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Parenthood: A Twisted Family Tree Part 2
by Tricksterson

Sarah and her daughter Amber lay in bed, together but apart, backs to each other, seperated by a "wall" that was actually a couple of quilts rolled up together and put between them. Their room wasn't big enough for both their beds which was why Amber had originally shared a room with her brother Drew. But that hadn't worked out.

More accurately it had worked out much too well. Even though her room was two doors down from theirs Sarah had heard enough to convince her that leaving them together would be a bad idea. She hadn't discussed the matter with either of them, in fact they had barely spoken to her since the move.

She knew how they felt. Or at least how she would have felt if her parents had ever found out about her and her first lover, her older brother Adam.

* * *

It had started when she was thirteen and Adam was fifteen. One day, parents and their younger sibs gone out and on her way back from the bathroom she had noticed Adam's door open. She would have just walked right on by if she hadn't caught something out of the corner of her eye and stopped to confirm it.

It had been Adam, looking at himself in a full length mirror and, except for a pair of dark blue Speedos, he had been naked.

'And *fine*!' a part of her brain that had only recently become active due to puberty that she thought of as SluttySarah, said.

'He's my brother!,' the main part of her brain, which she thought of as GoodSarah replied.

'Your point?'

The internal argument would probably have ended there and she would have gone back to her room and tried to get what she saw out of her mind if Adam hadn't chosen that moment to drop the briefs down around his ankles and revealed what was, to her inexperienced eyes anyway, a really big erection.



'Shut up GoodSarah. I'm in charge now.'

Nonetheless guilt and fear had made her look towards the stairs to make sure the rest of the family wasn't about to suddenly show up to burn a scarlet A onto her skin before she unbuttoned the top of her shorts and slipped her hand inside.

At first she had just rubbed herself through her panties, biting down on her lower lip but then she had seen her brother take his cock in hand and start to stroke it. A new wave of heat had flushed her skin and her hand hand gone into her panties and two fingers into her peachfuzzed slit. They had gone in and out in sync with her brothers stroking and she could almost imagine what his penis would feel like inside her. Soon she was close to coming. She had closed her eyes and a whimper had escaped her throat.

And then a hand had grabbed her by the hair and yanked her forward.

Her eyes had flown open and she had seen her brother's face, twisted in a sneer.

"You were spying on me!," he had accused in a harsh tone.

"I...I...," she had stammered. GoodSarah had been back, full of the fear and shame that fueled her.

"I think you need to pay a penalty. Unless you want me to tell Mom and Dad."

"No! I' anything...anything you want."

"Really?," he'd said in a tone that had made SluttySarah perk up with interest. "Take off your clothes."


"You got to see me naked, didn't you?," he'd said in a tone of faux reasonableness. "It's only fair."

"I...guess," she's said. Meanwhile Slutty Sarah had been pumping her metaphorical fists in the air.

There was nothing seductive in the way she had undressed, partly because she hadn't really know how to be seductive yet and partly because she had been close to peeing herself with nervousness. She had tried to pretend her brother wasn't watching her, an act that would have worked better if SluttySarah hadn't made her keep looking to see how he was reacting.

For his part Adam had kept his eyes on her at all times, even when he closed the door, seemingly indifferent to her attitude or the fact that she was his sister. All that had seemed to matter to him was that a girl was getting naked for him in his room.

First she had kicked off her sneakers then pulled off her Depeche Mode t-shirt. She had pushed one bra strap off her shoulder,, then the other. She was reaching behind her to unhook it when Adam had said, "Stop."

She remembered being both relieved and dissapointed that he might have decided that things had gone far enough. But he hadn't.

Instead he had moved close enough that they were almost touching and said, "Let me do it." Without waiting for permission he had reached around, unhooked her and let her bra, an A-cup, fall to the ground.

Instead of moving back afterwards, he'd hugged her close, squashing her small breasts against his chest and pushing his erection against the crotch of her shorts.

"Kiss me," he had said. "Open your mouth and kiss me."

She'd opened her mouth, intending to say no but nothing came out. The two Sarahs had reached an impass.

Not knowing anything about the conflict going on in her head Adam had taken her open mouth as an invitation and put his lips on and his tongue in it. At the same time his hands had slid down her back to squeeze her butt and to push her crotch even harder against his iron hard member, provoking a full body blush. Somehow, her arms had wound up around his neck as well.

When the kiss broke he'd smirked and said, "You liked that, didn't you?"

Mind numb, senses on the brink of overload, all she could do was nod weakly.

"Now take off the rest." Since her shorts were already unbuttoned and half unzipped it wasn't hard to comply with his orders and they and the pink panties under them had hit the floor. Besides, by this time she had been in a confused daze. Doing what he said was just easier and this way she could tell herself it was all his fault although she hadn't been able to pretend, at least not to herself that she hadn't enjoyed the kiss or the groping. In fact it had felt better than anything that she ever done before.

Once again her brother had moved at her, pushing her up against the wall, one hand going between her legs, sending a finger into her slit the other to one of her little tits while he kissed her neck.

"Unnh," she'd moaned, unable to stop herself.

"You want it don't you?"


"You're a little slut, aren't you.

"If...if you want me to be."

He pulled back from her with a sneer that she'd found inexplicably sexy then licked her juice off his finger, something else she'd found simultaneously disgusting and stimulating.

"Get on you knees and open your mouth."

At first she had naively thought he was going to get down on his knees with her for another kiss. Then she saw his cock aimed at her mouth like a missile.

"Wider." She made a face but obeyed. "And no biting," which made her giggle a little.

She hadn't expected to like the taste of Adam's dick and she hadn't exactly but she hadn't disliked it either. It had reminded her of a popsicle only warm and a lot bigger. 'A meatsicle,' she'd thought and almost giggled again.

"Close your mouth and suck."

He'd pushed into her mouth until she'd started to choke, about halfway down his eight inches, then pulled back, then pushed back in, a little further each time. As he'd fucked her face his hands had gone to the pony tails either side of her head and used them as leverage until her mouth was going from almost the tip to almost the root with each push.

"Mmmm, yeah, my sister the cocksucker! Now close your eyes."

"She'd obeyed as he pulled out of her mouth and had wondered what he was up to. She had soon learned as her face and hair were covered in the warm, sticky goo of his cum.

"Oh yuck!"

"I didn't want to choke you." She remembered being touched and surprised by his consideration. He'd wiped the cum off her face and said, "Open up," then fed it to her. She'd expected another "yuck" experience but it hadn't tatsted that bad, salty and milky at the same time.

He'd pulled her off her knees and to his bed. He'd lain down first and pulled her on top of him then rolled her onto her back. He'd stroked her hair and kissed her neck then put two fingers into her pussy.

"You know what we're going to do right?"

"I...I think so."

"I'm going to fuck you."


"Do you want me to?"

"Y-yeah. I..think I do."

He'd taken his fingers out of her, spread her legs and gotten between them

"Slut," he said as he entered her, his tone hard and mean again. It hadn't hurt as much as she had expected but it had hurt enough.

"It hurts!"

"Don't care," In fact the look on his face had been as if he barely heard her, so swallowed up was he by the act of fucking.



However by that time the pain had dulled to almost nothing but GoodSarah had felt the need to make a final protest before SluttySarah shoved her into a trunk and threw away the key. because the pain had soon been replaced by a sensation that was unlike anything she had ever experienced but she had known that she wanted more of it and for it to never stop.

"Niiice! Mooore!"

"Like it don't you?"


"Want it don't you?"

"More than anything!"

"You're my little whore aren't you?"

"Yes! Anything you want! Just keep fucking me!" During this repartee her hands had locked themselves behind his neck and her legs around his ass in a desperate attempt to pull him deeper.

"Fuck me Adam! Your little sister wants you to fuck her!"

"Say I'm your god!"


And for the next three years he had been her god, or at least his cock had been and she had been his "little whoregoddess" which all she had wanted to be, every moment of every day. She wasn't sure if what they'd had was love, more like mutual obssession. They fucked every chance they could and when they weren't fucking they were thinking about fucking. Even a few seconds alone would find them with their lips and hands all over each other. Friendships and schoolwork suffered but neither of them cared. But Adam still managed to get good enough grades to squeak into college and when he left things cooled off. They still fucked sometimes when he came home on visits but they both saw other people too.

And then he met Christina.

They had both grown up a lot so the break had been friendly and civilized and they agreed to keep things at the brother and sister level although they stayed closer to each other than they were to either of their younger siblings.

Except for that one time the night before Adam and Christina's wedding...

* * *

Sarah came out of her half awake reverie with an awareness of two things. First, without really being aware of it she had pulled up her nightgown, slipped a hand into her panties and masturbated herself most of the way towards an orgasm. Second, from the rhythmic grunts and groans coming from the other side of the "wall" dividing her from her daughter, Amber was engaged in the same activity.

The sound of her duaghter frigging herself and the realization that she was, just as her mother had been, thinking of her brother while doing it, brought her to a halt.

Anger, fueled by a combination of sexual frustration and embarrassment made her turn over to tell Amber to stop, just as Amber already pissed at having her incestuous affair with Drew derailed also turned over to complain, bringing them face to face, only inches away from each other.

Driven by a combination of frustrated lust, mixed with the confused mix of love and anger that had fueled their relationship almost from the moment Amber had learned to talk and that had only gotten more confusing over the last two days, both women snapped simultaneously and found their mouths fused to each together and their hands frantically pulling off each others nightgowns. Both their groins were at full gallop and left their brains behind without a prayer of catching up. Soon the "wall" had been kicked to the floor and mother and daughter were both on their knees staring at each other, both panting with desire and a combination of emotions that neither of them had the words to describe. Both were now topless, Sarah in a hot pink pair of bikini cut panties, Amber in a black thong, trimmed in white.

"What are we doing?!?," Sarah asked in an anguished tone. Instead of answering in words Amber's hand, still moist with her juices, smeared them across her mouth. Without thinking Sarah's tongue came out and licked them off. Sarah generally preferred men but had experimented once or twice. But this was reopening a door she'd long thought closed and it disturbed her no end.

Amber on the other hand belonged to the "Don't think, do" school of philosophy and launched herself at her mother, once more driving her tongue into the taller woman's mouth, wrapping her arms around her and bearing her down onto the bed.

As her tongue wrestled with her daughters and their breasts pushed against each other Sarah's hands pulled Amber's thong off and then groped at her ass. Still locked in their embrace the two sluts rolled over, putting Sarah on top. She let her daughter rip her panties off then while the girl's hands were stroking slowly and sensually up and down her legs she straddled the minislut's crotch with her own and started rubbing them together, the pace getting ever faster and harder.

"Do me Mommy, do me!," Amber whimpered. "Fuck your little girl good!" Meanwhile her fingers were digging into her mother's shapely ass while Sarah was busy rubbing Amber's tits.

"Ohhhh!" moaned Sarah as she came.

"Momeeee!," Amber shrieked as she did likewise.

As she lowered herself onto her daughter's body, Sarah looked into her eyes and said, "This was a mistake. This never happened."

"What are you ashamed of?," Amber asked bitterly.

Not having an answer Sarah rolled off and turned her back, ignoring the hurt and angry glare she knew was being aimed at her back.

Amber, unable to share the bed any longer with the woman she both loved and hated right now moved her pillow to the floor. Sarah let her take most of the covers.

Tomorrow she would talk to her father about converting his study into a bedroom for herself. Amber could keep this one. That way maybe the sorrow, fear and above all, the temptation, would go away.


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