Note: Hattie is 15, Amber 16, Drew 14

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Parenthood: A Twisted Family Tree Part 4
by Tricksterson

"Pass that over, will you?," Haddie said to her friend and, she thought, cousin, Amber. the other girl just smiled and handed over the joint they were sharing.

Amber was smiling because of the things that she knew and the plans that she had of which Haddie was completely unaware. The first was that the other girl was not her cousin but her half-sister, thanks to an affair that Haddie's father had had with *his* sister, Sarah, Amber's mother. The second was that Amber and her brother Drew, who, following in family tradition as it were, was her lover and who was currently hiding in the closet filming them were planning on fucking her brains out, both for it's own sake and as part of Amber's long term plan of seducing Adam, her biological father. The third thing she knew that her sister didn't was that the joint was cut with Ecstasy for the purpose of making Hattie more amenable to the plan. It wasn't, as many people thought, an actual aphrodisiac but it would, especially in combination with the marijuana, lower Amber's unknowing demi-sibling's inhibitions and heighten her suggestibility.

The two girls were sitting together, knees up facing each othe on a small couch in Amber's room. They were dressed nearly identically, barefoot in short skirts and sleeveless t-shirts. Amber's skirt was denim and her shirt white, Haddie's skirt was black and her shirt fuchsia with sparkly starburst. The only major difference was that Haddie had a bra, lavender by the straps that poked out from under her shirt, and Amber did not as her prominent nipples poking through her shirt attested.

"Mmmm," Amber said after Haddie had passed the joint back and she'd taken a drag. "I'm feeling horny? You?"

Her sister blushed. Amber knew that the other girl was a virgin, and in fact had never gone beyond "second base".

"When she'd more or less regained her composure Haddie giggled and said, "um, kind of. Too bad there aren't any boys around." She giggled again, "Unless you count Drew."

Amber definitely counted Drew but she wasn't about to say that. Instead she said, "Who said anything about boys?" As she spoke Amber ran her bare foot up her sister's shin then along her inner thigh to rub her bunched toes against Haddie's crotch, which, the young slut could see as she bent down a little, was covered by panties that matched her bra again in contrast to Amber who was going commando.

"Whoa!," Haddie yelled as she back away. "I'm not..." Her voice trailed off a bit and her expression went from shocked to puzzled. "Wait, since when are you a lez?" In fact Amber had a reputation for sleeping with far more boys than she actually had.

"I'm not. Let's just say I've become more sexually flexible lately."

"Well I haven't." Even as she said it Haddie realized how prissy and snooty that sounded.

"Did you like it?"

Haddie automatically started to deny that she had, then stopped. "I...don't know. You startled me."

Amber got off the couch and kneeled down next to her sister. "Well this time you'll be expecting it. So, want to be my 'kissing cousin', cousin?" As she spoke in a husky, seductive voice, the petite minx moved closer to Haddie until their lips were less than an inch apart.

Confused, the other girl neither nodded nor shook her head. Taking the lack of a no as a yes Amber moved forward, pressing her lips against Haddies.

At first Haddie kept her lips closed but the feel of the other brunette's tongue moving back and forth along them was so...enthralling, yes, that was the only word for it. Her lips parted and once Amber's tongue was inside her mouth her own tongue moved eagerly to meet it. She moved to face her cousin and her hands dug into the older girls shoulders. One of Amber's hands went behind her half-sister's neck, the iother beneath her skirt to once more rub her pussy through her now wet panties. This time Haddie did nothing to
stop her and when the hand started to pull those panties off her only movement was to lift her hips for a moment to let it.

"Unnnh!," she moaned as Amber slipped first one, the two fingers inside her.

"Soon we'll be 'fucking cousins', won't we?" Haddie just nodded then moaned as the minislut probed deeper into her cunt while sucking on her ear.

And then suddenly the lips and fingers that had been giving her so much pleasure were gone, shocking her at how quickly and how much she missed them.

Haddie whose eyes had been closed, opened them and saw that her cousin had stood up and was pulling her shirt over her head, exposing her small, round breasts. With that accomplished she undid her belt and let her skirt fall to floor, leaving her naked.

When Amber danced back a few steps and then crooked her finger accompanied by an inviting smile Haddie got up and started to take off her own top only to be stopped.

"Let me." Saying that, Amber pulled off her sister's shirt and then moved in close to unhook her bra. As she did this Haddie took the initiative for the first time, putting her hands on the other girls tits and exploring them.

"Mmm," Amber purred, "But play with my nipples some, 'kay?" After pulling off her sisters bra she showed her apprentice slut how it was done, rolling the taller girl's now hard, light brown nipples between thumb and forefinger and scratching them lightly with her thumb nails. Haddie leaned her head back and groaned. If the one boy who she'd let under her bra had been this good she'd have easily let him get to third.

Haddie let her cousin pull her towards the bed then push her down onto it. She felt the other girl's soft weight settling on top of her and felt both comforted and incredibly turned on by the feel of Amber's curves and began running her hands up and down the more experienced girl's body as they kissed again.

After the kiss the older, sluttier girl asked, "Do you trust me? I want to try something I haven't done before." Her unknowing sister hesitated but then nodded. Amber maneuvered so that they were in a sixty-nine position.

"What...what do I do?," Haddie asked doubtfully. She'd heard of this but of course had never gone down on a girl, or even a boy, before much less like this.

Looking behind her, Amber smiled. "Just mirror what I do and do to me what you think you'd like done to you." Again she got an even more hesitant nod in reply.

Confronted with her cousin's cooze, which was quite bushy, unlike her own, which was shaved into a neat triangle, Haddie took a sniff. It had a rich, musky and not at all unpleasant odor, quite unlike what she had expected. A shiver ran through her as she felt her cousin spread her pussylips and run her tongue into her love canal and she reciprocated likewise.

As the girls tonguefucked Drew crept stealthily out of the closet to film better. Fortunately his incestuous co-conspirator was on top so there was no way Haddie could see him. He had one hand on the video cam and one on his dick stroking away. As the moans and shudders of the ripe teenage bodies in front of him grew more agitated and the movements of his sisters head showed that her licking had sped up so did his stroking. Finally the two young sluts shook and gave muffled screams as they came and so did he, his cum spraying across Amber's hair and Haddies legs.

At first neither girl, still in orgasmic trances, noticed. Then Amber looked up, felt her head and glared at him. Haddie took longer.

"That...that was..." she murmured both dazedly and contentedly. Then she looked over her cousin's round, shapely ass and promptly screamed.


This part of the plan was where it could all fall apart Amber knew. With a calm she didn't really feel she said, "You've met Drew."

"He's NAKED!"

"And my boyfriend."

This caused Haddie to start gaping like a fish out of water. "But...but..."

"He's my brother? You're my cousin. Don't tell me you didn't like what we just did. I have the girlcum on my lips to prove it."

"But why?"

"Well, among other things...," she said and took Haddie's head between her hands and moved it so that she had a close of view of her brother's cock.

"Oh. Wow. Yeah." Then she noticed what her male cousin was holding in his other hand.

"He taped us!?! What the fuck!" She glared at the other girl. "Are you trying to blackmail me?"

'Not unless absolutely necessary,' Amber thought. Aloud she said "No, it's more in the way of...a present."

"For who?"

"Our dad."

"Huh? What?" Her brain had finally decided that there was too much to process and locked itself down. As gently as they could Amber and Drew told her the twisted story of Sarah and Adam.

"So," she said slowly, "are we tiger people?"

"Um, tiger people?," her newfound sister asked

"Well, we're lovers now and so are you and Drew and apparently we're also sisters through my dad and your mom who are also your uncle and my aunt so being part of a hidden race of weretigers would be only about one step up on the weirdness scale."

Amber had to admit she had a point but said, "No, not as far as we know." While she had been telling her sister about their twisted family history she had been massaging her shoulders and neck to relax her. Now she slowly pushed Haddie's head down and forward until the other girl's eyes were level with her male cousin's cock.

"You want it, don't you?," she whispered into Haddie's ear.

Confused by lust and the mind blowing information rattling through her head the young girl-woman could only grunt "Uh-huh" but the closeness of her cousin's magnificent member drove her to dart forward impulsively and kiss it's tip then to lick it. Drew's cock, which had subsided during the talk they'd been having once again sprang instantly erect at this stimulation.

"Yes, that's it. Suck him," Amber said, egging on her reluctant sibling while stealing the camera from Drew with one hand and gently pushing Maddie's face down onto her cousin's cock with the other.

The fifteen year old was a bit nervous and underexperienced but soon had the hang of things aided by her new sister's advice.

"Yeah, sweetie just suck it a little, then ease down as far as you can. Keep the suction going though. Now just relax, here let me rub your throat. Thaaat's it, now a little more and just repeat until you hit bottom." While talking her new lover through her first blow job Amber's free hand alternated between Haddie's throat, her boobs and her brother's balls. The other kept the camera firmly fixed on her sister's face as it first worked it's way about two-thirds of the way down Drew's member then started sliding up and down it. She never got all the way to the root but for a first try it was impressive.

When her brother was fully hard again Amber pulled a by now reluctant to stop Haddie off and gave her a mouth kiss, savoring the taste of Drew's cock on her other sibling's breath.

"Do you want him to fuck you?," she asked, sure of the answer. Her sister-cousin hesitated but nodded.

"Well, tell him," Amber said maneuvering the taller brunettes head so that she was looking into Drew's eyes.

"Drew, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard!" The boy just grinned in reply as his sisterlover pushed his cousinlover down and back onto the bed and got between her legs as she spread them.

"Okay, slow down," Amber interjected. "Before you let my dear brother fuck you with that moosecock of his you should know that it's gonna hurt at first, maybe a little, maybe a lot. So," and she looked at Drew, "when you first put it in her just stop for a few seconds to let her get used to it okay?"

Drew nodded then guded by his sister pushed in. When he broke through her hymen Haddie shouted "Agh!" and her face grimaced in pain. Since he liked his cousin and truly *didn't * want to hurt her Drew stopped.

Amber was right there to comfort her kissing her face and stroking her tits and making sure the camera got a good shot of both of them.

"Shh, baby, it's okay," she cooed comfortingly as Maddie's face unclenched. "Are you ready now hun?" Maddie nodded with more certainty than she felt and Drew pushed in, slowly at first then hiting a steady rythym as the moans and groans coming from his cousin showed that any anxiety was past.

"Aaahh!," she gasped as her arms and legs stared to move up and around Drew's body, desperately wanting to draw him deeper inside her.

"Like it, don't you?' Amber asked.

"Yesss! Love it. Want it. Mooorrre!"

"You're a dirty little slut aren't you?"


"A dirty little slut who wants to fuck and fuck and never stop?"


"And do you want your daddy's cock in you too?"

The younger girl didn't even hesitate.

"Yes! I want my daddy to fuck me and to watch him fuck my new sister until we both scream!" Then she stopped talking as she threw her head back, rolled her eyes up in her head and gave a forth a wordless shriek as she came.

"Cut and Print," said Amber. Of course some editing would be rquired but all in all she thought the message would get across.

To Be Continued...


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