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Pretty Little Liars: The Rosewood Daughter Swap Club (FFFFFfffff,inc,anal,dp)
by LL

Melissa Hastings handed the penultimate wine glass to her Mom, Veronica, before picking up the final one for herself and joining the others at window. It looked out over the Hastings' pool, beside which her sister Spencer was lounging together with her friends - Alison de Laurentis, in the centre as normal, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields and Hanna Marin. Melissa stared at them, a touch of lust growing in her loins, as she looked at the five sixteen year olds lying in their bikinis, sipping their cold sodas through brightly coloured straws, oversized sunglasses keeping the hot sun out of their eyes. The teens chatted desultory, relaxing in the vacation, not a care in the world.

Even as she watched Alison sat up and began fiddling with the back of her bikini top.

"Once Alison goes topless the others will follow her," Veronica Hastings said confidently, "She always the leader of the little group."

No-one disputed Veronica's prediction, in fact Melissa noted the other Milfs nodding their agreement; they knew their daughters. Melissa turned back to the window and sipped her wine; she wasn't much older than the girls down there, but today she was an honorary Mom. Alison was struggling with her clasp, even from above they could see her irritated frown as she tried to snap it open. Then she found it, her smile showing her success, moments before her hands came away from her back, dragging the bikini off her tits and dropping it to the ground beside her.

"Very nice," murmured Ashley Marin appreciatively; she gave a quick look towards Jessica de Laurentis who acknowledged the compliment to her daughter's tits with a small nod.

"See here come the rest," smiled Veronica raising her glass to her lips and sipping at the expensive wine.

She had been right, even as Alison was lying back on her lounger the other four were sitting up and unhooking their bikinis. Upstairs the Milfs and Melissa stared down as ten teen tits were displayed, from the brown and jigglely pair of Emily to Spencer's smaller firmer ones. "Very nice," Ashley repeated.

"All of them," nodded Ella Montgomery, she licked her lips. Melissa knew how she felt and sipped the wine to try and conquer the dryness in the back of her throat.

"Yes," Veronica mused, "They're all very sexy young ladies. Shall we see what develops?" She let the words hang in the air as the five women continued to sip their wine and look down at the teens.

For a few minutes nothing seemed to happen. The teens just lay there, soaking up the sun, sometimes taking short drinks through the straws or turning to each other to say a few words. Melissa wondered if her Mom had misjudged and brought her friends over for nothing, nice as staring at the teens tits were it wasn't what had been promised. She stole a quick glance at her Mom, who was looking lasciviously on; she knew her Mom had been surreptitiously watching the teens from her office since the start of the summer vacation and today was her plan. Veronica saw her daughter glancing at and smiled, looking confident. Melissa grinned back, if her Mom was so assured Melissa was equally positive.

After a few minutes more silence Ella asked, "Is that Alison taking her bikini bottom's down?"

It did look like that to Melissa, the blonde pulling at the string and sliding the bikini bottom down her legs. The Mom's and Melissa gave a little gasp of appreciation as the teen bared her pussy, before turning on her front so they could just see her bare butt - though that was nice enough. "She likes an all over tan," smiled Veronica.

"They all do don't they," said Ashley as she and others watched lustfully on as first Emily, then Aria, Hanna and Spence removed their bottoms, dropping them artfully on the floor beside their loungers. For a few, all to brief, seconds their four pussies were on display before they too turned on to their fronts. Upstairs the women looked down at the five firm asses on display and Melissa was sure she wasn't the only one whose temperature was rocketing.

"Do you think they know we're looking down?" asked Ella.

Jessica nodded, "Alison does, I'm sure."

Veronica nodded in agreement, "I don't know about the others, but Alison... yes, she knows and she's enjoying putting on her show."

"I can't say I'm minding watching it," Ashley said, "Or the others." She sipped her wine as the other Milfs nodded their agreement.

Melissa finished her wine and put the glass down, she saw the others were nearly finished as well, draining the last drips and turning towards Veronica. Melissa saw her Mom smile as she drank down the last of her own wine. She put the glass down on a coaster on the sill and stepped away from the window. "Shall we get ready and go and join them?" she asked and began to undo her dress.

* * *

Sipping her tea Veronica Hastings took her seat. There was rattle of spoons and the clink of china cups against saucers as her guests sugared their tea and took delicate sips, making small talk as they did so. Veronica looked at them - Jessica de Laurentis, Ashley Hastings and Ella Montgomery; all three of them mothers of her own youngest daughter's closest friends. All their daughters were out, Veronica had deliberately chosen an evening when she knew the teens were at a party, she and others had no wish to be disturbed. She waited until the women were relaxed, sipping their tea and nibbling on the expensive imported French biscuits that Veronica had provided, before giving a quick cough to gain their attention. The three other Moms stopped speaking, casting curious glances at, the fifth person, Veronica's eldest daughter, Melissa Hasting as she took a seat with them.

"Thank you all for coming," Veronica smiled in welcome, "I've spoken to you all individually about our daughters and I think it's fair to say there was some interest." The other Milfs looked at each other, all thinking the same but not sure if the others were. Veronica confirmed it for them, "Daughter swapping..." She paused before asking, "I assume you're all still interested?"

There was a murmur of agreement and nods as the women sipped at their tea and so Veronica continued with her spiel, "I think we all agree that our daughters' little gang is fine collection of very sexy, can I say bangable? I will say bangable, young teens with not a dud amongst them." The other women nodded. Veronica paused for a moment to allow them to think of the how gorgeous their daughter's friends looked, how cute and seductive, imaging them all naked. She smiled as she thought about it herself for a few moments, before going on with her plan to make fantasies reality, "I think we've all broken them in now. I know Spencer's sexual education has come a long way in the last couple of months, from shy virgin to anal fuck slut..." She looked round the others for corroboration.

"Aria does anything now." "Hanna squeals so happily when I bang her ass." "I never seem to be able to give Alison enough dildo to satisfy her." the three women confirmed; like many good mothers they been initiating their daughters into hardcore lesbianism and fucking them since they'd turned sixteen.

Veronica knew it was a tradition that both Mom and daughter enjoyed; she had, but she also knew how limiting it could be, "As I was saying now that they're broken in I think it'd be good for them, and enjoyable for us, if we started a daughter swap club."

Daughter swap clubs had been gaining in popularity in recent years, with a number of popular TV reality shows and at least two well read magazines devoted to them, to say nothing of a burgeoning number of websites. Whilst none of the others had ever been members, as either a mother or a daughter, they had all shown an interest when Veronica had spoken to them about it. Still it was one thing to agree to share your daughter with a friend over a chat, it was another to actually plan to do so with a wider group and it was important to get them over the final hurdle. Luckily Veronica had ideas on how to do that "It won't be my first club. I set up a club with Melissa's friend's Moms a few years ago." She arched her eyebrows at Melissa to tell her daughter to take on the rest of the story.

The other Moms turned to the twenty-two year old trainee lawyer, thinking they knew why she'd been invited. There was another reason, but that would come later. Melissa sipped her tea, trying to look mature before, putting it back down delicately in its saucer and speaking, "It was when we were sixteen. Mom had been fucking me for a few months and I thought it was great, I was learning new things and getting multiple orgasms most nights. When Mom told me that she'd arranged that I'd be going for a sleepover with three of my best friends and that our Moms would be joining us I was apprehensive at first. It's a big leap; I knew I was satisfying Mom, but could I satisfy her friends? The night before I hardly slept and I knew later from my friends that none of them got much either. But the sleepover was great -I had learnt a lot from Mom, but the other women taught me so much, exciting techniques, tips on how to pleasure a woman, new positions. And all of them I could try with Mom later.

"And that wasn't all. Mom was a great lover, but there was only one of her; swapping introduced me to spit roasts and double penetration, lesbian triangles and so much more; it really sped my sexual awakening. Anyway after the first one me and my friends pestered our Moms to make it a regular thing and set up a club. And they did, every couple of weeks we'd go to one of our houses for an orgy. Sometimes we'd just go for anything goes, but other times we'd go for themes - we'd dress as cheerleaders, or we'd only do anal all night or we'd start off with a synchronised pole dance."

"I've got some pictures," said Veronica and reached into a folder to pass round a set of glossy snaps that had been taken at one or other of the club's meeting. Some were off Melissa naked, legs spread as she got a pussy fucking, or her mouth down on some Milf's cunt, or even showing her open asshole after a really rigorous pounding. Others were off Veronica enjoying herself, sharing a cute blonde with another Mom or having her tits nibbled on by a redhead or butt-fucking a sexy brunette. In all, mother or daughter, it was obvious fun was being had.

The other women passed round the pictures admiring them, and nodding in approval. Veronica gave them a few more moments to mentally absorb, before finishing the story, "We continued the club until Melissa and the others went to University; it became a lot harder to meet up when they were all away, though we still had a few Christmas and summer get togethers."

"For me," said Melissa, "It really helped settle into college; I already felt a strong, sexually confident woman who knew how to find orgasmic release, which is really important if you've been working all day on a difficult term paper."

"It does sound interesting," said Ella and the others nodded in agreement, "but what about Emily? It seems unfair on her, given that they're all so close."

"I've been speaking to Pam in Texas and she thinks it's a good idea, though it'll be difficult for her to come," said Veronica. She paused, looking briefly at Melissa, before revealing the other reason she'd invited her eldest daughter, "Ashley knows as Emily has being staying with her and Hanna for the last few weeks, however Melissa has been acting as a mother surrogate for Emily and fucking her."

"It's a tough job..." grinned Ashley; all of the Moms knew Emily as a swimmer was the fittest of the teens and had the toned body of a professional athlete. But Ashley was the only one of the Moms who'd heard the passionate squeaks of the teen as Melissa had anally banged her.

Jessica nodded, "I'm so glad, I was worried with Pamela in Texas that Emily's education would be suffering. It's good to see its not." She looked at Melissa with a new found respect, 'and perhaps,' thought Veronica, 'a little jealousy' - which suggested that she wouldn't be adverse to sharing Emily's butt herself.

"Anyway," carried on Veronica, "I've spoken with Pam and she's agreed if we start up a club Melissa can act as in loco place of a parent. That is if everyone is happy with it?"

"Starting the club or having Melissa in it?" asked Ashley.


"Yes on both counts from me," replied Ashley.

"I agree," said Jessica, "I'm not an expert on these things, but I was reading an article in 'The Daughter Swap' about how clubs shouldn't be too traditional, there's plenty of families where it is no longer Mom and daughter, but aunts, sisters, older friends."

"I'm in as well," said Ella, "I'm enjoying Aria, but I do worry it could become a little stale, so swapping is just what we want to spice it up. As for Melissa, it seems like the perfect solution; it's either that or try to meet during Pam's quick weekend visits home."

"So we're agreed, we set up the Rosewood Daughter Swap Club?" Veronica asked, smiling as the others nodded.

"Do we want to set up a meeting now? Or tell the girls first?" asked Ashley.

"Should we warn them, give them a little time to get used to it? We're sure they're ready?" asked Jessica.

"They're ready," smiled Veronica, "You can see the pool from my home-office and from the way those girls are tanning all over and strutting their perky little bodies they're so up for a good lesbian orgy; or even a very, very bad one." She paused to let the other women picture their daughters and their friends in a lesbian group bang; it was an enticing picture. "I don't think we need to tell them; let's keep it as a surprise."

"So how do we go about it, I take it you have a plan?" asked Ella.

"I do. First, you need to come over when the girls are sunbathing..."

* * *

That Spencer Hastings and her friends were sunbathing naked by the pool didn't concern her, after all her Mom had seen her sexy, lithe body plenty of times, even more over the last few months. And Alison was right; it was important they got all over tans - which is what Spencer would tell her Mom, though what she wouldn't tell her it was also that she enjoyed teasing and nothing teased her Mom more than seeing them all naked near her home-office. She lay their imagining her Mom watching her, the Milf touching herself in excitement, getting hot and horny and how Spence could cure her of that affliction once her friends had gone. She was brought back to the present as heard the sound of the French Window. She opened her eyes and turned herself to look. She assumed it was her Mom coming out, fresh from going through her legal papers, ready to offer the teens a cool drink or see whether they were going to stay for some dinner later - whilst secretly taking a close look at their naked bodies. She was right about it being her Mom, but it wasn't just her Mom, as following her were her sister Melissa and her friend's Moms - Ella, Ashley and Jessica - all carrying towels and glasses of wine; wearing sunglasses and nothing else. Spencer looked at their swinging hips, swaying titties and sexy slits and felt a rush of warmth, which had nothing to do with the sun beating down on her.

"We thought we'd come out and join you," said Veronica with a smile.

"But you're naked," blurted Hanna.

"So are you," grinned her Mom.

"We're getting an all over tan," Alison had lowered her sunglasses a fraction to look at the Moms and Melissa; there was a small smile on her face and Spencer wasn't sure that her friend hadn't anticipated this and that, perhaps, she wanted to do more than tease.

"So are we," said Veronica and put a towel over one of the empty loungers before lying down on it and placing her drink beside her. The other Moms joined her, spreading their towels on nearby loungers before settling down, their naked bodies face up to the sun and, surely co-incidentally, to the teen's lustful eyes. Veronica's hand reached out to the Hi-Fi beside her, "Let's put on some music," she said.

The CD wouldn't have been Spencer's choice, some eighties band she'd never heard off, but she wasn't thinking about that, but how sexy Ashley and Ella were, Jessica as well, even her sister Melissa seemed attractive and alluring. None of them were as good as her Mom, but they could still turn a girl on.

Spencer turned over onto her back, trying to appear casual as if she just need to change sides to get that tan, before lifting the back of her lounger up so that she was half sitting and could look at the naked fivesome so much easier. Beside her she noticed Aly was doing the same, followed swiftly by Aria, Hann and Em. It was hard to tell through the sunglasses they were all wearing but Spencer had the feeling that they were all checking each other out, the Mom's and Melissa admiring the teen's lithe, slender bodies, the teens in turn gazing at the Moms' sweet pussies and womanly breasts. Certainly if no-one else was Spencer was, her eyes flicking behind the lens down the line off women opposite from Ella at one side to Jessica. She paused at her Mom in the middle before going on to gaze at Ashley's shaven slot and her own sister, who was more sexy naked than Spencer had ever imagined. She felt her cunt tingle with sexual excitement and it was so hard not to reach down and play with it. She resisted the temptation, but cautiously opened her legs a bit wider; if the Moms were admiring her she'd give them a peek.

Her Mom tapped the Hi-Fi's remote and CD played, the rocky eighties track being replaced by a modern, poppy sound. "I like this," said Veronica, surprising her youngest daughter who had her Mom's musical tastes down as more old fashioned. The Milf surprised her more by saying, "Let's dance," not that Spencer was averse to dancing with her sexy, naked Mom - not even in company. But her Mom stood up and gave the teen her third surprise in as many seconds; she wasn't inviting Spencer up, but Aria. The brunette gave her Mom a quick look, Ella gave a quick nod of permission as she too stood up and went over to Alison, offering the teen her hand.

"Do you want to join them?" asked Ashley, smiling as she stood over Spencer, pushing her sunglasses up on her head so that the teen could see her eyes.

Spencer looked round, her sister was getting up off her lounger and heading towards Hanna and Jessica de Laurentis was already over by Em. It would be rude to refuse, and it wasn't like her Mom would be put out by her dancing with another Milf, not when she was already moving close to a naked Aria. Spencer took off her sunglasses, carefully putting them down on a small table next to her, "Sure," she said, "Love to."

She got up, smiling at Ashley as she did so and began to dance with her. Soon all ten women and teens were up together, in a huddle somewhere between two lines and a circle. At first they didn't really dance, just swayed, wiggling their hips and asses, letting their titties move freely, not touching. But soon they were all getting closer, still not what could be called a dance, more a freeform wobble, but one where the teen was directly in front of the Milf, shimmying their hips and moving their toned stomachs in sexy circular sweeps. Hands slid over wrists, toes touched and legs slid together as the woman got closer. Thighs connected, fingers interlocked, boobs brushed as the women moved even nearer, no longer could it be claimed the touches were accidental or innocent.

Ashley's hands slid to Spencer's waist, any pretence dropped, as she began to caress the teen's sides. As the older woman pulled her even closer the teen didn't resist, reaching up running her hands through her hair, sexily mussing it. Ashley's was moving her touch down her waist, and then behind, onto her butt and downwards so that the pert cheeks were nestling in the Milf's hands. Spencer tittered as Ashley squeezed, pushing her titties forward and shaking them gently so they rubbed at the Milf; "You're a good dancer."

"I used to disco a lot when I was your age," smiled Ashley, her fingers pressed and played at Spencer's butt, arousing the teen. The Milf's mouth was near hers, sexually inviting.

Spencer quickly glanced around, Emily and Jessica de Laurentis were already locking lips, slurping hard and passionately, and beside them Ella and Alison looked like they would be doing so any second. Spencer turned back to Ashley, "I'm guessing the aim of this exercise is to kiss me?"

"The aim's to go a lot further than that," Ashley smiled, confirming Spencer's rapidly growing suspicion that this was a daughter swap, not that the teen minded.

"Good," Spencer giggled, "Do you want to start with a kiss though?"

"Mmnn," replied Ashley and brought her mouth down on the younger woman's. Spencer felt Ashley tongue slide over hers and she reacted with passion, pressing back at it and intertwining hers together. The older woman's larger titties were pressing at Spencer's small pert ones, so hard was Ashley pressing into their stomachs were pressing together and the teen could feel the movement of Ashley's thigh as it trembled against her cunt, making the teen twat wet and excited.

All around them the other women were passionately kissing the daughters, pulling the teens close to them and fondling their cute, firm butts and pressing against their lovely teenage tits. The air was full of the sounds of slurps and muffled moans as tongues filled mouths, battling and twisting, fighting for control. Every now and then a daughter or a Mom would break for a few seconds oxygen before returning to the fray revitalised. The dancey pop beats ended and a new, more guitar orientated, track began to play. It didn't matter, the women's sways were no longer in time to the music, which was just a background to their make-outs and gropes. There was still movement from the teens, but it was jerks as the Moms and Melissa slid tongues deeper into mouths, played with their asses or teased their pussies with a touch.

"Oooohhh," Spencer let out a gasp of pleasure as Ashley began to kiss and suck at her throat, "Oooohhh.". The Milf knew how to treat a teen, her fingers lightly squeezing at her buttocks, massaging them tenderly, but teasingly, as her thigh continued to press and slide between Spence's, keeping the teen in heightened state of arousal. She wasn't the only one, all the girls seemed to be enjoying the ministrations of their older dance partners; Em giggling as Jessica hands moved just above her slot, Hanna making out passionately with Melissa, Aria wiggling in Veronica's tight embrace. And Alison... Alison walking hand in hand with Ella to one of the loungers, brushing her blonde hair away from her face as she settled down.

Alison was almost salivating as Ella reclined on the sun lounger and slowly spread her legs to expose her cunt to the teen. She had been dreaming of this for months, since soon after her Mom first banged her, a daughter swap orgy where she could service her friend's hot Moms. She had teased and tantalised, giving sexually suggestive smiles to the Milfs and wiggling her cute ass and waist as she walked by. After sub-consciously imprinting her sexiness with the Moms her next step had been encouraging her friends into nude sunbathing, just where the right Mom could see them. And the right Mom was Veronica who had daughter swapped before and who Aly was sure wouldn't be averse to repeating the experience. She was confident she'd succeeded as she watched the naked Milfs filing out and absolutely sure when Ella's mouth had moved from her lips to the teen's ear to suggest that Aly put her lithe tongue to a better use than kissing.

"Eat my pussy," moaned Ella, her voice hoarse with sexual anticipation, she spread her legs wider, opening her pink as her hands moved up to her titties and she began to fondle and play with herself.

"Oh, yes, I'm going to enjoy this," giggled Aly and got stuck in. She began to gobbling at the hole, slamming her tongue forward with no subtlety or precision, just using power and force to pleasure her first Milf of the day.

It seemed to work Ella, moaned and gasped, arching her back and raising her pussy to grind at the teen's face. Aly slurped harder, slamming her tongue into the hole and sucking in the juice, pushing harder into Ella. The juice started to secrete from the woman's cunt, sliding over Alison's tongue, so she could taste its heavenly flavour. The teen pushed harder, driving herself deep into Ella so that her nose was pressed into the woman's flesh and her tongue exploring as far into the hole as she could.

"Oh yeah, you dirty cuntlicker," moaned Ella, she pinned Alison's head between her legs and pushed the teen down with her hands, forcing her deeper, "Eat my wet cunt, eat it all up."

Alison's tongue went into overdrive, her mouth moving as she munched, licked and suckled. She could taste the juice, savour its taste and feel and hear the Milf's reactions, as Ella shook and groaned and squealed. "Oh yessss, yessss," shrieked Ella, her back bending and her body tensing as an orgasm hit her; her legs flew apart like they were rubber and bounced back to straddle either side of the lounger; and her hands let go off the teen's head as her fingers flexed and gripped. "Oh, fuck, yes," moaned the Milf as she settled after the orgasmic explosion.

Alison smiled inwardly at Ella's reaction, appreciating all her Mom had taught her about how to please a woman. She slowed her licks, slowly exploring the Milf's pussy, bringing her down from her high, but keeping her on the boil. "That's good, Alison, that's so good," Ella moaned in appreciation.

Ella wasn't the only one enjoying teenage tongue in her twat; Alison could see that her own Mom was on the lounger next to them Aria's head between her thighs. Veronica was moaning and bucking at the young brunette did her thing, "Ohhhh, ooohhh, Aria, ohhhh, you're as good as your Mom said you were. Ooooohh, oooohhh, go on, lick my spot."

The sound of her Moms pleasure was a huge turn-on for Alison and just the incentive she needed to start to speed up on Aria's Mom again, thrusting herself deep and hard into Ella. The Milf's soft moans began to get louder and her relaxed body began to tremble and shake, "Uuurrhhh, uurrrrhhh, eat me, eat my cunt, eat it you dirty little slut. Uuurrrhhh, ooooohhh, uuurrhh, this is so good."

All around the other teens were giving a similar service, Melissa and the Moms lying back on sun loungers as the daughters licked and slurped at their pussies. The teen's tongues tasted the twats, lithe and flexible they pushed down deep, exploring the holes and probing at the older women's clits. "Oooohhh, uuuurrrhhh, aaaargghhh, yessss, aaaaaiiiieee, uuuurhhh, oooooohhhh!" moans and groans, screams and squeals, gasps and pants filled the air as the women enjoyed the teenage tasting session. The older women bucked in pleasure, their naked bodies rising and falling in time with their orgasmic shrieks, their naked titties wobbling and bouncing as they quivered. "Ohhhhh yes! Lick it baby. Eat my cunt! Deeper, oh, deeper! Oh my God, that's she spot! Faster! Faster! Faster!" each of the women was crying in pleasure.

All that could be seen of the teen's were the back of their heads, wobbling and wiggling as they all buried their faces in the pussies of the older women. Each teen gave as much as she could, secretly wanting her Mom (or Melissa in Emily's case) to be proud of how well she'd licked her friends cunts. The women certainly appreciated it, whilst none would ever argue anything but their own daughter was the best pussy licker around, they would all be in agreement that it would be a close finish.

On her lounger Melissa could feel herself building to another orgasm as Hanna ate passionately and skilfully at her honeypot, the blonde's head deep between the twenty-two year olds legs. Melissa gripped the edge of the lounger as the pleasure built up, almost afraid that when it came it would be so intense she'd rocket away. Down below Hanna slurped hard, driving down at Melissa's clit. The older brunette screamed out loud as the orgasm pounded through her, an explosion of pure bliss atomising her inside. Her cunt pulsated and squirted, blasting out her liquid like a volcano. Hanna brought her head, back rubbing the liquid out of her eyes and dragging in deep breaths of oxygen. Melissa lay back, on the lounger, stunned by the intensity. She had barely time to recover when she heard her Mom talking, "Hanna if you've just made Melissa cum you should go over and eat Ella; Alison you go to Ashley, Spencer, you go and eat your sister." Melissa loved her Mom, but she was kind of a control freak.

Of course, she easily forgave her as her younger sister got down on her knees in front of the lounger and without any hesitation dived down and started tonguing Melissa's already sensitive cunt. Melissa gasped and groaned in pleasure as Spencer went deep into her, pounding her wet, moist hole with a no-nonsense licking. Veronica had said Spencer was a great cunt licker, a natural born pussy hound; Melissa hadn't believed her, thinking her Mom was just trying to talk up her under-achieving sister, but she discovered, if anything, her Mom had been downplaying Spencer's abilities. Spencer might struggle to keep up her straight A's and actually have to work, but in pussy licking the teen was so ahead of the class that she could have taken the rest of the year off and still been top. Melissa grabbed the sides of the lounger again, gripping them hard as she quivered and quaked, "Oh, fuck Spence, oh fuck, that's so good. Eat it harder, you little slut, eat my cunt like I was Mom."

The sound of Spencer's slurps continued, merging with the gasps and cries and lapping sounds from all around. Harder and harder Spencer licked, making Melissa wonder how strong her sister's tongue was; in fact all the teen's seemed insatiable, ramming their faces down their second cunt and given the cunts as good an eating as their first. Melissa shrieked again, Spencer's tongue battering at her spot so hard that the orgasm swamped her in its intensity, "Aaaaarrrghhh, fucccccck, aaaaaarggghhh."

Spencer was onto the next pussy, down between Jessica's thighs and replaced by Aria, the dark haired teen showing she was just as enthusiastic and skilled as Spence and Hanna had been. Melissa shuddered in pleasure as her wet hole was comprehensively cleaned out, Aria lapping down the juice like she was a starved explorer discovering an ice cream parlour. Melissa's naked body quivered and twisted as she gasped in pleasure,. Melissa squealed, arching her back as Aria's sexy tongue hammered at her spot, "Ohhhh yesss, eat me, eat me up."

The twenty-two year olds sounds and movements were similar to the Mom's enjoying the same treatment next to her, all around her the Milfs were quivering and orgasming as the teen's tongues hammered home hard. "Ooooohhh, aaarrrghhh, uurrrrhh, yessss, oooooh, aaaaarggghh!" "Eat me, eat me!" "That's so good, so, so good." "Fuck, oh, fuck, yes!"

"Oh I'm going to cum again!" Veronica shuddered as Hanna brought her to orgasm. The Milf barely had time to relax before Emily was replacing her, the busty teen swimmer's tongue pushing into the Mom's well licked slot. Veronica's hands covered the teen's head, pushing her down. Not that Emily needed it, she licked with enthusiasm, going down vigorously into Veronica, her tongue swishing around the wet hole as probed for the pleasure button. Veronica gasped and groaned, Melissa had taught Em well, the teenager had quickly found the spot and was concentrating her attentions on it, gobbling away at the pussy and ramming her tongue hard at the bud. "Ooohhh, fuck, oh, oh, oh" quivered Veronica.

Sweat dripped from her body, leaving salty trails over her skin. She was boiling, burning alive. The summer sun overhead didn't help, but mainly it was the multiple orgasms that she'd had, her pussy licked by teen after teen, her daughter's friends showing what great little teenage tramps they were, so sexy, so slutty, so skilled. She could feel another orgasm building up, her bodies temperature rocketing upwards, her skin flushing a deep red and her insides starting to bubble and broil. Emily's flexible tongue continued its work, slapping harder and faster until Veronica's passion could no longer be contained, "Aaaaarrrghh," she shrieked, "aaaaaargghhh, fuck!"

Emily lifted her face from the Milf's pussy, her eyes were wide open, a smile across her cum stained lips, "Was that good Mrs Hastings?"

"Excellent Emily," Veronica smiled. She swung her legs over the side of the lounger, after so many orgasms they felt weak and she stayed sitting for a moment, allowing them to get used to the pressure. She looked around at her friends; the orgy seemed to be going with a bang. The Moms seemed to be enjoying the teenage pussy lickings they were getting and the daughter's didn't seem to be lacking enthusiasm in giving it to them, all of their naked bodies sweating and soaked, the perspiration rolling off Mom and teen alike.

It was time to cool off. Veronica stood and took Emily's hand helping up the teen; looking at Emily's wobbling titties as she stood. "Are you hot?" she asked.

"A little," giggled the teen, "but in a good way."

"Shall we take a dip?" said Veronica and still holding the teen's hand jumped in the pool.

Em gave a quick shriek of surprise, turning to pleasure as she hit the cool water, diving under it and coming up like she was movie star, shaking her head and sending her hair whirling around, droplets scattering all over Veronica. The Milf swam down a few feet to the shallower end and waited for Emily to join her. She slid her arms round the teen and pulling her close, so that she could feel the swimmer's boobies pressing at her, the nipples hard. Together they watched as the others joined them, their naked bodies blurring as they jumped or dived (apart from Hanna who delicately came down the steps), shimmering as they went under water.

Soon the pool was full of laughing and frolicking Milfs and teens. The water splashed and surged as the young woman dived down, sliding their naked bodies round the Moms, like slutty little mermaids, under the water their mouths kissing at the Milfs thighs and brushing the women as they swam under their open legs. Then to explode upwards, laughing and spraying water, to be grabbed and chased by the nearest Milf and lips locked. The lucky Mom's tongue would slide into the teen's mouth, as they passionately embraced, their naked bodies pressing against each other as the older woman's hand went under the water and down to the teenage cunt. The daughter would giggle as her hole was touched and fingered, it was impossible to be sure, but the Milfs all thought that the wetness down there was not the result of the pool. And then just as the Mom, was getting herself into a rhythm the daughter would twist free and escape in a perverted game of Marco Polo.

Not that Ashley or the others minded; it was fun chasing the naked teens through the pools and grabbing them as they swam, pulling them to her and give them a passionate and vigorous tonguing and kissing in the cool water under the warm sun.

Ashley had been sweating and almost orgasmed out before jumping in, but the freshness of the water had cleaned away the perspiration and the antics of the teens had reinvigorated her pussy, leaving it boiling like an undersea lava bed as she swapped from daughter to daughter. Her finger slammed in Aria's sweet front hole as with the other hand she held the giggling teen upright, preventing her swimming away like an eel. Her mouth pushed down on the teen's, who was responding rapidly and excitedly with her tongue even as her body tried to arch away like the tease she was. Ashley wasn't letting her go, she'd already accidentally let Emily escape, the young woman skimming out of the Mom's arms like an eel, laughing and giggling as she dived towards Jessica. But now Ashley had Aria and she was giving the teen a good fingering, stuffing her middle digit deep into the teen and feeling her gasp and quake with pleasure, making little waves in the water. From the corner of her eye Ashley could see Veronica climbing out of the pool, the water flooding down her naked back as she did. Ashley smiled, knowing where Veronica was going. She pushed her finger deeper into Aria.

"Oh yes, oh yes, finger my cunt," Aria's mouth managed to break from Ashley's and she gasped out her pleasure. She wasn't the only one, a few feet away Jessica had managed to get hold of Hanna and Ashley could see her daughter's mouth twitching into an 'O' as the older Milf digitally penetrated her slot. Seeing her daughter's expression made Ashley work Aria even faster, keeping the teen close, as she slammed her finger in hard, her elbow continually breaking the water. Aria shrieked, "Oh God, yes, yes, oh yes, fuck!"

Veronica reappeared at the water's edge, five strap-ons dangling from her hands and wrists, "Anyone for fucking?" she said laughing.

Ashley looked at Aria and the teen nodded enthusiastically, "Yes."

"You make yourself comfortable on one of the loungers and I'll come and fuck after I get the strap-on."

Aria wasn't the only daughter supportive of the idea and there was a teenage rush for the sides, the Mom's swimming at a more sedate pace and actually queuing at the ladder rather than heaving themselves up the sides as the daughters were. Ashley glanced at the teen's, their naked butts wiggling as they rushed over to the sun-loungers. The she turned back to Veronica and took one of the strap-ons, a nice black one with curved ribs and a tip like the head of a real dick, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," replied Veronica and began to get into her own toys.

"It's certainly been an enjoyable day," grinned Ella.

Melissa glanced over at her sister and her friends, all on the loungers, legs spread, waiting for Melissa and the Moms to come over to pound their soaking holes with the plastic pricks. She smiled in anticipation, "They certainly look like they've had a good time."

"Oh they have the little sluts," smiled Veronica, she looked at her eldest daughter, "If I recall you always had fun as well."

"I did," giggled Melissa, "but being a top is even better; I can't wait to fuck those tight teenie cunts."

"Me neither," Jessica did up her buckles, giving the leather strap a final tug to make sure it was firmly in place, "So anyone got any preferences or do we just fuck whoever?"

Veronica smiled, "Just go for whoever you fancy, we can always swap later."

The five women headed towards the teen's - Melissa had her eyes on Aria's sweet snatch, but her Mom was just a quick quicker. But on lounger beside her Hanna's legs were open and her shaven honeypot was on show; "Shall we fuck?" the twenty-two year old asked.

"Yes," Hanna nodded enthusiastically.

Melissa took hold off the dildo, it was already greased up, lucky given its wide girth. She began to lower herself onto the blonde teen's, Hanna spreading her legs wider and moving her hand down to help Melissa guide the monster sized cock into her tight teenie hole. "Oh yes," Hanna moaned as it slowly entered her, "Oh yes."

She pushed her pelvis up, forcing herself against the toy. At the same time Melissa could feel the teen's hands on her butt, her touch a mixture of encouragement and brute force pressuring Melissa down. The young woman pushed back, raising her butt; smiling as she saw Hanna's frown. The teen was still so inexperienced and new to this; sure she'd been fucked by her Mom, but Ashley had been gentle and only used small six inchers on Hanna's tight fuckhole. The teen had yet to learn that with a thick foot long dildo you needed to work up and down; not expect it to go all the way down in one go. Up, Melissa paused, hovering above Hanna, letting the teen wait, as beside her Ashley was slowly breaking in Alison. Hanna's eyes glanced to her Mom and then to the other side where Veronica was gradually moving down into Aria. The teen's face turned back to Melissa, her expression jealous and lustful, "Fuck me, Melissa, don't make me wait, fuck me."

"Okay," Melissa thrust down with all her strength, driving the toy half way down Hanna's tight fuckhole.

The lounger scraped on the patio and Hanna gave a quick cry of shock as her teen twat was opened wider than it had done before. To her credit the blonde recovered quickly from the surprise, grinning widely and planting her arms on Melissa's back as the twenty-two year old rose, "That's it," Hanna giggled, "Give me your dick. I want it all in me."

"And that's what I'm going to do," Melissa thrust again, driving the toy further in. Hanna gave another cry, one with more pleasure in it, and her head bounced back, her blonde hair spreading outwards like rays from the sun. Melissa quickly went up again, this time barely pausing before her next hammering blow down. Hanna's body shook and she pushed herself up as Melissa's body retreated, as if she was desperate to keep as much of the cock in her cunt as long as she could. Melissa let Hanna come all the way up, before she pushed her down, thrusting down, spearing the teen's pussy. "You enjoying this? You want my cock?"

"Oh yeah, yes, fuck me," the teen cried. "Fuck me deep."

Melissa began to speed up, ramming down hard into the teen. Hanna's pussy was opening wider with every thrust, allowing Melissa to both go further and faster. Soon the toy was gliding all the way in, burying itself deep in the teen's treasure. Hanna rocked with each thrust, crying out in pleasure as the dildo was propelled far into her hole, running over her spot and sending her to orgasmic heaven. "Fuck me, fuck me!" she squealed in excitement. Her hands were latched onto her friend's sister's back, the nails scratching at Melissa as the young woman pumped up and down. The toy rammed down, all its length entering Hanna, sending cum rippling from the teen's fuckhole. The young blonde's head shot back and she quivered, still screaming, "Fuck me, fuck me!"

All around Melissa the Moms were pounding up and down, stuffing the dildos down the willing teen front holes. The daughters were shrieking in pleasure "Aaaarrrghhh" "Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Yes!" "Oh harder, faster, oh yes." "Shit, fuck, bang my teen cunt, bang it with your big dildo." Up and down, up and down the Milfs and Melissa went, pounding down in the teen's tight sexy fuckholes, slamming the young women against the loungers. "Aaaarrrghhh, urrrrhhh" "Fuck, fuck!" "Oh my God! Oh my God!" "Fuck me, fuck me!" "Faster, please, harder!"

The dildos ploughed in, the teen's screamed and squeaked, their hands clawing at their lover's back or flapping uselessly as the orgasm hit them, their legs shooting up in the air or spread for easy access, their bodies rising up or falling down, meeting Melissa and the Mom's thrusts. Harder and harder the Mom's pounded, making the loungers squeak and scrape at the patio, driving the teens into ecstasy, making them scream. The older women panted and grunted as they fucked, instructing the daughter's "Let me give it you Hanna." "Take it Emily." "That's it Alison." "Move harder Aria." "Scream like a bitch Spencer."

"Aaaarrrrghhh," Spence hardly needed any encouragement to let loose her feelings, "Aaaaarrrghhh." Jessica continued to slam into her speeding up as she sent orgasmic pleasure reeling through the teen. Spence's body arched, her back bending like it was rubber as another explosion of joy hit her, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, aaarrrrrrggghhh!" She was soaked in sweat, it kept her from overheating with the sun beating down and Jessica pounding. The Milf raised herself further and came down harder, slamming the whole ten inches of the dildo into Spencer. The teen screamed again, "Aaaaaarggghh! Aaaaaarghhh!" Jessica was quivering as she slammed, moaning and gasping, her own orgasm might not be as intense as the teens, but it was still enjoyable.

"Fuck, I need a break," Jessica got up off Spencer, she was soaking with perspiration as well, she wiped some of it from her forehead, but her body was still covered with a sweaty sheen. Spencer watched as the Milf went over to her lounger and picked up her wine glass, the woman looked so sexy, totally naked apart from a strap-on sticking out of her, dripping with Spence's juice. The teen looked around, the other Moms were starting to take five minute breaks, her own Mom, the sexiest of the lot, just pulling her cum covered toy out of Aria and her sister, just finishing Hanna, driving her friend into an orgasm.

Spence lay back, briefly closing her eyes, her cunt humming with pleasure; after that hardcore fucking she needed a few moments to recover. Though, she thought as she opened one eye and looked at the sexy behinds of Ashley and Ella as they bent over to pick up their wineglasses, not too long.

"Look at Alison, that's so sweet," said Veronica.

"It's hot looking at her playing with herself isn't it?" agreed Jessica.

Spencer turned her head to look at her friend. Alison was lying back, her legs apart, sliding a finger into her sweet snatch. The women were all looking at the blonde teen with undisguised lust and Spencer knew that Alison would be the most popular when the Milfs recovered for the next bout. Still, she could be the second most sought after, her fingers slid down to her pussy and she began to touch it, keeping it ready for the next big dildo and enticing the Mom's with her sexual longings. But even as she slid a digit in her hole she could hear a small moan from Emily and louder ones from Hanna and Aria; she wasn't the only one following Alison's example. Still, there was no point in stopping now, so she carried on, probing her pussy with her fingers, massaging her clit and making herself squeak and cry as the juices began to flow again.

"Your Mom says you're an anal cock-hound," Ella stood over Spencer, her dildo freshly relubricated, the gel shining in the sunlight. Spencer nodded enthusiastically and Ella smiled, "Turn over on your front, it's time to give you a backdoor pounding."

"Yes," giggled Spencer, quickly swivelling round. As she turned she could see her friends doing the same; it seemed she wasn't the only one who was about to enjoy it in her ass.

Ella hands came down, prying apart the teen's buttocks. Spencer moaned as one of Ella fingers pressed at her hole, slowly pushing apart the sphincter and easing in, past the first joint, almost up to the knuckle. Ella twisted the digit round, warming up the teen's chute for the bigger penetrator that was too come, "Is that good?" she asked and pulled her finger back

"Mmmnn, yes; open me up," giggled Spencer. She gripped the lounger's side and gasped as Ella pushed in two fingers at once, working them up and down, pushing at the bowels and stretching the walls. There was sounds from the other daughters as they too were prepped, apart from Hanna who was already ready for Melissa and was starting to take the real plastic prick. Spencer held the lounger side firmly, gasping and moaning as Ella finger probed her anus, digging as deep as they could go and teasing her inside with their touch. "Oh yes," the teen moaned, her pussy wet with anticipation, "I'm ready for something bigger, I'm ready for your dick."

"I'm going to enjoy banging this tight teen anal fuckhole," replied Ella as she got fully on top of the teen. Spencer's hands reached round her back, grabbing her butt cheeks and keeping them apart for Ella. The Milf was holding the dildo and guiding it into the waiting hole; even with the lube and the anal fingering it was tight, only gradually pushing into the waiting hole. Spencer gasped and grimaced, pushing her tight ass upwards to help. The cock was in deep enough that Ella no longer had to hold it in place and she scooped her arms under the teen, gripping her small pert breasts and using Spence's slender body to give her more leverage. "That's it, take it all," Ella said as she slowly forced the dildo in.

"Uuurrgghh, uurrrghhh. Give it me, I can take it all, I love big dicks in my ass," Spencer called back, lifting her back and bottom, pushing against the Ella to take more of the precious plastic prick down her chute.

More and more of it entered her, gradually allowing Ella to get into a rhythm, in and out, in and out, in and out; slowly at first and then faster and faster and faster until she was pounding into Spencer like a jackhammer. Spence gasped and cried in pleasure, her hands still gripping the frame of the lounger, almost scared she'd roll of without its support. The strap-on was thudding all the way down her anal chute, smacking at her clit through the thin, but strong, cervix wall and sending waves of pleasure crashing through her. "Uuuurrgghh, aaaaargggh, oh yes, fuck my ass, fuck it with your big dong, ram it, ram it, fuck my butt!"

Ella hands were on either side of the teen as her Milf body stretched out over her, almost completely parallel, pressing up and down hard and fast, slamming down into Spence's butt chute. The hard plastic prick rammed down, its ridges playing over the nerves in Spence's ass, like a virtuoso on a piano, sending Spencer into orgasmic overdrive. She screamed and bucked and twisted, "Fuck yes, fuck, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck it so hard. Ram it open, hammer it, open my butt!"

"Yes, that's it, that's so good, your ass is so tight. Your Mom was right you're an anal angel," grunted Ella in return, her naked body pounding down on Spencer's back.

"Aaaarrrghhh fucccckkk, yessss!" screeched Spencer.
On the lounger next to her Veronica smiled as she heard her daughter's orgasmic cries, casting a quick look as she pounded Emily to look at Spencer, her body arching as Ella came down on her. It looked like they were both enjoying it, so Veronica returned to giving Emily her attention. She had turned the teen back onto her back and was thrusting into her ass from that position, Emily's legs up so that they were almost at her ears, acting as a buffer as Veronica came down. The teen was squealing and orgasming with excitement, one hand trailing uselessly over her titties, the other vigorously rubbing at her cunt, pleasuring that hole herself as her back one was filled.

"Ohhhh, fuck, Mrs Hastings, oooohh fuck. I love your cock in my ass, I love being ass fucked by your big strap-on," screeched the teen.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Veronica gasped in reply. She continued to pound, the vibrations from Emily shooting up the dildo to where it rubbed against her pussy, making her wet as it drove at her pleasure points. "That's good Emily, take it like an anal slut." The Milf sped up, ramming the toy deep and making the teen scream so loud that it was almost deafening.

The other teens were shrieking and squealing in pleasure as they too were analised in a variety of positions; on their fronts, on their backs, Aria trying a very ambitious reverse cowgirl with Melissa. In and out pounded the older women's dildos, stretching the teenage buttholes wide. The teens shuddered and came, their faces contorting into 'O's as the orgasms bit into them. All of them were soaked, cum and perspiration matting both Mom and daughter. But they carried on hammering and being hammered, sweltering in the heat, burning with their passion. Veronica grinned, there was no doubt it was a success. Below her Emily gave another loud orgasmic scream.

"Aaaaarrrghh, yesssss," Alison was also screaming in pleasure, before slumping forward, moaning with contentment as Ashley pulled the dildo out of her ass.

It was what Veronica had been waiting for, Jessica had raved at how good Alison was at anal and Veronica wouldn't count the day complete until she had partaken off the blonde's cute little back fuckhole. She slid the dildo out of Emily's butthole, letting the young swimmer collapse back on the lounger, moaning with orgasmic aftershock, and turned towards Alison. But Melissa was already there, stroking her dildo as she gazed down lustfully at the teen. She saw her Mom approach and shrugged, "You can do her, Mom, it's your day."

Veronica felt a rush of motherly pride at how selfless her daughter had become, but it was Jessica who provided the solution. As she started to lever herself into Emily's still gaping butt Alison's Mom looked at the two Spencers and grinned, "You should fuck her together. Isn't that what happened at your club Melissa?"

Aly nodded enthusiastically as Veronica and her daughter looked at each other, both grinning and giving their agreement at the suggestion. "You can still take her butt and I'll fuck her cunt," Melissa said to her Mom.

"Yes," smiled Veronica, "Let's do it." She turned to Alison, the teen had turned round and was sitting up, an expression of utter excitement crossing her face. Veronica smiled, "I don't think the lounger will take all three of us, lets go onto the lawn." She took one hand off the teen, Melissa taking the other and led her over to the well cropped grass. The Milf let go off Aly's hand and got down on the floor, spreading her legs as she sat half-up and running her hand over the dildo, still wet with Emily and lube. She looked up at the teen "Lower your ass down on my dildo... there that's right let me guide you in."

The teen's asshole was gaping open from the butt-fucking she'd just received from Ashley and the toy went in easily; even so Veronica gave the teen a few upwards thrusts to make sure the toy was fully in. As she did so she put her hands under Alison's thighs and spread open her legs, whilst keeping the teen balanced on her. She put her mouth near Alison's ear and murmured, "Whenever you're ready, tell Melissa to join us."

The blonde teen squirmed a little, making sure that the cock was comfortably up her butt, before looking up at Veronica's eldest daughter, "Come and fuck me now."

Melissa grinned as she joined them, clambering on top of Aly and starting to slide the strap-on into the blonde teen's front hole. For a few moments Melissa struggled with getting it down, jerking the dildo back and forth as she tried to get the right angle and push past the teen's tightness. Veronica pulled Alison's leg apart and pushed at the teen's ass, pressing her forward. Alison groaned and heaved, twisting her waist and arching her pussy to accommodate the second dildo. "Oh, oh, I want your dick in me," she moaned as Melissa arms wrapped round her, dragging them together and sliding the dildo in further. Veronica continued to do her bit as well, keep Alison's legs well spread and shoving her toy up the teenage butt. Alison grunted again, as she her pussy expanding and stretching to fit Melissa, "Oh yes, give it me."

Then, like a cork had been popped, Melissa was past the resistance and was pounding at Aly, thrusting the dildo deep into the teen's pussy. Alison gasped as it ran down over her clit, stimulating it and making her shake.

"Let's fuck her properly, Melissa," grinned Veronica.

"Okay Mom," smiled her daughter and Alison realised that they'd be holding back.

It had been Aly's ambition for a few months to take two dicks; she had been enjoying one and she felt that doubling the number of dildos would double the fun. She was wrong; it was at least triple, probably quadruple. Orgasms exploded in her body within moments as the Mom and daughter began to pound her hard. Their dildos slammed deep into her holes, so far in and so hard they were colliding together, like two insane boxers punching without rest or pausing to defend. The teen arched, her back bending as the pleasure wrecked her insides, turning her heart and stomach into goo. Her hands gripped round Melissa's back, trying to drag the young woman even deeper. "Aaaaaarrrghh," Alison screamed, "Fuck me! Aaarrrghh! Double fuck me!"

"Yes, take it you, take it good," gasped Melissa.

"This is great, you're so fucking dirty," growled Veronica. She squeezed Alison's thighs as she said it and rammed the dildo deeper up the teenage butt, slamming it in so far it bounced against the wall separating her bowels from her cunt, just as she was stabbed from the other side by Melissa.

"Aaaaarrrghh," screamed Alison, "Oh fuck! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck all my holes!"

Beside her Spencer was screaming and gasping as Ella and Jessica shared her, slamming their dildos deep into the youngest Hastings' pussy and butt; Ella riding the top, Jessica banging the teen from before, their titties bouncing together as the Milf rammed up. Seeing her friend getting double fucked as well was a massive turn on for Aly, especially as her own Mom was one of the women dping her. It made her next orgasm even more intense, "Fuckkkkk, aaaaarggghhh, shiiiitttt!"

On the loungers Emily, Aria and Hanna lay, rubbing their pussies energetically and enjoying the show, though Aly suspected that they'd prefer to be where her and Spence were rather than on-lookers. That was just tough; at another time they'd could be shared, but this was Aly time now and she was enjoying it, "Yessss, fuck, yes, harder, fuck me."

"Shall we make her airtight?" Ashley grinned stepping between the teen and Melissa and wiggling her dildo at Aly's mouth.

Alison assumed Veronica nodded because the next thing she knew was that auburn haired Milf was feeding her strap-on between Alison's lips and thrusting it down. The teen gasped and choked, struggling for a second to breathe, but then Ashley pulled back an inch, giving her some space and Aly began to relax. For a second; and then all three women were thrusting again, ramming their dildos down her cunt, up her ass and into her mouth, making her gasp, grunt, choke and orgasm. Saliva trickled from her mouth, juice from her cunt, sweat from all over as the women pounded her every hole. Alison had never had a feeling like it, she felt light headed from the lack of oxygen, making the multiple orgasms she was receiving with every thrust more intense and delightful.

"She's loving it, isn't she?" Veronica grinned.

"Mmpppff" Aly replied, her mouth full of Ashley's dick. But she was, she was in heaven - enjoying every single second, loving the fact she was servicing three women, that not only had she reached her ambition of two strap-ons together, but had beaten it, that she was the first of her friends to be made airtight. The dildos pounded away and Aly grunted more, "Mpppfff!!! Mpppfffff!"

Spencer screamed once more as the orgasm hit her. An exhausted Ella and Jessica dropped away, to lie on their backs on grass sodden with their sweat. The teens on the loungers continued to watch Aly get fucked. "Mpppfff!" she went, "Mpppffff!" Her body shook and she was orgasming so heavily she wanted to scream, "Mpppppffff!"

Melissa pulled out first, falling back with exhaustion. For a few more moments Ashley continued to push the dildo into Aly then she too pulled back, wiping a sliver of sweat from her forehead and sitting down next to the other Moms. Veronica continued to pound up, driving Alison into one final explosive burst of orgasmic bliss, "AAAaaaarrrrghhh, yesssss! AAAAArrrghhhh!".

The teen fell forward aching and exhausted, every hole sore, but pleasured. Beside her Spencer was still panting, not yet recovered from her own double pounding. Veronica looked around and smiled, taking in the sweating exhausted Milfs, an equally tired and perspiring Melissa and the naked, sated teens, "Welcome to the first meeting of the Daughter Swap Club," she smiled.

* * *

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