Petticoat Junction: The Travels Of Joshua Long Part 6 (MF,MFF,inc,oral)
by JH

It had been three months since the last trip. Joshua sat in the metal
wheelchair and stared at the TV screen. He had been watching a rerun of the
program Petticoat Junction and began to fantasize about his last trip to
Mayfield, home of June Cleaver and Alice Landers. It was the first time he
had attempted to alter or change the characters in a program and the success
made him even more eager to try again.

The set up in this program was perfect. There were three younger women; Betty
Jo Bradley, a petite redhead, Bobbie Jo, a buxom brunette and Billie Jo a
tall blonde. In addition, in the program he watched, there was a professional
looking blonde beauty Dr. Janet Craig.

Joshua knew, from watching the credits and doing some research on the
internet the characters were played by Linda Kaye Henning, Lori Saunders,
Meredith MacCrae and June Lockhart, respectively but other than providing
him with a visual reference did not enter into his imagination. This would
be his most difficult attempt to date. Not only was he going to try to
control the environment but four separate characters. Difficult but with
an astounding payoff.

He positioned himself and attached the machinery. There was a low hum. He
found himself standing in front of wooden steps leading to a front porch.
Asleep in one of the chairs was a middle aged man. The doors were open and
inside he could hear female voices. He carried his suitcase up the stairs
and through the doors all without disturbing the sleeping man. Inside he
found a large old style lobby. Behind the counter was a woman he recognized
as Bobbi Jo Bradley. He carried his bag to the front as she looked up.

"May I help you?" Her voice was soft with an accent that could have been
from anywhere. (He considered that that was one of the reasons she got the

"Yes, I would like to register."

She looked a bit surprised but handed him a key. "Please sign the register.
You'll like this room. It is a corner room and has a large bed."

He noticed a whisp of a smile. He, also, noted that she never asked for a
credit card. It occurred to him that this was before such items so he reached
into his wallet and slid some cash across to he. "If this is not enough."

"Oh no, this is more than enough."

He heard two voices coming in the door. He turned and could see, first Dr.
Janet Craig in a tight fitting red suit. She wore high spiked heels and had
to take shorter steps due to the skirt. With her was a redhead he recognized
as Betty Jo Bradley. She was wearing a short summer style dress. Dr. Craig
looked at her meaningfully. "I think I need to see you in my office."

Joshua thought he saw the redhead smile but they were both past him before
he could see clearly or say anything. Turning back around he saw a frown
cross the brunette's face. It passed quickly. She came around the counter.
"Let me show you to your room."

She walked ahead and he could see her butt move provocatively under the tight
skirt. She was also wearing spiked high heel pumps and as she moved up the
staircase there was a slight wiggle to her ass. Things were right on track.
She showed him into the room, closed the door and went across and opened the
window. As she bent to straighten the curtain her dress pulled up exposing
the tops of her nylons. She seemed to linger a moment letting him enjoy the
view. She stood and turning walked towards him.

"I know you will enjoy your stay, here." She smiled at him and her tongue
moved lazily across her lips. She moved closer to him. "Is there anything I
could do for you?" Her statement was undeniable and in response he moved
against her. She reached down and began to rub his cock through the pants.
"I see..."

She unzipped him and dropped to her knees. She pulled him free of his pants.
Her tongue darted out and began to lick at the head. She looked up and opened
her mouth. His cock disappeared between her lips. She sucked him completely
into her mouth. He could feel his cockhead against the roof of her mouth.
This was replaced by the suction and her lips beginning to slide back and
forth. He closed his eyes and let the brunette give him a blow job. She would
face fuck him for awhile then pull his cock out and rub it over her cheeks
and lips. It would, again, be inserted back into her mouth and the velvety
suction would begin, again.

He looked down at her. She had pulled her dress up exposing her panties. Her
tan nylons were held up by a cream colored garter belt. She thrust her free
hand into her panties and started to rub her pussy. She gave a low moan
around his cock. As she rubbed her cunt he began to suck harder and moved her
mouth faster over his prick. He began to shoot his cum down her throat and
this seemed to push her over the edge as she swallowed she also orgasmed.
When he finished she licked him clean and stood up. She smoothed out her

"That was great. Thank you." He smiled.

"I think I owe you some thanks." She laughed and left the room.

It occurred to Joshua that for the first time he was able to orgasm and
not have his connection with the fantasy world broken. So the latest
modifications he made on his machine worked. The next step will be to see
if he could break his bond with this world! He laughed to himself, ruefully,
wouldnt that be a kick in the head. Work to strengthen his connection then
not be able to break it! Well, no need worrying about it, now.

He walked out into the hall looking for the other Bradley girls. Walking
down the staircase he looked at the door Betty Jo and Dr. Graig went through.
This entire scenario was playing out in his own imagination so he knew what
he could do, next. He slipped though the door. On a large office chair Janet
Craig sat with a leg thrown over each arm. Her suit dress was pulled up to
her hips and her jacket and white starched blouse were open. Her tits were
pulled up over the white lace of her bra and she was pulling at the nipples.
Between her legs was the petite redhead. Janet Craig's cunt was framed by
nylons held by pantyless girdle.

The slurping sounds were an indication of Betty Jo's tongue working on the
sopping wet slit of the doctors. The redheads summer dress was pulled up
above her waist exposing a bare ass and cunt. Betty Jo was pistoning a
vibrator in and out of her own cunt the entire time she was licking and
sucking the doctor into an orgasmic frenzy.

Janet looked at Joshua through half lowered eyelids and smiled. She signaled
him over. Joshua walked to the kneeling girl and pulled the vibrator out. He
knelt behind her and inserted his cock into the hot wet cunt. Betty Jo
grunted and pushed back against him. He took the vibrator and slipped it into
her ass and began to move it in and out matching his cock. The redhead never
broke contact with the cunt in front of her. The doctor, now, had her hands
wrapped in Betty Jo's hair. Joshua was pushing his cock deep into the cunt
in front of him. At the same time Janet Craig was pulling Betty Jo's face and
tongue deep into her cunt.

"Thats it. Thats it, Betty Jo. Tongue fuck me just like you do with your
sisters." This seemed to spur the redhead to greater effort. "Oh, yes. I am
cumming. I am cumming." The blonde doctor began to shake as the orgasm swept
over her. At the same time Joshua shot deep into Betty Jos cunt.

Betty Jo pulled her face away from the cunt in front of her. "Yes, shoot off
in me. Fuck my cunt and ass." Betty Jo pressed back even harder. "Cumming.

Betty Jo shaked and shuddered as her orgasm swept over her. Joshua got up and
with the juice of the redhead coating his cock he stood and pushed it into
Janet Craig's mouth. She happily sucked and tongued it clean. Betty Jo knelt
at his hips and her tongue joined Janet's. Joshua pulled out and left the
women kissing each other.

He was back out in the lobby. He was still here! The thought thrilled him.
Now, he had one more Bradley girl to go the luscious Billie Jo. Walking
through the door he saw the blonde. She was wearing a tight sweater emphazing
the roundness of her breasts. She had a full skirt cut at her knees and wore
tall (he thought at least four inches) spiked pumps. When she saw him her
eyes widened and she smiled provocatively. She swayed by him and when she did
she brushed against him. This was an unmistakable invitation to follow her.
She walked up the stairs.

He was behind her and watched her ass move beneath the material of the dress.
She reached back and began to slip the dress up. The hem slid up exposing
more and more of her nyloned leg. She was wearing seamed hose. The hem
reached the top of the nylons and he saw the chrome clasp holding the dark
welt. The hem moved higher and finally her entire black nyloned covered ass
was exposed. There was the pale skin of the upper thighs then the black
seamed nylons over her legs. She stopped at the top and turned to him.

"You should know that I am a slut." It was a statement of fact that was
spoken with some measure of pride. "I want you to fuck me. I will suck your
cock and let you use me. Fuck my cunt and my ass. You can do anything you
want to me."

With that she moved into a vacant room. He closed the door and she dropped
her dress on the floor. She stood in front of him. He saw a tall buxom blonde
wearing a black merrywidow, black nylons and black spiked high heels. She
wrapped her arms around him and her tongue dove into his mouth. At the same
time she pulled his clothes off.

Dropping to her knees she began to lick his cock. Her tongue moved around his
prick like a wet snake. Finally she pulled it into her mouth. She sucked him
all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She was deep throating him.
She began to slide her lips along the entire shaft. He held her hair and
fucked her face.

She broke free and moved to the bed. She bent over and dropped her panties
on the floor. From this position she got on her hands and knees on the bed.
Reaching around she opened the lips of her cunt exposing the wet slit.

"Come here, fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Make me cum." He got behind her and slid
his cock into her. "Oh, yes." She was breathing harder.

He reached around and pulled her tits above the lace of the merrywidow. He
squeezed them turning the nipples hard. She was pressing back against him as
he pushed deep into her. The door behind him opened and he heard someone walk
into the room.

"So, Billie Jo, are you going to share?"

The voice was unmistakably Bobbie Jo Bradley's. The brunette moved in front
of the blonde. She had dropped her dress on the floor and was now in a white
bra, garter belt, tan nylons and white high heels. She slid onto the bed and
under Billie Jo until her mouth was under the blondes cunt and her cunt was
pressing against Billie Jo's mouth. It didn't take Billie Jo but a moment and
she was licking and tonguing the slit. Bobbie Jo began to stick her tongue
into Billie Jo's cunt and against Joshua's cock.

Joshua began to fuck Billie Jo in long deep strokes. At the same time both
women were sucking on each others clits increasing their pleasure. The
sisters were practiced at giving each other pleasure. Joshua began to feel
his orgasm building and pulled his cock out. He maneuvered the brunette
around. Billie Jo's and Bobbie Jo's bodies were entwined and facing Joshua.
Billie Jo reached out and pulled on Joshua's cock until he began to shoot
his cum onto the sisters' faces. They were licking the cum from each other
faces. He pushed his cock forward and they alternated sucking him deep into
their mouths. He began to feel his connection slip.

He was, again back in his wheelchair and the real world.

Part 7: Cosby Show


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