This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Just a quickie I wrote reworking a scene for someone.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Invitation To Dinner (M+F,oral,anal,ir,necro,nc)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Elizabeth sat in her bed as her servant Estrella heated a bed warmer for
her. Without question the day had been exciting with Commodore Norrington's
marriage proposal and her run in with Jack Sparrow. The pirate had seemed
more concerned with leaving the port and getting his ship back, but neither
her father nor Norrington seemed too concerned with anything, but hanging
him. Elizabeth would not have given Jack's plight a second thought except
for the fact that she had had feelings for Will Turner since the first day
she saw him, and by the medallion she found around his neck she suspected he
was perhaps a pirate's son.

"There you go, miss," Estrella said placing the bed warmer between
Elizabeth's sheets. "It was a difficult day for you, I'm sure."

"I suspected Commodore Norrington would propose," Elizabeth replied opening
a book. "I must admit, I wasn't prepared for it."

"I meant you being threatened by that pirate. Sounds terrifying."

"Oh. Yes, it was terrifying."

"But, the commodore proposed. Fancy that. Now, that's a smart match, miss,
if it's not too bold to say."

"It is a smart match," Elizabeth sighed, "He's a fine man. He's what any
woman should dream of marrying."

"Well, that Will Turner, he's a fine man too."

"That is too bold," Elizabeth remarked looking up from her book to Estrella.

"Well, begging your pardon, miss. It was not my place."

Estrella left Elizabeth's side and left her room shutting the door behind
her. Elizabeth reached for the medallion around her neck and absently played
with it as she thought about Will. She looked over at the lamp next to her
bed as the flame started to flicker. Suddenly it went out and the room was
engulfed in darkness.

Moments later as she tried to fall asleep Elizabeth heard cannon fire and
the call of men to arms. She reached over and re-lit the lamp before running
out onto her balcony. In the town she could see buildings burning and hear
the exchange of cannon and gunfire. Elizabeth looked down as the gates of
her father's manor were broke open and saw half a dozen pirates racing
towards the house. Elizabeth ran from her bedroom into the second floor
hallway that overlooked the foyer.

"Don't!" Elizabeth screamed as the butler answered the banging door.

"Hello chum," a pirate, Pintel, said firing one shot from his gun. Elizabeth
screamed again as the butler fell to the floor dead and she took off down
the hall. The pirates scattered except for Pintel and Ragetti who saw her
run off. "Up there."

Elizabeth returned to her room and slammed the door shut locking it. She
jumped when she bumped into someone, but was temporarily relieved when she
realized it was Estrella.

"Ms. Swann, they've come to kidnap you!"


"You're the governor's daughter!" The two looked at the bedroom door as the
pirates shouted and hammered on it.

"They haven't seen you. Hide and the first chance you get run to the fort,"
Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth ran into the side room as the door crashed in. Pintel and Ragetti
saw her foot as she disappeared and followed her. They found the room empty
as they ran in.

"Check in there," Pintel told Ragetti pointing towards the closet. He then
checked underneath the bed for Elizabeth.

No sooner did the closet door open then Elizabeth came out swinging the bed
warmer. She struck the pirate once, twice, before he caught it by the shaft.
Elizabeth pulled back hard on the bed warmer but the pirate refused to let
go so she pulled down on the latch opening it up.

"It's hot! It's hot!" Ragetti screamed as hot coals and ash fell on his

In the split second the distraction gave her Elizabeth ran from the closet,
out of the room, and down the hall. She could hear the two pirates shouting
behind her as she ran down the staircase to the first floor. The two pirates
surrounded Elizabeth as Pintel followed behind her and Ragetti jumped off
the balcony.

"You have something we want," Pintel growled as he reached for the medallion
around Elizabeth's neck.

A cannonball bursting through the side of the house caught the attention of
Elizabeth and when the chandelier above her and the pirates fell it gave her
enough time for another escape. She ran into dining room temporarily jamming
the double doors shut with a candleholder. Pintel and Ragetti screamed and
shouted as they beat on the doors before finally kicking them in. They
entered the dining room in a huff and searched for Elizabeth before stopping
in the middle of the room.

"We know you're here, poppet. Come out and we promise we won't hurt you,"
Pintel called out. There was a temporary silence before he spoke again.
"You've got something of ours, and it calls to us. The gold calls to us,"
Pintel whispered as the two of them stopped in front of the doors Elizabeth
was hiding behind. "Hello poppet," Pintel smiled swinging open the doors to
the closet that stored fine china, candles, and such.

"Parley!" Elizabeth immediately said.

"What?" Pintel asked.

"Parley. I invoke the right of parley. According to the Code of the Brethren
set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew, you have to take me to your

"I know the code."

"If an adversary demands parley, you can do them no harm until the parley is

"To blazes with the code!" Ragetti grumbled.

"She wants to be taken to the captain. And she'll go without a fuss. We must
honor the Code."

* * *

Elizabeth quickly found herself in a very uneasy situation. Barbossa now had
her medallion and refused to return her to land. Elizabeth was now stuck on
a ship full of pirates sailing to someplace unknown and she was along for the
ride. Barbossa had a need to keep her on board and bring her with them. She
just didn't know why. As Elizabeth paced back and forth in the quarters she
was being kept in Pintel and Ragetti, barged in carrying a dress.

"You'll be dining with the captain," Pintel said, "and he requests you wear

"You tell the captain that I am disinclined to acquiesce to his request,"
Elizabeth replied with a bit of boldness.

"He said you'd say that. He also said, if that be the case, you'll be dining
with the crew. And you'll be naked."

"You tell Barbossa that I will not cower to his threats, nor will I dine
with him."

"As you wish," Pintel replied smiling before he and Ragetti left.

"What have I done?" Elizabeth said to herself in shock as the seriousness of
her refusal hit her. Several minutes later Barbossa entered Elizabeth's
quarters with Pintel and Ragetti right behind him.

"Miss Turner I have come to ask you to reconsider your request. It is for
your own good," Barbossa asked.

"No! I shall never dine with a pirate! Return me to Port Royal or Commodore
Norrington will sink you and this ship to the bottom of the abyss!" Elizabeth

"If that be the case, then he'll only succeed in drowning you."

Elizabeth gasped as the moonlight suddenly shown through her quarter windows
and hit the pirates. Instead of seeing creatures of flesh she saw creatures
of muscle, bone, and hair.

"Yes Miss Turner what you see is real. My crew and I have been cursed to
walk the earth as the undead, that is why the coin that was around your neck
and yourself are dear to us. We have been forced to live unable to obtain
satisfaction from food, drink, or women. But that doesn't mean we won't enjoy
watching you squirm."

"What? What are you doing??? Stop it!" Elizabeth screamed as Pintel and
Ragetti advanced towards her. She tripped falling backwards onto the bed.
There Pintel and Ragetti unlaced her dress tearing it from her body along
with all the under garments underneath it. Elizabeth looked in horror her
nude body inching back on the bed as Barbossa took his time undressing.

"Draw the curtains," he demanded of the two pirates as he took Elizabeth's
face in his hand. "A good captain shares his spoils with his crew, but I
shall keep you as mine once we are finished with you. I shall have you first

Elizabeth squirmed in bed as Barbossa licked the side of her face leaving a
thick trail of saliva in it's wake. His lips pressed against hers though she
didn't return the kiss. When their lips parted Elizabeth angrily spit in his

"How dare you touch me!" She shouted trying to act angry.

"Perhaps this better suits you."

"No!" Elizabeth moaned as Barbossa's index and middle fingers pushed into
her folds. "Stop it!"

"Help Miss Turner keep quiet," Barbossa growled as he yanked Elizabeth into
the middle of the bed and onto her back.

Pintel and Ragetti both fell to the ship's floor wrestling their clothes
off. Then as they climbed on the bed they started pushing and shoving to see
who would get Elizabeth first. Barbossa reinserted his fingers into Elizabeth
as Pintel won out over Ragetti. Pintel tried pushing his dick into
Elizabeth's mouth, but she kept it shut tight refusing to let anything in.

"Interesting," Barbossa sneered at Elizabeth as his fingers hit a fleshy
membrane inside her pussy. He pushed hard against it and Elizabeth could
feel the pressure on it intensifying. As she screamed out when Barbossa's
fingers took her virginity Pintel thrust his shaft between her lips.

"Ms. Turner we're only going to need you alive not safe and well. It be best
if you stop fighting," Barbossa warned.

Elizabeth couldn't help but cringe as Pintel thrust himself between her
lips. She had never been with a man before let alone one so vile. The
pirates felt very cold to her touch. She gasped loudly humming on Pintel's
cock as Barbossa's manhood filled into her opening. Elizabeth felt a hand
grab hers and wrap it around another prick. Ragetti wanted a piece of the
luscious Elizabeth Turner. Convulsed and disgusted by her actions already
Elizabeth felt even lower as she started to stroke Ragetti's manhood back
and forth.

Barbossa gripped Elizabeth's hips tightly thrusting into her with long hard
strokes, while Pintel continued to have his rod sucked off by her. Ragetti
had to make do with just a handjob. As she continued to whore herself out to
the pirates Elizabeth felt something cold and sticky enter her womb.

"No!" She cried out in her head as Barbossa came inside her unaware that he
was and continuing at the pace he was at.

It wasn't until a few moments later when Elizabeth pulled her face away from
Pintel's cock and started to spit his cum out that Barbossa thought of
himself. He pulled his manhood from Elizabeth's pussy and saw that both it
and she were wet and sticky.

"So you see Miss Turner we experience things the same as everybody else we
just get no pleasure from it. We can keep at it and make your life

"Stop it! Please stop it! I beg you!" Barbossa ignored Elizabeth's pleas and
turned her onto her stomach. "No!"

Elizabeth's eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head as Barbossa's dick
slowly invaded her ass severely enlarging her sphincter. Tears began to roll
from her eyes as the pirate's shaft tore and pushed deeper and deeper into
her backside.

"You should've acquiesced to the captain's request," Pintel laughed as a
clear sign of discomfort covered Elizabeth's face and she moaned from the

Ragetti climbed onto the bed in front of Elizabeth and grabbed a handful of
her hair pulling her face up from the bed. She momentarily fought as Ragetti
tried to stuff his cock into her mouth, but a quick slap to the face from
him convinced her otherwise. Elizabeth began to cry heavily in pain and
humiliation as Barbossa'a thick cock pushed in and out of her asshole with
quick hard thrusts while she bobbed her head back and over sliding her lips
over Ragetti's member.

Elizabeth felt a second cold shower of semen leap from Barbossa's manhood as
he came a second time, but continued fucking her again oblivious to the
fact. It wasn't until he pulled out and saw blood coming from Ms. Turner's
ass that he saw that he had come. Barbossa climbed off the bed and dressed
himself while Pintel and Ragetti continue to play with Elizabeth.

"Finish with Ms. Turner then bring the crew to her," Barbossa ordered
leaving her quarters.

"Please stop!" Elizabeth said trying to reason with the two remaining
pirates in a last ditch effort.

"Ragetti awaits," Pintel said pushing Elizabeth towards a waiting Ragetti
who was lying on the bed.

With much dread and disgust she climbed on top of Ragetti slowly lowering
herself onto his cock. When she was sitting on his member Elizabeth suddenly
felt a harsh force on her back push her forward. As she lay on top of
Ragetti she gasped as she felt Pintel take his cue from Barbossa and slide
his cock into her tender bleeding ass. Elizabeth cried wishing for her Will
to be here and rescue her, but that wasn't going to happen. Instead she had
two pirates, two undead pirates, thrusting and pushing their dicks deep into
her private areas. Elizabeth had already had the seed of Barbossa planted in
her twice and once from Pintel.

Pintel and Ragetti fucked Elizabeth long and hard obvious to her that they
took more mental pleasure in her suffering, than anything else as what
Barbossa said fit the situation. Elizabeth was a bit relieved when she felt
Pintel start to come in her ass followed a few minutes later by Ragetti
coming. Unaware their non-pleasurable orgasm had come and gone the two
pirates continued riding Elizabeth's lower orifices before she finally cried

"Stop it! Please! I've already felt your seed fill me!" Being the one on top
Pintel stopped first and pulled out.

"It seems poppet is right," he said. Pintel climbed off the bed and dressed
while Elizabeth rolled off Ragetti and laid in the bed crying to herself.

Seeing her thick dark hair Ragetti had an idea. He grabbed a handful of it
and used it to clean the sticky ooze from it. Elizabeth shuddered as Ragetti
used her hair to clean himself. When he was finished with that he dressed as
well and left the room with Pintel. Elizabeth laid in bed humiliated and
disgusted crying openly. She had been violated by three pirates and was no
longer pure to give herself to Will if circumstances ever permitted. Then
suddenly there was a knock at the door that got her attention.

"No! No!" Elizabeth murmured as members of the Black Pearl's crew filed into
the room.

Her eyes bulged as the first to step up was the large black pirate, Lucas,
who had slapped her when she first boarded the ship. As his clothes fell to
the Elizabeth's jaw dropped as her eyes looked upon his ten-inch penis.
There was a momentarily stillness as everyone stood watching Elizabeth. She
sat up on the edge of the bed and slowly began to stroke Lucas' cock. She
became scared as it throbbed and grew larger in her hands.

Elizabeth literally had to open her mouth as wide as she could as she began
to lick at the head of the dick and slowly worked it into her mouth. She
tried to use her hands to hold onto the base of it as she took it in her
mouth, but her hands were quickly grabbed away for other things. Seconds
later Ms. Turner felt a dick slide into each of her hands and she began to
jerk them off given no other choice. She could hear the other pirates
talking and murmuring as she worked over the three dicks. As she continued
to suck Lucas off Elizabeth quickly found herself in very uncomfortable

She was pulled off the bed and the black pirate with dreads she had seen
earlier, Will the Crusher, was on the bed lying on his back with his head
to the foot of the bed. Elizabeth was thrown back onto the bed and knew
what the crew wanted. She climbed onto Will taking his long hard cock into
her folds. She cried out as the nine-inch penis was forced inside her.
Elizabeth let out a blood-curdling scream as Lucas penetrated her ass and
bottomed out in one quick motion with absolutely no gentleness. Blood
started to flow a bit easier from her still relatively untested ass, which
wasn't to say her pussy was any more used to the workout it was getting.

As Will and Lucas started to ride their pricks in and out of her openings a
third pirate, Sven, pushed his dick into her mouth. While her three holes
were stuffed Elizabeth had two hands that were empty, but didn't remain that
way for long. Her mind started to wonder, to regret refusing Barbossa's
dinner request, as her body was worked over. Elizabeth's asshole screamed in
agony as Lucas continued to ride with long hard strokes. The sight of her
blood trickling from that hole only seemed to urge him on.

Will the Crusher continued sliding his prick in and out of Ms. Turner's pussy
grabbing her breasts and pinching them hard. He thrust harder as Elizabeth's
moaned circulated throughout the room. Sven grabbed Elizabeth by the hair
forced his dick down her throat and held her face in place, listening to her
scream, humming on his dick, as she lost oxygen and her face turned blue. He
quickly pulled out to let her catch her breath and then pushed his dick back
into her mouth. Elizabeth's body went into autopilot as she was sexually
violated by the five different pirates.

She felt one of the cocks she was jerking off throb and cum though it never
softened up and the pirate made no move like he was finished. Somehow Sven
knew that he was near orgasm though he couldn't feel it and pulled from Ms.
Turner's mouth. He laughed as did the others as his cold sticky cum
splattered her face. The remaining pirate she was jerking off moved to her
mouth and two more placed their cocks in her hands.

Elizabeth's mind and body went numb and surrendered itself to the situation.
She felt as Lucas finally came in her ass, but didn't pull out. She was too
out of it now to try and say anything to him. He just continued to penetrate
her backside as it bled. Will The Crusher did much the same as Lucas,
continuing to slid his prick in and out of her pussy even as he unknowingly

Over the course of the next several hours Elizabeth serviced the entire crew
as the Black Pearl sat idly by at sea. She was never at a loss for cock and
most everybody came twice. She could feel her belly start to turn and became
sick as the sheer volume of cum she swallowed got to her. Elizabeth's face
didn't fare much better becoming the target of the pirates cum drenching her
hair and face in white.

Eventually Ms. Turner found herself alone on the bed pirate cum spilling from
her ass and pussy pooling on the bed beneath her. Her face wore the crusty
mask of dried pirate semen moistened only by the tears she shed. She started
to cry as she heard the door open again.

"You'll be dining with the captain," Pintel said, "He requests that you join
him for breakfast. What do ye say?"


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