I'm back boys and girls, with a brand new episode of pee-wee's penthouse!
Today I will read you a Pokemon bedtime story, HAH! nya haha ha ha!

Pokemon: Misty's Curiosity (bg)
by Your FF Friend ([email protected])

It all started from a small hotel in a small town, in well, a small hotel
room. Ash was just lying in bed, thinking about how he would plan his
strategy for tommorow's pokemon matches. Suddenly he heard a knock on the
door. He said come in, and Misty stepped through the door.

"Ash i was thinking, since you have made quite a lot of money, don't you
think its time you got me a new bike?!" she screamed at Ash.

"Well, I don't know Misty... I'm kinda busy..." Ash snickered a little as
Misty just grumbled.

"Well, I might as well stay in here. My room doesn't have a TV," announced

She sat down cross-legged on the floor as Ash switched on the remote. He
turned it to HBO suddenly to see a a man with a woman over him shirtless!
Ash let out a little yelp and suddenly changed the channel, Misty said
nothing. Then about 10 seconds later Misty got up and sat down on the bed.
"Ash...have you ever wondered about....well you"

Suddenly Ash's eyes widened, getting all nervous inside. " you think?" Ash mumbled.

"Well, I heard that boys think about sex every minute of the day!" Misty

As she was talking, Ash paid no attention, for the first time, he was staring
at Misty, for the first time staring at a girl. He peered his eyes down at
her chest, looking at her belly button. He proceeded to move his eyes down
and stared at her tight, very short-shorts. He just sat and stared at her
crotch, thinking about it, thinking what it would be like to see a girl naked
from the waist down.

She continued talking not noticing Ash staring at her like a pervert, he
stretched over, gently placed his hands around her cheeks and kissed her. He
suddenly not only kissed, but shoved his tongue in her mouth, not letting it
out, just shoving it in not letting her a chance to say no. He pulled her
down on the bed, french kissing her passionately, misty almost wanted to
scream, but the feeling, she liked it, she let her swaying arms suddenly move
over to his body as she clutched him and returned the show of love.

Ash placed his hands on the straps connected to her shorts, and moved them
over her shoulders, letting them drop to the bed. He reached for her shirt,
for a brief moment stopped the kiss, and yanked it off over her head. He sat
back a little and looked at her chest, small, 10-year old tits, very, very
small, you could tell that they were beginning to bloom.

Misty reached for Ash's hand, she forcifully placed his hand over her cups,
and whispered something into his ear. He laid back, his hands still firm
around her nipples, as she reached down to his jeans and unzipped the fly.
She undid his pants all the way revealing his boxers. Ash just stroked her
tits as she pulled his boxers down at the seams, sliding across his firm
hardened cock, until it showed all the way to her eyes. Just like her
breasts, it wasn't big either.

Ash suddenly sat up, Misty almost falling over, he bent over, reached for
Misty's shorts, and unzipped her pants. He pulled them down slowly, pulled
them down to her knees, she leaned back as he pulled her shorts over her legs
and threw them to the floor. He then lurched for her panties, and slid those
down to. To his awaiting eyes, her pussy showed before him, her soft,
hairless pussy, waiting to be prodded.

He leaned back again, pulling misty up to him. She sat up on her knees,
placed her ass up in the air, and aiming just right, she sat down onto Ash's
dick as his penis penetrated her pussy, squishing as it forced its way up
there. She gasped with pleasure, never feeling things like this before. Ash
pushed it up farther, and farther, as he starting sliding his cock up and
down into her vagina. He held onto her shoulders, kissing Misty's small
nipples as he jacked-off into her. She groaned a little with pain as her
cherry popped, Ash still moving up and down, his dick becoming wet from her
love juices, becoming lubricated.

Ash stroked her short red hair and suddenly Misty cried out as the cum
squirted out of Ash's penis up into her pussy. Misty panted, feeling a burst
of adrenalin and pleasure, she sat up and pulled her body out of Ash's wood.
She layed down on the bed, some juices leaking onto the sheets, still
breathing heavily.

Ash did the same as she sat up slowly, seeing some sperm still caked on Ash's
head. She placed her mouth over it, and licked all the remains up, Ash
feeling a sense of tickling. Then they laid there, and held each other,
Ash's cock sitting next to Misty's ass, and they fell asleep, sleeping till
the next morning, clinging to each other in bed all warm and toasty.


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