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Note: Drew is 14, Amber is 16

Codes: mf, cons, first, inc, f-mast, m-mast oral, voy

Parenthood: A Twisted Family Tree Part 1
by Tricksterson

Amber strained her ears to hear what her brother Drew was doing in the bathroom, which was ironic both because she knew exactly what he was doing, namely jerking off and because she was the reason he was in there in the first place.

They had moved from Fresno to Berkley just a few days ago into their grandparents house with their mother Sarah and lack of room had forced the siblings to share one. The first night she'd been kept awake by the sounds of a marathon masturbation session emanating from the bed emanating from across the not very big bedroom from her. This and embarrassment had been the excuses she'd given for complaining to her mother in the morning resulting in the compromise of her brother doing his business in the bathroom.

What she hadn't told either of them was her other reason, namely that it had turned her on to a disturbing degree. Maybe it was because she missed her boyfriend or just because she got horny real easy. She tried to avoid the thought that Drew being her brother was part of what turned her on but it still hung on in the back of her mind.

And now when she could barely hear the sounds and grunts of his masturbating her mind, or at least the part with a direct line to her rapidly moistening pussy, wanted nothing more than to hear them better.

Quietly, wearing only a Betty Boop night shirt and a pair of panties underneath she got out of bed and snuck to the bathroom door. Of course once she was there, hearing wasn't enough, she needed to see what he was doing too.

She slowly eased the door open but it turned out that she needn't have worried about being spotted. Drew's eyes were tightly shut as his hand stroked furiously up and down his cock.

Amber's own eyes widened and she licked her lips as she watched. Drew might be her younger brother but he certainly wasn't her "little" brother. Aside from his being nearly a foot taller than her his member was about ten inches long and as big around as an Italian sausage.

She sucked on her bottom lip, raised her nightshirt with one hand and slipped the other one under her panties and inserted a finger into her slit. Barely stifling a groan of pleasure she sunk down to her knees at the same time she leaned forward to get a better look.

Which caused her to trip over her feet and topple face forward onto the bathroom floor.

Drew's eyes flew open to see his sister, nightie up around her waist, round, rainbow bikini clad ass thrust up into the air, laid out at his feet. She looked up at him, smiled weakly and asked, "Want some help with that?"

For slightly over a year, ever since he'd discovered the joys of whacking off both Amber and Sarah, their mother, had occasionally featured in his sexual fantasies. It wasn't something he was particularly proud of but his hormones and subconcious had their own agenda and by any objective standard they were both pretty hot.

But in the two days since they'd been sharing a bedroom *all* of his fantasies had centered around his sister including the one he'd been having when she literally fell at his feet. So after blinking a couple of times to make sure he wasn't imagining things he nodded.

Amber got on her hands and knees, moved the short distance to her brother, moved his hand off his dick and replaced it with hers. She started stroking up and down while her tongue flicked out to lick the glans, causing him to groan and clench his fists.

"Did you like that?," she asked. "Do you want you sister's mouth on your cock?" The words were teasing but the tone was serious because she still had doubts about what she was doing.

"Yes," Drew replied in a voice strangled by a combination of lust and his own doubts.

Hearing this Amber put his cockhead in her mouth and sucked then started moving her head up and down the shaft, going a little further down each time until she had all of it in. As her head reached the root Drew's hands moved to either side of her head to keep it steady and he proceeded to fuck his sister's mouth. Meanwhile her hands moved down to pull off his pants and underwear then began to roam greedily all over his limbs and torso.

When she felt her brother getting ready to come Amber removed his hands from her head and then took her mouth off him. Any dissapointment or protest on his part was stifled when she got up, straddled his lap and began rubbing her panty clad crotch aganist his massive erection while shelocked her lips onto his. Drew's nose wrinkled slightly at the aftertaste of his own dick his sister's tongue and lips but was too preoccupied with wrestling that tongue with his own, not to mention the lap dance she was giving him, to really mind. Instead he let his hands explore her voluptuous young body, especially her B-cup tits.

When the kiss ended she whispered fiercely into his ear, "I want you to fuck me!," then stood up, took his hands in hers and pulled him into the bedroom and towards his bed where she lay down and pulled him down next to her.

As they kissed again she felt Drew's hand between her legs and raised her hips to let him pull her panties down then felt a finger enter her pussy at the same time he broke the kiss to begin suckling her tits.

"Unh!," she gasped, "Yeah...that's...goood!" She clawed at his back and snarled, all doubts gone, "I want you in me. I want my brother's big hard cock in my hot wet pussy!"

Drew pulled Amber's panties down all the way off but before fucking her he bent bent his head down between her legs, softly kissing her inner thighs. He'd never eaten a girl before, Hell, he'd never even kissed a girl, at least not open mouthed before, but he'd heard that they liked this sort of thing.

Sensing that her brother needed guidance Amber urged him on. "Yeah, that's good, now higher, ohhhyeeah, that's reeal good, soo good!," she wailed as he kissed his way up into her hairy brown bush and his tongue joined his finger inside her slit.

"Unnh! Ohh! Fuck yes! Now fuck me Drew! Fuck your little sister!" Even though she was two years older she and Drew teasingly referred to each other as "big brother " and "little sister" because of their height differential.

Happy to comply Drew arranged himself between her legs but looking at the size of his member relative to her hole, he had to ask, "This won't hurt you, will it?"

Smiling at his brotherly concern Amber shook her head and said, "Only in a good way," even though he was much bigger than her boyfriend. But indeed as she guided him in she could feel her vagina stretching as he entered. Soon he had a pounding rhythm going and her fingers dug desperately into his back as her legs wrapped around him trying to pull him ever further into her.

"Yess! That's sooo goood!! Cum in me Drew, cum in in your sister!," she moaned as they both came while a small part of her brain was thankful that she had stayed on the pill after they left Fresno on the basis of "You never know.", although not in a million years would she have guessed that this would occur.

After they were done Amber sighed, kissed her brother tenderly on the lips, then pushed him gently off her and started to get out of bed.

"Where are you going. Don't you want to, you know, cuddle?" Once again this was more something Drew had heard about than anything he knew from experience.

She smiled and said, "Yeah, actually I would but it would be a bad thing if we fell asleep and woke up naked together in bed with Mom standing over us don't you think?"

"Yeah, you're right."

She was standing up now and he had sat up in bed which put her head only slightly above his. She bent down to kiss him again and said, "Don't worry, there'll be tomorrow night."

"There will?"

"Are you kidding? Baby brother, this was the best fuck I've ever had."


Alas it was not to be. The next morning, without explanation their mother told Amber that she would be moving into her room. She didn't say why but both siblings guessed that they had made more noise than they thought so neither bothered asking as they weren't prepared for where that might lead.

As he was helping her move her stuff Amber noticed her brother's depressed attitude, looked around to make sure noone was watching then pressed him against the wall for a full on liplock. As they broke off she reached between his legs and cupped his balls.

"Just something to hold you until we can get some us time," she whispered

"You mean...?," he whispered back.

"What part of 'best fuck I've ever had', didn't I make clear to you?," she said with a smile and another, quicker kiss. "Just remember, the heavy lifting is all you," she said as she put a monsterously heavy box into his arms.


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