Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this at home, seek help.

I'm not a huge "Party of Five" fan. I've caught a few recent episodes to get
the gist and this idea was suggested so be kind on any character mistakes I
make. I apologize in advance and hope you enjoy.

Party Of Five: Hypno TV (M/FF,mc)
by MAW

Griffen was greeted by overwhelming silence as he walked into the Salinger
house. As he expected, no one was home. No problem, he had to do some things
here anyway. As he made his way through the deserted house, the handsome
young brown-haired man reflected on the recent state of affairs for his

Since their parents died in a car crash, the five Salinger children had been
through one mess after another. Bailey had fallen in and out of love with
Sarah, the two remaining friends, then he dropped into alcoholism, from which
he was slowly recovering. Charlie had to run the family restaurant, come
close to marriage but was left at the altar and was currently in the hospital
fighting cancer. Claudia was in ninth grade going on junior year in high
school, her family's trials maturing her too rapidly. Little Owen was still
too young to do anything more than sleep, eat and play. God help that kid
growing up.

Griffen had known Julia for a while now, enough to know that the beautiful
young woman was not as strong as she'd liked to seem. She'd lost her
virginity when drunk, got pregnant, got an abortion, had a number of jobs to
help the family along and had finally married Griffen in what both secretly
knew was far too short a courtship. Naturally, the honeymoon didn't last long
as Charlie and Bailey's troubles forced Julia to concentrate on family.
Griffen didn't really mind, he liked the guys enough and he loved Julia. He
knew her family was important to her, but he had needs. He wanted to make
this work.

Griffen knew the step he was planning was audacious, but he didn't care. He
was upset, he was tired and he was horny as hell. He and Julia hadn't made
love in weeks and the strain was beginning to show. If this worked, it would
not only gratify him, it might just be the thing to get her mind off her own

His thoughts were interrupted as Julia walked in. She wore dark slacks and
a jacket over a dark shirt and vest. Her short dark hair framed that face
Griffen loved so much. "Hey," she said, throwing a stack of mail on the
counter. "Sorry, I had to drop Owen and Claudia off and I had to stop at the

"No problem," Griffen said. He feigned a yawn. "Sorry, I have to crash. Can
I use the bedroom upstairs?"

"No problem," Julia said.

"Thanks. By the way, I need a favor." He took a video cassette off the
counter. "Buddy of mine gave this to me at the shop. Some new video for his
band. Could you do me a favor and take a look at it quick? I need to drop it
off at his house tonight and I really need another opinion on it."

"Geez, Griffen, can't it wait?"

"Please? Come on, it won't take that long."

Julia sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine, fine."

"Thanks," Griffen said. He gave her the tape, then walked upstairs to the
main bedroom. He set the clock for one hour, enough time. He then plopped
back and closed his eyes. He was tired all right and he wanted plenty of
strength for later.

Griffen had just fallen asleep when the doorbell rang. Julia had just put the
video into the VCR to watch when she heard it. She walked to the front door
and opened it. "Hey," Sarah said as she stepped inside. Just as attractive as
Julia, the young woman had long brown hair and a cheerleader's body. She wore
a pair of slacks and a long-sleeved turtleneck. Despite a lot of problems and
differences, she and Julia had remained friends for the last few turbulent
years. "Is Bailey here?"

"No," Julia answered as she stood aside and let Sarah come in. "He and
Charlie are taking care of some business at the restaurant. Griffen's
upstairs, asleep, Owen's at day care and Claudia's taking violin lessons."

"Another fun-filled day," Sarah remarked as she followed Julia to the family
room. The two friends sat next to each other on the couch as Julia flipped on
the TV and started the tape. "What's this?" Sarah asked.

"Some video from one of Griffen's friends. I promised I'd watch it for him."

"You know your marriage is in trouble when you can't even watch movies

Julia ignored Sarah's comment as the tape came on. It wasn't the heavy metal
stuff Julia was expecting. Instead, soothing music came on.

Pipes, guitars and a piano combined for a very nice tune. It perfectly
complimented the wavy patterns that developed on the screen. It was a
combination of patterns, actually. In the background, was a large spiral
that slowly turned, light reflecting off of it and towards Julia and
Sarah. As the spiral turned, waves of light began to wash over the screen,
one after another, after another. The colors changed every time as the
waves merged and spun in new directions. The spiral seemed to become
brighter with each revolution, turning and spinning into a new color as
the waves of light kept going. The two girls were transfixed, staring at
the screen as the calm music took effect. They soon felt relaxed, calm,
at ease. They let themselves go and allowed the music and the patterns to
sweep them away.

Griffen awoke a few minutes before his alarm went off. Hitting it anyway, he
quickly tiptoed downstairs. He could see the video still playing and smiled.
The sublinimals inside the music, combined with the hypnotic images, would
lull Julia into a trance, lowering her inhibitions and making her compliant
to any suggestions Griffen made. Griffen walked around and stopped in
surprise as he saw Sarah and Julia on the couch next to one another. They
were slumped in the pillows, eyes half-open, continuing to watch the video
as the hidden messages continued to entrance them.

Griffen considered his options. Sarah being here was an unexpected
development. He could wake them up, put things off for a time. Then an idea
entered his head. Before he realized it, he was talking softly. "Julia?
Sarah? Can you hear me?"

"...Yes..." The two never took their eyes from the screen as they answered.

"What do you two want to do?"

"Anything you want." The simultaneous answer hardened Griffen's cock
instantly. This was too good to pass up. "Girls, do you want to make love to


"Do you want to make love to each other?"


Griffen had his answer. He turned off the TV set and was relieved to see no
change in Julia and Sarah's expressions. They were so deeply under, they'd
never remember this. He wanted to spice up Julia's sex life. This seemed as
good a thing as any. "Girls, stand up and follow me."

He led them upstairs, their footsteps almost robotic as they followed him.
He led them to the main bedroom, where he had already pulled the covers off
the bed. He faced them and began to give them more instructions. "Girls, you
are both feeling so horny. Very, very horny. You need sex and you need it
bad. You two have always been attracted to one another. You like each other
very, very much and you want nothing more than to make love to one another.
It's all right, you can do it. You want to do it. You need to do it. Don't

They both nodded, Julia licking her lips as Sarah let her hands drift towards
her crotch. "All right, girls. Now, you'll also want to make love to me as
you do this. That's right, girls, you'll want to make love to me and to each
other. It's all right, it's what you want. Just let it happen. Now undress."

Julia slipped off her jacket and began to unbutton her vest as Sarah pulled
off her sweater, showing a white bra underneath. Julia's bra was black, as
Griffen saw when she pulled her shirt off. The two dropped their slacks
simultaneously, and Griffen got a look at their smooth legs. They unsnapped
their bras and let them drop, exposing their breasts. Griffen was already
used to Julia's gorgeous tits but was surprised at the size of Sarah's. Well,
he'd have time to examine them both.

Griffen already had his clothes off and was lying naked on the bed, his cock
fully extended in the air. As soon as the girls removed their panties, he
began to speak. "Girls, come here and suck at my cock."

The two nude women slid onto the bed and began to take turns taking Griffen's
cock in her mouth. Julia did it long and slow, taking it in deep in her
mouth and letting her tongue drag behind it. She was naturally resistant to
cock-sucking, one of the things that had drove Griffen to hypnotize her.
Sarah licked away at his cock, from the tip to the bottom, seeming to love
the quick jabs her tongue made. Griffen couldn't believe the kick this was
giving him, far more than he expected.

Thanks to his commands and their own released desires, the girls were soon
turning their attention to each other. Griffen could barely contain himself
as he watched his wife and her best friend kiss each other slowly, taking
long, deep shots at each other's mouth. Sarah lay Julia down and straddled
her, her cunt right over Julia's mouth. Julia began to lick at her friend's
pussy, slow, methodical movements designed to intensify the pleasure. Sarah
moaned as she felt her friend lick at her and Julia moaned as she felt
Griffen insert his cock into her pussy. He slowly began to pump in and out
of Julia, his cock already sticky from cum as he pushed into her. His hands
massaged his breasts as he went, adding to her pleasure. It seemed to drive
Julia to lick Sarah harder and she did. Sarah arched back as she came, her
juices falling on Julia's beautiful face. Julia had just tasted them when
Griffen shot his wad into her, driving her to orgasm.

Her arousal on full blast in her entranced state, Sarah got off of Julia and
pushed Griffen out of her and onto his back. She slid onto his cock and began
to rock back and forth in a smooth motion as he slid his hands in between her
breasts and felt at her. Although exhausted, Julia still wanted more pleasure
and she straddled herself over Griffen's face, facing Julia. Griffen began to
eat her out, his experienced tongue doing wonders as Sarah continued to ride
him. Sarah and Julia leaned in close and kissed one another slowly as Griffen
continued to please them both. He jabbed his tongue deep into Julia's clit as
he shot into Sarah, loving the sound of the two of them orgasming at once.

After an hour of lovemaking, Griffen pulled himself out of bed. He had the
girls stand up and used a towel to clean them off, taking his time wiping
down their clits and breasts. He had them redress and come back down to the
living room. He turned the TV on, ejecting the tape.

Sitting the two on the sofa, he began to issue some more commands. "Girls,
when you hear the door close, you will wake up. You will not be aware that
you were asleep. You will not remember seeing this tape or anything that has
happened since. You'll only remember watching TV and talking. I left to
return the tape, you saw me go. Remember that, but nothing else." He quickly
implanted a trigger phrase, something that would return them to trance if he
needed them to. Just as he was about to leave, he remembered something.
"Julia, next time you wash the bedroom sheets, you will not notice anything
unusual about the stains."

No use taking chances, was there?


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