintest wiggle and Emily's knee would be brushing Melissa's thigh. The older brunette smiled, "I was saying I wasn't complaining about you taking off some clothes."

"Oh... why? I mean..." Emily blushed, "are you... you know like me?"

"A swimmer? Not as good," Melissa's grin suggested she knew exactly what Emily meant and if that wasn't enough the touch of her fingers lightly on Emily's thigh told a story. "Or did you mean something else?"

The room seemed to be getting hotter for Emily; her skin flushing with warmth and a little trickle of sweat forming at the back of her neck. Was Melissa a lesbian? Was she making a pass? She'd always assumed her friend's older sister was straight, but then she'd thought the same of her ex-girlfriend Paige and she'd turned out to be an enthusiastic as muff-muncher as Emily herself. But even if Melissa was a lesbian surely she wouldn't be interested in her - she was only a senior at High School. Surely Melissa would want some more attuned to her, someone smart and sophisticated, who knew which wines went with which meal and what they were wearing in Paris this season. But Melissa's hand was moving higher up her thigh, it was hardly innocent. There was only one way to find out. Mentally Emily took a deep breath, "Are you ... do you like women?"

"Are you asking if I'm a lesbian?" Melissa asked and Emily nodded, glad it was Melissa who'd said it. The twentysomething smiled, "Can you keep a secret?"

Emily nodded and after a second Melissa continued, "Yes. I am. I don't really tell anyone - my Mom would freak if she found out and Spencer would be judgementally supportive and even more insufferable than normal."

Emily felt she should defend her friend, "She was okay with me. She was really cool."

Melissa smiled, "You're not her sister." Her hand was moving up Emily's thigh, "So there it is. I'm a woman who likes women, a lesbo, a dyke. I love having my pussy licked by a hot cutie or having my tits in their mouth as they suckle and nibble them until the nipples are hard like pebbles. I love using toys as well, sliding a dildo into my pussy and imagining it's being held by some sexy thing or wearing a strap-on and fucking..."

Emily's eyes widened in surprise. She had done some of those things, well she'd licked and been licked by her girlfriends and played about with their titties. And if she hadn't used a dildo (unsure how she'd explain it if her Mom found it while tidying her room) she'd slid the smooth handle of a plastic hairbrush up her twat. But she'd never used a strap-on to fuck another woman and, even if perhaps she shouldn't be, she was still surprised to discover that Melissa, not only had, but enjoyed it.

Melissa grinned wider, "Does that shock you Emily? That I put on a strap-on and fuck other women with it."

"A little..." admitted Emily.

Melissa's smile was almost splitting her face, "Shall I shock you more?" She didn't wait for a response, but continued, "I like doing it backdoor..."

Emily's mouth fell open, "You mean..."

"In the ass," Melissa confirmed, "I love sticking a great big thick dildo between two pert, firm cheeks and fucking a sexy slut's butthole."

"Oh," Emily blushed. She had never imagined doing it anally not with a man, nor with a woman, but here she was sitting beside Melissa Hastings, conservative, straight-looking Melissa and the other woman was telling her she was a lesbian who enjoyed analising other women. And the way the older brunette's hand was moving up her thigh Emily was wondering if she was the next planned tick on Melissa's list.

Melissa grinned, her hand at the top of Emily's leg, just next to the jeans' zip. "So Emily, I bet you're a bottom as a lesbian..."

"A bottom?"

"Submissive, the girl who goes down and laps her lover's pussy and massages her clit. The one who spreads her legs to allow a top to enter her sweet tight hole."

"I...I... it's not really been like that, more mutual," Emily blushed, unsure why she was telling Melissa this; just because the older woman had shared didn't mean she had to. Melissa's fingers were up sliding over the zip like she was just going to undo it and Emily felt the bead of sweat slide down her back, "I've scissored Maya and Paige and I sixty-nined a few times..."

"Oh, that's adorable, I bet you looked into each other eyes as you stroked each other's hot little pussies as well," Melissa smiled.

"Yes," Emily blushed; at the time she thought it had been daring and sexy, now with Melissa talking about what she'd done it seemed staid and unimaginative.

The other woman seemed to know that and smiled wider, her fingers pressing at the zip. Emily shook it off as slid her legs from underneath herself so she was sitting properly on the sofa. There was no doubt Melissa was moving in and from what she had said it wasn't just for a hot make-out session, but harder and further than Emily had ever gone. The eighteen year old High Schooler wasn't sure what she thought of that; she knew that it would make her a slut - only complete whores took it up the butt. But at the same time she was sure it was going to happen; her heart was racing faster and her temperature rising as Melissa closed in and put her hand back on the teen's thigh, sliding into the crack between the legs and gently, but firmly, prying them apart.

"You're still hot," Melissa said.

Even though it was a statement, not a question Emily still answered, "Yes."

"So am I," purred Melissa her head close to Emily's. She moved back a couple of inches and then to Emily's surprise reached up to her blouse and began to undo. The teen watched open mouthed as the buttons clicked open to reveal a lacy black-push up bra encasing two lovely round bosoms. Melissa smiled at Emily's reactions, "I know you've seen tits before, Emily, so how would you grade these... A?"

Emily found herself unable to speak so she just nodded. Melissa smiled widely and reached round to undo her bra. It fell down and exposed her titties. She wiggled them, "A plus?"

"Yes," said Emily. She blushed, "They're lovely."

"You'll find they taste nice as well," smiled Melissa.

"You mean... you want me to...?" Emily gaze was stuck to the titties.

"Mmnnn yes," said Melissa, agreeing with Emily even though the teen hadn't said what she meant. But to confirm it she put her hand round the teen's head and pulled it gently downwards.

Emily's mouth open and she began to suck the nearest nipple, slurping and swallowing back like she was trying to eat it. It began to stiffen as her lips went round and over it and automatically her teeth slid down and started to massage it. The older brunette groaned and shook. One hand gently, but firmly, pressed on Emily's skull keeping her in place, whilst with the other she was undoing her slacks and sliding her hand in. Emily licked harder for a few moments and then swapped titties. The nipple on the second was already as solid as a pebble and Emily licked her tongue over it, before opening her mouth wider to swallow of the tit between her lips.

"Ohhhh, that's good, that's so hot," moaned Melissa. She had undone her slacks, pulling them down far enough to get her hand in and under her panties, rubbing at her pussy as Emily sucked at her tits. She groaned and shuddered, her body arching in pleasure. Then her hand moved out from under the panties and took Emily. The teen didn't resist, she wasn't sure she knew how to, as Melissa guided her hand to her cunt and slid it under her panties. The older brunette was smooth and wet, soaking would be a more apt description. "Rub my cunt, Emily, make me cum."

Emily did as she was instructed. It had taken her months of dating before she'd ever gone this far with Paige or Maya; but here she was playing with Melissa's cunt only minutes after she'd discovered the other was a lesbian. It made the teen feel like she was a total slut, but though she went red with that realisation she didn't stop, but continued faster and harder.

"Ooooohh, urrrrhhhh," Melissa moaned, "That's it my little dyke, mmmnnn, ooohhh, rub my pussy, play with it. Mmmmnnn, ooohhhh, urrrrhhh, put a finger in, slide it in, fuck my slit with it."

Without thinking Emily did as Emily told her, pushing her digit into the hole. The warm wet walls wrapped round her finger, soaking it as she pushed in and out, trying to find the spot for maximum pleasure. Melissa squeaked and shuddered, gasping loudly, obviously enjoying Emily's touch. The older brunette's hand dropped away from Emily's head as she draped her arms over the back of the couch, pressing against the seat, shuddering with excitement. "Finger fuck me," Melissa grunted, "That's it, you cute little dyke whore, fuck my pussy, find the spot and finger it good."

Emily brought her mouth up and away from Melissa's tits so she could look at her face; the brunette's contorting expression made it easier to judge when the teen was hitting the erogenous zone most effectively. From the way Melissa's jaw was twisting whilst her eyes popped open in wide-eyed pleasure Emily was doing a great job. "Ooohhh," she gasped, "Ooohhh, come on you dyke, make me cum, fuck my pussy until I squirt." Emily pressed harder and Melissa shuddered again, her exposed breasts jumping as her back arched. "Oooohhhh you slut, fuck my cunt. You're such a slut..."

"I don't normally go so quick as this..." Emily blushed, "Not in fingering. I'm going as fast as I've done before. I mean in getting to the finger fucking." She realised she was sounding incoherent and her excuses that she wasn't a slut seemed lame as she slammed her finger up Melissa's twat. Not that Melissa looked like she was paying any attention to Emily's word as her face contorted and she squealed in excitement. Emily blushed and slid her finger up and into the brunette's pussy.

"OOoohhhhh, urrrrhhhh, that's it's you little slut, now get your mouth down their and eat it?"

"You want me to lick your pussy?" Emily blushed, but continued finger fucking Melissa as she asked.

"Yes, you little dyke slut, put your face between my legs and lick me," Melissa gasped and shuddered, "Please me with that lithe tongue. It's what you want. I know it and you do as well. Now eat my twat."

Emily was red. She wouldn't have said she was a good girl, but she'd never thought she was so bad. But here she was with a half-naked Melissa fingering the older girl's slit and the brunette was right, Emily did want to suck and lick the wet cunt. She wanted to stick her face down there and smother herself in the juices, to slurp and suck and lick and lap the wet hole until Melissa was cumming again and again. She paused for another second, not wanting to give in to her nymphomaniacal desires. Melissa shuddered again, groaning as Emily's finger went up her, "I said eat me dyke, I want your cute slut face licking out my cunt like a whore. Do it..."

This time there was no hesitation from Emily, the only pause was as she pulled the slacks further down and off so that Melissa could spread her legs wider and then she was in. Her teen tongue licked at the wet hole, her teeth nibbling at the labia and pulling it with her mouth, her lips pressing at the cunt as she sought upwards for the pleasure points. Melissa squealed and shuddered in excitement, "Ohhhh, that's what I want. Suck my cunt juices, eat my girl cum like you're a dyke whore. OOoooohhh, eat my cunt."

Emily licked harder, tasting Melissa's flavour; it was sweet and warm, like flat cola. Melissa's hand pressed down on her head, encouraging the teen deeper and harder, pushing her face into the wet snatch. Emily didn't fight, but went with it, her tongue and lips moving speedily as she energetically licked and munched at the hole.

"You slut, ooooohhh, urrrhhh, you dirty slut, eating my cunt like a pro. Mmmnnn, I should leave a twenty dollar bill in your purse, you dirty slutty whore... Ooooohhh, I bet you walk the street eating twat, you must do to be so practised." Melissa shuddered and groaned, her hand pressing hard at Emily, thrusting the teen's mouth at her cunt. "That's it you cunt lapper, eat my pussy, eat it all."

Emily tongued away, burrowing deep into Melissa's hole. She still couldn't believe she was doing this, how swiftly her inhibitions fell away. But she no longer cared, all that mattered was drinking Melissa's sweet nectar and keeping the brunette satisfied. Above her Melissa grunted and gasped, crying out in pleasure and excitement, "Oh you slut, eat it, eat it all." The teen slurped away, her tongue swatting at Melissa's pussy like a Venus Fly Trap shooting out to grab an insect, slamming fast and hard and accurately, hitting deep in to the pussy as her face pressed into Melissa's flesh. The older brunette gasped again, "That's good you dirty slut. You're a dyke nympho, a horny little pussy whore."

Melissa was right. Emily was that and more. She was a cunt diving dyke, a slutty lesbo hooker, a rug-munching pussy hound. Melissa tasted so good, it felt so right to be between her legs, making the older brunette cum with her tongue, driving her to orgasmic lust. Melissa grabbed her head, shoving it harder, "Ohhhh, fuuuuckk, aaaarrghh," she squealed, "You're going to make me cum, I'm going to cum."

Once, when she'd been dating Paige, the two of them had been on the phone talking dirty whilst masturbating and Paige swore that she came so much she had squirted. Emily had doubted that; she had thought you could never be so wet that it actually exploded out of your pussy like a fountain. But there was no way she could deny her tonguing had caused the brunette to gush like a geyser, the juice shooting over Emily's face and up her nostril and into her mouth, causing her to snort and choke at the same time.

She looked up, the liquid dripping from her face, as Melissa let go off her head and dropped back against the sofa, smiling inanely. The brunette looked down at the teen, "God, Emily, I didn't realise you were such a cunt licking whore. Did you slurp all your girlfriends like that?"

"I...I guess. I don't normally do it so quickly, I get to know people first," Emily wanted Melissa to know she wasn't a slut, normally.

"I'm sure you do," said Melissa in a tone which suggested she didn't care.

Emily blushed and didn't say anything. She watched as Melissa stood up and finished pulling off her pants so that she was standing naked apart from her socks. The brunette looked down at her, a lusty smile on her face, "I'm still horny. What about you?"

"I...yes I am," Emily blushed, she wasn't sure if would be even hornier if she hadn't just slurped Melissa's pussy or whether tonguing twat was what had turned her on. In either case, her cunt was wet and soaking under her jeans, her arousal making her panties stick to her pussy.

"Let me go get something from my room," said Melissa. She turned and padded across the wooden floor into her room.

Emily waited, wondering what to do. Should she get naked? Melissa hadn't said. But surely if she was still turned on she was wanting more sex; she wouldn't be going to get a jigsaw. But perhaps she'd had enough? She could be going to get changed, she wouldn't have slipped out of her pants then would she? And certainly not have left them on the heap on the floor. Emily reached up and pulled off her T-shirt, before sliding down her pants. She left on her bra and panties; she wasn't sure why - it wasn't like she'd could deny she was a nympho desperate for cunt because she'd kept her underwear on. She was about to pull her top back on and just wait for Melissa to make her intentions clear when the brunette returned.

Her intention was clear enough.

The brunette was naked, her socks gone, but in one hand was a large dildo with straps dangling from it and in the other a small bottle of lotion. The brunette grinned, "Still horny?"

Emily wished she could say no and pretend she wasn't turned on. But she couldn't. She knew Melissa was going to fuck her, and in her ass as well, the brunette would bust her backdoor and take her anal cherry and they weren't even dating. Her lips felt dry, even as her twat felt wet. She nodded, "I am."

"You want me to fuck you?"

Emily nodded.

Melissa grinned, but made no move to equip the strap-on, instead she looked Emily up and down, frowning slightly. Emily took the hint. She stood up and dropped out of her bra. She had stood topless in front of many girls, Paige and Maya, her ex-girlfriends, lots of swimmers of course, even her friends. But none of them look at her tits with such unbridled lust, a look which got even more lascivious as Emily reached down and peeled down her panties, exposing her cunt, shaven smooth for extra aerodynamism in the water. Melissa lips curled upwards, "Nice," she said and started to slide the strap-on up her thighs.

Emily watched as the older brunette pulled it into place, tightening the buckles round the top of her thighs and adjusting the dildo so it was sticking straight out, the haft rubbing at the top of the brunette's pussy. Melissa looked up from fitting the toy, "You remember what I said earlier about fucking?"

"Yes," said Emily blushing, "You like..." she trailed off unsure what to say.

Melissa just grinned, "Say it Em, wrap your lips round the words and spit them out."

"You like fucking girls in the ass."

"I do... and yours is so cute."

"You want to fuck it?"

"Is that a question or an invite?"

Emily went silent again, thinking. She couldn't work out why she was thinking about it, because a) she knew only complete whores got banged in the butt and b) she had suddenly realised how desperate she was for Melissa to fuck her there. But she had to at least appear reluctant, for a few seconds. She let the silence go on until she hoped that Melissa was thinking she wasn't going to answer, though the brunette looked supremely confident that she knew the answer and it was one she was wanting. She was even squirting the lube onto the toy. The teen took a breath and said, "An invite."

"You are an anal slut, I always knew," Melissa continued massaging the lubricant onto her toy.

"I'm a virgin there," Emily corrected her.

"Not for long," grinned Melissa. She snapped the lid back on the bottle and dropped it to the floor.

Walking up to the teen she took her by the waist and forcefully twisted her round so that her back was to her, with her front next to the couch arm. Melissa pushed the swimmer's back firmly, so that she was bent over the sofa. Keeping a hand on the teen the older brunette reached down to Emily's thighs and spread the legs apart slightly. The teen shuddered as Melissa's finger slid over her wet cunt as she did so, "Ooohh," she moaned quickly.

The brunette finger moved back, "You're dripping. You're soaking at the thought of getting butt-banged... should I make you beg for it? Tell you I'm not going to bang that virgin hole unless you crawl for it?"

Emily wasn't sure whether Melissa was teasing or not. Surely the older Hastings had made clear how much she enjoyed banging asses? She wouldn't give up the chance to nail Emily's super tight one, would she? But why take risks...

"Please Melissa, fuck me, fuck my ass. I want you to be my first, to bang my virgin fuckhole as hard and deep as you want. I'll let you fuck it as you want, you can treat it like you own it, like I'm an anal whore."

"You're coming close to convincing me..." said Melissa, her finger slid once more over Emily's cunt, before coming back slowly and moving up, gently gliding between her cheeks and drifting over the puckered hole, "Tell me how you want it?"

"I want it deep and fast," moaned Emily, her heart thumping in her chest, "I want you to spread my cheeks and make my hole as large as the Jersey tunnel. I want you to bend me over the couch and ride me like a cheap hooker. I want you to fuck me until I'm shrieking. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can."

"That sounds like an offer," one of Melissa hand remained on Emily's back as she took the dildo in the other and pushed forward.

"Ooohhh, uurrrhh," Emily tried to straighten as the toy pushed at her virgin asshole, but Melissa's hand was keeping her in place. The toy pressed in deep. It didn't hurt, which surprised Emily, apart from an ache so slight it was like she was stretching just a little too far. But it was uncomfortable as her ass reacted to the invader, opening reluctantly to let the toy in. Melissa's hand pressed harder on her back as the brunette pushed further forward, pressing the dildo in deeper. Emily moaned, "Ooohhh, oooohhhh."

"That's right, Em, moan for me like a slutty hooker. I want to hear you as I butt fuck your sexy ass," Melissa said. She pushed the dildo in deeper, far enough that she no longer had to hold it in place and she moved her spare hand to grab the swimmer's waist, holding her side and back for balance and leverage as she moved in and out. "Tell me how much you want it, tell me how you're loving being butt-banged."

"Oooohh, I want it, I want it harder. I want you big rubber dick all the way in my ass. I want my hole stretched as wide as you can," Emily groaned. It was horrible, but it was all true. Her hands gripped at the sofa cushions as her stomach rubbed at the arm she was bent over, "Please, harder. I'm loving it, it feels so good, it's like heaven."

"You anal whore," laughed Melissa, "It's not even in all the way yet and you're still loving it."

"Mmmmnnn, ooohhh yes. That's because I'm a slut, I'm an anal loving dyke hooker. Give it me all. I want the full length in my butthole...ooooohhh, urrrhhh," Emily shuddered and shook. Behind her Melissa thrust, back and forth, every time she went forward sending the dildo deeper and spreading Emily's hole. The teen's fingers were splayed over the sofa cushions, clawing at the covers as she was driven to places she never imagined existed. "Ooooohhh, urrrrrhhh, yes, I want it all, I want it all down my asshole. Bang my slut butt."

Melissa moved faster, her thighs smacking at Emily's, her hands controlling and firm, keeping the teen in position; not that Emily had any intention of moving. "Aaaarrghh," she squeaked in orgasm, "Yessss, aaaarrggghhh."

"Dyke slut," grinned Melissa in confirmation.

The brunette had pushed the whole length of the dildo in now, opening Emily asshole like it was a tunnel and was concentrating on power and speed, going in like a pile-driver. She moved her hand from Emily's waist to slide it round the teen's front and down to the pussy, rubbing at it and the clit, within moments doubling the swimmer's pleasure. Emily arched and cried out, the words catching in her throat and coming out as jumbled, guttural, explosion of pleasure. "AAuurrhh, fuucckkk, meeee giiiivve, aaarrghhh"

"Yes, Emily, yes," panted Melissa, "That's how it feels doesn't it? It feels like fucking heaven having my dick up your ass, like you never want me to stop, like your proper position is face down over the armrest giving up your butt for me."

"Ohhhh God, yes, yes. I'm just an anal loving dyke. This is where I should be, getting butt-fucked by hot women. God, I didn't know how much I loved it, I'm a whore for lesbo strap-on dick" Emily cried out in reply. Every word was true. She couldn't think why she'd not done this before with Maya or Paige, it was perhaps because they'd never bent her over and dominated her anally that their relationships had collapsed, not for the reasons she'd once thought. If they'd fucked her butt like this she'd have been able to forgive them anything. "Go harder Melissa, fuck my butt like you own it."

"I do own it," replied Melissa and thrust in deep, sending Emily squealing to another orgasm.

The older brunette slapped her thighs at Emily's as she pounded in, so hard the teen could feel the sting and hear the crack of flesh against skin. Emily was orgasming almost constantly, her insides erupting like a bombardment on the Western Front. She closed her eyes, as if that would control the pleasure and keep it in; it didn't and she cried and shuddered again as another blissful bomb boomed within her, sending shuddering ripples through her body. "AAaarrrghhh, yessss, aaarrrghhh."

Melissa's dick went deep, spreading the hole open, sliding deeper than Emily though she could have managed. Each thrust was heaven, each retreat, paradise. The teen screamed louder, her muscles tensing and relaxing as her body lost control and just became a limp barrel of nerves. "AAAArrrghhh fuuuuckkk, aaaarrghh, yesss."

"Oooohhhh, oooohhhh, urrrrh, urrrrhhhh," Melissa was panting excitedly behind her. Emily could feel the vibrations as Melissa came, hear her moans, smell the sexual excitement of her lover. The teen worked with her, pushing back and rocking to meet the older brunette's thrusts so that Melissa would have more energy to bang her longer and to show, if her screams weren't enough, how much she was enjoying having her butthole pounded. Melissa grunted and panted, her finger rubbing at Em's clit, more excitement added to perfect pleasure. Melissa moaned "This is hot, you're ass is so fuckable, urrrrhhh, urrrhh. It's making me cum."
"Aaaarrghh, yesssss, I'm cumming too," shrieked Emily in reply, her body contorting and twisting, her heart pumping as blood rushed round her body like it was in a motor race. "I'm cumming."

"Uuurrrhhh, ohhhhhh, fuuuckkk, yes," grunted Melissa thrusting forward and in, then she paused and cried out, "Fuuuucckkk, aaaarrrghhh."

Despite the heat of the room Emily's butt suddenly felt cold as Melissa withdrew. Automatically she started to turn and reach for a piece of clothing, as she realised what she'd done, that'd she just been taken anally for the first time by a girl she hardly knew - and that she had loved it. Melissa stopped her, "Just remain there for a moment, put your hands on your ass and pull it apart."

"Why?" asked Emily, but she did as she was told.

"I just want to take a picture," grinned Melissa, "To remember a perfect butt fucking." She picked up her phone and pointed it at Emily.

* * *

"That's such a lovely fucked ass," said Alison admiring the glossy of Emily's gaping butt she had just printed out.

"It is," agreed Mona, taking a look over the blonde's shoulder at the naked swimmer bent over a couch with her opened hole on full display. She blew on the tiny wooden plaque into which she had just burnt the words, 'Emily Fields butt fucked' before taking a tube of glue and sticking it to the gilt frame. Carefully she slid the glossy into it, making sure it didn't crease, before fixing the glass frame. She held it up and admired it, Melissa had done a great job.

She took it over to the wall, where Alison was looking at the similar pictures of the Marins. The blonde turned as Mona approached, taking the photos of Emily and hanging it on a hook. That done she turned back to the Marins, "You know Mona, I was just thinking wouldn't it be nice to have a family portrait of Ashley and Hanna, one of them showing us their well fucked asses."

"I like the way you think", agreed her fellow A-teamer.

* * *

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