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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 6 (FF, anal)
by LL

"MMnnnn," Hanna Marin moaned as her tongue slid into her Mom's mouth, their naked bodies pressed together so close it was like they were one. The teen's hand was rubbing at her pussy, massaging at the lips and fleshy wetness.

"That's so hot, girlfriend," from the PC in front of them came the sound of Mona's voice, a little tinny over the speaker, but perfectly audible.

"Fondle her tittie," Alison's voice immediately followed, as clear as fine glass, though she too was speaking over the computer's microphone. "And turn a little round, remember you're on camera."

The two Marins did as they were instructed, sliding their bodies over the bed so that they were directly in the view of the camcorder sitting on top of the computer; Ashley's hand moving up to cup her daughter's tittie as they did so.

"That's so hot, girlfriend," Mona repeated.

Luckily the feed was one way as, whilst Ashley and Hanna were well trained, Ella Montgomery still thought they would blanche if they knew there was incestuous lesbian sex show wasn't for their girlfriends as they believed, but for Melissa and Ella's enjoyment as well as Alison's. The three of them were sitting relaxed on the couch, watching the action on a big screen TV, the three A-team member's panties were down their ankles and they were gently stroking their pussies with their dildos. It was a great bonding exercise. Sure, Ashley and Hanna were a bit wooden, not surprising as neither was really wanting to do it, but they obeyed all the kinky instructions, kissing, licking and touching each other's naked bodies on demand.

Alison picked up the nearest microphone switching it on and speaking, "Hanna, take your Mom's tittie in your mouth and suck it."

She switched it off and picked up her cell-phone, scrolling down a number of recorded messages until she got to the one she wanted. She clicked the microphone on and held the phone next to it, Mona's pre-recorded voice came out of it, "That's so hot girlfriend."

"You should play a different message next time," Melissa Hastings, sliding a dildo down the crease between her pussy lips, massaging the rumpled flesh between. "It's the third time you've played that one, I know Hanna isn't the brainiest blonde in bimbo-town, but even she might notice Mona's not as eloquent as she normally is."

"Yes, okay," Alison frowned and then nodded, "we wouldn't want to spoil things and give the game away that she's not here watching."

"Especially as she should be getting some Em ass," agreed Melissa and she smiled, "And I can tell you that's some hot butt."

Alison reached for her phone and the microphone, playing a new message from their friend, "You're making me so wet, baby."

Hanna sucked Ashley's tit harder as her girlfriend's voice came over the speaker.

* * *

"Refill?" Emily Fields stood beside Mona holding a hot jug of coffee.

The other teen looked up. Emily could remember when Mona needed to wear glasses to read, now her face was unadorned. Emily blushed, thinking back to those days she hadn't been little Miss Perfect herself, too much in Alison's shadow trying to be part of her team. "Sorry? What did you say" Mona asked, "I was reading," she motioned to a book of the paperback edition of an Edgar Allan Poe she'd put on down on the table in front of her.

Emily tapped the coffee jug with her spare hand, "I was asking if you wanted a refill?"

"Yes, please," Mona picked up her cup and held it out for Em to fill up. She suddenly frowned as if seeing the other for the first time, "Are you okay?"

"Why? Don't I look alright?" Emily asked quickly, almost taking a step back and spilling the coffee - it was only by a supreme act of control she didn't.

Mona shrugged, "I don't know. You just seem a little off..." she tailed into silence for a second before continuing, "Not that I'd know we hardly know each other."

Em wondered if that was supposed to be a cutting remark or just a statement of fact. They had been at school together since Junior High and for the first years of that time the only time Em had even noticed mousy looking Mona was when the other teen had been the butt of a cruel taunt of Alison. Even after Ali had 'vanished' Emily had hardly spoken to Mona, though her friend Hanna had been close to her for a while before they fell out over a shoplifting incident. But sometime over the years Mona moved from dork to sexpot, her skin smooth and flawless, her mouth red and sensual, her eyes brown and so warm they were like pools you could dive into. Em held out the jug, "I'm okay. Coffee?"

She had wanted to change the subject, but Mona was looking at her, a slight frown on her face that betokened concern. But it wasn't that the forehead that held Emily's interest, but the mouth made for kissing and below that the tits, pressing at the other girls blouse, that were made for sucking and down, down below a pussy... She blushed, she'd never thought she was a sex maniac, okay she was interested and she'd made out with guys and girls, had sex a few times with her girlfriends. But ever since that time with Melissa Hastings, only a week ago, it seemed to be all she ever thought of, fucking, screwing, banging hot women and God, Mona was hot - so hot Emily just needed to get away.

Except the smartest girl in school was either awfully dumb at reading Em's desire to escape or even brighter than was thought in recognising the swimmer was seriously out of sorts. She smiled, "It's not busy. Why don't you sit down and tell me about it?"

It was the last thing Em wanted, Mona wasn't a lesbian, but she was so damned sexy that just being next to her made Emily worry she'd lose control and do something so dumb it'd make Hanna look like she was Harvard material. But she couldn't stop herself from sitting down; unsure whether it was because Mona sounded so sympathetic or whether somehow she'd become conditioned to do what attractive women said. Mona smiled, her rosy red lips enticing and sensual, "So what's the problem? Girl trouble?"

Emily looked round to make sure there was no one listening; they weren't - the coffee shop wasn't empty, but it was close to it and its few patrons showed no interest in the two teens sitting on the couch. "Kinda," she said, she paused and then said a bit more assertively "Yes, it is."

Mona nodded like she was one of an ancient sage who knew all the secrets of the human heart. "Is it Paige? That's who you're seeing isn't it?"

"Yes, I mean yes, it's Paige I'm seeing, but it's not Paige, not really..." she trailed off and Mona waited expectantly. Em blushed a deeper red, wishing she could get up and leave, but she seemed glued to the sofa. "I cheated on her."

To her credit Mona didn't gasp in surprise or launch into a judgmental tirade. Instead she just smiled, "Who with?"

Melissa hadn't specifically told Emily to keep it secret, but somehow the teen knew it had been implied. "It doesn't matter... We had sex."

"And the trouble is you enjoyed it..." Mona smiled knowingly.

"No, it's that I cheated on Paige," said Emily. God, the sex had been great, why did Mona need to remind her of that. But no matter how fantastic it had been to lose her anal virginity to another woman, she was dating Paige and she didn't want to end up like Ali, stamping over whatever human hearts got under her feet.

"So you told her and she's so pissed you've broken up and you're not getting any sex," Mona gave a pitying nod.

Again Em shook her head, "Oh no. I've not told Paige, that's the problem."

Mona looked confused, "What is?"

"I told you," Emily blushed, all the guilt and shame she felt welling up in her, "I cheated on my girlfriend."

"But the sex was great?" Mona frowned as she asked. "I can tell it was, when you mentioned it you had that 'I remember the great orgasms' look in your eyes."

"Yes, the sex was great," Emily was forced to admit.

"Anal sex always is..." said Mona, in a dreamy tone. She smiled at Em's look of shock, "I'm guessing it was in the butt?"

Emily blushed, she had been keeping that bit secret, "How did you know?"

Mona tapped the side of her nose in a mysterious gesture, "I can tell, magic powers," she teased. It was obvious she wasn't going to say anymore as she quickly moved on the conversation, "If you're into anal you should get Paige to fuck you there again." She smiled as easily as if she had just suggested Emily should invite Paige round for tea, not that she get her girlfriend to bang her most intimate hole.

"She's not that kind of girl," blushed Emily, "Anyway asking her for anal out of the blue would be tantamount to telling her I've been cheating on her."

"You seem to have a fixation on cheating," Mona frowned, "I can't see the big deal. I mean I've got a girlfriend and I'm always banging other girls; what she doesn't know can't harm her."

Emily's mouth fell open, she didn't know what surprised her most - that Mona had a girlfriend, that she cheated on her, or the casual way she mentioned both these facts. Em had struggled to come out, Mona mentioned it over a coffee. The other teen raised her mug, smiling mischievously over the rim as she sipped it, obviously enjoying Emily's reaction. She stirred it up even more as she daintily put down the cup on the table and said, "I enjoy butt-fucking her all the time. She's got the sexiest little ass. But why stick to it, there's lots of women with cute tushies, which are just begging for a strap-on..."

Was she looking down at Emily, sitting in her denim hot pants? Or was that the teen's imagination. In either case, there were other customers to serve, true not many of them, but that old couple on the other table probably needed another refill. She stood up so suddenly she almost spilled the pot, "Thanks for the advice," she lied, "I've got to work."

"No problem," Mona smiled and placed her hand on Emily's thigh, just below where her pants cut-off. "I'm going to be at 'The Pink Flamingo" it was the name of a lesbian bar a few blocks from here, "I might see you later and we can..." she smiled in a manner that could be best described as lustfully "...continue our conversation."

"Yes, perhaps," lied Emily, who had no attention of meeting Mona later. To cheat once was an accident, to do it twice would be habit forming. She turned and headed to the table with the pair of pensioners.

* * *

Emily wasn't sure why she was here; she didn't normally go to lesbian bars, certainly not those with reputation as meat markets and following an obvious come-on from another girl. She had a girlfriend, who she loved, and she was committed to making that work. But, still, here she was, pushing open the door into 'The Pink Flamingo' and going inside, knowing that there was Mona waiting and that the teen's intention was to make Emily cheat on Paige.

The bar was busy, but not overcrowded, all the tables had people sitting at them, but apart from on the dance floor and the bar there were few women standing. Emily quickly glanced round, there were a lot of hotties there and if she had been looking for a quickie this was the place to be. She wasn't; she told herself, she'd just tell Mona she'd given the wrong impression and leave, no cheating involved. And if she fingered her pussy tonight whilst imagining it was Mona butt-banging her ass; fantasies were harmless.

She quickly located the other teen, sitting at a table with two pink drinks in cocktail glasses in front of her. Emily was surprised, but relieved, that Mona had obviously got some company. She paused waiting to see if the other girl returned from the Ladies; if she did before Mona spotted her, she could leave without even speaking to Mona.

No such luck, Mona turned and raised her hand in a wave as she saw the teen swimmer in the doorway. Emily plastered a smile on her face and walked over, like she'd just arrived in that second. Mona waved at the drink furthest away from her, "I bought you a cocktail... " she giggled at Emily's expression, "don't worry its non-alcoholic."

"You knew I'd come?" said Emily, sitting down.

"Oh yes," smiled Mona, "I knew you'd come, in both senses of the word."

"I'm just here to talk," lied Emily, blushing as she picked up the drink. Mona just smiled knowingly. Emily took a sip, it was fruity and sweet, perhaps a little too much. Mona might think she knew her, but she didn't - the drink was proof of that.

"Shall we dance?" Mona was standing up and reaching out for Emily's hand. It was obvious a no was out of the question so Emily let the other teen lead her onto the dance floor.

Normally Emily's dancing was energetic, like a live bundle of energy flashing round the darkened club. But here, for some reason, she found herself following Mona's lead, dancing slowly and passively as Mona twisted round her body, until she was standing behind Emily. She took hold of the swimmer's waist, not tightly, but still firmly, and pressed herself close to teen. Emily moved to the rhythm, sliding her body up and down, brushing at Mona. The other teen's mouth was sliding to her neck, kissing and licking at the crease beside her shoulder. Emily couldn't deny that something was happening, her pussy was tingling with anticipation, and even if her brain was telling her it was wrong to cheat on Paige, the buzz between her legs was more overpowering.

"Oh," Emily gasped in surprise as one of Mona's hands moved to the swimmer's front and popped open the button on her top pants. Then without asking permission or even giving a warning Mona slid her hand down there and under Emily's panties, aiming for the pussy.

She found it.

"You're wet Em," she murmured in her ear, stroking at the cunt, "And you're shaven as well. Is that to keep you aerodynamic for swimming or for pussy licking adventures?" Emily didn't answer, but it didn't seem Mona was expecting an answer. Instead she slipped her finger between the lips and pressed it lightly down, "I can feel your dampness. You can't pretend you don't enjoy this."

"Mmmnn," Emily pressed back against Mona, allowing the other teen to slide her mouth down to the bottom of Em's neck and suck pleasantly at the flesh. The music went on, Emily was aware that she was being fingered in public, but the rest of the dancers seemed so engrossed in their own make-outs that none of them were looking where Mona's hand was parked. And even if they did Emily didn't think she could do anything about it; it wasn't that she didn't care, it was more the power to stop it seemed to have slipped from her, like she was Mona's plaything. "Oooohhhh," she moaned deeply as Mona finger fucked her hole, pushing the digit down up to the knuckle and twisting it.

"You dirty slut," murmured Mona in Emily's ear, "You're getting off on this."

"No, no, I'm not," lied Emily, "Oooohhh," the moan was loud enough that she was glad the music drowned it out.

Without warning Mona tugged her finger out of Emily, leaving the teen quivering. She could sense Mona licking it clean as she used her other hand to redo the button on Emily's tight hot pants, leaving the teen relieved and tense at the same time and equally wondering why Mona had stopped. Her confusion lasted only a few beats of the next song, before Mona whispered in her ear, "Come with me."

Again, Emily had little chance to object before Mona had her by the hand leading her from the floor towards the rest room. Once inside Moan ignored the couple making out in the corner and the other two young women gossiping intently as they touched up their make-up and dragged Emily over to the corner cubicle. She almost pushed Emily inside and shut the door behind them, ramming home the lock forcefully.

Emily had a second to glance round the cubicle, it was clean and smelt vaguely of lemon and lime, not the most romantic place she'd been, but she Mona wasn't interested in romance, but pure lust. A guess confirmed as the other teen thrust her face forward, and rammed her tongue at Emily. Emily let her lips be opened by Mona's hard pushing and her own tongue sliver round the invader. Whatever qualms she had about cheating on Paige were being swept away by the intense kissing she was being given. Especially with Mona's hand sliding down the swimmer's vest and lifting it up so she could rub at her sides and then down to her hot pants, to squeeze at her firm, toned buttocks. Her own hands reached out to press against the sides of the cubicle, balancing herself as Mona threatened to take her legs such was the intensity of her kissing, the cold chill of porcelain pressing at her legs as Mona forced her back.

"You're such a hot dyke," murmured Mona breaking the kiss, but not halting her handling of Emily's ass. Outside the cubicle Emily could hear the thud of music, softened into indecipherability by the walls between here and the dance floor speakers and the giggles and laugh as other lesbian as they used the rest room for it's more usual purpose. Mona grinned, as if she knew what was on Emily's mind, "We'll be quiet."

Emily nodded wondering what Mona meant. Then she found out. The other teen let go off Emily's ass and reached for her own slacks, undoing them and pulling them down. Emily's mouth opened in surprise and shock and lust as she looked down. Underneath the pants was a strap-on, bouncing up and straight once freed from the constraints of the clothing. Mona smiled, wickedly, "I changed after I met you earlier, I knew you'd end up following me here and we'd end up fucking."

Emily nodded, amazed that Mona seemed to know her mind better than she did. She watched in silence as Mona kicked off her heels and slid the pants all the way down. It wasn't easy to do in the tight confines of the cubicle and Emily had to sit down on the toilet lid to give the other lesbian room to move. Once the pants were down, Mona placed them in the corner and slipped back into her heels. She smiled at Emily like she was offering her a cookie, "We both know that I'm going to butt-bang that dyke ass, but how about you suck this cock first, as a lesbo it's the nearest you're going to get to giving a blow-job."

"I...I... yes," Emily nodded and struggled down to her knees, even if it meant pushing Mona back against the door. She opened her mouth and took the plastic dick gently between her lips.

"Suck it slut, lubricate my cock, ready it for your dyke ass," Mona instructed quietly but firmly. She took hold of the back of Emily's head, not putting any physical pressure on it, but letting the swimmer know it was Mona who was in control. Emily's head moved down, her lips playing over the plastic. She went down and then back, down again and retreated. "That's it, suck it good, make it nice and wet," Mona grinned, one hand playing with Emily's hair, whilst she leant the other against the wall. "I want you to slurp it deep."

Emily's head bobbed down, she could taste the cock - plastic with just a touch of something else, as if it had been used before and cleaned in some sweet flavoured soap. It wasn't nice, but it wasn't foul either, and she was able to quickly find herself moving down the fake phallus, soaking it with her saliva and cleaning it with her spit. "Oooohh," Mona gave a small moan, it didn't sound loud, but was it loud enough that the women outside would hear it? would they care if they did? For all Emily knew sex in public bathrooms was common in the club. She sucked harder and deeper, making Mona groan again. Emily listened hard, there didn't seem to be any changes in tempo to the mumbled conversations outside - perhaps they couldn't hear. Her head went down, taking the cock deeper, the toy pressing down on her tongue and sliding along the inside of her cheek.

"Deeper, you dirty skank ,deeper. I want it properly sucked," Mona murmured. Despite her words she must have been satisfied as she let go off Emily's head and placed the hand on the wall opposite her other one, balancing between them as the teenage swimmer's mouth went down the plastic dong. She began to gently sway her hips, pushing the dildo further into Emily's mouth. "I'm going to fuck your ass, I'm going to gape it open. Clean this dick, take it all."

"Uuurrhhh," Emily's head banged back and forth, sucking deep. She could feel the toy pressing at her cheek and then pushing in further, slipping over the wet flesh and heading towards her throat.

She would have gasped as the toy went into her gullet if her mouth hadn't been full and she hadn't been choking. Saliva and bile rose up from ducts deep down within her, splurging up like a volcano and washing the toy in a white, shiny liquid. She choked and gagged her eyes watering. Mona continued to fuck her, swaying forward, using her hands as both pinions and ballast, "Suck it you whore. Deep throat this dick like the skank you are."

Emily did as she was told, ignoring the discomfort and forcing herself through the choking and gagging, bringing her head down to meet with Mona's thrusts, so that the toy hammered deep in her mouth and throat. More saliva washed the toy, filling Emily's mouth so it dripped from between her lips and down her chin, onto her vest, making it look like a real dick had cum in her mouth and she was drooling it out. "Mmmnnn, you hot slut," giggled Mona and pressed forward, sliding the cock into Em's throat, threatening to choke her for a few seconds. Emily took it, not sure whether she should feel proud that she'd done so or disgusted that she was cheating on Paige by deep throating Mona's dildo in a public restroom. Both, probably....

Mona pulled back, dragging the dick from Emily's mouth. She looked down at it and the Emily sitting on her knees, looking back up at her, almost like she was in a begging position. "That was good. Look how wet you've made it."

She was right, the plastic cock was literally dripping, drops of saliva falling from it onto the floor in front of Emily. Mona grinned again and reached down to help Emily up, "I'm going to fuck your ass now, okay."

"Okay," nodded Emily. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted it so bad; what Paige didn't know couldn't do any harm, right?

Mona was looking at her, quizzically, "You heard?"

"Yes," Emily nodded, "You're going to fuck me in the butt."

"So why aren't those pants down and those sweet little cheeks ready for me to open?" Mona asked.

Emily blushed and sat down on the toilet seat, pulling off first her pumps and then, with a struggle in the small cubicle, her pants and the underwear she was wearing. "Where do you want me?" she asked.

Mona reached down and picked up Em's panties; the swimmer knew they were wet with her lust. She smiled at Emily, "Lean against the back wall, over the toilet." Emily did as she was told, turning so that she was facing the pristine white wall and shifting forward so that her hands were pressed against it and her legs were spread in a 'V' in front of the toilet, her shapely ass slightly raised. Mona's fingers moved down between her thighs and stroked her moist pussy; "You're almost ready, open your mouth..."

Emily suspected she knew what was coming, but opened wide anyway. She was right, Mona slid the swimmer's wet panties into her mouth, "I don't want you screaming the place down as you cum," she said as Emily clamped down on the soaking underwear, tasting her own juice.

As her own hands pressed at the wall Emily felt Mona's down on her ass, rubbing and massaging the naked buttocks, like she was admiring their round firmness, squeezing at the flesh and the muscle underneath. Gradually she pried them apart, exposing Emily's rosebud. The teen swimmer would have gasped if her mouth hadn't been full as Mona's toy was rubbed in her ass crack, the plastic running over her puckered hole, sending tiny little vibrations of excitement coursing through her. "You've got such a sexy butt," Mona murmured into her ear, "you're exercise regime is paying off... for me at least, I've never fucked such a toned ass."

"MMMpppfff," Emily said in agreement through her panties.

"Ssssshhh," Mona moved her head closer to Emily's ear, "I am going to so enjoy fucking your slut butt."

So saying she moved one hand down to the other teen's pussy and began to stroke at the clit. Emily shuddered in pleasure, her cunt dampening at the touch. She grunted into the panties as the toy began to push at her hole. Unlike with Melissa she now knew what to expect and she tried to move her ass back to meet the invading object, pressing her hands at the wall to give her balance.

"That's it, you slutty whore," giggled Mona into her ear as the toy slowly moved down and into Emily's anal chute. The tunnel expanded as the big toy pressed down, stretching to accommodate its size. It felt uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time, a dull ache round the walls competing with waves of sensual joy shooting down there. Her enjoyment was heightened as Mona continued to massage her pussy, her fingers strumming over the wet hole and clit hood, pushing down to stimulate the bud beneath.

"Mmmpppffff," Emily moaned again, she could taste her own juice as she did. She closed her eyes and tried to be quiet. Outside the cubicle the world was continuing as normal, a murmur of conversation, punctuated by laughing and with the background thump of bass from the music. Mona raised herself and fell forward, pounding her dick further into Em's ass, gradually opening the hole. Emily groaned into her panties. No one seemed to be listening or caring that she was getting analised in here.

"Mmmnnn, you dirty slut. Your ass is so tight. I'd almost believe you were a virgin if I didn't know you're an anal nympho," Mona murmured in a voice so quiet that Emily had to strain to hear it above the background noise. "I'm going to gape it wide, I'm going to bang it good." She continued to slam down, ramming her toy deeper.

Emily's hands pressed at the toilet wall, the muscles in her arms straining as she placed her weight forward and then pressed back to push her ass towards Mona and the dick. Her legs were touching the cool porcelain of the toilet, sliding at the rim. Drops of juice spun out from her pussy as Mona continued to rub it, the cum splattering onto the lid of the toilet like a slow drip from a pipe. Faster and faster Mona stroked, the palm of her hand brushing over and pressing down at Emily's cunt, becoming wet with her juice. She was slamming the teen with the same passion and speed, ramming the toy all the way in so that her thighs were slamming against the other teen's. "Mmmmmpppfffff," Emily moaned with feeling.

"Sssssshhh, my dirty little slut. You want people to hear you being anally fucked? I know you're a horny little whore, but there's no need for everyone in Rosewood to know," Mona giggled and then pounded Emily extra deep and hard, making it so hard for the teen swimmer not to scream passionately into her panties.

In, out, in, out, hard, fast, deep, Mona pounded away. Her legs smacked at Em's, the slap of them hopefully muffled by the cubicle walls and then lost in the noise outside. Emily grunted into her underwear, she'd sucked up all her juice and while the panties were still soaked, it was her saliva that was making them wet. Her hands slipped and slid up the wall, leaving sweaty palm prints marking her progress.

Mmmmppppfffff," she screamed again, though this time Mona said nothing, her only sound a grunt of exertion. The toy slammed down, stimulating parts that Emily didn't know she had, satisfying and ecstasy inducing. her pleasure was intensified as Mona continued to play with her pussy, strumming it fast like she was a Thrash Metal guitarist playing the gig of their life. More juice slid from Emily's cunt, soaking her lips and Mona's hand.

"MMmmmmmpffff, mmmmppppffff," she shrieked, her teeth biting down so hard at the panties that she holed the thin material, "mmmppppffff, mmmmpffff."

"Fuck," grunted Mona quietly, "Fuck, fuck, fuck." She seemed to move into a frenzy, slamming even harder and more violently than before, making Emily's asshole scream and sing together. Mona let out another moan, longer and lower, almost like a growl, "Fuuuuuccckkkk."

There was a pop of air as she pulled out, the squeak of the door as she leant against it. Emily was just about to straighten up when Mona spoke again, "Hold on a moment. Stay there."

Obediently Emily did as she was instructed as she heard Mona rustling around in her pants. Seconds later there was a click of the camera phone, "A souvenir. You don't mind." It was a statement not a question. "You can put your pants back on now."

Emily did so, continually bumping into Mona in the small space as the other teen also pulled on her pants, albeit leaving her strap-on in place. Once dressed Mona gave Emily a charming smile, "Our secret."

"Yes," Emily nodded, "but won't people suspect if we come out of this cubicle together."

"That I've been ass-fucking you?" Mona smiled, "No, probably just that we've been making out in private."

"What if Paige finds out?" now the orgasms had died down all Emily's previous guilt about cheating on her girlfriend had returned.

"She won't. But if you're so concerned, why don't I leave first and then you lock the door quickly behind me and wait in there until everyone who's seen me leave has gone" Mona said.

"Okay," Emily nodded, relieved. She sat down gingerly on the toilet lid as Mona picked up her purse and unlocked the door.

"See ya," the other teen said with a smile.

"Yes, our secret," Emily confirmed, but Mona had already shut the door. Quickly Emily jumped up to slide the bar back into place, wondering how she and Paige were going to work as she'd again cheated on her.

* * *

Hanna and Ashley were lying on the bed, gently kissing and cuddling each other. They were both exhausted, having spent the evening 'enjoying' a large number of sex acts with each other, from tribbing to dildoing to sixty-nines. The three A-team members watching were almost as exhausted, their pussies getting continual work outs as they watched the two Marins fuck to instructions.

Alison raised her phone and tapped a recorded message, "I'm going to sign-off now," Mona's voice chirped cheerfully out.

"And me," Alison spoke into the speaker, "You can go to your own rooms." She paused for a second and then added evilly, "Unless you don't want to." On the screen Hanna and Ashley were already disentangling themselves, glad that the incestuous sex acts were over for the night.

"If that was me...." Ella Montgomery grinned and shook her head as she leant forward to switch of the monitor.

"Still wanting Aria?" asked Melissa Hastings.

"Don't we all?" grinned Alison, thinking of her ex-friend.

"Soon," agreed Aria's Mom.

Any further conversation was cut short as their phones all beeped. As one the A-Team members picked them up and opened the message. The same picture awaited them all, the long thin brown legs of Emily Fields, leading up to her firm buttocks and the gaping hole between them. Below was a message, "Butt fucked."

* * *

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