Phil Of The Future: Pim's Penetration (Mf,inc?,creampie,cons)
by Brabus

A normal Monday morning in the town of Pickford in the year 2005. The day
starts out with Phil Diffy carefully fixing his hair adding the right amount
of L.A. LOOKS gel. Wearing a red long sleeved shirt, white Hanes briefs
underwear, and black denim jeans along with low top black Converse All-star
shoes. "Yeah Phil. Keely's gonna love you today," he says to himself snapping
his fingers ending with a pointer finger pointing to himself in the mirror
simultaneously with a right eye wink. Just then pounding erupts from the
bathroom door.

"Phil! Would you stop jacking off in there and let me finish getting my own
self ready!" Phil's little sister Pim protests.

With Phil's upbeat spirit for the morning he opens the door leaving the
light and fan going as he walks out. "And just what would YOU know about
masturbation?" Phil replies as he walks out into the kitchen. "Ok dad! Ready
for you to drop us off at school!"

Lloyd Diffy drops his son and daughter off in the front of HG Wells Jr/Sr
High School.

"Bye Dad!" Phil says happily as he walks quickly up the front steps to the

"Goodbye father," Pim add as she makes her way herself to the front of the
school wearing her hair in pigtails coming out of the sides of her brown
haired covered head with a black rose clip atop each tail. A tight burgundy
short sleeved shirt showing her small yet slightly overweight belly as well
as bumps which are thirteen year old budding breasts. Below is a black knee
length skirt with black booty/boy shorts underwear as well as her own black
Converse All-star low top shoes which seem to me the fashion among teens in
the year 2005.

After first period Phil anxiously awaits his best friend Keely Teslow in the
hallway by his locker. Kelly comes up behind him throwing her arms around his
shoulders. "Hey Phil! How ya doin?" she asks.

As he turns around swiftly his eyes are amazed. Beautiful blonde and big
blue eyed Keely stood before him wearing her blonde hair down in curls. Even
though he preferred her hair down straight or up in a ponytail he knew he
should just enjoy how it was for he knew any little nitpick was a stab at her
fragile feelings. Wearing a green halter top which covered the front and back
had no sleeves and tied around the neck with just one string. Under that was
a strapless white 34B bra which made her breasts small yet perky through the
top going well with denim print knee length capris with a matching green
thong, size one, holding in her virgin vagina. "Wow, you look amazing, Keel!"

Just then as Phil acts as if he's going to sneeze he takes his Wizrd out of
his locker which is a small handheld device which is useful for a lot of
different things. A device only available in the year 2121. As Keely makes
a face and turns her head away to avoid the sneeze Phil pulls the trigger at
her and then throws the Wizrd into the locker.

"Oh guess it went away....well anyways look at you! You're the reason I come
to school Monday through Friday!" he teasingly says growing a minor erection
in his pants.

"Oh would you stop being so lovey sick dovey and just fuck already!!!" Pim
yells startling Phil and Keely as Pim's nostrils flare. Pim then stammers off
to her second period class so annoyed at the way Phil and Keely's massive
tension never led them anywhere.

"I...uh...she uh...sister uhh.."

"Yeah..." Keely answered back as they both go their separate ways to second

* * *

Later that afternoon after school Lloyd dropped Phil and Pim home from
school. The kids enter the house and go into their own separate rooms where
Phil has been wanting to sit in front of his computer and as he does so he
takes his Wizrd handheld out and zaps his Dell computer monitor making the
image of Keely show up from the picture he took earlier that morning in the
school hallway. "Ahhhh yeah Keely fff....fuck I want you," he says yanking
his black denim pants and underwear below his balls as he begins to tug on
his limp and stinky penis from being at school all day long.

* * *

As Pim gets a Coke from the refrigerator she too gets a chill over her body
making her a little horny as it's been a whole 24 hours since she herself has
masturbated. "I think it's time for me to stop this masturbation nonsense.
I'm a mature thirteen year old lady and I think it's time to lose my
virginity. But who will do?" she asks herself aloud thinking of who there
would be to send her to womanhood. "Well there is little D who would do
anything for me. Nah....he's probably called 'little D' for a reason. I need
someone big. Who could that be?" she wonders as she taps her chin holding her
glass of Coke.

"Me Curtis! Me want Chunga!!" sends Pim jumping having the glass spill sticky
Coca Cola on her fingers.

"Curtis Jesus Christ you scared..." Pim thinks for a moment about having
this ancient caveman pound her tiny snatch. "Nah!" she thinks to herself.
"He probably would hurt me more than pleasure me. And knowing the moron
he'd impregnate me with ignorant beast children."

As she sips her Coke and Curtis wonders off following a fly buzzing about and
Pim rolls her eyes as Lloyd walks in with his red apron on. "Ok honey. I'm
off to work. Your mom will be back from the grocery store later like the note
on the fridge says so hold down the fort little lady!"

Pim smiles as her idea is genius. She will fuck her own father! Knowing the
real thing wouldn't work she takes her own Wizard which was laying on the
kitchen counter and begins to aim it at her father as he walks towards the
front door.

"Oh Pim!" She quickly hides the gadget behind her back with her hand, Coke in
another. "Don't forget to tell your Mother I'm working until 9 tonight."

"Ok...Dad...great..bye now!" she says getting irritated.

As he again starts to walk out she brings her left hand around to point the
machine at her father's back. "Oh Pim!"

"DAD!!!! WHAT!!! WHAT DOOOO YOUUUUU WANNNT!!" she fires back, her face red
and her button nose sniffing and snorting like a bull.

"Oh are you mad because you have a lot of homework honey? Just wanted to tell
you have a nice afternoon and I'll see you for dinner," he smiles heading out
the front door.

At this moment she points the machine at him and fires.

* * *

"Uhhhhhh yeahhhhh Keely honey take that sperm all over your cute little
pointy nose," Phil says to himself as he finishes his jack off session as
he looks at his slide show picture show of Keely and her outfit from that
morning in the hallway. Phil's penis throbs as his sperm is over his hands,
shaft and in his pubic hair. "God this stuff stinks. I don't know how girls
can stand it in their mouths and faces. Oh well," he smiles finding the
nearest Kleenex box to clean himself up kissing the lips of Keely's picture
through his monitor. "OW!" he says getting shocked minorly as a result.

* * *

Pim races into her parents' room and closes and locks the door. She then
takes her skirt and underwear down as well as her red shirt, exposing her
budding pink nippled odd shaped breasts and a thin brown pubic haired
thirteen year old vagina. She holds her green Wizrd and points it in front
of her zapping it. Appears magically is a fully nude clone version of her
father Lloyd. Hair on his chest and an eight inch penis hanging down and a
little to the right.

As Lloyd looks around the room in bewilderment Pim explains, "Ok listen.
You're my daddy. I'm your little princess of a daughter Pim. You are here
to fuck me good for my first time and to take my precious virginity so I
can achieve my womanhood. Get it? Got it? Good," she says.

Immediately getting to her knees and holding Lloyd's dick with her right
hand shoving the half limp ligament into her mouth. She bobs her head up
and down innocently as her pigtails swing around before making a face and
standing up. "Why do girls suck dick? Those things stink!" she says
flopping on the bed.

Lloyd then follows and gets between her holding his growing penis and opening
Pim's outer pussy lips. Pim makes a face holding her bulging stomach as she
feels this as she begins to squirm around noticing this is a lot different
than her two fingers she's used to. "Uhhhh uhh ghhh!" the Lloyd clone gasps
pushing with more force, separating Pim's pussy lips and entering slowly yet

"God yeah, Daddy! Fuck me!" Pim says as Lloyd leans down to suck and kiss
Pim's budding breasts. He then holds her shoulders ramming his dick up and
inside of her breaking her sensitive hymen. A little blood begins to seep
out as Lloyd begins doing what he is told. "Uh yes. My princess daughter
Pim. Uhh yeah!" he moans as he pumps his daughters pussy in and out.

Feeling her warm thousand degree tight vagina as she moans and yells out
underneath him as her legs and knees are spread wide apart. Pim lays not
believing she's actually being fucked by her own father as she smilesmoaning feeling his dick penetrate her gentle pussy over and over faster
and harder. Pim's pussy no longer hurts from the hymen breaking and she
just lays and enjoys the feeling of her experienced father fuck her warm
tight pussy so fast and good, so much better than any boy or her fingers
would do. Lloyd pronounces he's going to squirt his sperm and Pim smiles
at the thought. The thought of pregnancy flashes in her mind but not so
much to dwell on it.

"Mmm yeah cum daddy squirt your warm sperm!" she says moaning and giggling.
Lloyd smiles holding Pim's waist as he begins to unload and burst his warm
sperm up and inside of Pim's once virgin pink tender vagina. "Ohhhhh holy
shit!!!" Pim yells throwing her feet in the air feeling the 'reverse pee'
sensation of fluid going inside of her.

Pim then bucks her hips a little bit as Lloyd gets the rest of his semen out
inside of her pussy and then pushes him off of her with his dick slipping
out. "Mmmm I am finally a woman!!!" Pim says happily zapping the Lloyd clone
with her Wizrd as he disappears.

As she stands up getting off the bed looking down at her fluid filled pussy
"God! Now I REALLY have to shower."

As she puts a towel around her from her parents bathroom she races to her
bathroom where she for the second time for the day pounds on her shared
bathroom with Phil. "Phil!! Would you STOP jacking off in there so much?!
This is strike two for the day!!" she says as he opens the door leaving the
fan and light on as he walks out.

"Already done that ok thanks." he smirks walking out.

Pim slams the door getting in the shower and immediately begins to wash her
pussy with the warm water, watching a little blood and sticky sperm go on the
shower floor and to the drain. The thought of pregnancy begins to set in as
seeing the blood reminds her that she had indeed started her period not too
long ago...

* * *

Barbara Diffy returns home from the grocery store and begins to bring bags in
setting them in the kitchen moving one of her kids' watered down Coke. She
then takes her box of Kleenex to her room and sees her daughters clothes on
the floor. She sets the Kleenex box under her bathroom sink and takes Pim's
clothes to the laundry room...

* * *

Later that night around midnight Lloyd and Barb Diffy are sitting up in bed
reading their own books. Barb then looks down by her knees noticing a few
spots. She leans down for a closer look investigating the spots. "Honey?" she
asks her husband. "Have you had a bloody nose recently?"
_ _ _

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