Parent Trap (MF,FF,Fg,Mg,MFF,gg,Mgg,g-best,inc,hand)
by KHenne ([email protected])

Chapter 1

Elizabeth James was on a cruise to the Bahamas she was planning a relaxing
trip. Nick Parker went on the same cruise to relax also. They met the second
night on the ship at dinner. They were both sneaking peeks at each other
through the meal. He asked her to dance and they danced well together. When
the meal ended they walked around the ship holding hands and talking. They
walked to the bar and had a drink together.

Elizabeth was a social drinker one lasted for hours with her. This night she
had 2 drinks with Nick. She thought that Nick's future plans were a pipe
dream. He considered himself very lucky to meet a woman like this. She was
the daughter of a Duke. He could see she was very smart and not taken in by
a dreamer.

An hour later he walked her back to the room. They kissed at the door and
when it broke off about 15 minutes later he asked her, "Can I see you again."

She grabbed him and brought him into the room. They kissed hard and deep the
clothing flew around the room. He brought her over to the bed and they fell
into it. It didn't take to long to get into postion. Nick slowly kissed and
licked his way down her body. When Nick came back up about 30 minutes later
she was amazed at how good he ate pussy. She came 3 times from his oral
applications. They kissed slowly as he entered her sopping pussy. She moaned
"Nick fuck he hard!"

He took off like a shot and she matched him stroke for stroke. Nick was rel
close to cumming and she told Nick, "Cum with me Daddy!"

They exploded together and it was the best that either of them ever had. It
took them about 10 minutes for either of them to talk. When they recovered
Elizabeth told Nick, "I'm not like this. I don't jump into bed with a man I
just met. It had to be the booze I never have more then one drink a night".

Nick told her, "You're the most beautiful woman in the world."

Elizabeth told him, "You are just saying that cause I rocked your world."

They fell alseep in each others arms.

* * *

Nick was awoken the next morning by the most wonderful feeling in the world.
Elizabeth was giving him a good morning blowjob. He blew his load into her
hot mouth that she swallowed quickly. They showered up and he took her anal
cherry. She couldn't believe how painless he made it feel. They spent the
week together in each other cabins.

When the trip ended and they were departing the boat they both knew it could
not end like this. Nick being the endless romantic he proposed to her right
there. She said yes without really thinking about it. She told her Dad on the
phone and told him he was shocked by his daughter behavior. She hung on him
while kissing Nick.

They flew to Califorina and got married a few days later at City Hall. They
drove to San Francisco for the honeymoon. Elizabeth got pregrant on the
honeymoon which she didnt realize until 2 months later. Elizabeth gave birth
to twin girls named Annie and Halley.

Chapter 2

That first year of marriage changed them. He was always working in the field
trying to get his winery started. She was in the house always tending to the
children. He decided to get a housekeeper for her to assist her. The ladies
name was Jessie, who he hired. She was close in age and she loved children.
Elizabeth was raised with maids and servants around. Jessie liked her from
the start. She walked in on Elizabeth breast-feeding one day and it seemed to
embrassing to Elizabeth.

That night Jessie masturbated to the sight of Elizabeth topless feeding her
children. Nick loved his wife very much and they both enjoyed there sex life.
Elizabeth had graduated college and wanted to start a career but here she was
with two kids.

One night after the kids went to sleep and Nick was asleep she went for a
walk. She ran into Jessie while on her walk. Jessie asked her, "If she was

Elizabeth started to talk annd broke down in Jessie's arm's. They broke apart
a few minutes later and Jessie brought her to her room. She told her, "I
don't why I married Nick. I think it was cause he was great in bed and a
perfect gentleman on the trip."

Jessie wiped the tears away from Elizabeth face and then kissed her. The kiss
was soft and slow then became hot and deep. Elizabeth mouth opened quickly
and willingly accepted Jessie's tongue. They broke off the kiss after 20
minutes. Jessie hands moved over Elizabeth breast's and she moaned softly. In
about 15 minutes Jessie had Elizabeth sopping wet and her moaning for her to
make love to her. Jessie went down ate her pussy so well Elizabeth begged her
to stop. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had.

A few minutes later Elizabeth recovered and told Jessie you might have to
help through this. Jessie asked her, "Are you sure about this you want to try

Elizabeth told her, "I must return the favor."

Jessie told her, "Them two fingers in me while you lick my clitoris."

Elizabeth did as she was instructed and Jessie did have a strong orgasm. They
lied in each others arm's and kissed a few minutes.

Elizabeth returned to her room with her husband and slept till morning.

A few months later they had a huge fight and Elizabeth filed for divorce.
They worked out a agreement each of them would raise a child. Elizabeth got
Annie and Nick got Halley.

Chapter 3

When Elizabeth came home after the divorce her father was very supportive.
One night about 3 months after she came home she was saying good night to
him. He casually slipped his tongue into her mouth. She willingly accepted
it for a few minutes. The kiss broke off as he told how he missed his little
girl. Elizabeth sat on his lap for a few minutes cuddling. Elizabeth got up
and went to the bedroom.

Within 10 minutes she was lying under the sheet when he came into the room.
He quickly stripped down and slid into bed. They kiss slowly and increased
the speed and depth. He spent the next hour kissing and touching her body.
She came numerous times and finally told her father to fuck her. When he
entered her she moaned softly, "Yes, daddy I need this real bad."

Elizabeth matched him stroke for stoke She worked his cock hard with her cunt
muscles. Daddy moaned to her he was cumming she timed her orgasm to meet his.
He always heard about the fireworks you see when orgasm match up he now saw

He awoke about 5:30 and took a shower she got up about an hour later. She
showered up and got Annie up for school. She found she enjoyed the night and
had lots of energy at work. Elizabeth and her father talked that night which
was something they never did since she came back home. They worked out a
schedule she would sleep with him once a month and give him blowjobs on a
regular basis.

She worked very hard getting her career on track for a few years. A wedding
gown she designed for a young lady was shown in a world wide magazine. The
phone rang off the hook after that she flew up the famous designer list.
Annie grew up quickly and before Elizabeth knew it she was 11 years old.

The night of her 11th birthday the family had a little party. Grandpa gave
her a beautiful diamond nameplate. she hugged him tight and gave him a kiss.
she sat on his lap for a while talking to him. He put his hand on her thigh
and rubbed it slowly working his hand upward. When they said goodnight he
kissed her for about 30 seconds on her lips. Annie got into bed and called
for her mother.

Elizabeth came into the room and Annie told her the problem. She was feeling
strange in her privates. Elizabeth told her to stripped down so she could
look. Annie did as requested and Elizabeth spread her legs and opened her
daughter's outer lips. She saw her daughter was moist and slid a finger in
her daughter vagina. Annie moaned softly her eyes shut tightly. The finger
moved in and out a few times and withdrew she opened her eys to see her
mother lick her finger. Elizabeth told her daughter it was time to learn to
masturbate. Annie sat up and watch her mother strip down.

Elizabeth was a little nervous she had not been with a another girl since
high school. She lied back spread her legs and showed her daughter where to
touch herself. They switched places and Elizabeth decided to help her

Annie spread her legs and was touching her clit her mother slid a finger into
her pussy. Elizabeth told her daughter "Relax. I'm helping you thru this."

Annie rubbed her clit slow at first and then increased the speed and her
mother worked her pussy. Elizabeth was getting wet helping Annie. She looked
at her daughter who was closing and opening her eyes as her orgasm built up.
They locked eyes and Elizabeth leaned downed and kissed her daughter. The
kiss was soft and easy which Annie liked. It broke after about a minute.
Elizabeth could feel Annie's pussy muscles grabbing her finger and knew she
was close. Elizabeth added a second finger and it sped things up.

Annie moaned "Oh god!" as her first orgasm racked her body. When Annie
recover she told her mother, "Is it always that good the first time".

Elizabeth told her, "No, remember you had some help."

Chapter 4

Hallie Parker was raised by her father in Califorina. Nick Parker had luck
getting his winery going. In about 5 years he had gotten some interest from
wine companys. She was somewhat of a tomboy. When the divorce was final he
kept Jessie around as a nanny to help raise her. Hallie loved to ride horses
and play sports. She was a excellent student at school. Jessie noticed that
Hallie interest had changed. Hallie did some looking on the internet and
found Camp Walden.

She was washing her horse when she noticed the horse's cock get bigger. It
was close to 2 feet long. As she washed underneath the horse she reached out
and washed his cock. The horse just stood there as he got washed. Hallie
grabbed the head and stroked him the horse seemed to be breathing different
now. Hallie was afraid of being trampled by the horse. The horse blew his
load over her hand and face. She cleaned up and tasted some it was not that
bad of a taste.

When she entered the house Jessie noticed the cum on her blouse. She looked
at Hallie and asked, "Did you 'touch' your horse?"

Hallie told her "I washed my horse and he blew his load as I was washing

Jessie told her to shower up and meet me in my room. She explained sex to her
and brought over a dildo to see. She answered all of Hallie's questions. When
she finished Hallie wanted to borrow the dildo. Jessie told her "No, you will
hurt yourself if you don't do it right."

Hallie asked if she could sleep with her tonight. Jessie taught her a lot
over the next two weeks. One night Hallie was masturbating in her room.
Jessie knocked at the door and got no answer. She opened the door was
surpried to see Hallie masturbating and more by what she was moaning. Hallie
was moaning "Yes, Jessica right there." A few minutes later she came real
hard and Jessica backed out of the room.

Jessica was turned on and masturbated in her room thinking about Hallie. She
had never thought of Hallie before like that. The orgasm she reached was
incredibly strong.

A few night later Hallie had a bad dream She awoke and went to Jessie's room.
She moved over and let Hallie into bed. Jessie looked and Hallie had locked
eyes on her. Hallie leaned over and kissed Jessie. Jessie took the kiss and
welcomed Hallie's tongue. While they were kissing Hallie hand moved to
Jessica breast. Jessie's finger slid into Hallie's pussy. It was tight but
wet Hallie asked Jessica to love her. Jessie slid down Hallie's body kissing
and licking it. Hallie's body reponded to Jessie tongue quickly. Jessie ate
her out to 3 orgasms and Hallie passsed out.

The night before she left for camp she made love to Jessie who came hard.
Hallie told Jessica she loved her very much. Jessie warned her you cant tell
anyone about this Hallie understood.

Chapter 5

Annie was picked up after school and taken home by Martin. He enjoyed the
ride home with her cause she was always showing off her legs. She would come
in and go to her Grandfather. She always sit on his lap and tell him about
her day. Annie never seemed to notice where Grandpa hand was. He always kept
one on her thigh.

One day she got out of school early and had lunch with Granpa. They had lunch
and he let her taste some ale which she drank and told him it was good. When
the lunch ended Grandpa kissed her on the lips and it broke off a few minutes
later. It got a little longer each day. Annie enjoyed being with her Grandpa.
He was always gentle with her. She realized after a few days she was feeling
different. He was reliving when he broke in Elizabeth years earlier. On her
14th birthday he slipped an ale which got her inhibitions down. The night
after the party she gave her virginity to her father. They had a relationship
that lasted for a few months.

When Annie came home on a Friday she went with her Grandpa to his room.
Grandpa finger was touching her and she was very wet. Annie came hard on
Grandpa fingers. They kissed deep for a few minutes. She postioned herself
for her Grandpa. He told her it will feel like a pinch. She lowered herself
onto her Grandpa's cock. Grandpa slowly worked into her. He saw her nod and
he pulled her down. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed deeply and she
was staying still. They got into a rhythm and he took it slow.

When she came hard she became very vocal saying, "Fuck me grandpa."

Martin was passing the room and heard the words. He listened carefully
at the door. They came together about 10 minutes later. He went about his
business at dinner that night. Elizabeth noticed her daughter was glowing
and looked at her father. He gave her a wink and ate a forkful of dinner.

When Annie took her shower that night Elizabeth found her daughter touching
herself. Elizabeth asked her daughter if she was in pain. Annie told her no.
when her showered ended she went with her mother to mom's bedroom. She spread
her legs for her mother Elizabeth looked at her daughter bald pussy. She
slowly let her finger slide into Annie's pussy which was wet and tight. Annie
locked her eyes to her mother eyes and leaned up and kissed her mother.
Elizabeth returned the kiss with tongue and fingered her daughter till she
came very hard. When they seperated there was Martin at the door watching he
back out of the room slowly and without speaking.

The next day she avoided Martin as much as possible. When dinner arrived
Martim winked at Elizabeth. Elizabeth was giving her dad his weekly blowjob
when Martin walked into the study with a bottle and two glasses. Elizabeth
was shocked to see Martin there. She knew what she had to do. Dad poured her
a glass of coganac which she drank quick. She took Martin by the hand and
went to his room. Martin kissed her slowly which help Elizabeth relax a
little. Elizabeth was well fucked by the butler's 8" cock. She worked out an
agreement the same as her dad.

A few days later Annie watched a video on how to give blowjobs. She then
practiced on grandpa that afternoon. Annie seemed to enjoy it she followed
instruction well. Annie made sure never to spill a drop of the yummy treat.

Chapter 6

Annie would alternate days between her grandpa and Martin at giving blowjobs.
Martin would sometimes get a blowjob on the way back from school. They
usually would make out on the way home he sometimes was able to finger her.
When Annie left for camp in the USA she was nervous. Martin was going with
her to the camp. Annie decided to let Martin fuck her.

It was a night flight to the camp in Maine. The plane was not to crowded and
they had the row to themselves. The flight was going to last about 7 hours.
Annie went to the bathroom after one hour in the plane. Martin was watching
the movie when she got back. She sat on his lap facing him and started to
kiss him. In about 10 minutes he had a hardon that was going to burst. Martin
had her stand as her lower his pants and she sat back down. She moaned softly
as his cock opened her up. They fuckly slowly for about 15 minutes and
reached orgasm together. Annie left a few minutes later to clean up.

A stewdress had watch them make love and told Annie "I'll help you clean up."

She licked Annie cleaned of Martin's cum and made Annie orgasm again. When
Annie got back Martin went to clean up the same stewdress gave Martin a
blowjob. They slept soundly the remainder of the flight. When they got to
the camp She hugged him tightly and told him she loved him. She would be
gone for 8 weeks.

The camp was fun for Annie she learned new things and made some American
friends. She noticed the second in command looking at her she though about
her mother.

The second day there she met Hallie. They didn't seem to like each other.
Annie though Hallie was rude and a trouble maker. Hallie though the Annie
a snob and stuck up. Within two weeks they got into trouble for hyjinks.
They were send to the isolation cbin. They were forbidden from eating with
the rest of the camp and from particapating in camp activies.

One day Annie was in the cabin alone she went thru Halley's stuff and found
the picture of a man. She had her mother's picture from the cruise. She put
them together and realized this was her father. When Halley returned Annie
had scotch taped the picture together. They hugged, cried and held each
other. Hallie kissed Annie hard and deep who returned the kiss with the same
passion. They spend the rest of the day and night learning about each other
bodies. They learn about each other's household and decide to switch places.

A few days later after dinner the second in command checked on the girls and
finds them comfortable with each other. The counseler proceeded to sleep with
both girls and fucked them with a strap-on.

They switched places and Hallie made out with Martin on the ride to the
airport. Annie hugged her father tightly and stared at him on the ride home.
When she reached home Jessie hugged and told how much she missed her. Hallie
slept in her mother's bed that night. Elizabeth found it weird having her
daughter in bed with her. During the time Annie was away she always had a man
in bed with her. She had enjoyed it so much that three times they had double
teamed her.

It took about a week for Grandpa to Hallie into bed and she enjoyed it
immensly. Jessie picked up on something about Annie that was not right. She
took Annie to her room and told her to spill the beans. When Annie didn't
answer to Hallie. She looked up at Jessie and told her, "That's cause I'm

Jessie broke down crying and hugged Annie tightly. Grandpa found Hallie
making a long distance call to America and got her to admit who she really
was. That night he told Elizabeth after she given him his weekly blowjob.
She went in and woke Hallie up and hugged and kissed her she told everything
to her mother.

Chapter 7

The phone call to America lasted about a half hour and the arrangements were
set up. Elizabeth was not upset about his marriage. When they met again it
didnt take long for the hormones to start following in each of them. They
went back to his ranch and it didnt take to long for things to happen. Nick's
fiance found him in bed with his ex-wife and called off the engagement.

Nick took the twins out for there annual camping trip and Elizabeth stayed
home with her Martin and Jessie. The first night they had a BBQ on the patio
the 3 of them got a good buzz on. Jessie and Elizabeth were dancing to music
staring deeply at each other. When the dance ended Elizabeth told them I
need a swim. Jessie told her so do I they ran off the side of the pool into
the 9 foot section.

When they came up they hugged and kissed deeply. Martin ran and dove in to
join the girls. They swam down to the 4 foot section and stripped off the wet
clothing. They sat outside drying off naturally for about 30 minutes talking.
Martin and Jessie kissed Elizabeth good night and went to her room. Elizabeth
sat outside for another 10 minutes and decided she didn't want to sleep along
tonight. She walked to Jessie's room and found it unlocked and asked, "Can I
join you?"

Martin fucked both ladies once and the ladies made love once. The ladies
talked comparing the twins. Elizabeth confessed to Jessie that she told Nick
to break the girls in. The first time sould be be someone who will make you
enjoy the experience. "When he gets back, I'm going to remarry him."

Nick had caught some nice fish for dinner and they had a nice talk before
bed. They had a four person tent so there was room. The girls each gave him
a kiss goodnight and went to bed. He opened a beer and stared at the stars.
He had made sure to pack protection. They set up a second tent to store the
backpacks thats were he would take each girl. When he entered the tent the
girs were kissing ad feeling each other pussies lying side by side. He asked
the girls, "What are you doing?"

Hallie told him getting ready for you to fuck us. Annie crawled out of the
sleeping bag and walked to the other tent. Nick fucked Annie slowly at first
and picked up speed. He knew she could not have been virgin. Annie came twice
before he shot his load.

They rested up and Annie crawled back to her tent. Hallie awoke kissed Annie
quickly and told her rest up. She went over to her father and got ready.
Hallie got into postion kissed her father and told him, "You dont how long
I've want this."

He was very gentle with her thinking she was still a virgin. He slid in her
after eating her to a organism. She was very tight and moaned "Yes daddy."

He slowly increased speed and he found her matching him stroke for stroke.
Nick had jerked off thinking about this a few times in the last year. He had
seen her nude one morning when she was asleep. They reached orgasm together
she was very vocal. "Agggg yesss daddyyyyyy!" as the orgasm went through her

The next day he taught both girls how to give a blowjob. Annie had the
advantage since she had blown Martin. When they got home the next day the
girls went to there room and Nick collasped onto the couch.

Elizabeth asked Nick, "What's wrong? The girls rocked you world to the core."

Nick thanked her for the experience. They married a week later at the ranch
the girls were bridesmaids and Jessie and Martin witnesses. Jessie and Martin
married about a year later. Jessie and Martin decided not to have children
and became swap partners with the Parkers. Annie and Hallie grew up quickly
and loved daily by someone or groups.


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