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Phil Of The Future: Keely Keeps the Secret (Mf,bmail,oral,first)
by Dest

Vice-Principal Hackett was happier then he had been in a long long time.
Even he was starting to think he was insane. But he finally had proof that
the Diffy's were in fact aliens. He had confiscated some sort of electronic
device from Phil Diffy's locker. Technically it was not legal but at the
same time the only electronic devices allowed on campus were cell phones.
He had quickly found that there was nothing else like it on Earth. It was
made out of something he had never seen before. It seemed like a mixture of
plastic, metal, and water. There was no way it could come from Earth. Once
he showed the authorities this everyone would know the truth about the

Keely Teslow was enjoying her school day so far. When you are as beautiful
as her people tend to treat you better then everyone else. She had gotten
another A on a test she had not filled in a single answer. Just a few sly
winks during class and she was golden. She was wearing a frilly pink skirt
that ended an inch above the knee. Technically the school dress code banned
skirts that short but everyone, man or woman, loved looking at her tanned
toned legs so no one was going to stop her. She was also wearing a violet
t-shirt with a green shirt over it. She had just gotten a perm yesterday
and she looked incredible. She went over to her best friend Phil Diffy's
locker to talk to him. She was the only one outside the Diffy family to
know their secret. They were all from the future. She knew she had a
responsibility to prevent anyone else from finding out this secret. If
someone found out Phil and his family would have to move away and Keely
would probably never see Phil again. That would be devastating to Keely
since she secretly loved Phil. Phil in turn loved her but neither could
work up the courage to tell the other.

As soon as Keely got to Phil's locker she knew something was wrong. Her usual
cheery friend was frantically emptying out his locker and cursing.
"Kricken, norffin myer" (Roughly translated into present speak that means
"Fuck I am screwed")

"Phil, what's wrong?"

"I can't find my Wizard. It was here in my locker and now I can't find it."

"I thought you kept that with you at all times."

"Yeah well some guys have been going real jerks in gym lately and I thought
they might try to rob me or something. I didn't want to risk them finding

"Ironic, leave it in your locker to keep it safe and you lose it."

"I didn't lose it. I am just having some slight trouble finding it."

"Oh I'm sorry. In present speak that means you lost it."

Seeing that Phil wasn't in the mood to talk to her Keely headed to her
meeting with Hackett. Her show Keely's Corner was out of money and she had
to ask him to increase the budget. She figured a few leg crossings and some
subtle flirting and she would have him eating out of the palm of her hand.
She walked right into Hackett's office without knocking and caught him
playing with the weird device he confiscated from Phil. Keely recognized it
right away as the Wizard. "Vice-Principal Hackett, where did you find

"Didn't anyone tell you it is impolite to barge in without knocking?"

"Sorry sir, but where did you get that."

Hackett had to lie about snooping in Phil Diffy's locker. "I was running a
routine locker search and found this in Mr. Diffy's locker. Looks like I was
right about his family after all."

"I didn't know that we had locker searches."

"It's a new program. Mr. Diffy's locker was the first one searched, and I
hit the jackpot. The Diffy's are going away for a long time. "

Keely knew she had to take the Wizard away from Hackett. She decided to try
flirting to get it from him. It had always for her in the past. "Sir, can I
please give that back to Phil. I will miss him if he has to leave. You don't
want to make me sad, do you Vice-Principal Hackett" Keely said in her best
schoolgirl voice. Keely thought it had worked because Hackett seemed to be
thinking it over.

In reality he was thinking maybe instead of using this device to make him
famous, he could finally have sex with this hot young girl. He was not the
best looking dude and his people skills were pretty horrible so he did not
get a lot of dates. The ones he did get usually left him before he could
close the deal. He had only had sex with one woman. They had done it a few
times but he was pretty inexperienced and that was a long time ago so he
was feeling pretty horny. And looking at this 15 year-old girl in her short
skirt and her perky breasts was not helping. He decided that if she fucked
him he would give up the device. "Well Miss Teslow, I don't think I can just
give you this device. It would make me famous. Hackett would become a
household name. I would be rich. I would be the man that discovered that
intelligent life is not only out there, but right here on Earth."

This brought Keely's hopes down. But at least he didn't know they were from
the future. That was a plus. "Oh please Vice-Principal Hackett. I would do
anything to make sure Phil and his family remain safe."

That brought a smile to Hackett's face. "Anything huh? Well I can think of
a way that the Diffy's secret remains a secret."

"Really? That would be awesome. You are the best Vice-Principal in the whole

"Hold on. I said there is a way that can happen. First you have to do
something for me."

"Oh. Well okay. What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me!"

Keely almost fainted with shock. That was the last thing she expected him to
say. "Excuse me, I must have misunderstood."

"I doubt it. You know how gorgeous you look in that miniskirt. It has been
too long since I had sex and you said you would do anything for them. SO

Keely had to think about it. She was a virgin. In a way she was saving
herself for Phil. She of course had plenty of offers to have sex but she
always turned them down without bothering to think about it. Now she might
have to lose her virginity to save her best friend. "Could I just blow you
off or something?"

"Oh you will blow me off, but I will also need to fuck that tight twat you
got there. I am tired of the way you flaunt that body off all the time. You
are such a tease and it is about time for someone to show you how it makes
us feel. HORNY!"

Eventually Keely decided she had to do it. "Okay, but this is a one-time

"Okay, but we are going to fuck until I can't get it up anymore."

"Deal." She figured a guy that looks like this, probably only has about a
4-inch dick. Also he would probably bust a nut just from the sight of her
naked and she doubted he would be up for another round. She might be able
to keep her virginity after all.

"Take off your clothes!"

Keely didn't even bother acting sexy when she stripped. But with how
beautiful she was it still was the sexiest thing Hackett had ever seen.
Keely took off both the violet shirt and the green shirt at the same time,
exposing a lacy black bra. Keely then lowered her skirt down her long smooth
legs and steeped out of them while at the same time taking off her shoes.
Hackett took some time looking at the site before him. Gorgeous blond, black
bra and panties, ready to have sex with him. This was the moment he knew God
existed and that he loved bald guys. Keely was pretty pissed now. She had
started wearing sexy underwear all the time because she thought there was a
chance that her and Phil would have sex any day now. And now her
Vice-Principal was the first one to see her in them. Although she had to
admit the look on his face made her feel real good about her body.

Eventually Hackett got tired of seeing her in her underwear and motioned for
her to continue. With some hesitation Keely unsnapped her bra and let it
slowly fall away from her chest. All the thoughts running through Hackett's
brain stopped. Someone could have walked in and stabbed him and he wouldn't
have noticed. Her breasts were exquisite. Not too big, not even close to too
small. Nipples that were already erect from the taboo nature of Keely about
to sleep with her teacher. Hackett knew that there was no way this was going
to be a one time thing. No matter what he would find more dirt on the Diffy's
and keep convincing Keely to force him to forget about their secret. Keely
then put both thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and pulled them down
her legs. Hackett watched with awe as they seemed to be moving in slow
motion. He couldn't wait to get his hands on those perfect specimen she calls
legs. Then Hackett's eyes went back up to her pubic area and what he saw made
his entire body jump. Keely had shaved her hair into an arrow pointing at her
pussy. It was the sexiest thing Hackett had ever seen.

Keely was a littly anxious standing in the Vice-Principals office nude. But
at the same time she was getting a little horny because of the way Hackett
was looking at her. Finally Hackett was snapped back to reality. Keely you
should probably lock the door. Maybe some other people are as rude as you
and won't bother to knock before entering. Keely rushed to the door. There
was no way she was going to be more embarrassd then she already was.

Hackett finally got a view of her unclothed ass. It was so round and bouncy
and tight. Her front was nice but her ass was definitely her best feature.
Hackett decided it was time to get rid of his confining clothes. He
unbuttoned his shirt slowly and had to fight the urge to just rip it from
his body to get straight to fucking this gorgeous piece of ass. Then he took
off his undershirt and revealed his near hairless chest. Keely was starting
to feel sick to her stomach at the thought of losing her virginity to this
loser. Hackett then unzipped his pants and took both his pants and his boxers
off at the same time. What he revealed made Keely reconsider her thoughts
about the man.

Standing erectly between his legs was a healthy 10 inch cock. Keely had once
walked in on Phil masturbating and seen his dick was a measly 3 inches. She
knew that she would make do with it since she loved him but she had always
pictured sex with a man with a big raging cock. Something like this in fact.
The sight of his dick made Keely's nipples even more erect and her pussy to
get a little wet. "Come over here and suck me off. You are going to need some
lube if I am going to fit this into you." Without any hesitation Keely almost
ran over to Hackett and got on her knees.

At first she just looked at it and though how good it must taste. After a
little while she grabbed it with her right hand. It was so big she could
barely get her hand all the way around it, and it was so warm. Keely had to
taste it so she tenderly licked Hackett's pisshole. "Oh that's it, keep going
you naughty slut!" This just spurred her on. Keely lowered her head and took
the first inch into her throat. She used her tongue to massage the head.
Keely couldn't believe the flavor. It was unlike anything she had ever
tasted. This was the first dick Keely had ever tasted and she knew right then
it would not be the last. She needed to experience this tast again. Keely
started bobbing her head and while stroking the part not in her mouth. At the
same time she started fingering herself. Hackett was moaning pretty loudly as
it had been way too long since he had bust a nut. He knew he could not hold
out much longer.

After a few minutes Keely had only gotten in about 6 inches. Hackett was
loving it but he wanted the rest of his dick to get the same treatment.
Finally he just shoved her head down hard onto his dick and he was finally
all the way inside her. Keely fought the urge to gag and all of a sudden she
felt warm sticky stuff start filling her throat. She knew Hackett was cumming
and with her mouth wrapped around his dick she was forced to swallow all of
it. Not that she minded since she loved the taste. She was actually
disappointed that now she wouldn't get to feel his mammoth cock inside her.
Hackett took his dick out of her mouth and let one final spurt drip onto
her face. There was no describing the way she looked with her hair messed up
and cum on her face. The word exquisite does not do her justice but it is the
closest way.

After Keely had caught her breath she wiped up the cum with her finger and
swallowed it. "Oh God I love that taste!"

"Well I will have to give you more then, won't I?"

"But aren't you spent? You just came? With a girl as gorgeous as you I can
go for a long time."

Keely couldn't help feeling touched by his words and she was ready for him
to rid her or her virginity.

Hackett stood up and picked Keely up and put her on his desk. He then mounted
her and asked if she was ready.

"Yes, be gentle, it's my first time."

This blew Hackett away. With the blowjob she gave him he figured she had to
be some kind of slut. The idea of taking the beautiful teen's virginity
inspired him and he moved his dick until it was rubbing against her pussy.
He rubbed it with her juices and then looked up at her face. She nodded at
him and he forced his dick into her tight walls. Keely couldn't believe the
pain. His dick was much bigger then her fingers, which until now was the
only thing she had ever had inside of her. Hackett waited for her to adjust
to his size and when she started rocking her hips he knew she was ready. He
started pumping his dick in and stopped when he reached her hymen.

"Please just do it fast."

With one hard thrust he was through. Again he waited until Keely was ready
for more and when she asked him to continue he withdrew and plunged in. He
only had 5 inches in but those 5 inches was the best thing that had ever
happened to him. Keely was also forgetting the pain and starting to enjoy

"Fuck me! Give me your cock!"

Hackett had no choice but to comply. He started thrusting in and not long
after he was buried to the hilt inside the young girl. Keely wrapped her
long legs around him and pulled him into her. Hackett started thrusting into
the petite young girl.


Hackett speeded up his thrusts and was soon going so fast that he thought
he would push her off his desk. Then with one hand he started massaging her
nipples and the other hand he teased her clit. Within seconds Keely was
screaming the loudest she had ever screamed as she experienced the best
orgasm of her young life.


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