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Note: Amber is 16, Drew is 14. In the flashback Adam is 24 and Sarah 22. On with the story while I contemplate the idea of Lauren Graham in her twenties.

Title: Parenthood: A Twisted Family Tree 3 (MF,mf,mFf,cons,oral,inc,preg)
by Tricksterson

Drew was in the shower when he heard the bathroom door open and close. He thought he knew who it was. he knew who he hoped it was. But of course there was only one way to be sure so he pulled back the shower curtain and looked.

"Hello lover," said his sister as she pulled her sweatshirt over her head, revealing a splendid, if small pair of bare breasts and then tossed it into the corner.

It had been a week since Amber had been moved from Drew's room. A week since the two sibling had first and last had sex and fallen in something between love and lust. A week of stolen kisses and secret touches without the consummation both so desperately desired.

Now, watching Amber pull off her cargo shorts, revealing the dark bush between her legs he grew hard. Or, more accurately, harder since he'd already been erect and stroking himself when she came in, thinking of her because that's all he seemed capable of thinking of since he'd lost his virginity to her. And now here she was, naked, voluptuous and delicious.

Having finished undressing his diminutive sibling stepped into the shower, put her arms around drew's neck and her tongue into his mouth. His hands went first to her waist and then to her ass, fingers digging into it's twin globes as he pushed her against the wall.

"Ohmygod! I want you so much!," they gasped simultaneously as their mouths parted then smiled at each other and kissed again, more gently this time. One of Ambers hands stroked softly down her younger brother's chest then grasped hold of his massive dick where it was pressed against her belly and started stroking that, slowly at first then faster. Soon, the hot water from the shower soaking her hair and beading her skin she sank to her knees and took him in her mouth.

Drew closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure. His hands, which had continued to massage the ripe,splendid ass of his sibling trailed their way up her back to knot themselves in her hair as her head bobbed up and down on his member.

"Amber! That feels so good!"

His sister grinned inwardly while keeping an almost vacuumlike seal on her brother's cock as she sucked away on it. She loved the feeling of power that having a man's penis in her mouth gave her. She could feel his cum building up for an explosion. Normally she'd have pulled off at this point but she knew that Drew's fourteen year old libido would keep him hard and erect. Besides she wanted to experience the feel and taste of his sperm coursing down her throat. She'd heard that the difference between lust and love was "Spit or swallow". She wasn't sure yet if she loved him but she knew that she wanted and needed him more than any boy she'd ever known in her life.

Soon his explosion came, sending what felt like gallons of cum down her throat. In preperation she had pulled back until just the head was in her mouth, with the tip of her tongue tickling it teasingly but some stil spilled out, dribbling down her lips and chin to be washed away by the shower spray to swirl down the drain.

Sure enough, Drew's massive member showed not the slightest sign of pointing downward when she removed her mouth. Of course the fact that she immediately stood up, molded her hot young body to her siblings and started grindingher crotch against his might have had something to do with that.

"Fuck me," Amber whispered into her brother's ear before sticking her tongue into it.

He pushed her up against the wall and entered her with a roughness that would have surprised most people who knew him, Her legs wrapped around his hips while one arm went around his neck and the other clutched at the curtain rod for support. One of Drew's own arms brace against the shower wall while the other went around his lover's waist.

"Yesyesyesyes!," Amber moaned, eyes closed, as Drew relentlessly and repeatedly slammed into her. Soon both stopped trying to stand upright and sunk to the bottom of the tub consumed in a mindless rutting frenzy.

Finally both lay still, barely able to breath, much less move. Neither had any idea how long Drew had been pistoning into his sister and both had lost track of how many times they had come. Equally neither had the slightest doubt that they would stsrt over as soon as they were able.

Drew was the first to speak. "Do you..."

"What?," Amber asked afraid of the question she knew was coming.

"Do me?"

Part of her wanted to evade the question but she couldn't lie, not now, not to him. "I...don't know"

"Ahem," came their mother's voice before the conversation could proceed any further. Before they could react or evfen think the curtain was pulled back to reveal Sarah looking down on them sternly.

"Oh...," said Drew

"Shit.," finished AMber

* * *

She had pulled them both, too stunned to resist, upright, then herded them both into Drew's room, not saying a word. Now they both sat, still naked and wet, on the edge of his bed while she sat on a reversed wooden chair, still not speaking. Drew was the first to crack.

"Do you want us to stop?"

"I want..."

"Because we won't," Amber interrupted defiantly. "You can't stop us. I'd...I'd rather die than not be his woman." Her brother said nothing but his taking her hand, combined with the look of adoration he gave her, spoke volumes.

"I want you to be *careful*! I know what you're going through."

"Let me guess," Amber retorted with a sneer, "you fucked your brother when you were sixteen."

"Thirteen, actually," Sarah said flatly. Although since we were steady lovers until he went to college and still got together for holidays and spring break, yeah, I fucked him when I was sixteen too.

The proverbial dropped pin would not merely have been audible in the silence jaw dropped silence that followed but would have positively echoed as the two incestuous teend listened to their mother's story of her seduction by Adam and the mutual obsession that followed.

When she was done no one said anything for a few seconds and then Amber asked, "And that was it? Uncle Adam and Aunt Christina met, fell in love and you two never hooked up afterwards?"

"Almost but not quite. There was one night..."

* * *

She had been sitting in the kitchen of her apartment with a bottle of brandy on the table and a just emptied shotgalss in her hand when there was a knock on the door. Shee assumed it was Seth, the latest in a long line of short term boyfriends and one-night stands she had acquired since Adam had gone to college. Some had been good, some not but none had even come close to filling the Adam shaped hole in her soul.

"Not tonight Seth, I'm not..." she said as she opened the door. "oh. Hello Adam. Shouldn't you be at your bachelor party?

"I doubt they'll notice I'm gone. Most of them were unconscious or more than halfway there when I left. besides, shouldn't you be at Christina's bachelorette party?"

"I was." She had left as soon as she could without being rude. "They didn't have a stripper."

"Mine did. Can I come in?"

A small part of her saw where this was likely to end and thought it was a bad idea. the rest of her also saw where it was likely to end, also thought it was a bad idea but didn't care So she just stepped back and let him in.

"So, um, want a drink?"

"Sure. Wine?"

She never reached the liquor cabinet. In fact no sooner had she turned around and heard the door close then she felt one of his arms go around her waist while the hand of the other went into the low cut top of her burgundy tunic and his lips kissed her neck.

"Unnnnh," Sarah groaned.

"Whore," her brother whispered in a tone that made it into an endearment.

"Yes. Yours. Always."

The hand at her waist undid her black leather belt and unzipped her tight, white skirt which fell to the floor exposing her lacy black panties. She twisted around in his grip and pulled his shirt open popping half the buttons off then bit one of his nipples hard.

Adam moved his hands to his sister's shoulders and pushed her to her knees. in a few seconds she had his pants unzipped and down and his cock out and in her mouth. She had learned a lot since Adam had taken her cherry, some of it from him but also from her other lovers as well. Sarah's lips ran up and down the sides, top and bottom of her brother's cock, slightly parted as she gave him a "hummer". Then she segued to short fast licks before popping his glans into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around his cockhead while her hand stroked up and down its length before slowly deepthroating him.

On the verge of coming, Adam resisted the temptation. Instead he pulled his sister-lover off his cock and onto her feet, stepped out of his pants and steered her over to the table where pulled down her panties, bet her over and pushed his dick into her doggie style. She reached across the table and hooked her hands over the far side to brace herself as one of his hands pawed her tits and the other pulled her head back by her long black hair as he nibbled on her neck.

"Oh...yeah...fuck me Adam...fuck your little sister...the best... the best... you're the best!," Sarah panted in time with his thrusts then gave out a piercing shriek as they both came.

After a few second lying against his sister's back to catch his breath Adam slowly pulledout and took her up into his arms then carried her into the bedroom, her arms around his neck and her tongue in his mouth. There he laid her gently on the bed and spread her legs then crouched between them, his hands underneath the ripe globes of her ass to push her crotch up to meet the spear of his tongue. He felt her shudder as it entered her then again as he pushed in, exploring the walls of her vagina. As he found her clit he felt her smooth thighs clamp down around his head.

"Oh! OH! Fuck me big brother! Fuck me with your tongue! I want it! Want it sooo much!" Her back arched as she came and for a second he couldn't breath.

Slowly he pulled out of the grasp of her legs and kissed his way up her body. He wiped her juices from his face and fed them to her as he once more entered her. Soon her arms and legs were wrapped around him as she approached a third orgasm. As it hit she took his bottom lip between her teeth and bot bit and sucked on it while her fingers clawed at his back hard enough to draw blood.

As they lay next to each other in the after math she asked, "Won't you get in trouble because of the marks?"

"I doubt it. Christina gave me a day pass for the party and most of the guys there were too drunk to remember their own names when I left, much less what went on during it." He paused then said, "as long as I get back soon anyway."

"So you have to go?"

"Yeah," he said, regret filling his voice.

After he was dressed Sarah accompanied him, still naked, to the door. Before he opened it she had to ask,, with more than a hint of bitterness, "Why are you marrying her?"

He sighed and said, "I like her, she'll make a good wife and mother and the sex is good. Sometimes, very good."

"As good as us?"

"He smiled. "Not even close. But...they won't let me marry you." And with that, he turned and left so he wouldn't see her cry. Or maybe it was the other way around.

* * *

"And then I missed my next period," Sarah concluded.

Amber's eyes looked ready to pop out of her head. "You mean Uncle Adam is my DAD!?!?"

Drew seemed mor curious than upset as he asked, "So she's just my half-sister?"

"And your cousin. I think. It gets confusing. But now you know why I won't stop you but why you should be really, really careful because this is probably why you're so short. Any kids you two had would probably need a microscope just to be seen.

Amber stood up aproached her mother. "And we're supposed to believe that's the only reason you sprang this on us?"

"Um, sure, why not?," Sarah replied nervousy while she stood up and backed up.

Amber pressed her mother between her naked body and the wall and told her, "Because of what happened when I was in your room a few nights ago. And don't say it never happened. It did, you liked it and so did I." Before the older woman could protest Amber covered her mother's mouth with her own while one of her hands started rubbing her crotch through her jeans.

Drew had been watching this gapemouthed. Even before his incestuous adventure had started he had sometimes fantasized about both his sister and his mother. Well, to be honest all of his female relatives because the genetic lottery had been exceptionally kind to all of them, but to see the two of them making out like this blew his mind. When Amber removed her moth from Sarah's, looked at him and crooked a finger at him, he was up and joining them almost instantly. Soon they were all in a threeway kiss, interrupted only when the younger two removed their mother's top and bra after which their mouths moved to suckling on her breasts prompting a birth of lustful nostalgia from the MILF in question.

"Oh yesss!," she moaned, pressing their faces against her bosom. "Mmmm, suck Mommy's titties my sweet little babies!"

However soon Amber wanted to be sucking on something else and wanted her mother to join her so she broke off the threeway incestuous embrace and took her brother by the hand, leading him to sit back down on the bed. She kneeled down and was soon joined by Sarah. Each took a side of Drew's massive member, kissing and licking up and down it's length, tongues occasionally stretching across it to stimulate each other's tips. At the same time they were also playing with each others tits while the third member of their incestuous trio wound his hands in their hair. Once he was as long and as hard as they could make him Sarah moved to sucking his cock while his sibling crouched down even lower in order to suck his balls.

As he starting to build to climax they both, being experienced sluts, pulled off him.

"Mom," said Amber, "I want you to eat me while your son fucks you. You up for that?"

"I am if he is."

Once more the three lovers rearranged themselves with Amber lying on the bed, legs spread, her mother on her hands and knees, head dipped between her soft thighs and Drew
on his knees behind her, his massive cock poised to enter. When he did Sarah arched her neck and gave a hiss of pleasure.

"Yesss! Fuck your mommy Drew! Fuck her with your great big cock and make her feel goood!" Then, urged by her daughter's hands pressing down on her head she returned to tonguefucking her vagina.

Amber had her own comments. "Oh yeah mom! Your tongue is making me so hot!"

Soon Drew felt himself ready to come and grabbed his mother's hips to brace himself. With a gasp he released his sperm into her which drove her tongue to ever more frenzied efforts inside Amber and quickly his two women came as well.

* * *

Later, their mother having left, feeling they needed some alone time and that she needed time to process what had just happened, the two incestuous teens snuggled together.

"Yeah, I think I do," Amber said, apparently apropos of nothing.

"What?," he brother asked.

"Love you," she answered, then sighed.

"What?" Drew said again

"There's a 'but' in there."

"Okay, what is it?"

"I love you but I want to...explore the rest of the family."

""You want to fuck Uncle Adam now that uyou know he's you dad, don't you?"

"Yeah, but not just him."

"What about Maddie?"

"Why you want her?"


"Deal. I definitely want to explore my bi-curious side."


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