Much respect to Metroanime and Persona whose fics got me hooked on the whole
Pokegirl thing.

Pokemon: Poke Girl - Christina And Her Bunny Part 1: The Quest Begins
(ff,anthropromorphic,alternate universe)
by Hamster

Christina was your typical teenaged citizen of Street Town. She loved to
skateboard. Everyday her long blonde hair would trail her as her wheels
whirled and the wind cut her face. She made it a point to trick off of
anything even she could get away with. Often she found herself getting in
trouble with Sheriff Bobby and Maya, his Officer Jenny, neither of whom
took kindly to crazed teenaged skaters terrorizing park benches and
scuffing up curbs and rails. Her considerable surfing, volleyball, skating,
and roller blading abilities made her very popular among her circle of,
mostly male, friends. But everything was starting to change. A lot of her
friends where now either going to college, taking their tamers license
tests, or in the case of her friend Mondo, working at the local Fish Taco
stand. This Fish Taco stand was precisely where she was when she decided
out of the blue what she wanted to do with her life. Mondo, her slightly
over-weight grungy friend was once again listening to her when he should
have been serving costumers.

"I don't know what to do Mondo." Christina mused to her friend.

"Well have you applied to ANY colleges?" Mondo asked.

"Well my grades kind of suck ass." She replied.


"Its like...everyone is going away, getting lives and I'm completely
clueless." she said downcast.

"Hey cheer up girl things will get better. Well maybe you should try to find
a job. At least until you figure out what you wanna do." Mondo suggested.

"This was they only place left willing to hire an inexperienced teenager. And
you got it." Christina replied.

"Don't be jealous, girl. This job actually sucks major ass! Will if college
and work are out of the question, you could always get a Pokegirl and become
a tamer ha ha that would be funny." Mondo laughed while simultaneously trying
to picture his cute friend with a cuter Vixen. Christina glared at him then
started thinking, the idea finally struck her and it sounded good.

"Hey wait Christina, hold up. I was just kidding, you can't be a tamer!"
Mondo exclaimed as he refilled her drink.

"And why the fuck not???" Christina demanded.

"Well you umm have to err you know umm tame them." Mondo didn't quite know
how to ask his friend if she was willing to perform lesbian sex.

"Oh, well I...well I can do it. Hell I've thought about it before, never done
it... but thought about it plenty. And it beats working some loser dead-end
job." She said.


"Oh sorry. Hey I can do this, I WANT to do this. I just need my license, a
Pokegirl, and some cash to get started." Christina said.

"You know I can probably help you." Mondo said.

"Really? How?" Christina asked.

"I'm a big fan of Sunshine League battles, watch the big Pay Per Views every
chance I get. And I know just about everything about Pokegirl so I can help
you study for your license exam." Mondo said.

"I don't know, I think you just want to help so that you can try to spy on me
taming a Pokegirl." Christina said.

" No...err you got it all wrong...I have $500 bucks to get us
started!" Mondo stammered.

"Well what about your job?" Christina asked.

"Hey you MONDO!!! Your talking to your stupid loser friend again when you
should be working. You're FIRED!" Mondo's boss yelled angrily.

"Problem solved there." Mondo said non-chalantly.

So the pair began to study.

The tamers license required a test, similar to a driving test, that required
basic knowledge of Pokegirls, including care and needs of the most common
types. For several months the two studied, subsiding on caffeine and more
caffeine. The studied at home and in the coffee shops or at the skate park
between skating.

Meanwhile their respective parents, glad at the prospect of being able to be
rid of their slacker kids pooled their funds to give the pair some starting
off money. Finally they day of the test came and both parents and kids where
pleased with results. The next day the kids where handed the cash and booted
from the house.

* * *

Ned's Ranch was where Christina and Mondo found themselves after they had
finally earned their tamer's licenses. Ned was a Pokegirl breeder and always
had some to sell young tamers. Unfortunately Ned was about the rudest,
meanest old fart on the face of the planet. Ned it seemed genuinely hated
everyone and only sold his Pokegirls to beginning tamers who impressed him
in some way. Ned's Ranch was a huge affair with several dorms set aside for
Pokegirls. He had his own skate ramp and volleyball court and fighting ring
so the poke girls could practice in case they where bought by potential
Sunshine League tamers. And Ned had a large staff of young men who
volunteered for the arduous "task" of taming the Pokegirl.

He had a huge number of pokegirls of varying types and specialties, all
trained for league battle.

"Well, well, well seems we have a pair of wanna-bes." Ned said looking over
Mondo and Christina disapprovingly.

"You're a female, and you well your fat and clearly dim-witted. I don't think
my Pokegirls would be in good hands with either one of you." Ned said. "I
doubt either one of you would be worth a damn in the taming department."

"Hey man! Why you so rude?" Christina said.

"Because you young tamers are always so stupid. Look get the fuck off my
property go find a feral Pokegirl to tame." Ned said angrily.

"Aww man" Mondo whined," The only Feral Pokegirls round here are She-Gulls
and if we show up with one of them to a tournament we'll be laughing stocks."

"A She-Gull alpha. MWA HA HA HA HAAA HA HAA HA HA. Th-Thats perfect for a
couple of rejects like you HA HA HA HA HA." Ned laughed

"Look you jack ass, if you think I'm going to let you treat me this way you
got another thing coming." Christina said in a rage.

With the force of an angry Amazon-Chan she drove her roller blade covered
foot high and hard into Ned's groin. Mondo's jaw went slack. He grabbed his
package in sympathetic pain. Christina dropped her foot to the ground and
stared in horror. Her temper got the best of her again. Ned sucked in air
then surprisingly through his head back and started laughing his head off.
Christina and Mondo just looked on dumbfounded.

"Ha ha ha I ain't got no nads, taming accident in my youth." Ned laughed.

"Aaargh too much information aargh." Mondo felt queasy.

"You too are really stupid but hey Christina, you seem pretty mean spirited,
I like that. And Mongo, well your with her."

"That's MONDO. Not Mongo" Mondo said indignantly.

"Whatever. You can each buy a Pokegirl to be your first alpha, but you can
only choose from my less valuable ones. I'd hate to waste a tigress or
Sexycute on such dumb tamers." Ned led them to some dorms.

Everywhere he looked Mondo saw some thing he wanted.

"Eww I want a Jiggely Slut."

"Not for sale."

"I want a vixen."

"Not for sale."

"I want a Sexycute."

"Don't even think about it."

"I want a Boobisaur"

"You couldn't handle the taming sessions."

"I want a soda from the machine."

"It's broken."

Finally they stopped outside some dorm rooms where four Pokegirls where
playing volleyball.

One was clearly a Bunny, another was a Titmouse, a third was a Tomboy most
likely and the last looked a lot like a normal girl, she was probably an

"Girls come here please." Ned called them.

The four stopped their spirited game and lined up in front of Christina and

"Introduce yourselves girls, I have prospective Tamers here." Ned said.

"Hi my name is Honey I'm a Bunnygirl. I'm a Rank 8 volleyball player, Jumper
and Rollerblader and a rank 3 fighter. If you pick me I promise to try really
hard and be the best Bunny ever."

"I'm Alex, I'm a Tomboy. I'm a rank 5 Fighter and rank 7 Roller Hockey

"Hi I'm Cheri. A Titmouse. I'm a rank 2 fighter, Volleyball player, and

"I'm Katie I'm and Ingenue. I am a rank 4 Fighter, Volleyball player, Skater,
Blader, and Video Gamer and I make outstanding Nachos."

All four girls seemed very cheerful and excited, except Alex who was pretty
unfriendly seeming.

"Hurry up dumb-dumbs, I ain't got all day." Ned said annoyed.

Christina knew that athletic abilities where just as important as fighting
abilities in the Sunshine League. She also knew Bunnygirls where renowned for
ditzyness. Still something her gut told her Honey was a good choice. There
was just something about this poke girl.

"I choose Honey!" Christina cried out like in the cartoons.

"Jeez no need to shout I'm right here." Ned said, "What about you fat boy?"

"Umm err..."

"Come on pick one."

"I uhhhh..."

"Just pick a poke girl wide bottom."

"Oooo err..."


"KATIE, I pick Katie."

"Good choice, dumb ass."

The two chosen pokegirl began jumping in excitement. Cheri just looked down
cast and sad. Alex seemed unfazed.

"OK girls go pack your things." Ned said.

Katie and Honey took a second to quickly hug their new tamers before running
back to their dorms.

In the wake of her hug, Christina began to wonder if she had made good
decisions. Then she began to feel completely nerve wracked about the idea of
taming her new Pokegirl. Ned was smirking. The two selected Pokegirls where
by far two of the least tournament ready. These two punks where going to go
down in flames. But soon his smirk vanished. Honey and Katie where very good
fighters in spite of their breeds. Maybe these two goofball tamers could make
something happen.

'Naaaah!' he thought.

The two Pokegirls swiftly returned and Honey was giggling and jumping

"Yay, yay, yay, me and my tamer are going to have so much fun!!!" Honey

* * *

Christina, Mondo, Katie and Honey where all camped out on the beach. The
two tamers had decided that the first order of business was to tame their
Pokegirls and since they wanted to conserve money, two tents and a campfire
would have to do.

After finishing off some s'mores and carrot cakes the four retired to their

Christina was very nervous. Honey was wearing a pink bikini top, go-go boots
and Pink/Light-Pink/Orange/White camouflage shorts.

As soon as Christina entered the tent, the Bunnygirl jumped atop her,
her large breasts pressed against Christina and their tongues entwined.
Christina's concerns died away and soon her hands roamed all over Honey's
body as she kissed her Pokegirl. Her hand brushed Honey's cute cottontail
on its way to feeling the gentle curves of the affectionate poke girl's
butt. The two girls hurriedly removed their clothing. Honey's beautiful
round boobs bounced free of the confines of her bikini top. Honey fell
backwards onto her bedroll. Christina, who was already getting into the
spirit of things, pounced atop her and unzipped her shorts then pulled
them off. Christina's head soon dove between Honey's legs and the tamer
was sending shockwaves of pleasure cascading throughout Honey's body.

"Oh yes, yes it feels so good master YES!" Honey cried as she bit down on her
bunny ear and squeezed her breasts in between her fingers.

Very soon she felt he orgasm building and her high-high-pitched cry echoed
through the night.

* * *

The next mourning (noon actually) Christina awoke zombie like from her tent.
Mondo was already awake and boiling food.

"You guys had fun last night." Mondo said. "At least it sounded that way."

"Jeez, she is insatiable. I'm wiped." Christina said.

"Well I got bad news. Our Pokegirls are not exactly the most combat ready
according to my pokedex. We need better fighters." Mondo said.

"OK but we are really low on cash." Christina said.

"Well their are a few different kinds of feral Pokegirls in the Golden
desert we can try to catch. Coyotits, Cactits, Cougirls, Sentits, Furrettes,
ThriKeenas and Scorpinas. We have enough money left for the trip and a few
pokeballs." Mondo said.

"Its worth a shot." Christina said.

* * *

Meanwhile in a sporting goods store...

Kane marched on down the aisles picking up tents canteens and rifles that he
was secretly loading while trying not to listen to the insults of his alpha

The Fearleader was exceptionally good at berating him. This of course being
the main problem with Fearleaders.

"I'm telling you Kandee, its true. The place is teeming with elemental
stones." Kane said.

"That's not what I'm doubting master." Kane hated how Kandee always said
master with overwhelming sarcasm. "I just doubt your ability to get find

"Look I can get them."

"Oh of course you can. I totally believe in you."

"Jiggely!" Melon chimed in.

"You stay out of this." Kane told his Jiggelyslut. "Look all we have to do is
follow somebody with the expertise, and steal the stones from them."

"Good plan," Kandee admitted, "I still think you will screw it up."

Kane mostly put up with her because she was a good alpha and he needed her
for taming Melon, Kane never tamed his Pokegirls he left that to his alpha.
Kandee assumed he was gay based on this arrangement.

While they where talking they had made their way past the cashier and towards
the door.

"Hey you have to pay for that stuff," the inept clerk cried after them.

"Sorry but I think not." Kane said firing two rounds at the lone inept clerk,
sending him diving for cover.

Melon, hearing the gunshots got extremely excited and began hopping up and

"Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely,
Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely,
Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely,
Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely, Jiggely,
Jiggely!!!!!" She cried hysterically as Kandee grabbed her wrist and
dragged her to their get away balloon.

* * *

The first stop on the long journey Christina and her friends had chosen to
undertake was the Tulip Town Train Station.

Tulip Town was a quiet and sleepy place, the fragrance of the flowers that
dominated the town where the only thing to greet the intrepid tamers. The
houses where all clean and well painted. The lawns all neatly mowed and well
looked after. The cobble stone roads where all free of litter and each road
marked by bright green signs with floral names like Bloom Way and Rose Road.

None of the town's citizens where visible.

The pair made their way to the station to find a lone clerk blissfully
snoozing. His face was red, his eyes where puffy, his nose looked swollen.
Several bottles of Nyquil lay scattered around him.

Christina rang the bell.

Nothing happened.

Mondo poked him with a stick.

Nothing happened.

"What are you doing?" Christina demanded.

"Well we need him awake." Mondo replied.

"Are you sure you should wake him? He looks so peaceful." Honey asked, her
ears drooping a bit.

"Yes Honey we need to wake him. We need train tickets." Christina said.

Mondo poked him again.

"STOP THAT." Katie, Christina and Honey shouted at once.

The clerk jerked into the land of the living.

"OH hello what can I do for you?" He asked.

"We need two tickets to Red Town." Christina said.

"Sure ah-ah chook." He sneezed.

"Two?" Katie asked.

"Yeah sorry but were low on cash so you and Honey got be pokeballed." Mondo

"But I don't like pokeballs." Honey said eyes widened and ears fallen.

"I'm sorry sweetie, but we don't have a choice." Christina told her Pokegirl
as she put her arm around her.

"Here you go ah-ah-choo." the clerk sneezed in Mondo's face.

"DUDE cover your Mouth. You got the flu or something?" Mondo demanded as he
wiped snotty spittle from his face.

"No its these damn allergies. Everyone in town is allergic to those damn
flowers and their pollen that the gym leader seems to love so much." The
clerk explained, "So we all drink ass loads of Nyquil which means at any
given time two-thirds of the town is asleep."

Mondo turned to Christina "This is a good thing."

"What? What are you talking about?" Christina asked.

"We need 3 gym badges right? And are train doesn't leave for a while right?
Well here's are chance to earn our first badge." Mondo said.

"I don't know maybe..." Christina began.

"Lets do it." Katie said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! I promise I can win, I can do it master, I know I can."
Honey cried bouncing about excitedly.

"Sigh, ok lets do it" Christina agreed.

"Which way is the gym?" Christina asked.

The response she got was the loud snoring of the train stop clerk.

"Um sir?"

Mondo poked his head with a stick.

"Aaack grr what?" He grumbled. "Which way is the Gym?" Christina said,
fighting her mounting annoyance with Mondo.

"Take Daisy Drive all the way to the end and turn left on Rose Road. The
Garden Gym is at the very end." The old clerk explained.

"Thank you." Christina said.


The Golden Continent is a long maintain continent with most of the human
population living in coastal towns or the central farmlands and north central
wine country. The Far north is giant redwood forest, the southeast is desert
and far south is jungle. The Magma Islands lay off the southwest coast and
recently came under control of the Golden Continent.

Mountains divide each of the before mentioned regions on the continent. These
maintains host ski resorts and mines. Huge numbers of elemental stones can be
found by hard working prospectors.

In essence the golden continent is what used to be California and part of
Nevada and Mexico that broke away to become its own continent.

The Sunshine League is the official Pokegirl League and administration of the
Golden Continent and Magma Islands.

The Sunshine League allows for duels to occur in not just combat. Rollerblade
and skateboard races, surfing, street louge, volleyball and roller hockey
competitions are also sponsored by the league. No badges are yet awarded for
these events yet.

3 badges are required to enter the tournament circuits.

Pine Cup Circuit: Basic Circuit for beginners. Allows 1 on 1 or 2 on 2
competitions. Grape City hosts 1 on 1 championship for this cup. Carnival
City on Magma Island host 2 on 2 championships for this cup.

Palm Cup Circuit: Basic Circuit for beginners. Traditional 6 (max) Pokegirl
teams allowed, only one at a time may compete. Star City hosts championship
for this cup.

Cactus Cup Circuit: Main circuit for Sunshine league. Three Palm or Pine
tournaments placing no lower than 4 required. Tournament championship for
6-girl team championship held at Gold Nugget City and 2on2 championship
held at Neon City.

Sunshine Extreme Volleyball League: Neon City, Star City, Gold Nugget City,
Carnival City, Grape City, Snow Town, and Banana Town all host tournaments
the championship is held at a different town each year.

The League is famous for a few unique Pokegirls found only there for the most
part. Hottie and Coyotit being main examples.

Ursine is the official Pokegirl of the league.

Pentech is a huge genetic development company. It has developed new
Pokegirl types by altering Ingenues. This practice is now banned but they
remain the sole breeders of the Silicunt, Barbiesaur, Barbiecute, Barbiewire,
Coughfemme, Chokequeen, Cybertalk, Cybersex,and Cybear.

The Golden Continent Bunnygirl Association (G.C.B.A.) hosts Bunny shows
across the continent. The Best of Breed award is hold much prestige for the
breeders of this popular Pokegirl. Similar shows are held for Kittens and
Growlies but the bunnies get the TV ratings and huge cash prizes.
_ _ _

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