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Yet another story, this one is good though. Parasite Eve 2 story, possibly
one of the worst games in creation, due to the fact it was too much of an
RPG to lure Biohazard/Resident Evil games, and too much of a shoot-em-up to
keep many of their original RPG fans. Still, a good game deserves a good
lemon, and I haven't read many good ones. A couple, but not very many. So,
without further ado, here it is. But first, a little science lesson, and
some history, in case you don't get it.

Mitochondria are an essential life building block. In the body, mitochondria
are separate organisms living inside of the body, which supply the cells of
the body with energy while the cells provide food and oxygen. The basic idea
is that a person was able to be taken control of by her mitochondria, and
became a mutant. This was Eve. In the original game, Aya is the anti-eve, and
because of which she has super-gnarly powers. Eve, however, has the ability
to mutate other living beasts mitochondria, making them into mindless
monsters bent on doing her wishes. In the first game, she kills them all, and
Eve, but Eve has the chance to take Lady Liberty.

In the second, there's a new breakout of NMCs, Neo-Mitochondria Creatures,
basically anything that was changed originally by Eve. Also, a group of
Artificial Neo-Mitochondria Creatures, ANMCs, sprang up as well, these differ
because they are changed on purpose and controlled by someone else. Anyway,
Aya eventually ends up in the desert, with a private investigator named Kyle
Madigan and a local hick named Gary Douglas with his dog.

Parasire Eve 2: Thump-Thump
by Some Random Bastard

Aya got out of the shower in her room. The heat was still almost unbearable,
but she nonetheless had to stop the cool shower. As she was drying off, she
took a look into the mirror. She stopped for a second, noticing how little
she had changed over the last few years. The mitochondria in her body wanted
a perfect host, so it kept her young. She looked like a twenty-year-old hot
college freshman, but the truth is she was closer to thirty.

She took a towel, and began to dry off her blond hair, and as she did, she
began to think about how she had gotten here. A week ago, she would just
hunt down a few random Neo Mitochondria Creatures(NMCs) that had taken place
in New York or the surrounding area, but suddenly to get to the Mohave
Dessert hunting a group of controlled programmed Artificial Neo Mitochondria
Creatures (ANMCs), under her secret FBI's organization, the Mitochondria
Investigation and Suppression Team (MIST).

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Just a minute" Aya said, as she wrapped the old white towel over her head
and put on a long white robe. When she opened the door, she saw Kyle, a rogue
detective who had been assigned to this case, for reasons Aya didn't know.
Needless to say, Aya didn't completely trust him.

"Heh, hi Aya." Kyle Madigan said with a chuckle.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Aya asked, a bit annoyed.

"I just wanted to thank you for saving me before. I know our meeting has been
a bit...unconventional, but I'm really not that bad a guy." Kyle said.

"It's ok Kyle, I've been through much worse in my life" Aya said, as she went
to the table to get her brush. "Hell, when I was in New York, I went through
ten times worse." Aya said, and as she turned around, Kyle was right behind
her, and kissed her on the lips, almost forcefully. Aya was shocked for a
moment, but a couple seconds she literally threw him off of her.

"What the FUCK was that!" Aya spat out.

"Jeez, I thought you liked me!" Kyle said at a similar volume.

"What the hell made you think that?" Aya said, with the same vehemence.

"Jeez, I'm sorry already. Aw hell, I'm gonna get a drink." He said, and with
those words he stormed out the door.

"Jackass" Aya muttered, as she went to the mirror near her door. As she began
to brush her hair, she mulled over the events that had just occurred. Kyle
wasn't so bad, but still, there was something wrong with him. Although he was
a good kisser.

One thing Aya noticed about her Mitochondria, it increased her libido
rapidly. Mitochondria created energy in the body, and because of which, they
need some action the body does that increases her energy consumption and
production. One of those was battle. Another one, she found out later, was
sex. When she had an orgasm, it was ten times stronger than any one she had
attained before, and much more violent than before.

*Aw, what the hell, I'll go down, have a couple drinks, make the guy not feel
so bad. Hell, if he acts right, maybe I'll bring him up to my room.*

Aya put on a tight pair of blue denim jeans, and a white cotton shirt over
her pink bra and panties. She noticed that she was already getting a little
aroused from the idea of possibly having sex with Kyle.

Aya made her way through the small little hamlet. She wouldn't tell Gary,
local gun nut and probably the local crazy, but this place could easily be
described as west Bum Fuck NV.

When she got to the local bar, she saw Kyle there, with an empty sixer of
coke and a quarter empty bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Look, I'm sorry, I won't do it again, just please let me enjoy getting
drunk Aya."

"I accept your apology. I have been a bit on edge since I got here, and I
shouldn't have been so mean." She put out her hand "Friends?" he took her
hand, and shook.

"Let's celebrate over a drink. The coke and Jack Daniels are still pretty
good, a bit warm, but everything in the desert is." He said as he took
another glass, and poured a can of coke into it. "I'll let you decide how
much JD you'd like" he said as he handed her the glass and the bottle. To
his surprise, Aya took the bottle and drank an eighth of it before even
coming back up for air.

"DAMN! Drink much?" He said with sarcasm

"It's my mitochondria, it automatically cleans my blood and liver out of any
alcoholic content after the night, resulting in the lucky side effect of no
hangovers ever." Aya said, as she took another gulp.

"Damn, there's always the ups I guess." Kyle said as he shook his head.
"Anyway, what's you're story?" He asked. Aya told him her story, about
how she had lived with her father after her mother and sister died in an
accident, how she became a cop, and the unfortunate events that led to
her discovery of her superhuman mitochondria powers. When she had finished,
she was surprised to find they had both drank a bottle.

"Hey, I am gonna go lie down, wanna join?" Aya said with a giggle, as Kyle
slid out of his chair for a second, then stood to attention.

"You're wish is my command" He said, the prospect of getting with this
unbelievable goddess was sobering enough for him to follow her.

When they got to the apartment. Kyle immediately started to kiss her, their
tongues intertwined as their hands explored elsewhere. Kyle's fingers glided
over Aya's tight, supple ass cheeks as Aya began to feel his cock through
the pants. Kyle took the initiative, and began to pull Aya's shirt off. When
it was off, he could see Aya's pink bra, and her gorgeous melons. As he
continued kissing her, his hands began to take off her bra.

Aya unbuttoned Kyle's shirt, and before the man had taken the bra off, she
had him half naked. Kyle returned as soon as he could to Aya's bra, and had
it off within a minute. When it slipped off, and her naked breasts fell from
their holder, he gasped at their size. They were easily double D sized, and
she had silver dollar nipples.

"Well what are you waiting for, hehe!" She said, as Kyle gawked. Kyle
regained his composure, as he began using his fingers to play gently with
her nipples as he unzipped her pants. Her pants were tight, and as he tried
to pull them down he was forced to take his hand away from her nipple and
give it a good tug. When he did, her panties almost fell off, revealing her
luscious ass and her bright blond pubic hair, kept very nicely trimmed.

Not to be shown up, Aya unzipped his pants, and let his cock spring free. She
began to rub it, and it grew another couple inches, up to eight. This amount
of pleasure was getting to be too much for Kyle. So he pulled Aya to the bed,
and made his way down to her pussy. Be began to slowly nibble on her clit
while massing her labia with his fingers. Aya was building up an orgasm as
her pussy was being serviced. She took her fingers and began to massage her
own nipples, which were on fire.

"Enough of that Kyle, I want you inside of me!" Aya said. Kyle quickly got
the meaning, even through his drunken lust stupor, and slowly placed the tip
of his cock head into her. He moaned at her tightness. Little did he know
that her pussy would forever be as tight, because of the mitochondria.

Slowly he began to work his cock into her. Aya was enjoying the size of this
stranger's cock penetrating her, forcing his way deeper into her. She had
always loved the size of a large cock inside of her, even before the days of
her awakening to mitochondria, and now that she would remain tight, she never
worried about the size of the cocks that fucked her.

Aya closed her eyes and bit her lip as the he pushed further in, past 6
inches, seven, eight, he was now almost completely inside of her. He began to
make slow thrusts in and out of her pussy, to help lubricate the tight little
twat of this blond bombshell. Little by little, he increased his pace,
fucking her quicker as her orgasm built up. The closer she got, the faster
his pace, and quite soon he was going in an out of her like a jackrabbit.

Suddenly and without warning, she came. Not only did she have an orgasm, but
also the world, the galaxy, and the universe stopped as shewas hit with a
world ending orgasm. Wave after wave made her shake violently, convulsing.
Kyle was amazed at the ferocity of this woman's orgasm, as she writhed over
his cock, driving him closer. After seven or eight minutes of pure heaven,
she came back to Earth. When she did, she noticed that Kyle wasn't yet

"Kyle" She said, trying to catch her breath. "I bet you're a tit man, right?"
She asked him.

"Yea, why?" He said, slowing down his pace.

"Then bring that big cock of yours over to my tits, and fuck the hell out of
them." Aya said. Kyle couldn't believe it, but he wasn't going to miss out
on this. He took his well-lubricated cock, and pressed it in between her
massive tits. Aya held them together as he pumped into her, faster and
faster, wanting to blow his load. As he thrust, Aya stuck her tongue out,
flicking his cock with it when he thrust forward. This constant pleasure to
his cock made him blow his load all over Aya. Her tits, her face, her large,
now very sensitive nipples. After a couple minutes of cumming straight on
her. He finished up.

"Hope you're not done cowboy" She said

"Well what, did you have, in mind?" He said, huffing after their previous

"I was hoping you wouldn't mind ass fucking me. But if you're too tired..."
She started.

"Wow, really?" He said, his eyes and his cock raising.

"Sure!" He said, as his cock began returned to full mast. Aya turned over on
her back. Kyle took his finger, and began to rub Aya's pussy. Taking his
thumb, he began to lubricate her tight little puckered asshole. After a few
times, he was convinced she was wet enough.

He took his cock, and placed it at the opening of her rectum. With a fellow
swoop he pushed his head into her pussy, making her moan in pleasure and
pain. He continued fucking pushing in, but her ass was twice as hard as her
pussy was. After getting in a few inches, he couldn't fit in anymore.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can get anymore in Aya." He said, feeling a
bit depressed.

"Just wait" she said, as she took her hands and held onto the bedpost. She
grabbed onto it with all her strength, and said "Do your worst, take my ass
you private dick!"

Kyle, never one to back down from a challenge, resumed his efforts. He pushed
his cock deeper into her tight rectum, making his way in slow strides further
and further. After ten minutes, his entire cock length was buried deep in her
rectum. He began to fuck her faster, not waiting for it to ease up. The
roughness of the sex and the tightness of her ass was making Aya extremely
horny, as she moved her fingers down to massage her clit. Kyle was furiously
pumping, he was nearing orgasm. The incredible pace of his fucking threw Aya
over the edge once again, making her shake uncontrollably. Just when she was
finishing her orgasm, he blew his massive load of cum directly into her ass,
filling her bowels with cum, driving her right back over the edge.

When she finished her third orgasm. He pulled his cock out of her ass. Aya
moved over to his cock and began to suck on it, cleaning off her and his
juices. She could vaguely taste her own pussy's juice in between the taste
of her own ass and his white spunk.

Well, there goes. Nice and long, plenty of sex, just like everyone likes em.
Hope you did too. Got a simpsons one, then a couple more before another video
game one, but when I do it it'll be a FF7 one, so have fun.

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entirely are untouched, unedited, and worshipped for the holy script they
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