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Power Rangers - Timeforce: Spanking Stories Part 1 (M/F,spank,solo)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Wes hurried into the bathroom of the Clock Tower, he needed relief fast. He
shut the door and flipped the lock but it didn't latch. Wes sat on the floor
and pulled out his hard cock, Gen was so hot and was teasing him no end with
her tight plad skirt and pink T-shirt. It was all he could do to be out in
public with her and not gape at her swaying ass and small, yet well rounded
breasts. Wes began to jack off to thoughts of Gen.

Meanwhile outside the bathroom Gen was dealing with her boredom, after
sealing the latest mutant away in the Cryo prison, Trip had gone out with
Lucas who had promised to help Trip get a date, and Katie had gone to the
movies. Even Circuit was busy, he was in his weekly recharge cycle that
would take at least 12 hours. Wes was the only ranger not busy, except Gen
didn't even know were he was.

Gen decided to masturbate, she walked up to her bed and retrieved the dildo
she had bought when she had come back to this time, it was a hard plastic
one, much different from the technologically advanced dildo's of the future
but Gen found it just as simulating as a 30th Century normal dildo. Gen
tucked the dildo into her jacket and headed for the bathroom door, on her
way she was thinking about her favorite fantasy, being turned over a man's
knee and given a good spanking. Alex used to be the man in the story but
recently she had thought of Wes giving it to her. She was so busy fantasizing
that she failed to notice the quiet panting noises inside the bathroom.

Gen opened the door and Wes shot upwards as fast as he could, Gen felt her
breath catch in her throat as she saw his large cock dripping with pre-cum
as Wes jacked himself off. Wes heard the door slam open and leapt to his
feet, with his incredible reflexes he managed to pull his pants up in under
a second and to stand there as if he was doing nothing. Gen quickly pushed
down her arousal and adopted the commanding tone she used when she was in
charge of a battle.

"What are you doing?" she practically yelled at Wes.

"Well I, Uh..." Wes responded intelligently.

"You were masturbating weren't you?"

Wes nodded sheepishly, inwardly glad that she couldn't read minds like Trip
and didn't know that his fantasy was about her.

"We don't have time for things like this!" Gen shouted, "Brax and Ransik are
still out there and they could send mutants and robots at any time."

"It won't happen again Gen."


As Gen turned to leave the room the dildo suddenly slipped out of the small
pocket of her jacket and fell to the floor with a loud clanking noise.

Wes Looked at the dildo and suddenly became angry at Gen for yelling at him,

"Um, I, Uh..." now it was Gen's turn to look sheepish and embarrassed.

Wes was furious and began yelling at Gen. "What the fuck is your problem,
yelling at me for masturbating when you were planning to do the exact same

"Sorry Wes it was just a joke," pleaded Gen feeling scared and just a little

"Sorry, SORRY" yelled Wes. "You think your so cool ordering everyone around
when you are no better than they are, you should be punished you bitch."

At the word punishment Gen blushed and looked away, Wes thought he saw
something in her face so decided to press her on the point. "Someone should
give you a spanking," Wes yelled. "In fact I think I will"

Gen entire face was red now and she could feel her pussy begin dripping her
juices. "No! You can't do that, I won't let you!"

"You don't really have a choice," said Wes, "Not only could I force you over
my knee, but if you don't submit willingly I might just have to call Alex
and tell him about how you haven't been working. I'm sure your Timeforce
Superiors will love the tales of you masturbating on their time."

Gen realized he had her against the wall, and she would have to submit.
Besides she really wanted to be spanked by Wes.

"Now then," Wes said, "remove your jacket and lay yourself over my knees."

Gen quickly pulled off her coat and moved towards the hard backed wood chair
where Wes sat waiting. She unconsciously straightened her hair the same
way she did when Wes had first seen her wearing this outfit. Gen's outfit
consisted of a tight pink T-shirt that barely covered her small breasts.
Gen's breasts were very small yet strangely enticing even clothed. Gen's
skirt is very becoming as well, it was plad and looked like something out
of a schoolgirl fantasy, a leather jacket completes her ensemble.

Now wearing only a shirt and a skirt Gen laid herself across Wes's knees,
her hands and arms placed in front of her and leaning off the chair. She
could feel Wes's hard dick pressing into her stomach through her shirt.

Wes began to pull down Gen's skirt. "No!" Gen cried out "Not in the buff,

Wes looked at her strangely and finished pulling them down, he was now
looking at her creamy white bottom which was pantyless, the barest hint of
her pussy hair was visible between her legs. Wes could now see that she was
a true brunette.

"Not wearing panties, huh," Wes remarked, "I was going to give you a break
and spank you on your panties, but now you'll be spanked in the buff. Now I
want you to count as I spank you."

"Yes, sir" said Gen submissively.

Gen could feel Wes's hands rubbing over her ass slowly, then she felt his
hand lift and seconds later she felt the blow against her ass. She cried out
as her butt exploded into red hot embers. She didn't know but Wes had held
back in order to ease into her punishment. She was so busy crying out and
crying from the pain she forgot to count the stroke.

Gen tensed up preparing for the next blow, Wes then reminded her in a flip
voice that the first stroke didn't count because she wasn't counting. Gen
moaned in despair as she readied herself for the next blow, no matter how
much she prepared there was no way she couldn't react as his hand hit her
bottom again.

"ONE!" she shouted out in pain hopeing that this was to be over soon. Wes
hit her again, "TWO!"

Wes slapped Gen's ass again and again until it was red and blistered and all
throughout her punishment she had continued to count obediently, finally he
stopped when she announced, "TWENTY!"

Gen lay there across his lap sobbing, Her ass was on fire, and she could feel
her pussy tightening with pleasure.

"Now, don't ever threaten or yell at me again!" demanded Wes.

"Yes, Wes" responded Gen. Thoughts of her next punishment already entering
her head while she walked back to her room, still massaging her literally hot

To be Continued...


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