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Date: 04/17/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, male/female sex, mind control, female solo sex,
female/female sex, male solo sex, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Pepper Dennis/Blanca Martinez/Charlie Babcock

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Archive: Yes

Summary: After she places herself on the bed and falls asleep, Pepper
suddenly finds herself in the WEIE 4 News Offices without a single bit of
clothing on... and that she's not alone.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on an episode entitled POKER CLUBS AND
BOOB CAMS -- FILM AT ELEVEN and is an answer to AchtungNight's PEPPER DENNIS

Dedication: Here's to you having a truly successful season and many more to
come, Pepper Dennis! -- ATK 2006

Pepper Dennis: Hooked On Sex
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Pepper Dennis and the story that I'm about to tell you is about
what my first sexual fantasy experience and it had all started on the 17th
day of April, which happens to be the day on which I had no choice, but to
go undercover to expose a prostitution ring that has been operating from
somewhere within a men's poker club.

Anyway, after I had finally reported the story and the police had shut down
the club and sent the club's owner and several others straight to jail, I
had gone back to the offices of WEIE 4 Chicago, changed my clothes, placed
the dress that I had -- ahem -- borrowed back inside the office of one of my
fellow co-workers, Blanca Martinez, said 'good night' to the rest of the
news staff and went straight to my place, where I was shocked to hear my own
sister, Kathy Dinkle wanting to go back to her unfaithful husband, Bryce.

And even though I had tried to talk her out of it, my poor sweet sister had
gone back to that low-life piece-of-shit anyway, leaving me with no other
choice, but to realize that she's a full-grown adult and capable of making
her own decisions, so who am I to say to her what's right or wrong.

Anyway, after I had finished taking a nice warm shower and dried myself
off, I had slipped on my bathrobe and walked into the bedroom, where I had
discovered that it had became too warm for me to slip into my pajamas and
allowed myself to just slip off my robe, place my bare-ass naked body on
the bed and go right to sleep.

That was before I had opened my eyes and discovered that I was back at the
WEIE 4 news offices without a single stitch of clothing on, causing me to
start looking for anyone -- including Chick -- who would give me something
to wear, only to discover that I was not the only one in the entire place.

Now, how I had came to that conclussion was that I had suddenly heard the
sounds of a woman having hot, passionate sex and I had allowed myself to
follow those sounds to their source with hopes of getting her to let me
borrow some of her clothes.

But as soon as I had followed those sounds to one of the offices and
discovered that it was Blanca who was making those sounds, because she had
allowed our fellow co-worker, Charlie Babcock to fuck the living shit out
of her, the first thought that had came through my mind was to just get
myself out of there, go into the ladies restroom and start crying my eyes

But instead of doing that, something inside my very being had caused me to
stand right where I was and start pumping two of my fingers in and out of
my hot, wet pussy and carressing my own tits with the other hand just before
Blanca had turned her head towards my direction, looked at me with a smile
on her face and whispered something into Charlie's ear.

And after he had allowed me to step into the office, a smiling Blanca had
placed her gentle hands on my bare shoulders and said, "I know what you're
thinking, Pepper. But it's going to be okay, because we'll be as gentle
with you as possible. All you need to do now is just relax... and enjoy it."

And with that, both Blanca and I had kissed each other ever so passionately
on the lips just before she had started licking all over my nude body -- all
the way down to my hot, moist snatch and carressing my firm breasts just
before Charlie had started stroking his stiff cock and I had placed my hands
on Blanca's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it,
Blanca! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after Charlie had moved himself closer to us and allowed me to
start sucking on his stone hard dick and Blanca had started pumping two of
her fingers in and out of my cunt and sucking on my stiff mounds, I had
suddenly realized that I was experiencing something that I had never
experienced with any size group before, for I was experiencing pure and
untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Charlie had placed his stiff cock inside my pussy and
started licking on Blanca's snatch, I had started sucking on her tits and
caused a sexually-energized Blanca Martinez to place her hands on my bare
back and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT,

And then, after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our
lovemaking has finally reported its last news story, Charlie, Blanca and I
had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with our naked arms
in a lover's embrace, only to have a sudden beeping noise wake me out of my
dream of such erotic desire and back into the real world.

That beeping noise was my alarm clock and it was beeping in order to wake me
up and make sure that I would be able to get myself together and make it to
work on time, while my own sister, Kathy had finally returned to her house
and discovered that her son-of-a-bitching husband, Bryce was having hot sex
in the shower with her best friend, Brianna, causing her to change her mind
and leave that piece-of-shit permantely.

But that was nothing compared to what I was personally going through whenever
I go to work as a reporter for WEIE 4 News and see two of my fellow reporters
named Blanca Martinez and Charlie Babcock together, which had caused me to
realize something about myself... that I might actually be one of those
people in the entire City of Chicago who might be hooked on sex.



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