Pokemon: Misty And Ash's Night Of Passion
by Sk8tr39

As we cut to a scene of Misty and Ash walking along on a trail alone, because
Brock and Pikachu had decided to leave the two to search for a woman of his
own. Misty was very scared because Brock wasn't there to protect her from
danger. Ash was kinda nervous, but he knew that if he got in a tight spot his
Pokemon would help him out. Every couple of minutes, Misty started inching
closer and closer to Ash. Ash saw that Misty was really scared, so he put his
arm around her and pulled her closer and said, "There's no reason to be
scared now that your by me."

Misty gave Ash a weak smile. "I believe you Ash, but could you hold me a
little closer," said Misty.

So Ash pulled Misty tighter to his body, but when he pulled her to his side,
his hand brushed across one of Misty's nipples. Misty's eyes really perked up
then. She suddenly said, "Let's make camp here."

Ash said "ok," and started setting all of his stuff on the ground when Misty
ran up and wrapped her arms around Ash's neck and gave him a kiss, which Ash
returned. Ash had a rock hard boner now and he knew that Misty could feel it
because she said, "I see you are all ready for me right now."

So Misty dropped down on her knees and started unzipping Ash's pants. When
she got his pants and boxers down a 9-inch cock was pointing right in her
face. She looked up at Ash and then took the tip of his cock in her mouth,
sucking and licking all over it. Right now she was getting used to the size,
but once she adjusted to it she took the whole thing in her mouth while
humming a little tune. This got Ash so turned on that his balls clenched up
and he shot a load of cum right in Misty's hot little mouth. Misty wasn't
totally ready for the load to come that quick and some of it dribbled from
her mouth to the top of her shirt and then went onto her tits.

Misty then ripped of her shirt and buried Ash's face right on the cum and
told him to lick it off. Ash was happy to do it since it ended right on her
left nipple, which was now rock hard. Misty was really enjoying Ash licking,
biting, and sucking on her nipple, Misty's pussy was really hot and wet now.
She jerked off her pants and panties to reveal a totally shaved pussy to Ash.
Misty looked into Ash's eyes and said, "Ash, please fuck me with that big
cock of yours."

Ash took his dick in his hand and shoved the whole thing into Misty, causing
her to scream in pain and ecstasy. Ash was pumping in and out of Misty at
a pace that he couldn't take for much longer. Misty's pussy lips suddenly
squeezed Ash's dick as she moaned from her orgasm. This sudden squeeze
brought Ash right over the edge and made him shoot his load right into her
pussy. Misty slid off of Ash's dick and Ash suddenly said; "Now it's time
for all of my Pokemon."

But that will be told in my next installment.

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