Peter Pan: Tinker Bell's Escape (Mff, finger, bond, nc-cons)
by Wonder Mike

Tinker Bell didn't know how long she had been trapped in Hook's trunk, but she knew it was too long and she wanted out. Peter was lost without her. Captain Hook's plan was simple; capture Tink and Peter would come running, he couldn't help himself. Then he would have his revenge. He couldn't have his hand back, but he would get Peter's.

Tink had been pulling at the trunk for hours, she would never give up. She couldn't have her beloved Peter get hurt trying to save her, and she wouldn't be saved by that bitch Wendy.

Tinker Bell: I hate that bitch.

She hadn't heard Hook in a while. All seven inches of her pulled at the latch, but it wouldn't budge. She would not give up.

Tink heard a familiar voice approaching the trunk. It was unmistakable. It was Periwinkle, she had come to save her. Then she heard Hook.

Hook: So you little pest, you though you could sneak onto the Jolly Roger without me finding out? Nothing gets past me. Not you, not Peter. I am going to show you the error of your ways.

He held the fairy in his hand and he leered at her, Peri didn't like the way he was looking at her. She began to struggle but he held her tight in his palm.

Hook: You have a nice body for a fairy, if you were a couple inches taller we could have some fun, don't you think.

Peri: I don't know what you mean.

Hook: I think you can have some fun.

Hook used his hook to grab the collar of her dress, and he pulled it right off. It was easy. He looked her up and down.

Peri: What are you doing?

Hook: We are going to have some fun.

He used his pinky and thumb to spread her legs and began to rub her clit with his hook. It was tiny, moist and soft. The softest thing he had ever felt. Peri was in a panic, she wiggled and strained to get free.

Hook had an idea, he tied to strings around her wrist and hung her from his ships mast, her legs dangling as her weight strained her tiny arms.

Hook: Uncomfortable isn't it. I can make you feel better.

He used his pinky and ran it between her legs. The friction felt great and having support on her arms was needed, but she wouldn't let the evil captain know that.

Tink: What is going on out there. Peri don't worry help will come. I will get you for this Hook, and you better not hurt Peter.

Hook: Doesn't this feel good?

Peri: NO!

Hook rubbed faster between her legs. She was wet now. He flicked his pinky against her clit in between rubs.

Hook: It feels good now doesn't it.

Peri: Noooo, uhh nnn!!!

Hook: Okay, let try something a little bit different then.

He pulled his pinky from between her legs and let her dangle. She struggled as her arms quickly began to burn.

Hook: I bet you want my finger between your legs now, don't you?

Peri: NO!

Hook let her hang for another 5 minutes. Peri's arms were beginning to burn now. She was in a real panic now.

Hook: You want me between your legs now don't you?

Peri: Please, no!

Hook: I think I know what you do want. You need an audience. Let's have Tink watch.

Hook opened up his trunk and pulled Tinker Bell out. He wrapped strings around both of her arms and strung her up inches from Peri. Peri had been hanging for 20 minutes now, her arms were numb, she refused to cry though. Periwinkle would not give in. But she had to.

Peri: Captain Hook, I want you between my legs.

Hook: Beg me.

Peri: Please, Captain Hook, I need you between my legs! PLEASE!!!

Hook: NO, I'll tell you what. Beg me to put my finger between Tink's leg.

Peri: Please no, don't make me say that.

Tink: I love you. Peri. I hate you, Hook, you silly ass. I love you, Peri.

Hook: Say it!

Peri: Please. no, don't make me!

Tink: I want your finger between my legs.

Hook: Peri has to say it.

Tink: It's ok, say it.

Periwinkle. I am so sorry, Tink. Hook, please put your finger between Tink's legs.

Hook: I don't believe you really want me to.

Peri: Please, I need to see your finger between her legs.

Hook: Yes, now I please you.

Hook place a finger between both fairies legs, he began to rub both of their clits, slowly at first. Then a little faster.

Hook: You like that don't you?

Peri: NO!

Tink: NO, No, maybe.

Hook: I'll tell you what, Peri. Tell me you want to see me stick a finger inside of Tinkerbell.

Peri: No, it is too big for her.

Hook took his finger from between Peri's legs. She was hanging freely once again, her arms were still numb.

Hook: You know you want some support, don't you?

Peri: No, I won't have you hurt my friend.

Hook put his hook on Periwinkle's shoulder he pulled down on it, at the same time he was rubbing Tinker Bell faster. She was dripping wet now.

Tink: Oooooh!!!

Hook: I think the little fairy just had an orgasm on my finger.

Peri: It hurts, please stop!

Hook: You know what you have to do to get me to stop.

Peri: Please, sir!

Tinker Bell was squirming and grinding on his finger now, his finger was wet with her cum. Periwinkle was screaming in pain now.

Tinker: Please say it, Peri! I can take it! I want it!

Periwinkle: Yes, you can take it. I have faith in you.

Hook: Then say it.

Peri: Please, stick your finger inside of Tinker Bell!

Hook: Is that what you want Tinker Bell?

Tink: Yes, please fuck me with your finger.

Hook, used his hooked hand to once again support Periwinkle, he then slid his pinky inside of Tink.

Tink: Fuck, it's so big! It feels so good!

Hook had slid half his pinky inside of her. She tried her best to ride it. Hook jammed the rest of his pinky inside of her until she was resting on his knuckle. Hook twisted his pinky from side to side, her whole body spinning along with it. Hook began to slowly work it up and down.

Hook: Peri, do you like watching this?

Peri: NO!

Hook: Do you want me to let you hang some more?

Peri: No, please.

Hook: Tell her you like it.

Tink: I like it.

Hook pumped his pinky harder and harder inside of her, it slid in and out easier and easier with each thrust.

Hook: Tell her you love it.

Tink: I love it.

Hook: Tell me again.

Tink: FUUUCK, I'm cuuuumming! I love it, fuck me hard.

Hook: Wow, she really loves it. She can't get enough.

Hook pulled his finger out of her. Tinker Bell could barely breathe. Her legs were twitching. She tried to slide back onto his pinky.

Hook: You really want it, don't you?

Tink: God, yes, I need your finger back inside of me.

Hook: Do you really want it?

Tink: Yes, please.

Hook: Okay, tell me you want me to let Peri hang.

Tink: Please no, don't hurt her.

Hook: If you really want it, tell me.

Tink: I am so sorry, Peri! Please, let her hang and put your pinky back inside of me!

Hook: Ok, I will let her hang.

Hook took his hooked hand from under Periwinkle. She was dangling freely now. The pain was almost unbearable.

Hook: I will let her hang, but I will not fuck you with my pinky.

Tink: Please sir.

Hook spread her tiny legs than took aim with his thumb. Half his thumb slid in easily. He slowly pumped it in and out.

Tink: God, it's so big!

Periwinkle: It hurts.

Hook shoved his entire thumb into Tinker Bell, pumping it hard and deep. Tink bounced up and down on it.

Tink: It's so big.

Hook shoved it all the way inside of her. Tink began to grind and wiggle on his knuckle. She wrapped her legs around it.

Periwinkle: It hurts so bad.

Hook used his hooked hand to drop his pants and his cock sprang to life. It was the same size as Tinkle Bell's leg.

Hook: Periwinkle, I will let you down if you tell me.

Periwinkle: Fuck that bitch with your cock.

Tink: Periwinkle, you silly ass.

Hook pulled his thumb from inside of Tinker Bell. He grabbed more string and wrapped up Periwinkle's arms and legs. He sat her on top of the trunk he was holding Tink in. He wanted her to watch.

He grabbed Tinker bell around the waist and used his hooked hand to cut her down. He spread her legs and aimed her at his cock.

Tink: No, it's too big, I need it.

Hook rubbed the tip of his cock between her legs. She spread them as wide as he could and began to work it in.

Peri: Fuck that bitch! Shove it in her!

Tink: Yes, fuck me.

Hook shoved his cock inside of her. It slid right in. Tinker Bell wrapped her legs around it as he began to work it out again.

Tink: Fuck me with that big cock!

Peri: Fuck her, show me you're a man and hammer her.

He then used his hook and his hand to slam his cock all the way inside of her. He pulled t back to the tip and slammed it in again.


Peri: That's it fuck her!

Hook hammered her up and down on his cock using both arms to hammer her. Tinker Bell couldn't stop cumming.

Hook: Periwinkle, who's the man now?

Tink: I'm still cuuummming.

Hook: Periwinkle, I said who's the man?

Hook shot his load inside of Tinker Bell. The force of the load forced her all the way of his cock. He sprayed her entire body with his seed. He got a good scoop of it with his hook. Tink opened her mouth wide and tilted her head back so he could feed her.

Hook: Periwinkle, what did you think of that? Peri?

Periwinkle was gone, hook spun around to see where she had gotten to. As he turned he was face to face with Peter Pan. Peter had been watching the whole time.

Peter: Face me, Hook! Grab your sword and fight me.

This was what Hook had been waiting for. He spun to grab his sword, but Peter chopped off his other hand before he could get it.

Periwinkle emerged from behind the trunk and ran to Tink and Peter.

Peri: Thank you, Peter! You saved us. Your reward shall be to fuck both of us.

Tink: Keep your hands off of him bitch.

The End


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