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(C) 2001 HaRkOnIn All rights reserved.

This Series Is Based On Disney's 1999 Movie The Parent Trap, Starring Lindsay
Lohan In A Dual Role As Annie James And Hallie Parker, Dennis Quaid As Their
Father Nick Parker, And Natasha Richardson As Their Mother Elizabeth James.
This Series Is In No Way Intended To Infringe On Any Of Disney's Copyrights,
It Is Simply A Fantasy.

The Parent Trap: Part 3 - Hallie Meets Her Mom (Fg,inc,pedo)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

Hallie sat there in the back seat of the limo mezmorized by what she and
Martin had just done. Her eyes were wide as silver dollars. She was
panting. She had never had such a big sock inside her before, and she
enjoyed every second of it. She had no idea that a man Martin's age could
do something like this to her. Make her feel so good.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening next to her. She shot a
glance towards it and saw the driver reaching in for her hand. She took it,
and swung her legs out of the limmo and stood up. The driver then closed
the door behind her, and smiled at her as he said, "Home again." and then
got back in the driver seat of the limmo and drove away.

Hallie looked around. The scenery was so beautiful. The front of the house
they were parked in was covered with beautiful tall trees and bushes with
lovely flowers on them. The grass was neatly cut. She took in the scenery
for a moment, and then looked at the gate in front of her. She reached out
and opened it and walked toward the front door as she said, "This is it."

She reached out and gently took the doorknob with her left hand and turned
it and pushed. The door opened with a click and a loud creek. She entered
the house and looked around. The inside of the house was even more beautiful
than the outside. Lots of old furniture, pictures neatly placed above the
fireplace, it really was quite a site.

"Hello?" Hallie said in her muddled English accent.

She waited for someone to answer, but nobody did. She heard somebody
clearing his throat in the next room, and she decided to go see who it was.
She entered the room and saw a figure sitting at a desk holding a newspaper
in front of him. The smell of the room and the smoke hovering above the
newspaper told Hallie who it was.


The man lowered the newspaper and looked at her with surprise.

"I'm home," she smiled.

The old man stood up and smiled. "Is that my little girl? That tall gangly

Hallie smiled, "Yes. It's me."

The old man ran to her and threw his arms around her and gave her a big hug.
He stopped for a momen and looked down at her. He noticed her burrying her
nose in his clothes and sniffing.

"What are you doing?"



"I'm making a memory. Years from now, when I'm all grown up, I'll always
remember how my grandfather smelled of... Peppermint and pipe tobaco."

"Hahaha... Good to have you back!"


Hallie heard a female voice calling from the staircase in the other room.
She looked up at her grandfather, and he pointed to where the voice was
coming from and smiled at her and went back to reading his newspaper. Hallie
ran out of the room and looked up at the top of the huge staircase and her
jaw dropped to the floor. There, standing at the top of the staircase was
her mother. A beautiful figure in a yellow sun dress, with short blond hair.
She gasped for a moment.


"You're back!" her mother shouted.

Hallie couldn't resist. She just had to hug her. After all, she had never
met her mother before, she had only seen her in the picture that her father
gave her. Hallie ran up the stairs as fast as she could and jumped into her
mother's arms and squeezed her as tight as she could, and was surprised to
feel her mother squeezing her back just as tightly.

Later On

Hallie and her mother were sitting on a small love seat in her mom's bedroom.
A small coffee table with a pretty pink table cloth covering it was in front
of them. It had tea and cookies on it. Hallie was explaining to her mother
how much fun she had at camp, and started telling her about a girl she met,
and about how she got her ears pierced and her hair cut. Just then, Martin
entered the room and knocked lightly on the door.

"Oh Martin!" Elizabeth said.

"I found a stowaway in your suitcase," Martin said, holding up a small
stuffed animal.

Hallie's jaw dropped to the floor and her eyes widened. "Oh my god, Cuppie!"

"Cuppie?" her mom looked at her.

"He... He belongs to my friend, the one I was um, telling you about. I
can't imagine how he got into my suitcase," Hallie said quickly as she got
up and went to where Martin was standing and took the stuffed animal from
him and held it tightly to her chest.

"Well since he's not our Cuppie, shall we dispose of the little creature?"
Martin asked.

"NO!" Hallie almost forgot her English accent. "I mean... No, she's had this
thing all her life. She couldn't like, stay in a foreign country without
him. No, I'll take care of him. That will be all Martin, thank you."

Martin left the room, and Hallie closed the door behind him. She turned to
her mother who was staring at her with the most serious look on her face that
she had ever seen. Hallie looked at the stuffed animal she was grasping onto
so tightly and threw it on a chair in the dorner behind the door and went
back and sat down on the loveseat next to her mother and continued her story.

Hallie had no idea how it got started, but the subject suddenly turned to
sex. And as she was explaining an encounter she had with the girl she met at
camp to her mother, her mother started to get very uncomfortable. The look on
her face was horrifying. She looked as though she was going to spring up and
run to the phone and call the police and report the matter right then and
there. But something in Hallie's voice told her to stay put and continue
listening to the story. When she was finished, Elizabeth had no idea what to

"Mom? What's wrong?"

"Nothing darling, I'm just... Surprised that's all. I had no idea you were
into sex already, you're only going on 12," her mother stopped herself in
her tracks and thought for a moment. "Now that I think about it, I learned
about sex right around your age."

Hallie felt so comfortable talking about this with her mother, that she
almost let her secret about her father and her having sex every night slip.
She stopped herself before going further than saying, "Then there was another
encounter......" She looked at her mom, who was now staring right into her
eyes with a confused look on her face.

"Just how many sexual encounters have you had young lady? And furthermore,
I don't like the fact that you did it with another girl you met at camp.
Girls aren't supposed to do things with oher girls.", her mother began to get

"Mom, it's okay. I liked it. Really."

Elizabeth didn't know what to say. Instead she bit her lower lip and grabbed
the tea pot and poured herself another cup and began to drink it. She never
put the cup down, but instead just sat there holding it in front of her lips
taking sips from it occasionally, and looking next to her at her daughter,
who in turn was looking up at her for some kind of approval, but she couldn't
give her any.

"Would you rather I did it with one of the male counselors there Mom? I mean
there were only 2, but they looked pretty good," Hallie said as she looked
up at her mother, the look on her face turning from upset to understanding.

"No darling. God no! It just... Surprised me, that's all. So what did it
feel like?"

"It's hard to explain really. When she was touching my body all over, the
feelings I was getting were wonderful. I guess you would have to experience
it for yourself in order to see what I mean," Hallie said sadly.

"Well there's no chance of that," her mother said.

Hallie looked up at her mother, and began eying her. "Why not? I could show

"Not on me darling. That just wouldn't be right. You're my little girl."

"But there's no other girls here. And I want you to experience what it's
like to do it with another girl," Hallie said.

Hallie pushed herself up against the back of the love seat and reached out
next to her and took her mother's and and slowly and gently began pulling it
towards her. She looked into her eyes as she did this and saw her staring at
her hand as it inched closer and closer to her. Her eyes widened as Hallie
took her dress by the hem, lifted it up slightly and placed her mother's hand
between her legs and closed them, covering it up with the dress, pulling it
down to her knees.

Elizabeth was about to pull away, but Hallie grabbed her hand again and this
time held it as she moved it back between her legs. It rested comfortably on
the front of her underwear, which were still soaked with Martin's juices from
their previous encounter.

"It's okay mom. You can touch me."

Hallie let out a huge gasp when she felt her mother's fingers moving from the
top of her panty line, down into her crotch area. She realized that her
mother wasn't feeling her up like she had hoped. But rather, she was trying
to figure out why she was so wet down there.

"Annie? What's this?"

Hallie didn't want to tell her that she and Martin had just finished making
love on the way home from the airport. She didn't want to say anything at
all infact. Instead of talking, she reached over with her left hand and took
the hem of her mother's dress and began slowly pulling it up. Surprising
enough, her moher simply closed her eyes and leaned back, her hand still
resting on Hallie's pussy, fingers carressing it.

"Oh mother, you have such wonderful hands," Hallie said softly as she closed
her eyes and let her mother continue to fondle her.

By this time, Hallie had her mom's dress all the way up, exposing her
underwear. Hallie looked over and noticed her mom looking down at her dress,
smiling as she continued to fondle her little girl. This time with a little
more force. Hallie began to moan softly.

"Oh mommy.... Oh touch me.. Touch your little girl."

Hallie gasped and suddenly had trouble breathing as she felt her mother's
hand suddenly sliding down the front of her underwear. And got the thrill of
her life when she felt 2 fingers on her mom's right hand slide deep inside
her vagina. Hallie looked over at her mother, who was still staring down
between her legs. Obviously waiting for Hallie's hand to do something.

"Mother... Mmmmmmm.... Not to change the subject or anyting.... But...
Hhhhhh.... For a woman who has never done anything to another woman
before..... Mmmmmmm you're sure doing a great job on me.", Hallie managed
to say, softly moaning between each word.

Before her mother could respond, Hallie pushed her left hand down the front
of her panties and began rubbing her clit. Just like she had learned. And
she knew she was doing an excellent job when she saw her mother close her
eyes and throw her head back and begin to moan softly.

Before long, the two of them had fingered eachother to orgasm. When it was
all over, they kissed very passionately and fell asleep in eachother's arms.

-=The End=-


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