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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 7 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

'Was it possible to both love and have contempt for someone at the same time?' wondered Ella Montgomery. She certainly loved her daughter, but as she held her in contempt for being weak at the same time it must be possible; and sorrow as well - that Aria would never know the joys of dominating and analising other hot women. When she was born Ella had fantasies of her beautiful daughter growing up to be like her Mom, a controlling top who enjoyed fucking the sexiest women. In many of the dreams Ella was fucking some gorgeous actress in secret when Aria walked in and on discovering her Mom was secretly a lesbian top joined her in dping the celeb in both holes, Mom and daughter bonding as they banged

As Aria got older that dream slowly died; there was none of the signs that Aria was a top; the old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree proving to be falser than Martha Stewart's tax returns. Oh, she was a lesbian all right - even her secret (and then not so secret) affair with her teacher couldn't disguise that from Ella. She could smell dyke at half a mile and Aria was one, even if the teen didn't know it herself yet. But she was definitely a bottom, a butt-fuckee, not a fucker.

Any lingering hopes that Ella had were demolished by Alison. When the blonde teen returned from her 'kidnapping' she had tested Aria; Ella's daughter not knowing that the seemingly innocent questions and conversations were giving Alison all she needed to know to analyse Aria and confirm she was bottom material. When Ali told Ella this, the Milf had squashed any lingering disappointment that her daughter wouldn't be joining her in the A-Team. Instead she started to talk to the team about fulfilling the other fantasy that had been growing over the years - if her daughter wasn't going to fuck lesbian ass with her Mom, her Mom was going to fuck her lesbian ass.

The preparation had been intense. Training the neural pathways for a normal bottom, could be done over days - hours if they were really susceptible, sometimes weeks if they were stronger than a normal bottom. It was all a matter of coded instructions, which the target didn't even realise was setting their brains in certain ways; so that when the A-team member moved in there were only a few gentle nudges needed and the bottom was ready to spread. But with Aria it had taken longer - not because she was strong-willed, - if any other member of the A-team had been targeting her Aria would have been ass-gaped in hours. But because loosing her anal virginity to her Mom was a big step, even for someone as secretly submissive as Aria.

Luckily Alison knew all the tricks, her training when she'd been away had covered all the eventualities. She had told Ella the exact things to say, how Aria would react and then the next thing to do, to lead the teen down the path to her a true self, an anal slut. None of things were overly sexual, that wouldn't have worked - the A-team weren't pick-up artists, but secret seducers; the target remaining unaware up until almost the last they were being seduced.

But tonight was the night Aria was going to find out...

Ella's ex, Byron and her son Mike, were having a boy's weekend, possibly fishing by the lake, more likely sitting in the hotel watching the football. It was the opening Ella had been waiting for - a chance of a girl's night with her daughter. Aria would be at Ella's apartment now, waiting for her Mom, assuming she was still at school, marking papers rather that at the A-team's den, getting rid of last minute jitters - butt-banging her daughter was the big game.

Her fellow A-teamers were clustered around giving advice over coffee and cookies, her friends as nervous as she was.

"You'll send pictures once you've fucked her?" Melissa asked.

"Yes," Ella smiled, "As we always do." She gave a brief nod towards the wall with the framed pictures of the open asses of previous conquests of the A-team.

"I can hardly wait," said Ali, she almost licked her lips as she added, "After you have her we can all have her?"

Out of friendship all the A-teamers had agreed that Ella should be the first to sample her daughter's lovely butt; but Ella knew they were all wanting to have a go themselves - Aria's ass was reaching legendary proportions, her Mom hoping that it was worth it. "Of course," she nodded, "Once I've fucked her, I want you all to enjoy her." She smiled, she was sure Aria's asshole would be worth it.

"I don't think you should worry about us, just think about yourself tonight, keep relaxed and calm; it'll all go perfectly," Mona said.

"It will," Ella was nervous, but she knew as soon as she saw Aria her nerves would go and she'd be the perfect dominator; she'd felt the same way when she'd put the E next to Spencer's work and look how well that had turned out. She glanced at the picture of Spencer's naked butt, the teen bent over a school desk showing her open asshole. Soon there would be a picture of Aria joining it. She put down her coffee, "I'm ready."

"Go fuck that butt," giggled Ali and the other A-teamers nodded in agreement.

* * *

It was nice to spend some time with her Mom, thought Aria, her parents' divorce reversing the normal trend of the woman getting the house and custody. Not that she minded living with her Dad; he was a great parent as well, but sometimes a girl wants her Mom. She gave her Mom a smile as the she came in from the kitchen into the small lounge, "Thanks for dinner."

"It was only a pizza, all I did was add some topping to a ready cooked base," Ella took the seat beside her daughter.

"But you chose exactly the right toppings," said Aria.

Her Mom smiled, "Funnily enough that's what the woman I had over a few days ago said."

Aria frowned, it was a strange phrase to use, surely if her Mom had invited a friend over she'd have said her name. Or at least put in more description, like my friend from school or an old classmate from college, if she didn't think Aria would know who it was. It almost sounded like her Mom had a secret girlfriend. The teen almost laughed at the thought. "Well she was right as well, you must be the best pizza topper in the town."

For a moment it seemed to Aria her Mom looked slightly surprised, then disappointed, but the two expressions were so quickly over her face that the teen knew she was mistaken, especially as her Mom smiled and said, a little enigmatically, "I'm certainly good at topping."

She moved a little closer to Aria as she said it, moving just a fraction into the teen's personal space. Aria shuffled herself a little away to give more space, hoping that her Mom wasn't going to use the evening to braid Aria's hair like she used to when she was a little girl. Her Mom didn't reach for her hair, but instead placed a gentle hand on her daughter's thigh - stroking it with her thumb. Aria winced and giggled, her Mom was close, a bit too close, but at the same time she couldn't deny there was something oddly comforting about it. Even if there were weird sensual feeling starting to bubble up within her, which she ignored as totally inappropriate when you were sitting with her Mom. She quickly moved the subject on, "So have you had many people over?"

"To sample my topping?" her Mom smiled, like she was making a secret joke, "I've had a few women over."

There was the reference to women again, not friends or work colleagues, but the infuriatingly vague 'women'. This time Aria decided to ask, "Women?"

Her Mom laughed, "Are you sounding judgmental? I am divorced and single."

Aria stared, surprised, "You mean women... as in girlfriend type women."

"I wouldn't got that far," Ella said, "Most were more casual than that."

Aria stared open mouthed at her Mom, Ella smiled and then laughed, "Seriously you didn't realise... why do you think your Dad and I split. It wasn't because of that silly girl he was seeing, I knew about that."

"You're a lesbian," Aria blurted out, several seconds after the fact. She quickly changed her tone aware that surprise might be read as disapproval and that was the last thing she wanted; after all one of her best friends was a lesbian and Aria had hardly batted an eyelid when Em had come out. "I mean, that's good, are you seeing anyone?"

What was it with her Mom and enigmatic smiles as the one she gave made the Mona Lisa look open, "Shall we say I have my eye on a cute brunette."

"Anyone I know?" asked Aria wondering if she did know any lesbians apart from Emily and Paige.

"In a kind of way," her Mom smiled, "So what about you. All dinner we spoke about school and colleges, but never about who you're seeing now you and Ezra have broken up?"

Aria blushed, she wasn't seeing anyone, not that she wanted to talk about with her Mom; not if her Mom's love life was going as well as she hinted. So instead she shrugged and smiled, "This cutie you were talking about..."

Her Mom smiled, and was it Aria's imagination that her touch on the teen's thigh got a little more sensual - it must have been, "Is for later... You got your eye on any hot girls yourself?"

"I'm not a lesbian," Aria frowned, it was a weird thing for her Mom to think, it wasn't like she'd given any indication she was girl who liked girls - she didn't even like Melissa Etheridge.

"No?" her Mom asked, like she didn't believe her.

"No," said Aria as forcefully as she could, "I like guys, just no-one at the moment."

"Are you sure?" her Mom was pushing it, lightly rubbing her daughter's leg as she did so - it made Aria feel funny, in a way she was sure her Mom didn't mean. That was the trouble with being a teen, anything made you a little horny, even the most innocent touches from another woman... it didn't make her a lesbian. "I mean I've always thought you were, even when you were seeing Ezra, it never felt real, it was like you were trying on an ill-fitting dress."

"No, it was... real? I mean it didn't work, but I don't regret it," said Aria.

"Lots of teen's like someone older, my first lover was older than me... it was a woman before you ask; I'd had half a dozen female lovers before I met your Dad," Ella said. "He made me straight for a while, just long enough for me to marry and have you and Mike, then I remembered I loved women more."

"Oh," said Aria, her Mom was sharing a lot, probably too much.

Her Mom didn't seem inclined to clam up, it was as if now she was out to her daughter a dam had burst and a torrent of secrets was pouring out, "I really enjoy having my pussy licked. I mean a man can do it, but it's nothing like a woman doing it, her lithe tongue sliding between my lips, teasing my clit and sliding down my hole. Mmmnn, even thinking about it makes me hot. And having my titties sucked as well, oooooohhhh, that's so hot baby, I mean I'm sure Ezra tried, but there's nothing like it, having another woman slurp at your boobies, sucking them deep into her mouth....mmmnnn."

Aria blinked, for a second she had just imagined someone slurping at her Mom's boobs and the worse thing was that the person she'd imagined look a lot like her. She thought about trying to change the conversation, but her Mom was continuing, "I love playing with my tits as well, stroking them and kneading them as some hot cutie dildos herself for my enjoyment. It makes me so hot I can't help but use my own toy in return, sitting opposite her watching her fuck herself as I fuck myself."

Aria found herself getting hotter. And was there a dampness forming between her legs? It couldn't be, listening to her Mom shouldn't be turning her on.

But it was...

Ella asked, "Do you know what a butt-plug is Aria?"

"Yes," the teen. She was an anal virgin, though she had considered not being so with Ezra and had looked up on the internet various guides to anal sex.

"I love seeing one in a girl's ass, well placed, keeping it open and ready for my use..." Ella gave a small smile as Aria gasped, "Yes, Aria, your Mom is a butt-girl. I love fucking hot, sexy, slutty ass. I love thrusting my strap-on into it and gaping it open, I love ramming it so hard it's ruined. I don't how many anal cherries I've popped, but I've hardly been on a date where she's an anal virgin by the end of the night."

Suddenly the teen became aware of something. She looked down to confirm her suspicion - her Mom's hand had moved upward from Aria's thigh and was down rubbing at the teen's cunt through her jeans. She looked up at her Mom, Ella was grinning, her eyes meeting Aria's, totally unabashed that she was feeling her daughter up, "Is this all making you hot? Is all this talk about pussy eating and butt-banging making you dyke out?"

"No," whispered Aria.

"Liar," replied Ella without rancour. Without warning she grabbed the back of Aria head and dragged it forward her mouth opening as she did so. It clamped hard on Aria's and the teen automatically opened, though she was sure she didn't want to and it was wrong. Her Mom's tongue sped in, slamming round her mouth like she owned her. Aria was too stunned to do much more than allow her own tongue to tease back, tickling over her Mom's as it dominated her mouth. She could sense her Mom's other hand was fiddling with her blouse. Then, just as suddenly as she'd grabbed her, Ella let her go.

Aria's head sprung back. She gasped for breath and wiped her lips, a thin line of saliva had slipped out. She looked at her Mom, the Milf had undone her blouse and her titties were dangling over the top of her bra. Aria had seen boobs before, in the changing room and at sleepovers, but seeing her Moms was something new - she'd probably seen them when being breast fed, but she was too young to remember that. They were bigger than she'd thought they'd be, not that she'd ever thought about them; and bouncy looking, with two pink puffy areola upon which perched a pair of hard nipples - they looked surprisingly sexy. But Aria had only seconds to wonder before her Mom had grabbed the back of her head and was pulling her towards them, "Suck on these Aria, lick my puppies."

Her Mom was pushing her down, but even without the pressure Aria's head would have dropped. Her mouth opened and she took the nearest titty in her mouth, not caring it was her Mom and began to suck and lick. Her Mom groaned and gasped, her body shuddering as Aria greedily sucked the boob into her mouth. "Oh, that's good. Suckle at my titty, lick it up."

Aria did as she was instructed, her mouth moulding round the bosom, her tongue flickering at the nipple. After a few moments she swapped boob, clasping on to the second one and giving it the same treatment as its partner. The nipple was stiff against her tongue, pinging as she stabbed at it, her teeth lightly scraping at the flesh around it.

"Ooooohhhh, God Aria, that's great," her Mom moaned. It took a few moments for Aria to realise that she was no linger being held, one of her Mom's hands gripping the back of the sofa, the other lifting her skirt and sliding down to her Milf pussy. Aria could have stopped. She didn't, suckling the tits like she'd been born to it.

Suddenly what she was doing came, her head sprang back like it was on a spring and she went red, "Mom... I... we can't, this is wrong."

Her Mom continued to stroke her Milf pussy, her hand sliding over the shaven pussy, like she was trying to entrance Aria. She grinned, "Aria we both know what's going to happen, by the end of the night I'll have taken another anal cherry. Why resist?"

Aria blushed deeper, mainly because she feared what her Mom was saying was true. She knew it was wrong, knew she shouldn't feel like this, but she was incredibly turned on. Just seeing her Mom rubbing her pussy made her want to slide her mouth down and lick, sliding her tongue over and into the wet hole. She shook her head to try and clear it, to regain control, "No, no that's not going to happen. I'm going to leave. If you try and stop me I'm going to report you to social services."

Ella seemed unfazed she just lifted her skirt higher so that her pussy was totally exposed to Aria's eyes, so she could see the wet juice glinting under the light above. Aria remained unmoving, just looking down at the wet, delicious looking cunt. She'd never eaten pussy, never wanted to, but this one seemed so sexy and sweet. She tried to resist its allure.

She might have managed it if her Mom hadn't said, "Eat my pussy, eat my pussy like the slut you are."

The next thing Aria knew she was on her knees beside the sofa her head dropping down to her Mom's shaven slot. One her Mom's hands slid down, her fingers spread like a V to open the hole for Aria's tongue. The teen obliged, sliding it in and down her Mom's twat, so that she tasted her juice - it wasn't unpleasant and soon, despite her best attentions, Aria found herself licking harder, lapping up the cum like she was a cat after cream. Her Mom groaned and shook, pressing her cunt into her teen daughter's face, "Oooohhh, eat me, eat your Mom's cunt you little tramp." Aria slurped quicker, her face red with embarrassment. She closed her eyes so that she couldn't see her Mom's cunt, as if that mattered when she could hear her words in her ear, "Yes, yes, that's it my slutty daughter, lick Mom's cunt, I want your tongue deep inside me you dirty little whore."

Aria had never heard her such language, so sexually demeaning that she could hardly believe it was her Mom uttering them. But then she could hardly believe that she was eating her Mom's pussy either. Ella gasped and groaned, shuddering in pleasure, "Make my pussy wet, use more tongue you slut, I want to be made hot you whorey fuckhole."

Aria knew she should bring her head up and leave immediately, not even stopping to call the police until she was home. But she also knew her Mom's pussy was so tasty and wet and licking it was making Aria wet and excited herself, her tongue was lapping up the pussy juice, which her taste buds seem to be craving. She couldn't stop, she didn't want to stop.... "OOooohhh, ooooohhh, you're going to make Mom cum, you whore. Ooooohhh, harder, lick me like a skank."

Aria's tongue pounded deep, exploring the damp velvety tunnel, licking up every drop of juice she could find like she was stuck in the desert and her Mom's cunt was the only thing keeping her from dehydration. Her Mom's hand was resting on her head, there was no pressure, but control was there all the same as her fingers played through the long hair, stopping briefly to gasp and buck as Aria drove her to a new orgasm. More and more girl juice formed in the Milf's cunt, so much that no matter how fast Aria licked she couldn't drink it all up.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, yessss, fuck yesssss!" her Mom squealed and rocked in pleasure, her body shuddering. Aria brought her mouth away and looked up at her orgasming Mom, her tongue nervously licking away the cum that coated her lips.

For a few moments her Mom just breathed deeply, her cheeks flushed red and her eyes glazed, before she finally said, "That wasn't bad, you're a passable cunt-licker, Aria."

The teen blushed and nodded, unsure whether that was a compliment or an insult. Her Mom stood up, her skirt falling down to cover her pussy but her naked tits still dangling from her open blouse. "Wait here," she ordered and walked across to her bedroom.

Aria could have escaped, fled the house and not looked back. But she stayed.

Her Mom was only gone a few minutes, returning with a canvas bag. She sat down in a comfy chair opposite the sofa and pulled out a dildo. Aria watched, entranced, shocked, as her Mom lifted the skirt again and began to slide it over her pussy. She gave a wicked smile as she saw her daughter's expression, "If you want me to fuck you, you better strip... and do it sexily."

Aria stood up and began to undress. She was too scared to do it as a strip-tease, her attempts at dancing looking more like a zombie shuffle than a seductive disrobing. But luckily her Mom didn't seem to mind, she just kept her eyes on Aria's sexy form as the teen gradually removed all her clothes, leaving her panties and bra until last and then slipping them off, so that she was standing nude in front of her Mom. The Milf stared for a few moments, drinking down her daughter's naked beauty, her dildo gently sliding over her pussy and clit, leaving her cunt slick with lust. After a few moments she reached with her spare hand into the canvas bag and pulled an object out, "Do you know what this is?"

Aria blushed, she'd knew what it was, though she'd never seen one for real, "A butt plug," she said so quietly it was almost a whisper.

Either her Mom had good hearing or she wasn't really interested in the answer. She played with the toy for a second before leaning forward to pass it to Aria. The teen took a few steps forward and took it from her Mom's outstretched hand, before shuffling back. It was smaller than she had imagined it would be, with a hook on the end and a point which tapered into a small ball at the end; she knew it was designed to easily enter the ass and to be equally simple to ease out. Ella gestured at the sofa opposite her, "Lean on the couch so that your ass is facing me and use that toy on yourself."

"In my ass?" Aria was sure that was what her Mom meant, but it was so perverse, so strange, so totally out of both their characters that she felt she need to make sure.

"Of course, it's a butt-plug, where else would you use it?" replied her Mom.

"No-where," replied Aria. She took position over the couch and raised her sexy ass so that her Mom could see it. With one hand she reached round and pulled at her cheek, exposing her tight rosebud. For a second or two she hesitated, in an evening of steps this was another big one.

"Fuck your ass, Aria," her Mom said sharply.

With those words of encouragement the teen started to feed the plug into her asshole. Momentarily it seemed the rosebud would resist the toy, but then it opened to the round point. Aria gave a squeak as the hard plastic entered her, but she carried on pushing down and opening her tunnel. Behind her she could hear her Mom's sexual moans as she played with her own twat, tickling it with her toy as her daughter shoved a hard lump of plastic down her ass. Aria closed her eyes tightly and continued to push. Her asshole stretched wider than she thought it could go, but whilst it was painful it wasn't as sore as she thought it would be and soreness was complemented by a enjoyable, sensual tingle. "Mmmnnn, ooooohhh," she grunted and keeping her fingers on the haft pushed harder.

"Yes, that's it my dirty slut daughter, shove that plug all the way into your skank ass," Ella cried out behind her, "Ooooohhhh, urrrrrhhh, that's so hot. Work it all the way down that whore butthole."

The butt-plug slid down, if not easily, as least with limited friction and resistance, the teen's virgin hole opening to accommodate it. Aria grimaced as it went down, it was sore and uncomfortable, but also enjoyable and snug. She wasn't sure whether she was pleased or not when the she felt the ring of the plug press at her cheeks, stopping it going any further. On one hand she didn't think she could take another inch, or the other she'd taken the first five inches and her ass seemed to be coping and on the edge of enjoying. She remained in situ unsure what to do next. Her Mom quickly made it clear, "Work it in and out, anally masturbate yourself you little whore."

Gripping the top of it Aria did as she was told, pulling the plug out and then pushing it out. Her asshole stretched some more and she gave a small gasp, part plain, part pleasure. "Go for it," her Mom said, "Fuck your asshole faster, I'll be fucking it harder than that."

Unsure whether that was a warning or a promise Aria continued to work the toy in and out. It began to get easier as her anal tube got used to the invader, clamping round it so that the plastic whirred over hidden nerve endings, but loose enough that the resistance was easily pushed aside. And the looser her ass became the faster and harder Aria pushed. And the faster and harder she pushed the more she enjoyed it. She let out a groan and slid her other hand down to her cunt, rubbing the wet slit and the clit above it as she banged her asshole. It was such a turn on, anal masturbation was so much more enjoyable than the normal fingering of her pussy. The fact her Mom was behind her watching every slutty shove made her wetter, even though she knew it was wrong and depraved. "Oooohhh, ooooohhhh," the teen moaned in excited ecstasy.

"You slut, you dirty whore, anally fucking yourself in front of me. You can't deny you're a dyke slut now, " was there a touch of triumph in her Mom's voice or was it just lust? Not caring which, Aria hammered harder, she was everything her Mom said and more.

"Oooohhh, oooooh, this is so hot," squeaked Ella. "I'm cumming watching you fuck that hot little ass. Oooooohhh, uuuurrrhhh, aaaarrrghhh... Hear that Aria? you're making Mommy cum, you're making Mommy cum watching you fuck that skank hole of yours."

Aria bit her lip and continued, pounding at the asshole with her plug, fiddling and fondling her twat with the other hand. Waves of pleasure crashed through her, as she slid her finger up and down, running it over her cunt. It was sticky with wet cum, the juice dribbling from her hole and over her quim lips. Her ass was zinging as well, and if the five inches of the butt-plug wasn't enough, well there was a promise of her Mom butt-banging her soon. Aria just hoped that whatever toy her Mom used it was long and thick enough to pleasure the horny teen sufficiently. She gave a squeak, "Aaaarrghh."

"You're a whore, Aria, what are you?" her Mom gasped.

"I'm a slutty, lesbo, anal skank. A dirty whorey hooker," Aria squealed in reply. She rammed both holes harder, making her body shudder and shake with pleasure.

"AAarrrrghh," her Mom squealed again, obviously cumming a second time as she toyed herself in time with her daughter's thrusts.

"Uuuuurrrhhh, ooooohhhh," Aria moaned back shaking.

For a few moments she continued pounding her asshole until her Mom spoke, "I think that's enough. You're prepared."

Aria started to pull the toy out, but her Mom said, "Leave it in for a few moments, we don't want your ass to think it can start to close."

"Okay Mom," said Aria.

"Follow me into the bedroom," said Ella.

Aria slowly stood up. It felt strange, the toy rubbing at her walls with every movement. It felt even stranger as she walked, like it was pushing it one moment and trying to escape the other, all the time scraping up and down the chute, playing over the round tunnel sides. It meant she walked slowly and gingerly, she worried it made her look hesitant. But her Mom made no comment. Instead as soon as Aria was in she shut the door and undressed, as the nude teen stood still beside her. Still without speaking the naked Milf walked over to the wardrobe and opened it. Aria couldn't see what she was rummaging for, but she guessed and hoped it was a big one.

She wasn't disappointed. When her Mom turned she was holding a ten-inch strap-on dildo, which was almost as thick as it was long. Her Mom smiled, "I'm going to fuck your ass with this beauty; that is if you're an anal slut who wants to be butt-fucked by her own Mom."

Aria remained silent, but went deep red, knowing that was exactly what she was. Her Mom grinned wider and slid the toy up her thighs, buckling it in place. Sticking out in front of her pussy it looked even thicker and wider, and even with the butt-plug having opened her Aria wasn't sure how she was going to get all that in her ass. She soon discovered...

"Did you ever give Ezra are blow-job, you dirty little skank?" Ella asked, waving the toy in her daughter's face.

"Yes," Aria whimpered, not that his dick had been that big.

"You'll know what to do then," her Mom said.

Aria opened her mouth and started to slide it over the fake phallus. It was so thick and wide she couldn't take it in one go, having to take a couple of inches and then pull back. Her Mom grunted impatiently, "You're supposed to be sucking it not kissing it."

Aria tried again, bringing her head forward until her jaw ached and it seemed her mouth was full. It was still only a few inches in. Her Mom frowned, "If that's the type of blow-jobs you gave Ezra he must have been easily pleased." 'It was more at a little over five inches he'd been easier to accommodate thought,' Aria, but even without her mouth full she wouldn't have said that to her Mom for fear the more dominant lesbian would think she was talking back. Instead she closed her eyes and forced herself forward, ignoring the discomfort and rising bile in her throat, pushing herself at the cock until she choked and snorted.

Falling back she took a blast of air and looked up at her Mom. Gone was the soft motherly look of concern, instead it was stern and controlling and obviously not at all happy with the teen's performance. "Suck it, Aria," she said crossly.

The teen whimpered, hoping that her failure to suck it properly wasn't going to have an impact on the butt-banging her Mom had promised her. "I'll do better," she whined and opened her mouth to take the cock.

This time, however, her Mom took a hand. Aria's lips had only slid a couple of inches up the prong before her Mom took hold off the back of her head in both hands and lever it forward. At the same time the Milf thrust hard. The two movements caught Aria by surprise and she shot up the cock hard, feeling the end bang at the back of her throat almost before she had time to gag. The butt-plug in her asshole, scraped and quivered as she shook with the blow of her Mom's hard thrust. Her Mom relaxed for a second, then rammed again, hammering the dick deep into the teenage mouth. Aria's eyes widened and watered as the plastic prick hammered at her tonsils, a wave of saliva and bile coating the toy as she choked and gagged.

"That's better, you dirty whore, deep throat my toy," her Mom called as she kept her hands on the back of Aria's head and shook her waist, thrusting forward into the teen gullet. "Get this dick nice and soaked."

The toy was so big and her Mom was fucking it so deep Aria seriously wondered if she was going to run out of oxygen and die. However, just as she was on the edge of panic her Mom pulled it out enough for a trickle of oxygen to seep in. The teen tried to gasp it down, but her Mom was already throat-fucking her again, ramming the dick into the pretty teen's open mouth. "Suck it you whore. Get it wet for your skank ass," Ella called out and bucked away, pounding the cock hard at her daughter. "You dirty whore, suck my plastic prick." She pulled it loose for Aria to get some of that precious air and then slammed it, so that the dildo hit the teen's tongue and bounced off it against her tonsils. "I want to fuck that dirty slut face before I fuck that whore ass."

Aria was no longer actively sucking, all she could do was choke and gag, letting her Mom have her way with her, the butt-plug shuddering in her asshole. Saliva filled her throat and mouth and burst through the gap in her lips, pouring down her chin and over her titties. Her eyes watered, the eye shadow streaked as liquid leaked down from it. But through it all her pussy was tingling with excitement and lust, her Mom was right about her being a whore, only a complete slut hooker would enjoy this as Aria was doing. She reached down and rubbed her pussy, making it too wet and soaking, dripping cum from her lips onto the carpet.

It seemed like hours that her Mom face-fucked her, but it couldn't have been longer than five minutes until her Mom pulled the cock out and let go off her daughter's head. The dildo was dripping with saliva, wetter than it would be than if it had been dipped in a bowl of water. Aria raised her head to look at her domme Mom. Ella grinned, "Do you want me to bang your ass?"

Aria nodded.

"Beg me. Beg me to fuck that sweet behind," Ella said.

"Please fuck my butt, Mom. Pretty please, with sugar on. Ram your dick into my asshole, bang it open, fuck my asshole. Please, please, fuck your anal whore of daughter. I'm begging you to ram my dyke ass and make it gape," the teen said, meaning every word.

"Get on the bed, on your hands and knees facing the mirror - I want to be able to see your face as I fuck that dyke ass," her Mom ordered and Aria did as she was told.

In the reflection of the mirror she could see her Mom climbing on the bed after her, the strap-on sticking out like it was a real cock with a hard-on. The teen shivered in anticipation, the butt-plug had whetted her appetite. Though it was small and thin compared to the huge dildo her Mom was wearing it still fitted snugly in her ass, how would it feel to have something as thick as the strap-on pounding her.

She didn't have long to wait. She saw her Mom lean towards her and felt a sudden burst of cold air as her Mom pulled the plug-out of her ass. So used had she become to it's feel that for a second Aria felt like something had been amputated. But before she could get reused to the lack of toy in her ass, her Mom was grabbing her cheeks and levering them apart, to push her strap-on at Aria's still open rosebud.

"Oh, yes," grunted Ella as she penetrated her daughter's ass.

"Oooooohh," groaned Aria as her ass welcomed her Mom's toy.

Ella leant back and then came forward, driving the toy deeper. It went in, the blow-job and the butt-plug having done their work. But even as it pushed down Aria gasped and cried out, her tunnel expanding further than the plug had managed and even the saliva covering it was not enough to leave it's entry frictionless and easy. Behind her Ella ignored her cries and gripped the side of the teen's ass to give herself balance and continued working herself in and out. "Yes, yes, yes," she muttered as she thrust forward and back, "Yes, yes, yes."

"Ooooohh, urrrrhhh," Aria grunted, closing her eyes and gripping at the bedding. It was sore and painful, but exciting and exhilarating at the same time. The cock was pushing further than the butt-plug, going into previously unexplored regions of her butt and opening tunnel that had been virgin. The chute expanded and elasticated like rubber, stretching to fit the dildo as snugly as a hand in a glove. Ella was going faster and harder, driving the toy deeper into her daughter's bottom, opening the tunnel wider. Aria gasped as the toy slammed against her cervix wall and made her clit spin. Gingerly, careful that she didn't overbalance, Aria let one hand go from the bedding and transferred it to her pussy, wiping at the wet hole with her fingers. The enjoyment she was receiving catapulted higher. "Oooohhh, urrrrhhh, ooooohhh. Fuck me Mom, fuck me."

Ella was slamming hard now, her hands gripping her daughter's waist as she pummelled her ass. The full length of the toy slammed down Aria's chute, making her feel like she was filled completely. The teen screamed and gasped and squealed, "Fuck me, oh my God, fuck me harder."

"You dirty anal dyke," her Mom snorted, "I own this fucking lesbo ass, it's mine."

"Yes, Mom, yes!" Aria cried back, "I'm yours, I'm your fuckhole to fuck anytime you want and anyway... I'm your whore, I'm your dyke daughter."

The dildo speared her anus, ramming down deep, filling her. She stroked her pussy hard, making it thrum as cum spurted out all over her Mom's bed. Aria had a feeling that she wasn't the first to cum on this bed as her Mom fucked from behind and that her Mom didn't mind a splurge of girl juice on her quilt. Or at least if she did she was doing nothing to stop Aria cumming again and again as she pounded her daughter's back hole violently. "Yes, you slut, you dyke bitch. I'm fucking your ass because you're an anal lesbo skank."

"Aaaaarrrrghhh," Aria shrieked in ecstasy as she came, the waves of exhilaration smashing round her body. Her eyes popped open. In the mirror she could see her Mom pounding away, her tits bouncing and jiggling as she energetically thrust in and out, her brown hair flapping and flying across her face as she rocked, the look of pure lust on her face as she gaped her daughter. The dildo slammed all the way down Aria's hole, hammering behind at the spider-web nerves of her clitoris. Aria shrieked again, "Aaarrrrghhh!!!"

Her Mom continued, thrusting and banging at the teen butt-hole, stretching it like it was rubber, thrusting so deep that it was miracle her dick was coming out the other side. Aria cried out in pleasure with every stroke, her hand still continuing to fondle her soaked pussy. She knew it was wrong to enjoy being sodomised by her Mom, she knew it made her a lesbo anal whore as her Mom kept grunting; but it felt so good, so hot, so ecstasy inducing. She squealed loudly, rocking the bed as she came yet again, "AAaaarrrrggghhh..."

Her Mom pulled out and collapsed back on the bed. Aria remained in position gasping loudly; she was about to turn when her Mom stopped her. "Just a moment." Ella reached for her phone, sitting on the bedside cabinet and held it up. Aria blushed as she heard the click, 'had her Mom just taken a picture of her gaping ass?' She just hoped that her Mom had a secure password...

"Come suck my cock clean," Ella ordered and put the phone back down.

"Yes Mom," said Aria, spinning on her knees so she was facing Ella. She leant down over the dick. For the second time that evening her mouth opened and slid over the fake dick. But this time she wasn't lubing but washing, her tongue sliding up and down the dimpled plastic, bouncing over it and swirling round. There was a slight bitterness that hadn't been there before. Aria tried to ignore it and to just concentrate on feeling the texture. To her horror she found that she could still taste the bitterness of her butt no matter how much she tried to just think on the ridges; to her greater horror she didn't mind as much as she should that she was tasting her own ass. Up and down her mouth moved, her lips pursed, her teeth grazing at it. She didn't go as deep as before, nor bob as violently, correctly guessing that her Mom wasn't wanting a hardcore deep-throating where her head banged like a metaller, but a slow and relaxed cleaning, where she slid up and down like a dirty little slave skank.

"That's good, Aria. You're finding your proper place now, sucking a strap-on after it's been up your dyke ass. You're a perfect little anal whore," Ella said, with a touch of admiration seeming to vie both with contempt and lust. "Wash it with your mouth. Clean my toy of your slut butt."

Aria tongue wrapped round the pole, slurping and licking at the hard rod. The bitter taste was been gradually washed away to be replaced with the bland nothingness of plastic. She still continued sucking, waiting for her Mom to tell her to stop as even if there was no taste she was enjoying the submission. Or perhaps enjoying was the wrong word for a submissive slut like her; she was accepting her submission.

"I think I'm ready for another bit of Aria ass," her Mom reached out to her hair and pulled the teen off the dick.

Aria drew up and nodded meekly, "Yes Mom, where do you want me?"

Her Mom remained lying on her back, flicking her plastic cock with a finger. "I want you to do the work this time, show me the real slut you and ride me."

Aria didn't pause, but nodded. She started to move towards her Mom, but her Mom shook her head, "I want you to do it reverse, so you can see yourself in the mirror and know what a butt-fucked whore you are."

"Okay," replied Aria, though she thought rebelliously that feeling the plastic dong pounding her ass would remind her she was anal slut.

Still, she did as her domme Mom demanded, turning her back to the woman who gave her birth, spreading her cheeks and lowering herself on the upright rod. She gave a groan as it penetrated her butt, though it slipped in more effortlessly than before, like sky-diving it was obviously easier the second time. She slid her butt down, letting the dick go all the way in until her cheeks were resting on her Mom. The Milf sat up a to grab her stomach and open her legs, a hand sliding down to rub at the teen's wet pussy, "You dirty, horny slut," Ella murmured in her ear and began to thrust up, "Ride me, ride me faster whore."

Aria began to bounce in time with her Mom, driving herself up the toy and then down again, opening her ass even further and spreading the chute. Her teen titties wobbled and jumped, her body shuddering in sexual pleasure. Her pussy tingled and hummed as her Mom rubbed at the clit from the front and pounded it from behind, the toy spearing all the way in to smack at the nerves behind her wall. "MMmmnnnn, ooohhhh," Aria groaned, "Oh fuck me, fuck me Mom. Hammer my dyke ass, screw it so hard I pop."

Her Mom grunted in reply, "That's it my slutty fuckhole daughter, I'm going to wreck your butt, I'm going to gape it open. No, no it's not your ass any longer, it belongs to me to fuck for as long and hard as I want."

"Oooohhh yessss," squealed Aria, "It's your. My ass is yours to screw, ram it Mom, slam your dick up my dyke hole."

"Uh, uh, uh," her Mom panted as she pounded the tight teen hole, ramming up with all her strength.

"Aaaarrggghhhh, yessss," Aria screamed in pleasure, thudding up and down. In the mirror she could see her reflection, her face contorting and twisting with every thrust, her long dark hair swinging as she jumped up and down, sometimes it covered her jiggling boobies for a second, before it swung to one side. Her pussy was almost hidden behind her Mom's hand, but as her Mom rubbed hard little spurts of cum would shoot out from between her fingers and Aria would shriek in ecstasy again. "AAaarrrrghhhh."

"Uh, uh, uh," her Mom grunted slamming harder, driving fast and violently into Aria's tunnel, forcing the teen to up her speed to match her thrusts. The teen's thighs ached, the muscles straining as she worked herself up and down. She leant back and down, pressing her hands on the bedding to give herself extra lift, her Mom's naked boobs pressing at her back as the Milf pushed up in response. Ella grunted in passion, her pants loud in Aria's ear, "Uh, uh, you slut, uh, uh."

The dildo pounded hard and deep, smacking at Aria's anal walls and making them stretch, The pleasurable was indescribable and Aria knew that this was where she belonged, anally impaled on another woman's strap-on. First her Mom and then others - hot domme after hot domme pounding her butt night after night each banging confirming her status as a dyke butt-fuck slut. She screamed in pleasure, "Yessss, yessss, fuck me Mom, I'm a lesbo whore, I'm a skanky anal loving dyke. Fuck me, fuck meeeee!"

"Uh, uh, uh, fucking your slut butt," her Mom panted in reply, the dildo shooting up Aria' back passageway

.The orgasms hit her the teen in a rush, making her jerk and squeal louder, "AAaarrrrgghhh, aaaarrgggghh."

Her Mom continued to thrust away, sodomising her submissive daughter deep and hard....

* * *

The phone beeped as Melissa was sitting in the barn going through some paperwork she'd brought home from the office. She smiled as she reached for it, knowing who the message would be from. She was right, she didn't even need to see the same to confirm as on the screen Aria's well gaped asshole displayed itself, the teen's face reflected in the mirror in front of her to give the picture an 'arty' quality. Though as she stared at it Melissa wasn't interested in its composition, but the naked pounded ass in front of her. She licked her lips, 'it would be so fun to bang it,' she hoped that Ella would quickly be making Aria available for all. Her hand crept down to her own pussy. She unzipped her pants enough to slide it down under her thong and play with her pussy whilst imagining Aria's asshole.

After a few moments she put it down with a smile. She would look forward to Aria's ass and seeing it had whetted her appetite; but not tonight, tonight she was going to butt-bang her sister.

And she was looking forward to that...

* * *

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