Pokemon: Good-bye To An Old Friend, Hello To A New One Part 1 (m/f)
by The Voice ([email protected])

As Ash, Misty and Brock were walking through a dark and scary forest, Misty
was scared stiff. Ash found it funny at first, but then Misty started yelling
at him so he said he was sorry.

"Fucking Misty, the only reason I put up with her shit is because I want
her." he said to himself

Ash decided to take advantage of the scary forest to get close to Misty. He
told her that she could hold his hand until they got out of the forest.
Misty liked this courtesy by him and complied. They walked behind Brock
holding hands, but only because she was “scared”. Brock led them out of the
forest, but Ash and Misty were still holding hands and they didn’t remember
about it. They remembered only after about 15 more minutes of walking. They
both withdrew their own hands and put them in their own pockets.

They came to a small town that had no power. Pikachu had not fought, so
they decided to have Pikachu re-charge the generators. The problem was that
Pikachu was not strong enough to do it himself, and there was no other
electric Pokemon around at all. Someone came up to Ash with a thunderstone
and said that if he used it on the Pikachu that he would evolve into a
Raichu and would be strong enough to power up the generator.

Ash thought of this, and after a while him and Pikachu decided to use the
stone. Pikachu evolve and power up the city. The problem was that Ash had to
leave Raichu in the city i ncase of another power failure. Ash didn’t want
to, but he knew that he didn’t have a choice and promised Raichu that he
would come back to pick him up on his way home.

As Brock, Misty and Ash left the city, Ash left in tears after saying having
to say good-bye to his long life friend. Misty saw him like this and felt
sorry for him. She keep trying to comfort him by acting more friendly and
bossing him around less.

After 2 days Misty couldn’t bare to see him like this anymore, she liked him
too much to see him like this. Misty decided to help him out and find him a
new friend. Misty decided to cheer him up when they camped out for the night.

After Brock fell asleep, Misty decided to put her plan into effect. Brock is
fast asleep and Ash is falling asleep for the first time since leaving his
Pokemon. Misty went up to his sleeping bag and undid the zipper, and crawled

Ash slowly awoke to find a Pikachu figure above him. He awoke thinking it was
his Pokemon. When Ash stood up and called his name, Misty answered “no Ash,
its me Misty. I’m going to cheer you up once and for all. This costume was
one I used in a performance once in Cerulean Gym, I keep it because I like

“I like it too” said Ash.

They both probably liked it because it showed of Misty’s figure. Her small
but firm breasts were practically falling out. A single thread only covered
her ass and pussy.

“Misty how old were you when you wore this costume?”

“I was 10 years old, why?”

“Well its because I can see everything on you right now”

“I know that’s why I'm wearing it for you. Since we meet I have had a crush
on you. And now that your favorite Pokemon is gone, I can become your new
best friend.”

With this they fell into a passionate kiss, and stayed like that for 15
minutes. Ash moved his hand up and down Misty’s body. She loved the feel of
his hand. Ash undressed her, which didn’t take long. After Misty was naked
she reached into Ash’s pants and pulled out his cock, it was 10 inched long,
and fairly hard.

“You want that in your mouth?”

Misty just nodded and gulped it all down. She moved up and down on his
monster as her sisters once told her to do when she was a dick in her mouth.
Ash came after a while, Misty; again following her sister’s advice swallowed
all of it. Ash then went down and started to eat Misty out. Misty just let
out soft moans, and pleads not to stop. After Cumming, Ash got up and kissed
Misty again.

“I want you in me now Ash Ketchum.”

“My pleasure”, Ash stuck his 11” cock in her and kissed her to muffle her

After a while he knew she wouldn’t scream so loud he started to play with her
breast. Licking one then the other, giving Misty more pleasure as she moved
up and down his throbbing cock.

“OOOOHHHHHHHH…HARDER, HARDER” she screamed, Ash pumped harder and harder
until they both came and collapsed on each other. They fell asleep in Ash’s
sleeping bag, with his cock in her.


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