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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 9 (FFFF,anal,rim)
by LL

Paige McCullers surged gracefully through the water, as sleek and fast as a dolphin. The small fatty bumps, a sign of early puberty, that had once plastered her thighs had vanished long ago, to leave her with legs smooth and shapely and muscular, like the rest of her body toned and firmed by countless hours in the pool. She swung her arm round, kicked her legs and propelled her body even faster through water, speeding forward like a torpedo - concentrating on getting her technique and timing as flawless as possible.

Her hand touched the side and she gripped the ledge, dragging herself the remaining couple of feet to the pool's edge. "How was that she asked?" and realised that she was alone. She frowned, she was a strong swimmer and as confident in the water as she was out of it - probably more so - but it was still against school rules for the coach to leave anyone unsupervised. Whilst Paige wouldn't have said she knew Miss Cooper that well, she didn't seem a teacher who'd ignore safety standards so easily. "Hello," she called, there was no answer. The teen frowned, wondering if there was a problem or more likely had the teacher just momentarily slipped away to make a call, proving Paige's image of her as a dependable teacher to be wrong. "Hello," she called again. Still no answer. She placed her palms on the ledge and pulled herself up out of the water; she was finished anyway.

Picking up her towel she walked towards the changing room; as she got nearer she could hear the shower. Did that explain where Miss Cooper had gone? Was she having an early shower or switching it on for Paige? If so it said where the teacher had gone, but not why. Paige carried onto it the changing room, briefly pausing in the disinfectant pool to clean her feet, before entering the room. "Miss Cooper..." she called.

"She's gone, she left me to lock up," Paige's stomach lurched as she recognised the voice. She turned as Alison DiLaurentis came from behind one of the lockers; she was drying her hair with a small towel and she was wearing another, larger one, round her waist, but nothing else, so her titties bounced as she walked. Paige hated Alison more than she hated anyone, she was a bully, with a mean and viscous tongue and the wit to make herself popular, even Paige's girlfriend Emily had once been taken in by the blonde's serial killer charm. But she had a body... her stomach flat and her tits, whilst not the biggest firm, but jiggly and whilst her smile was as deadly as a cobra's it was also charming and sexy and she was smiling now.

"Why?" Paige asked, stepping away from Alison and moving towards her own locker, she'd skip the shower tonight she decided.

The blonde followed her, entering Paige's personal space as the swimmer opened her locker. She slid a finger round a lock of Paige's hair, tugging it gently, "I asked her, that's why."

Paige shivered, despite the heat of Alison's breath on the back of her neck, the girl was ice-cold and devious she knew that, even talking to her was a risk, but she had little choice, being almost pinned by the topless blonde to the locker. There were a number of things she could have asked, how had Alison got the teacher to leave? why was she showering if she hadn't been swimming? why was she so close? But the big one was, "Why did you want her to leave?"

She could feel Alison's smile even if she couldn't see it. She could imagine it, was charming and warm and the blonde could make it reach her eyes even if she couldn't make it reach her heart. "Why?" the blonde purred, "So we could have some alone time..."

That didn't really answer Paige's question. Alison wanting alone time from her could be for reasons as diverse as murdering her and dumping her body in concrete to ripping Paige's homework out of the locker and dropping it in the pool to seeing her nude to find a small physical defect she could terrorise her with. None of these were good things, at least for Paige; and given a few moments she could probably think of even worse probabilities, "Why? Why do you want some time with me? We're not friends." She tried to keep her voice firm and remember she was eighteen, not twelve and Alison was an escaped victim of a kidnapping not the popular, evil Queen Bee who could sting you to death with a few words.

"Don't you know?" Alison was moving closer, as if she had no idea what personal space meant. She certainly seemed unaware that you shouldn't play with another girl's hair with one hand nor allow your titties to brush at her back - especially if she was a lesbian, that would be giving her the wrong idea.

"No, why?" Paige snapped. She forced herself to turn around so she was facing Alison. The blonde teen was inches from her, pushing her back against the locker as she stood forward, her naked boobs touching at Paige's covered ones.

Alison didn't answer with words, instead she reached out with one hand and slid it down and round so that it was resting on the lower part of Paige's buttock, which wasn't covered by her costume. She squeezed. Paige froze; it wasn't just that it was Alison, the girl she hated nor was it the total surprise that Alison was a lesbian, but mainly because she was dating Emily and Paige liked to think she wasn't that type of girl who'd even consider cheating. Alison didn't seem perturbed by Paige's reaction or lack of it; she didn't scowl or retreat or apologise - not that Paige thought she'd ever do the latter - instead she squeezed harder and brought her other hand round to join it's pair. This time Paige reacted, giving a little squeak and willing her arms to move upwards. Reluctantly they obeyed, pushing at the blonde. To her surprise Alison took a step back, grinning broadly.

"You can't deny you didn't like that. Your pussy's all wet," Alison said, her smile both triumphant, mocking and strangely hot.

"I've just been swimming, I'm wet everywhere," said Paige, though she had to admit to herself, that a topless Alison was very attractive and her pussy was tingling a bit. Still, she reminded herself Elizabeth Bathory was a looker as well.

"Admit you want me," grinned Alison, not put off by the reaction, "Admit you want me and I might fuck you."

"I don't and I've a girlfriend," said Paige stiffly; was Alison drunk or playing a game or did she really find Paige hot? It had been a long time since Paige had been pigskin and swimming had toned her body, left it firm and sexy. It didn't matter; it had to stop, "I'm not interested."

"Not at all," smiled Alison, still unabashed, "not in these?" She put on a sad face and slid her hands under her boobs jiggling them.

"No," lied Paige.

"My you are a pretty little liar," said Alison, her beam so wide her white teeth were like flashlights.

Paige saw that Alison wasn't retreating, but even so the blonde's next move surprised, given it was tantamount to rape, except with a finger, the other teen pushing aside the material of Paige's costume and without asking slid the finger into the swimmers cunt. Paige gasped, in shock, and to her horror, pleasure. She wanted to stop Alison, she wanted her to carry on. Unable to decide what to do she clenched her fists and teeth as the blonde's finger crept further up her snatch, tickling at the walls as she moved.

"Stop me," smiled Alison, "If you want..."

"I do," Paige said, whilst making no move to do anything about it, not even actually saying 'halt', never mind doing what she should really do which was scream and call the police.

Alison smiled, it was wicked, it was sexy. Her finger moved slowly in and out, massaging the flesh of the tunnel, sliding through the wetness. Paige shuddered, pressing back on the locker, telling herself it was to escape and not to balance herself as her legs grew weak. 'She had a girlfriend, someone she loved and cared for, she shouldn't be being finger fucked by this hateful bitch.' And she certainly shouldn't be enjoying it as much as she was. But Alison's touch was sensitive and skilful, better than Emily ever managed and the blonde's tits were so firm and tight, small but perfectly formed.

"I think you're liking this," Alison purred.

"Oh, no, no," Paige shuddered, unable to find the strength to puss the blonde back and onto her ass.

Alison smiled even wider, not so much the cat who'd got the cream as one who'd become heir to an entire dairy. She slid the finger up deeper, pressing it in so deep that the knuckles on her other fingers pushed hard into the flesh of the mons. Paige shivered and let out a stifled groan, her eyes locked on Ali's wide, mocking grin. The blonde opened her mouth, slowly and seductively sliding the finger from Paige's pussy to between her lips, "Mmnnn, that's nice." She paused for long enough for Paige to hope that was it. But just as the hope came it died as Alison dropped her towel to the floor. "I bet you like cunt juice yourself, I bet you're always slurping Emily's slot and drinking down her juice."

Even if Alison hadn't been talking about pussy juice Paige didn't think she could have resisted looking down at Alison's, it was shaven and tight looking, a tasty a teen twat as Paige had seen. It was just a shame it's owner was Alison. The swimmer forced herself to look, even if her head felt so heavy it was like it was filled with concrete. "I've a girlfriend," she said.

Alison laughed, "I know, that's why I was saying I bet you love cunt cum."

"I mean I'm not interested, I've got a girlfriend," Emily tried to sound firm, but she was aware that her voice was quavering and it wasn't just because Alison's fingers were again pushing aside the flap of her costume.

"Oh sweetie, I don't care. I'm not wanting to hold hands in the hall and gaze moonfully at you over lunch," Alison said, shaking her head and grinning, "I'm saying I'm going to sit on this bench and you're going to lick me out."

Paige meant to turn, to walk away quickly, to run as fast as she could, but she couldn't not as Alison sat on the wooden bench and spread her legs, showing her luscious pussy. It looked too good, so sexy and slick, so sexually alluring. The swimmer picked up the blonde's towel; if she was going to get down on her knees between the bitch's leg she wasn't going to kneel on the hard floor. Alison grinned and as Paige laid the towel down on the floor, she took the other one off her head, whipping her blonde hair from side to side as if she was in a shampoo commercial, "Eat my pussy, if you want... It's not compulsory..."

It might not have been compulsory, but with it on view Paige didn't have a choice, the desire for it was too strong and overpowering, like a junkie craving their heroin hit. She was down on her knees, pushing her own hair over her shoulders and going down. The first touch of her tongue on Alison's twat was tentative, like going for an ice-cream she wasn't sure of the taste of. Alison snorted in derision and Ali could do derisive snorts with an expertise all of her own. Paige closed her eyes and tried to pretend it wasn't Ali, but someone else - she couldn't pretend it was Emily, the taste and the touch was too different from her girlfriend, but perhaps she could pretend it was Hanna or Aria or even Aria's Mom, Mrs Montgomery, her hot English teacher. Her tongue went out again, more firmly and decisively, sliding over the quim lips, tasting the trace of juice on them. She licked up and then down, moving from side to side and wiping over the slit.

Any fantasy it wasn't Alison didn't last long as the blonde said, "Mmmmn, lick my pussy, that's right. Lick my cunt like you'd lick Emily, show me what you give your dyke girlfriend, show me why Em's a dirty lesbo whore instead of a girl who like's cock."

Paige blushed as she was reminded she had a girlfriend; not that she could claim any credit for Emily becoming a lesbian, the other girl had been out when Paige had been so in she'd been a homophobe. But she didn't stop licking away at Alison, her tongue seeing to have a life of its own and speeding up as it went over the slit, tasting the juice coming from it. "Eat me, I want you to eat me good, stick your tongue in my cunt and clean it like a good little lezzie prozzie."

Paige reached a hand up to Alison's pussy, sliding two fingers in and opening them to spread the hole, her tongue moving into the gap. The flesh inside was warm and wet and sweet as only a sexy teenager's could be. Paige's tongue drove in and around, licking up the cum and replacing it with saliva, her cheeks burning with the shame of it, but her mouth unable to pull away from the gorgeous, tasty cunt she was eating.

"Oooohh, yes, that's good, you know how to please a woman, don't you? Is that because you're a slut? Have you practising with lots of other dykes? I bet you're always cheating on Emily, eating the pussies of everyone you can find. I should tell her that her girlfriend is a dirty cunt-licking skank, ooooohhhh, that's good, lick me there, tongue me harder," Alison shuddered, the bench shaking, it's legs banging at the floor as the teen rocked.

It was so wrong, Paige knew she should stop, but she couldn't. One hand was on Alison's cunt, levering it apart and thrusting her fingers in time with here darting tongue. The other was massaging Alison's thigh, trying to encourage the blonde's legs apart even further so Paige could push her head deeper and ram her tongue into the blonde's intimate spots. More juice formed in the hole, bubbling and seeping into the teen swimmer's mouth and over her tongue, she could imagine it almost fizzing and popping like effervescent water. Alison moaned louder and harder, rocking and rolling, one hand pressing on Paige's head, not that the brunette needed any encouragement to stay in place and lick Alison's tasty twat.

"Fuuuccckkk aaaarrrggghhh, oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh my God, you're making me cum, you dirty cunt lapping whore. Ooohhhh fuuuckkk, I'm cuuuummmiiinnng!" Alison screamed loudly, her body shaking with pleasure and her cunt disgorging its contents into Paige's mouth. The blonde gasped again, making a deep grunt as she breathed in, her fingers tugging at Paige's hair and dragging her away from the juicy hole. She forced the swimmer's head upwards so that she was looking at the cruel, dominant, but oh so beautiful face of Alison DiLaurentis. "It seems you are good for something after all, pussy-licker. I'm so glad you're not keeping all that tongue for Emily, she wouldn't appreciate just had good you are..."

"No, she does... I mean I'm not doing this, I shouldn't be cheating on her. I should go, you should go," Paige said.

"Aaaawwww, you're all confused, my pussy juice must be like a drug," Ali grinned, like a cat playing with a mouse. She pushed Paige back commandingly. "What shall we do now?"

"Now?" Paige wiped away some of the juice from her lips, "We've finished. I didn't mean to eat you, I'm not a cheat."

Alison laughed, "Really? You think if Em had come in when you were tongue fucking me she'd have said 'It's okay Paige, you slurp that pussy, it's not cheating if there's no cock'. Or do you think she'd have said 'You dirty cunt lapping skank bitch, you're just a whore and I hate you.'" Alison's smile was wicked. "I think she'd say the latter."

Paige blushed, knowing it was true, no matter how much she tried to pretend she hadn't she'd cheated on Em and she wasn't sure what made it worse, was it that she'd done with the hated Alison or that she'd loved it. Ali grinned at her and disappeared behind the lockers. Paige could hear the light squeak of the metal hinges as one was opened and then the sound of Alison's voice, controlling and mocking all at once. "But if you want cock, I can supply cock."

The blonde stepped round from the lockers again and this time she was wearing a large strap-on. Paige's eyes opened wide, as did her mouth. She'd seen strap-ons in movies before, but never in the flesh.... or near to it. And if she thought that one day she'd be fucked by one, she hadn't imagined that the toy's owner would be Alison. But that was what was going to happen, she knew it was wrong to cheat on Emily, but she also knew she didn't have the willpower to deny Alison. And from the snide grin parked on the blonde's face the other knew it.

Her legs shivered as she stood up, her pussy tingling with excitement as Alison came closer. The blonde took the straps of her costume and brutally pulled them down, leaving Paige topless, her naked boobs swaying as she shook. Alison took the titties in her hands and squeezed them, grinning, "They're a nice handful, something for me to grab onto as I fuck you. Unless you don't want me to?"

Paige shook her head, no longer able to say what she wanted. Alison smirked, "You should ask me to fuck you, I wouldn't want to be accidentally raping you, would I?"

"Will you fuck me?" Paige said, her voice as quiet and small as a mouse.

Alison grinned wider, "Say please..."

"Please," Paige said, almost crying. She didn't want this at the same as she wanted it desperately.

"In the ass," Alison said, "Ask me to fuck you in the ass."

Paige went red, it was even worse than she thought; she'd never even imagined having anal sex, but now with Alison's words she was feel a terrible craving for the blonde to butt-bang her, no matter how humiliating it would be. "Will you fuck me in the ass?"

"You forgot to say please," Alison was enjoying this. She picked up a bottle with some sort of lotion and was squirting it over the plastic, rubbing the liquid in, "If you don't say please I'll leave and let you go unfucked."

"Will you please fuck me... in the ass," Paige whimpered, utterly defeated and totally horny.

"As you ask so nicely," Alison sounded almost prim. "Get your dyke cunt onto that bench, lie face down on the edge, raising that ass at me."

Doing as she was told, Paige rested her naked titties on the bench, her hands spread out along it and gripping the sides as her bare feet pressed on the floor and her ass rose. Alison was behind her, taking the costume and pushing it aside so that the backhole was exposed. Knowing the blonde was behind her, staring lasciviously at the virgin rosebud Paige felt vulnerable and scared; she almost cried out to Ali that she didn't want to be butt-fucked but to go home and forget all about today. She didn't; her mouth wouldn't open, it seemed to know she really wanted the plastic dildo in her backdoor. She gripped the bench harder and waited.

Her blonde nemesis didn't seem to be in hurry, one hand caressing the swimmer's firm cheek as the other held the costume away from her teenage butt-hole. "I love ass-fucking anal virgins, there's something so sexy about deflowering some bitch's unused ass, it's even better than popping her pussy cherry. Anyone can do that, but ramming a dick up a virgin asshole - that's special," Alison mused.

"Please fuck me, fuck my ass, please," Paige found her voice.

"Oh, as you ask..." laughed Ali and shoved the toy in.

Paige felt her ass caving in as the toy pushed through, her walls stretching as Alison forced the toy between them. The teen's eyes watered and her nails scratched at bench's wooden planks; she gasped, sucking in air and gritted her teeth. She'd never felt anything like it- she wanted it to stop, she wanted it to continue; it was agony and ecstasy all at one. The toy was both the uncomfortable and so snug it was like it was designed to exactly fit her ass, like a key in a lock.

"I'm going to stuff this dildo all the way down and gape your ass like the Grand Canyon," Alison pulled back and Paige was aware that the first thrust had only sent the first couple of inches into her ass, there were another eight to go.

Alison gripped Paige's waist and dragged herself forward, making the teen swimmer bounce and wriggle as more of the toy pushed down her virgin butt. Paige closed her eyes, screwing them as tightly shut as she could, she wished to she could close her ears as well, so she wouldn't hear Alison behind her, grunting as she shoved forward again. The only thing Paige didn't want closed was her asshole; she needed that to be open and filled with cock - she'd never imagined that she would feel like that, but she did and she only hated that it was Alison behind her.

"Ohhh, another inch in, that's feeling good isn't it Paige? You can talk you know, tell me how great it feels to have my great plastic prick in your tight virgin ass," Alison said as she shoved forward. Paige remained stubbornly silent; she might need this cock, but she didn't need to tell Alison that and give her any satisfaction... non-sexual satisfaction at least, the blonde was obviously more than satisfied with Paige's backhole.

Alison laughed not put out by Paige silence, "You don't know whether to hate this or love it. I know you Paige, you're not the first submissive virgin I've butt-fucked, you hate knowing your loving it, but soon you'll be living for it, every moment you're not getting dyke butt-banged a wasted second. You can hate me, but it's true,"

The worst thing was that Paige feared Alison was right. Having the plastic cock up her ass was feeling so right, like it belonged their and whilst it might be still uncomfortable, the pain was more than bearable and the ecstasy the toy was inducing was more pleasure than Paige had ever felt. She gritted her teeth trying to be quiet, hoping that once Alison had fucked her they go their separate ways never to speak again. And then Paige could buy her own strap-on and beg, bride and blackmail Emily into fucking her ass again and again and again.

Alison pounded forward again, thrusting and this time Paige felt the smack of the blonde's thighs against her butt as the final inches of the strap-on rammed down her chute. "Yeah, that's in, you're doing well Paige, ten inches of plastic cock in your ass, congratulations - you're officially a dyke anal slut," Alison grinned. She stayed still for a moment, letting the words sink in as deep as the dildo, then she gripped Paige's waist even harder and began to pound back and forth.

Before, Paige realised, Alison had been holding back, slowly fucking her so that her ass would gradually open and take her dildo in. Now she was letting go and properly fucking the swimmer. The pain came back as the toy was slammed home so hard it burnt, the discomfort as well as it blew out the walls until they ached. But neither could compare to the pleasure which came streaming down into her with every thrust. Paige gripped the bench even harder, trying to keep silent as Alison pounded her, her tits bouncing and jumping with every thrust, her hair wild and wet, sweat and water dripping down it. Alison's hand was on her waist, rubbing the Lycra of Paige's swimming costume so that the wet, smooth material skimmed at her skin. God, she needed to scream, to cum loudly, but she couldn't. Alison was grunting and panting, "Cum for me Paige, cum like the dyke whore you are, tell me how much you love having your slut asshole stretched, tell me you're a anal loving whore. Cum, Paige, cum now."

Paige bit her lip so hard that if her teeth had been a fraction sharper she'd have bitten through them. The pain failed to concentrate her mind; the pleasure in her ass was still overwhelming. She was on tiptoes, her feet stretching at the concrete floor, her soles aching as she raised her ass higher for Ali to pound and lay her body firmly on the bench, squashing her tits against the wooden plank. And all the time Alison slammed harder and faster, not caring what damage she was doing to Paige's ass or the mental anguish she was responsible for. "Cum you slut, cum now, scream out like a whore. I know you're a slut so cum for me, cum, cum, cum you fucking slut bitch."

Suddenly it was like a champagne cork had been popped. "Aaaaaarrghh, yesssss," Paige screamed, unable to contain herself, "Oooohhh myyyy Godddd! Fuck my ass, fuck it. I'm cumminnggg, ooooohhhh Godddd, I am cumming, aaaaarrrrggghh."

Alison laughed and continued fucking her, "I knew it, I knew you were a dyke bitch with a craving for plastic prick in her ass. God, you're such a slut, aren't you? Tell me you're a whore slut?"

"Aaaaarrrghhh yesssss, Alison, I'm a whore slut, I'm an anal loving skank. I love being butt-fucked by big dildos. Make me cum some more, make me cum. I want it, I need it, ram my asshole open," Paige cried, her cheeks red with both shame and lust, as she both hated saying these things whilst knowing they were true and enjoying every second and every inch of dildo in her butt. "AAAArrggghhh, ooooohhhh, please fuck me harder, I want you to butt-fuck my ass so hard, I can take more, I can cum, please make me cum more."

"Oh, you're going to be cumming plenty," laughed Alison as she slammed the dildo all the way down Paige's back passage.

* * *

Getting out of her car Emily Fields tried not to shiver, not that it was cold and nor was she scared; but she was excited and anxious all at once. Excited that Mona was meeting her, anxious about what that meant. Ever since Mona had become the second girl to butt-bang her the teen swimmer had almost continually been thinking about it. Sometimes in shame that she'd cheated on Paige again, but more often in desire, wishing for Mona or Melissa or another hot, dominant top to ram her tight butt until she came and came again. And it seemed that her wish was to come true, why else would Mona be suggesting they met in the school car park after hours.

Emily wondered where they'd be going, had the other teen booked a hotel? Or were they going to Mona's house to bang whilst no-one was in? Or did Mona intend that they drove to a secluded spot so she could analise her in the back seat of a car? She could see Mona's car pulling in, soon she'd find out.

She waited trying to curb her impatience and not to guiltily look towards the swimming pool where her girlfriend Paige would have been training earlier (though she'd have left by now, there was no sign of Miss Cooper's car anyway). Mona got out of her car and there was the chirp as she locked it. Did that mean she was expecting Emily to drive or were they going somewhere near enough to walk? Emily tried to think if there was a hotel nearby.

"Hello, you dirty dyke butt-slut," Mona smiled, her ruby red lips glinting with just a gleam of wetness.

"Hi Mona," Emily didn't comment on Mona's description of her, she knew it was true.

"Ready for another anal fucking?" Mona tugged the strap on the bag on her shoulder, casting it a little glance that told Emily more than words what was in it.

"Yes," she tried to sound casual, not wanting to be too gushing, though even at the thought of it she was starting to tingle.

"Why am I not surprised?" Mona smirked. She looked at the swimming pool, the building the building separated from the main school block by twenty yards of neatly cut grass, "Have you ever done it in the changing room? Ever slutted it out with Paige after you'd been for a nude swim?"

"No," Emily quickly shook her head, her cheeks reddening as she was reminded of her nominal girlfriend.

"Let's go there then, it'll be an experience," Mona slipped her arm through Emily's pulling her along.

"It'll be locked," Emily said, not that she was against getting fucked there - whilst it wouldn't be her first choice she was craving dildo in her butt and the sooner the better.

"We'll see," giggled Mona enigmatically and Emily wondered if the other teen knew something she wasn't telling. She let herself be dragged along, not finding herself surprised as the outer doors opened without a key and Mona pulled her along to the female changing room.

"You're a slut-whore, a dumb dyke fuckhole," a familiar voice from inside the changing room almost made Emily stop, in fact she would have done if Mona's arm was still through hers, the other teen not halting at the sounds of love making.

Lying face down on the bench, her costume pulled down to her waist, Paige was squealing in excitement. Behind her a naked Alison was gripping her waist and pounding back and forth. The angle didn't allow Emily to see what hole Ali was using but her words told her, "You're an anal slut. This ass is so hot, I'm loving fucking it." The blonde briefly looked up at Mona and Emily and smiled before looking down at Emily's girlfriend, "Dumb slut whore, take it harder."

Paige shrieked in pleasure again, her eyes so tightly shut it was like she was trying to glue them together by force of will.

Emily felt like there was a golf ball lodged in her throat, leaving her unable to say anything no matter how much she tried. She looked at Alison, the blonde continuing to fuck Emily's girlfriend and not caring she had an audience. Then she looked at Mona, the other teen smirking as she watched the show, her hand moving down to stroke Emily's butt. Emily knew it couldn't be a coincidence, somehow Alison and Mona, who hated each other, were now not just friends, but in some sort of perverted partnership. Emily wanted to scream, to leave, but Mona's hand was on her ass, stroking it and cupping the cheeks, her mouth moving close to Emily's ear, "It seems you're not the only cheating anal slut in Rosewood." She squeezed Em's ass hard.

Whether it was the words or the actions or even Paige's next orgasmic scream the metaphorical golf ball that had been choking Em was jolted out and she gasped loudly, "Paige!"

The other swimmer's eyes shot open and her expression as swiftly changed from orgasmic lust to horror, not just that she suddenly found she'd an audience, but that the audience included her girlfriend. "Oh my God," she shrieked and not just because Alison wasn't stopping her thrusts, "Em, it's not what it looks like.... oooooohhh, aaaarrggghhh." Her explanation was paused as Alison rammed her into a wave of pleasure, leaving the teen shuddering. But even when she recovered, at least slightly, she didn't resume her explanation, which, Emily thought, was because her soon to be ex-girlfriend didn't have one.

"Mmmnnn, that's hot, isn't it," Mona was murmuring in Emily's ear as she continued to cup and squeeze her ass cheeks. "If there's one thing almost as hot as fucking a hot girl's ass it's seeing a hottie getting it fucked good by a pro, and I can tell you, Ali is a pro." She slid her hands round Em's front and up her chest to her tits, gripping them through the other teen's vest. "I bet that's making your hot little cunny wet and wild." To test this theory she dropped one of her hands down, unbuttoning the top button of Em's hotpants and sliding it down under her panties to rub at her pussy. "Mmnnn it is, you dirty slut, you're getting off on watching Ali butt-bang your girlfriend, you're as into her cheating on you as you are cheating on her."

"No," Em whimpered, but was it true? She'd been horny before she'd entered the changing room, she was still horny, but that wasn't anything to do with the fact that Em was topless in front of her, gazing in plaintively at her, whilst getting pounded behind by her ex-best friend.

"You're wet, you lying slut," murmured Mona, her hand sliding over Em's clitoris making the bud vibrate. The other hand was sliding up Emily's vest, until she came to the bra. Mona slipped it off the boob and began to squeeze at the naked tit, making the nipple hard and firm between her fingers.

Emily moaned, she was excited, even as she was disgusted with herself (and Paige? she wasn't sure how she felt, she knew the need to have a dom stuff your ass and it wasn't like Emily had been the loyal girlfriend herself). Mona hoisted at the vest and Emily raised her hands, letting the other take it off her. Paige was still grunting and gasping, looking at Emily as the teen's bra was removed Mona tossing it to the side. She stroked Emily's pussy, the finger brushing gently, but sensually over the slit and clitoris, making the teen shudder.

"You want me to fuck you in the ass?" Mona had been quiet before, murmuring so that only Emily could hear what she was saying, but now she was speaking loud and normally and even above the grunts of exertion and pleasure coming from Alison and Paige, the words were clear and audible.

Emily nodded, 'God, she was such a slut she knew.'

Mona stepped away and Emily knew she was undressing. Emily could have turned round and looked, but she was just looking at Paige and Alison, the blonde pounding hard at her girlfriend, slamming her onto the bench. Mona stepped behind her and Paige could feel the touch of her strap-on against her thighs, the other girl's naked tits brushing at her back. "Let's remove these," Mona said reaching for Emily's hotpants and pulling them down.

As they went down Alison stepped away from Paige, wiping a bead of sweat away from her forehead with the back of her hand she said, "Show Emily your ass, let your girlfriend see what you enjoy." Paige stood up and turned towards Emily, Alison gripping the bottom of the swimming costume and pulling it one side so that the Emily could see the round, open hole. It made her even more excited thinking that her own ass was about to receive the same treatment from Mona. Alison smirked, "Like it?"

"I bet she does," Mona answered, "Don't you?"

"Yes," Emily answered.

"There's no way you could give it to Paige like this is there?" Mona asked again.

Emily shook her head miserably, knowing she'd never satisfy Paige like Alison would.

The blonde grinned even more broadly, "I've an idea. You've tongued Paige's pussy haven't you?"

"Yes, a few times," Emily admitted.

"Well let's do a centipede, except instead of licking her pussy you stuff your tongue in her ass and lick that out," grinned Alison.

"What will you and Mona be doing?" Paige seemed to find her voice.

"You'll find out," said Alison curtly in the voice that was reserved for bottoms who spoke out of turn. "Now lie across the bench and give Emily your ass."

The teen swimmer did so and Emily removed her panties and dropped them on top of her shorts. There was a towel on the floor and she picked it up and positioned it under her knees and Paige's feet. The two tops let her, obviously willing for her to avoid scraping her knees on the hard floor. They stood, smiling and watching, as Emily knelt and pulled away the flap of the costume and looked at her girlfriend's asshole. It was still open and would remain so as Emily put her hands on the cheeks and pried them apart as far as she could before sliding her tongue in; the costume's flap falling back so that it was pressing at her nose and the sides of her mouth. She ignored it and flicked her tongue in and out of Paige's butt. The other teen moaned in pleasure.

"Raise that butt for me," ordered Mona, "I can't fuck it if you're sitting on it."

Emily did as she was told, still licking Paige's rosebud as Mona pushed her strap-on into Em's. It went in easier than before, the hole has lost its initial virgin tightness, helped by the fact that for the last few nights - since she'd been butt-banged by Mona before - she'd anally masturbated herself with one of her secret dildos before she went to sleep. The toy pressed down further, Mona sticking it in deep. Em slurped and licked harder, gripping Paige's buttocks as hard as she could and dragging them apart to give herself plenty of space for tongue.

"Mmmnnnn, ooooohhhh," Paige moaned in excitement.

"Suck on this bitch," said Alison. Lifting her eyes Emily could see her ex-friend was standing in front of Paige, feeding the swimmer the dildo that had been in her ass minutes ago, Paige swallowed it without complaint, her head bobbing up and down in front of Emily. The teen lowered her eyes and concentrated on licking teen asshole as behind her Mona started to shove harder and deeper.

"You dirty sluts," giggled Alison.

"They're a pair of whores," agreed Mona and as she stabbed the toy down Em's anal chute the teen swimmer couldn't disagree. She swirled round Paige's asshole and as Mona thrust forward again slammed her tongue in time, pushing her face forward so her cheeks were being rubbed by Em's. It was humiliating, to be cleaning the ass Ali had used, but exciting and exhilarating; especially as Mona was really ramming her slamming forward.

"Mmmnn suck my cock bitch," crowed Alison.

"Eat Paige's ass, you dirty skank Emily, slurp out your girlfriend's butt like you're servicing cunt," Mona said. Her hands gripped Emily's waist as she slammed in and out, filling her with marvel. "You ass-eating anal whore."

"Slut bitches," called out Alison.

"Anal dykes," laughed Mona in reply.

"Fuckhole skank," Alison responded.

"Lesbo whores," Mona called out.

The two tops continued to thrust and pound from both directions, sandwiching the teens in the middle. There was no complaint from Emily, and she suspected that if Paige could talk, she'd be equally happy, it was where the two of them belonged and they knew it. Mona was pounding her dildo all the way in, slapping her thighs at Emily. Alison wasn't giving it the same force, but still enough to make Paige shudder and shiver, the quakes sliding up Emily's tongue as she licked.

There was a pop as Mona pulled the dick out of Em's ass. "Ali let's swap assholes, I'll bang Paige's skank butt and you fuck that whore's Emily's." She didn't ask Emily what she wanted, but as soon as Ali nodded agreement Mona snapped out instructions, "Emily, lie across the bench like Paige and open your ass for Alison."

Emily hastened to obey, the wooden slats cool on her stomach, lowering her head over the other side. Beside her dangled an equally upside down Paige, saliva dribbling from her mouth where Alison's cock had filled it. Even as she looked Paige's mouth opened and her eyes widened and a heart-felt moan of bliss escaped her lips as Mona entered her asshole. Emily reached round and grabbed her own cheeks, spreading them.

Just in time as Alison started to push the dildo in, "Hey Mona you've really opened this whore's asshole for me."

"Paige's was nice and ready as well," Mona laughed, "Thanks for that."

"Enjoy her," said Ali, giggling, "I know I'm going to enjoy butt-fucking this submissive dyke ass." So saying she shoved the toy in deep, ramming it all the way in a couple of thrusts. Emily cried out in pleasure. Then, no longer having to keep her ass open, she balanced her hands forward, resting her palms on the floor's rough surface.

The bench shuddered as the two teen swimmers were vigorously fucked by the two teen doms, the two tops gripping the other girls' waists for balance and to give them greater leverage. Emily and Paige shrieked in orgasmic unison as their back holes were filled with thick, long plastic dong, behind them the two tops hammered harder, laughing and giggling as they rammed the holes open. "Wow Mona, they're such fucking whores, fancy allowing your girlfriend to get fucked."

"That's because they're just fuckholes on legs, they exist to get butt-fucked," said Mona, "offer them a chance to get a strap-on up their ass and they'd sell their own Moms."

Emily blushed, it was so true. She turned slightly, seeing that Paige's cheeks were also red - was that because she was hanging her head and the blood was rushing to her head? Or was it, like Emily, she was a slut for plastic dyke cock in her butt and embarrassed at recognising herself in the top's words. Emily didn't dare ask, but she suspected. She bit her lip and looked at the floor but as her ass was being pumped so magnificently it didn't take long for her mouth to be open and she was mewling out her gratitude, "Oooooohhh fuck me Ali, please fuck my whore ass. It's true I'm just a fuckhole who wants your dick in me. Fuck me harder, fuck me like I'm a skank slut whore."

"See Ali, Em recognises her place," Mona giggled. There was the sound of thighs slapping into thighs as she and Alison thrust harder. "What about you Paige? Are you a whore?"

"Yesssss," cried out the other teen, "I'm a fucking ass whore. I love being anally fucked by you or Ali, real tops."

"Not my Em, then," giggled Ali, "She's too much a submissive slut to give it you; she's too mentally weak."

"Yes, yes," agreed Paige, obviously not caring that Emily was beside her, "Only tops, my butt is a top-only zone, but I lots of cock in it. Ooooohhh myyyyy Goddddd! Harder, please harder."

"Hey Em, I think Paige's splitting up with you," giggled Alison, "She wants real doms fucking her properly, not the dainty little shit licks you gave out.."

"Oooohhh yessss," Emily squealed as she came, "I mean I can't give her cock like you can Ali, I want it as well. Please don't stop fucking me..."

"You pair of whores..." Alison laughed and she and Mona pounded down, slamming their rubber dicks in unison into the waiting holes.

The bench shook as Paige and Emily came repeatedly, the orgasms blasting through them so powerfully nothing else mattered. Not the fact they were cheating on each other, not the fact that Alison and Mona seemed to be secret friends, not the fact that the two swimmers were addicted to lesbian anal and that it would be all they cared about, like a junkie needing a fix. Bmm, bmmm, bmmmm, the cocks slammed down their asses, the thighs smacked at their cheeks and the wooden legs of the bench clattered on the floor. Paige was squealing in pleasure and Emily was joining her, the two of them shrieking as loud as they could, vocalising the pleasure they were getting.

"AAaaaarrrrghhhhh yessssss, aaaaaaarrghhh." "Shitttt! Aaaarrrrrhhh, yessssss, aaaaarrgghhh!" they screamed loudly.

"Whores," "Sluts" "Skanks, " "Bitches" Mona and Alison panted out the words between breaths of exertion, reminding the sub swimmers that they were just, as Mona had described, fuckholes on legs.

"AAAarrrghhh, aaaaarrrghhh," Emily orgasmed again as her ex-friend gave her all ten inches of dildo up her ass, spreading and straining the hole.

And then suddenly without warning Alison was pulling out, panting and breathing heavily, sated with pleasure and not caring where Emily was. Beside her Mona pumped a few more times before dragging her own dildo up.

Alison picked up a towel and wiped her head, "I want a photo, remain there whilst I get my phone."

"And spread your legs we want to get those gaping holes," said Mona. She fished into her bag and pulled out her phone, taking four or five of the two swimmers lying over the bench spreading their ass holes, before Ali got hers from the locker and joined her.

"Take one with me," Alison said, after taking a few shots and putting down her camera, went to sit on the bench between the ass-opened teens, resting her hands on their cheeks and smiling as Mona took a few shots.

"Swap," giggled the dark-skinned teen and replaced Alison the bench, massaging the two sets of cheeks as Alison snapped away.

Mementoes taken Mona put her and Ali's phones in her bag as the blonde walked over to switch the shower back on. Emily and Paige got up, Em knew she was avoiding her girlfriend's gaze, but suspected that Paige was equally trying not to catch her eyes as well. Mona grinned, "Me and Ali are going to have a shower, get rid of all this slut sweat. You two should get dressed and go."

"Will you be fucking our butts again?" Paige asked nervously.

Mona snorted, "We might, we might not. It depends if we want to and whether there's other hot butt around; we're not dating. You're just fucking holes to us."

"Okay," Paige blushed and Emily nodded, she knew her place, but she could hope. And in the meantime she'd anally masturbate whenever she was alone in her bedroom and fantasise it was Ali or Mona or Melissa.

Mona turned abruptly and went to join Alison in the showers. Paige and Emily quickly got dressed. "Do you want a lift home?" Emily asked praying the answer was in the negative.

She was lucky, "No, its near enough to walk." Paige picked up her bag, "See you at school on Monday." She quickly walked out before Emily could answer.

The teen watched her go; they both knew as a couple they were finished, not because of the cheating, but because as bottoms they could never be satisfied by anything the other could give them.

* * *

Ella Montgomery was smiling as she got out of her car, balancing the tray of coffees with one hand as she rummaged in her bag for her keys with the other. Aria was back at her apartment, cleaning and vaccing it before she went out to do the weekly shop; making the teen Ella's bitch last night was already paying off as her daughter settled to do all the morning chores that Ella normally did. Not that she hadn't already made use of Aria for other things. She had left strict instructions before she went to sleep how and when she wanted to be woken up and to her delight, if not surprise, Aria had dutifully complied, Ella's morning starting precisely at eight with a lovely pussy licking. After that, to make sure the teen remembered her place she'd butt-fucked her a couple of times, once in the bed and then in the lounge after Aria had cleared away the breakfast dishes. And she'd fuck her again when she got home.

"Hi, I'll take those," Melissa had slipped up as silently as nuclear submarine, taking the tray of coffees from her friend. Aria smiled and nodded in agreement, finding her keys at the bottom of the bag (where else would they have slipped too) and locking the car.

Melissa was already opening the main door to the apartment that had been provided to them for their A-team meetings and was pressing the lift button. Ella hurried to follow her, "I see you had a good time."

"You got the picture?" Melissa grinned, referring to the gaping ass shot of her sister she'd sent to Ella and the others.

"Oh, yes, very nice," Ella nodded, "She's such a great fuck."

"So submissive, so wonderfully sluttish," Melissa agreed, her eyes for a second suggesting she was back reliving the fucking of her sister. The lift stopped on the second floor and the door opened and Melissa was back in the present, "Definitely worth fucking." she grinned as they stepped out.

There was only one door on the corridor, the apartment they shared. Ella opened it and gestured Melissa in, taking one of the coffees out of the tray as her friend passed. Another one of the team was already there, Alison turned with a smile from where she'd been placing some new pictures on the wall, "What do you think?" she smiled, stepping back a pace to let the other two look.

There were three new pictures on the wall; Ella recognised them all. One was one of her own shots with the legend 'Aria Montgomery - butt-fucked' engraved in a little box in the frame. The second was the one she and Melissa had just been discussing, Spencer Hastings well opened butt staring out with the teen's name underneath. The third came from Ali and Mona, and was Emily Fields and her girlfriend Paige McCullers both bent over and showing their open butt-holes. It made Ella think she'd have to fuck both those hot sluts; together or individually. She licked her lips, "We all had fun last night then."

"Oh yes," grinned Alison taking the coffee and going over to the television. "I've got a movie we might want to watch as well."

Before she could say what it was the door opened and the last member of the team walked in, Mona grinned as she saw the others, greeting them as she too took a coffee and walked over to admire the new photos. Melissa and Ella joined her, the three A-teamers complimenting each other on an ass well-fucked - especially those which had been virgin before.

Alison meanwhile had switched on TV and slid a key into it. On the screen came a shot of Ashley Marin and her daughter making out. Alison grinned at her friend's as the Marin kissed passionately, "I told Ashley that just because me and Mona weren't coming over to fuck them didn't mean that she and Hanna shouldn't and I wanted to see results. I've just collected them if we want to watch?"

"Oh, yes," grinned Ella, walking to the couch "what's a better way than to spend a lazy Saturday morning than with your friends watching porn."

The others laughed and agreed; especially when the movies was with a couple of their fuckholes...


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