Play Station 3: The New Games (mF+,orgy,celeb)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

A kid is waiting for his folks to go to bed, so he can put in his new game.
The new PlayStaion 3 House of Playboy. The kid hooks up the game and puts on
the new headset. The game begins with Hef welcoming him to the mansion. The
game goes on and he sees all sorts of stars, male and female all naked.
Jennifer Love Hewit is giving a guy a blowjob. She blows him a kiss. The
Coors twins are taking care of Snoop Dog while Kid Rock is rocking Pam along
with Tommy and some other guy.

He enters a room where Halle Berry, Jenifer Anstion, Camren Diaz and
Catherine Zeta Jones are playing cards. He has to play strip poker with the
ladies. If he loose he gets fucked, literally.

With his finger working the controls, he wins the first with the loser being
Ms. Diaz. She has to suck his cock while he plays. This makes it even harder
to play as her tongue tickles his balls. He loses. He soon is bent over a
stool and the ladies take turns fucking him, each with a bigger dildo. "Come
back again," they laugh as he walks away holdng his ass.

The kid puts the game away.

In the parents' bedroom they are fucking. She kisses her hsband, "Now he
doesn't have to watch us."


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