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The material that follows is adult in nature, containing
graphic sex descriptions. If you are not over 18, or if such
material is offensive to you, stop here and move on to another

This is the second part of a story is based on the TV show
Picket Fences. I got the idea from an episode where Kimberly,
the 18-year old daughter of the main family in the show, has
a brief flirtation with her best friend.

I was always disappointed that nothing more came of this, though
of course I knew it couldn't on network TV. So I decided to write
my own follow-up story.

Here it is.

If you like the story, please let me know via e-mail. And if
you have any similar stories to share, please send them to me.



As she hurried home, Kimberly could hardly think straight. Her mind was
going a mile a minute, filled with thoughts about Rachel, about sex, about
her own feelings and desires. The events of the past couple hours could be
a turning point in her young life. So much to sort out. Where did she go
from here?

One thing was certain: she could no longer deny her interest in women.
Even now, she felt her excitement build as she thought back on what she had
just done. In her mind, she could still see Rachel on the couch, flushed
with passion, her body open for Kim's pleasure. Kim could still feel the
supple warmth of Rachel's skin against her own. Lifting her hand to her
face, she caught the trace of Rachel's scent. The taste of her lingered in
her mouth.

"Come on, Kimber," she told herself as she neared home, "get it together.
They're going to know if you don't play it right."

Kimberly tried to act nonchalant as she entered the house and called into
the kitchen, "Hi! Sorry I'm late!"

Her mother seemed mildly concerned. "Where have you been? You almost
missed dinner."

"I know. I'm sorry. I was over at Rachel Harris's shop and we just lost
track of the time. And I'm going to skip dinner, if you don't mind. I have
a lot of homework to get done."

"Are you sure? You should eat something."

"Maybe later. I think I'll just go up to my room."

"All right. How is Rachel, anyway? I haven't seen her in weeks."

"Oh, she'd just ... great! It was really nice spending time with her."
Kimberly's heart was racing. She knew she was blushing. She turned away and
quickly went up the stairs before her mother could notice.

"Ohhh, that was close!" she said to herself. "Mom's so inquisitive, she
surely would have sensed something if we kept talking." Looking in the
mirror, she realized how precarious her position had been upon returning
from Rachel's place. She had thrown her clothes on when she realized how
late it was, and her hair, usually so perfectly groomed, was all mussed
from Rachel's frantic grip on her head. Anyone looking at her would think
that she had just had a roll in the hay, which of course, she had. Luckily,
she got upstairs before anyone in the family got close enough to notice.

Collapsing on the bed, Kimberly tried to work out all the things going
through her mind. Being with Rachel was so wonderful. She was so sexy, so
mature, she clearly had had a lot of experience sexually, probably with
both men and women. The idea that she, Kimberly Brock, could get such a
woman so aroused, could make her come so intensely! It almost seemed unreal

Looking back, Kimberly was disappointed that Rachel had not gone down on
her as she had for her. Of course, Rachel was probably afraid to be too
pushy under the circumstances, seeing Kimberly as the novice. Really,
Kimberly had never had anyone do that to her, except for a few feeble,
aborted attempts by her ex-boyfriend. Yes, for sure, next time would have
to be different!

As she thought about it, the urges started again. Slipping her hand down
the front of her jeans, Kimberly started a gentle rhythm between her legs.
She was surprised at how wet she had become already. Her middle finger
slipped inside her lips and was immediately coated with vaginal fluid. She
pulled her hand back out, and, with eyes closed, placed the finger in her
mouth, pretending that the taste was from Rachel ... or perhaps some other

"God, I'm still so horny," she thought, "if I don't do something, I'll be
distracted all night." Locking the door to assure her privacy, Kim slipped
off her jeans and began to pleasure herself in earnest. As her fingers
teased her delicate tissues, she pictured in her mind what she and Rachel
had done together. More excited now, she looked between her own legs,
drawing an image of Rachel's face pushing into her muff. As her passion
built, she pictured other women - movie stars, singers, even her friends -
in that spot, eager to satisfy her with their talented tongues.

Spurred by these images, it took little time for Kimberly to reach orgasm.
With her brothers just in the next room, she turned face down in her
pillow to muffle her cries as her insides quivered in delight. For some
time after the initial wave, her hips continued to twitch into the
mattress, little aftershocks of pleasure racing up her spine.

"Well, that's better," she muttered as reality returned. Relieved of some
of her built-up sexual tension, Kim applied herself to the homework she
still had to do. But despite her best efforts, her mind continued to wander
back to her new obsession.

Kimberly wondered what Rachel was doing at that moment. "Is she thinking
about me? Is she masturbating, too, fantasizing about us together? Or is
she feeling guilty, regretful?"

That last thought was disturbing. There was a good possibility that Rachel
did regret what they had done. Not that she should; after all, Kimberly
seduced her, not vice versa. But Rachel was older, probably forty or so,
despite her looks, and was supposed to be the responsible one. And her
mother's good friend besides. Maybe she wouldn't see Kimberly again. That
was troubling.


Kimberly didn't talk to Rachel for several days. Both of them needed time
to think about their encounter, to contemplate what it meant and where it
would lead. But Kimberly was never one to just let things lie. On Tuesday,
almost a week later, she was back at Rachel's shop again.

"Kimberly .... hi." Rachel seemed surprised to see her, and a little
uncomfortable. Neither of them said anything for a moment.

"Hi," Kimberly said finally. "How have you been?"

"Oh, you know, uh ....good." Rachel was obviously flustered.

"Rachel," Kim started, "you know that what we ... did ... it was
wonderful. And I ... I know it makes things a little uncomfortable right
now ... but ... I ... hope it doesn't change anything between us."

Rachel looked at her oddly. "Kim," she said, "how can it not change things
between us? You just don't do what we did with anybody."

"Well, I know, but, ... I ... I hope we're still friends and everything. I
wouldn't want to lose that."

"Honey, I don't either. It's just that, ... well, ... I don't want to hurt
you. But we can't have a relationship like ... that, ... you understand?"

"I see." Kim thought for a moment. "I understand that. I think I assumed
that, really. It would be a real mess if anyone found out. And besides, I'm
not ready for a serious relationship right now - not with a man nor with a
woman. But I have to say, I'd like to do it again. Wouldn't you?"

Rachel didn't know what to say. Of course she wanted it again. It had been
incredible, exhilarating. And seeing Kimberly in front of her, asking,
almost pleading for her, was both flattering and exciting. Why did things
have to be so complicated?

She couldn't say no. "I have to admit, Kim, I do want to be with you some
more. You've been on my mind a lot over the past week."

A little smile came to Kim's lips as Rachel admitted this. Brief images
entered her mind, of Rachel, her hands between her legs, calling out Kim's
name as she played with herself. She felt a little twinge between her own
legs at the thought.

Eventually, they both agreed. Neither had any need nor desire for a
"serious" sexual relationship, but there was no reason not to meet and talk
occasionally as they always had. They only difference was that now they
could also share their bodies and provide some mutual joy. Rachel once
again seemed completely comfortable, and Kimberly left the shop feeling
very satisfied with the outcome.


It was Friday afternoon, and Kimberly was on her way to the sheriff's
office to see her dad, Sheriff Jimmy Brock. He needed some papers that he
had left at home, and she offered to bring them over. It was an unusually
warm spring day, so it was nice to be out and about. Besides, she needed
something to keep her busy.

Unfortunately, settling her relationship with Rachel had done nothing for
Kimberly's immediate needs. Their tryst had opened a whole new world, and
Kimberly couldn't wait to continue her exploration. But she couldn't go
back to Rachel right now, just two days after their talk. So she found
herself in very horny again, desiring the touch of another woman. Some of
the girls at school were driving her crazy. They had no idea, of course,
but the short skirts and tight jeans they wore to attract the boys were
having the desired effect, but on her! She could have settled for a boy,
actually, but as luck would have it, no one seemed very interested at the
moment. "Just as well," she told herself, "it would probably be a let-down

In truth, Kimberly had already ruled out the girls at school. How could
she approach someone? And even if one of them were interested, it was sure
to get out somehow, and she couldn't live with the embarrassment and shame,
especially when her family found out. She even thought briefly about
driving to Milwaukee that night, to look for a prostitute, but she quickly
realized that was a crazy idea. It just made her realize how desperate she
had become. She had to find someone! But where?

As she entered the office, she saw Kenny, the local hunk and along with
Maxine, her father's most trusted deputy. "Hey, Kenny," she said, "have you
seen my dad?"

"I think he's back in the records room," he replied.

She walked down the hall until she found the right room. The door was
open, and as she turned the corner to enter, the first thing she saw was
someone's uniformed rear end. She stopped suddenly, then realized it was
Maxine, bent far over a desk, reading something.

Kimberly couldn't resist a sarcastic remark. "You must be really proud of
that thing to show it off like that."

That gave Max a start. "Huh???? Oh, what do you mean?"

Kim smiled. "I mean you had your butt on display there for everyone
walking by."

Max gave a little laugh. "Oh! Sorry. I just started reading this and
forgot what I was doing."

"Just kidding, Max," Kimberly assured her. Actually, if anyone were going
to show off, it may as well be Max. Kimberly had always envied her bottom,
comparing it with her own. She couldn't count the times she had noticed
some guy's gaze following Max down the street after she passed, and it
definitely wasn't focused on the back of her head! Max had an almost
perfect tush - nicely rounded and just the right size, what most people
would call "tight". Usually, it was hidden by her bulky, unflattering
uniform, but at the pool, or at the department picnic, when she wore those
now famous little shorts, lots of people noticed.

"So how are you, Max?", she said.

"Oh, good, real good." Max's face belied her answer. The weak little smile
on her face made it obvious that she was in one of her low moods.

"It doesn't sound like you're 'real good'", Kimberly offered. "What's the

"Nothing, really, I'm fine."

Kimberly just looked at her, waiting for the real answer. She knew Max.
and Max knew she knew her.

"Oh, all right," Max finally admitted. "I'm feeling kind of down, I guess."


"The usual ... men! I just get so frustrated that I can't find SOMEBODY
that I can stick with. And the thing with Kenny was the worst, because now
it's awkward to work together, too. And here it is the weekend and it looks
like I'll be home alone for the whole time."

Max and Kenny had had a "thing" for a while. It had a long time coming,
but it was very short-lived. And Max never handled these things very well.

"Hey," Kimberly said. "why don't I come over tonight? We can get a good
movie, make some popcorn, you know, have a girls' night out - or in, I guess."

Max considered the offer for a few seconds, then brightened up and said,
"Okay! Yeah, let's do that. Is 7:30 good?"

"7:30 is perfect! I'll get the movie. See you then."

Kimberly left the room with a rush of excitement. This situation had
promise. She had no idea about Maxine's sexual preferences, although
everything she knew told her she was completely heterosexual. On the other
hand, she knew Max. Max was always a bundle of mixed up emotions, and
Kimberly was pretty confident she could use that to her advantage. The fact
that Max was just coming off a sour ending to her relationship with Kenny
was even more encouraging. She was vulnerable right now, and while Kim
would normally be appalled at taking advantage of such a situation, at this
point, her urges were getting the best of her. Besides, Max might really
like it.

"Hey, Kim!" Her thoughts were interrupted by her father's voice. She
felt herself blushing at her thoughts in from of him.

"Hi, Daddy. Here's the papers you wanted."

"Thanks, sweetheart. Say, is anything wrong? You look a little flushed."

Kimberly tried to be cool. "Oh? Why, no, I don't think so, ... but I have
run, really ... bye now!"
She quickly left the station, already plotting her strategy for what she
hoped would be tonight's seduction.


It was exactly 7:30 when Kimberly arrived at Max's place. She could have
been there much earlier - in her anticipation, she had found herself ready
to go forty-five minutes early. Max opened the door and greeted her with a
warm smile. She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt - light clothing for early
April in Wisconsin.

Chiding her playfully, Kimberly said, "Gosh, Max, rushing the season a
bit, aren't you?"

Max was in good spirits. "Yeah, I know, but it was extra nice today, and
it got me in the mood, so I thought I'd just push the feeling. I was going
to go for a run, but I just never got around to it, so I turned up the heat
a little and made like summer!"

Kimberly noticed the warmth in the room. "Gee, I wish you'd told me. I
would have dressed lighter."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm so thoughtless," Max said. "Just take off your sweater."

Shrugging her shoulders, Kim replied, "Uhh ... nothing underneath, I'm afraid."

"Oh. Well, here, let me give you something lighter. I'm sure they'll fit
okay. And we'll just have a 'summer' night!"

That sounded good to Kimberly. She knew she couldn't stand the heat in her
current dress. Besides, the more exposed skin they each had, the simpler
her task would be. So Max found another T-shirt and shorts for Kim, which
she quickly slipped into.

Kimberly had rented the movie, and her choice was carefully planned. "The
Hunger" starred Catherine Deneuve as a female vampire. It was an old movie,
for sure, but she knew that it had a mild, dreamy lesbian scene between
Catherine and Susan Sarandon, which she hoped might provide some
opportunity for her. Her excuse to Max was that she'd always wanted to see
it, being a twist on the usual male vampire bit.

So they watched the movie, eating popcorn, talking , drinking wine
(Kimberly had to laugh at Max's concern: "You won't tell Jimmy, will you?"
Little did she know. What would her father think if he knew what Kimberly
really had planned?).

Kim drank just a little, enough to give her that relaxed, warm feeling.
Max was drinking more (with Kimberly's subtle encouragement), and was
obviously feeling very good. Kimberly sat on the floor, Max on the couch,
putting Kimberly's eyes on level with Max's hips. Each time Kim would sneak
a look at Max's lovely legs, her excitement grew a little more. At first
she worried that Max would notice her little peeks, but she soon realized
that her guard was down. She never suspected Kim's true desires. At one
point, she even changed positions to sit Indian-style on the couch, which
allowed Kim to look right up the leg of her shorts. Kimberly felt her heart
race as she got a clear view of the crotch of Max's plain cotton panties.
She kept stealing looks, teasing herself, getting more aroused while trying
not to show her feelings or get caught.

Unable to resist, Kimberly took her first step. "Would you pass me that
popcorn?" It was an innocent question, but as she asked it, she touched
Max's thigh with her hand. It wasn't overt enough to be really noticed, but
she did let her hand linger, to enjoy the feeling of Max's skin and perhaps
put the start of an idea in her head.

"Gosh, are your legs always so smooth? You must have just shaved."

Max suspected nothing. "No, not really - a couple days, I think."

Just then the lesbian scene started. Kimberly feigned innocence. "Well,
this is interesting," she said.

"I kind of thought this was coming," Max replied. Then she added, "There's
always an underlying sexual thing with vampires. Why should it be different
just because the vampire's female?"

Kimberly gave Max a look that showed she agreed, but she said nothing.
This train of thought had promise, and she wanted to let Max mull it over.
Finally, she said, "But why wouldn't a female vampire go after a man?"

"I guess she just has good taste!" Max said flippantly.

Kimberly's senses perked up at this. "Oh? What do you mean by that?"

Max was suddenly flustered. "Oh, nothing!. I mean, I was ... just ...
trying to be funny."

Kimberly kept her gaze on Max, trying to see if there were more to the
comment, subtly indicating that if so, she was willing.

Max looked away, slightly embarrassed. Suddenly, Kimberly moved up to the
couch next to Max and said, "Let me rewind this a second. I missed part
while we were talking." Without waiting for Max's response, she backed up
to the beginning of the scene a started again. Without being obvious, she
let her leg settle against Max's. The feeling of their bare skin together
was electrifying, but she managed not to show how much she enjoyed it.

Both women were silent as they watched the two attractive actresses making
love. The scene was very tasteful, mostly implied, though it did include a
sensuous kiss and a brief touch of a breast.

"This is kind of erotic," Kimberly said.

All Max could say was "Uh huh." It was erotic, but she felt funny sitting
there watching it with Kimberly so close to her.

Still looking at the TV, Kim said tentatively, "Have you ever thought
about it, Max?" Then looking over at Max with her most innocent expression,
"You know, with another girl?" She shifted a little on the couch, just
enough to create more contact between their legs. She could see Max
reacting, trying not to show it. Her breathing changed ever so slightly.
Was she nervous or excited?

"Oh, I don't know... really. ... Have you?"

This was encouraging. "Everybody thinks about it sometime," Kim replied,
"don't they?"

"Yeah," Max said hesitantly, "... I guess so."

Kimberly placed a hand about two-third the way up on Max's thigh, then
moved it slowly down toward her knee. Her own breath was coming faster now,
but as usual, she remained in control as she asked, "Do you want to try
it?" Her hand gave Max a subtle squeeze.

Max's eyes were wide in amazement, or terror, or some other mix of
emotions. She just looked at Kim, trying to decide what to say. Kim's hand
moved back up her thigh, caressing, trembling slightly as it moved. They
looked at each other in silence for what seemed like a long time, but was
really about ten seconds. Kimberly's liquid brown eyes drew Max in,
absorbing her. Max's lips were slightly parted. Finally, with her typical
initiative, Kimberly leaned forward to bring their lips together.

Four eyes closed as they enjoyed the rapture of their first kiss. Still
the aggressor, Kimberly took Max's upper lip between her own, running her
tongue over its soft tissue before letting it enter Max's now ready mouth.
Arms moved to embrace one another as Kimberly's tongue explored, until at
last Max responded in kind. Kim's hands caressed Max's arms, her cheek, her
side, even brushing briefly over her breast.

When Kimberly finally pulled away to look at Max, she was highly aroused.
She was panting, her eyes staring intently at the red-haired beauty, her
nostrils flared with passion. Max, too was aroused, and while she was still
clearly nervous, it was obvious to both of them that they wanted to go on.

Kim placed a wet kiss on Max's neck, followed by many more as her hands
reached under her T-shirt. Through Max's thin sports bra, Kim could tell
that her nipples were already erect. She played with one, rolling it
lightly as she delighted in the warm fullness in her hand. Moving her mouth
to Max's ear, she swirled her tongue in, drawing a gasp and tremble from
her new lover.

"Let's do it," she whispered.

Max nodded her agreement, then added, "In the bedroom."

They quickly moved to the next room, where they both started taking off
what little clothes they wore. As Max removed her bra, Kimberly was treated
to the lovely sight of her breasts, not large, but perfectly shaped, with
deep pink nipples against their milky-white background. When Max reached
for her white cotton panties, however, Kim stopped her. "Don't," she said,
"leave them on ... for now." Since she had caught that glimpse of Max's
crotch earlier, Kim had been thinking about those white panties. Now, as
she neared her goal, she wanted to savor the sight, to let her tension
build a little longer. Besides, she wanted the thrill of taking them down

Kim herself stripped naked before Max's watchful eyes. Her body had the
easy firmness of youth, the lovely contours that come so easily at her age.
Her breasts were more conical than Max's, and the nipples stood out due to
Kimberly's state of arousal. The winter whiteness of her skin made her seem
extra soft. Between her legs, the dark tuft of her pubic hair appeared damp
already. Max felt a growing excitement in anticipation of touching her.

Kimberly, despite her age and smaller stature, continued to play the
dominant part. After days of private fantasies, after an evening of furtive
glimpses at Max's body, she was in no mood to wait. She gave Max one more
long, soulful kiss, then pushed her down onto the bed, positioning herself
on top. They continued to kiss, Max uttering little cries of pleasure,
until Kimberly moved down to suckle one pink nipple.

Kimberly took each tender nub in her mouth while her hand drifted down to
tease between her legs. Then she began moving further down, over Max's
smooth, taut stomach. The young woman responded with a quiver and a sigh,
loving the feel of Kim's wet tongue on her underbelly, acutely aware of
where it was heading.

Kimberly moved down steadily, over the curve of Max's hip, to the tender
flesh of her inner thigh. Max parted her legs slightly, and Kim was now
just inches from the crotch of Max's panties. Seeing the wet spot in the
middle, she smiled with the knowledge that she had caused it. She placed
her mouth directly over it, filling it with the taste of cotton and woman.
A heady aroma invaded her nostrils. She sucked gently on the fabric,
taking in the soft flesh beneath it. Her tongue worked back and forth over
the hidden slit, drawing still more moisture.

"This is so good," she said to herself, "so hot, so sexy. All those people
who think of sweet Kimberly Brock, sheriff's daughter, Miss goody-
two-shoes, what would they think if they could see me now, sucking on some
girl's, no ... some woman's ... panties?" The idea turned her on even
more, and she stroked Max's thighs as she continued to lick and suck with
increased passion.

After a few minutes of this had raised Max's temperature just a bit
higher, Kimberly pulled back. Her hands were shaking as she placed her
fingers inside the waistband of Max's panties and slowly pulled them down.
Max's hips came off the bed momentarily as the modest garment slid over the
soft curve of her buttocks, revealing the dark red patch of her pubic hair.
As Kimberly pulled them over her feet and off, Max's legs opened wide. At
their center point, the dark pink folds of her vulva glistened with
wetness. Kimberly moved closer until, unable to suppress a little cry of
lust, she placed her lips inside.

Max responded with a cry of her own. Kimberly had been successful at
prolonging this for both of them, until they both were at a fever pitch.
Max's hips moved rhythmically against Kim's hot mouth, trying to extract as
much pleasure as possible. And Kim was willing to give all she could. Her
tongue wormed into the red heat of Max's vagina, loving the taste of the
young woman's horniness. Her hands were everywhere - holding Max's breasts,
parting her thighs, cupping the firm cheeks of her bottom. Her lips locked
onto her swollen clit and sucked gingerly, causing Max to squeal from the
intensity of the sensation.

Kim was like the proverbial kid in a candy store, wanting to try out all
the tricks she had. It seemed obvious that this was Max's first time, and
she was anxious to give her the best.

"Max, turn over, will you?" Lost in the torrent of passion, Max quickly
rolled onto her stomach. "Now lift your butt up," Kim continued, "on your
knees." Max now had her head on the pillow, with her lovely derriere raised
obscenely in the air. "Oh, Maxine ..." Kim muttered.

Kimberly climbed onto the bed behind Maxine's incredible sexy bottom. She
could see the red tuft of her bush trailing down between her legs. Warming
up, she placed soft, wet kisses on Max's rear, teasing her with one in the
crease of her ass. Then, placing one hand on each cheek, she reached her
head underneath and took a long, slow lick at Max's now very wet pussy.

Max arched her back as the shivers ran up and down it. "Oh sweet Jesus!!!"
she cried, "Kimberly! Oh... that's nice ... mmmmnnngghh"

Kimberly quickly put her tongue to work between the soft folds of Max's
pussy. She ate Max out for twenty minutes or so, doing her best to show her
the subtle joys of lesbian sex. Max seemed close to orgasm, but Kim didn't
want that yet - she wanted to stretch this out, to drive Maxine crazy with
lust, to give her the best orgasm of her life.

Running her tongue up the wet slit from behind, Kimberly continued up,
between the cheeks of Max's magnificent ass until she reached the tender
tissues of her anus. Uttering low grunts and groans as she went, she wet
the pink, little hole with her saliva, licked over the whole surface and
tickled the most sensitive center with her tongue-tip.

Max was beside herself now. Her ass had always been very sensitive, and on
several occasions her dates had provided her with this particular treat.
But his was different. This was no horny guy behind her. This was Kimberly,
her boss's daughter, expertly rimming her asshole and apparently loving it.
As Max looked to her right, she caught the image of them in the mirror,
Kimberly's face only half visible, pushed deeply into the crack of Maxine's

That image, combined with the luscious feeling of Kim's wet tongue up her
butt, almost put her over the top. But once again, Kim stopped her short,
pulling away just as she thought she was there. She moved again, this time
climbing under Max, between her legs. With a gently pressure, Kimberly
lowered Max's hips onto her face. Opening wide, she took Max's entire mound
into her mouth, sucking it as if it were a juicy peach. Drops of girl-cum
fell into her mouth as she thrust her tongue deep into Max's core.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" Max screamed, "That's it .. YES! ... OH! ... GOD! ... Here
it comes... OH!!!!!" Kimberly's own cries were muffled by the convulsing
pussy that filled her mouth. She had superbly worked the young deputy's
body into a tumultuous orgasm that went on and on, waves of pleasure
rocking her body as she rode Kimberly's face to completion.

When she finally recovered, Max climbed off Kimberly and lay on top of
her, kissing her tenderly. She reached down to cup Kim's pussy with her
hand. It was very, very wet. She tasted herself on Kim's tongue and thought
about the next steps. The girl had made had come so hard, so nice, she
wanted to please her, too. But she wasn't sure if she was ready to do that
to a girl.

"Kim, I ... I don't know if I can do what you just did. I never have."

Kimberly was disappointed, but she didn't show it. She knew Max, and she
felt confident she could change her mind. "Oh, that's okay," she said, "I
understand." But her tone was such that Max could clearly hear the
letdown. And she continued, "I can do myself."

As expected, that woke up the guilt in Max. Closing her eyes as if talking
to herself, she said, "No, I can do it, I know I can. Just give me a
second." She sat there for a few seconds, breathing deeply, preparing
herself, wondering how it would taste. Then the turned back to Kim and
said, "Let's start with a kiss."

They did kiss, but Kim clearly needed more fast. She had made love to Max
for almost an hour, building her up, exploring her body in ways she never
had anyone, and she was more excited than she could ever re


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