Party Of Five: Party Of Two (f/f)
by Carl Hunter ([email protected])

Julia Salinger and her friend Sarah Reeves, both high school seniors, were
alone in the Salinger home studying quietly. Neither of them -- arguably the
two most beautiful women at their school -- had said a word for nearly a
half-hour, as Julia was busy with history and Sarah with English. But when
Julia looked up from her book she saw her friend staring at her.

"What is it Sarah?" Julia asked.

"Nothing, Jule, I just think you are so beautiful."

"Oh, sure," Julia replied. "That must be why guys always stare at you when
we're together at school."

"They do not!" Sarah insisted.

"They do too!" Julia reassured.

"Well, I don't think they do," Sarah told her, "but if they do, it's because
of my chest. You know, guys like big chests. But girls appreciate real
beauty, and you're beautiful, Julia."

"Thanks, Sarah," Julia said, almost blushing. "I think you're really
gorgeous, too."

"Really?" Sarah asked.

"Yes," Julia answered.

"Will you kiss me, Julia?"


"Will you kiss me?"

"No! Of course I--" Julia stopped in mid-sentence as she looked at the cute
brunette. Sarah was wearing super-tight blue jeans that hugged her womanly
hips excessively and an equally tight white T-shirt that showed off the tits
that all the high school boys liked to gawk at. "Yes," came out of Julia's
mouth. "Yes, Sarah, I would love to kiss you right now."

"Then do it," Sarah told Julia.

"Um... okay. I will." Julia got off of the couch she was sitting on and
walked the few steps it was to the chair where Sarah was sitting. She
hesitated momentarily, then leaned over and pecked Sarah's red lips. She
pulled back and said, "Wow."

"Yeah, wow!" Sarah exclaimed. "I always wondered what that would be like.
Kissing another woman, I mean."

"Kind of nice," Julia said softly.

Sarah looked up at Julia, then stood up next to her. Julia was almost three
inches taller than Sarah. She felt a little nervous, but without as much as
another word, Sarah stepped forward and their lips smacked into each other
again. To Sarah's surprise, her study partner slipped her tongue into the hot
adjacent mouth. Sarah liked the feeling and licked Julia's teeth with her own

When their lips parted they stared at each other for a few seconds, then
Julia said, "Let's go to my room."

They practically ran upstairs into Julia's bedroom where Sarah shut the door
behind them. They kissed again, then Sarah pulled her T-shirt up over her
head. Her 36B bra was hardly support and her tits bounced around freely in
the white cotton undergarment.

"God, Sarah!" Julia said and for a moment Sarah thought she was going too
fast. "Your body is so perfect!"

"Oh, Jule, you are just so hot," Sarah said as she reached over and pulled
Julia's sweater up and over her head.

Both women stared at each other and smiled. Julia was also wearing tight blue
jeans that looked absolutely devastating on her. Her body was a bit thicker
than Sarah's, but she was equally sexy. She was wearing a small, very lacy
red bra because she had been hoping to fool around with Griffin later.

"Sarah, I have a confession to make."

"Go ahead, Julia."

"I've thought about this happening before," Julia admitted. "I've imagined
you and me here, like this. God, Sarah, at night sometimes I even dream that
you're next to me in my bed! Is that silly, Sarah?"

"No, Jule, not at all." Sarah touched Julia's face. "I think about you, too."

"Oh, Sarah." Julia leaned in and kissed Sarah, swallowing her tongue.

After their lips again parted, they walked over to the bed and petite Sarah
sat on the edge with Julia standing between her legs and smiling down at her.
Julia began rubbing Sarah's legs through her pants and worked across the
crotch where she began unbuttoning the blue jeans.

"Julia, you know I'm a virgin, right?"

"Yes, Sarah, I know. Don't worry."

"Thanks, Jule."

Julia smiled demurely, then yanked at Sarah's pants to pull them off. Sarah
shrieked at the unexpected move and Julia again smiled. She put her hands on
her friend's soft, smooth legs and commenced rubbing as she stared down at
her body, sixty-two inches from head to toe.

It was absolutely perfect! In fact, Julia thought that it was a little funny
seeing such a shattering beauty with big boobs, a tiny waist, great hips and
a superb ass wearing a cotton bra and cotton panties, kids' stuff. I'd give
her some of my risqué underwear, Julia thought half-jokingly, but my panties
would be too big for her and my bras too small!

Sarah was a little more nervous now that Julia had stopped rubbing her legs
and was taking off her own pants. As they were coming off, Sarah saw that
Julia was wearing a skimpy G-string. My God! she thought, She wore that to
school? Julia now stood above Sarah wearing only the racy red underthingies.
Julia's body, though possibly not in competition with Sarah's, was a great
piece of art. Her sexy face, her small tits, her big ass; she had a body that
anyone could admire.

Now that they were both in their birthday suits, Julia saw no reason to not
heat things up a bit. She leaned forward, putting her hands on the bed on
either side of Sarah. She had Sarah pinned and pushed her back to the
mattress where she kissed her. They both squealed with joy and Sarah pulled
Julia's bra off, exposing her large nipples. Sarah kneaded the small breasts,
then pushed Julia back into her standing position.

"What's wrong?" Julia asked.

"Nothing," Sarah answered as she pushed the beauty back a couple of steps and
fell to her knees on the floor, then grabbed hold of Julia's G-string and
pulled it down. Sarah smiled. Julia's pussy was absolutely beautiful; she
spent -- literally -- hours grooming the tiny dark hairs that lined her
favorite set of lips.

"Oh, Sarah," Julia said, looking down at the angelface, "I want this so bad.
It's like a dream."

"I know, Jule, I know," Sarah said right before drilling her tongue into
Julia's already-wet pussy.

"Oh!" Julia shouted--in a voice much higher than her speaking voice -- at the
feeling of the inexperienced little tongue inside of her. She looked down and
saw Sarah's face moving back and forth, up and down; her tongue gliding in
and out, licking and lapping. "Oh, Sarah, I want you to kn--ahh!" Sarah began
nibbling Julia's clit while she was in mid-sentence. "Oh, Sarah. Oh, Sarah.
Do th--ahh!"

Julia knew an orgasm was now imminent. A moment later, "Ungh! Ungh! Ahh! Ahh!
Ungh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

When strength returned to Julia's legs and she came down from the Heaven she
was in, she put her hands on Sarah's shoulders and helped her to stand up.
They ran their fingers through each other's hair and Julia giggled at the
sight of Sarah's face covered in pussy come. Sarah giggled, too.

"Do you masturbate, Sarah?"

"No, Jule. Why?"

"Because, Sarah--" Julia licked some sticky come off of Sarah's face before
finishing her sentence. "--that means I get to make you feel the joy of
orgasm for the first time." Julia smiled. Sarah was a little nervous again.

"First," Julia continued, "let's take this off."

Julia removed Sarah's bra and her jaw almost dropped. Sarah had a perfect set
of large, round breasts with beautiful reddish-brown nipples. Julia felt not
only lust, but envy. Right now, though, lust was the more prominent feeling,
so Julia leaned down and smashed her mouth onto one of the gorgeous globes,
almost knocking Sarah over. Fortunately, she was -- barely -- able to keep
her balance and remained standing, moaning as Julia sucked on her tit,
licking and biting the nipple.

Julia put her hands on Sarah's firm ass and -- with her mouth still clinging
to Sarah's bosom -- led them again to the bed. When they got on the bed,
Julia started licking -- practically slobbering -- all over Sarah's tiny
body. Julia's wet tongue felt so good to Sarah. Suddenly, though, Julia
stopped. Julia extended one of her fingers and slid it into Sarah's mouth.
"Get it real wet," she said, so Sarah sucked on Julia's thin finger for a few

Next, Julia pulled Sarah's panties off and inserted that same finger into the
virgin pussy. Sarah grimaced as she felt her hymen break and again when she
saw Julia's bloody finger. "It's okay," Julia said and reinserted the finger.

While fingering her, Julia planted a soft kiss on Sarah's lips, then started
sucking on her supple neck. It was just too much for her to take. The
combination of Julia's finger in her pussy and Julia's lips on her neck --
which felt almost as good -- sent Sarah bucking into her first-ever orgasm.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Julia! Oh, oh, oh!" It was the greatest thing she
had ever experienced, absolutely unbelievable!

Neither woman moved. Julia lay on top of Sarah. Both were covered in sweat
and in absolute bliss. Finally, Julia rolled off of Sarah and said only,

"Yeah, damn," Sarah said.

They both giggled, then took each other's faces in their hands, opened their
mouths and kissed. Just then, the door opened and Bailey looked in shock at
Julia and Sarah. Naked. In bed. Sucking face...


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