Perry Mason: Della Heads Off Trouble (MF,oral)
by Swanson

Della Street was sitting at Perry's desk reading the paper when there was a knock on Perry's private door, "Come on in Paul," she said.

Paul walks in and says, "Hi beautiful, where's Perry."

"He is at a client in Bakersfield. What has Perry got my favorite Private Dick probing into?" Della asks.

"Oh, not much, but I like to probe into you." Paul joked.

Della laughed and said, "So probing is what you are now calling it?"

"Well, little lady would you like your Private Dick to probe you?" Paul asked.

Della got up, walk around to where Paul was sitting. She turned, faced the desk and lean forward putting her hand on the desk. As she wiggled her ass at him, she said, "Would you like to probe this with your Private Dick?"

Paul got up, grabbed her hips and started to grind into her ass. He moved back a little and pulled up her skirt and slip. He then undid his pants and let them drop to the door. Then he pulled down Della's panties and started to rub his rock hard dick against her bare ass. He asked, "Beautiful front door or back?"

Della responded, "Paul front today, my pussy is aching for your dick."

Paul slowly parted Della's pussy lips with his fingers and guided his dick into to her. As he entered, Della moaned in pleasure. Paul grabbed her hips and pumped. Della started to push back at him and they developed a rhythm of people who had fucked many times. Della said, "Paul this probing gets better every day, shit this is fucking good. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh God, fuck me!!"

Paul and Della continued pounding each other for several more minutes, when Paul yelled out, "Della I'm about to cum." As he pulled out of her, Della spun around and shoved his dick into her mouth. Paul shot his load into her mouth and Della lapped up every drop. Paul said, "Beautiful you are amazing, you never waste a drop."

A little later, Perry returned to the office. He said, "Della we have to hurry, we are due in court in about 30 minutes. Paul I have a small job for you."

After court Perry drove Della and Paul to a Mr. Cooper's house. Perry said, "Paul did you survey the house? Do you think we can get into his den without him knowing?"

"Perry only if Della distracts Cooper. Also there is a patrol car watching the house." Paul said.

"Ok, Della you go up to the front door and keep Cooper busy. Make sure your pass the patrol car so the cop will watch you. Paul we will drive around to the corner and take the alley back to the house. Della, take a couple minutes before your go the front." Perry said.

Della walked slowly past the patrol and then up to the front door. She knocked on the door and Mr. Cooper answered. He said, "You're that lawyer's secretary, what do you want?"

Della said, "Mr. Cooper this is a personal visit, I noticed something in court and want to ask you a question. Can we go inside?"

Cooper let her in, closed the door and asked, "Ok what it is?"

Della said, "I find you very attractive and wondered if you are married?" Della heard a sound coming from the back of the house so she quickly said, "Well that is not my question. I noticed you had large hands and is it true what they say?"

Cooper said, "Who are they? And what do they say?"

Della reached forward, grabbed his crotch, and unzipped his pants. She took a hold of his dick and started to rub, and said, "You know the bigger the hands, Oh my, they are right. Your have a big dick."

Cooper tried to stop Della from stroking him but it felt so good he did not put up much of a fight. Della dropped to her knees, and started to lick him. She ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft, and when she reached the tip she inserted it into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his dick for a couple of minutes when he suddenly came in her mouth. Della being an expert cocksucker, shallow every drop. Cooper said, "No one is to know about this. You have to promise not to tell anyone."

As Della got to her feet, she heard a car horn. It was the signal that Paul and Perry were out of the house. Della said, "I swear not to tell a soul. Thank you Mr. Cooper, see you in court to tomorrow. Maybe we can do this again." She left the house and walked slowly past the patrol car.

Back in the car with Perry and Paul, Perry asked, "How did you distract him?"

Della said, "I have my ways."

About 3 hours later there was a knock on Della's door. Della who was asleep got up thinking it would be Perry did not bother to put on a robe. She opened the door to find Lt. Anderson. She said, "Andy what are you doing here? Come on in."

As Lt. Anderson walk into the apartment he immediately noticed that Della was wearing a very sheer nightgown. The only light that was on in the apartment was backlighting Della and he could make out every curve of Della's body. Della saw that Andy was watching her closing. She realized the light was exposing her body, so she walked in front of it several times to give him a good view. Andy got his composure and said, "Della why were you at Cooper's tonight?"

"Andy it was something personal."

Andy said, "Della, come on spill the beans. You know this a murder trial and the DA can call you to the stand to make you talk."

Della said, "Andy, I promised Cooper I would not tell anyone about tonight. But I can show you."

Andy said, "Well show me."

Della walked over and grabbed his already hard dick. As Andy pulled back, he said, "Della what are you doing."

Della said, "I'm showing you what happen at Cooper's." She stepped forward and grabbed his dick again. This time Andy did not move as she unzipped his pants. She pulled out his dick and started to lick it. She pumped his dick with her hand as she suck on the head, she slowly took his entire length in her mouth and throat. Della bobbed up and down on his dick as Andy moaned. After several minutes he uttered, "I'm cumming."

Della caught most of his cum in her mouth but some ran down her chin. As she wiped her mouth she said, "Andy this is what happen tonight, are you going to tell Burger?"

Andy said, "I'll have a hard time telling him what you were doing at Cooper's is of no value to the case. But I make sure he keeps you off the stand. I still think you and Perry were up to something but I have no proof."

"Thanks Andy for keeping Burger away from me. I just so horny in court and I started to fantasize about giving Cooper a blow job when he was on the stand. So the truth is I acted on my urges, Perry did not know I went to Coopers."

The next morning Perry said, "I understand you had a visit from Lt. Anderson last night."

Della said, "Yes, but the police and Burger won't be a problem."

Perry said, "How did you manage that feat?"

Paul said, "Knowing Della she used her feminine wiles."

Della said, "You hit right on the head"

Paul said, "That's what I mean on the head."


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