Note: This is based on a scene from the 2003 movie. Aside from the obvious,
I've changed a couple of minor things, so back off, Authenticity Nazis!

Codes: Mg, cons, oral, first

Peter Pan: The Seduction Of Wendy
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Wendy awake in the house that Peter and the Lost Boys had built for her,
cheeks salty with dried tears from the night before.

For a few moments she had been happier than at any time since she and her
brothers had come to Neverland. Dancing in the air, Peter's arms around
her, his chest pressed against her, as well as a small, hard something that
pressed against her belly and aroused feelings of confusion, delight and a
strange anticipation, although of what, she didn't know.

Then, slowly at first, then gathering speed and force like an avalanche,
it had all collapsed. First, Peter had said it was all pretend, then, when
she had questioned him about his feelings, he had turned on her angrily,
hurtfully. Finally she had run to her house and wept herself to sleep.

Now, awakening, she realized that, although she was till in the house, she
was no longer in the forest. The sounds were different as was the light
coming through he window. There was a salty tang of the sea in the air
instead of the mossy smell of the woods. Finally she got up and left.

She was on the Jolly Roger.

Coming up the stairs of the poop deck was Smee, the Ship's first mate with a
greasy smile on his face. Down on the deck was the ship's villainous looking
crew, all of them looking at her as if they hadn't eaten for days and she was
a Christmas goose with all the trimmings.

"It's all right Miss," said Smee. Captain's given strict orders. "No need to
be afraid."

"I'm not afraid," she lied. Indeed, alone and unarmed, she'd never felt so
small and vulnerable in all her life. But she'd be damned if she showed it.
She followed Smee across the deck to the door leading to Hook's quarters,
looking neither right nor left.

As Smee opened the door a somber tune about walking the plank issued forth
accompanied by harpsichord.

"He wrote it himself," said Smee.

As they entered the room Hook stood up. Tall and lean, as handsome and grim
as the tune he had been playing, he looked into Wendy's eyes and she felt
herself tremble. Part of that was fear bu also...something else and she
wasn't sure which bothered her more.

Smee seated her and offered her wine.

"I'm just a little girl," she protested.

"Are you?" asked Hook, taking the wine and motioning Smee out of the room.
Were those the feelings of a little girl on display last night, or those of
a young woman coming into flower?"

"You spied on us!"

Hook shrugged. "I did. And saw pan foolishly spurn you, Neverland's greatest
treasure." He pured the wine into her glass and offered it to her, holding
the stem in the double blade of his hook.

Wendy didn't know whether to blush at his compliment or to cry at the painful
memory and so wound up doing both. this time she accepted the wine, presented
with a mixture of charm and menace. She took a sip, then a deeper one.

"Why did you kidnap me then if Peter cares so little for me?"

"Not to hurt Pan, though it will please me if it does, but for your own
value. I hear that you tell stories."

"Oh yes!"

"Tell me, in any of those stories...are you a pirate?"

"Well, in one. I named myself Red-Handed Jill."

"A splendid name." He extended his good hand and pulled her up. Although
she hadn't drunken much she was small and unused to alcohol. Standing up so
quickly made her dizzy. She leaned against his strong frame for support. He
put one arm around her slender shoulders and tilted her chin up with his
hook. He bent forward. his lips touched hers.

At the touch of his lips Wendy's soul splintered into many warring parts.
One part was afraid, another wanted to spit in his face. but there were other
parts. One found the touch of his hands and lips exciting. Another contrasted
his flattery with Peter's seeming indifference. Another was drawn to the
danger of the hook touching her flesh while also being intimidated by it. The
deciding vote was cast by the most primal and denied part of her mind, the
She that wanted nothing more than to belong to a Him.

Her lips parted to his. His tongue ran itself along the inside of her lips,
then entered firmly, thrusting against her own tongue which first submitted,
than responded, thrusting against and sliding around it's welcome invader.

When the kiss broke, Wendy realized that though Hook had tried to be gentle,
she was bleeding from the chin.

"I am sorry." He wiped the blood off and then licked it off his fingers. Like
all of Hook's acts it simultaneously excited and revolted her.

"I will call Smee to help me remove it."

Wendy never knew what prompted her to say what she said next. She only knew
that she didn't want anyone else in the room with them.

"Let me do it."

Hook cocked one eyebrow at her. "Very well, dear lady." He took her hand and
led her into his private chambers, then sat on his bed, a four-poster nailed
to the deck for high seas. There, with Wendy's aid., he took off his shirt.

She stared at his bare chest. Lean and muscular, it drew her eyes, then her
hands. They roamed over his upper body with a seeming will of their own,
sending a tingling sensation throughout her young body. The heat that had
been kindled by the kiss now burned hotter still, concentrated in the are
between her legs and her nipples. Hook had to, albeit reluctantly, direct
her hands to her original task and soon the rig holding his hook was on the
floor by the bed.

The dreadful sight of the mutilated stump that had once been a wrist was a
shock to Wendy.

"*Peter* did this?"

"Aye, and threw my hand to the reptilian brute that pursues me to this day."

"How cruel!" It was a shock to the young girl that the boy she almost
worshiped could be so...nasty."

"He can't help it. Like Adam and Eve he is a true innocent and so has no
knowledge of good or evil. Or of the pain he can cause. Just as you are
unwittingly hurting me."

Wendy leaped back. "Oh, I'm so sorry! how did i...?

"By your unfairness," he chided. "I am bare to your sight but you still
conceal your beauty from me. With that Hook reached out and pulled her into
his lap.

Once again there was an inner struggle, brief this time as desire had her
firmly in it's grip now, even if she wasn't sure yet exactly what it was she
yearned for. In truth, her nightgown, which had felt thin and flimsy in the
air above deck mow felt uncomfortably warm and heavy. So, once Hook had
deftly undone the buttons down the back she happily shrugged off her garment
to the waist, leaving her slender limbs and torso bare.

Hook looked in fascination at the slim, sleek young body on the verge of
womanhood. His one good hand explored it while his other arm cradled her neck
and head as they shared another passionate kiss.

As they broke off he asked, "May I have the honor of calling you Red-Handed

His new mistress smiled shyly while catching her breath. "If I may call you

"Of course." He bent his head to her chest. Her breasts were still the merest
of swellings but he nipples were large and hard. He sucked at one and then
the other.

"Oh! James! Yes, oh yes! Please! Pleeeeese!"

The space between her legs grew ever warmer and wetter even as she felt the
bulge between *his* legs grow and harden.

"Will you take off my boots?"

As she bent to do this, two things happened, as he had fully intended they
would. Her nightgown slipped entirely off her body, pooling at her feet and
her eyes were brought level with the now huge bulge in his breeches. After
the boots were off she reached out a hand tentatively to stroke his crotch,
as one would an animal whose friendliness was in doubt. A groan of pleasure
came from him, encouraging her to rub harder. Soon, she and her pirate lover
had his breeches and small clothes off, revealing his manhood to her somewhat
frightened eyes.

She looked first has his rigid pole of flesh then at her own tiny, peach
fuzzed slit. '*That* is supposed to go in *here*?' It seemed impossible.

"It's not as fearsome as it seems, my dear," said Hook, seeming to read her

She reached out again and stroked his member as if it were a cat or dog,
surprised a little at it's smooth warmth.

"Yes, that's it," encouraged Hook. "Now form a fist around it, no, not quite
so tight. Now move your hand up and down. Oh, well done my sweet, yes! Now
take your mouth and..."

But the clever little beauty had anticipated him and already taken his
cockhead into her mouth, finding the taste not at all unpleasant. "Oh! Oh,
delightful girl! Just like that, yes. Now suck a little, oh yes." His good
hand guided her head up and down his length.

Wendy was thrilled to realize the power that she, a little slip of a girl
had over the great and terrible Captain Hook with her lips and tongue. She
let her teeth scrape along his length just a bit, provoking a long moan
of ecstasy. How much more control would she have once he was inside her?
She wanted it.

Hook pulled her off him and onto the bed, arranging her lithe form on the
covers, resting her head on the goose down pillows.. His lips caressed her
upper form while his hand slid up her tender, smooth thighs. One long thick
finger pushed into her virgin slit where not even her own hands had gone.

"Oh yes!, Moooore!" she moaned as the finger slid in and out Then he started
rubbing at her clitoris. "Oh Jaaames! Yessss! Please!" she begged as a white
heat burned into her brain. Thick juices gushed over his hand. He licked them
off and let her taste them on his tongue as they kissed once more.

"You are ready, sweet Jill."

She trembled with equal parts fear and desire. "Will it hurt?" she whispered

Being Hook, his first instinct was to lie but he realized that in the long
run honesty would serve him better.He planned after all, not merely to take
her, as he had a myriad whores up and down the Spanish Main but to make her
his, body and soul. To *own* her as his most willing slave.

"Yes, it will at first. But I promise, the pain will not last and the
pleasure that follows will be most worth it."

When he entered her she wanted to scream until her lungs gave out, to cry
until she ran out of tears. She clenched her eyes shut against tears and bit
down, first on her lips, then her tongue to keep from screaming. She was the
little girl Wendy no more, she told herself but Red-Handed Jill, brave and
bold, Captain James Hook's *woman*, consecrated through blood and sex.

Gradually (in truth it was but a minute but felt far longer) the pain
faded to a mere heavy thickness between her legs, as James held himself
still within her, giving her a chance to adjust. She felt his lips upon
her eyelids, kissing them open, his tongue licking at her lips until, with
a sigh, they too opened. As their tongues intertwined he started moving in
her. Slowly at first then faster as her hips began to move in rhythm with
his and small moans of pleasure came out of her.

Hook said a word she had never heard before.

"What...mmmm... does that word mean, James?"

"It's what we're doing right now my dove."

"Oh, then *fuck* me James Hook, fuck me! Harder...oh fuck me harder...fuck
me forever!"

"As you wish my dearest, sweetest Jill!"

Her hands clawed at his back, slender shapely legs wrapped around his hips
as she came underneath him, wishing she could melt into him and be one with
him forever.

"Who are you?"

"Red-Handed Jill"

"Who do you belong to?"

"Oh! Ohhh...*FUCK ME*!!!...You own me James, heart and soul, now and

"And what of Pan?" His heart stopped for a second as he waited for her reply.
It came swiftly and in a cold voice.

"Pan is nothing to me. Only you matter. Only you fucking me matters!"

With that he came in her. He realized unexpectedly that he no longer felt the
need to kill Pan. He had after all taken possession of Neverland's greatest
treasure. He had called her that earlier in flattery but now knew that it was

And so it was that at dawn the following morning, Captain James Hook
presented his crew with Red-Handed Jill, his new bride and First Mate,
ordering them to pull up anchor and set course for the Spanish Main.


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