Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this at home, seek help.

Pacific Blue: Hypno TV (FF,mc)
by MAW

It was a cooler afternoon than usual in Southern California. Fewer people
were on the boardwalks than there usually were, no doubt due to the setting
sun. That was good news for Cory McNamara and Chris Kelly. The two were bike
cops, patrolling the beachfront. They were riding department issued ten
speeds that allowed for punishment and high speed jumps. Cory was a brunette
with a large chest and pensive features. Chris had her long blond hair tied
in a ponytail and wore sunglasses which did little to hide her beautiful
face. They both wore the same uniform: a black helmet, black shorts and
white shirts. "So, anything else left before we go home?" Chris said.

"A follow-up on that jewel theft the other day," Cory said.

"Lieutenant wants us to check up, get the list of what was stolen
from the owner for the records."

"Oh, geez, is that where I think it is?"

"Old Witch Wanda's."


Witch Wanda had a reputation as being eccentric, even by California
standards. She firmly believed in witchcraft as well as what she called "the
true path of the spirit." A sometime fortune teller, she believed that there
was only one soul mate for each person and that any interference with that
destiny was to tempt fate too much.

Wanda's store was a was a New Age buff's delight. It was dark and yet exuded
energy. Enya welcomed the two as they came in, making their way past the
tables and carts of trinkets, crystals, candles and numerous other items
meant to bring spiritual enlightenment. "Wanda?" Cory called. Wanda was the
only name she used and the only one she answered to. "Are you here?"

"Back here," came the reply from the far end of the shop.

Cory and Chris walked into the back, past a beaded curtain and into a small
room. It had a circular table in it, with a glass globe on top. Sitting at
the table, humming, was Wanda. She appeared to be in her fifties, with dark
hair underneath a turban. She wore a sequined robe that glittered in the dim
light coming from a single bulb.

"Oh, lord," Chris muttered under her breath as they walked in. "Wanda, we're
police officers, we were sent to pick up thatlist."

Wanda's eyes snapped open and she looked at the two. "Sit," she said in a
hard tone.

"Well, we just wanted to pick up--"

"SIT." Cory and Chris sat, taken aback by the tone of voice the older woman
was using. Wanda gazed at them and smiled. "I was hoping you'd come. I needed
to talk to you, to prepare you foryour journey."

"Journey?" Cory said, giving Chris a quick odd look.

"Down the path of life, together. Both of you."

"Could you be a tad more specific?" Chris asked.

Wanda smiled. "You two are soulmates. It is your destiny to be together,
through thick and thin. You're bonded in love and this bond will keep you
until you die."

"Uh-huh," Chris said, her face clearly saying she thoughtWanda was nuts.

"Um, look, we hate to disappoint you, but we're justfriends, that's all. We
don't even go that way, really."

"But it's your destiny, I've seen it," Wanda said, frowning. "It was evident
the first time I met you. You cannot deny your fate. To do so will bring dire

"Look, Wanda, we just want the report," Chris said. "We're cops, we risk our
lives every day, we can handle consequences."

"Not like these," Wanda said. "I can show you you're meant for each other.
Look into the ball."

"You can't be serious," Cory said.

"I am. Look into it."

"If we do, will you give us the report?" Chris asked.

"Yes. Look into it." Dubious, Cory and Chris looked into the ball. Wanda
pushed a button and the ball began to glow, a light green strobe flashing.
"Look into the ball," Wanda said in a soothing voice. "Just look deeply
into it. Just watch it glow, watch the patterns of light form in it. Watch
the patterns shift and move, watch them as they collide and merge and then
drift off into other patterns. Keep looking, deeper into the ball, deeper
inside. It pulls you in, makes you keep watching. You want to go in deeper
and deeper, towards the center of the globe, just keep watching. As you
watch and as you keep going, deeper and deeper into the globe, you feel
relaxed. Very relaxed. Just keep watching those patterns, watch the colors
slide and shift and you feel so relaxed and so calm. You go deeper and
deeper and you feel more and more relaxed. The colors pass by as you go
deeper and it's so relaxing, so soothing, just to go deeper into the globe.
Just go deeper and deeper and let the colors cover you, let them warm you,
let them calm you and relax you as you finally find the center. The nice,
wonderful center. It feels so good and you feel more calm and relaxed than
you've ever felt. Just stare at the center and listen to my voice. Listen
to me and trust me."

Wanda gazed at the two officers. Their facial muscles were relaxed, their
eyes sleepily focused on the glowing ball. Wanda smiled. These two were
meant for each other, she knew that. Sometimes fate needed a little push.

"I hate talking to that woman," Cory said as she and Chris walked into the
locker room at the station. "It makes my headhurt."

"I'm with you on that," Chris said as she stripped off her shirt. "I'm glad
we don't have a night shift. I need some resttonight."

"You doing anything?" Cory asked as she slid her pants off.

"No, just bum around the apartment, I guess."

"How about we check out the boardwalk? Grab a hot dog, go on the ferris
wheel? Nice, quiet night out?"

Chris looked over at her partner. Cory was nude and Chris once again took
notice of how gorgeous she was. "Why not? It's a date." Slipping off her
panties, Chris headed into the shower,Cory behind her.

As Chris felt the warm water fall down on her, she once again noticed Cory.
It was strange, but she felt something staring at her. An attraction beyond
friendship. She had to fight not to stare at her breasts, so much bigger
than her own. That knockout body was hard to ignore as well. Chris turned
her gaze away and began to soap down. This was taking a weird direction.

Cory gazed at Chris. She enjoyed the way the water fell down her back,
sliding down her long blonde hair and to that shapely ass. Her gaze continued
downward, taking in those long and shapely legs. She didn't know why Chris
sometimes agonized over her appearance. As far as Cory was concerned, she was
beautiful. Real beautiful. The kind of woman she'd take as a girlfriend. That
is, if she felt that way.

The boardwalk wasn't too crowded as Cory and Chris walked down it. Cory wore
a peach-colored dress with straps on her shoulders. Chris had on a pair of
jeans and a simple shirt. The two were sharing a giant cotton candy, a treat
fresh off the ferris wheel. "God, I feel like I'm 12 again," Chris said,
laughing. "I haven't had cotton candy in years."

"Relax, you'll burn off the calories tomorrow," Cory said.

"I'm glad we did this. I've had a lot of fun."

"Me, too," Chris answered. She looked at the remains of the cotton candy.
"One bite left. Who gets it?"

"On three?"

"One, two, three." Cory and Chris dived in at once, each trying to bite the
remaining clump of candy. They smashed the cotton in, their lips touching
through a thin coat of the candy. They paused for a moment in surprise, then
broke apart, staring at one another, neither sure what to say.

A gunshot broke the mood between them. Glancing over, they saw a man running
towards them, a purse in one hand, a gun in the other. He shoved Cory down
and grabbed Chris, holding the gun to her chin. "Come on," he said.

"Back off!" Cory yelled, standing up and pulling out her gun. "We're police
officers, pal, give it up!"

"You back off or I kill her!" The thief looked like he was high on coke.

Cory knew he could fly off the handle any minute and shoot Chris. "You kill
her, I kill you. That's a no-win situation, pal. Just put it down and let us
take you in."

"Hell, no," the man muttered, thrusting his gun into Chris' chin.

Instead of tensing in fear, Chris thrust her elbow into the man's gut and
thrust the pistol down. Caught off-guard, the thief fired, but Chris already
had the pistol pointed at the ground, the bullets chewing into the wooding.
She spun out of the man's grasp, keeping her hand on the gun. Distracted, the
thief was easy prey for Cory, who moved in and belted him in the face,
sending him down. Cory and Chris quickly embraced. "You okay?" Cory asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," Chris answered. Another awkward pause followed,
broken when a uniformed officer ran up to the two.

It took an hour for them to settle things and head back to their beachside
apartment. Cory got a couple of cups of coffee and joined Chris on the couch.
They sipped their drinks quietly, both of them lost in thought. "When he had
you," Cory said. "I was scared. I really didn't want you to get hurt."

"Thanks. I would have hated hurting you."

"Really?" Cory said, raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah," Chris said, putting her cup on the table. Cory did the same. Shw
brushed a strand of blond hair off Chris' face. "I haven't felt like this.

"Me, neither," Chris replied. She leaned in and kissed Cory. It was hesitant,
their lips briefly touching, then pushing together as the two felt an thrill
run through them. They broke away, staring at each other.

"You sure you want to do this?" Cory said.

"I'm sure."

"It's just, there's department rules about partners being involved. And same
sex partners-"

"I don't care. I want you."

"Same here." They kissed again, embracing as they did. Still hugging, they
got to their feet, Chris directing them to her room. They began pawing at
each other as they moved, Chris taking off her shirt. Cory let her dress fall
off, stumbling over it as she went. She and Chris kicked off their shoes and
then fell on the bed together. The two women rolled around on the bed,
kissing, Chris coming on top. She unhooked Cory's bra, letting her sizable
tits go free. She buried her head in between the breasts and showered them
with kisses, taking her time to suckle one nipple, then the other, tightening
them with the touch of her lips. Cory unsnapped Chris' bra and immediately
began massaging the round breasts. The two were turned on as they felt each
other's hands on their most tender areas.

As Chris licked at her breasts, Cory's hand drifted down her partner's smooth
body until it came to the unbuttoned jeans. She stuck her hand inside,
brushing past the white panties and let her fingers feel the lips in between
her legs. She slowly began massaging Chris' pussy, her fingers brushing
through the blond hair, the middle finger sliding in and out of the clit.
Chris moaned as she suckled one of Cory's nipples, her moans continuing as
she felt the brunette finger her.

"God, yeah," she whispered. Her pelvis moved in slow response as Cory's
fingers plunged in and out. She came, spilling onto Cory's fingers, eliciting
asurprised gasp.

Topless, Chris wiggled out of her stained pants and panties and moved down
Cory's body. She pulled off the dark panties and exposed Cory's clit. Cory
lay back with her feet propped flat on the bed. Chris took a look at those
inviting lips and dived in. She started licking with agonizing slowness, Cory
moaning both from impatience and the slow erotic feeling coming over her as
Chris' tongue stabbed into her pussy. Chris' hands moved up and down Cory's
well-built thighs as she ate her out, pinching the tiny fat on them. Cory
withered on the bed as Chris' tongue began to produce cum, the sweet taste
driving her on. Cory's legs clamped together on Chris' head as she came,
trapping Chris' mouth by the pussy. They stayed clamped together until Chris
had lapped away all the juices and then released so Chris could give her
partner another giant kiss.

Later, they lay together in bed, arms wrapped around one another. "So, is
this a one-night thing?" Chris asked.

"Not to me, it's not," Cory answered. "Good."

"Soulmates forever?"

"Soulmates forever."

And in her shop a few miles away, Wanda watched her globe and smiled. Fate
always had her way. With a little help, of course.


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