This story is based on the characters from the TV show, "Picket Fences".
This is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the series, but
fulfills the fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, lesbian, bondage and

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the other
hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Picket Fences - Kidnapped
by David Oberman ([email protected])

Part One

The Sheriff's sixteen-year-old teenaged daughter, Kimberly Brock, found
herself stranded with car trouble on the outskirts of her hometown of Rome,
Wisconsin. Luckily for her, a tow truck soon appeared and stopped to give
her assistance.

A towering black man stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to her.
Being of a very trusting nature, the sixteen-year-old showed no sign of
concern at his approach. The man had made no threatening move towards her
and smiled in a very friendly manner.

"Hi. You out of gas?" He asked.

"No, but it... just stopped," she told the man. "Now this stupid, stupid
thing won't start again."

"Cars, well if they didn't do stupid things, I'd be out a job," he laughed.
"Well, let me take a look."

He leaned over and checked under the hood for a few minutes then straightened
himself up.

"Uh-oh," he said. "There's your problem. The timing chain."

"Is that bad?" Kim asked.

"A day in the shop," he said. "Two hundred, minimum."

"Well, maybe you can tow me?" The young girl then asked.

"There's the problem you see," he said. "I'm on call. I've got a guy
waiting for me right now. Where do you live?"

"Windover, near Loomis," she told him.

"Tell you what I can do," he said, seeing the concern on her young face.
"I'll take you halfway. There's a payphone on Windover, you can call
somebody from there."

"Okay, thanks," she said trustingly, relieved that she wouldn't have to stay

She then followed the man to the tow truck and climbed on board from the
passenger side, petting the man's white Labrador as she settled in her seat.

"Thanks for the lift," she said with a smile. "I really appreciate this."

"No problem," he grinned at the beautiful teenager.

He started driving off. A few minutes along the way, he suddenly swerved and
turned the truck around, hitting the electric locks, trapping the shocked
girl inside with him.

"Uh, Windover is that way," Kimberly said pointing the other way, hoping that
the man was confused.

"Change of plans," he told her as he pointed a gun at her.

Kimberly remained quiet as her kidnapper drove on down the road. For the
next fifteen minutes she was scared for her life as the black man headed
towards parts unknown.

* * *

The Brock's household received a phone call from the man a few hours later
triggering the alarm to Kimberly's father, who also happened to be the town's
Sheriff. Within moments, every police officer in his department was on the

Sheriff Jim Brock reluctantly assigned Deputy Maxine Stewart to take charge
as he was obviously much to close to it personally.

Part Two

The tow truck finally pulled up to a cabin deep in the woods and the man told
her to get inside. Once inside the house, he led her to a back room and bent

Kimberly watched in fear as the man pulled open a heavy hatch.

"Climb down," he instructed her, waving the gun barrel at her.

Kimberly began climbing down the dark shaft and the heavy set man then
lowered his rather large dog, and then climbed down to join his teenaged
captive. When they reached the bottom, he turned on a light switch and
faced her. The small room contained a cot bed, a television set, a chair
and table but nothing else.

"I won't restrain you in any way," the towering man told the frightened girl.
"So please, stay put. Read, rest. If you feel like banging on these walls,
go ahead. Knock yourself out. This whole room is soundproof. Sam here is
going to stay here to keep you company. I should warn you that he won't let
you get close to the ladder without my permission, so don't try it, okay."

Kimberly pouted as her fear mounted, her eyes shifting from the tall black
man and the white Labrador. She had found the animal friendly when she was
in the tow truck, but now she could see that it was impressive in size.

"Are... are you going to hurt me?" She asked.

"No, of course not," he said with a smile, then with a clap of his hands, he
added. "Well, I gotta go."

And he proceeded to climb up the ladder to the opening they had just come
down from. Kimberly sat down heavily on the bed near tears. Then she heard
the heavy hatch close behind the man.

"Why me?" She asked, but he was no longer there to give her an answer.

* * *

Rick Jennings casually walked into the chaos that was Rome's Police station
and offered his assistance in finding Jimmy's missing daughter. As soon as
the Sheriff saw him, he knew in his own mind that this man, his ex-partner,
had his daughter.

He would stay there and taunt the Police as his mind wandered back to the
white girl imprisoned in the abandoned bomb-shelter in his house. Of how
beautiful he was. He had no intention of harming her, but he had been in
prison for such a long time and this was his time for revenge. Jimmy Brock
had cost him his job, his freedom, his wife, his family, and finally his own

This was his plan to get revenge for all the suffering he had endured. He
would make the man live through the torment of losing his daughter just has
he had.

But with nothing to hold the black man on, they couldn't restrain him and he
simply walked out and went back home. Home to his dinner and his captive.

* * *

Kimberly heard the hatch being unfastened and then saw the man's feet as he
climbed down to her cell again.

"How are you doing Kimberly," he said. "You don't remember me. Do you?"

"N... no," she said nervously. "Should I?"

"I used to work with your father," he told her. "But then he betrayed me and
sent me to prison. I lost everything when he did that. I lost my wife. I
missed my daughter growing up. You remember my daughter, don't you? You two
were inseparable."

Kimberly recalled her black playmate when they lived back in Chicago. And
then she placed the man's face next to them as they played.

"Mister... Jennings," she said hesitantly.

"Yes, that's me," he smiled. "You see, you do remember. You know, while I
was in prison I even missed seeing my little girl going to the prom. Oh,
here," he said, handing her a large box. "I brought you something. Go
ahead, open it."

Kimberly pulled off the cover and opened it. Inside the box was a dress and
she looked up at the man, confusion in her eyes.

"I missed Carla's prom," he repeated. "I never got a chance to dance with
her. I want you to dance with me, Kimberly. Just for today, I want you to
be my surrogate daughter and allow a father to dance with his 'daughter' on
her prom. Will you do that for me?"

Kimberly nodded, more out of fear than in agreement.

"Why don't you put that on," the large black man then said. "I think it
should fit you."

The young woman stood and waited for him to give her some privacy, but he
just sat there in the chair and waited.

"Aren't you going to leave?" She asked.

"Uh-uh," he shook his head negatively.

That's when she realized that he wanted to watch her as she changed into the
prom dress he had brought down. Fearing what he might do if she refused she
began taking her clothes off in front of the leering, older man. She pulled
her sweater off over her head, exposing her budding tits to him.

Kimberly tried her best to cover her exposed breast as she continued
stripping before the older man. She saw his eyes staring at her ass and
knew immediately that he wanted her to remove her skirt as well before
slipping on the dress. Reluctantly, she slipped her fingers inside the
waistband of her skirt and tugged it down, exposing her panties to the man.

Jennings was a bit shocked at seeing the tong panties the young girl was
wearing. When he was sent to prison, only prostitutes would dare wearing
something so skimpy, even as underwear. So it was difficult for him to
comprehend how his straight-laced ex-partner would allow his teenaged
daughter wear such frilly underwear.

Rick Jennings stared on intently as she peeled off her sweater, her perky
teenaged tits pointing at his face. After fifteen long years in jail, seeing
that was more than he could take. He could feel his cock stiffening in the
tight confines of his pants as his eyes followed the smooth curves of the
teenaged daughter of his one time partner.

Rick's eyes bulged wide as he saw a woman's crotch for the first time in
years, even if it was a teenager's. He had been so engrossed in his plans
for revenge that he had never even approached a woman for sex since he came
out. Kimberly was the first one and he was thoroughly enjoying the show
she was giving him.

"The panties too, Kimberly," he told her. "Only a slut would wear something
like that, and I know that you're not a whore."

Kimberly couldn't understand the man's logic in this. If he didn't think of
her as a whore, then why was he insisting that she strip herself naked before

"Mr. Jennings," she pleaded. "Please don't do this to me. You wouldn't be
asking Carla to get naked in front of you. If you want me to dance as your
surrogate daughter, then you shouldn't be asking this of me."

"Don't you dare speak my daughter's name," he said angrily. "Your family
lost all rights to her when you sent me to jail."

His outburst frightened Kimberly just then. The man was obviously deranged.
He was now passing the blame for his imprisonment, not only to her father,
but to her now. Not wishing to enrage him further, she reluctantly tugged at
the waistband of her slim panties and pulled them down to the floor to join
her skirt.

The teenaged girl now stood naked before her black captor, her hands feebly
trying to cover her genitals.

"You grew up nice, Kimberly," Rick said with a smile. "Why don't you show
old uncle Rick what you got."

Her arms shaking, Kimberly dropped them to her side, giving the older man a
clear view of her tits, their nipples stiffening in the cool air.

"My, my, my," he grinned as his callused hand reached up to her chest to
flick at the hardening nubs. "You seem to be enjoying this. Maybe I was
wrong, maybe you are a whore. Does your dad know that you're a whore,

"I... I'm not! Don't call me that," she said defiantly, as she backed away
from his reaching hand.

"Don't sass me girl," he glared at her. "I know an excited woman when I see
one. Just look at your titties, girl. You're getting all turned on by

Not wanting to believe what he was saying, Kimberly glanced down at her own
chest and her eyes opened wide at the sight of her nipples getting hard
without her consent.

"And I bet your pussy is getting all wet too," he said as his hand dropped to
her crotch and pushed its way past her clenched thighs.

"Stop that!" She objected.

But he shoved forward harder, burying his middle finger past her pussylips
into her still virgin gash. Kimberly tried squirming away but he was too
fast and too strong. Before she knew what was happening, he jumped off the
chair and was on top of her, kissing her deeply.

"Mmmmh! Nnoo-mmmm!" She tried to cry out.

But Rick paid no mind to her struggling. His hands reached down and began
mashing her tits, feeling the exhilaration of the soft mounds for the first
time in years. He could feel his aching balls seeking release from their
confinement, but he couldn't bring himself to that level of depravity. He
couldn't cross that line of raping the girl.

"Mmmmh!" Kimberly moaned as she unexpectedly found herself returning his

A few moments passed and they were soon frenchkissing, their tongues
intermingling as he continued to caress her breast, tweaking her hardened

As he felt her mood change, so did inclination. Without any conscious
thought of doing so, he lowered his hand to Kimberly's crotch and began
running his stubby finger along the gash of her aroused pussy. Already, he
could feel her pussylips puffing up in arousal, blood surging through them
and causing them to flutter open like the petals of a blooming flower.

Kimberly's growing lust was betraying her as well. When she felt the man's
fingers probing her pussy, her legs parted wider giving him better access.

Jennings eagerly finger-fucked the young girl's pussy, burying his middle
finger to the first knuckle as his thumb rubbed fiercely against her
stiffening clit.

"Ooooh! Mr. Jennings," Kimberly moaned uncontrollably. "You... you
shouldn't," she feebly objected.

Jennings surprised her by pulling his exploring finger out of her wanton
hole, and then she felt him lift himself off her prone form. When she peered
down, she saw him struggling to undo his belt and pants. Without thinking of
what she was doing, Kimberly reached down and helped him release his pent-up

'God, this girl must really be horny,' Rick thought to himself.

He pulled his hand away from his crotch and let Kimberly do all the work.
To see such a beautiful young woman work so hard to get to his cock excited
him tenfold.

"Oh, God!" Kimberly exclaimed when his huge cock shaft sprung out of its
tight confinement.

Kimberly stared dumbly at the dark skinned phallus as it vibrated with energy
just inches from her face. She had seen drawings of a man's penis in her sex
education class before, but never one for real. This was her first, and the
fact that it belonged to a black man only intrigued her that much more.

As with most teenagers, she had discussed men's 'things' in secret
conversations with her girlfriends at school. And on a few of those
discussions, they had discussed if a black man's penis would have the
same skin color as the rest of his body, or would it be pale like
under their feet and palms. Now she knew.

"Go ahead, Kimberly," Jennings encouraged. "Touch it if you want."

Hesitantly, Kimberly reached over and touched the tip, just for a moment then
pulled back swiftly. It felt scolding hot to her. She looked up at Mr.
Jennings in surprise.

He just grinned down, his eyes half-closed in ecstasy. He still had no idea
that Kimberly Brock was still virgin, or that his cock was the first that the
young girl had ever seen, much less touched.

Kimberly tried touching it again, this time she was prepared for its warmth.
She clamped her petite fingers around the thick shaft and squeezed, exalting
a gasp of pleasure from the towering man above her.

Before she realized what she was doing, she stuck out her tongue a licked
Rick Jennings' cocktip, just for a taste. She was surprised at how nice it
felt against her tastebuds. So nice it felt to her, that she began licking
Jennings cock from the tip down to his ball sac.

Jennings closed his eyes in ecstasy as he felt the teenaged tongue lather his
cock. He could only dream of such a thing while in prison, either that of
let some homo service him. And was never that hard up to even consider that
option then. Now he knew that he was right to hold out until getting out of
jail for a real cocksucker.

"Mmmmmh! You do that good, Kimberly," he moaned. "Tickle my balls, I really
like that."

Kimberly did as he instructed and ran her fingers across his testicles,
feeling them tighten in the loose skin of his scrotum. The more she stroked
his warm-blooded cock, the more excited she got. Before she knew it, she
lowered her face to his crotch and took the cocktip into her mouth and began
sucking her captor.

"Oh God, yesss!" He groaned.

"Mmmh! Mmmmmh!" Kimberly hummed in lustful pleasure. 'God, this is nice,'
she thought to herself as she sucked her very first cock.

Jennings' black-skinned hands grasped her skull and hair and began pumping
his rigid cock in and out past her tightly sucking lips. He could feel her
tongue running along his shaft as it slid past to the back of her throat.

Kimberly was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, her pussy leaking juices as
she sucked the large black man. She was amazed that she could take such a
long penis in her tiny mouth. She could still remember gagging whenever
she tried taking a Popsicle too deep in her mouth, and yet here she was
swallowing over eight inches of penis without any problem.

Nearby, in the corner of the room, Sam was watching intently what was going
on. The dog's keen sense of smell had picked up the unmistakable scent of a
horny bitch nearby but he couldn't see any bitch for him to mount. His cock
was twitching excitedly from the powerful aroma. Already Sam's cocktip was
pocking out the furry sheath under his belly, but he didn't know what to do
about it. So the large Labrador just kept watching his master and the tiny
human female and their antics.

Neither of them paid any attention to the dog's rapidly growing arousal.
Kimberly was too engrossed in her first experience with a man, and Rick
Jennings was too wrapped up in his own pleasurable experience with the
teenaged girl's lips sucking greedily on his cock. He couldn't believe
that straight-laced Jimmy Brock's own daughter was managing to suck down
nearly his full nine inches in her tight lips.

'Man, she must suck boys all the time to be so good at this,' he thought,
not knowing that she was totally virginal in every aspect of sex. 'How does
she keep this from her parents, I'll never know. Maybe Jimmy boy's getting
some on the side himself,' his lascivious thoughts made him grin.

'God, why did I ever wait so long for this,' Kimberly was thinking herself.
'I've wasted years, thanks to my uptight parents.'

Then Jennings pushed her away from him and Kimberly thought that she had done
something wrong. Rick picked her up easily and lay her across the cot then
followed her down, his raging hard-on aimed at her virginal hole.

Kimberly wasn't sure if she was ready for that and she closed her legs to his
approaching missile. Rick had to pull them apart again, and he was pleased
that she really didn't put up much resistance.

Kimberly closed her eyes in preparation for her forthcoming deflowering. Her
nervousness made her pussy muscles tense up, making her even tighter for the
large phallus about to push into her.

Rick rubbed the tip of his cock across her pussylips, up to her aroused clit
and Kimberly moaned in excitement and apprehension. He then ran the cockhead
teasingly over her overheated and moist labia before pushing just the head
past her clenching cunt.

"OH!" Kimberly groaned as her pussylips parted under the pressure of his

"Relax, Kimmy," Jennings whispered breathless, sensing her tenseness. "It'll
only hurt a second and then you'll love it."

She nodded her head in acknowledgement and braced herself for his shaft.

Jennings groaned as her tensing in preparation for his cock squeezed his
cockhead almost painfully.

"Shit, Kimberly," he groaned. "Haven't you been fucked before? You're
squeezing the life out of me."

"N... no, I... I haven't," she whispered, shame in her voice.

"You mean to tell me you're still virgin?" He asked.

"Ye... yes Mr. Jennings," she admitted. "I've never... I haven't done
anything like this with anybody before."

"But damn, girl," he said. "You sucked me like a pro. Must be in the genes
I guess."

"Wha... what do you mean?" Kimberly asked.

"Your mom used to give me blowjobs like that, back when," he said with a

"Jill gave you blowjobs?" Kimberly was shocked to hear.

"No, not Jill," Rick smiled. "Your real mom, Lydia."

"Oh-my-God!" Kimberly was shocked to hear this.

Of course she knew that her mother was free-willed when it came to sex, but
it never occurred to her that she was carrying on with her father's partner
and friend while they were still married.

'OH, how selfish of her,' she though, thinking of all the times her mother
had accused Jill, her stepmother, of breaking up the marriage.

Though Jill Brock wasn't her biological mother, Kimberly came to admire and
love her as her mother. And now with this revelation about her real mother's
promiscuity, she was sure that they would grow closer still.

About this time, Rick began shoving his cockshaft past Kimberly's clenching
pussylips. Slowly, inch-by-inch, his cock kept burying itself deeper and
deeper in her virgin pussy. After only a few inches got in, Rick felt the
presence of a blockage, Kimberly's hymen.

"Hang on, Kimmy," he told the young girl. "This is gonna hurt."

Pulling back until just the cockhead remained in the opening of her pussy,
he dove down with his full weight, breaking through the feeble barrier.

"AAIIIIIEEEEE!" Kimberly cried out before passing out from the unbelievable

Jennings no longer cared. Now that he had broken through the virgin's hymen,
he began humping the unconscious girl fiercely, her limp body bounding
raggedly on the cot. Each time his body pounded down on her, it would drive
out air from her lungs causing her to grunt audibly.

"Damn, you're tight Kimberly," he said, with no one to hear his words.

Meanwhile, nearby, Sam's cock was growing steadily out of its hiding place of
his sheath. The dog kept sniffing the air and getting further aroused with
the scent of a bitch in heat nearby.

Jennings could feel his jism churning in his balls as his teenaged captive's
pussy clenched at his shaft even in her unconscious state. It had been over
ten years since his last conjugal visit in prison from his wife and he hadn't
had a pussy since. This evening was something special to the ex-con, better
than the revenge he had planned for his ex-partner Jimmy Brock.

"Oh fuck! Of fuck! Here... here I cum!" He grunted as his back arched back
sharply as his balls unloaded a torrent of jism in Kimberly's slumbering

Jennings peered down and smiled wickedly as he had just made a woman out of
Jimmy's daughter. Despite her being rendered unconscious from the pain of
losing her hymen, he could see how much her body enjoyed the experience, her
nipples poking out invitingly in their arousal.

"Thanks, honey," he said, wiping his wet cock across the unconscious girl's
lips. "You don't know how much I needed that."

With that, he pulled up his pants and climbed up the ladder and sealed her in
her tomb along with Sam, his dog.

Part Three

Jennings white Labrador, Sam, watched in confusion as his master disappeared
up the ladder and locked him in the cramped subterranean cell with the naked
girl. This his nose picked up the unmistakable scent of the bitch again and
he began seeking out its source.

Sniffing the ground, the large dog scurried around the room and zeroed in
closer and closer to the still unconscious Kimberly Brock.

As the trained guard dog came closer to the cot, the scent grew more intense.
He could now make out the scent of jism, Jennings jism, obviously the bitch
had already been taken by another dog he ventured. But this mattered little
to a dog, many times they would share bitches.

Finally, Sam reached Kimberly's bare foot hanging off the side of the cot.
He eagerly began licking her toes, causing the teenager to giggle in her
slumber. The dog tongue made its way hungrily up her legs, soon reaching her
calves and continued licking the sweaty residue off her white skin.

Sam was quickly getting more and more confused. For the more he licked up
the girl's leg, the stronger the bitch's scent was. He had never faced such
a situation before. How could a human master be a bitch?

Disregarding his confusion, and concentrating on what his instincts was
telling him, he continued licking his way closer and closer to Kimberly's
slightly parted legs.

"Mmmmmh! Ooooh!" The teenager moaned in her slumber.

The large white Labrador worked his tongue feverishly, licking up Jennings'
earlier deposit as well as Kimberly's juices. This potent mixture was
arousing the dog's mating instincts beyond his control. If he didn't get
relief soon, he'd go crazy. But his animal instincts were waiting for the
bitch to be in the proper position on her four legs, but she wasn't
cooperating. She just lay there like a dead animal and wouldn't move.

Finally, Sam got tired of waiting for her and climbed on top of the still
semiconscious Kimberly Brock and shuffled himself forward, facing the bitch
face-to-face, its furry belly rubbing enticingly over her bare skin. The
soft texture of the dog made Kimberly moan in sheer pleasure as her nipples
began stiffening from the cottony rubbing.

Under his belly, Sam's hard cock was bouncing to and fro as he continued
shuffling himself tighter to Kim's crotch. After a few minutes of joggling
for position, the dog's cocktip landed moistly on Kimberly's pussylips
leaving a streak of pre-cum as he humped back and forth in search for the
bitch's hole.

The semiconscious teen moaned lusciously as the hot contact of a penis rubbed
enticingly over her quickly arousing clit. Her pussylips puffing with blood
as the sexual tension built up within her. Finally the white Labrador's
cocktip found Kimberly's opening and shoved forward, driving his cock deep in
her young pussy.

Kimberly's eyes snapped open sharply at the sudden and powerful thrust. The
sight that greeted her made her scream at the top of her lungs. There, above
her was Rick Jennings' dog, and he was humping himself into her. A dog was
having sex with her.

"GET OFF! GET OFF!" She pleaded as she pounded her tiny fist against the
animal's muscular chest. "PLEASE, GET OFF ME! I beg you, please doggy, get
off," she begged, weeping.

All the while, Sam's cock drove deeper and deeper in her only too recently
deflowered chasm. The dog had already passed the point where his master's
cock had reached, and still it was driving further. Its thick tongue hung
out of its menacing jaws, dangling loosely and dripping his saliva on
Kimberly's face and chest with each thrust.

With each bestial thrust of the large dog into her slim body, the teen girl's
pounding fist seemed to lose strength. Soon, she was reduced to just weakly
trying to push the large dog off her without much conviction. Her breathing
was becoming more ragged. The heat in her pussy was invading other parts of
her body, arousing her nipples, exciting her inexperienced clitoris. Her
eyes began rolling back into her skull as a powerful orgasm was overtaking
her senses.

The dog didn't care for any of this. All he cared about was that he had
found himself a bitch in heat, and she was obviously content in accepting
his forthcoming seed. Though he was still ill at ease at the unusual
position she had forced him to assume. I mean who ever heard of dogs
fucking face-to-face. But he did come to realize some convenience in this
new position. Sam soon understood that in this odd positioning he could
lick the succulent nipples of this breast, and maybe with a bit of luck he
could get some milk out of her as he fucked her.

"Oh God! How can this be happening to me?" She gasped as her body shook
from his pounding. "Oh! Oh! Oooooh! God! I... I think I'm about to
cum! Did you hear me, God! I think I'm going to cum because of a stupid
dog! I... I... ungh! I'm... I'M cumming! Cummmming! OH MY GOD, I'M

The cot shook violently, as much from the dog still humping his heavy body
into her as from her tremendous orgasm. Suddenly, Sam howled loudly in the
tiny confinement of Kimberly's cell as he felt her warm juices spraying his
balls. This sudden heat of warm female jism triggered his own climax and
the Sheriff's daughter orgasmed yet again from the shear depravity of what
was happening.

Their juices mixed and sloshed in an echoing fashion in the room. The smell
of their sex invaded even Kimberly's human sense of smell and she finally
admitted to herself that she was enjoying the sex. Yes, even the sex with
a dog was exciting to her. Now that she had admitted this to herself, she
wrapped her young legs around the dog's waist in an attempt to keep him
trapped in her womb. She didn't want him to go, didn't want him to abandon
her pussy and leave her barren and empty.

"Oh, you nice doggy," she cooed, finally accepting her true nature. "You
make Kimmy feel like a real woman, you know that."

Sam just stared dumbly down at her glowing face and lapped at her in a
friendly manner. But he was far from done. Though he had already climaxed
once in this bitch's tight hole, his cock was as rigid as ever and still
imbedded in Kimberly's pussy. All he was waiting for was for his balls to
fill with another load of jism before resuming humping her.

"Oooh! Ungh! Oooh!" Young Brock kept groaning under the constant assault
of the dog's shaft. "Kee... keep fucking, doggy! Make me cum again! Oh,
God! I don't believe I'm begging for this, but yes, I want to cum on your
doggy cock again. Make me cum Sam!"

The dog just kept fucking his body into her now all too willing body as her
legs wrapped themselves tightly over his back. The large dog was panting
loudly by now as he was nearing his second climax. He wasn't totally
satisfied from his first load, as he hadn't tied with this strange looking
bitch, and his instincts told him that was not good. Dogs relied on tying
with bitches to improve their chances for pregnancy.

With this instinctual thought coursing through his mind, Sam doubled his
lunging power as he tried to desperately to bury his orange sized knot.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Owww!" Kimberly groaned as she felt the thick plug
hitting her labia painfully.

Just then the knot finally managed to force its way past her still virgin
tight pussy. She grimaced painfully as her pussylips were stretching farther
apart than any teenaged girl could ever imagine. From her restrictive
position, Kimberly couldn't see what was causing such discomfort, but she
swore to herself that she would endure through it.

"Ungh! Come on, doggy," she grunted, gritting her teeth. "Give it to me, I
can take whatever you give me."

Now that he had made headway at getting past her resisting cuntlips, Sam
doubled his efforts to bury his knot in this bitch. She was going to carry
his litter if it was the last thing he doggone did.

"UNGH! OWWW! UNGH! UNGH!" Kimberly grunted as half the Labrador's knot
disappeared into her cunt. "I can take it! I can take it! I-can-take-it!
ICANTAKEIT!" The teenaged girl kept mumbling to herself as the unbelievably
wide knot forced its way inside her tiny vagina.

With an almost audible cracking sound, the dog's knot plugged itself in past
the ring of her pussylips. Kimberly arched her back sharply in the intense
pain it gave her, but unexpectedly she orgasmed at that painful experience.
She was still too young and inexperienced to understand how her body could
find such pleasure in pain, yet there she was cumming over the dog's hard
shaft as he resumed humping into her, driving her body to and fro with each

The flimsy cot vibrated dangerously with each stroke the dog gave the
teenaged girl, its wobbly legs creaking loudly in complaint.

Kimberly hung on for dear life as her legs hugged the large animal to keep
him from thrusting to hard, but that wasn't enough to hold his efforts back.
She could feel his raging hard-on reaching the very depths of her womb. She
could almost imagine the bestial shaft trying to come out of her mouth so
deep it was imbedded in her young pussy.

"Ungh! Doggy, you're making me cum again," she moaned as another orgasm
built up inside her. "You're going to make me cum, I can feel it. I... I've
never cum like this before. Oh God! I'm cumming with a dog! God forgive
me, but I love it soooo much! I'm cumming! Cumming! CUUMMMIIINNNGGG!"

With that, Kimberly's arms fell weakly to her side in exhaustion. All the
while Sam just kept on humping her merrily away, intending on filling this
bitch with his seed as nature intended him to.

Just then a loud crackling sound reverberated in the room and the cot's legs
collapsed from the dog's mighty thrusts. With the cot no longer supporting
her, Kimberly suddenly found herself suspended in midair, with nothing but
the powerful dog-cock keeping her aloft.

"UNGH!" She grunted loudly in protest, her pussy getting stretched painfully
from the weight of her own body being exerted on it.

This new situation also made it more difficult for the dog to hump
effectively into the young woman. For without any leverage to brace her body
against, all he could do was shake her dangling body with each thrust.

Unfortunately for Kimberly, this would only serve to extend the dog's fucking
even longer before he could climax and fill her pussy with his jism. But Sam
was going to fulfill his business, no longer how long it took. He kept
humping his ass harder, tossing Kimberly's limp form brutally with each surge

And all Kimberly could do in return was hug the large dog with her legs and
arms to steady herself as best as she could under these circumstances. As
painful as the knot felt in her young pussy, she was amazed that the single
shaft of the dog's cock was supporting her body weight.

"Ooooh! Ungh! Ooooh!" She groaned with each thrust, her sensitive nipples
rubbing against the dog's furry belly. "Oh God, I can't believe this. I...
I'm cumming again. The fucking dog is making me cum!"

* * *

Back at Jimmy Brock's office, Rick Jennings was gloating over the ineptitude
of his old partner's Police department. It gave him added pleasure to know
that he also fucked his old friend's teenaged daughter, adding that little
bonus to the pot only made the whole ploy worthwhile.

Of course, he had no way of knowing that his dog was also enjoying the
pleasure of Kimberly's loving company at this very moment.

"So, Jimmy, anything I can do to help?" He offered.

"You son of a bitch!" Sheriff Brock exploded. "What have you done with my

Jimmy's deputies had to jump in to hold back their boss as he lunged for the
black man standing in front of him.

"Now Jimmy, that's not good police procedure," Jennings said with a grin.
"After all, isn't that why you sent me to jail, PARTNER? For bad police

"That wasn't the same thing!" Jimmy replied. "Yo... you beat a man to a
pulp. That wasn't the same thing!"

"But you wanted me to do it," Jennings countered. "Why else did you leave me
alone with the guy. I knew he was guilty. You knew he was guilty. We both
knew that if I didn't force him to tell us where he was holding that girl,
she'd be dead. You wanted me to do it, Jimmy. So don't you be all high and
mighty on me. You wanted me to do it."

"But why Kimberly, Rick? Why my daughter?" Jimmy asked pleadingly.

"Because of you, I lost my family. My daughter," he said. "I wouldn't mind
seeing you go through the same yourself," he as much as admitted that he did
in fact grab Kimberly Brock.

"You bastard!" Jimmy yelled as he rushed the man again.

"Jimmy, don't!" Maxine Stewart, his 25-year-old second in command,
interceded. "This is enough for us to get a search warrant of his place,"
she told him. "We'll find Kim, I swear."

The shapely redheaded Deputy turned to John Littleton, the black District
Attorney for Rome, Wisconsin.

"John, we all heard Mr. Jennings," she told the DA. "He has much as admitted
that he grabbed the girl. Call Judge Bone and get me a search warrant."

"Right on it, Maxine" Littleton agreed. "Get over there and secure the
premises, I'll meet you there with the warrant."

* * *

Down the quiet streets of Rome, the silence was broken as every available
Police unit was dispatched to Rick Jennings shabby bungalow on the outskirts
of town. Their tires screeching to a halt in front of the house as Max
directed the Officers to surround the premises.

As soon as the DA appeared with the warrant, two-dozen men stormed the small
shack and began searching for the Sheriff's missing teenaged daughter. After
a futile search they finally gave up and came back outside to face the
distraught Sheriff and his wife.

"Well?" Jill Brock asked.

"Nothing," Maxine answered, her head bent down in failure.

"Nothing?" The Sheriff asked.

"Not a thing, Jimmy," Kenny Lacos added. "We tore the place apart and we
couldn't even find a hidden door."

"Jill. Jimmy, I... I'm sorry," Maxine added.

"It's not your fault Max," Jill comforted the young woman.

"What now?" The DA asked.

* * *

From her cell, Kimberly could see on the television set on the nearby table
that her father's deputies were searching the house just above her. She
quickly recognized the friends of the family Kenny and Maxine, both deputies
of her father. Yet, she was still helplessly tied to the humping dog and
couldn't bring herself to call out for help, not that it would have helped
in any way as Mr. Jennings had told her that it was completely soundproof.

The large dog wasn't paying any attention to the small television that
Kimberly was watching, as he was much too busy trying to fuck her to care.
To tell the truth, he would have probably kept on humping even if a squad
of deputies came charging into the tiny room.

"Shhhh! Keep quiet doggy," Kimberly whispered to the fucking animal, not
daring being rescued at that moment for this is something she could never
manage to explain to her strict parents.

Sam was panting heavily as his balls tightened near her crotch. He could
feel his jism building up pressure in his testicles and knew instinctively
that he would soon blow yet another load into this willing bitch.

"Oooh! Ooooh! Oh God, I... I'm gonna cum again," Kimberly moaned aloud,
feeling her latest orgasm nearing. "I've got to stay quiet, you too doggy."

Suddenly Sam howled loudly as he blew his nuts and began filling her cunt
with his sloshy jism. Kimberly squirmed excitedly beneath the cumming animal
as her eyes blurred from the orgasm hitting her at the same instant. She
could no longer focus on the small close-circuit television as their bestial
coupling climaxed.

* * *

Outside Jennings' home Maxine Stewart heard the muffled howling of the dog.
She took quick glances around for any sign of the dog in question, but then
assumed that the dog she was hearing must be a good distance away, it being
so muffled.

Obviously, Mr. Jennings soundproofing wasn't as good as he had advertised.

Part Four

Down in her underground cell, Kimberly luxuriated in the large dog's cum as
it shot in high pressure to the deep recess' of her young pussy. Never in
her wildest dreams could she have ever phantomed herself in such a situation,
or that a dog could cum as much as this one seemed to.

"Oh yes, Sam," the Sheriff's teenaged daughter moaned. "Fill my pussy with
your spunk. It... it feels soooo gooooood!"

Kimberly hadn't even realized that she was humping her own ass in response to
the dog's thrust, trying desperately to drive Sam's cock even deeper inside
her womb.

Again the dog began howling as his balls continued erupting in this tight
bitch's hole. As many bitches that he had mounted before, Sam had never
encountered one that was so energetic during coupling. He was used to a
mate that just stood there, motionless. Feeling the hole he was fucking,
fucking back just aroused the dog more.

* * *

Outside the house, Maxine heard the mysterious dog howling again.

"Where is that coming from?" She asked aloud.

"What does it matter!" Her boss, Kimberly's father, yelled at his deputy in

"Sorry, Jimmy," Maxine said, lowering her head in shame for not taking proper

But the muffled howling persisted and Max kept glancing around for any sign
of the animal.

After a futile search of the area for another fifteen minutes, Maxine called
a halt to the search for Kimberley.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Jill asked. "You can't stop looking. Not

"There's nothing here to find Jill," the beautiful Deputy held the town
doctor's shoulders in comfort. "I'm not giving up, Jill. I swear that I'll
find Kim. Trust me."

As the other deputies got into their vehicles, Rick Jennings stood by with a
grin on his face. He knew that without any proof, they couldn't hold him.
And he fully expected the police to keep tabs on him in the hopes that he
would then lead them to Jimmy Brock's daughter.

He stood at his doorway watching as the squad cars drove off one by one.
Once they were all gone, except the one assigned to keep an eye on him, he
went back inside his house and locked the doors.

With a final peek out the curtain, he made his way to the hidden hatch to the
subterranean cell and opened it up. As soon as the heavy hatch was lifted he
could her his teenaged captive moaning.

'Probably crying because they couldn't find her,' he thought as he began
climbing down the ladder.

Once he got to the bottom, he turned and his jaw sagged.

"Holy shit!" He exclaimed in shocked disbelief.

Right there in front of him, his dog was mounted on top of the naked girl.
His cock obviously imbedded inside her tight pussy. He was in such a shocked
state that he couldn't even move. He just stood there, staring dumbly at the
unbelievable scene before him.

"Mmmmmh! Do it doggy," he heard Kimberly moan sexily. "Fill me with more of
your spunk. You already made me cum so hard. Mmmmmmh! I love the feel of
your hard cock sloshing inside me like that. Keep humping me, Sam. Make
Kimmy cum again, pleeeeease."

Jennings couldn't believe his ears. Jimmy Brock's daughter was begging for
his dog to fuck her. She actually orgasmed from getting laid by a fucking

And as he stared numbly, he could feel his own shaft stiffening. The whole
scene was so... so erotic, that he was getting aroused himself just from
watching his dog's cock slide in and out of Kimberly's wet, tight cunt. He
could see her pussylips curl themselves inside out from the tight fit Sam's
cock had on them.

"Oh, God, Sam!" Kimberly groaned. "You... you did it again. I'm...
I'm cumming. You're making me cum again! Oh fucking shit! I'm

Rick Jennings couldn't stay out of this scene any longer. Tearing at his
clothes, the tall Black man stripped with such urgency that he literally
ripped his jeans in half. As soon as he stood naked, he rushed to the cot
where Kimberly Brock lay across.

"Here, Kimmy," he said, pulling her face up. "Have some of this."

And with those words he shoved his eight-inch hard-on past her lips, which
she offered no resistance.

He watched as she eagerly sucked on his thick black cock while his large
white dog kept emptying his balls in her vagina. The sight of this prim and
proper teenager acting with such depravity was filling his cock with more
blood than it had ever handled before.

He watched as he took note of Kimberly's ass humping back against the dog,
urging the canine to continue his humping.

At the same time, Kimberly was reaching down between her legs and rubbing her
own clit with her own sense of urgency. She wanted to cum again. Despite
having cum a half-dozen times already, she desperately wanted to have more of

The sight of this white girl against the black skin of his crotch was adding
to his own arousal, and Rick began humping harder into Kimberly's face. He
was desperately trying to force-feed his cock down her young throat, hoping
for some good ol' deepthroat action.

Though she wanted to gag whenever Rick's cockhead hit the back of her throat,
Kimberly was finding the whole experience so depraved, yet so exciting. She
forced herself to relax and tried to swallow the man's cock past her tonsils.

After a few more futile attempts to do so, she finally managed to let the
wide phallus worm its way down her throat. Of course, the distraction of
that dog's shaft sawing in her pussy probably helped her in that.

Rick Jennings closed his eyes in rapture as he felt the teenager's throat
muscle constrict against his surging cock, squeezing it as hard as he ever
did with his hand during all those lonely frustrating nights in prison. He
grabbed Kimberly behind the head and began ramming his oversexed cock as
hard as he could, giving young Kimberly a nosebleed when his belly hit her
too hard.

All the while, Sam was howling in the air as the white beast came again in
her clutching pussy. Kimberly couldn't believe it possible that any testicle
could ever reenergize so quickly and she luxuriated in the orgasm that it
triggered in her.

* * *

Just outside of Jennings' residence, Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart had
backtracked and returned. Call it women's intuition, but she had a feeling
that she was on to something. She sent away the patrol car watching the
place and began snooping around the house on her own.

'I know that I'm missing something here,' she was thinking as she scoured the
grounds for clues.

Just then she heard that strange dog howling again. But this time it wasn't
so muffled and it seemed to be emanating from inside the house.

Working her way to the kitchen entrance in the back, she tried the door. It
was unlocked. Pulling out her revolver, she cautiously pushed the door open
and scurried inside. She quickly scanned the room and assured herself that
it was empty. Slowly and methodically, she went from room to room for any
sign of foul play.

'Where is he?' She thought. 'The guys couldn't have missed him leaving.
And where is that damn dog I keep hearing.'

Max decided to follow the sound of the howling dog. This led her to
Jennings' bedroom closet. Opening the door quickly, her gun at the ready,
she cam upon the unsecured, yet hidden hatch of Jennings' underground

Cautiously, she opened the hatch and could now clearly hear the dog yelping
and Rick Jennings moaning in exaltation.

"Oh yeah, girl," Maxine could hear him say. "Suck that cock of mine."

Max's face blanched at hearing that the man must be sexually assaulting her
friend Kimberly Brock. Steadying herself, she cautiously, and as quiet as
possible climbed down the metal rings of the hatchway. If she had any chance
of rescuing Kimberly, she would need the element of surprise.

As she lowered herself, she kept hearing the mixture of Jennings' moaning and
groaning. And in the background, she could definitely hear female moaning,
probably emanating from Kimberly.

As soon as she reached the level of the underground ceiling, Maxine peered
below it's rim and spied Jennings with his back to her.

'Good!' Max congratulated herself.

Hurrying her downward progress, she finally reached the floor of Kimberly's
dungeon. Turning around to face the rapist, Max took careful aim before
making her presence know. Walking slowly forward, that's when she first saw
the large white dog mounted on Kimberly Brock's naked, kneeling body. She
could clearly see the dog was humping into the teenaged girl and she gulped
almost audibly.


Rick Jennings' head snapped back and stared dumbly at the police revolver
pointed at his head. Instinctively, he raised his hand in submission and
began backing away from Kimberly.

Kimberly remained oblivious to the sudden intrusion of the deputy and just
kept sucking blindly at the black man's cock. She didn't want to give up on
his cock so readily. As Jennings tried backing away, she would suck hard to
try to keep him in her gullet.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Jennings laughed out loud. "I don't think the girl wants
to give me up, Deputy?"

Maxine took a quick glance down at Kimberly's face and could see her
teenaged friend desperately trying to finish the blowjob she had started.
Then snapping her attention back to Jennings, Maxine gun-butted him into

The large black man collapsed to the ground, his cock popping out loudly from
Kimberly's sucking lips.

"No, oh on," Kimberly cried out blindly. "Fuck, I need it so bad. Come
back! Give me your cock!"

Kimberly was unaware that Jennings was forcibly removed from her sucking
grasp, or that someone else had entered the scene.

"Oh God, Sam!" Kimberly cried out. "Finish me off, doggy. Make Kimmy cum
again. You've made me cum over a dozen times already. You can do it again,
I know you can. Just one more, please. You're such a good doggy. I... I
can feel it... feel it... oh, I'm cumming, doggy. Almost there. Almost...
Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm Cumming! Cumming! CUMMMIIINNNGGG!"

Maxine couldn't believe that Kimberly had so many orgasms in such a short
time. She watched transfixed at the monstrous climax the teenager was
exhibiting before her eyes. She could feel her own pussy moistening at the
sight that was unfolding before her, and the jealousy she was feeling at not
getting such good fucking herself.

"AAIIIEEE!" Kimberly yelled out before collapsing into unconsciousness
herself, her torso landing squarely on the cot.

Maxine cautiously approached the large dog and tried to pull him out of
Kimberly Brock's clenching pussy, but found that their were irrevocably
locked together. She wasn't sure what she could do, but she knew she
couldn't let her parents or friends ever know of this.

She quickly turned to the still unconscious Rick Jennings and handcuffed him
to the lower ring of the dungeon ladder. Then she returned to Kimberly and
the dog and tried to figure out how to get them separated.

She lowered herself to the ground and peered under the bestial couple and
immediately saw what the problem was. The dog's cock had grown so think that
he was literally stuck in Kimberly's pussy.

'Well, I guess the fastest way to get him out, is to get him soft again,' she
came to the conclusion.

She reached under the furry belly and tentatively touched the dog's raging
hard-on. She pulled her hand away at the heat that was generating from it.

"God, this is so weird," she said aloud.

A quick glance at the slumbering Kimberly convinced her to steady herself
to what she had to do. Reaching under again, she began massaging the large
dog's penis trying to make him cum again so he would lose his erection. But
this didn't seem to be helping much, so she moved her hand to Sam's testicles
and worked on them.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed at the size of them. "He's more hung than

Curiosity got the better of her and she ducked her head under Kimberly for a
better look at his balls. The sight that greeted her got her pussy flowing
even more. Not only could she now clearly see the size of the dog's balls,
but she could also see the thick blood-red cock stuffed in Kimberly's pussy
just above her head.

She had always fantasized about Kimberly whenever she fancied some female
companionship, but never dared doing anything about it. Then the thought hit
her that she could indulge herself right now, while also helping free the
girl from the clutches of this horny animal.

Without any further thought, Maxine lifted her head and began slurping loudly
at the meeting place of cock and pussy. Already she could taste the tangy,
metallic flavor of the doggy jism that must be filling Kimberly's pussy. She
didn't find it all that bad and was constantly shifting her tonguing
attention between Kimberly's clit and the dog's cock.

Within moments, Sam began humping his ass again. The attention his shaft
was receiving had triggered the dog's instinct to fuck. From beneath, Max
plastered her lips around the shaft as it began thrusting in and out of the
teenaged girl's pussy.

"Ooooh!" She suddenly heard a soft moan escape from Kimberly's lips.

She was torn between abandoning the succulent find that she was handling, or
throw it all out the window and damn be all. She decided on the latter.

"Ooooh! Yesss!" Kimberly moaned again, consciousness slowly returning.

Now that Maxine had made her decision, she began sucking on the dog's
protruding cock with greater enthusiasm. While at the same time, not
neglecting Kimberly's overly aroused clitoris.

As Kimberly slowly regained consciousness from that explosive climax, her
eyes fluttered open and the first thing that caught her attention was the
handcuffed form of Mr. Jennings against the ladder, a trickle of blood on
his forehead where Max had butted him. Then she felt someone's tongue
against her clit and realized for the first time that someone else had
joined them.

She hesitantly turned her head around to see who it might be, but all she
could see was the pants of the stranger that had crawled under her. Then
she realized that the white dog was still stuck in her.

'Oh my God!' Her mind panicked. 'They... they must know that the dog has
been fucking me.'

Glancing back again, she suddenly recognized the pants as belonging to her
father's police department, which meant that it was someone that she knew.
Tears started streaming down her cheek at the consequences this held.
Whoever was sucking at her pussy could tell her father what she had done.

Beneath the bestial couple, Maxine concentrated her licking to Kimberly's
moist pussy, tasting the leaking dog jism that was overflowing from the
teenager's plugged hole. She found the taste hypnotic and wished that she
could try some straight from the source one day.

"Please, stop," she heard Kimberly pleading, but she had no intention of
quitting now. "No more, please. I... I just want to go home."

Regardless of Kimberly's pleas, there was no way that she would be let go
until the dog's knot finally shrunk enough to set her free. And Maxine's
reasoning convinced her that the best and fastest way to do that was to
keeping licking and sucking that scrumptious cock until it blew another
load in the young girl.

"Ooooh! God, I think I'm about to cum again," Kimberly moaned. "Oh God!
Don't stop! Not now! Fuck me Sammy! Fuck my virgin pussy again. Make me
cum like before. Make me... CUUUMMM!"

Maxine's face was plastered by Kimberly's orgasm as teenager's juices sprayed
across her sucking chin. Moments later, the dog's balls tightened and he too
began shooting his juices into her boss' squirming teenaged daughter.

'God, how can I be doing this?' The deputy thought to herself. 'How can I
explain this to Kimmy later?'

But despite her guilt at furthering Kimberly's rape, Maxine still couldn't
manage to control her own lust as she sucked even harder against the
teenager's pussylips as the dog's cock continued to churn into her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh God!" Kimberly kept moaning in orgasm. "I'm cumming again,
so soon. How can this be happening?"

Maxine could feel her pant crotch getting moist with her own juices as she
tried to finish off what she had started. She could see signs of the dog's
cock shrinking slightly and began tugging on the thick stalk, watching
intently as inch by inch it squeezed itself out of Kimberly's clinging
pussylips, wet with a mixture of doggy jism and Kimberly's juices.

As each inch pulled out, Maxine lavished his cock-stalk with her tongue,
making every effort to gather every drop of the inter-species cocktail.
She slurped hungrily at the exiting cock and got turned on even more.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming so hard!" Kimberly kept crying out.

Suddenly, Sam's cock popped out and a flood of doggy jism came pouring out
of Kimberly's well-fucked pussy, drenching Maxine's face with the creamy
spunk that the teenager was holding in.

"*Cough!* *Cough!*" Maxine coughed and gagged at the sudden inundation she
was under.

Her reddish hair was matted with the heavy cum load that poured on her and
her only defense was plugging Kimberly's leaking cunt with her mouth and
drink as much of the jism as she could.

"Oh yesss!" She heard Kimberly moan. "Whoever you are, suck my pussy. Make
me cum again, please."

'My God, how many times does Kimmy need to cum before she's satisfied?' Max
grinned to herself.

Kimberly was gyrating her ass against Maxine's sucking mouth, trying to guide
the mysterious sucker to her clit, and Max was only too happy to oblige.

For the next fifteen minutes, Maxine continued sucking on her boss' teenaged
daughter until they were both satiated.

Maxine finally crawled out from beneath Kimberly's upturned ass and the young
girl finally saw who was licking her all this time. She gasped in shocked
surprise that it was the beautiful female Deputy of her father's that had
sucked her. Her only experience with a girl before this was that night with
her school girlfriend, and that's just what it was back then, an experiment.
She didn't dislike it back then, but she couldn't see any satisfaction in the
lesbian scene either.

That is until now.

"Max?" Kimberly moaned in surprise.

"Yea, Kimmy," Maxine replied. "It's me. You know I've thought about you a
lot over the past year as you've been growing into a beautiful young woman."

"You have?" The teenager asked in surprise.

"Yea, but I never thought that we'd ever have the chance to try something
like this."

"You mean with a dog?"

"Obviously not with a dog," Max laughed at the ludicrous notion. "Uh, Kimmy,
how was it? With the dog, I mean?"

Kimberly hesitated for a moment, then realized that there was no use denying
what Maxine had obviously witnessed.

"It was fucking great, Maxine," she declared unashamedly. "He fucks so hard.
And he lasts a long time too."

"I noticed that," the deputy commented. "It took forever to finally get him
to soften up enough for me to pull him out of you."

"uh, Max, what will you tell dad?" Kimberly asked, a worried look in her

"I think it would be best if we keep it between ourselves, okay?" The deputy

"What about him?" The young girl nodded her head towards the still
unconscious Rick Jennings.

"I'll take care of him," Maxine told her as she got up off the floor.

She shakily walked up to the washbasin and cleaned off as much of the cum
from her face. She then went over to Jennings and slapped him back to

"Wake up, you motherfucker!" She shouted. "C'mon, wake up!"

Dazedly, Jennings finally stirred back to consciousness. He gazed up to
the beautiful deputy and smiled at her.

"What can I do for you, Deputy?" He asked.

"Unless you want to go down for rape along with kidnapping, what went on
here with the dog stays quiet," Maxine told him in no uncertain terms. "If
you say a word of any of this, I'll be coming after you. You get that?"

"Of course, officer," he saluted. "What about you Kimmy? You want me to
keep quiet too?"

"Ye... yes," she stammered. "Please, Mr. Jennings. Don't tell no one, okay.
I beg you."

"Okay, Kimmy," he assured her. "My gripe was never against you. I'll never
tell, you can count on me."

"Remember what I said, Jennings," Maxine reminded him, not believing that he
would comply so easily.

"Like I said, Deputy," he stared back at the redhead. "I got nothing against
Kimmy. I won't betray her like her dad did me."

With that, Max unlocked his cuffs and secured his hands behind his back,
placing him under arrest. Letting Kimberly climb out of the underground
cell first, she then helped her prisoner up the ladder. She pointed the
teenaged girl to the bathroom and waited until Kimberly erased any trace
of the deviant rape she had endured.


Half an hour later, she called in the arrest and rescue.

The Brock family was waiting anxiously at the hospital as Maxine brought in
their sibling. Since both Maxine and Kimberly convinced everyone that there
was NO sexual assault, they skipped any kind of rape kit on her. Kimberly
breathed a sigh of relief at that, as her family would never know what had
happened to her.

"Thank you, Maxine," Doctor Brock hugged the Deputy. "I don't know what I
would have done if something had happened to Kimberly."

"Good collar, Max," the Sheriff shook her hand and joined his wife to see his

"Thanks, Jimmy," Maxine smiled guiltily. "I only learned from the best."

* * *

A few weeks later, Kimberly was well enough to leave the house and her first
stop was Maxine's home. She knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes
before the redheaded Deputy finally answered.

"Oh, hi Kimberly," Maxine greeted her in her bathrobe. "Ho... how are you

"Better, thanks," the teenager grinned sheepishly. "Can we talk a bit?"

"Uh, sure," Max hesitated a moment, glancing back inside her home. "C'mon

"I... I wanted to thank you for saving me," the Brock girl said. "I, uh, I
also wanted to know what you were gonna do about... you know... the dog

"Not a thing, Kimmy," the Deputy assured her. "Your secret is safe with me,

Just then Kimberly heard a loud bark from one of the back rooms. Turning her
head towards Maxine questioningly, she waited for some kind of explanation.

Just then a large white dog came bounding into the livingroom to join the two
young women.

"Sam!" Kimberly yelped out.

"Yea, I kind of adopted him after I arrested Jennings," Maxine explained.

"But why?" Kimberly asked.

"Do you really need to ask," the deputy grinned as she opened her bathrobe,
exposing her naked body underneath.

"Oh wow!" Kimberly grinned back as she admired the slender well-toned body
before her eyes.

Then her eyes darted back to the white dog and realization suddenly hit her.
Maxine was fucking Sam. She was fucking a dog, just as she had had to
endure. The only difference was that she wanted to get the dog to fuck her.
It wasn't rape.

"You mean... you mean you actually let him..." her voice trailed off.

"Yeah, I do," Maxine could see the confusion in the young girl's eyes.
"Don't you remember how much you loved it back then? I know you were
forced into doing it, but you really seemed to love Sammy's cock."

"I dunno... I guess," Kimberly stammered.

"Why don't you get down here with me and Sammy," Maxine urged. "See how
nice his cock his. Don't be afraid, I won't let anything happen that you
don't want to."

With that assurance, the teenager kneeled down next to the redhead and
began patting the dog's large head.

Sam's tongue hung out of its jagged jaw as he glanced at the young girl
and recalled how good it was to mount her. He immediately began lapping
at her face, to which Kimberly giggled merrily.

As she relaxed around the large animal, her misgivings about her bestial
rape quickly faded. Before long, she stripped all of her clothes off and
joined the naked Deputy in exploring the dog's talented tongue, and sheath.
Not to mention the older woman's naked body.

For the first time in her young life, Kimberly felt very comfortable being
naked with another girl, a woman really. Maxine's expertise was very
helpful in Kimberly's forthcoming sexual education.

Maxine would teach her all about female loving, and animal loving too. She
would learn how best to suck a cock, and how to make a hard-on last longer.
And most importantly, Maxine would teach her how to please a woman in bed.

Sheriff Brock and his wife saw nothing wrong with all the time their
daughter was spending with his most reliable deputy. In fact, they were
pleased at the attention the older woman was giving their daughter. It
gave them a sense of security knowing that an officer of the law was
always around Kimberly.

The End
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