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(C) 2001 HaRkOnIn All rights reserved.

This Series Is Based On Disney's 1999 Movie The Parent Trap, Starring Lindsay
Lohan In A Dual Role As Annie James And Hallie Parker, Dennis Quaid As Their
Father Nick Parker, And Natasha Richardson As Their Mother Elizabeth James.
This Series Is In No Way Intended To Infringe On Any Of Disney's Copyrights,
It Is Simply A Fantasy.

The Parent Trap: Part 2 - Hallie Meets Martin (Mg,pedo)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

On The Plane

Hallie Parker, now wearing her twin sister's clothes that she wore on her
first day at Camp Walden For Girls sat down in her assigned seat after
needing help from one of the stewardess's puting her bag in the overhead
compartment just above her seat. She looked around taking in her
surroundings. She had never been on a plane before. It was all quite
interesting to her. People taking their seats while others placed their
bags under their seats or in the overhead compartments, talking to each
other, making plans on what they were going to do as soon as the plane
landed in London.

Hallie's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by one of the stewardess's
bending down to her level.

"Mis James?"

Hallie gathered her thoughts quickly. She almost forgot that she was
supposed to be playing the roll of her twin sister.

She quickly mustered up the best English accent she could, "Oh I'm sorry.
I.. I was mezmorized by all the surroundings."

The stewardess laughed, "Oh that's alright. I just wanted to know if you
needed anything before we take off."

"Like what?"

"Maybe a soda? Some food?"

"Oh, no thanks, I'm not very hungry just now. Thanks anyway."

The stewardess smiled and left her alone. Hallie watched her disappear down
the isle from the First Class section to the rear of the plane where the
Coach passengers sat. Before the curtain was closed, Hallie realized how
comfortable First Class was compared to Coach. For instance, the seats in
Coach were much smaller, and placed closer together, making the isle wider.
While in First Class, the seats are larger, placed further apart, making the
isle much smaller, but big enough for people to get through in single file.

"Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking. We've just been cleared
for takeoff. I would ask that everyone please take your seats as quickly as
possible. Please extinguish all cigarettes, and place all seat backs and
tray tables in their upright and locked positions, and fasten all seatbelts,
as we will be taking off shortly."

Hallie sat back and grabbed the arms of her seat as tight as she could. She
didn't know what to expect with this being her first time on a plane. She
was almost scared stiff. She didn't know what to do. She almost panicked.
But a sudden familiar aroma filled the air around her. She sniffed around a
little until she finally realized where it was coming from. Her sister's
dress, which she was now wearing. It still smelled of lilacs, which her
sister told her was a favorite scent of their mother's. She leaned back in
the seat and relaxed and allowed the scent to overtake her as she closed her
eyes and dreamed about what it was going to be like to finally meet her

Hallie felt the plane rumble a little bit and looked out the window. She
noticed the scenery moving by faster and faster with each passing second,
until finally, the ground seemed to disappear and all she could see was blue
sky. Apparently she had gotten so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn't
realized that the plane had taxied out to the runway, and had taken off.

She leaned back in her seat and folded her hands across her lap, still
staring out the window.

"This is it... I hope she likes me.... Please... Like me...", she
whispered to herself.

London Airport

Hallie got up from her seat and looked around. She was suddenly surrounded
by hundreds of passengers standing up and removing their bags from the
overhead compartments. She turned her attention to a tall man who had opened
the compartment right above her seat. She recongized him as man who sat in
an isle seat right across the isle from hers. He had taken too many carry
on bags with him, and he had to put one of them in the overhead compartment
above Hallie's seat. She tapped him on the back and he turned and stopped
for a moment, then glanced down at her.

"Excuse me sir."

"Yes? What is it?"

"Could you please get my bag? It's.. The little brown one up there next to


The man reached up and got the bag that matched Hallie's description and
handed it to her, then he took his and turned and began walking with the
other passengers down the isle toward the exit. Hallie followed him.

"Thanks Mister."

"No problem.", the man glanced back at her, then kept walking toward the
exit. A moment later, he slowed down and continued walking until he was
right next to Hallie's side. He bent down to her ear and whispered, "You're
awefully small to be by yourself on a plane. Are you meeting somebody when
you get off?"

"Yes. Our butler Martin.", Hallie rolled her eyes.

"What's your name little girl?", the man seemed a little nicer than he was

"Hal.... Uh... Annie.... Annie James.", she almost forgot who she was.

The man looked at her and thought for a moment.

"Isn't your mother Elizabeth James? The famous fashion designer?"

"Why yes, she is."

The man stopped and took her hand and kissed it. "O'm terribly sorry for
being rude back there, it's just that I am in a hurry to meet a client. It's
very nice to meet you Miss James."

Hallie smiled sweetly and let her hand all to her side as the man smiled back
at her and turned and walked off the plane. Hallie followd him out. She
wanted to talk to him a little more, but when she got off the plane, through
the gate, and out into the open of the big airport, he was nowhere to be
seen. Hallie suddenly began to get scared. She didn't see Martin. She ran
to a seat near the gate and put her bags on the floor and stood up on the
chair and looked around.

A moment later she heard a voice. "Annie!"

She looked in the direction of that voice and finally saw somebody she
recognized. She smiled and shouted, "Martin!" still speaking in her best
English accent.

Martin ran to where she was, and she picked up her bags and went to his side.

"Gimme five girlfriend," he said.

Hally hesitated for a brief moment, and then suddenly realized what he was
looking for. That stupid handshake that he and Annie always did. She
wondered why her sister worked so hard to teach it to her, and now she knew
what it was all about. Hallie dropped her bags and Took Martin's hand and
the two of them engaged in the handshake. When it was over, Martin handed
her a flower.

"Missed you," he said.

"Missed you," Hallie replied.

And Martin picked up her bags and the two of them walked away.

In The Car

The black stretch limo drove along the London city streets, on it's way to
take Martin and Hallie to their house. In the back of the limmo, Hallie sat
with her back turned to the driver, facing Martin, who was sitting in the
very back seat right in front of her. His arms sprawled out on both sides
of the seat. Halli hadn't noticed right away, but Martin was staring at her
with a strange look on his face. She hoped that he didn't discover her
secret. Who she really was.

But then she followed his eyes and realized what he was staring at. Her
dress. More speciffically, he was staring between her legs.

"Martin, why are you staring at me like that?", Hallie decided to finally
say. Deep down she knew, but she wanted to hear it from him.

"I'm sorry Annie... I shouldn't stare. It's just that you look so lovely,"
Martin stammered.

And right then and there, Hallie knew what he was after. But she was
worried. What would her dad say if he knew that another man was attracted
to her? He always told her that she was the only girl in his life. And now,
somebody else was looking her way. And the thoughts she was having at that
moment... Well let's just say that if her father was there, she would have
been all over him.

Hallie loved playing the innocent little girl with her father. Even though
with what the two of them always did together, she really wasn't all that
innocent at all. But it always turned her father on. The way she would do
all those sexy poses, wear all those beautiful dresses and skirts and sexy
neglishay that her father would always let her pick out whenever they went
shopping together. It was all in fun of course. At first she really hadn't
expected anything. She thought she was just posing in pretty outfits, until
she realized that her father was coming onto her... and she loved every
minute of it. From the very first time they had sex together.

Hallie put those thoughts aside and looked back up at Martin, who was
drooling this time, as he continued to stare between her legs. Hallie turned
her head quickly and realized the compartment door between the driver and the
passenger area of the limo was open, and the driver was staring at the two of
them in the rear view mirror. She turned her head looking around the limo
for the switch to close it. She couldn't find it. Then she looked back at
Martin, who was pointing to the ceiling at a panel of buttons just above her.

Hallie reached up and pressed a few of the buttons and managed to turn on
the radio, lock the doors, and close the compartment all at the same time.
Martin simply laughed and reached up and turned the radio to a favorite
station of his and turned it down a little. The sound of country music
filled the air waves. Hallie was impressed. She always liked country music,
and was impressed to find somebody who shared the same interest. Her dad
always hated it.

Hallie looked into Martin's eyes. The two of them said absolutely nothing to
each other. Martin was still staring between Hallie's legs, but this time,
he had more of a reason to stare. When Hallie reached up to close the
compartment, her sister's dress rode up her thighs quite a bit, revealing her
yellow silk panties. Hallie was suddenly embarassed as she realized what had
happened. She quickly pulled the hem of the dress down over her knees and
gave Martin an appolling stare.

Martin suddenly looked away, his face quickly turning red. Hallie smiled.
She was having fun with this. Never in her entire life had anyone taken such
an interest in her. When she looked up again and realized Martin was making a
pathetic attempt to pretend he was looking at something very interesting out
the window of the limmo, Hallie suddenly felt bad. She didn't mean to do
that. Actually, the fact that Martin was taking any interest in her at all
kinda turned her on.

Pretending not to notice it, Hallie reached down and grabbed the hem of her
dress and pulled it up to her stomach and put her arms over her head and
stretched, and even pretended to yawn as she looked over to her left staring
out the window. When she did this, she had managed to make her sister's
dress ride up her thighs even more so than it had before. Now, the entire
front of her panties were now fully exposed. Out of the corner of her eye,
she saw Martin's eyes widen as she spread her legs as far apart as she could
make them go.

Still staring out the window, Hallie let her arms fall slowly. She placed
both her hands on her knees. She heard Martin begin to breath heavily and
his eyes got wider and wider and she slowly moved her hands from knees,
across the inside of her thighs, until her fingers came to rest on her
panties. Hallie finally decided to stare right into Martin's eyes. And
when she realized that he was staring right back at her, eyes wide as silver
dollars, this turned her on so greatly, that she just had to do something to
relieve the tension between them.

To make things a little less awkward, Hallie removed her shoes and socks and
placed them on the floor. Then she stood up and reached down and took her
sister's dress by the hem and pulled it up over her head and removed it
completely. Martin was now breathing so erratically, that if it were not for
the sound of the car engines and the traffic around them, the driver would
have heard it.

Loving every minute of what Hallie was making Martin to, she slowly and
sexily walked up to Martin until she was standing right in front of him. She
stared down at him and smiled.

"Well, don't just sit there Martin."

Martin cleared his throat, "Excuse me?"

"Go on... Touch me.. You know you want to," Hallie said in the softest
voice possible, still with an English accent.

As Martin reached up and began to caress Hallie's almost naked body with the
softest hands she had ever felt upon her, she looked between his legs and
noticed that his cock was now very erect.

She couldn't resist. She just had to have that thick huge cock of his inside
her. So she reached down between Martin's legs and unbuttoned and unzipped
his pants, and reached down the front of his underwear and pulled the thick
hard shaft out of it's hiding place and began to stroke it. She was amazed.
Martin's cock was even bigger than her father's.

Hallie let Martin's cock go, and stood up and pulled her panties down to her
ankles and stepped out of them. Then she straddled Martin's legs and grabbed
onto his shoulders and positioned herself so that his cock was directly in
line with the opening of her vagina. Then she reached down and took Martin's
hands and placed them on her shoulders and pushed on them a little, motioning
him to force her body down onto his cock.

Martin didn't want to do this at first. He was afraid that he might hurt

"It's alright Martin. I've done this before."

"With who?"

"Uhhh, I can't tell you that yet. Just do it.. Please Martin? I must have
you inside of me, right this instant," Hallie began to get a little

But just then the tension between them was suddenly relieved in an instant
as Martin grabbed Hallie's shoulders, and with all of the strength he could
muster, in one fellow swoop, he YANKED Hallie down so hard onto his cock that
as it went up inside of her, it nearly split her in two. Hallie let out a
loud scream and began to cry a little.

"Oh my god. I'm sorry Annie. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Hallie wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at him as sweet as can be
and said, "It's alright Martin, you didn't hurt me, just surprised me that's

Martn reached down and grabbed Hallie's legs and pulled on them until they
were wrapped around his back, and he then placed his hands on her hips and
began to push his cock in and out of her. Slow at first, but as Hallie's
screams of joy began to overtake him, he couldn't resist but to move faster
and faster. Until finally, he couldn't hold back anymore, and he let his wad
loose, deep inside of her.

When it was over, the two of them got dressed and cleaned up just in time as
the car stopped right outside their house. Martin took Hallie's bags in for
her, and they never spoke of this incident again.

-=The End=-


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