PATTY DUKE: Two of a Kind

By Uncle Mike

As Patty walked into the bedroom, her cousin Cathy hastily
closed a small, battered brown leather suitcase. Spread out on
the bed around her were several yellowed newspapers, a white
teapot with a chip in the spout, two rather forlorn-looking old
rag dolls and a funny kind of a map all covered with lines of
different colors.

Patty and Cathy were both teenagers, just slightly plump
but showing the promise of adulthood in their budding breasts
and the smooth curve of their hips. Though cousins, they were
virtually identical -- the same round faces, full lips, bright
eyes. The biggest difference was in their clothes. Patty, as
usual, looked thrown together: a man's shirt not quite tucked
into a wrinkled plaid skirt; bobby sox falling down around her
ankles and saddle shoes that had seen better days. Cathy, on
the other hand, wore a well-pressed green blouse and a brown
skirt with pleats so sharp they could slice bread. She was
barefoot as she curled up on the bed; a pair of tan loafers
stood neatly underneath her nightstand.

Cathy was always the serious one of the pair, but Patty
thought she looked more glum than serious this time; maybe it
was a slight downturn of her lips, or the way her eyes seemed
so flat and lifeless. Though Patty had bounced into the room
full of life, Cathy's state seemed to take something out of her
as well, and her voice was soft and low as she spoke.

"They all just left, said they won't be back 'til late. ... What's
wrong, Cath?" She eyed the stuff spread out on the bed, looking
for a clue. "What's all this?"

"Oh, it's ... it's nothing," Cathy said quietly in her proper
British accent. She began to gather everything up. Patty picked
up the teapot to look more closely, but Cathy tried to snatch it
back. She missed and the teapot tumbled out of Patty's hands,
bouncing onto the bed and tumbling toward the edge. "Oh, NO!"
Cathy shouted. Patty quickly dove after it and plucked it in
mid-air as it slipped off the mattress. As she turned to hand it
over, she saw Cathy burst into tears.

"I'm sorry, Cath, really I am. Here, see, it's OK! Not a scratch!
Well, there's a chip here on the spout, but I think it was there

"When I was six," Cathy said.


Cathy looked up at Patty, her eyes brimming with tears. "I
broke it when I was six. We were packing it for a trip, and I
dropped it. ... Mummy said a chipped teapot makes better tea.
I've always carried with me, ever since." Still gripping the
fragile porcelain in her hands, Cathy broke into sobs again.

"You're homesick, aren't you?" Patty reached over and patted
her cousin on the shoulder. "It's OK. I understand. Look, if you'd
... if you'd rather be alone ..."

"No," Cathy said. She sniffed and looked up again. "Don't go.
It's just, well, I've been gone so long, and I miss ... I miss

Taking that as an invitation, Patty went to work trying to
cheer Cathy up. She got her cousin to explain all the things on
the bed -- the papers from the coronation, the dolls she'd
gotten as a child, the well-used map of the London
Underground. Soon Cathy was feeling better, chatting away
happily about old times in Britain and all the places she'd gone
and the people she'd known.

"And two years ago, we went to the Albert Hall. It was
beautiful, really. That's where I met ..." she trailed off.

"Met who?" Patty, enthralled, had curled up on the bed next
to Cathy and was hanging on her every word.

"Oh, no one," Cathy said, but Patty pressed for an answer.

"I ..." Cathy looked her cousin in the eye. "You know, Patty,
there are some things that are very different about us."

"You're tellin' me," Patty said with a grin. "Boy, when I saw
those records you brought -- Beethoven, Brahms -- wow, what
crazy stuff! But we still like some of the same stuff."

"Yes, I know, but, well, there's something you don't know
about me. I hadn't planned to tell you, but, well, I think I can
trust you now."

"Sure you can! C'mon, you can tell me! What is it, some deep
dark secret? You've got a crush on Elvis?" Patty giggled.

"No, but it is about someone I rather like."

"Wow, a fella! Somebody at school? Wait -- not my Richard!"

"No, Patty. No one at school. No one around here at all. Back

"Back home? In London? But you've never said a word! Does
he write you? Got any letters around?"

"It's ... it's not a 'he'."

Patty rocked back onto her heels as her eyes opened wide
and her eyebrows shot up.

Cathy ducked her head and mumbled into her chest. "It's not
what you think ... at least, I don't think so. I mean, I'm not
homosexual." The last word came out slowly, syllable by
syllable. Cathy looked up at Patty. "At least not all the time. I
like boys, too, I've just never ... never done it with any boys.
Yet," she added hastily.

Patty's mouth slowly opened and she stared at her cousin
for a long time. "You've done it ... with a girl?"

"Yes, Patty. Pamela is someone I very much admire. She's
two years older than we are, and oh, she has such lovely blonde
hair and deep blue eyes." Cathy blushed but went on. "We lived
near each other, and Pamela and I often went to the park
together. We'd talk about, oh, I don't know, about everything.
And then one day, we were talking about something, something
sad, and I began to cry, and Pamela took me in her arms, and,
and it seemed so natural. We kissed, and, oh, Patty! I'd kissed a
boy by then, but it was nothing like this! Pamela was so tender
and loving my whole body ached from her kiss. And after that,
we'd meet in the park and find a quiet spot, and kiss and hold
each other ... and other things."

Patty just stared.

"You must think I'm perfectly horrid," Cathy exclaimed.

"No! No ... I mean, you're a good kid. I'm sure you wouldn't do
anything, well, you know..."

"But I did! We did everything! Even ..." Cathy stopped short as
a sob broke through her resolve.

Patty automatically reached out to pat her cousin's
shoulder. Before she quite knew what was happening, the two
girls embraced, Cathy's tears falling on Patty's neck as they
held each other close. When Cathy finally stopped crying, she
lifted her head and looked deeply into Patty's eyes. Without a
word, they pressed their lips together.

At first, their kiss was soft, but both young girls were soon
lost in passion. Their mouths crushed together, their tongues
entangled and their hands roamed up and down as they fell back
on the bed.

"Oh, Patty, I've missed this so," Cathy sighed. "Patty, dear, I
do love you."

They tumbled over one another, writhing around on the bed.
Cathy's mementos tumbled to the floor as the bedspread and
sheet tangled beneath them. The leather suitcase fell with a
thud but the girls paid no attention as they kissed and nuzzled
each other.

Patty's shirt rode up around her chest and Cathy's hand
slipped onto the bare skin of her stomach. The warmth of
Cathy's touch sizzled through Patty's body and she quickly tore
open the buttons of her cousin's blouse. Their young breasts,
still confined by demure white bras, pressed together as they
hugged each other tightly. Their legs entwined. "Cathy," Patty
gasped, "I've never felt like this! Oh, Cath, this is wonderful.
My whole body is on fire!"

In reply, Cathy kissed her way down Patty's face and neck
and chest, her lips setting off small blazes of passion. As she
reached the beginning of the gentle slope of her cousin's
breasts, Cathy reached behind Patty's back and expertly undid
her bra. She pushed down the cups as she kissed, moving from
the first swell to the small, bumpy aureoles. As Cathy suckled
at her cousin's breasts, Patty's nipples hardened. "Oh, Cathy!"
Patty moaned in delight as Cathy moved from one breast to the
other, suckling one while her hands delicately caressed the
other. Patty felt her pussy warm and juices flow as she held
Cathy close.

Patty's body jolted as Cathy's tongue flicked at her nipples.
Then Cathy sat up and pulled off her own blouse and bra while
Patty slipped out of her shirt and tossed aside her bra. Cathy
lay on top of her, their stiff nipples pressing into each other
as they again locked in a deep kiss. Cathy moved up on Patty,
presenting her breasts. Patty hungrily took them into her

"Patty," Cathy sighed, "that's very good. Would it be all right
if I ... if I did more?"

"D-do whatev-ever you want," Patty whispered.

Cathy kissed her way down Patty's soft stomach. When she
got to the young girl's waist, she undid the skirt and pulled it
down to Patty's knees. Then she reached back up and pulled
down the white cotton panties, already stained with fluids
over the crotch. Cathy pulled panties and skirt off and untied
Patty's shoes. While Patty kicked them off and slipped out of
her socks, Cathy stood up beside the bed and pulled down her
own skirt and panties.

Then she crawled between Patty's legs, nuzzling the tender
insides of her cousin's thighs as Patty spread herself open.
Cathy paused before the pink labia and looked up at Patty. "Are
you sure?" she asked in a tone that was half a sigh. "Are you
sure you want to do this?"

"Yes," Patty whispered hoarsely.

"Oh, Patty, I love you so! I'll be gentle with you, I promise I
shall." Cathy bent down and pressed her lips to Patty's cunt,
already wet with secretions. Her kisses were soft as feathers
at first, tenderly brushing around the moistened opening. Cathy
reached up and caressed Patty's breasts, kneading them as
Patty sighed contentedly.

When Cathy gently pressed the tip of her tongue between
Patty's pussy lips, her cousin started in surprise. "Ohhhhh, I've

"Ssshhhhh," Cathy murmured, and pressed in deeper. She
brought her hands down to spread Patty wider and her tongue
sunk inside. Patty shivered and moaned. "Ohhhh, Cathy, that's
it! I've never felt anything like that! You're so good, so good to
me. Mmmmmm, yes, deeper!"

Cathy did as her cousin asked, pressing her face into Patty's
steamy crotch. With a finger, she sought out a special spot,
pressing through the soft, moist folds until ...

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh! God, what are you doing? NO, DON'T STOP!"
Patty's hips bucked wildly as Cathy tickled her clitoris.
Patty's insides melted into butter and she lost all control as
she felt her limbs go limp and then suddenly tighten. She felt a
fireball burst in her groin and spread throughout her.
"Aaaaahhhhh! God, yes! Yesyesyes! Oh-hhhh GOD!"

Cathy raised her face, drenched with Patty's juices, and
smiled up at her cousin. "You came, Patty," she said. "Isn't it a
wonderful feeling?"

It was several seconds before Patty could draw a breath and
reply. "I -- I -- I can't believe it! Is it always like that?"

"You mean, you've never come before?"

"Well," Patty began, closing her eyes in shame, "Richard
wanted to, um, do it, but I don't want to have a baby."

"But, Patty, haven't you ever touched yourself?"

Patty shook her head.

Cathy laughed. "Oh, Patty, and they say YOU'RE the wild one!"
Both girls giggled.

"If only they knew, huh?" Patty chuckled. "But maybe I can
learn to be wild."

Cathy tilted her head to one side and looked at her cousin.
"Do you really want to learn?"

Patty nodded and reached up for Cathy. Again they kissed
deeply, moaning their love as they pressed together. Then
Cathy broke the embrace and crawled toward the head of the
bed until her hot cunt was poised over Patty's face.

"Now, love, you don't have to do this," Cathy said, but Patty
reached up and pulled her cousin down onto her.

Cathy primly instructed her cousin: "Gentle, now, lick the
outside first. Don't be too eager. Remember how I did it?
Yesssssssss. Now, put your tongue in meeeeee, ohhhh, that's
good, oh, Patty, yes, I love you, oh, Patty, yes, ohhhhhhh!!!"
Already near the edge, just a little nudge from Patty sent
Cathy into a screaming orgasm. The bed shook with her
shudders as she held the headboard, rattling it against the
wall. "God, yes, Patty, yes, I'm coming, I'm com-

As the sensations subsided her muscles went limp and Cathy
slumped back onto the bed. Patty held her tightly and they
drifted into a blissful sleep.

When they awoke a couple of hours later, the afternoon sun
was slanting through the drapes. Cathy blinked as a ray washed
over her eyes. "Wh-what time is it?" she asked hazily.

"I'll check," Patty said, rolling over to look at the bedside
clock. "Just four o'clock. My folks won't be home for hours yet
... Hey, what's this?" Reaching down into the battered leather
suitcase, which had opened when it hit the floor, Patty pulled
out a strange white object with a nest of broad white elastic
bands and a long, thick ivory wand, bluntly rounded at one end
and topped with an oval array of bumps at the other, where it
was attached to the bands.

Cathy giggled. "It was a present from Pamela," she said

"A pres... A dildo? Do you put this inside you? It's so BIG!"

"No, not exactly," Cathy said. "I don't put it inside ME."

"I don't get it."

"Oh, Patty ... do you really want to learn to be wild?"

Patty stared at the thick dildo. "Will it hurt?"

"Not much. A little, at first, but I'll be careful. Perhaps
you're right, perhaps we shouldn't do too much."

Patty pressed her lips together until they formed a thin line.
She looked up at her cousin with love shining in her face. "No, I
want to. If you did this with Pamela, I want you to do it with
me. Cathy, let me show you how much I love you."

Cathy took the dildo from Patty and untangled the bands. She
slipped the contraption around her feet and pulled it up to her
hips, securing the bands tightly around her. Soon the long dildo
hung out in front of her, looking impossibly long.

"I get it," Patty smiled. "But ... will that really all fit in

"We'll see," Cathy said with a grin. "First we'll have to get it
ready." She straddled Patty's chest and placed the tip of the
dildo at her cousin's lips. "I suppose you've never ... well, I'll
help," she said, slipping the tip into Patty's mouth. "Purse your
lips around it. Suck it into you. That's it. Get it good and wet."
She slipped the rod in and out until it was slick.

Backing up, Cathy held the dildo in one hand and pressed the
tip to Patty's pussy. Patty shivered in fear, but Cathy
reassured her. "It won't be too bad, Patty. I'll be gentle." She
played the tip of the dildo up and down along the opening.
Beads of moisture began to appear on Patty's cunt and she
bucked up at the dildo, but Cathy held it back, still teasing the
outside. "Oh, please," Patty called out, "please, what do you
want me to do, beg?"

"Yes," Cathy hissed. "Yes, I want you to beg for it. Tell me
what you want."

"I want it in me! Cathy, Cathy, I want that thing in me! Fuck
me with that dildo! Fuck me, please, Cathy, fuck me!"

"Yes, cousin dear," Cathy said, and she slipped the head of
the dildo inside as Patty's wet lips closed around it.

"Ohhhhhh, yes," Patty sighed. "Ohhhhh!"

Cathy held the dildo just inside Patty's cunt, resisting her
cousin's attempts to pull it in deeper. A heavy odor of sex rose
from their bodies as the mere presence of the dildo in her
pussy drove Patty to distraction. At last she could take it no
longer. "Drive it into me, please! Oh, god, please, please fuck
me! Please let me feel it!"

Cathy pressed down with her hips, pushing the dildo slowly
into her cousin's cunt as the nubbins on its back teased her
own pussy. Slowly, carefully she pressed forward until she
felt some resistance.

"That's your maidenhead," she told Patty. "It will hurt when
it breaks, but only a little. Are you ready?"

In reply, Patty bucked upward and the dildo broke through
her hymen. She yelped in pain and Cathy pulled back slightly,
leaving the head of the rod still inside.

"Are you all right?" she asked anxiously.

"Yes, yes, I think so. It wasn't so bad."

Cathy leaned down and kissed Patty as her breasts hung
down, teasing her cousin's tender nipples. Soon Patty began
moving her hips, begging for more.

Cathy began to pump the dildo into Patty's cunt, increasing
the rhythm until her ass was driving up and down like a piston.
Patty grabbed hold of the sheet with both hands and tugged it
toward her, pillows tumbling off the bed, as she was pinned
into the mattress again and again by Cathy's powerful thrusts.
Deeper, deeper Cathy drove. Patty spread her legs wide and
then lifted her heels high. All nine inches of the hard ivory
shaft disappeared inside her only to reappear, gleaming with
her secretions, before sinking into her again. Sweat beaded on
Cathy's back and dripped off her breasts and onto Patty's chest
as they rutted like animals, lost completely in lust.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder!" Patty screamed.

"Yes, yes," Cathy shouted, "yes, I'm fucking you, Patty, love,
I'm fucking you harder!"

Once as Cathy pulled back the dildo slipped out of Patty's
cunt and she groaned in dismay. Cathy quickly reached down
and repositioned it, slamming it again into the slippery tunnel.

"Don't stop! DON'T STOP!" Patty clawed at her cousin's back
as her legs held Cathy's waist in a tight embrace. "Don't ever

"Put ... your ... finger ... in ... my ass," Cathy puffed as she
pounded away. Patty grabbed at her cousin's butt, kneading the
tight mounds, and slipped an index finger into the puckered
brown hole.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Yes! Yes! Fuck it!" Cathy screamed.

Patty's legs drew even tighter around her cousin as she felt
herself near the edge again. "I think I'm ... I'm ... I'm
commmmiiinnnggg!" The first wave paralyzed her and then
broke in a series of shuddering attacks. Still Cathy kept up her
powerful thrusting, riding her cousin's bucking hips. Again and
again, orgasms ripped through Patty's young body as every
nerve in her body seemed to be firing at once. She screamed
and shouted but couldn't form any coherent words; everything
came out as a wild, primal noise. Still Cathy drove on,
smashing the dildo deep into Patty's virginal tunnel.

Finally Cathy herself screamed out, "Oh, God, Patty,
yessssssss! Yesyesyesyesyes! Gaaaaahhhhddddd!" With one final
thrust she buried the dildo inside Patty and fell onto her
sweaty body. It seemed as if a lightning bolt shot through both
of them as they pressed together, arms grasping for dear life,
pussy juices running down their crotches and coating their

A few hours later, when Mr. and Mrs. Lane and their son Ross
got home, Patty and Cathy were downstairs watching TV.

"Hi, girls," Mrs. Lane called out. "Do anything special today?"

"Nothing much, Mom," Patty said, winking at Cathy.

"Dear, did you practice your music like you were supposed

"Oh, uh, sure, Mom," Patty said.

"And I helped," Cathy said, winking back.

"You did?"

"Yeah, she did, Mom," Patty said, and smiled. "What a wild


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