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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 8
by LL

Veronica Hastings voice was on the other end of the office phone "I know it's short notice, but are you around tonight to keep an eye on Spencer?" 'And keep her on the wagon and away from prescription drugs,' were the unadded words, "I've got to go and see a client in Federal Prison first thing tomorrow and the only way to make the visiting hours is to spend the night in a hotel near by."

"Of course," said Melissa, ever the dutiful daughter. She half-listened as her Mom continued to talk, giving details of when she'd be back and what there was in the house to eat. But the other half of her brain was thinking of her sister's sexy ass and what it'd be like to fuck it. Even as her Mom was speaking Melissa was fiddling with her cell and looking at the pictures, quickly thumbing through them until she found the one she wanted. Sent by one of her best friends, Ella Montgomery, it was a picture of Spencer wearing just a blouse bent over a school desk, her naked and well-opened ass pointing at the camera. Ella had said that Spencer was a good fuck, a totally submissive anal whore.

She became aware that her Mom was nearing the end of the conversation, telling her that she'd see her on Saturday afternoon when she returned from the client visit. Melissa said, "That's fine. I'll see you then."

"You and Spencer have a good time, but you're in charge."

"We will," said Melissa glad her Mom couldn't see the lecherous smile on her face, "Spencer will be good."

She put the phone down and looked at the clock on the wall. It was still thirty minutes to Rosewood High broke for lunch and she could call her friend Alison. That half-hour seemed to drag, the young lawyer forcing herself to work on drafting the deposition in front of her and not about dyke ass. The clock had barely reached twelve before she had her cell up and was dialling A2. It seemed like an age, but was only seconds before Alison answered. "Hi."

"You free?"

"Yes, I'm in the corridor" Ali replied, in the background Melissa could hear the clash of locker doors and hubbub of teen conversation. Melissa considered saying she'd ring back, she didn't want to be overheard. But Ali forestalled her, "No-one will be listening. Everyone talks here and no-one listens."

"Okay. My Mom's away and I'm looking after Spencer for the night."

"And you want to know whether she is ready?" Melissa could hear Alison's smile through the ether.

"Yes," Melissa said. Manipulating the neural pathways to make a woman a lesbian submissive was easy, if you had the knowledge (and Ali did and shared it with the rest of the team). It had worked with Emily (who had once been as straight as a ruler), then Ashley and her daughter, Hanna. It had even worked with Spencer, making her bend over the desk for Ella - and if either Ali or Mona had wanted her they'd have found her an easy lay. But incest was different, it was so taboo that it took extra work to break the social conditioning and open the mind to open the ass for a relative. Not that the extra work had worried the A-Team, Ella had been working on Aria for weeks, dropping the right phrases into the conversation - all seemingly innocent, but carefully designed to gradually turn the mind one way. And Melissa had been doing the same with Spencer, working with Ella and the others to slowly prepare her for sistercest.

"You could always try and see," teased Alison, knowing that Melissa wouldn't given the consequences of failure (including that she'd ruin all the preparation and probably never get a chance to bang that fine ass).

"I could, but you could tell me," replied Melissa.

"It must be the time for families," Alison continued, referring to the fact that Ella was planning to take her daughter's lesbian anal virginity that evening.

"Families are important and so are A-team members," Melissa said, impatient to know whether tonight she and her sister would be watching an uplifting movie or butt-fucking.

"I was only joking,"

Alison sounded a little sulky and Melissa regretted being so blunt; she knew that Ali would have told her in a few minutes and the reference to them being team members almost suggested that she thought Alison wouldn't tell her and that they weren't friends. She quickly softened it, "I know Ali, you're one of my best friends. Sorry I was so curt, I've just been waiting thirty minutes and need to know whether it's ice-cold shower time?"

"That's okay, I know you've been thinking of this for a long time," she paused. Ali wouldn't be Ali if she didn't play out the drama a little, making herself the centre of Melissa's world for a few moments. "I think I can safely say that's she ready. We'll all be expecting pics."

"You'll get them," laughed Melissa. "You and Mona have a good time tonight."

* * *

Spencer was a bad person, she knew. She had seduced her teacher into lesbian anal sex for undeserved grades and ever since then all she had been able to think about was backdoor banging and her need for it. She'd love for Ella to fuck her slutty ass again, or if not Ella some other hot woman who'd give Spencer what she wanted and needed. But the teacher hadn't given her another glance, even when Spencer had lingered by her desk after class, trying to look sexy and available whilst asking questions about the assignment Mrs Montgomery had given them.

She could hear her sister coming up the stairs, just in from the barn where she'd been working on some lawyery stuff; it was very like mother, like daughter as far as Veronica and Melissa concerned. Spencer was the cuckoo, the dirty lesbian slut in the prim and proper Hasting's family, the horny whore who wanted it in her ass. She pushed the tiny dildo in a little further, keeping it just between her fingers - almost excited by the risk that she'd slip and loose it. Wouldn't that be an interesting trip to the hospital? Melissa would probably die of embarrassment. But then she'd tell their Mom and Spencer would be grounded forever, and with no chance to have her ass filled by a dominant, demanding dyke. Spencer reluctantly pulled the toy an inch or so out.

"I'm going to take a hot shower," Melissa called through the door

"I've had one," Spencer called back. As her sister's footsteps receded down the landing Spencer adjusted her bath robe so that as well as dildoing her ass she could rub her pussy. In her imagination it was her in the shower, with Ella Montgomery behind her and for some reason, her Mona in front of her, both of them fucking her holes together as the warm water coursed down them. It was a fantasy, but an enjoyable one.

She gave a low moan as she toyed her ass, only wishing the dildo was bigger. But it had to be small enough to easily hide in her room, being kept in the hollow tube of her dress rack when not in use. Her fingers continued to play with her cunt, moistening it up and leaving it slick with teen cum. She closed her eyes, still imagining that Ella was behind her, but now instead of Mona, the Milf had been joined by Aria for some serious mother-daughter DPing of Spencer's holes. It was so hot.

There was the sound of footsteps on the landing as her sister finished the shower and headed towards her room. Spencer pulled the dildo out of her ass, hiding it under her copy of 'Of Mice and Men' and quickly adjusted her robe, so that her pussy was covered. She was sure that her sister would continue down the landing to her own room and not come into hers; but why take the risk that Melissa would come in, find her masturbating, tell their Mom and her then being grounded as delinquent sexual deviant.

She was lucky she had put the toy away as the door opened and Melissa entered, her wet hair flapping as she walked and her robe just loose enough up top that Spencer could glimpse a side-tit. She blushed slightly at the craving in her pussy from the brief look at the boob.' She must be horny to be turned on by her sister.' "What do you want?" she asked curtly, wanting Melissa to quickly leave so she could go back to masturbating.

Melissa gave no sign of moving, instead she gave a sniff as if there was something in the air, "I recognise that smell..." Spencer couldn't smell anything, but she wondered if her vigorous pussy and ass-play had left the odour in the air. She shook her head to try and convince her sister there was no smell, but Melissa wasn't finished. She walked further into the room, prowling round like a tiger with Spencer as the kid, tied up and waiting to be devoured. "You've not dressed after your shower."

"Neither have you," Spencer shot back, unsure where her sister was heading.

It seemed that where she was heading was the window, the curtains were closed but Melissa tugged them even tighter so that not even a chink of light could get in. Spencer frowned, what was Melissa doing? Not that it mattered, the teen just wanted her to leave so that she could carry on fucking herself as non-one else was. "What do you want?" she asked.

Melissa moved from the window and stood in front of Spencer. "I'm horny," she replied and shrugged off her robe.

Spencer wasn't sure what surprised her most, the casualness with which her older sister dropped the robe or that she wasn't as naked underneath it as Spencer imagined she would be - a strap-on springing up from under the gown and pointing as Spencer like a missile. She didn't have time to decide before her sister was stepping over her and pulling her own robe down over her shoulders. Spencer tried to pull it back up, her brain still trying to process what was going on, "Melissa... what? What are you doing?"

"Weren't you listening? I just said I was horny," Melissa grinned, "Don't resist, you know you're as horny as I am. I can smell it, the scent of sweet wet dyke cunt is so strong I can almost taste it."

"But..." Spencer found herself struggling to keep her gown on her shoulders as Melissa tried to pull it off, "We're sisters..."

"And I'm horny," said Melissa "And you're a lesbo slut."

Whilst it was true Spencer still felt she needed to deny it, "I'm not, now stop."

Her sister grinned so wide it was almost a laugh, "We both know you are, no matter if you're making me work to get a look at those titties." She dragged down the robe hard over Spencer's arms, pushing the younger sister's shoulders at the same time so that she found the robe pinning her arms to her back. Spencer struggled to get free, realising as she did that the effect wasn't loosening her arms one little bit, but was bouncing her now naked tits for her sister. Melissa smiled lustfully as she reached out to grab the pair, "You don't know how long I've wanted to see these and squeeze these firm boobies" Her fingers closed round the nipples, pulling and tweaking the nub "They may be small, but they are perfectly formed."

"Melissa, I'm not... not what you think," Spencer tried to dissuade her sister further.

She was ignored. Or rather Melissa took steps to confirm that Spencer was exactly what she thought - a lesbian slut, the older Hastings slipping a hand down under the robe and between the teen's leg. Spencer gave a small squeak as her sister rubbed her in that place that family members shouldn't touch. Melissa's smile was lustful, "Spencer, you are such a liar, you're soaking."

Spencer tried to shake her head in denial, but her sister was forcing her mouth down, kissing the teen hard. Her tongue pushed at the teen's lips, Spencer tried to resist it - for a moment. But Melissa was right, her cunt was soaking as it tingled in lust, her nipples were hard and ready, every part of her was telling her she was a lesbian submissive and that her sister was a domme. She submitted as she knew she should, opening her lips for Melissa' to stab in, the older girl totally controlling her mouth, her tongue pushing and probing and pressing at Spencer's. Even as she kissed her hard, Melissa was squeezing a titty with one hand and stroking the teen's clit with the thumb on the other. It made Spencer even wetter and hotter - especially as she could feel the brush of her sister's toy on her thigh; a promise yet to be fulfilled.

Melissa broke, "You're such a slut, Spence," she said without rancour taking her sister's head in her hand and bringing it towards her chest, "Now suck my titties."

Spencer began to slurp and lick at her sister boobs, her tongue darting over and around the puffy nipples, slipping them into her mouth and suckling at them. She could feel them coming erect under her tongue and teeth, as she switched between them. Her sister moaned in pleasure, her hand on Spencer's head, a mixture of tenderness and control as she stroked the hair, but kept the pressure on to stop the teen pulling to far back.

"Mmmnnn, yummm," Spencer licked and lapped at them. Her own nipples were stiff as well and her cunt was tingling. She knew it was wrong, but she didn't care. She was a dyke slut and if Melissa wanted her Melissa should have her. She stroked her tongue up and down, sliding it all over the teat and around the titty, sucking it and taking the boob in her mouth. She was aware that Melissa was disrobing her, unwrapping the rest of gown from Spencer so that she was even more naked than her sister. The teen relished the freedom it gave her arms, so that she could grip her sister's sides and suck the titties harder and deeper, really giving them the love they deserved.

"Oh, that's good," Melissa purred, "You're a good little titty sucker. Now let's see if you can suck something else..."

Spencer felt her head being forced down until it was level with her sister's plastic prick. Melissa didn't say anything, but Spencer knew what to do, opening her mouth and sliding it up the toy. It tasted oily, like it had been lubed with gel so many times that it had seeped into the toy. It hinted that her sister had fucked more than one other woman, a suspicion that was enhanced by the practiced way her sister was feeding her the strap-on, pushing it into Spencer's mouth with small, but rapid, thrusts. Spencer met the challenge, opening her mouth so hard it ached and pushing herself further down the dong, hoping that she was pleasing her sister.

She guessed she was, "That's it your dirty little dyke cock-sucker. Take my cock in your whore mouth. It's only plastic prick you want, no real dick wanted by my lesbian skank sister. Yeah, Spencer, suck my girl dick you fucking whore-faced bitch." The older Hastings was speeding up, pushing the toy deeper and quicker into Spencer's mouth, so that the teen threatened to choke and gag. Not that Melissa cared. "You dirty whore, you slutty skank. Suck it deep like you're a dyke hooker I've hired, a cheap and dirty one, a real slutty prozzie, who'd do it for free if she wasn't getting paid."

Both Melissa's hands were on the back of Spencer's head, dragging the teen's mouth down the dick all the way. Spencer's eyes were forced open as the cock pushed at her throat, she spurted bile and spew spit, the bitter and rancid taste of it filling her mouth. Still her continued fucking her like a whore, like Spencer deserved, like she wanted. Harder and harder, the cock banged at her throat, almost without let-up, only allowing brief pauses for Spencer to snort in air before she face-fucked her again.

"Whore, slut, skank, bitch, dyke, fuckhole," Melissa snarled and grunted, perfectly describing Spencer.

At some point they changed position so that Spencer was lying on her back on her bed, with her head hanging down and Melissa fucking her her face, the twentysomething slamming the strap-on into the teen's throat like it was her pussy. Spencer mouth exploded saliva, spewing out between her lips with each thrust and dribbling down into her nose and eyes and her hair; she imagined it was like having a continual facial. Melissa didn't stop though, as a guy would after he'd cum, continuing to bang and thrust the toy into Spencer's waiting mouth.

"You're just a dyke fuckhole," Melissa grunted, "Your mouth is just made for sucking large toys, not even proper pricks, but dyke dick." She rammed her dildo deep to accentuate the fact that Spencer's mouth was designed for throat-fucking, her lips to grip the toy, her teeth to graze over it, her tongue to lick and lather it as well. "You're a fuckhole, a faced-fucked fuckhole. And you know what happens to fuckholes? They get face-fucked like dirty fucking fuckhole whores."

As her mouth was pounded the teen moved a hand down to stroke her pussy, hoping that Melissa wouldn't mind if she pleasured herself. Her sister saw her movement and snorted in contempt, "You dirty whore, you're turned on by being face-fucked like a dyke slut." Spencer could hardly deny it and since it didn't seem like she was being forbidden from doing so began to rub and massage her pussy, stroking the wet and stimulated slit, making it even damper and excited. She wasn't sure, but she suspected Melissa was turned on by watching her fondle her slot as the older Hastings went even faster and harder, choking Spencer with the big cock and grunting out, "You whore, you slut, you skank. You're just designed to be face-fucked.... You're just so turned on by giant dildos, well let's swap holes."

She pulled the cock out of Spencer's mouth and manhandled the gasping teen so that she was face down on the bed with her ass raised. "You want me to be bang this sluthole?" Melissa spanked one of Spencer's cheeks, "You want be to butt-fuck this dyke ass?"

Thinking the question rhetorical Spencer remained silent. Her sister slapped her ass so hard it stung. "I asked you a question Spence? Do you want me to bang your lesbo ass?"

Spencer blushed as she nodded, "Yes."

"Ask me nicely... no, beg me, beg me to hammer that sluthole of yours," Melissa sneered, spanking the other buttock and making it wobble.

"Please Melissa, fuck my butt. I want you to take that big strap-on and ram it down my naughty, slut asshole. Please anally fuck me," Spencer said.

"It doesn't sound like you really want it," Melissa teased, slapping a cheek again,. "Convince me..."

"I'm a dyke bitch, I want to be dommed, I want to be fucked hard in my ass, I want to be treated like I'm a whore..." Spencer paused, barely able to believe she was saying all these things, even less that they were all true. But she needed that cock and whilst she was sure that Melissa was so wanting to give it her that she didn't need to be begged, why take the risk? The teen continued, "Please, please, please analise me. I'm just begging for your large strap-on, I've always wanted to be butt-banged and dominated by my older sister, knowing that you're the boss and I'm just your anal slut slave."

"My anal slut slave, that sounds good," Melissa's hand swatted Spencer's rump again, "But you know... I'm still not sure..."

"It's all I want," said Spencer, a touch of desperation in her voice, "For you to thrust a big strap-on up my most taboo hole and treat me like your bitch. I just want to be ass-fucked and screwed like a slut. Please fuck my slut ass and make me cum, please Melissa, I'm begging you like I've never begged before."

Spencer's face was red with embarrassment and her ass red from her sister's spanks, her relationship with her sister was usually competitive verging on antagonistic and if she wanted something it was expressed as a demand. But here she was wiggling her butt at Melissa, begging her to fuck her there; and Spencer had never been so turned on. "Please, " she repeated, "It's all I want, your cock in my ass, you owning me, ramming me so hard I burst."

"So how much of an anal slut are you?" her sister asked.

It was promising that as she was asking Melissa hand's were on Spencer's ass, spreading the cheeks apart. Spencer gulped, wondering what was the right answer, "A total one," she said hoping that was the right answer.

"Have you had any guys up here? Did Toby bang your butt?" Melissa's finger stroked at the rosebud, "My, that's fucking tight..."

"No; no guys been up there," Spencer said.

"What about women? I can't believe a big a dyke slut such as my little sister hasn't had her anal cherry taken."

"Just the once... I loved it, it made me realise what I want is big strap-ons in my tight dyke ass," Spencer said.

"Who was it? Which ball-busting top busted that Spencer Hasting's cherry?" Melissa was smiling broadly.

"It was Mrs Montgomery, at school," Spencer quickly responded, aware that she was telling her lawyer sister of an illegal act.

Her sister didn't seem to mind, instead she rewarded Spencer by slipping her middle finger into the teen's anal passage; it felt, if not like heaven at least the stairway to it. Melissa twisted it round slightly, opening the hole as she said, "At school? What did she do? Pull down your soaking panties and butt-fuck your virgin ass in front of the class."

" I'd got a poor mark" (and telling that to Melissa might have been the most humiliating part of the whole evening to Spencer) "and she called be back after school and then she spanked me and because that didn't work she banged my butthole."

"Mmmnnn, I can see to a slut such as you that would work as an incentive," Melissa replied. For a few moments the only sound was Spencer's little moans as her older sister's finger explored her asshole. Then Melissa spoke the words that Spencer was dying to hear, "You know what Spence? As you've asked so nicely I am going to fuck this hole. I wouldn't have done if it was virgin, but as Ella Montgomery has opened it up for all comers it would be a waste not to use it wouldn't it?"

"Oh, yes, "Spencer nodded excitedly, "A total waste. It's there to be banged open and rammed hard."

Melissa didn't reply, but she didn't have too as Spencer felt the hard plastic of her sister's dildo pressing at her sphincter and then easing in, sliding down the first couple of inches with little resistance. Her ass began to slow it then, despite their owner's desperate wishes, her walls seeming to clasp together to stop the toy going all the way down. Spencer gave a little cry of frustration and wiggled to drive her ass up. Melissa didn't seem to mind, just pulling back and thrusting forward.

"Ooooohhh, yessss!" Spencer cried out as the toy went deeper. Her fingers splayed out and then came back together into a fist, gripping the bedding as she did so. The cock wasn't in too far yet and it felt good, no discomfort or only a little pain - like she had a slight ache after over-vigorous exercise and she knew that would soon fade as her ass got used to the interloper. "Ohhhhh, give it me all, stuff me deep."

"You slut, you dirty whore slut," Melissa grinned and slammed the toy deeper.

The older Hastings' dildo pushed aside the resisting walls, spreading them like soft cheese as if she aimed to get the toy all the way into Spencer's bowels. The teen hoped she was, if it felt so good with the dick only half-way, how would it feel when it buried all the way in and her sister was vigorously pounding her. She was sure her sister must have done this before, the way she'd gripped Spencer's waist for balance, the speed and skill with which she was opening her, the confidence with which she pounded down, knowing the teenage asshole would give way to her thrusts. "OOooooh, yessss, fuck me, I want your dick...."

"Then take more, you anal skank, I'm going to stuff it all in your whorehole," Melissa grinned.

Spencer squealed in reply, her asshole opened more and now she could feel Melissa's thighs smacking at her as the full-length went down the younger woman's hole. "Aaaarrrghh, I can feel it, ohhhh, that's so good," Spencer cried out, her nails ripping at the bed clothes as she grasped them in a passionate grip. Her sister held her waist harder and sped up, thrusting down at pace. Spencer squealed again, "Arrrrrggghhh, yessss, Melissa fuck my ass harder."

"Beg for it, slut," responded Melissa, though to Spencer's delight she showed no sign of slowing down.

"Pleeeeaassse, fuck my ass, fuck it hard and deep, open it like the whore's hole it is, make me scream as you gape my ass, pleeeaaaasssse," Spencer begged.

"Yes, your ass is such a fucking dyke bitch ass, it's impossible not to pound," Melissa said and thrust even harder, spearing her toy down into the teenage chute, opening the tunnel so much that Spencer thought she might rip.

She didn't. She did cum. "Aaaaaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaarrrgggghhh," she screamed as the pleasure raced round her like dragsters; every nerve seemed to explode and implode simultaneously, her brain shut down and restarted so quickly that there were flashes in front of her. "AAaaaarrrrghhhhh, yeessssss, aaaarrrgghhh."

Melissa didn't acknowledge the orgasm, she didn't slow down to let the teen get over it or speed up to make it even harder; she just continued at the same, admittedly fast, speed, thrusting the toy down deep into the ass as if Spencer was just a hole. And that made the teen even wetter, knowing that she was nothing but a fuckhole, just there for her sister's strap-on, a whore to be fucked, a skank to be banged. If Melissa had said something lovey-dovey or complimented Spencer on her sexual skills, it would have spoiled it; Spencer just wanted to be dominated and fucked like she didn't matter. "Aaarrrrghhh," she screamed again, "Fuck my ass, please Melissa, ram it deeper."

Melissa continued to slam away, panting and grunting in exertion, her speed and vigour showing how much she was enjoying Spencer's ass. Spencer screamed louder, shrieking and squealing in pleasure. She knew she should feel shame, that she was getting fucked by her sister, breaking one of society's great taboos and in her ass, no less. But she didn't - all she felt was pleasure, this was where she was meant to be, face down on her bed, her ass getting fucked. She hoped that this would become a regular thing, Melissa coming in whenever their Mom was out and sodomising Spencer from here to eternity. Perhaps, Melissa would let other women fuck her as well; that thought made Spencer even hotter. "Aaaaaarrrrghh," she came again, "Aaaaaaarrggghh, fuucccckkk."

The teen's pussy was in a constant state of arousal, the soaked slit rubbing at the bedding as she was pounded. The dildo was smacking at her clitoral nerves from behind, driving her wild. Melissa was showing no mercy, ramming down the asshole like it was made of an indestructible fibre, not thin flesh. Spencer wouldn't have had it any other way; her ass was made to be fucked and fucked hard; she just trusted her sister to pound it to the point of destruction and not beyond - she was that was what Melissa was doing. And if not, if the teenage asshole was fucked so much she had to get it seen to, well the butt was Melissa's and Spencer would just lie to the doctor, perhaps claiming rape by some guy, before waiting until her butt was healed and then spreading it again. "Fuuuucckkk aaaaaarrghh."

"Slut... whore... bitch," Melissa panted, gasping out the words between fevered intakes of breath. She was definitely giving Spencer's ass its all. "Fuck... your... ass... whore."

"Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, fuck it, fuck it hard," squealed Spencer, shuddering in pleasure and excitement. She could feel the dampness of her sister's thighs every time she thudded home; whether it was perspiration or pussy juice which had leaked from her cunt and down Melissa's legs Spencer didn't know - not that she cared. Her sister was wet and fucking her asshole, that was all that mattered, "Aaaaaarrrghhhh, fuuucckkk yessss, aaaaarrrggghhhh."

She felt a sudden coolness as Melissa dildo sprang out. For a few seconds Spencer hoped for it to be replaced, but it wasn't. Instead her sister said, "Hold still, I want a picture."

Spencer remained in situ, unashamed as her sister pulled her cell out of her robe lying on the floor and took a shot of Spencer's battered butt. Once she'd taken the photo Melissa dropped the cell down onto her robe and sat on the bed, "Suck it clean and I'll tell you what's going to happen next."

Spencer almost jumped up to drop down between her sister's legs, her mouth immediately opening and sliding down over the bitter tasting dildo. She bobbed up and down, wanting to make sure it was clean and that Melissa would have no complaints. Despite her initial words Melissa remained silent for a few minutes, whether appreciating Spencer's blowjob skills or getting her breath back Spencer didn't know; but she continued slurping up and down knowing that at the worst Melissa would see how obedient the teen could be.

Eventually, just as Spencer was sure the cock was clean of her juices, Melissa spoke, "You're going to be my anal fuck-slave." Spencer's heart leapt with joy as her older sister carried on, "I am going to own your ass and fuck it when I want. Every time Mom is out you should be waiting for me to come with a strap-on and fuck you. Most times you'll be disappointed because I'll be out, probably fucking some other whore, but sometimes yours is going to be the only ass in town and then I'll fuck it, like tonight, like you're a whore. And perhaps if you're really good I may let you get butt-fucked by some other hot woman, who'll treat you like the dirty, skank hooker you are. And you'll keep this secret, from Mom, from Dad, from those friends of yours. To everyone else you'll be bolshie, superior Spencer - only I'll know your true self, that you're slut, bitch Spencer who loves it in her asshole. Do you understand?"

Spencer's head bobbed up long enough for her to say, "Yes, Melissa" before it dropped down and continued sucking the dildo.

* * *

Ella's cell beeped as she was pounding Aria's ass for the third time that night, the naked teen on her back, her legs opening and rubbing at her Mom's sides as Ella pounded in and out. Aria's face contorted in orgasmic pleasure just as the beeps sounded and Ella decided to ignore it for a few moments as she knew it would just be a picture of a gaping ass, nice no doubt, but not nearly so much fun as fucking Aria's. She continued slamming in and out, until she was panting for breath and sweating. Only then did she roll off the teen, pointing at the strap-on, "Clean it," she demanded and reached out for her cell as Aria's mouth descended down the dick that had just been up her ass.

Languidly Ella swiped the phone, smiling as the she opened the message and Spencer Hastings well opened butt together with the message, "Spencer butt-fucked". Down below Aria's head sprung up and down cleaning cock, Ella grinned, two members of the A-Team had got some sexy ass, soon she'd find out, if, as expected the other two had as well...

* * *

Earlier that evening...

Alison deLaurentis gripped Miss Cooper's head tight as she kissed her, stroking the bun as her other head moved down to grip the buns of a more butt-like kind. The older woman reacted as Alison had expected, quivering and quaking like a teen virgin, but not stopping the real teen (even if she was a far from virginal one) squeezing her ass. Alison was half-tempted to continue. Not that the older woman was her type, she certainly enjoyed Milfs, as Ashley Marin knew, but Miss Cooper wasn't good enough looking, too horsey and with hair than was too course and could do with some dye; and she never use lip-stick. Thinking about it Alison would have put her down as a butch at her first, a total top, but she wasn't, she was a submissive a bitch as Alison had met and that was what made her tempting. Still there was the plan to consider and Mona would be pissed if Alison didn't keep her part in it; not that Ali was scared of Mona, but she was one of her best friends and part of the A-Team - all for one and one for all.

Reluctantly Alison drew her mouth away, making a mental note to pay Miss Cooper a follow up visit. The swim coach gulped and put her hand over her heart, breathing deeply like she'd just dived to the bottom of a very deep pool, "Oh Alison... I don't know why... I've never... I'm not even a lesbian..."

"Sssshhh," Ali gave her most seductive smile and placed a finger gently against the older woman's lips, "Our secret. I've had the hots for you for a while and couldn't resist any longer."

"You... me..." Miss Cooper blushed.

"I know, what the heart wants the heart wants," Alison sighed, like she was a love-struck teen and not a dominator of dyke butt. "But it can't be... yet...." She left the last word lingering like a slowly fading light, slowly licking her lips as if she was promising something without words.

Miss Cooper was entranced, slowly she nodded. "Yes..." she breathed without saying what or even being sure to what she was saying 'yes' to.

Alison smiled, "I was hoping for a quick swim tonight, without anyone seeing me, naked..." She smiled, "Totally nude," planting the vision in the teacher's mind. "You understand?"

Miss Cooper nodded, though it was unclear whether she did or not. It didn't matter as Alison continued, "If you leave me the keys, I could do that and lock-up."

"Paige McCullers is still there," said Miss Cooper, her eyes fixated on Alison's face.

The blonde smiled ignoring what the swimming coach had said, "I could drop them off tomorrow morning, perhaps stay for lunch and something to eat... or drink..." She smiled and moved her body slowly, gently, but undeniably, against the older woman. Miss Cooper gave a sharp intake of breath and Alison knew she had her, now she thought about it she probably would fuck her tomorrow; it would be good exercise and even if she'd promised Ashley she'd see her in the afternoon promises made to bitches didn't really count. "If you left me the keys..."

"Of course, Alison," said Miss Cooper, passing the keys to the changing rooms and pool to the teen.

Alison smiled... time to let Mona know that the first part of the night had gone smoothly - now for some anal fun.

* * *

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