Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or the show they appeared
on; otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting with a bank balance in the negative
hundreds. This is a work of fiction, derived from the mind of a man with
too much free time and no sex. The acts depicted therein are fictional; any
similarities to events or persons living or dead are coincidental, but
considering what I am writing, they would be awesome as well. I mean complete
respect to the characters or the people that portray them; in fact, this is
sort of a show of admiration.

Feedback: Since this is my first story, and I probably could put KMB to shame
as far as needing validation and feedback, don't leave me hanging.

This story happens after the events in the `Halloween' episode, and act as
an alternate ending. A quick summary: Debbie foils Pim's plans by getting
everyone at school to help her make cupcakes. When she confronts Debbie, she
is surprised to find that Debbie is not human. Enlisting the help of Phil
and Keely, they discover that Debbie is actually a Sugar & Spice 3000, a
model of cyborg that was decommissioned and sent back in time to the early
21st century, and now bent on keeping the future a secret. They come up with
a plan to stop Debbie by nibbling on her cupcakes, causing her to overheat.
When she does, she melts into a puddle of black substance, which Pim
subsequently tastes. She remarks that it is surprisingly sweet, and her eyes
begin to glow as Debbie's did earlier.

Characters: Pim Diffy (Amy Bruckner) and Debbie Berwick (Kay Panabaker)

Story Codes: ff, first, food, fant, viol, nc/cons, oral, anal

Phil Of The Future: Perfection Is A Bitch
by Vermillion

"Ugh." Pim doubled over in pain and grabbed her stomach. "Of course. I
couldn't stomach her before. Why would I now?"

Phil came up next to her and helped her up. "I don't know why you felt like
you had to taste that stuff." He grimaced at the black goop as he pulled his
sister away. "I think we better get out of here. I don't want to be around
when questions are asked."

Keely Teslow, Phil's ridiculously platonic friend, rushed over to help him.
"But what happens when somebody realizes that Debbie is gone?" she remarked.
"I don't think `She was an evil cyborg from the future who melted into a
puddle of gunk after we nibbled her cupcakes' is going to fly."

"We can come up with something later. Right now, we need to get home." Phil
looked at his sister "You okay? You are looking pretty bad, even for you."

"Shut!" Pim managed to eek out before heaving all over
Phil's shoes. "At least my aim is still good."

Phil was nonplussed. "Okay, this day is over."

As the trio made their way out of the school, chunks of inky goop began to
form in the mess that they left, pooling together and reforming with the
large pool that once Debbie Berwick. The substance began to shape itself,
as a perfectly manicured hand rose out, grasping for life.

Later that night, Pim got ready for bed. She had finally felt better after
getting home. *Puking on Phil was more therapeutic than I realized* she
pondered. *If Debbie wasn't goop, I would so make her pay for this. Oh, well.
Now I can plot my takeover of these pathetic losers without her meddling*.

As she drifted off to sleep, she suddenly heard a rustling sound. She looked
around her room, but nothing was out of place. She closed her eyes again and
turned over. "Hello Pim Diffy!" A voice broke the darkness, startling the
younger Diffy from her rest.

"Whozat? Who's there?" She tried to jump up, but Debbie grabbed her by the
shoulders and violently thrown back onto the bed.

"Oh, Pim. You need to get your rest. We have ever so much to do..."

Pim looked up and saw the face of...Debbie Berwick?!!!

"Bu... but...but you're supposed to be dead! A mess on the floor at school!"
she tried to scream, but a hand flashed over her mouth.

"Pim, I forgive you for making such a mess of my cupcake plans. At first, I
was...upset, seeing how I only wanted to help people. However, I realized
that I couldn't hold it against you. All you need is a little...personal
attention, and you will be just as nice as me!" Pim struggled, but the cyborg
inhuman strength kept her from escaping. "Unfortunately, we can't do it here,
and I can't trust you quite yet. So I am going to have to ensure you don't
try to get away..."

With that, a pink mist began to emanate from her mouth. Pim, desperate to
breathe, took in the mist, causing her to slip away into unconsciousness.

As she groggily opened her eyes, Pim glanced around, realizing she was back
at school, in a room very familiar to her: detention. She found herself bound
to a chair in the middle of the floor, which had been cleared out except for
the teacher's desk. On the blackboard, in mechanical cursive handwriting,
were the words proclaiming "Sugar and Spice Finishing School." Pim's heart
began to fill with dread. She had no idea how she got here or why, and she
couldn't move. She began to scream with all her might, but to no avail.
Suddenly, she felt the sharp sting of the back of a hand swatting her face.
Swat! Her cheek stinging, she stopped her noisemaking, and looked up at her

Debbie stood there, unscathed, smiling her peppy little smile as though
nothing was wrong. "Now that you have come to, sleepy pants, we can begin."

Pim wrestled against her bonds. "Begin what, you crazy bit."


"Ah, ah! Language, young lady. Such a dirty mouth." Debbie began to chuckle.
"Now, let us get one thing straight. If you try to run, or fight, or do
anything except what I tell you, I will rip you in half. You know I can do it
too, don't you?" she menaced, smiling sweetly. Pim nodded. "Good. Now I am
going to untie you. Behave yourself, and this will be over before you know

Released from the chair, Pim considered running, but knew that Debbie could
take her before she reached the door. She figured that if she could get
through whatever tea-party teaching this psycho robot wanted to do, she would
be okay. And, boy was she ever going to get that hunk of junk back for this!
Nevertheless, all of Pim's gusto, and of her bravado and bluff, melted away
when she heard Debbie's next words.

"Strip. Naked. Now."

"Wha..?" She never finished her though as Debbie quickly punched her in the
gut. She took in huge gulps of air, trying to keep from collapsing.

"Strip. Naked. Now."

A tear began to trickle down her cheek as she straightened up and took off
her pajamas. She felt the cold gaze of her captor analyzing her from head to
toe as she continues to remove her clothing. Now clad in only a nightshirt
and panties, she removed her top. Her breasts were finely developed, two
well-proportioned globes, her nipple perking up to the cold air in the room.
Her body, while carrying some girth, only had a slight paunch.

"Excellent. Now that we know you can follow instructions, we can continue."
Debbie turned around, a pan of freshly baked cupcakes in her hands. "Since
you love being a naughty nibbler, I made these just for you to nibble on."
She picked up one of the cupcakes and shoved it into Pim's mouth, smearing
it all over her face. "Naughty nibbler! I know you like it." Pim began to
choke on the frosting and cake, struggling to breathe. "Oh dear. Don't tell
me you are full. Don't worry. We are about to work all that food off in a

*Now I have to make a move.* Pim took a glance at Debbie and made a mad
dash for the door. Her head jerked back violently as Debbie reached out and
grabbed her hair.

"Ohhh no you don't!" She threw her back towards the middle of the room,
knocking over the chair in the process. Debbie ran over to her, cradling her
in her arms. "I am so sorry, Pim. I shouldn't have gotten so aggressive.
However, when I think about all the things that I want to do with you, I get
all excited. And excitement can lead to anger, especially when I don't get
my satisfaction."

"I have a confession to make." She began to drag Pim across the floor,
sitting her back into the chair. "I am not a regular Sugar & Spice 3000. I
was built with a more... salacious purpose." As she spoke, Debbie began to
run her hands along Pim's body, caressing her bruised areas and lightly
tweaking her nipples. "I am a Jailbait variant model, designed for the
sexual arousal and gratification of those with peculiar tastes. My previous
owner was a woman who had predilections for young girls." Debbie suddenly
kissed Pim hard, her tongue probing her mouth. Pim could not believe what
was happening. She fought and struggled, trying to get the crazed cyborg
off her, but the more she resisted, the harder she kissed.

Debbie stopped kissing her and more further down, suckling Pim's breasts as
her hand forced her legs open and began to explore her nether regions. As she
continued to molest her, Debbie began to chuckle. "Am I scaring you?" She
salivated all over Pim's fuzz-covered mound, savoring the aroma and flavor as
she began to lick her out. Pim could not help it. Her body shivered with
stimulation, her mind trying to make sense of it all.

Almost as soon as she started her cunnilingus, Debbie stopped. "Now for my
special surprise." Debbie stood up and began to undress. As she shed the last
of her duds, she rubbed her hands all over. "This won't do," she remarked,
fingering her slit. "This is your night. You deserve all the pleasure for
now." She forced her fingers inside, moaning all the while.

When she finally pulled her hand out, a long stringy glob of black substance
followed it. She took the glob and shaped it into an elongated shape. When
she finished, Debbie had what appeared to be an enormous black penis. The
shaft pulsated with artificial veins, tipped off with a large bulbous head.
"All the things I am doing to you, she did to me. She had me built with all
these little toys and extra equipment to use on her. This little gadget was
her favorite. I didn't think you could handle all of it for your first time,
so it is on its lowest setting."

She lifted Pim's legs, hung them over the chair's armrests, and began to
enter her. Pim moaned loudly, her body filling up with Debbie's raging
hardness. She feared it was too big, that it would hurt her. She began to
struggle again, desperately pushing her off as hard as she could. "If you
wanted it rough, you should have told me."

Debbie then grabbed Pim's flailing arms and bent them back behind her head.
She took her other hand and braced herself on the backrest, using the
advantage to push forward, horrendously tearing though Pim's virginity and
burying the phallus deeper still. Pim screamed in pain and agony, her
innocence destroyed.

"Every inch of my body was her playground. It was magnificent." Debbie
continued to pump inside and out, blood mixed with cum squirting out of Pim's

"Don't...please...stop ...can't take...anymore."

Her pleas ignored, all Pim could do was sit back and take the invasion as
best she could. Her once virgin pussy still locked onto the huge member with
a vice-like grip, allowing no room for give or relief. Inhuman strength and
stamina mixed with stroking of mechanical precision caused the chair to
buckle, finally shattering into pieces. "Well, look at that. I guess that
chair couldn't take it. Luckily for us, Pim, you are made of much sturdier

"Now, where was I? Oh, yes. My mistress. She did everything to me, and I
loved it. However, even better were the times when she wanted me to dominate
her. Oh, Pim, the things I did to her. She begged me, Pim. Repeatedly. Hours
upon hours of Sapphic pleasure. Just like us now, Pim."

Debbie withdrew from Pim's cunt with a slow, sickening plop, the vacuum seal
finally broken. Pim enjoyed every second of relief until Debbie threw her
limp form over onto her stomach, her ass in the air. Squatting down behind
her, she casually began to push herself inside Pim's untouched derriere.
Riding her like an animal, Debbie pistoned away, Pim squealing in a mixture
of pain and ecstasy.

"Just." Another rough thrust. "Like." Another savage shove. "Us." With that
last word, she drove the phallus as deep as she could, the force of it
driving Pim's face into the floor.

"When they confiscated us and sent us back, I didn't know what to do. She
gave me this addiction, this need for it. I knew I could not risk anyone
discovering what I was. However, I had to have it. First, it was
masturbation, but it was not enough. I started using my cover family to hire
prostitutes, using them as quick fixes. Oh how they screamed. Nevertheless,
that wore off. It just did not give me the same thrill, the lure of the
forbidden. Therefore, I started using my whole `sweetness and joy' shtick to
get in good with families, and then proceed to ravage any female in the
household. So many mothers, daughters, sister, aunts, and nieces fell onto
my cock. I am sure some of them are still fucking each others' brains out."

"But all that changed when I met you. I knew you were the one for me. You
were just like my old master. You have the The...
ungh...same don't-give-a-crap attitude. I loved you the minute I saw you.
Don't you see why I bothered to stay around you, no matter what you did to
me? I needed to have you. I needed to take your innocence."

" you..." She howled as the fake cock viciously
penetrated Pim's ever-widening asshole. The pain of the violating member
oscillated throughout her body as Debbie continued. "But enough about me.
How do you like it?" Pim' screamed as Debbie began to increase her pace. "I
know. Isn't it lovely?"

After what seemed like hours, Pim began to feel Debbie slowing down. *It is
almost over* she hoped.

"Now it is time to finish this." Debbie slowly pulled herself out of her
meaty fucktoy, leaving her to collapse in a mixture of tears, sweat and
cupcakes. Pim sobbed quietly, not enough strength in her body to lift her
head. She could only moan as Debbie grabbed her by her pigtails and sat
her up in the chair.

"My mistress loved it when we ended things like this. I am sure you will like
it too." Still holding her hair, she maneuvered her massive member in front
of Pim's face. Debbie shoved her hips forward, gagging Pim on the ebony cock.
Using her pigtails and handlebars, she slowly began to mouthfuck Pim, until
she reached what would be a climax if the soulless creature were real. With a
long, low moan, Debbie began squirt what appeared to be cupcake frosting into
Pim's mouth. Without the energy to swallow, the frosting foamed out of her
aching jaw, falling all over her chest and lap.

As she finished off, Debbie pulled out of Pim and whimsically shook off the
residue frosting into her hair. "Now, wasn't that fun? Nevertheless, our time
together is over. I really should get you home so you can rest up for school.
Come along now."

Once again, the pink mist emanated from Debbie, draining Pim of the last bit
of fight left in her, as she drifted off to sleep again.

As she began to recover from that second dose of knockout gas, Pim awoke to
find herself back in her room, the sun coming over the horizon. *That was
weird. The things I said. The things I DID. No way was that real*. As she
stood up to go to the bathroom, she suddenly felt sore all over. *My knees
are burning, my mouth hurts, and my ass is raw. Oh my God.* She ran to the
mirror. As she looked herself over, she noticed the welt on her cheek. *No.
It couldn't have happened. I must have fallen off the bed or something.*

Pim dismissed the thought and finished washing. As she went down to
breakfast, she almost ran into Phil.

"Watch it, you little psycho."

"Leave me alone, Phil."

Phil was confused. Why didn't she call him names, threaten him, or do any of
normal morning stuff? "You okay? You get enough sleep?"

"What do you mean by that? What do you know?" His sister, more than usual,
was obviously freaking out Phil.

"Nothing! I just was saying that you weren't feeling too good after that
thing with Debbie yesterday. Then there was all that noise coming from your
room. I just thought you were still having problems. Besides the ones you
already have."

Pim eyes widened in horror. *No, it couldn't be.*

"Anyway, hurry up. We got to get to school."

Later that day, Pim let out a sigh of relief. She had made it through most
of school without seeing Debbie Berwick. *She would be here if all that
stuff last night were real. It was all a dream. A sick dream. Maybe I should
stop hacking into those primitive pornography web sites.* Ring! Another class
done, Pim began to fill with hope. It looked like her nightmare was just
that. She went to her locker, grabbed her books for the next class and just
turned around.

"Hello, Pim Diffy!"

A shiver ran down her spine as those words cut through the din of the busy
hall. Pim slowly turned around and saw her. The same Mary Jane shoes. The
same pink skirt. The same sweater. The same cheerful smile.

"No sarcastic response? No oh-so-witty barbs? That must have been some night
last night. My instruction has really taken hold." Debbie came over and
hugged her tightly, smiling sweetly. "But we are not done yet, no no no. We
have a lot more work to do. We are going to be working together for a long
time." Pim couldn't hear anything else but the racing of her heart and the
saccharine yet threatening voice of her violator. "And now that I have you,
we can help others. Like that nice friend of your brother. Keely something,
right? She looks like she needs to be...instructed. If you thought is was
nice to be taught, just wait until you are the teacher." Pim stared in horror
as it dawned on her what Debbie was saying. "I will see you soon. Very soon."

As she walked away, Debbie gave one last, sweet little wave. The realization
of Debbie's intentions floored Pim. However, as she stood there, imagining
the acts that would take place, a smile crept along her face. *I'm the
teacher, huh?*


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