Warning: This is an adult story and it contains sexual material. If this
stuff offends you then don't read it. here's my Pacific Blue story. I
really like this one, I hope you do too.

MCTV: Pacific Blue (MF,mc)
by Yenoc

Trent was in Santa Monica. He was at the beach strolling along the
boardwalk. He found an outside diner and sat down to have lunch. He was
waiting for Officer Cori McNamara to ride by. She was a member of the
Pacific Blue bike squad.

She was a brunette in her late twenties. She was gorgeous and had nice big
tits. She was well built and had a firm round ass and a figure that any
woman would kill to have. Cori was a good cop. She operated by the book and
tried to treat everyone fairly. She was a bit too trusting of people
though. She was pleasant and jovial, until she got pissed then she'd kick

Trent was at the cafe for half an hour when she rode by him. She was
attired in her usual uniform which consisted of her gun belt, short sleeve
white shirt, and a pair of tight black spandex shorts. She looked sexy in
her cop clothes.

Even though her shirt was oversized, her tits still stood out proudly and
stretched the shirt. Plus you could see her nipples outlined in her top.
Trent watched her pedal past him. He paid his bill and followed her. She
was riding slowly so he was able to keep up. He casually scanned her mind.

She hadn't been on a date in months and her social life was lacking. She
hadn't been with a man in quite awhile and the only sex she had was some
masturbating she did. Cori was horny and frustrated. She was ripe for a
good hard fuck.

He saw her go into an industrial area. There was nothing there but empty
warehouses. She had to patrol the area on occasion. Homeless people liked
to use the warehouses for shelter. She went into one warehouse and he
entered after her. She was on alert and her hand rested on her gun. Trent
scanned the area and knew there was nobody around.

McNamara came to the center of the building and stopped. Trent snuck up
behind her, if he'd had a gun she'd be dead right now. "You shouldn't be in
here alone officer," he startled her. Cori spun around and faced him. She
instinctively drew her pistol and aimed it at him. "Hold it right there,"
she ordered him.

"Certainly." he answered politely. "Who are you?" she demanded. "What are
you doing here?" Cori was shaken. This guy had crept up behind her and she
had been totally unaware he was there. He could've easily killed her. "What
are you doing here?" she asked again. "I just wanted to be alone with you
Cori." he told her. She eyed him suspiciously. He must be a flake she
thought to herself.

"This is private property." she told him. "Who cares," he said arrogantly.
"I go wherever I want whenever I want." "Okay smartass. I'm taking you to
the station and you can answer questions there." she snapped. "Put your
hands behind your head and turn around slowly." "No." he replied. "Do it!"
Cori shouted. "Bite me." was his response. Cori was furious now. This guy
was going in one way or another.

Trent probed her mind and read her thoughts. He put his own commands deep
into her brain. "Put the gun down and let's talk about this," he said.
"Stay where you are and put up your hands." she yelled. This was a bad
situation and she knew it. The guy was a nutcase.

Trent advanced toward her and Cori stepped back. "Don't come any cloeser!"
she warned. "Stop now or I WILL shoot!" "No you won't." he informed her.
"Yes I will! Stay back. I mean it!" she warned. "Go ahead and shoot," he
stated. "Do it." Cori tried to squeeze the trigger but was unable to. Her
hand wouldn't respond. The lady cop could not move.

She widened her eyes inshock. What the hell had happened to her? She was
frozen in place. Trent had taken control of her body and she was his
prisoner. She was like a statue. She was trapped in her own body. She was
scared and immobile.

"Drop the gun and stand straight." he ordered her. Cori let the gun drop to
the floor and stood at attention. Her arms were at her sides and only her
eyes had any motion. She watched Trent intently. Her chest rose and fell as
she breathed.

Trent circled her and studied her closely. He looked into her eyes and
claimed her mind. She was terrified. He was doing things to her brain and
she felt herself changing. He left her personality alone but trapped. Her
body would do whatever he desired. He then frisked her, patting up and down
her body.

"Here's and idea," he said. "YOU put your hands behind your head." Against
her will, Cori did as he wished. She bent her arms and locked them behind
her head. Raising her arms caused her tits to push up and outward. Trent
admired her breasts and wanted them badly. "Officer you sure do have nice
big tits." he complimented her. He reached up and cupped her fleshy orbs
with his hands. He squeezed and caressed her boobs. She moaned softly.

Cori was becoming aroused as he handled her tits. Her pussy was getting wet
and her nipples were erect. She was ashamed of her response to his
touching. How could she react like this? She had been without a man for far
too long.

Trent went behind her and grabbed her tits and pawed them mercilessly. He
tweaked and pinched her nipples through her shirt. She sighed as he patted
and rubbed her round ass. He parted her legs and slid his hand between
them. She had on a thin pair of panties and he could feel the lips of her
vagina. He knew she was wet. His thumb found her clit and he jiggled the
button rapidly. Cori groaned and shivered as he played with her slit.

"Unngh." she moaned. "You like this." he said. No matter how much she
tried, she couldn't get her body to respond to her wish to escape. Trent
was pleased with the female cop. She was an excellent catch. His cock was
hard and he wanted to fuck her. He had a hotel room nearby and they would
go there.

"Take off your bra." he commanded. Cori's hands went beind her back an
unclasped the bra. She slid the straps from her shoulders and yanked the
white bra off. Her naked tits swung free under her shirt. Her hard nipples
were nicely displayed now. "You will come to my room where I will fuck the
shit out of you. You cannot resist and you can't call for help. Remain
silent as you go to the hotel and do not touch your radio. You can't
communicate your situation to anyone in form. Lose the bike too. Do you
understand?" he demanded.

"Yes, I unsderstand." she said clearly. "Good. Act normally and draw no
attention to yourself. Leave here ten minutes after I do." Trent added.
"You will not wear panties under your uniform from this day forth. And when
you ride alone, you will not wear a bra. That way all the men will see you
cop slut tits. You get horny thinking about men watching you and what they
want to do to you. You'll have to find a hiding place and finger fuck your
tramp cunt several times a day."

"I here and obey." Cori said dryly. She wanted to cry but she couldn't. His
orders were firmly set into her brain and she had to obey him. Trent
departed the warehouse and she followed minutes later and went to is hotel.

Once in his room, Trent had her take off her helmet, gun belt, and shoes.
Then her shirt came off and she was only clad in her bike shorts. Her brown
hair fell to her shoulders and she was naked from the waist up. She looked
sexy standing there wearing only her shorts.

Her tits were magnificent. Large and firm yet soft and pliable too. The
mound were flawless with creamy white skin. Her nipples were pink and very
hard. She was a female in her prime. She stood straight before him and her
chest stuck out proudly. Her face was blank and lifeless. Trent pinched and
pulled her nipples and Cori groaned. She was excited and hot as he kneaded
her tits.

Trent sat on the bed and called her to him. She fell to her knees between
his open legs. With glassy eyes, she stared at him. Her hand unzipped his
pants and took his penis out. She wrapped a fist around his manhood and
statred pumping up and down the shaft. His cock was big and wide. She had
never seen such a large cock in her life. Cori silently screamed in her
mind as she was forced to pleasure this man.

Her pussy was wet and her clit was on fire. Her tits swelled as he massaged
them. Her head was cloudy and she was dizzy. It was hard to think. Her head
bent forward and she took his cock into her mouth. He was making her suck
is cock.

Her lips formed an O shape as she sunk her head into his lap. She bobbed up
and down on his rod in a steady pattern. Trent watched as the lady cop
suked his cock. Her eyes were locked on his as she slurped on and licked
his manhood. Her cheeks hollowed and inflated as she serviced him.

Her neck craned and weaved as tongued is cock. She licked around the spongy
head and along the shaft. She was disgusted with herself. She found she was
enjoying this. Trent's hand gripped her hair and he guided her up and down
his prick. He was getting hornier by the second.

Cori was in hell. She was losing her mind. Her eyes fluttered as she became
aroused by this degradation. She knew that she belonged to him and her life
was over. She was his possession. A small tremor swept over her as her clit
sent bolts of energy through her body. She maoned and sucked him faster.
She licked and rubbed his balls over her face. She was lost and she knew

Trent took his cock out of her mouth. Her face was a mask of lust and need.
He put is cock between her tits and closed the globes around it. Cori held
her tits together so her could fuck them. She moved them up and down along
his cock. She trembled with pleasure. He was tit-fucking her and she loved

Trent was ready to cum as she tit-fucked his cock. Cori squirmed around on
the floor as she bounced her tits on his cock. Her tongue licked the head
every time it appeared from between her ample cleavage. His balls clenched
and Trent grunted. Suddenly, his cock exploded and hot cum spewed out and
landed on her face and tits. Cori shook violently as she came too.

His cum had set off her own orgasm. She opened her mouth and caught more of
his sperm, which she eagerly swallowed. His discharge was delicious and she
wanted every drop he had. Her face was coated with cum and her tits were
white with the creamy stuff. Cori massaged the seed into her tits. She
sobbed with joy as she lapped up his cum.

Wad after wad was scooped up and swallowed. She was truly a slut now. Her
belly grew full with his sperm. She was honored to receive his seed. The
cum dried on her face and she glistened. Her cunt was drenched and she
moaned as she ate his cum.

Trent was erect again in seconds. Cori knelt in front of him and just
trembled. Now that she had ingested his cum, she belonged to him body and
soul. She would never again be free. He had her get on the floor on her
hands and knees like a dog. He slipped in behind her and parted her legs.
He pulled her shortd and panties off. Now she was fully naked. Cori wanted
him to fuck her desparately.

Her head was up and she stared ahead of her in a trance. Trent spread her
cunt lips and placed his cock at the entrance of her sopping pussy. He
lunged forward and sank his cock into the depths of her hole. Cori squealed
with delight as he penetrated her. It felt so good. Her cunt clamped down
on is cock and squeezed it like a vice. The pressure was incredible. She
bucked her hips back at him to impale herself on his invading rod.

Nothing as big as his cock had ever enetered her cunt before and he was
stretching her wide. Pussy juice covered his cock and leaked from her cunt
as they fucked. Trent pounded into her with hard rapid thrusts. He plunged
into her cunt with steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as his balls
slapped against her ass. His assault was merciless as he ravaged the lady
cop. He held her by the waist as he slammed home repeatedly.

Cori experienced her first climax and she came like a storm. She screeched
and growled as she came on his cock. Her back arched and her head tossed
about as she screamed. "YES! Cummmng! FUCK ME! Please! Unngh! OOhhh! OOOO!"
He had finally broken her will. Cori fiendishly rammed her ass back at him.

She shoved her hips back to meet his. She twisted and gyrated in circles on
his drilling cock. She never be able to enjoy another man after this. Trent
hammered her wildly, setting off multiple orgams in the female cop. Sweat
covered her luscious body as she worked her cunt on his cock. She came over
and over. She yelled and screamed as she climaxed endlessly.

Cori had never cum so hard in her life and she wanted more. Her body was
wracked with tremors as she peaked again and again. She was losing her mind
and becoming an animal. She finally crested after another orgasm and
started to calm down. But Trent wasn't finished yet.

He slammed her like a rutting bull. She quickly got hot again and the next
wave of climaxes started. She fucked him back like a maniac. She needed his
cock in her oven. She was on fire. Trent tensed and then groaned. His cock
spewed cum into her hungry cunt. Wads of hot white cream shit into her
voracious cunt. And this set Cori off on more orgasms. She came like a
whore as her pussy milked him for every drop of sperm.

"FUCK ME! I want you to cum in MMMEE! Give it to me, Please! OOOO! YESS! SO
Goood! AARROOOOO! FUCK YES! CUMMMINNNNGGG!" she yelled at the top of her
lungs. Trent was the best fuck she'd ever had and she wanted to spend the
rest of her life being his slave. She would quit being a cop and be his

Trent poured thick globs of cum into her sloppy cunt. When he emptied the
last of his load into her pussy he was still hard and ready for action.
Cori had collapsed in exhaustion. Her arms were weak and her head rested on
the floor, supported by her tits. She twitched and jerked in the aftermath
of her orgasms.

He made her rise up once more so he could complete his mastery of her. Her
balloon like tits shook and flopped about like cow udders under her. Trent
parted Cori's ass and saw her anus. The rectal opening winked at him. He
placed his cock at her asshole and entered her rear passage. His cock was
slick and lubricated so he got in without problems. He was going to take
her anal virginity.

Cori realized what he was doing and tried to stop him from fucking her
asshole. She clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles relaxed and
permitted him to enter. Trent had made her muscles loosen up. She grimaced
as his uge cock split her open. The pain was undescribable. Cori wanted to
scream out in agony but her voice was gone.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to get used to being
fucked in the ass. Her rectum was forcibly stretched open. Trent shoved
forward and buried his whole cock into her clenching asshole. Her eyes
widened as his cock plowed into her ass.

The pain soon faded and Cori got used to the sensation of having a cock in
her asshole. She came to like ass-fucking. His cock slid in and out of her
anus easily now. "Stick it up my ass!" she shouted at Trent. I love it.
Fuck my slut asshole master! Don't stop, please!" Cori acted like a total
slut now and she revelled in it.

They fucked for hours more and he reemed out her asshole several times that
day. He dummped many a load of sperm into her quivering anal passage. Cori
accepted and loved her new life. She wanted to be humiliated and degraded
by Trent. He was pleased with the results.

By the end of it all, she was his loyal and devoted slave. She lived only
to serve him and tend to his needs. Her past life faded away. She wanted to
stay with him forever. Cori McNamara was his slut and sex toy.

Trent reprogrammed her mind. Later she left the hotel and went back on
patrol. She would act normally and do her job. She would live her old life
as close as possible. She would not date though and the only sex she would
have would be with her master. She remembered everything and she relished
her rape and what she had become.

Nothing would seem to change about her accpet for things he put into her
head, She would live and wait for him to summon her once more. Her emotions
and loyalties belonged to him and she would never betray him. She was
released until he called and then she would rush to his side. It was time
for him to continue his journey.

The End. More to cum.


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