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Power Rangers Wild Force: Power Rangers Spanking Story Part 2 (FFF, BDSM, Spank, toys)
by MickieJamesLover ([email protected])

Taylor, Alyssa, Shayla

Taylor who still furiously fingering her wet tight pussy could hear moist noises coming from it. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second thinking of her fun time with Alyssa thinking what a sexy Asian slut she was. Taylor had finally cum with her yellow thong still down by her ankles. As soon as she was asleep it was morning and heard Alyssa cooking. Alyssa saw Taylor yawn and stretching and just waking up. Taylor walks over to Alyssa and asks her a few things.

"So miss cook. How did I do with spanking your sweet ass yesterday while the guys were out? Be honest with me as well."

"I think you did really well Taylor. In fact I think I saw Princess Shayla'a pussy dripping under her long white dress. So I think she wishes she was in the same spot I was last night Taylor. So could you do it again for us tonight Taylor please?'

"Ok since I had such fun with you yesterday I'll spank you again tonight after I get back. Now where is Princess Shayla I want to talk to her for a few minutes?"

"She's over by the fountain like always waiting for something to happen Taylor. And you can text me while your out to see if there's anything you want done before you get back tonight."

Taylor smacked Alyssa on her sexy ass and went to find Shayla right next to the fountain as promised. The young yellow ranger got excited when she saw Shayla and got behind and pinched her nipples hard Shayla moaned in pain and pleasure as she noticed Taylor right behind her.

"Hi Taylor how can I help you today?"

"Well Princess Shayla Alyssa told me while you were watching her get spanked last night she saw you dripping wet is this true Princess?"

"Well I guess if she saw it then I guess it is true then. But why does this concerned me Taylor?

"Well tonight Shayla when I get back I plan on making that sweet little Asian slut Alyssa mine tonight. And since she told me you were dripping wet I figured why the hell not make you mine as well. That is if you do one thing for me and that's beg. You see I kinda love it when sluts like you and Alyssa beg for my attention. So I will give you till tonight when I get back with somethings for my and Alyssa to use. Understand?"

"Yes oh god yes she was right I was dripping wet I couldn't help it at all. I saw your bare hand spanking her ass hard hearing it echo I couldn't help it. It was so hot seeing you spank her like a spoiled brat. Abusing her bare ass her enjoying it. I want to enjoy it to please use me like a slut when you get back Miss Taylor please I'll send the guys out and tell them we just need a girls night to ourselves.

She leaves then as night time starts to hit Mistress Taylor comes back and Shayla and Alyssa hug and welcome back Taylor as they notice a few bags in her hands. She tells them to stay put. She goes to her room and takes off her clothes and places on her mistress gear her sexy black lethal outfit. She signals for the women to come to her room.

"So my sluts what do you think of my new gear I bought just for us. Now I have other things I plan on using all of all of your holes. So we will be busy. So again tell me what you think of my outfit."

"We think you look very very sexy Mistress Taylor. I will tell the boys to leave in a few minutes so we can get started mistress we can't wait to see what else you bought for tonight."

Taylor then goes into her room as she watches to make sure they 69 each other. She then searches her bags and finds her black strap on she brought for this situation. She comes back out wearing her skirt and strap on. She looks at her two sluts and says, "Ok sluts so which one of you two want this big black strap on I brought for us. I will eventually fuck you both but I want the one who wants it the most."

Aylssa places her hand up first and says, "I want it first mistress." She then shows her that she's telling the truth by spreading her asshole first. Taylor doesn't even ask as she just shoves it right on in balls deep to the strap. Aylssa, who is now screaming in both pain and pleasure, is getting her pussy wetter and wetter by the second with each long stroke of the force of her strap on. Taylor can now see the Asian slut piss all over the strap on and her leg. But unknown to her it was actually her squirting not pissing all over the place. As Taylor finishes the last few strokes she also finishes cumming as well and kisses Aylssa on the lips for making her cum.

End of this chapter. Feedback can be sent to my screen name on the site.


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