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Parent Trap: All Grown Up (Mf,Mff,ff,cons,oral,anal,inc)
by Tori ([email protected])

Annie looked down and watched as her twin sister Hallie licked her pussy. The two 17 year old redheads met six years ago at camp and soon learned that their parents had divorced when they were only one year old. Annie went to London with their Mother and Hallie lived in California with their Father at his vineyard. Their parents reconnected and got remarried shortly after and the two girls had become inseparable. Just recently, they started to experiment with each other sexually.

Hallie licked and sucked Annie's pussy and then she pushed two fingers into her sister's sopping wet hole, making Annie cum immediately. She lapped up all the tasty juices from her sister's pussy and then said, "My turn."

Annie switched places with Hallie and went down on her. She started to fuck her sister with her tongue and soon had her cumming all over her face.

A few minutes after, they heard their Father call up to them, "Annie, Hallie, dinner's ready."

They quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs to join him at the table.

He looked at them and said, "What were you two up too?"

They looked at each other and giggled and then said in unison, "Nothing."

They giggled again and then started eating.

Nick just shook his head and said, "I'll be so happy when your Mother gets back from London tomorrow. I really miss her."

Annie looked over at him and said, "I know Dad. I miss her too. I hope she brings us back some presents."

Hallie smiled and said, "Me too. I just love presents."

Nick smiled and finished his chili and took his bowl into the kitchen. The girls followed soon after and the three of them did the dishes.

* * *

After they finished, the girls changed into their bikinis and went out for an evening swim. Nick sat on the patio and watched the two teen beauties, trying hard not to get hard. Lately, every time he looked at them, his cock got hard and without Liz there, he had to use his hand to satisfy himself. He quickly stood up and started into the house when Annie noticed his cock poking through his shorts.

"Hallie, did you see that?"

Hallie looked around and said, "What?"

Annie said, "Dad, he has a massive hard on."

Hallie laughed and said, "No shit! I wonder if he got it from watching us."

Annie looked at her and said, "Do you think? I mean, we are totally hot."

The girls laughed and then Annie got out of the pool. "I'll be right back."

Hallie said, "OK."

Annie dried off and went upstairs and listened at her Father's bedroom door. She could hear him moaning so she decided to go in. She opened to door and surprised Nick, who was sitting on the side of the bed jerking off.

"Annie!! What the fuck! Get out, NOW!"

Annie quickly closed the door and walked over to her Father and said, "I knew you were masturbating. I saw your hard on when you came into the house. Did we make your cock hard Dad?"

Nick didn't realize it but was still stroking his cock when he said, "No! Well yes, sort of. Damn, I guess you did."

Annie got down on the floor in front of him and looked at his ten inches. "That's one big cock you've got Dad. Can I touch it?"

Nick couldn't believe it when Annie took his hard cock in her hand and started to stroke it. He leaned back and let her jerk him off. Annie took his balls in her other hand and gently squeezed them as she stroked him faster. It didn't take long before Nick said, "Annie, I'm gonna cum."

Annie stopped stroking him and squeezed his balls harder, making him cover her hand with his load. Nick was still staring up at the ceiling when Annie stood up. As she walked out she said, "Thanks Dad."

Annie went back down to the pool and sat down on the edge.

Hallie swam over and asked, "Where were you?"

Annie just smiled and said, "Oh, just giving Dad a handjob."

Her sister looked up at her and said, "WHAT?"

"Yeah, I walked in on him jerking off and I just took his cock in my hand and made him cum. It was awesome. Here, taste this."

Hallie looked and saw what was left of their Father's load on Annie's hand and licked it off. "WOW, that tastes pretty good. Is that Dad's stuff?"

Annie shook her head and then slipped into the pool next to her sister. The two kissed and then Annie swam away leaving Hallie licking her lips. She looked up at Nick's bedroom window and could see him looking down. The two stared at each other and then Nick slowly closed the drapes.

* * *

Nick stayed in his room until the girls went to bed. He went to check on them and quietly opened Annie's door. She was already fast asleep so he quietly shut the door and went down to Hallie's room. When he opened it, he peeked in and saw his daughter on her bed completely naked with her legs spread wide open. She was busy frigging herself with her fingers. Her eyes were closed and as she masturbated, Nick heard her say, "Oh yes Daddy. Fuck me, fuck me harder with your big cock."

He quickly shut the door and went back to his room. As soon as he was inside, he dropped his pajama bottoms and jerked off with the picture of his daughter playing with her pussy still in his head. It took him a long time before he finally drifted off to sleep. He was dreaming about Hallie when he was suddenly awoken only to look down and see his daughter sucking his cock. "Hallie?"

She took her mouth off his cock long enough to say, "I saw you watching me. You should have joined me. Now be quiet. I want to make you cum."

He put his hand on the top of her head and helped her take him into her mouth again. She was bobbing up and down on his cock, gagging a little when it hit her throat but she just kept sucking him harder and faster. Within minutes, he started to cum and Hallie took his load in her mouth. When he finished, she swallowed it down, kissed the head of his cock said, "Good night Daddy. Sweet dreams."

As soon as she left his room, he sat up and thought about what just happened. He knew it was wrong but he loved how her warm, wet mouth felt wrapped around his cock.

* * *

Nick got up early and headed out to the vineyard. He had some vines that needed to be tended too but he also needed some alone time to figure out what he was going to do about what happened the previous night. Hallie and Annie got up a little while later and as they ate their cereal, Hallie told her sister what she'd done the night before.

"Holy fuck Hallie! You mean you actually gave our Father a blowjob?"

Hallie smiled and said, "Yeah. He walked into my room while I was masturbating and thought I didn't see him. I figured I might as well give it a shot. I know he misses Mom so I just went in and started sucking his cock. His cum really does taste sweet."

Annie thought back to the handjob she gave him and said, "It does, doesn't it? So, did he freak out?"

Hallie just smiled and said, "No, he actually put his hand on my head and helped. It was totally hot."

Annie thought about it and said, "Maybe we should........."

Hallie said, "We should what?"

"Well, I was thinking. Maybe we should let him fuck us. You know, take our cherries."

Hallie thought about it for a minute and said, "We are 17. Maybe it is time for us to become women."

Annie shook her head and finished her cereal. She looked over at Hallie and said, "So, who goes first?"

Hallie reached into her pocket and pulled out a quarter. "Here, I'll flip you for it. Heads I win, tails you lose."

Annie smiled and said, "Hey, that's' not fair. Actually, we're both gonna "lose" it no matter what."

They laughed and then Hallie tossed the coin in the air.

Annie said, "Tails!"

They both looked at the coin and smiled.

* * *

Nick didn't come back to the house until almost dinner time. When he walked in, he went straight up to his room and jumped into the shower. A few minutes later, he was joined by Annie. "Hi Daddy" she said.

She pressed her young, perfect body up against his and kissed him. Her tongue pushed between his lips and the two made out as the warm water washed over their bodies. Nick's cock was hard as a rock so Annie reached down and began to stroke it. "I want you to make me a woman Daddy."

Nick held his daughter close as she stroked him and said, "Look Annie, you know this is wrong. I'm your Father for Christ's sake."

Annie slid to her knees and started to suck him. She looked up with her big green eyes and Nick knew right then and there that there was no going back. He reached down and pulled her to her feet. After he turned off the water and dried off, he took her hand and led her to his bed.

Annie laid back and spread her legs wide and said, "I love you so much Daddy. Please, I want it."

Nick climbed between her freckled covered legs and pressed the head of his cock against her wet slit. "OK baby. This might hurt a little."

Annie watched as he slowly penetrated her pussy. With one gentle push, he broke through and took her innocence. Annie felt like she was hit by a bolt of lightning but soon it started to feel different. The pain turned into something she'd never felt before. Nick was slowly pumping his cock in and out of her, looking right into her eyes. She pulled his close to her and wrapped her legs behind her back and said, "Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me harder."

Nick picked up his pace and was soon pounding his cock balls deep into his gorgeous redheaded daughter. She was grunting with each thrust, using her legs to pull him deeper inside. Suddenly, she started to cum. She was shaking and her pussy squeezed his cock as her impaled her. Nick felt his balls start to tighten so he quickly pulled out and shot his load all over her stomach. He used his hand to squeeze the rest of his cum out and then sat back. Annie reached down and scooped up the sticky mess with her fingers and licked them. "I love you Daddy" she said.

Nick laid next to her and said, "I love you too Annie. My sweet Annie."

They laid together, cuddling and then went in and showered. The two spent the night together and the next morning, Nick woke up early and headed downstairs. Before he left, he looked back at his beautiful daughter still sleeping naked on the sheets.

* * *

Nick stood at the kitchen window in his shorts and drank his coffee. He looked out and saw Hallie swimming in the pool. When he looked closer, he could see that she wasn't wearing her bikini. She slowly backstroked across the water with her perfect breasts soaking up the morning sun. Nick walked out by the pool and stood there taking in her beauty.

Hallie swam over to him and put her arms up on the edge. "Did you and Annie have fun last night Dad?"

Nick squatted down and said, "You two set me up, didn't you?"

Hallie giggled and said, "I guess we did. We flipped a coin and Annie won."

Nick put his cup down and gently caressed his daughter's cheek. "I guess the only thing left to do is, well, you, right?"

Hallie took his hand and kissed it. She said, "If you want me."

Nick looked at her and said, "You know I do."

With that, Hallie pulled him into the pool. When he surfaced, Hallie swam over to him and put her arms around him and kissed him passionately. She wrapped her legs around her Father and felt his hard cock through his wet shorts. As they kissed, Hallie began to grind her pussy against him. Nick used one of his hands to undo his shorts and free his cock. He rubbed it against Hallie's pussy and then pushed it inside. He quickly popped her cherry and let her fuck his cock as they floated in the water. She laid her head on his shoulder, taking his cock deep inside of her.

Nick slowly made his way to the side of the pool and then pulled her off of him and turned her around. With Hallie leaning up against the side of the pool, Nick took her from behind. He started to fuck her hard and deep with the water splashing all around them. He looked up at his bedroom window and could see Annie looking down at them as they fucked. Nick slammed his cock deep inside his sexy daughter several more times. He quickly pulled out and jumped up on the side and pulled Hallie's mouth on his cock. He pushed her down on him and shot his load. Hallie swallowed all she could and when he finished, he let go of her. She had cum running down her chin and into the pool water.

"Thanks Daddy. That was amazing" she said.

Nick stood up and then pulled her out of the pool. He kissed her and then slapped her bare ass. "Go upstairs and get cleaned up. We've got to get to the airport and pick up your Mother."

* * *

An hour later, Nick and the two girls were driving down the road headed for the airport. Nick looked at Hallie sitting next to him. Both girls had on short, summer dresses showing off their long, shapely legs. When he looked in the rearview mirror, Annie smiled and spread her legs. Nick could see that she wasn't wearing any panties. When she started to play with herself, Hallie reached over and took his cock out of his jeans. She leaned over and started to suck him off, making him almost run off the road. He quickly pulled over and turned off the car.

Hallie continued to go down on him as he watched Annie finger her tight little snatch. He took Hallie's head in his hands and pushed her down on his cock, making her gag when he hit the back of her throat. He started to fuck her mouth hard and then he saw Annie start to cum. She closed her eyes and came all over her fingers just as he filled Hallie's mouth with his load. Hallie licked his cock clean and then zipped him up again.

By the time they got to the airport, the plane had already landed and Elizabeth was waiting on the sidewalk. The two girls jumped out of the car and ran over to her. They hugged and kissed and then Elizabeth fell into her husband's waiting arms. "I'm so happy to be home darling. I've missed you all so much."

The two kissed and then got into the car.

As they drove home, Nick occasionally glanced at his daughters in the mirror while his wife told them about her trip. He had to stop when he felt his cock getting hard. When they got home, he carried his wife's bags up to their room and sat down to think about what he was going to do now that she was home.

* * *

That night, Annie and Hallie played with each other as they listened to their parents making love down the hall. The two girls got into a 69 position and ate each other out to the sounds of their parents bed creaking and their Mother screaming as she came.

Nick thought about his daughter's tight pussies as he slammed his wife's pussy, making her cum over and over again.

After they finished, he laid there staring at the ceiling until Elizabeth fell asleep. When he was sure she was out, he quietly made his way down the hall to Hallie's room and joined his daughters.

The three fucked each other as quietly as they could, trying not to wake up Elizabeth. He took turns fucking the girls and just as he was slamming Annie's pussy from behind, the door suddenly burst open and Elizabeth came into the room. "NICK!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY LITTLE GIRL?" she screamed.

Nick quickly pulled his cock out of Annie and ran over to his wife. "Lizzie, I'm sorry. I, we, well, it just happened. I'm sooooo sorry."

Elizabeth stared at the two naked teens lying on the bed and slapped Nick across the face. "You bastard!" she cried, leaving the room.

She ran down the stairs and started to walk in circles around the living room.

Nick followed her quickly and said, "Please Lizzie, let me explain."

"Explain? You were fucking your own daughter. Go ahead, try to explain. I'm all ears" she said.

Over the next hour, Nick tried to explain what had happened. Elizabeth cried and accused him of the most heinous of crimes. The two finally stopped yelling at each other and sat on the couch in silence. Elizabeth went upstairs and had the girls pack a suitcase. She was taking them to London.

After they left, Nick sat in the empty house and drank several bottles of his best wine. Elizabeth filed for divorce and Nick agreed to give up custody of the girls.

The End


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