Playmakers: Bi Man Out (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

His name was Thad Guerwitcz. He was an offensive lineman for the Couguars,
one of the best football teams out there. He was one of the best players on
the team. A big, bulky man with darkish blond hair. He was a roughneck. He
was also a man with a struggle. A struggle that consumed him. It was
something with which he struggled most of his life. He tried to get rid of
it. But he simply could not. No one could change their nature.

Ever since Thad Guerwitcz was little, he knew he was different. He fought it.
He decided to play sports and he did. He tried harder than anyone else at
football. In high school, he made quarterback. He was a shy guy but he was
decent and he tried to toughen himself up. He went out with some girls in
order to fit in as normal. He didnt even want to think about what happened.
What he was. He didn't want people to find out. Thad Guerwitcz had a nasty
little secret inside his closet.

On the Kinsey scale, he was a Five. Bisexual at the very least. He tried to
hide it by dating girls but no one arose his desire. He thought that if he
played sports and had a successful life, he would be all set. He was so glad
the day he made it into one of the NFL's most coveted football teams. He was
gonna play on the same team as his heroes.

He made friends with the guys. Demetrius "DH" was one of his buddies. DH was
a cool black dude. Thad's only problem with him was that he did drugs. Well,
to each his own. Once, Thad helped him get ready for a big game. DH was fresh
out of his favorite substance. Thad went to the dealer in his stead and got
it for him. Thad was ashamed but he wasn't going to let down a co-worker. He
hung out with the team's best guys.

Leon, another black dude, the one with the domestic problems. Derek McConnell
the womanizing blond guy and Eric Olczyk, the cool bald headed dude. There
was also one of Thad's best pals and his favorite team member, the chubb-man
himself, Kelvin 'Buffalo' James. He hung out with them, going to clubs and
stuff. That's how he met August.

Oh, August. She was a nice brunette he met. She was so beautiful. For once,
he felt attracted to her both emotionally and physically. She was the answer
to his prayers. He thanked God that the Lord sent him this woman. He loved
August. She was so cute and funny. Unlike the rest of the team, Thad had been
actively looking for a woman. A good one to marry and settle down with. He
did not want the life of a womanizer and certainly not that of a fruitcake.
So he saw August for a few months. He could never get tired of her. She was
warm and nice and understanding, not at all like the bitches he heard the
guys complain about. Leon complained about his nagging wife. Derek was always
trying to fuck whatever walked by as long as it had breasts. DH was the
P.I.M.P. par excellence.

Thad thought he had it all figured out. He would play football and lead a
decent life. He would make his poor Eastern european parents proud. He was
already the pride of his hometown of Chicago just by being on the single
greatest team on the NFL. He wanted the life and for the first time in his
life, he felt okay. But it would not last. One of his worst nightmares and
greatest fears was about to come true.

David returned. David was this guy Thad met in college. He was so young and
vulnerable in those days. He was fresh from high school, a naive young man
still trying to come to terms with his bisexuality. He had vowed never to
reveal it to anyone and to only be with women and lead as normal a life as
possible. David changed all that. He was cool. He had loads of friends. He
wanted to be friends with Thad. Thad was naive enough to think David wanted
to be his friend. Once, David got him drunk and.....well, the rest is

Thad had been horrified at what he'd done. He requested a transfer
immediately. He even contemplated suicide. If it hadn't been for his friend
Alicia and his dream of one day being in the NFL, he would have jumped off a
cliff. He got as far away from David as possible. But the annoying little
creep kept coming back, trying to blackmail Thad and calling him awful names.
God, why couldnt he just leave Thad alone?

So for awhile, Thad put up with it. He joined the Couguars. He made the
team. He was fortunate enough to meet August, the most special woman ever.
He'd been in love once in his life, and that was with Alice, the girl who
understood him. Alice encouraged Thad to come out but Thad thought that was
a bad idea. He decided never to act on his not-so-straight urges anymore.
David just thought he was a Tragic Closet Jock. He came back and threatened
to expose Thad. He even alerted the local papers. The whole team was under
scrutiny as it was suspected that one of them was not straight. Thad kept
his cool even though he endured some cold sweat.

David sent pictures he had taken of Thad long ago when he practically raped
the young athlete in college. The pictures went to Coach. The team found out.
Thad denied it. Had he been sober and conscious, he never would have allowed
this to happen to him. But the other guys weren't so understanding. They
called him awful names. They bullied him. They made his life miserable. Thad
wasn't a quitter. He was a nice man trying to do the right thing. He wanted
to lead his life the way he wanted it. Had he been a woman he could have said
David raped him, but male victims of rape were often ridiculed by other guys
while women went to support groups. He wanted to have his life back. He asked
August to marry him. Oh, God. The look on her face. She was so happy that he
asked. So happy.

"I love you Thad," she said. She threw herself into his arms.

Overcome with emotion, Thad hugged her back. He loved this woman! She was
so great ! He just wished he wasn't so screwed up. He promised himself he'd
treat her like a goddess. His beautiful goddess who loved him and was the
only one who could save him from himself.

Things were tolerable, until a phone call ruined it. A team member called
August and told the facts to August. The look of pain in her face melted
Thad's heart. Oh, God. He told her it wasn't true. She wanted to believe
him. In fact, she did.

He went back to the team. They were still treating him like an outsider. For
God's sakes, he was one of them ! He liked those guys like they were family.
They treated him badly because he was different. He didn't want to be, damn
it ! How could anyone choose to that? Unless you were a woman with
a lot of frustration with men ? David threatened to leak the story to the
press. Coach had to make a decision. Either he would keep Thad and risk
embarassing the whole team or put him on injured reserve and hopefully trade
him next season.

Thad refused to be traded. The other guys mercilessly beat him up. He went on
the field and played better than he had before. He was like a whirlwind out
there. He took down the other team, cutting them down with all the hatred and
animosity he could muster. He felt so angry, at the world, at God for making
him this way and at himself for being so weak!

The media were awed by Thad "Superman" Guerwitcz. He was perhaps the best
player on the team. Better than the ever-whining Leon. Or even macho man DH.
After the game in the locker room, coach decided that Thad Guerwitcz would
be traded. He would go to play on another team for a better salary.

Thad was pleased. He looked at his former teammates. He told them what he
thought of them. He told them his secret. He told them he wasnt scared
anymore. Then the owner of the Team showed him a video of himself buying
up booze to help that treacherous DH. Thad shuddered. He was losing. He
would not be going to Chicago. He would not be transferred. His career was
over, unless there was a miracle. He walked out of there, his head hung

He went home. While driving, he saw a car accident. The driver was a tall,
slim young man with dark hair. Thad recognized him immediately. It was
David. He was dead. Apparently he had been following Thad. Probably to try
to blackmail him some more. Thad would have smiled at the irony, if he could
laugh at anything right now. The whole team knew he was bisexual. The fact
that he only wanted women as partners in spite of it all meant nothing to
them. He was just a freak. Coach made the guys promise they would keep the
secret or lose their jobs. The man was serious. He shook Thad's hand as the
young athlete walked out of the locker room. His thoughts were on August.

When he went to her home, he got a surprise. It was August. She just stood
there, looking all beautiful. Her long dark hair was hung in a ponytail. She
wore a cute pink dress. He loved the way she looked. So gorgeous. God, he
wished he could have her. He just wanted to hold her and kiss her and be with
her forever. But that was not to be. How could anyone want him? His buddies
had abandoned him. He was an out-of-work athlete. "Hello, Thad," she said.

"Hello, August." He sat her down. He took a deep breath before he told her.
"You better hold on for this," he said.

He sat down and poured his heart out to her. He told her everything.
Everything. His first love, Samantha. Alicia, the first girl he ever made
love to. David, the bitter fruitcake who raped, blackmailed and ruined him.
He spoke of his high school days and his friends and family. He told her of
his loneliness. How once he wanted to kill himself. His dream of someday
having a wife and children...though this was clearly not to be. And finally
how he felt when he met her. The second time he ever felt emotional or
sexual desire for a female...

August sat through all this, listening to him talk. She didn't say anything.
Then she was angry. "Get the hell away from me, freak!" she said.

Thad flinched. He understood. He was not worthy of her. He was a tragically
flawed man. Right down to the genes. He had no matter of luck at all. But he
couldn't hide any more. He was bi-sexual. He felt okay. He had admitted it to
himself mere hours ago. He wanted a woman who would love and accept him as he
was but that was just wishful thinking. He thought about the bitterness of
the world. When a woman was bi, she was popular and trendy. A man was seen
as a freak. Unfair. Whoever said that life was fair? he got up.

"August, for what its worth, I love you. I wish I could be normal, really I
do. But that can never be. I'm sorry I hurt you." with that, he left.

Three months later.....

Thad had left the Chicago area. He went to New Jersey. He stayed there with
his aunt Selene. he got a job fixing cars. He was a gifted mechanic. Machines
were simple, unlike life.....or people. He kept to himself. He did a lot of
soul-searching, reading interesting books and trying to understand himself.

His aunt Selene was a great help. She was the only member of his family who
knew the truth about him. It was a secret she guarded fiercely. He told her
everything that happened. Falling for August. The return and death of David.
The outing to the team and how they practically killed him. Basically Thad
had no idea what life had in store for him. He had never met a man he really
desired. he fantasized about guys but most of the time, he yearned for a
woman. No woman could accept his dual attraction. Bisexuals often said they
enjoyed both worlds. This was a load of bullshit. Thad wasn't getting any
and was feeling pretty lonely right now.

He stood in the driveway, trying to change the oil in aunt Selene's BMW.
It was a gift from him to her, back when he was a football player who made
$340,000 after taxes. Now, he had nothing. He did not want anything to do
with his old life. So many mistakes and disappoinments. He stood there,
thinking. Invariably his thoughts went back to August. He still thought
about her often. He missed her smile. He missed holding her into his arms.
His heart ached when he thought of her, and he remembered the sad and angry
look on her face as she basically kicked him out. He suddenly felt a
presence. He rose his head from what he was doing, and gasped. He froze. It
was her. She'd come all the way from the windy city to NJ.

August. She was standing there. She had changed a lot since he'd last seen
her. Her long dark hair was cut short. It was spiky on top. She wore a white
shirt over blue jeans and boots. " Hello, Thad." she said. Thad looked at

"Hello, August."

They looked at each other. There was pain in her eyes. A bit.

"How have you been?" she asked.

He told her he was okay. They made small talk. He decided to cut to the
chase. "Why are you here, Aggie?" he asked.

At the mention of the word "Aggie," August flinched. This was the little name
she adored. The one only Thad called her, back when they were...together. He
saw how emotional she'd gotten and impulsively he hugged her.

"Oh, Aggie, I missed you," he said.

She hugged him back. "I missed you too, Thad."

Thad held her. Right then and there he knew. No matter how many boys and
girls there were in this world, he would never love anyone as much as he
loved August. Even though he was bi, even now. August looked up into his
eyes. She just looked at him.

"Thad," she said.

He looked at her. "What?"

"Tell me you love me!"

He was surprised by her request. "I love you, Aggie."

He felt something in him rise when his arm touched her bare skin. His pulse
quickened. August looked into his eyes. She understood. He took her by the
hand and led her into the house. His aunt was gone. He took her to the living
room and she grabbed him and kissed him. He was a bit surprised and she was
so passionate! She was naked in the blink of an eye, and she was kissing his
neck and then his chest. Her hand found his erect member and any thought he
might have had of stopping her vanished. August took him in her mouth,
sucking his big cock. Thad closed his eyes and enjoyed what she was doing to
him. God, she was good! He opened his eyes, fascinated by what he saw. A very
beautiful girl, sucking his member and pleasuring him! If his old teammates
could see him now... he felt a rush in his loins.

"Aggie....I'm gonna c--cumm---mm."

August rose her head. "So cum," she said.

She sucked his cock and swallowed him as his cock spat out jets of cum.
August drank it all, not missing a single drop.

"Oh, God." he said. "That"

August smiled. "Hon, you aint seen nothing yet."

She came and knelt so that his face was buried between her legs and she
sucked his cock. They did a 69. Then she straddled him. She put her hands on
his knees for support and began bouncing up and down on his erect member. He
was lovin it. He thrust hard and deep into her, fucking her tight pussy. He
lay her on her back, and took her like that, hammering her pussy. August was
moaning in pleasure and caressing her boobies as Thad fucked her like a pro.
Finally, he came in long spurts inside her. They screamed as their bodies
orgasmed, sending simultaneous waves of pleasure through them.

They lay down, entwined in love. Thad kissed August on the forehead. He went
to sleep. August looked at the sleeping man, and smiled. The aphrodisiac she
bought from that dude at the oriental market sure did work. Thad was fast
asleep, after giving her a good fucking.

She smiled, content with what she had done and looking forward to her new
life with her lover.

The End


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