Pillow Talk: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 11 (MF)
by JH

Joshua stared at the fading TV screen. He had been watching a DVD of the
movie Pillow Talk. The movie had starred Rock Hudson as Brad Allen and
Doris Day as Jan Morrow. In the movie Doris' character had been an interior
designer and had been on a party line with Hudson's character. From there
the movie revolved around how they ended up together.

There was a scene in which Ms. Morrow was escorted to a night club by a
character portrayed by Nick Adams. In this scene she was wearing a tight
fitting, white, floor length dress cut open in the back, white over the
elbow gloves (with button on the wrist, no less) and a short white fur
collared coat.Her blonde hair (almost white in color) was in short soft
curls framing her face.

On the screen the only enhancements he could see were the dangling earrings,
jeweled brooch at her left shoulder and light colored lipstick. Joshua had
watched the scene a half a dozen times. (As well as the opening one where Ms.
Morrow sat on her bed and smoothed out her stocking.) The only thing left was
to insert himself into the scene and bend it to his carnal lust.

The wheelchair made a whirring sound as he moved to the machine. It was
close to perfect, now. He could enter and movie or TV show and manipulate
the characters to act out any (and all) fantasies he could imagine. He,
still, did not know if it was real or merely an enhanced dream but didn't

The world began to dim and he found himself sitting at a table in a night
club. In the center was a blonde woman wearing a tight white dress that left
her back exposed. She was dancing with a shorter man who appeared to be
intoxicated. The woman was speaking, "Mr. Walters..." She stopped and
corrected herself, "Tony, don't you think we should sit down?"

He looked at her. "I think you are right."

With that he fell to the floor leaving the woman completely non-plussed. As
a crowd began to gather Joshua saw another man bend over the prostrate form
and turn to the blonde. Joshua got up and moved behind the woman. "Mam."

She turned to face him. She was more beautiful than he remembered. Her pale
blue eyes shone up at him. Her coral enhanced lips parted in a smile. "Yes?"

"I think this gentleman," Joshua pointed to Brad Allen, "can take care of
your friend." He could see the reaction on Mr. Allens face. "Why dont you let
me take you home."

She stood and put her arm through his. Even through the over the elbow gloves
he could feel the heat of her touch. That would be very helpful. He escorted
her out. He had to adjust his pace. In the tight floor length dress she could
not move quickly or take long steps. He noticed that her pace was also
dictated by the spiked high heels on which she had to balance. He walked her
out the door.

She gestured to the classic MG. "That is his car. Don't you think we should
take it?"

He nodded in the negative. "No, the other gentleman will need it if he gets
your friend into a cab. We can take my car."

Joshua gestured and a limousine pulled up. Before the driver could get out he
opened the door and Miss Morrow slid in. He got in next to her. He touched a
button and the window between the passenger compartment and the driver slid
silently down. "You better tell him your address."

She gave it and he touched a button and the window slid up. He leaned to the
front and opened a cabinet door.


She smiled her patented radiant smile. "Yes, scotch."

He mixed two scotch and water pouring them over a few ice cubes. He handed
her a glass and raised his in salute. "To you."

She saluted back. "How about to the evening?"

He smiled. "Ok."

He leaned towards her and kissed her. Their lips touched, softly at first,
but then with more and more passion. He wrapped his arms around her and his
tongue slipped into her mouth. She met his passion with her own. Her tongue
wrapped around his. He placed his hand on the swell of her left breast and
began to gently rub it. Even underneath the material on the dress and
underwear he could feel the nipple getting harder. She sighed and kissed
him even more deeply.

He pulled her closer. His hand slid to her bare back. He let his hand slide
to her side then to cup her breast. He could feel the heavy globe beneath the
material of the dress and her lingerie. As he gently squeezed he could feel
the nipple enlarge and harden. She kissed him more deeply. Her tongue danced
in his mouth. He continued to knead and squeeze the tit. He took his hand and
slid it further down her side. Beneath the material of the dress he felt the
confining material of a girdle and the hasp of the garter. He rubbed her
thigh and moved between her legs. She pressed to him and took a gloved hand
and placed it in his lap. He felt her rub his hardening cock through his
pants. Then she pulled the zipper down and took his prick out. The nylon
glove and the warmth of her hand turned him rigid.

She broke her kiss and lowered her head to his lap. He could feel the warmth
of her breath, the slow languid licking of the head by her tongue then the
engulfing of the shaft into the warm wetness of her mouth. She gripped the
base with both gloved hand and began to slowly let the cock slide along her
lips, first with just the head caught then the entire shaft being absorbed.
At the same time her tongue swirled around whatever part she had.

He could watch her blonde hair moving up and down. Her white dress held her
tight as she lay across the seat to suck him off. He found the zipper and
pulled it down. Without breaking her lip lock on his cock she pulled her arms
out of the cocktail dress. As she lifted up he pushed it off her and on to
the floor.

She lay across the seat. She was wearing a backless long line lace bra that
no longer confined her breast. They sat atop the lace cups. The pink nipples
in sharp contrast to the pale skin. Not large, they were perfectly formed in
two soft sagless mounds. The panty less girdle held up her nylons but left
the blonde hair around her cunt exposed.

Through all the movement she had continued to suck him off and was still
wearing her high heels. He reached down and began to rub the slit of her cunt
from the back. This seemed to excite her so he stuck first one then two then
a third finger deep into her. As she sucked on him he finger fucked her.

Abruptly she broke contact and lay back against the seat. She had one leg on
the floorboard and the other over the back seat. She pulled him to her. "Fuck
me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my ass."

His cock went into her. He looked down at the coral lips, blue eyes, and
blonde hair of America's Sweetheart. She still had on her gloves, high heels,
the nylons, the girdle and the, now ineffective, bra. And she was fucking
like a whore. She pulled her legs in front of him and put them over his
shoulders. This pulled him deeper into her.

He lowered his mouth to one of the nipples and sucked it in. His tongue and
teeth got it then the other hard and wet. She was bucking under him and
clawing at his back. He took a hand and placed it under her ass raising her
up to meet him.

"Fuck my ass with your hand."

He stuck two fingers deep into her ass. It was easy to do because she was
incredibly slick from the cunt fucking. Through the thin wall of her flesh he
could feel his cock moving in and out of her cunt. She grabbed his face and
looked directly at him as her orgasm hit. At the same time he began to shoot
deep inside her. She was holding him tightly as the world around him grew
dimmer and began to lose form.

Joshua found himself back in his lab. v


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