Note: I got the idea for this in an issue of Penthouse Comix (that's not a
typo they actually spelled it with an X at the end.)

Pinocchio: The Unfamily Version Part 1 - Little Wooden Girl
by Hamster

Once upon a mother-fucking time bitches,

Joe Pedo was horny as hell. He taught wood shop at an all girls' middle
school and staring at all those young girls in short pleated skirts was
giving him a massive hard-on. He was a little bored with plain old regular
masturbation. He looked around his wood shop and got what he felt was an
excellent idea. He grabbed some wood and set to carving like mad.

"I'll carve myself a sex doll." He muttered to himself.

Fortunately he lived in the closet of his wood shop so staying there all
night wasn't a problem. So he set himself to carving. He lovingly carved
every part and piece of the wooden doll that was to becoming his lover
with the care and dedication that artists reserve for masterpieces. Day
and night he worked whenever he wasn't teaching class he was carving. For
two straight nights he did this, until he collapsed from lack of sleep.
After that he reserved a few hours a night for rest. Finally after eight
days the doll was finished.

It was a perfect wooden replica of a 13 year old, completely anatomically
correct. He had made a a hole were the pussy would be that was lined with
plush. He unzipped his pants and whipped his already hard cock.

"Time to break her in." He said.

He was about to put his cock in her when suddenly he heard a loud crash. A
woman with fairy wings and dressed in tight blue leather was sitting atop
the splintered rubble of what used to be Joe's table.

"What the fuck?" He demanded angrily.

"Shit, sorry, sorry. I suck at the whole teleportation thing. I had meant to
show up somewhere else." The fairy said. She looked around. "What a dump!"

"Look bitch, you just trashed my fucking table and..."

"Look I said I was sorry..." She noticed that his pants where around his
ankles, his dick was hard and he had a wooden sex doll. "...Wouldn't you
rather have a real girl?"

"Of course I would but...hey that's none of your buisiness." He said. The
fairy seemed determined to piss him off.

"I'll tell you what, I'll turn the doll into a real girl for you if you let
me slide on the whole wrecking your table thing." She offered.

Joe scratched his chin. "And she'll let me fuck her?"

"Sure, I'll make her a horny little slut, do we have a fucking deal or what?"
She asked.

"Yeah that sounds like a plan." He said.

The blue fairy waved her wand and fairy dusy sprinkled through the air, most
of it landing on the puppet. Magically the puppet vanished in a spray of blue
light and in it's place a very naked lovely young girl. She had black hair
and pretty green eyes but to Joe's slight disappointment she didn't have much
in the breast department.

"What, where am I? Who am I?" She asked as she examined herself.

"Hey cupcake. Your name is Pinocchio, sweetcheeks. And I'm your poppa. The
fairy in the blue is your mommy. And I'm going to explain to you what all
that means in a minute." Joe said.

"So we cool?" Asked the Blue Fairy.

"Yeah, yeah sure bitch just gimme some fucking privacy, I wanna get busy."
said the old pervert.

"Fine, see you around. Nasty old fuck." With that the fairy teleported away.

"Are you going to tell me how I am so supposed to act and all the things that
I am required to do?" She asked hopefully.

Alone with the girl, Pedo realized he had a blank canvas to work with.
The girl was completely innocent, totally naive and probably very easy
to manipulate. She was likely to believe anything that he needed her to
believe. He knew it was inevitable that he would be getting fucking nasty
with his new pet but it was probably a good idea to start out nice and

"So baby the first most important thing for you to know is that I am your
Poppa and you have to do whatever I say, whenever I say it. As your poppa
my word is your law. The second thing is that you will be rewarded for
obedience. If you do what I say I'll make you feel very good, I promise.
Do you understand the first two rules???" He asked.

"Yes poppa." Said the delieghtful girl.

"Excellent." He said as he clapped his hands together. "Now what I'd like
you to do first is stand up and do a little turn for me. I want to get a
good look at that sweet little body of your."

Pina had no idea her poppa was a filthy old perverted pedophile. Hell she
didn't even know what a pervert or a pedophile were!!! So she really thought
nothing of his request. She simply stood and rotated in place. The man
oggled her openly. Her sweet little cunt was completely bald and despite the
disappointing lack of breasts that the girl had she did have a cute little
round butt.

"Nice, real nice now do me a favor and bend over then grab your ankles." Joe

Pina quickly obeyed as she believed in her heart that it was her sole duty to
obey every command that her master set forth for her. She was very flexable
was able to lean forward then bend and firmly grasped her ankles quite

"Like this poppa?" She asked.

"Yeah you got it." Said Joe.

He stepped up and began to fondle the girl's ass. "Look little muffin, I'm
going to take your virginity, and it's going to hurt. But don't worry it will
start to feel real good, real quick. Understand?"

"Yes." Pina lied. She didn't understand any of it at all. A strange thing
happened. She felt a strange tingling in her nipples began to tingle. If
anyone where watching her breasts then they'd notice the girl's mammaries
were swelling and enlarging. Instead of being flat-chested the girl now
had plump little peach-sized boobies.

Joe hadn't noticed though. His cock was hard and ready for action so he
grabbed the girls hips and prepared for entry. He placed his cock at the
entry point of the girl's juicy little cunt and prepared to thrust into
her. His cock began to slowly sink into the moist, tight little hole and
Pina gasped and then bit her lip. Upon reaching the spot where he would
need to tear through her precious virginity, Joe paused. He wanted to
savor the moment. He grabbed her slim waist and thrust for word. His cock
ripped past her hymen and made the girl howl in pain. He began to ram his
penis into her at a break-neck pace. Her breast jiggled with each thrust
and she was squeeking, squealing and crying out with every stroke of the
penetrating man-sausage. Every stroke caused waves of pleasure to ripple
through her and she was beginning to beg for more.

"Please...please... more....please don't stop..." She moaned.

'This is fucking great!!!' thought Joe. The girl felt an explosion inside of
her and she was screaming her head off as she came over and over. Soon Joe
felt pressure in his own loins build and with a loud grunt he shot his cum
into her pussy. He was now feeling weary but he pumped her a few more times
before he went limp. She let out a disappointed whimper as he slid out his
cock. She dropped to her knee and sighed deeply. Joe stepped around in front
of her and waggled his dick in her face.

"Now cupcake, it is your duty to clean the mess you made on my cock." He
announced. "Doesn't that sound nice?"

The poor girl sniffed the smelly cum-soaked penis and was immediately
revolted. She wrinkled her nose cutely. However she didn't want to upset her
poppa especially after he made so good so she decided to go on with it.

"That sounds nice poppa." She said with a gulp.

Her breasts began to feel funny the once again swelled a cup size. This time
both she and Joe noticed.

"Holy crappola your boobs just got bigger!!!" Joe exclaimed.

"I'm sorry poppa." Pina pouted.

"Don't apologize. This is fucking amazing, fabulous, really fucking cool
even." Joe said.

Pina thought they were too big. She looked down and frowned.

"You like your big titties don't you?" He asked sternly.

She saw how excited he was and didn't want to say 'no' and upset him.

"Yes poppa I love my big new boobs." She lied.

The burst out again, inflating to a new cup-size. Joe stared in amazement.
Suddenly realization dawned on him and he smiled crookedly.

"Your breasts grow whenever you lie!" He exclaimed as if he'd just discovered
gold. "Say something that's blatantly untrue. Say the sky is green."

"But I don't want bigger..." She started to protest.

"Just fucking say it." Joe yelled.

"The sky is green." She said unhappily.

By now her breasts had swollen to the point that they resembled the boobs of
a well-endowed porn star. Joe clapped his hands together and giggled like a
little girl. He was so happy he was bouncing up and down and a myriad of
perverted ideas flowed through his brain. He reached forward and gave the
massive tits a good squeeze he massaged them for several minutes. His fingers
plying the lovely flesh as the girl began to heat up and tingle from the tit
rub. He let go and took a step back after he'd had his fun.

"Now you are going to have to be punished for lying to poppa." Joe said.

"But you TOLD me to lie." Pina protested silently.

"But before we get to that you can get to licking my dick clean." Joe said.

He shoved him man meat in the girl's face and reluctantly she opened her
mouth and began to lick the dick. She licked the filthy member clean and was
a little surprised that she actually did not mind the taste so much. She
finished slurping up the cum and Joe pulled his dick away and smiled. Joe
went to a seat and motioned for her to Join him.

"That's it cupcake lay across Poppa's lap and take your punishment like a big
girl." Joe said.

Slowly and very unenthusiastically the girl made her way to where he sat. She
lay across his lap as instructed and waited tensely.

"I think five should do it." He thought out loud.

Pina cringed, she bit her lip cutely as she waited for the inevitable contact
of his hand slapping down across her ass. Joe placed his hand gently on her
bottom and began running his hand over the smooth globed. 'So fucking hot,'
he thought. He raised his hand and brought it down across the girls perfect
Pina yelped loudly. Her breasts suddenly shrank a cup. Not that Joe noticed.
He was to intent on spanking the girl.

SMACK! Yelp. Shrink.

SMACK! Yelp. Shrink.

SMACK! Yelp. Shrink.

SMACK! Yelp. Shrink.

When he was done tears had welled up in Pina's eyes but more interestingly
her boobs had shrunk down again to an a-cup.

"Bloody hell!" He exclaimed as she stood and rubbed her sore bottom.
"Spankings make your boobs shrink back down. Oh this is going to be FUN."

The rest of the night Pina was spent the playing magical size-changing boob
game. A game that Pina didn't like all that much. She spent her very first
night of sleep with a sore ass and tits.
_ _ _

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