A fictional story about fictional characters.

Petticoat Junction: Saving The Shady Rest (FF,MF,MmF,MFF,inc,oral,anal,fist,first,exhib)
by shaggy77

It is a fact that sometimes in life things are exactly as they seem; and other times they are not. That the tiny hamlet of Hooterville was a poor, rural, farming community filled with a small population of very good and close-knit friends was true; that the three Bradley girls were virginal, was not. They certainly had been at one time, but circumstances had combined to change their pattern of behavior. The Shady Rest, a "bed and breakfast" owned by their hard working mother Kate Bradley, had been in dire financial straits for years. While Kate's husband was alive, he had been able to handle all the expenses of such a large residence with his income as a traveling salesman; but after his demise, the debts had accumulated. First Kate took out a mortgage, and then, this payment when added to all the others, became an albatross; so Kate reluctantly decided to open their house to the public as a Bed-and-Breakfast.

This was before people had heard of things like IRAs or 401Ks, and their meager savings and loan money soon were depleted. The Bed-and-Breakfast business did not bring in much income primarily due to the relative inaccessibility of the hotel. The only road was nothing more than a washed out cow path, and the railroad which stopped virtually in their front yard was notoriously unreliable. The Hooterville Cannonball was an old relic of a steam powered, wood fired, locomotive, and was constantly breaking down. The residents of Hooterville basically only frequented the Shady Rest Hotel for dinner on special occasions, or held an occasional wedding there. Strangers sometimes stayed there for a couple days on fishing or hunting trips, but for the most part, the income the Shady Rest produced was minimal.

Besides Kate, and her three absolutely gorgeous daughters (Billie Jo, Bobby Jo, and Betty Jo), the hotel's only other resident was Kate's incredibly lazy brother: "Uncle Joe" Carson. Uncle Joe's idea of a tough day was having to drag himself out of the front porch hammock and walk to the dinner table. The eventual solution to the Shady Rest's financial woes actually developed when Joe was discussing the money troubles over a game of checkers down at Drucker's General Store with Sam Drucker. Local entrepreneur, and shady skinflint, Mr. Haney had ventured into the store looking for someone to swindle; heard Joe's tale; and suggested the world's oldest profession as a solution.

"Oh, you mean stone mason," Joe asked, "no, I don't think the girls know anything about that; besides the only quarry is over in Crabwell Corners."

"No, you mo-ron," answered Haney, "I mean a house of ill repute. No offense Joe, but those nieces of yours are real lookers, and the men of the valley have always taken notice...if you know what I mean. I would be happy to lend my organizational expertise; for a small fee, of course."

"He has a point, Joe," agreed Sam, "the girls are real head-turners all right. This is a poor valley, but I'm sure there would be plenty of customers...why I might even be willing to spend a few dollars myself."

When Joe returned to the Shady Rest later that day, he gathered the family in the parlor, and hesitantly presented the proposed business solution. There was no tighter group or family than the Bradley-Carson clan, and although initially shocked at the suggestion; after mulling it over for several minutes, they agreed that it might indeed be a viable solution. The real beauty of the plan was that there was no additional capital outlay, no added overhead or expenses (with the exception of condoms). Joe agreed to reserve a small fee for Haney because he knew he was too lazy to handle the organization himself. Kate would provide a hearty meal for anyone desiring it, and the girls would share all the clean-up chores. Since Betty Jo was still a virgin, she would only be required to give hand-jobs, blow-jobs and anal (if she so desired). She agreed that she would give up her virginity if the price were right. The Shady Rest was their home, and the girls would do anything to save it.

Mr. Haney's organizational skills proved to be invaluable. He arranged all the appointments, often working from Drucker's store; even sometimes scheduling an "away" visit from one of the Bradley girls via the Cannonball. The Bradley girls had always been the most popular girls in the valley and now that distinction took on new meaning. Lisa Douglas, the misplaced New York City wife of a former lawyer turned farmer, Mr Oliver Wendell Douglas, was kind enough to give the girls several outfits of fancy clothes and lingerie, so that they could roll-play and cater to men's fantasies. The men in the valley began to save every penny so they could "date" one of the Bradley girls; and the wives of the valley began to give their husbands "gifts" of a date with one of the sisters. The close knit valley became even closer.

The Bradley sisters were as close as any sisters had ever been, they even shared the same middle name: Josephine; but they were physically as different as night and day. Some folks in the valley liked to joke that maybe Kate had gotten hooked up with more than one traveling salesman. Billie Jo, the oldest, was tall with long straight blond hair; and resembled an angel in the many Christmas pageants she had participated in. She loved to sing and had actually spent time in New York City pursuing an entertainment career. She had long shapely legs and had done some time on stage in a chorus line, but had returned home to try to help with the Shady Rest.

Bobbie Jo, the second born, had turned out to be the "boy crazy" one. She was an absolutely gorgeous brunette, with a body to die for. Not one for flaunting her figure, when she went swimming in the railroad's water tower it was obvious that her breasts were considerable. The youngest, Betty Jo, was a reformed tomboy, but had the total package. Her bright red hair framed the most perfect face anyone in the valley had ever seen. When she passed by in a bathing suit, every male within a hundred feet got whip-lash.

One of the first customers was actually a "freebie:" railroad company inspector Homer Bedloe. For years this sour, shriveled up man had been trying to shut down the Cannonball because it never turned a profit. He knew it was the life-blood of the valley, but could not see past the dollars-and-cents aspect; so he searched for any loophole to close it down. On his most recent inspection visit, he had made a standing arrangement with Kate: in return for filing a favorable report, he would be entertained by at least two of the Bradley girls, and they must be completely naked. On this visit, Billie Jo and Bobbie Jo were the ones available. When they entered his hotel room, they found him sitting on the bed sucking his thumb and wearing a large diaper, and nothing else.

He instructed them to sit on either side of him and hold him, while he would suckle at their breasts. As they curled up beside him, stroking his back and soothing him; he replaced his thumb with Billie Jo's right nipple. She was tall and slender and her breasts were about 34 B, with half-dollar sized areola surrounding jellybean nipples. She really was gorgeous, and would have made a great pantyhose model. She had done some lingerie modeling in the city, and had trimmed her blond pubic hair so that it didn't stick out the sides. This grooming had fascinated her sisters, and Bobbie Jo had done some trimming of her own. She had cut her brown pubic hair so close that her prominent mound and slit were actually visible when she spread her legs. After alternating on Billie Jo's breasts, Bedloe began to suckle on Bobbie Jo's twins. Her breasts were slightly larger than her sister's; a full 36 C with really long, fat nipples.

Not sure just what he desired, Bobbie Jo reached her hand down inside his diaper and began to fondle what resembled a thin night crawler. He quickly yanked her arm and told her that wasn't necessary; he was satisfied with the present activity. Bedloe had long ago reached the age where he no longer could achieve an erection (this was long before Viagra), and he didn't need to be reminded of it. Before leaving he did make one other request: he wanted to watch Bobbie Jo to finger her sister to orgasm. Billie Jo turned around and sat on the foot of the bed facing Bedloe with her back braced against the brass frame, and gathered her long, slender legs in front of her with her knees bent and legs spread. With her legs spread, her slit peaked out through her sparse blond pubic hair, surrounded by incredibly long pussy lips. Bedloe wondered if she could tie her lips in a knot, as she spread them apart with her graceful fingers, exposing her pink cunt.

Bobbie Jo crawled down the bed between her sister's legs and breathed in her musky scent before just barely grazing the sides of her spread cunt with the tip of her tongue. Billie Jo shivered involuntarily at her sister's stimulation, and came immediately when Bobbie Jo slid two fingers into her pussy. She didn't just cum; she squirted her fluid all over Bobbie Jo's face, soaking it thoroughly, sighing, "Oh that's good Bobbie; rub it right there." Bobbie Jo began to slide her fingers in and out of her sister's juicy cunt, adding a third and then a fourth digit.

"Are you ready, Billie," the brunette beauty asked her.

"Go for it," was all Billie Jo needed to say as Bobbie Jo cupper her thumb under her fingers and forcefully jammed her entire hand up into Billie Jo's cunt. "Holy shit," moaned Billie Jo as she thrust her hips forward to meet Bobbie's arm. Bobbie Jo began to rapidly fist-fuck her sisters dripping pussy, stretching her cunt lips even wide. Her entire wrist disappeared up into her sister's hole as Billie Jo's elongated lips gripped her forearm.

Bedloe leaned far forward to get a closer look at the spectacle and muttered, "Amazing, simply amazing."

As Bobbie Jo continued to jam her fist in and out of her pussy, Billie Jo put her hands back and grasped the bed frame as she shuddered her climax, groaning, "Yes, yes, yes." Her hole was so stuffed that she couldn't squirt this time, but her juices flooded out of her cunt and dripped all the way down Bobbie Jo's arm to her elbow. Bedloe inched even closer to her crotch as Bobbie Jo withdrew her hand leaving Billie Jo's hot-pink hole so wide open that Bedloe could swear he could see all the way to her uterus.

He assured the sisters, "You can tell Kate that this exhibition will guarantee the Cannonball will pass the next two inspections."

Later that afternoon, the residents of the Shady Rest heard the whistle of the Cannonball signal a visitor and rushed to meet Sam Drucker making his bi-weekly grocery delivery. The Cannonball's crew: engineer Charlie Pratt and conductor Floyd Smoot, followed Sam up to the hotel, their arms loaded with bags of food and sundries. After dropping the groceries on the dining room table, Sam waved goodbye to them saying, "Thanks fellas, pick me up in about an hour, OK."

"Sure thing Sam," winked Charlie as they returned to the train.

Already knowing what Sam preferred on his visits, Betty Jo took him by the hand and led him upstairs to a bedroom. He wasted no time undressing himself and sat on the edge of the bed to watch the beautiful redhead expose herself. Betty Jo had been about to go swimming in the water tower, and wore a conservative one-piece bathing suit covered by a large mans dress shirt, for a cover-up. As she removed the shirt, Sam, as he did every time, marveled at her natural beauty. Her legs were long and shapely: perfect as far as Sam was concerned. Her long naturally red hair cascaded down over her pale shoulders, framing the most innocent and angelic face he had ever seen. "You know your mom used to have red hair," he reminded her, as he did every time.

"I know, I've seen pictures," replied Betty Jo, knowing that he had always had a crush on Kate. "Would you like to do the honors," she asked as she stood in front of him.

"I sure would," Sam assured her as he reached gently up and grasped the shoulder straps of her bathing suit. As he slowly peeled the suit down her arms and chest, her magnificent breasts spilled out, and he was again surprised at their size. Although she made a habit of concealing them, she probably had the largest breasts of all the Bradley girls. They were truly marvelous: a full 36 C and perfectly round, with rosy red nipples the size of gumdrops. They were the breasts of youth, absolutely firm and proud. Sam paused with the suit as he licked her right tit, and flicked his tongue over the huge nipple. He thought, "They even taste good," as he forced himself to stop suckling and continue removing her suit. Revealing more perfectly smooth skin, he finally tugged the suit down over her flared hips and past her wonderful ass cheeks, exposing her bright red bush. He let the suit fall to the floor, and Betty Jo stepped out of it.

She stood before him and moved her feet far apart, giving him full access to her pussy. With her legs spread, and her bush being naturally sparse, her slit was plainly visible. Sam always marveled at her puffy pussy mound: "the rolling hills of Hooterville," he referred to them in his head. He followed his pattern by grasping her hips in his hands, leaning forward, and running his tongue all the way from the bottom of her slit, to the top, and flicking her large clit.

She was very sensitive, and Betty Jo put her hands on Sam's shoulders for support as she groaned, "Oh that feels good, Sam." He proceeded to lap at her slit for several minutes before using both thumbs to part her mounds and delving his tongue inside her. As he thrust his tongue up inside her hole, his nose tickled her clit, and he was rewarded by receiving a plentiful drink of her fluids as her body shivered and she dug her fingers into his shoulders. "Oh Sam, you do that so good," Betty Jo encouraged him, "now it's my turn."

The gorgeous redhead dropped to her knees between Sam's legs and wrapped her slim fingers around his hard-on. For a man his age, he had no trouble getting aroused and she always marveled at the thick white jungle surrounding his cock. His pubic hair resembled steel wool, and Betty Jo imagined the bald man having thick curly white hair on his head. Although a virgin, Betty Jo was no stranger to cocks; she took her turn with the customers as long as there was no vaginal penetration required. Sam's vein-covered tool was about average, she judged from her limited experience, but he had never been circumcised, so his long foreskin slid way up over his crown when she stroked it. Looking up at him as she licked his cock all the way from the base to the slit, she resembled an angel gone bad. Sam knew she was of age, but her face made her appear to be a child. He thought, "Where did she learn to do that," but then realized, "Oh, yeah; her sisters taught her well."

Betty Jo leaned forward and literally swallowed Sam's cock until it touched the back of her throat, and then began to suck as she ran her tongue along the underside. He looked down at his lap and watched the thick red hair bob up and down on his pole. He couldn't resist leaning down and cupping her marvelous tits in his hands, tweaking her gumdrop nipples and causing her to moan around his tool. "My God she's beautiful," he thought as she began to fondle his scrotum. Suddenly overcome by excitement, he apologized in advance, "Sorry Betty Jo, sorry, here it comes;" and his cock jerked in her mouth as he squirted his load directly down her throat. She did her best to swallow every last drop, and then lifted her head from his crotch and continued to jerk his deflating tool.

Licking the last dribbling drops off the side of his cock like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, Betty Jo reassured him, "Jeez, Mr. Drucker, I keep telling you there is no need to apologize. I like the taste, and it's kinda like a reward for a job well done."

Sam smiled sheepishly down at her, and then he was done. It would have been the same with either of the other sisters; Sam never had actual sex with them. He had watched the Bradley girls grow up; he had bounced them on his knee as babies, and he would never dream of having actual sex with Kates girls. He would gladly accept a hand-job or a blow-job, but never "real" sex. Finishing getting dressed, he remarked to Betty Jo, "Well, I've got to get back to the store, I can't make any money sitting here."

"No, but I can," she replied and they both laughed.

That night it rained hard in Hooterville, and the roof of the Shady Rest leaked steadily in several places. Kate knew that the entire roof needed replacing. She was fairly certain that the girls could work out a deal on the labor, but the materials would be quite expensive, and the owner of the local lumberyard was a preacher. She knew that if she could just hold out a couple more weeks, her best paying customer had an appointment. The next day she received even more bad news when the new Governor revoked the tax-exempt Historical Landmark status of the Shady Rest. The hotel dated back to the Civil War, and had used to house local soldiers, but the Governor of the cash strapped state figured he could use the tax revenue more than another obscure tourist attraction. Kate knew that she needed to come up with some serious capital in the near future.

Early the next day, Bobbie Jo sat on the front porch waiting for her first appointment. Although he had only been up for a couple hours, Uncle Joe was already snoring as the hammock swayed in the breeze. The whistle of the Cannonball signaled the arrival Bobbie Jo had been waiting for, and she joyfully greeted Oliver Wendell Douglas as he strolled up the walk. Accompanied by his hired hand, Eb Dawson, Mr. Douglas inquired if either of Bobbie Jo's sisters were available, "You see Bobbie Jo, Eb's birthday is coming up and I wanted to treat him to something special today."

"Golly, thanks Dad," piped in the ever-enthusiastic Eb.

"Stop calling me Dad," Mr. Douglas snapped; although he wasn't nearly as upset about it as he pretended. The truth was he did think of Eb as the son he never had. Until a couple years ago Mr. Douglas had been a high priced attorney for a prestigious New York City law firm, and he and his Hungarian descended wife, Lisa, had inhabited a luxury Park Avenue penthouse apartment. Mr. Douglas, however, had been bitten by the farm-bug, and decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning and working his own farm.

Lisa was horrified at the farm he had been swindled into purchasing from Mr. Haney. Mr. Douglas preferred the chores, and Lisa liked the stores. He preferred the fresh air, and she longed for Times Square. The house was little more than a shed, Haney had removed all the furniture and even some of the fixtures and pipes after Mr. Douglas had signed the contract. For a smart, big-city lawyer, Mr. Douglas had been easily conned. Lisa had agreed to stay on a trial basis with the stipulation that every two months she got to go stay in the city with Mr. Douglas' mother for a she put it, "Darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue." So every two months, Mr. Douglas would visit the Shady Rest to sow his wild oats (they were about the only oats he was successful with).

He wasn't sure if Lisa actually knew about his visits, but she never said anything. Kate Bradley was ahead of her time with her slogan, "What happens at the Shady Rest, stays at the Shady Rest."

Bobbie Jo saw the look of disappointment on their faces when she informed them that Billie Jo and Betty Jo had gone to Pixley get some price quotes on a new roof, so she quickly volunteered, "If you wouldn't mind, I could take you both."

Eb began to bounce around like an excited puppy, as Mr. Douglas agreed, "I think that would be fine, Bobbie Jo. You see I've already paid Mr. Haney, and you know what it's like trying to get your money back from him."

Bobbie Jo, dressed in a big, pink fluffy bathrobe and high-heeled fuzzy slippers took Eb by the hand and led the two up the stairs to a bedroom. All the way up, Eb was trying to peek up under her robe and both men were admiring her curvaceous legs. Eb was beside himself with excitement and kept exclaiming, "Golly, we're really going to do this." Mr. Douglas wasn't sure exactly how much sexual experience Eb had, but he was willing to bet that the next time would be his first.

Bobbie Jo was familiar with Mr. Douglas' preferences from past visits, and suggested to him that she could handle them both at the same time. Mr. Douglas was more than agreeable, as he sat on the bed beside Eb. He came to the Shady Rest to satisfy his desire for anal sex; something his wife Lisa would never allow. Bobbie Jo turned on the old phonograph in the room and some old scratchy recording of a burlesque tune began to play as she removed her robe to reveal a silky pink baby-doll nightie. The garment just barely covered the swell of her ass cheeks and it was obvious she was wearing no bra from the way her nipples poked through the thin material. The high heels made her incredible legs seem even longer and more shapely.

As Eb sat mesmerized next to Mr. Douglas, Bobbie Jo began to do a slow, sensuous bump-and-grind dance in front of them. Swaying her wide hips from side to side, she turned and bent down until her hands touched the floor, revealing that she wore the skimpiest of pink bikini panties. Eb, unable to contain himself, reached both hands out and caressed her perfectly round cheeks. She pulled back and stood up, not out of annoyance, but to further the tease. Bobbie Jo faced them again and suggested, "While I'm dancing, let's see how fast you boys can get undressed." Not having to be asked twice, Eb began shucking his clothes, and almost fell over when his legs became entangled in is pants. Mr. Douglas just played it cool and calmly lost his clothes, placing them on a nearby chair.

As they sat back down on the bed, Bobbie Jo assessed the erections in front of her: She had seem Mr. Douglas' cock before, and always thought it resembled one of the big pickles in the barrel at Drucker's General Store. It even had the same curve. Eb's tool was a little longer than average, maybe eight inches, with a nice plum sized crown. He couldn't resist stroking it as she danced and swayed just inches in front of him. She reached up with her hands and slowly slid the thin straps of the baby-doll off her shoulders, and when she shrugged, the slippery smooth garment drifted down and completely off her body, pooling at her feet. Her body was magnificent as her proud breasts stuck straight out from her chest. She turned her back to them once again and bent over as she pushed her panties over her hips and down her taut legs. Bobbie Joe looked back at them from between her legs as she spread them wide apart, giving them a good look at her hairy mound and slit.

She stood back up and turned towards them, her hands on her hips, and licked her lips. Knowing that Mr. Douglas wanted to make this special for Eb, she devoted most of her attention to the tall, lanky farm hand. Advancing to stand between his legs, she quickly dropped down to her knees and began to run her tongue from the base of his cock all the way to the crown, without ever touching it with her hands. She placed her hands on his thighs to steady herself and then drew his eight inches into her mouth until his scrotum was touching her lips. She had just begun to suck when his hips jerked and his cock erupted in her mouth.

"Golly," was all Eb could muster as he squirted his seed down her throat. This was something new to him and it couldn't have been more wonderful. When he had pumped his load into her mouth, Bobbie Jo stood up in front of him and began to dip her knees up and down, letting his still hard cock ride the valley between her perfect tits. She squeezed them together, pinching his pole between them while a few remaining drops of his cum provided the lubrication. If his cock had been tempted to shrivel, this sliding between her magnificent tits coaxed it back to rigidity. Eb just sat there, his eyes bulging in their sockets, watching his cock slide between her globes. Finally she released her breasts, stood up and urged Eb to scoot back onto the bed.

When he had gotten comfortable with his back resting against the many pillows leaning on the headboard of the large bed, Bobbie Jo began to crawl on her knees, up his body, straddling his legs until she was sitting on his lap facing him. As she advanced, Eb never took his eyes off her brown bush as it got nearer to his crotch. When she sat down, her perfect tits jiggled slightly and he refocused his attention on them. They were like magnets drawing him, and Bobbie Jo urged him, "Go ahead, you can touch them, I would like that." Eb, first gently, then with increasing vigor encircled each breast with one of his course hands and began to knead them like bread dough. "Oh that feels good," Bobbie Jo assured him and he rolled her long nipples between his fingers.

His hard-on had been trapped by her body against his thighs, and she raised up on her knees and grasped it until it was pointing directly at her moist slit. With his plum resting between her lips, Bobbie Jo wiggled her hips and lightly brushed against it, lubricating it with her motion. Feeling this additional stimulation, Eb released her tits, stared between their bodies, and focused all his attention on their anticipated union. Bobbie Jo then began to slowly lower her body, allowing his cock to penetrate her as she progressed. Eb stared as his cock disappeared inside Bobbie Jo's wet pussy. When she was finally sitting flat on his lap, completely impaled on his pole, Eb leaned his head back on the pillows, closed his eyes and moaned, "Gooolllly that feels great." It felt to him like he had stuck his cock into a bowl of warm pudding; pudding that squeezed him (not that he had ever done that with pudding).

Then she raised up on her knees again until he was almost out of her, and sat back down quickly. His eyes flew open and he ground his groin up against hers, as she began to bounce up and down on his tool. Eb soon got the idea and as Bobbie Jo fucked him, he jammed his cock up into her as hard as he could. She abruptly stopped and leaned over onto Eb's body, pressing her tits against his chest and presenting her lovely ass cheeks to Mr. Douglas. She reached back and spread them wide, saying, "I didn't forget you Mr. Douglas." He leapt onto the bed and crawled between her legs, as Eb watched in amazement. On Mr. Douglas' visits to the Shady Rest he always-favored anal action because Lisa would never allow him to do it at home. He grabbed the handy bottle of baby oil from the night table where it was always kept, and squirted a generous amount along the length of his cock. He wedged his "pickle" into Bobbie Jo's anus and began to steadily push forward.

When his head popped through her sphincter ring, she groaned, and he applied steady pressure until his entire cock was inside her ass. This was actually the first time Bobbie Jo had been double-penetrated and the feeling was exquisite. She wiggled her torso against them and moaned, "Oh, fuck me boys." Hearing the lovely Bobbie Jo talking so dirty was the only encouragement Mr. Douglas and Eb needed as they began to jam their cocks in and out of her holes; sometimes simultaneously and sometimes alternating their strokes. They fucked Bobbie Jo as hard as they could, feeling their cocks pressure against each other. She braced herself with her hands against Eb's chest as she helped them by bouncing her ass up and down between them, her ass cheeks jiggling erotically. They plowed her holes even harder when she groaned, "Your cocks feel so good inside me." Eb had already cum in her mouth, and Mr. Douglas' age increased his stamina, as they continued to fuck Bobbie Jo's holes.

Maybe the best part about fucking Bobbie Jo was that the girls had all gone on the pill, and AIDS still hadn't been heard of, so no condoms were required...they were getting the complete, wonderful sensation. They continued to drive their cocks into Bobbie Jo with all their strength, working up a steady sweat. She sat back a little so Eb could watch her tits bounce on her chest, and he responded by reaching up and attempting to stuff as much of her right breast into his mouth as he could. Eb began to literally chew on her tit, while roughly squeezing its twin. Mr. Douglas, being somewhat more experienced, reached his hand around her waist and twisted and pinched her swollen clit in his fingers. "Oh shit," Bobbie Jo screamed into the air as her whole body shivered between them.

Her intense orgasm triggered theirs as Mr. Douglas and Eb slammed their hard cocks as deep into her holes as they could and held them there. They could feel each other's tools jerking and twitching inside her as they began to spill their seed into her belly. She could feel the heat as they shot their hot fluid into her ass and pussy, and it almost immediately began to dribble out of her holes. Mr. Douglas reluctantly slid his deflating pickle out of her anus and watched his cum drool down onto Eb. Not wanting this moment to end, Eb continued to fondle Bobbie Jo's firm tits as his tool began to shrivel inside her. She kissed him on the cheek as she raised up off his cock; strands of sticky cum still connecting them.

"Golly, thanks Bobbie Jo; and thanks Dad," Eb naively blurted out. Mr. Douglas didn't even bother to correct him as he began to dress.

Bobbie Jo, a vision of loveliness, even with drops of cum dripping down her thighs, encouraged them, "You boys are welcome anytime, I hope you had a good time."

That evening at the Shady Rest, all the employees were present for the monthly financial meeting when Kate related to them the urgent need for an influx of funds. Her point was emphasized by a couple of pots placed around the parlor collecting rain water. She could tell Mr. Haney was bursting with news, so she conceded the floor to him. Haney began, "Well, it just so happens that this very afternoon I got a call from our most wealthy customer, Mr. J. D. Clampett, and he had a very interesting proposition for us.

Jed Clampett had been a poor mountaineer until one day he was shooting at some food, missed the rabbit he was aiming at and when his bullet hit the dirt; up through the ground came a bubblin' crude...oil that is...Black Gold...Texas T. Well, the first thing you knew, he was a millionaire. He was now worth about sixty million dollars, and had moved to California; Beverly Hills that is. The money hadn't changed his character or personality one bit, though; he was still the simple, honest hillbilly he had always been. He had split his millions with his daughter, nephew, and Granny. Every couple of months, he paid a visit to the Shady Rest to "clear the cobwebs," and paid the Bradleys very handsomely for their services. Truth was, if it wasn't for his generosity and friendship, the Shady Rest would have gone belly-up months ago.

Haney continued, unable to contain his enthusiasm, "As you know, Mr. Clampett has a reservation next week. Well, it is Jethro's (his nephew) birthday, and he would like something extra special to give him; and get this: he said cost was no limit." Kate thought she actually saw drool at the corners of Haney's mouth as he related this.

Quickly, before everyone had to awkwardly avoid the obvious, Betty Jo spoke up and volunteered, "It's OK everyone, I'll do it. I'll give up my virginity to Jethro...that should be special enough."

Now there are folks who would criticize and chastise Kate for allowing her daughters to prostitute themselves to save the Shady Rest, but no one was ever forced or pressured to do anything they didn't feel comfortable doing. The girls had all volunteered to sell their charms for the good of the family, and most of the time they actually enjoyed themselves. Betty Jo was actually looking forward to feeling a man inside her, after watching her sisters having intercourse so many times.

You could tell that a special customer was due on the Cannonball, because not only was Uncle Joe not napping, but he was dressed in a vest and a white straw hat. When Jed Clampett and Jethro Bodine came ambling up to the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe practically fell all over them welcoming them and shaking hands. Jed hated this aspect about being rich. He often thought to himself that the money had not changed him one bit; but it had changed everyone around him. He recognized the opportunity to do good with the money and help his friends and relatives, but sometimes he wasn't sure all the hassle involved was worth it. He would have gladly given Kate the money she needed or even bought her mortgage, but she, like most of the folks in Hooterville, was much too proud to accept charity. He thought that Mr. Haney, and possibly Uncle Joe, were about the only ones who would have accepted his gifts. This is why Jed made a point to vastly over-paying for everything; it was his way of extending charity without it seeming that way.

Betty Jo, who had been primping all morning, came out on the porch to greet them, and Jethro nearly pulled her arm out of its socket by shaking her hand so hard. She was wearing a simple yellow sundress and practical flats. Her luxurious red hair was done up in pigtails tied with yellow ribbon, and they made her appear much younger than her age. After the proper pleasantries were exchanged, Jed, knowing that Jethro was busting at the seams in anticipation, suggested they head upstairs to a bedroom. Billie Jo asked if she could accompany them since it was her sister's first time, and Jed assured her that they would love to have her join them.

When they opened the door to their room a small pink pig ran squealing out and disappeared down the hall. Jed looked at Billie Jo and began, "Don't tell me you...."

But before he could finish his thought, Billie Jo read his mind and laughingly responded, "Oh goodness no. You remember Arnold Ziffel. Fred is in another room with Bobbie Jo and he didn't want Arnold to see what he was doing...he was afraid Arnold would tell Doris."

The quartet all laughed heartily as they entered and closed the door behind them. Billie Jo directed the men to sit on the bed, "Why don't you make yourselves comfy, and I'll unwrap Jethro's birthday gift for him."

As they sat, Jethro was squirming so noticeably that Jed asked, "What's the matter boy, you got ants in your pants?"

"No, Uncle Jed, I just can't wait to see me some boobies," Jethro answered.

As Betty Jo kicked off her shoes, Billie Jo began to ease the shoulder straps down Betty Jo's smooth, pale shoulders. Betty Jo pulled her arms through the arm holes, and Billie Jo unzipped the back, let loose of the homemade dress, and let it drift down off Betty Jo's body and onto the floor around her feet. Jethro's eyes bulged as it was revealed that Betty Jo was wearing nothing under the dress but a big smile. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy," was all Jethro could articulate as he stared at her nudity.

She was truly magnificent: her 36 C breasts perfectly firm and jutting out from her chest, capped by her pink gumdrop nipples. Her bright red bush was so sparse that they could see her large, puffy lips surrounding her slit. Billie Jo took this opportunity to untie and remove the hair ribbons, allowing Betty Jo's wavy red hair to cascade down over her shoulders. In one minute she had been transformed from a girl into a desirable woman. Billie Jo quickly removed her own clothes, saying, "I don't want to be the only one in the room with clothes on."

"Now let's get you two undressed," Billie Jo suggested as the girls stepped forward, and the men stood. She began to assist Jed in removing his work shirt and boots. Every time she had been with Jed, she had marveled at what great shape he was in for a man his age. She tugged his trousers down revealing his old-fashioned underwear, that resembled cut-off long-johns. As Billie Jo lowered them, she was greeted by his ample tool: it must have been a good nine or ten inches long with a nicely flared crown. She glanced over at Betty Jo who had stripped Jethro down to his pants, and was untying the rope he employed as a belt. She was having a little difficulty tugging his pants down because they kept snagging on his erection. Jethro had not bothered to wear underwear for the occasion, and Betty Jo verbally gasped when his cock was revealed. It was truly a magnificent specimen: it was a foot long, pointing straight up at the ceiling with a huge orange sized head thumping against his stomach.

Suddenly Billie Jo was afraid for her virgin sister, but one look at Betty Jo's face allayed all her fears. Betty Jo's eyes were glazed over with pure lust as she stared at Jethro's prodigious tool. At this moment Betty Jo wanted nothing more in the world than to feel it inside her. A plan was taking shape in Billie Jo's head as she began to orchestrate the deflowering of her sister. She instructed the eager Jethro to lay back on the bed, propped up against the headboard. His cock laying on his stomach looked like the giant pepperoni sticks hanging in Drucker's General Store. She knew lubrication was not going to be a problem because she could see Betty Jo's crotch glisten as she absent-mindedly rubbed her mound, but wanted to be certain as she grabbed the baby oil bottle and squirted a generous stream up the underside of Jethro's pole. Betty Jo bounded enthusiastically onto the bed and Billie Jo guided her onto Jethro's lap with her back facing him. She told Jethro, "This way you can reach around her and play with her boobies. Now remember, this is her first time so you have to go slow."

Jethro just shook his head vigorously up and down as an eager Betty Jo raised up on her knees directly over his groin. Billie Jo grasped his huge tool and pointed it straight up at her sister's slit, as Betty Jo used both her hands to spread her puffy lips far apart. Too horny to wait any longer, Betty Jo began to lower herself onto Jethro's huge cock. His bulbous crown slid through her lips and she began impaling herself inch by inch. When she felt the pressure of his crown against her maidenhead, Betty Jo paused, held her breath and in one motion sat down on his lap, feeling his giant cock pierce her virginity and penetrate her tight cunt all the way up into her belly. The pleasure surpassed the pain and Betty Jo shrieked, "Oh my God that feels good." She finally had a man's cock buried up inside her pussy, and it felt wonderful. "Oh, fuck me, Jethro," she urged.

Jethro was in heaven. He never dreamed anything could feel so good. His cock felt like a hot, wet hand was squeezing its entire length. He had never done this before, but it was instinctive as he began to thrust his cock up into Betty Jo. She was raising up and sitting down as she bounced on his hard-on, loving the feel of his meat filling her pussy. Her magnificent tits were flopping up and down on her chest, and Jethro reached around her and grasped them in his large, rough hands. When he pinched her pink gumdrops, she shuddered in his grasp and her cunt contracted around his cock as she came violently. It was as if she was possessed, as she began to fuck herself up and down on his huge pole.

As Jed and Billie Jo stood by the bed watching the two lovers, Billie Jo took Jed's cock in her hand and began to stroke it. She whispered in his ear, "I think it would be really special if you and your nephew fucked her together."

Jed's eyes brightened and he responded, "I think that's a dandy idea."

As Jed climbed onto the bed, Billie Jo announced to the couple, "If you will stop for just a moment, we have a surprise for you."

She swiftly retrieved the baby oil, squirted some in her palm, and rubbed it all over Jed's impressive probe. She gently pushed Betty Jo back against Jethro's chest whispering in her ear, "Trust me Betty, you will love this." As Jed crawled on his knees between Betty Jo's legs, Billie Jo hooked her fingers inside Betty Jo's cunt lips and attempted to spread them even wider. Betty Jo's eyes widened as she realized Billie Jo's intentions. Just a trace of blood was mixed with the lubricating froth she and Jethro had worked up, as it seeped from her opening. As Betty Jo and Jethro spread their legs wider, Jed crept closer to their bodies and lay his penis on Betty Jo's stomach. It was rock hard, and seemed to be getting larger as he nudged his crown against her wide open slit, his underside against Jethro's.

Betty Jo was crazed with desire or she might have tensed and resisted as he began to push forward, attempting to double-penetrate her tiny hole. She wiggled her shapely ass, trying to accommodate his entry as her pussy lips stretched even farther. Billie Jo dribbled some additional baby oil along his prick as he fought to gain entry; and then suddenly his crown plowed through her opening, and he was in. Betty Jo threw herself back against Jethro's chest as she felt Jed's cock sliding deeper inside her cunt alongside Jethro's. Her cunt walls were stretched to their limit when Jed's balls finally rested against her pussy mound. The trio just lay there motionless while all parties adjusted to the extreme penetration. Betty Jo could swear she could feel the blood coursing through the veins on their cocks as they remained motionless inside her.

When Jed and Jethro finally began to slowly withdraw their invading logs, Betty Jo closed her eyes and screamed, "Oh my God," as her entire body went into a spasm. Her cunt muscles closed around their cocks, and even her arms and legs twitched as she had an extreme orgasm. They didn't stop moving, however, and continued to withdraw, and then slammed their poles back up inside her totally stretched cunt. Betty Jo's orgasm continued as she actually saw stars inside her head, and shrieked, "Oh my God...fuck me...just fuck me." Her climax seemed eternal as her two lovers began to rhythmically jam their rock hard cocks up into her juicy cunt. Their two poles acted as one monstrous cock as they fucked her in unison. She was being fucked by nearly two feet of cock, and with each thrust they were stretching her pussy even farther to accommodate their piston-like strokes.

As she felt their cocks sliding in and out of her formally virgin cunt, Betty Jo was enjoying ultimate ecstasy. She absolutely loved the sensation of being fucked...why had she waited so long. As they jammed their huge tools up into her belly, Betty Jo encouraged them, "I love the feel of your cocks...fuck me harder." Spurred on by hearing these nasty words coming from her angelic face, Jed and Jethro began to slam her pussy so hard that the entire bed shook. The headboard knocking against the wall dislodged a picture hanging there and it fell to the floor. Luckily it landed on a throw rug and the glass did not shatter. Billie Jo, so turned on by watching the deflowering of her baby sister, had jammed the baby oil bottle up her own pussy and was fucking herself in a chair beside the bed; her legs thrown up over the arms of the chair spreading her cunt wide open.

In the position she was in, Jed's cock was making constant contact with her swollen clit, keeping Betty Jo in a perpetual state of orgasm. As they slammed their enormous cocks into her pussy, she wrapped her beautiful legs around Jed and drew him into her, trying to get even more cock inside her. Jethro had encompassed her wonderful tits in his huge palms, and was pinching her gumdrops between his thumbs and forefingers. He was pinching hard, but the pain was just another form of stimulation and made Betty Jo cum even more violently. She had two of the largest cocks she had ever seen both inside her cunt at the same time, and Betty Jo couldn't have been happier. She was being fucked for the first time in her life and it couldn't have been more wonderful.

Without warning, Jed and Jethro rammed their giant cocks up into her and held them there, grinding against her body. The inside of her cunt was suddenly scorching hot as their cocks twitched and spurted their cum deep up into her belly. She ground her pubic bone against Jed's as she joined them in orgasm. Her cunt was so stuffed that their combined fluids began to actually squirt out around the edges of her hole, spraying Jed and Jethro's thighs and drooling down her ass cheeks. They seemed to pump their seed into her for minutes; all three nude bodies jerking and shuddering. "Whee-doggies," Jed shouted as he attempted to stuff even more of his cock inside Betty Jo.

When their balls were finally empty, Jed withdrew his deflating cock and sat on the side of the bed, admiring Billie Jo's spread legs as she finished with the baby oil bottle. Jethro grasped Betty Jo's tiny body around the waist and lifted her off him like she were a rag doll, exclaiming, "Hot dog that was nice. Thanks Uncle Jed. Thanks Betty Jo." They both stared at Betty Jo's incredible naked body as she lay back against the pillows where Jethro had placed her. Her legs were splayed wide and her slit was still a big wide-open hole where they had stretched her. They could see far up into her open cunt, and it was the brightest shade of pink they had ever seen. Their cum continued to dribble out of her hole, soaking the homemade comforter.

Jed spoke, "I want to thank you girls for a dandy time. If you aren't too busy today, I was thinking that after some vittles, we could continue this all night. I bet there are a lot more combinations we could try, and I still haven't spent any time with my favorite blond," (gesturing toward Billie Jo). He reached for his pants, retrieved an entire bundle of $100 bills, fresh from Milburn Drysdale's bank, and laid it on the night table. "Like I told Haney, spare no expense."

(Thank you for reading my story. Did you have a favorite Bradley girl? I miss the old theme songs where they told you the entire plot of the series in 30 seconds. Please send comments and story suggestions. [email protected] )


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