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Note: it's been four months in-story and I've taken some liberties with the series storyline for story purposes so don't bitch.

Another note: Haddie has caught up with Amber agewise in those four months so they're both 16

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Parenthood: A Twisted Family Tree Part 5
by Tricksterson and Gumball McCoy

Adam sat in his car waiting for his daughter and niece. They were coming over to his house for an overnight. The two girls had become very close over the past four months. Adam put a lot of this down to the problems between him and Catherine.

It wasn't that he didn't love Max, he truly did but having to deal with his son's Asperger's wore on him. It wore even more on Catherine and she wound up taking it out on him and Haddie which led to a downward spiral of retaliation on his part and increasing sullenness from Haddie and spending more time with her aunt and cousins. In fact, more time there than at home.

So Catherine had moved out and taken Max with her and they were probably headed for a divorce. They had decided that Haddie was old enough to decide which parent she wanted to stay with and she had chosen Adam with gratifying speed and firmness.

The why behind the speed and firmness was something he'd begun to wonder about. Lately, especially since the separation, he'd noticed his daughter, and Amber as well on the less frequent occasions he saw her, had been acting differently around him.

For one thing there were the clothes. Haddie had gone on several shopping expeditions with Sarah and Amber, much to the detriment of his credit account and her new look was, to put it mildly, quite different. The skirts were much shorter, the t-shirts either exposed most of her stomach, most of her boobs or both, the jeans were much tighter and Daisy Dukes played a major part in the new wardrobe as well.

The really odd thing was that she didn't always dress like that. When she went to school she looked no different than the average high school girl and, from what he saw of her, Amber dressed only a bit more risqu‚. it was when they were around the family, especially him, or so it seemed, that they dressed like cheap hookers.

That wasn't the only change in their, and especially Haddie's, behavior. He'd noticed an increased tendency to brush up against him. Nothing blatant , nothing that might not be accidental except for the frequency of occurrence. Also both of them had developed a tendency to bend down in front of him, which had led him to the suspicion that Amber might not even own a bra or, from the couple of times she'd crossed her legs in front of him, even a pair of panties. Haddie he knew did because she'd flashed him often enough recently.

The reason he hadn't said or done anything about it was simple. He liked it. Even though he and Catharine had only separated about two months ago they hadn't slept together for three months previous to that so he needed all the sexual stimulation he could get. The fact that both of the very hot girls providing this wank fodder were both close blood relatives bothered him not a bit. The only reasons he hadn't made a move on his daughter once she'd hit puberty were A: Fear of destroying his marriage and B: fear of screaming rejection leading to A, not to mention possible jail time. Reason A was now pretty much sunk and it looked like B might be going down for the count.

Right now his daughter and niece were coming down the driveway and he very much liked what he saw. Haddie was wearing a dark blue t-shirt whose bottom was cut high enough not only to expose her very yummy tummy but a bit of underbra as well. Her "pants" were actually jeggings that clung to her legs and hips like a second skin. Amber's shirt was full length but looked, from it's tightness to be a size too small and bore the slogan "YOU WANT ME DON'T YOU?" in bright yellow letters on a dark purple background, a sentiment he had to agree with. She also wore a dark leather skirt that was technically legal, or would be until she sat down anyway, an event Adam adjusted his rearview mirror to catch.

Before getting into the car Amber leaned forward into his window, giving him a good look at her cleavage and a glimpse of her nipples.

"We have a present for you," she said, reaching into her cleavage and bringing out a thumb drive. She handed it to him, still warm from her tits then got into the back of the car with her cousin.

"What is it?"

"A surprise," she answered in a husky, sexy tone while Haddie just giggled. "We have a lot of things we want to give you tonight and tomorrow and the day after that." He looked at her in the rearview mirror and their eyes made an almost telepathic connection. His seemed to ask, 'We're going to fuck, aren't we?' and hers answered 'Yes we are.'

He looked again as he pulled out of the driveway and came to a sudden stop as he saw the two of them kissing enthusiastically

"Something wrong daddy?," came his daughter's voice from behind in a deceptively innocent tone.

"No, everything's fine," he said, meaning it in more ways than one. Not wanting to cause an accident he didn't look back again until they reached his house but the noises both were making were provocative to say the least. He took another look as he pulled into his driveway. Haddie was pulling her cousin's top down as she pulled her mouth off of Amber's breasts. Amber, for her part, was licking something off her fingers that Adam suspected was his daughters crotch juice.

As they went into the house he said, "Lady's first."

"Why?," asked Amber, "Do you like the view?" He just smiled in reply.

When they had put Amber's bag into Haddie's room she said, "We're going to bed now. Don't forget to watch our present."

"Isn't it a bit early to go to sleep?"

"Who said anything about sleep?" she said as she closed the door.

As he walked away he could hear their giggles. He went to his office and put the thumbdrive in.

(For what he sees read "Parenthood: A Twisted Family Tree 4")

* * *

"Maybe I shouldn't do this," Haddie said nervously. "What if I'm no good?"

"Are you kidding?," Amber asked as she pulled her sisterlover's t-shirt up over her head then unhooked her bra. "Trust me you are a Grade A Class One lay. If you don't believe me ask Drew." As she said this she broke away from Haddie and took her cell phone out of her purse. "Want to ask him yourself? Or maybe Mom? After all, they probably didn't even wait before the door closed before they started tearing each others clothes off. Or would you rather I start sucking on your titties?"

"Mmm, suck." Amber immediately complied, bringing another moan, then paused only to let her half-sister pull off her own top before returning her lips and tongue to Haddie's tits while the other girl started rubbing Amber's breasts with one hand and sent the other under the shorter girls skirt.

"Unh," grunted the shorter girl, then pushed her lover down onto the bed letting herself be dragged down as well. their lips tongues and tits rubbed against each other as they embraced then Amber slid downward as her hands pushed the taller girl's jeggings down below her hips. As her head descended between her sisters legs Amber kissed the join of hip and groin then spread Haddies pussylips with her thumbs before pushing in with her tongue.

"Ohh!," the taller girl moaned, thrusting her crotch upward. "Yes!" Amber slipped her hands under her half-sister's ripe young ass as it lifted off the bed, gave it a squeeze and pushed her tongue in deeper. Finding Haddie's clit she licked it, then put her lips around it and sucked.

"AHHHFUUUCCCCKKK!," the taller girl screamed as she came. "OHFUCKYEAHBABY! MAKE ME CUMMMM!"

* * *

Afterwards as they held each other Haddie said, "I want his baby."

Amber knew who she meant. "Yeah, me too. Him or Drew. Or both."


The shorter girl kissed her lover on the lips and said, "So will it just be me tonight or both of us?"

"Just you but don't worry, I'll join in tomorrow, I promise."

"Okay." Amber pulled herself out of her sisters arms and got up. Before she left she turned and said, "No matter who the father is we'll have our babies together. Just like sisters should."



* * *

"So did you like it?"

Adam looked up to see his niece standing naked in the doorway of his office except for a pair of high heels, arms and legs spread wide in an X against the frame, her curvaceous body silhouetted by the light from the hall.

"I loved it. Come here and I'll show you how much."

She complied but intead of what he expected, walked behind him, draped her arms over his shoulders and began unbuttoning his shirt while kissing his neck.

"Mmm, there was only one thing I didn't like."

"What?," she said as she sucked on his ear and played with his nipples.

"Drew popped her cherry so I can't. But I'll get over it." As he said this he spun his chair around to face her. After a long, slow kiss she sunk to her knees. His fly was already open and his cock out. At eight inches it wasn't as big as Drew's but impressive nonetheless. She kissed the tip then down the length of the underside until she came to his ballsack. As she sucked his testicles one after the other she stroked his shaft then licked around his cock root before working her way back to the tip.

"Such a hot little slut," Adam groaned, clutching her hair in his fingers.

"Yes, yes I am," Amber said with a grin before popping the glans of his cock into her mouth and giving it a long, slow suck.

Adam let her work her way down to his root before pulling her off. She gave a spectacular blow job, he had to admit, even better than her mother, but he wanted his dick inside her pussy and he wanted it now. He got up, pulling her to her feet with him and pushed her against the wall. She spread her legs and opened her mouth and his tongue and cock entered her simultaneously. Her legs lifted up and wrapped around him and his hands moved to the globes of her ass to both support and grope her. He'd always been a "two birds, one stone" kind of guy.

"Oh...fuck...yeah! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl good! OH FUCK YESSS!"

After he'd come in her and they'd both slid down to the floor and were licking each other's sweat off he raised an eyebrow and asked, "Am I?"

She didn't have to ask what he meant. "That's what mom says. Does it bother you?"

He shook his head, "Just makes what we just did feel even better...and I didn't think that was possible." He pulled out, got to his knees, picked her up in his arms, stodd up with a grunt and started carrying her out of the room.

Amber put her arms around her daddylover's neck and asked, "Where are we going?"

"To my bed for round two."

"Oooh, yummy," she cooed.

* * *

She honestly hadn't expected him to make it carrying her up a flight of stairs but he did although he was wheezing a bit as he rolled her onto his bed.

"Come here," she said, patting the matress next to her. "Let me do all the work this time."

He frowned a bit, his pride bruised, but didn't protest, lying down and letting her straddle him.

"Unnnh," she groaned as he entered her then leaned down to playfully scratch at his chest while he ran his hands all over her thighs, ass, hips and especially her tits while she moved up and down on him.

"Unh...unh...unnngh! Yeah, yeah, YEAH!" she screamed as he came in her then clenched her vagina muscles around his cock while continuing to slide up and down it, keeping it hard until she also came.

"Oh! Yeah, that's it! Oh I love it Fuckdaddy, love your sweet hard cock!," she screamed then collapsed on to of him, snuggling her head underneath his chin.

He kissed the top of her head and said affectionately, "You know, I think you might be an even bigger slut than your mother."

She looked up and beamed at him. It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to her.

* * *

They woke the next morning to the smell of bacon cooking.

"Mmmm," Amber said, sniffing the air. "Hungry."

"Me, too," Adam said with a grin, reaching for her and tweaking one of her nipples.

"Not that!" she said, playfully slapping at his hand. "Well, okay, that too but not now. I think Haddies planned a breakfast treat for us and we wouldn't want to dissapoint her would we?"

They came down, Amber wearing one of his shirts which came down to just below her knees and him wearing just a pair of tight, blue briefs which accentuated his bulge. When they entered the kitchen/dining room Haddie , wearing a dark blue bathrobe open enough to show that she wasn't wearing anything else, was setting the table. She paused to let first her sister, then her father kiss her. While Adam was kissing her Amber moved behind her and groped her tits from behind.

Reluctantly Haddie removed her sisterlover's hands from her breasts, broke off the kiss with her father and said, "Food first, fuck after. I promise."

As they ate, Amber at one end, Adam at the other and Maddie in between both girls spent the time playing footsie with each other and their father. The three of them also kept ffeding each other across the table. As they finished, Haddie leaned over to her girlcrush and whispered, "I'll clean up. You get him ready for me." Her sister grinned, pushed back her chair and then slid under the table. Soon their father felt his shorts being pulled down and a warm, tight mouth engulfing his member.

While one daughter gave him head the other cleared away the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. At some point in the process the bathrobe wound up on the floor so he got a full view of her ass and pussy as she bent over. When she was done she got up on a chair and from there to the kitchen table, lying down and spreading her legs. Adam reqached out, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close enough for him to plunge his face down into the trimmed fur of her pussy and push his tongue in.

"Unh," she grunted as his tongue pushed deeper. She moved her legs over his shoulders and clamped her soft thighs around his face. Soon she threw her head back opened her mouth and howled as he sucked on her clitoris.

"Oh yes! Fuck me daddy! I want your cock in me now!"

Adam was happy to oblige, the only bad part being that to do so he had to pull out of Amber's mouth. Nonetheless it was a sacrifice he was willing to make and did, standing up and pulling Haddie closer to him across the table then, hands on her hips, he pushed into her. Once again he regretted that his nephew had taken her cherry instead of him but he hardly blamed the boy. Who could resist the lure of a tight, ripe twat like this?

As her father plowed into her Haddie's legs wrapped around him. At the same time Amber crawled out from under the table and started fondling her sister's tits.

"Yes, that's it daddy, fuck her! Fuck her good!" After bending down to give her incestuous lover a ong, lingering kiss she moved around the table and behind her other incestuous lover. Running her hands up and down her torso she whispered in his ear, even as she licked and sucked it, "She's not using protection. She wants you to knock her up and so do I."

Under differrent circumstances this would have given Adam pause but, root deep inside his daughter he really didn't care, especially after one of Amber's hands drifted down and started massaging his balls.

Haddie confirmed what Amber had said begging, "Cum in me daddy. I want your baby in my stomach!" Whatever his larger head might have thought of this his smaller one found it a turn on, jetting his sperm up her love canal.

* * *

As it turned out Haddie did not get pregnant that day. However, almost as soon as the divorce became final Sarah and her progeny moved in, pleading that Adam had more room and needed someone to help with the house and with Haddie. All of which were true although "helping with Haddie" mostly consisted of holding her head steady while her father or Drew fed her his cock. Within the year however both girls were indeed pregnant, neither knowing nor caring which of their men was the father.

One big happy family.

Sortakindanotquite The End


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