Featuring Sameen Shaw, Samantha Groves/Root, Bear

Codes: F-dog, toys

Person Of Interest: Bear And The Maidens Fair
by Lord Naughtius ([email protected])


Detective Jocelyn Carter, Zoe, and Sameen Shaw sat together in a bar toasting their victory in protecting their current Number.

"How long are you going to keep him waiting?" Carter asked.

Zoe glanced out the window behind her where John was waiting patiently holding up a lamppost.

"He promised to walk me home." She replied.

"That's very chivalrous of him." Shaw remarked.

Zoe threw up her hands in mock defeat. "Okay, fine. I should probably get going."

She and Carter finished their drinks. "I need to go too." Carter added. "I have a date. With my son."

The two of them left, leaving Shaw to finish her beer. She glanced down. "What do you think? Want to get out of here?"

Bear, the Maltoise John had rescued from some Aryans, just looked up at her.

"Okay." Shaw continued, "But you're sleeping at my place."

They left the bar and arrived shortly at Shaw's loft. It only contained the most basic things Shaw needed - a bed for sleeping, a table for eating, and a refrigerator for gun storage. She unleashed Bear and started getting ready for the night. She took off her grey tank top and tight leather pants and threw them on the bed. On her way to the bathroom she noticed Bear staring intently at her.

"What is it, boy? You like what you see?" she struck a sexy post in front of the dog. Bear stood at attention with a happy look on his face and his tail wagging rapidly.
Shaw looked at him curiously. "What did those dirty Dutchmen teach you?" she asked. "Do you want to see me naked?" Maybe it was the alcohol from earlier, but she was feeling naughtier by the minute.

Bear just stood there looking at her happily. "Hmm. Maybe your Dutch is better? Bear, naukt?"
The dog showed some excitement and came up to Shaw to sniff her legs, and then up to her black panties.

"Well, that got things started." Shaw smiled and sat down on the bed. "Bear, boezem."

The dog leapt up onto the bed and started sniffing and licking at Shaw's bra covered breasts. Shaw giggled at his enthusiasm and took off her bra. Bear immediately slathered his tongue over every inch of her fleshy globes. Once his initial excitement died down he began paying strategic attention to her nipples; first licking one, and then the other.

"That's better." Shaw stroked Bear's head. She enjoyed his tongue treatment a little longer before giving the next command.

"Bear." She said, scooting up and laying down on the bed with her legs spread. "Kutje."

Bear immediately dove between her legs and licked her panty-covered snatch.

"Mmmm." Shaw moaned. She could feel Bear's hot, wet tongue through her thin black thong.
"You are very good, Bear. Keep it up." She slipped here panties off and let the dog lick her bare slit.

"Mmm." She moaned again. Her back arched slightly and she gently massaged her breasts. Gentle waves of pleasure moved through her body. Shaw panted and moaned in response to Bear's skilled tongue while her body moved like it had a mind of its own.

"Oh!" she squealed when she felt Bear's tongue penetrate her. She spread her pussy wide open to give him more access.

"Ah!" she squealed again and her hips thrust against the dog's snout involuntarily Shaw began rubbing her clit while Bear licked her nice and deep until she came with a shuddering climax. Shaw collapsed among the sheets while Bear lapped up her fresh pussy juices.

"Why'd you stop?" Shaw asked, looking down at her unattended pussy only to see a happy Bear with his tongue lolling out. Bear shifted around on his feet and Shaw saw the problem. Sticking out from the dog's underbelly was his massive red cock; swollen, erect, and ready for action.

"Wow." Shaw said matter-of-factly. "You're a big boy in more ways than one."

Bear started whining, prompting Shaw to slide underneath him. "Hold on a minute, Bear. I'll take care of you."

Shaw stared at the dog's glistening member just inches from her face. She had sucked many cocks in her life but she paused at this one.

"Get it together, Shaw." She said to herself. "It's a cock. Like any other." She glanced once more at Bear's spear shaped doghood. "Sort of."

She took a breath and slid Bear's cock into her mouth. Bear thrust forward involuntarily, forcing his entire shaft down her throat and hitting her nose with his knot. Shaw pulled her mouth off him immediately, coughing and trying to control her gag reflex. Determined to return the favour, she gently grasped his dick and slid it into her mouth again. She only got a few sucks in before Bear took over. The large dog thrust forward, forcing Shaw to lie back. She let him find his comfort zone and kept up the suction for him.

The dog fucked her at the speed of a jackhammer. Within minutes he was spraying his load into her mouth. Shaw was surprised at how much he held in his balls. She had to swallow three times before he was empty.

She slid her mouth off his cock and laid flat on the bed. "Was that good for you?" she asked, looking up at him. Bear only panted and stared straight ahead.

Shaw looked down at Ben's cock. "Oh, my god, are you ready for round two already? Or was my mouth not good enough for you?"

She rolled onto her front and pushed herself up on all fours; causing some confusion for Bear ash she rose up from underneath him. The dog moved away but didn't get off the bed. Shaw looked behind her and wiggled her ass at him.

"Come on, boy. You want some of this?"

Bear remained unmoved. "Oh, right." Shaw muttered. "Um, kutje, Bear. Kutje!"

The dog approached her raised ass and licked her pussy. "No, Bear, not that." Shaw said between pants. "Neuken, Bear! Neuken kutje!"

Bear immediately stopped his oral treatment and mounted Shaw. "That's it!" Shaw smiled as she felt the tip of his penis probing her pussy entrance. Bear set his hind legs and thrust into her.
"Ah!" Shaw squealed as she felt his entire shaft go inside her. She could feel his hard, hot knot pressing against her pussy lips. She felt Bear wrap his fore paws around her waist and he started fucking her.

"Oh! Fuck! Yes!" Shaw cried out. He was fucking her pussy just as fast as he fucked her mouth and it felt wonderful. She could feel every inch of him inside her. He bottomed out with every stroke. She could feel his knot hit her pussy lips and then his balls swung up to tap her clit. She just closed her eyes, braced herself and enjoyed being his bitch.

Minutes later Shaw started to feel Bear was trying to push his knot into her. Panic mixed with her impending orgasm. She wasn't sure she could take something so big, but Bear had her firmly in his grasp and wasn't giving her any choice in the matter.

Bear fucked her until she came underneath him. She gripped the bed as her body arched and shuddered. She felt Bear push hard against her and suddenly his knot slipped into her wet cunt. Spurts of his cum filled her pussy while she lay limp in post orgasmic bliss. Once he was done Bear passed a leg over her ass and faced the other way.


"Bear looks so sad."

The bespectacled Harold Finch turned to look at his teammate, and black hat hacker, Root; otherwise known as Samantha Groves. "Perhaps he misses being outside."

"No kidding. He's cooped up here more than you are."

"I haven't had much time to take him out more than necessary. Actually, would you mind Miss. Groves?"

"Not at all." She glanced at the time. "I think I'll take him to the safe house after. We'll spend the night there."

"The safe house is not a hotel, Miss.Groves." Harold admonished.

"As an important member of this team, Bear deserves to spend at least one night out of this dungeon."

Harold looked at her and suspected she was talking more about herself. "You have a point." He relented. "Bear does need more fresh air. How about you two make a weekend of it? Take him to the dog park."

Samantha smiled at her earned freedom. "Sure thing, boss. See you Monday." She grabbed an assortment of treats and toys for the dog and quickly left.

Once at the safe house she put some food and water out for Bear and she stretched out on the couch. She was glad to be out of that old station. She understood the need for secrecy by that didn't have to mean giving up basic human needs.

She got a glass of wine and went to run a bath. She was soon soaking her stress away and enjoying a nice Pinot Grigio.

"Hmmmm." She sighed, enjoying the warmth of the water. And the privacy. Several things that were lacking in their subway base of operations. Harold gave her enough space but there was never any true privacy. She fully intended to take advantage of her situation now. Reaching into her bag she pulled out one of her own toys. A waterproof, light blue, non-latex coated, studded vibrator. It had been much too long since she had anything twixt her nethers.

She eased it into her pussy and moaned as she slid it all the way up her love tunnel. She pictured Sameen suspending her from the ceiling and fucking her with a strap-on. Her imagination fueled her fantasy and she masturbated faster and faster until she came.

She rested for a few minutes and then began again; this time turning the vibrator on and rubbing her clit with it. She thought of Sameen again. This time she was tied to a Sybian and Sameen had the control. She watched her slowly dialing it up, making her squirm and scream on the machine. Samantha dialed up the vibrator whenever fantasy Sameen did. The fucking bitch knew how to tease her, and often lowered the setting until she adjusted before skipping up to the higher one.

Samatha tried her best to resist but she only had it past the hald way point once. This was not that time. Her body tensed and her thighs quivered as she came hard. Water splashed over the edge of the tub onto the tiled floor.

"Ohhhhh." Samantha moaned, coming down from her intense orgasm. She cleaned her toy with soap and water from the tap and set it on the edge of the tub. She soaked until the water became lukewarm before she got out. She toweled herself off and went to the bedroom. Getting some bottles of moisturizer and various lotions from her bag, she began her nightly routine.

Out in the living room Bear was laying on the floor. It was close to bed time but he wasn't tired enough. Suddenly his sensitive nose caught a familiar scent. It was mixed in with other string scents but it was still identifiable. He got up and silently tracked the scent. It took him through the condo to the bathroom. The scent was definitely strongest here, but so were the other scents.

Bear sniffed around the bathroom and accidentally knocked over Samantha's vibrator. The rubber toy fell into the tub and turned itself on.

"Bear, what is going on?" Samantha walked into the bathroom to investigate. She found a very perplexed Bear, and her vibrator buzzing around the bottom of the bathtub. She bent over to retrieve it. As she did so, Bear's nose picked up the scent from earlier.

"Waagh!" Samantha yelped when she felt Bear's nose against her bare pussy. Since it was just the two of them she didn't bother with a robe or towel. She regretted it now. She fumbled around the tub for some purchase and get back up but her earlier bath left a soapy, slippery film all over the tub. Taking advantage of her predicament, Bear licked her pussy. He found it wasn't the same as his other master but it was too good to pass up.

"Oh, this can NOT be happening." Samantha thought to herself. She grabbed around the edge of the tub and pulled herself up. Not wanting to lose a chance at this bitch Bear jumped up, placed his paws on the center of Samantha's back and pushed her back down. Then he jumped up and mounted her.

"What the fuck!" Samantha screamed. "Bear, get off!" She felt the dog's paws around her waist and the tip of his penis parted her pussy lips.

"Fuck!" she cried out. She couldn't' believe this was happening. She grabbed Bear's forepaws and pried them off her. It was no easy task, but afterward he just fell on top of her. Bear readjusted himself and thrust forward, sliding his entire length into her pussy.

"Ah! Oh, shit!" Samantha was more shocked than anything else when she felt Bear's dick inside her. Something hard, round, and wet was pressing against her pussy. She hoped the wetness wasn't coming from her, even if it meant it was coming from Bear.

Bear started fucking her fast and hard. Samantha couldn't do anything except take it. Minutes felt like hours. Despite being mentally disgusted by it Samantha's body was responding to dog sex in a completely different manner. Samantha felt her nipples stiffen up and the wetness between her legs wasn't just from Bear anymore.

"Mmmm." She moaned involuntarily. Waves of heat radiated throughout her body and she could feel an orgasm building. She gripped the edge of the tub and bit her lip to keep it from happening. No way was a dog going make her cum.

Her body betrayed her again. Waves of bliss crashed over her, making her body writhe and arch. She moaned unintelligibly while her pussy filled with Bear's white hot cum. Samantha lay limp and panted while Bear passed a leg over his bitch and faced the other way; leaving Samantha wondering why he hadn't left now that he was finished with her.

For some reason he didn't pull out. Craning her head she saw their butts touching. She pushed against him and moved around, trying to extricate herself. That was when she felt it inside her. At the base of his cock was a large round portion; and it was stuck inside her. It didn't feel like it would budge, no matter what she did. She stayed sprawled over the edge of the tub until Bear got soft enough to pull out.

Samantha slid down to the floor and massaged her sore stomach. Being stuck to Bear had given her time to think. She looked at the dog suspiciously.

"Bear, where'd you learn a trick like that?"

Bear left the bathroom but paused at the door way and looked back at her. Samantha arched her eyebrow, got up and followed him to the bedroom. Bear stopped in front of the nightstand where Samantha had put her picture of her and Sameen. All the feelings she had against the dog melted away.

She looked at Bear. "We definitely need to get better acquainted." she said. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs for the dog.

Miles away in an abandoned subway station a bespectacled man stared at the camera feed on his monitor. He was seeing a different side to his pent and his teammate. "Oh my." was all he said.


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